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  • 29 1 The Malaya Tribune Vol. XIX.- -No. 102 SINGAPORE, SATURDAY, APRIL 30, 1932 FIVE CENTS. The Malaya Tribune. Singapore: Saturday, April 30, 1932. Malaya Tribune SINGAPORE SATURDAY, APRIL 30, 1932.
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    • 299 2 iimusemeiits Smart Woman AN EXCELLENT COMEDY WELL WORTH SEEING." Thus reports the "STRAITS TIMES" on the present attraction at MATINEE TO-DAY TO-NIGHT! Last Night of The Popular facetious star of "LONELY WIVES'* Edward Everett HORTON IN I "SMART WOMAN" with MARY ASTOR Also Splendid Pictures of THE BOAT RACE, 1932.
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    • 281 2 4 I' rT n 1 I H W _1 HI LIJ mm I ■i M Mi mm t jlft w _r^__^F^_P__!^Kw^Mf Matinees: To-Day and To-Morrow MARIB j Dressier!' More Human—More Lovable Than Ever in Her Finest Screen Role EMMA' AN M.-G.M. SUPER m m r If Wednesday, May 4—Opening at
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    • 168 2 Se£ft V 1 J A A r ll* ti ©.IS TO-NIGHT 9.15 RAMON NOVARO IN HIS MOST SENSATIONAL PRODUCTION SON INDIA MONDAY. ANN HARDING in CHOCOLAX (THE FRIENDLY LAXATIVE) A palatable preparation in tablet form flavoured with chocolate, making it especially adapted for women and children, though equally good for
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  • 236 3 Non-European Unemployment Relief Fund. Lait Saturday was Charity Night in aid 01 the Non-Euvopean Unemployed Relief Fund, vhich was under the patronage of Sir William Murison, and the New World was crowded throughout. All the different wayangc. operas, etc.. were packed. There were rrany added attractions and
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  • 302 3 B. ETLIN AND CO.'g REPORT. COMMERCIAL NEWS. April 30, 11 am i RUBBER. London: 2d., unchanged. cent* YCrk: 2 ***** Cents (Q > down M0 3 l^:^r inaI Allenbys 30 J( 0 cents, Ayer 15 2n Cn t Paha£ 15 20 •R-.hT t cente Bro as 15—20
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  • 162 3 Singapore, April 30 Rice, Siam 2 $195 Rice, Siam 3 $175 Rice. B. Siam No. 1 Rice. B. Siam 2 '"n Race, Siam "Sinway" per koyan No 1 gS Rice, Saigon "Al "Na 2 J}* Rice. Saigon N 1 S* Rice. Saigon 2 Rice, Saigon 3 !JZ Rice. Rangoon
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  • 36 3 London. April 29. the Dunlop Rubber Company's profit for i9-»i is n l#i,#oo aad«it is nropoagd to pay a fur yea-'* dividend on all classes of preference shares but no dividend on ordinaries.— Reutor
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  • 38 3 A notification appears in the Government Gazette to the < ffect that the Government Burial Ground at Tiong Bahru cannot be further used for the buried of the dead. It is accordingly proposed to close the cemetery
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    • 419 3 j Victoria Theatre J Commeracino Wednesday, May 4 ond JVi 9hf/l At 930 p. m THE SAN CARLO lL a[iaP Grand Company 'arriving by the conte WFDXESDAY, MAY 4. .1 m a THURSDAY, MAY 5 H Trovatore Rigoletto f rid ay, may 6. SATURDAY, MAY 7 r T> U CAVALLERIA
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    • 248 3 LATEST ADVERTISEMENTS. WANTED—Lady Teacher. 21. Lembu Road. WANTED—A Bill Collector with security 12.000. Apply Box 560. co Malaya Tribune. FOR RENT—Bungalow situated in the Muncipal Limit. No. 11 Boundary. 'Phone 3544 lor appointment cr call at 4. Fort Canning Rd. ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTSMAN required temporary pott Must be experienced and able
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    • 393 3 LATEST ADVERTISEMENTS. TENDERS. SINGAPORE IMPROVEMENT TRUST. TENDERS are invited for ths waterproofing cf the concrete roofs of 148 houses (totalling approximately 76.960 superficial fleet) off Kirn Keat Road, with seven ply multiple roofing. Further particulars may be obtained and the 1 lans and form cf contract be inspected between the
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  • 57 4 Tay—Mr. Tay Kirn Kee S.M.J., aged 60 years, passed away on Tuesday, 26th April, at 8.30 a.m.. at his residence No. 28, Jalan Sayaiig. Muar, Johore. He leaves a widow, four sons, four daughters, two daughters-in-law, two sous-in law and several grand-children to mourn his loss. Funeral
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  • 725 4 The bomb outrage at Shanghai is a most distressing occurrence and wili be profoundly regretted throughout the civilised world. The rash act of an individual Korean can do his country no good, but on the other hand may lead to rigorous repression of quitelegitimate political activity. The
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  • 230 4 Mr. L. F. Knight, Assistant Superintendent of Police, has been appointed a Justice of the Peace for Penang. Mrs. C. H. G. Clarke is to be a member of the Visiting Committee for Durian Daun Hospital, Malacca. Lieut. (Acting Captain) F. J. L. Mayger reverts to his substantive rank on
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  • 291 4 Commons Review By India Secretary. Rugby, April 29. Reviewing the situation in India, during a tpeech in the House of Commons, the Secretary tor India, Sir Samuel Hoare, declared that c-espite formidable difficulties its economic and financial conditions were much better, judged by every standard, than they
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  • 109 4 Mr Hans Michaelis, the famous German cartoonist, will be passing through Singapore on his way to Naples by the "Hakone Maru,' iue here on May 4. In the N.Y.K. -Travel Bulletin" for April, on page 16, there is a cartoon by Mr. Hans Michaelis. There are
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  • 17 4 Paris, AprU 29. The death Is announced of General Uriburu, ex-President of the Argentine.—Reuter.
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  • 442 4 Leave of absence has been granted to Mr. W. C. Huggard, K.C., Attorney General, and Major H. G. Keet, D.5.0., M.C., Controller, Monopolies Department. A meeting of the North Indian Hindus will be .eld at 8 c. clock this evening at the resident i Mr. Ram Nath Singh, 77, Dunlop
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  • 64 4 TOPICS OF TO-DAY, en page 4. JLXJB DIARY, on page 7. CHURCH SERVICES, en page 7. DIAR V OF EVEN IS. en page 8. CEYLON NEWS AND NOTES, on page 10. A LONDONER'S NOTE BOOK, on page 10. WOMAN'S CORNER, on page 11. DID YOU KN0W....? on page
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  • 453 4 (BY "LOOKER-ON —«*^J Don Bradman marries to-day. |v got a duck at last. Mr. Harry Ore, the is pleasing Singapore music-love* has no iron in his .soul. I was rather unfair to Mr. B the other day in saying I could stand why he was only a
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  • 53 4 Mails by the outward Dutch > 1 t "g ;3 gjAmsterdam are expected to 1 pore by the evening exfrt -Wpondence will be ready for c holders at 7.30 p.m. Prom France by the "Atl. Singapore at 8 a.m. duf jt Prom Europe by the "Con"' Singapore at
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  • 37 4 Quotations. RUBBER. London: 2d. New York: 2 15.16 cents <C< Singapore Spot: 5*2 —5•'* ri TIN. London S;ot: £112 5s. <D< 2* Iv-ndon 3 months: £114 l :r ed). Tin: $56.75 (75 tons sold».
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    • 237 4 HONEY GRAINS. THE FRUIT AND NUT BREAKFAST FOOD. ca y t Eaten with without Cream > Preparation. Milk, N0 r j is an absolutely n-vol Breakfast Food, crisp and granular In j fnJ l fly from fruit and nuts by an entirely new process and special form tomadecmenj q{ h
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    • 76 4 SPORTING CUPS IN SILVER E.P.N.S. LATEST DESIGNS BEST QUALITY REASONABLE PRICES. ARTISTIC ENGRAVING AT LOWEST RATES. Special Discount to Clubs and Schools. Siiva Bros, Jewellers, Singapore. T. K. K/t Biscurra j 2 lb. Tins from 40 cents to 95 cents per tin. j 1 lb. Tins from 26 cents
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  • 3703 5 URAIi BOARD TO BE APPROACHED. Sleeting Of Municipal Commissioner* on to negotiate with the d A !th a. view to ronlr.g the the work of at he bcidcrs of the s reached at a meeting "Municipal Commissioners yesteraskcd) about the new bitting the Municipal The President
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  • 111 5 DEATH OF A HONGKEW PARK VICTIM. COMMANDER AND MINISTER BADLY INJURED. WAVE OF HORROR AND INDIGNATION IN JAPAN. A sensation has been created all over the world by the bomb outrage in Hongkew Park, Shanghai, in which six Japanese leaders were injured. One victim has died
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  • 1730 5 Reuter. Shanghai, April 29. Thousands of the Japanese community gathered this morning in Hongkew Park, North Shanghai, to celebrate the Japanese Emperor's birthday and watch General Shirakawa review 10,000 Japanese troops. The pro- ceedings were uneventful until after the march j past. Hundreds
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  • 52 5 The "missing Chettiar" ca:e, in which defendant is sued for j-7,000. balance of payments alleged to oe due on loans advanced by the raising Chettia. firm, is being mentioned to-day. There was no hearing of this case yesterday, as Friday is a holiday in Johore. Sensational developments
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  • 319 5 JURORS AGREE AT LAST. Accused Guilty Of Manslaughter. The jury in the "honour slaying" trial have at last agreed on a verdict of manslaughter, sentence being deferred until May 6. Honolulu, April 29. The jury in the "honour slaying" trial are still out after 24 hours. It
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  • 63 5 Nasty Fall From Union Jack Club. F. G. Mcor, a sailor attached to H.M.S. "Herald." fell from a window of the Union Jack riub in the early hours of this morning and vas bad|y injured. He was badly bruised ibout the face and is suspected of
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  • 47 5 In Upper Serangoon Road, near the 6th mile this morning, a Chinese pedestrian was knocked down by a motor-car and fatally injured. When <iie ambulance arrived the man was already dead, examination revealing a fractured skull The police are inquiring into the matter.
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  • 107 5 Abdul Ryman fN the complainant in a case Of alleged false i lformation which came up before the Fourt l Magistrate (Mr. E. C. G. P.arrett) yesterday. Abdul Ryman is a storeclerk in the Military Department at Fort Canning. The alleged false information is in connection with
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    • 215 5 The ARISTOCRAT OF PORTABLES. Outdoors, Indoors, all the year round ML entertainer, with improved Soundbox, Automatic Starting and Stopping jßSgg device, Easy Wind and new type Record Carrier. nls§Nr NO OTHER E'ORTABLE OFFERS SO MANY ADVANTAGES! llisMasfers^oke MODEL 102. BLACK $57.50, COLOURED $62.50 "Moutrie's" "H.M.V." SPECIALISTS. Raflle Place Singapore. THE
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  • 1132 6 DRAWN GAME ON PADANG. Great Struggle of S.C.C. And S.C.F.A. ASSN. FOOTBALL. The Singapore League competition is becoming more open. At first it looked a* if the Malays had a clear cut passage to the championship of the Senior Division this year, with only the Glosters and
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  • 1031 6 TWO KEEN AND SPORTSMANLIKE TEAMS. I congratulate both teams on a very hard game played in real sporting spirit. Football of this kind satisfies everyone, and the result in this instance was, I think, a fair one. Defeat would have been an injustice to either side.
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  • 151 6 OUR SELECTIONS FOR TO-DAY. THE TURF. Reuter. Our selections for the first day of the Singapore Turf Club's Spring race meeting commencing to-day are as follows: Race 1.—SUNMAID 11. FRIENDSHIP. WESTVALE. Race 2 —VIBRATE. AUTHOR. THE WARRIOR. Race 3 —MOVALONG. MADA. BEAU GESTE. Race 4 —ETTINGTON.
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  • 299 6 "HERO OF THE DAY" AT SANDWICH. GOLF. London, April 29. Dealing with the victory of W. H. Elfcins over G. Marwood of West Bowling at the nineteenth hole in the fourth round of the English amateur championship at Sandwich, the papers point out that this was one of
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  • 122 6 RETURN CONTEST TO-NIGHT. BOXING. A good programme is anticipated at the New World Arena to-night, the principal attraction being a return contest between Gunboat Jack and Battling Gulllermo. over 12 rounds. In the previous fight the Filipino got the verdict of both judges. There were some,
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  • 78 7 Rugby. April 29. Paris 92%. New York Montreal 4.09, Brussels 26y 8 Geneva 18 dam 9.02*. Milan 71, I^,^ holm 19 *****, Copenhagen 18*4, Oslo 19. i. Vienna 32, Prague 123, Helsingfors 215, Madrid 46 9116, Lisbon 110, Athens 475, Bucharest 610, Rio 4 I|l6, Buenos Aires 36*
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  • 31 7 The rate of issue of Order for India and Ceylon to-day is Rs. 152 for $100. rate of payment of Money Order from rndla and Ceylon is Re. 156 for $100.
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    • 507 7 CHURCH SERVICES. FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER EASTER. MAY I, 1932. S ANDREW S CATHEDRAL, c soam. Holy Communion. 7;30am Hoh la communion (Choral). 8 ftm children's Eucharist. jo am en. (Chor al) and Sermon. 630P* «m,mlon on Monday. Wednesday Holy [on g m d Saturday 7 a.m. TA VGUN GARRISON CHURCH.
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    • 46 7 THE "MALAYA TRIBUNE" TOWN OFFICE. We aro keeping open an office at our old premise* in Union Lane, Collyer advertisements, etc., may be though delivery direct at Anson Road will be appreciated. ANSON ROAD TELEPHONE NO. 6171. UNION LANE (behind Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank* 6110.
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    • 139 7 NEW WORLD CABARET j NEW ORCHESTRA i| The management beg to announce that they j have engaged Mr. D'Silva's Orchestra to N play nightly at the j NEW WORLD CABARET Commencing from j SUNDAY, May 1. Gold Leaf Tea THE FAVOURITE BEVERAGE at THOUSANDS THROUGHOUT j MALAYA j J Jf
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    • 198 7 Crown Fruit Jellies" 1 I Most delicious and nourishing. Being ready- prepared require only chilling on cracked ice or in mechanical freezer. IN FINEST FRUIT FLAVOURS. FRAMROZ CO. THE MOST RELIABLE GRAMOPHONE. JI^WEL Double spring motor, teak wood case varnished in mahogany colour with reliable sound box. Price QSO.OO cash
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    • 109 7 MAILS CLOSE. MONDAY. MAY 2. Korth. N.-East and N.-West Sumatra Tnrfn m.< (OBWt) 9 a.m. inan-china < G g. Paul Doumer) 11 a.m. 7, Swith-Wcst Sumatra SouthBorneo, Celebes. Moluccas, Ti ™r DUiy and Australasia Cp.i„ (Mangola) 11 a.m. iSL S 2, uthern and Western India, Chm, o noa and uS
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    • 671 7 CLUB DIARY. f Therefore numerous Clubs and Societies in Singapore, most of the members of which are readers of the "Malaya Tribune." This Diary it provided specially /or them. Secretaries are invited td co-operate in keeping it up-to-date and complete. Happenings of general interest will still be included in the
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  • 271 8 Must Demand Fairer Treatment. London, April 29. The "Financial News," commenting on the remarks of Mr. John H. O. E. Howeson, Chairman of the London Tin Corporation, Ltd., contradicts the assertion that Malaya is solidly behind the International Tin Committee. The paper points out that Malaya's precise
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  • 84 8 March Returns. Further rubber crop outputs for the month of March reported to us are: Ayer Kuning (F.M.S.) 79,000 lb. Badek (Staffield 36,000 lb. Buloh Kasap 56,500 lb. Bukit Katll 15.751 lb. Chersonese (F.M.S.) 52 000 lb. Dennistown (Krian) 40,500 lb. Gadek 40,000 lb. Highlands and Lowlands 139,000
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  • 137 8 Singapore, April 29. Lewis and Peat's weekly rubber report states: With a rather better enquiry and a reserved attitude of the part of sellers, the market ha 3 steadied slightly during the week. The final return of Malayan stocks and production showed that stocks outside th: Colony
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  • 67 8 London, April 28. Messrs. Lewis, Lazarus and Sons notify to-day's tin prices as follows: Spot £114>h (tUS%). Forward £116*8 (£ll5 7 s). The market k steady. Messrs. Symington and Wilson notify to-day's rubber prices ar. follows: Spot 2d. (1 15 16d.). Forward 2 1/ B d.
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  • 62 8 Reuter. Geneva, April 28. Mr. Fuad Bey (Turkey) told the Opium Advisory Committee that Turkey had decided to accede to The Hague Convention of 1912. als.> to the additional Protocol of 1914 and the Geneva Convention of 1925. Sir John Campbell (India) said that if Persia
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  • 154 8 ASIATIC PETROLEUM CO. (S.S.), LTD. As from Sept. 30 the following revised prices for Shell Motor Bplrit and various brands of Kerosene are effective: Red Shell Motor Spirit ex pump and'or ex 4 gallon drum per British Imperial gallon $0.96 Red Shell Motor Spirit per 4 gallon tin
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  • 1556 8 Malayan Stocks Shares. MINING. Singapore, April 30, 10 a.m. Year CLOSING QUOTATIONS. Value End.. Buyen. Bcllen. f1.0.0 Asam Kumbang Tin Dec. 31 £0.19.0 £1 1.0.0 Austral Malay Dec. 31 0.18.0 0.5.0 Ayer HI tarn Tin June 30 0. 0.0 1.0.0 Bangrln Tin Dec. 31 0 7 9 $1.00 Batang Padang
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    • 463 8 PENTA MOTORS Swedish In and Outi y 1 board Motors, Type 1 t U21 4HP, 2 Cyl. Out- I j boardmotors, ready v I from stock and from K Messrs. John Little's. Inboard Motors 3Sm 35HP also 82 type y 10-15 HP Outboard- Mh i motors 4 stroke 2 mercial
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    • 106 8 Lion Brand KRUPOK IRAN (Fish Crackers.) AND KRUPOK UDANG (Prawn Crackers.) The best ever made in the market. From the poorest to the richest can enjoy on our Krupoks during their festivities. Obtainable at: D. T. LIM Co., 353, North Bridge Road, Singapore. KAPALA CHINTAMANI. The best for all diseases
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    • 244 8 "Every Piciutt Kidney Warnings. Beware? A dull, aching pail in the back after any exertion, or i sudden twinge when straightening yourself, is often the first indication of serious kidney weakness. Soon you experience urinary disorders, headaches, tired feelings, dizziness, nervousness, and lack of vigour. All these symptoms warn you
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    • 194 8 DIARY OF EVENTS. TO-DAY, APRIL 30. High Tides.—s.sB a.m., 7.56 p.m. SSESTIiSS «v. 1. S.R.C Malay. v. P.S. and L., Tanglln; S.R.C. v. C.S.C., SRC. f* Boxing, New World. TO-MORROW, MAY L Ktoh Tides.—7.27 a.m., 8.32 pm. x "hL Football: J.M.F.A. v. J.M.F.8., Istana Padang. Cricket: S.V.C. v. R.E. and
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  • 1431 9 ENGLISH DEBUT ON MONDAY. COl'NTY SEASON STARTS TO-DAY. )lllir\KV TEAMS IN THE EAST. j \(,j v I)"S TKAM BUILDING YEAR. hampionship season ij with games at Lord's ,i irllea Middlesex enteric hir»\ and Worcestershire 111 :<am commence their i on tm nday with a game
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  • 1009 9 PRESTIGE MUST BE RESTORED. London, (By Air Mail). The nets are up at Lord's; a new cricket season has begun. Here and there throughout the country club grounds are coming into action—not under cricketing conditions for snow and hail and piercingly cold winds are simultaneously
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  • 2531 9 DISTINCT INDIVIDUALITY OF MILITARY PLAYERS. Cricketers are legion. Prom heroes of firstclass cricket to rustics on old time village greens, all have been immortalised by many a scribe, yet the game as played in the services has received little attention, writes Major C H. B.
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    • 130 9 I HowQto WOUR Baby grows more rapidly in the m\W P first year of his life—that is why h\i r* food at that time is so important to him; \W P not only must it feed him, but it must wfc P give him the elements to build firm 4
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  • 1767 10 Governor's Present To Public Servants-Redaction J» Without Reference To Ministers Of Council—Has He Sucn Rights—Rs 257,000 Supplementary Vote For Unemployment -Karachi Land Scheme-Jaftna And the BoycottCigar Industry Flourishing—Tit-Bits. H E. the Governor has granted a 4 per cent, reduction on the rent payable by public servants
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  • 76 10 Lords Decide Against Waterlows. "S.F.P." Service. London, April 28. The House of Lords, by. three votes to two, decided that the Bank of Portugal was entitled to recover £610,000 from Waterlow and Sons in connection with, the claim against the latter ior negligently executing a fraudulent order
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  • 1359 10 SWEEPSTAKES MAY BE LEGALISED: A WAR-HORSE WlfH A CHARMED LIFE: ROYAL FURNITURE SOLD FOR A FEW SHILLINGS. (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.) London, April 12 (by Air Mail). It is curious that successive Governments— Conservative, Liberal and Labour—should have seen so rigidly opposed to legalising lotteries md sweepstakes,
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  • 226 10 (From Our Own Correspondent) Seremban, April 27. A Chinese named Chong Leong, pleading guilty to a charge of theft of a tin of kachang oil, was sentenced by the Police Magistrate to six months' r.i., to be followed by six months' p-lice supervision. The accused" had
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  • 18 10 The new Johnston's Pier, in an advanced stage of construction. Malayan Builder" Photograph.
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    • 458 10 "I will take Sanatogen till my nerves are better" I nPHOUSANDS of people—as sceptical as you— have discovered that their decision: "I will give. Sanatogen a fairtrial" haschanged their whole life. Where formerly they felt worn and tired, they now enjoy radiant health and abundant energy. They are really and
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  • 859 11 MODKHN .1, \lTSHELL. t* >hoi't-vvave radio; smaller Electron; "Food of the discovered; Ants that ,ill. bake and brew. B ,ht scientific correspondent.) D VOL' KN0W day carry a phone in your mt pockel r ,vlis*s often pictured nuure with portable wireless rapped to their stauo:.- can communicate
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  • 1363 11  -  A MAYFAIR NOTEBOOK. LONDON ENTERTAINS IN THE NEW WAY: TO CHURCH IN A CINDERELLA COACH: THE GHOST OF A PRINCE. (BY PHILINE. (By Air Mail), London, April 12. One of our foremost hostesses. Lady Cunard, has said that, in her belief, Londoners are too lazy to entertain in
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    • 15 11 A long drive, an alfresco meal, laughter, games and THE VITAMIN MALT FOOD I I'
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    • 231 11 i k I J 1 jj li j j 07, SiI.EGIE EOAD, SlNGAl'Onrc. IUJ j A NICE ASSORTMENT OF LADIES' fe HATS FROM MANILA JUST UNPACKED. I J Ralibunta!, Medium and large shapes $12.00 I=l t Bangkok! (as illustration) 750 lyl J Calaciau, medium Kj| t do. small (as illustration)
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    • 40 11 INDISPUTABLY THE BEST. SOLD EVERYWHERE. STRAITS TYPEWRITER AGENCY Stationers and Repairers. 14-A. Change Alley, Singapore. be refunded. Ring us up for mechanics ln case your typewriter Is out of order, and needs Immediate attention. 'Phone Nos. 7770, 7532 and 7584.
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    • 15 11 I The Great Eastern Optical Co., 112, Sooth Bridge Road, Singapore. OPTOMETRISTS St OPTICIANS. cent
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  • Article, Illustration
    2654 12 "THE MIRACLE." (By Air Mail: Special to the '•Malaya Triune.") London, April 12. The first night of "The Miracle," for which the interior of the Lyceum Theatre has been transformed into the semblance of a Gothic .-"><hedral was a brilliant success ln every In Its setting of deep
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  • 107 12 A Farewell Function. /From Our Own Correspondent.) Malacca. April 28. At Jasin last night a farewell supper and dance was given to Mr. W. M. McKerrow. hon treasurer of the Jasin Club, on the eve of hi' departure on furlough to England. Covers were laid for 70 people
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  • 54 12 "Real Islam." "Real Islam," a Journal devoted to the dissemination of the correct teachings of Islam just published, includes many items of intere-t to the Muslim community. A report of tht conversion of H. H. the Dayang Muda o' Sarawak into the Muslim faith appears prominently. Her Highness
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  • 187 12 The committee of the Relief Fund for China organised by the Singapore Chinese Chamber or Commerce wish to acknowledge publicly the generosity of the following firms who, through the efforts of Messrs. Lim Hoe Chiang, Ltd., have consented to donate the articles mentioned for sale at the
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  • 238 12 Daily Programme F r0fi l Radio-Saigon. I Since Radio-Saigon rcsur.irri, a r a ».1 breakdown, it has been giving da:!y of a high quality. These art re I and lcudly in Malaya. Tfc? ire:. a K China statio.i commences r.t 6 „o K.-j programme, gives
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    • 119 12 I BRITISH I j Empire Products 5 Ball I I Friday, XfcKsty 22 O* I I (Victoria Memorial Hall) I j The following prizes will be awarded for the best costumes, I (on the popular vote), advertising I "Lactogen! II mm FIRST:— Cheque for $50.00 I SECOND: $30 .00 I
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    • 396 12 WHAT TO LISTEN FOR. I Kadio Stations Received In Malaya. AU time, given in the following are Singe*"c MONDAYS. PETALING HILL, 55.5 metres, testing dally ro o m A niO O SAIGON m 49.O2 metres. 12 k.w.; 6.30 t m ?ecual of chamber or classical 3 10.15 pm. < weekly
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    • 387 12 Society (Kuala Lumpur) 65 metres; 6.30 p.m tfaluv music; 7. English Music; 7 15, Mr. A. W on market conditions and .han ■uouulons. 7.25 to 8.30 pm. Recital ot late!2u?ofColumbla :ecorded music* Next transmission at 630 pm. on Friday. WEDNESDAYS. Ml Monday's stations except Manila, in addl10ft to (SINGAPORE.) VtolAß.
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    • 122 12 nusic and church service at 1030 music (Preanger) at 1130 m ll ..40 to 9.40 p.m. U SINGAPORE, Vi.'lAß, 41 met Wednesday. PETALING HILL, 65 Bietrea, re v ten from Selangor Club <v -/15 X transmission Tuesday. SYDNEY. VK2ME. 31.28 metres f roiß p.m. 4 mcrican Transmit*^ BOUND BROOK. NJ,
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  • 321 13 GOLF. PRINCE OF WALES AT SUNNINGDALE. IMPROVED FORM BEING SHOWN. London (By Air Mall.) During reccnt montha the o^^ht has shown consid. rably tht golf course. He is now playing well to a handicap of 11. 1t At Sunningdale this week he °cmpeted ln tht Royal Navy
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  • 824 13 PERRY MAKES A RECORD- London (By Air Mall.) Th: first important golf competition of thi season, the £200 tournament at Roehampton was won on Saturday by Mark Seymour aget 14. the present Scottish professional champ or. end a half brother of Abe Mitchell. He de- ated
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  • 836 13 ASSN. FOOTBALL. (From Our Own Correspondent.) Johore Bahru, April 27. The Johore Medical Sports Club, last year's champions of the South Johore League, failed 11 keep up to expectations yesterday when they lost I—31—3 to the "A" team of the Johore Military Forces, on the Istana Padang.
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  • 41 13 THE TURF. London, April 28. At Newmarket to-day the second two-year-old stakes resulted s>" follows: 1. Supervisor 2. Mann;ring 3. Czarowitz Seventeen rar Won by one and a half lengths, third two away. Betting 5-2; 6-1; 7-2. —Reuter.
    41 words
  • 338 13 MISS KATHERINE STAMMERS. LAWN TENNIS. London (By Air Mail.) The arrival of an English Helen Wills has been heralded during the past week. She is Miss Katherinc Stammers, an eighteen ycarcld girl from St. Albans who last Autumn was competing in the Junior Championship at Wimbledon.
    338 words
  • 359 13 JACK CRAWFORD'S DRESSINGROOM SECRET. London (By Air Mail.) Australian folks are claiming that their brilliant young lawn tennis chrmpion is the most discussed player in the world at the present moment. And critics it would seem have not been very kind to him of late.
    359 words
  • 114 13 BOXING. In view of the fact that there has been ao much controversy and doubt in regard to the correctness of the respective weights of boxers participating in contests, the promoter, Mr. Ong Chin Beng, now writes to announce that the weighing-in of boxers taking part in
    114 words
  • 103 13 BADMINTON. (From Our Own Correspondent.) Kuantan, April 25. A fairly largo crowd witnessed the game between Kilat Reading Room (Electrical Department) and the Kuantan Recreation Club at the former's court on Sunday last when the visitors won by 4—l. Scores (Kilat players first): Doubles:—Ong Poh Choo and
    103 words
  • 41 13 HOCKEY. The Indian Olympic hockey team who arc taking part in the 10th Olympiad being held at Los Angeles from July 30 to August 16. will travel by the "Haruna Maru,' due at Singapore a July 4.
    41 words
  • 312 13 DATES PLAYERS. V.M.C.A. team v. H.M.S. "Herald" on the Harbour Board ground. Cantonment Road, comorrow at 4.45 p.m.: A. Van Bochove, J. G. Glasgow, Lee Ah Chee, George Day, Yap Yeow 3iar.',\ Tan Kong Guan, Chu Swee Hung. Kan Teck Han. Yeow Peck Whye. Tan Hock Leong. Chan
    312 words
  • 23 13 In a match played before a good crowd on Outram School ground yesterday, the River Valley Rovers defeated Gan Eng Seng School 2—l.
    23 words
  • 328 13 An Impression Of The Conference. While august personages conferred behind closed dcors and propects of peace grew brighter, pressmen and cameramen draped themselves about the grounds of H. M. Consulate on March 24 and waited for something to happen. Immediately in front of the Consulate steps stood
    328 words
  • 106 13 Domestic Loan In Spite Of Surplus. Madrid. April 1. The Constituent Cortes to-day passed the Budget of the fiscal year 1932-33. the first full budget of the Spanish Republic. Showing a surplus cf 81.000,000 pesetas, the budget balance at 4,469,000,000 pesetas, of which 20,000,000 are earmarked for the
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    • 554 13 fBED BUG Spray FLIT K&ItTHID "TRADi «v* a AUCTION SALE CHEONG KOON SENG CO. AUCTION SALE OF FREEHOLD LEASEHOLD SINGAPORE PROPERTIES \t m mti Chcong Kcon Seng Co.'s Saleroom, No. 30, Chulia Street, On Wednesday, May 4, at '2.30 p.m. luabk land and shophou?e known as No. 87, Prinsep Street,
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  • 2238 14 REORGANISATION OF P.W.D. Long Awaited Report Published. The long-awaited report of the Hong Kong Retrenchment Commission appointed in July of' 1930 has new been released by the Government for publication. Dealing with the whole held of Government expenditure, the report offers some trenchant criticism and makes some
    2,238 words
  • 25 14 Good progress is being made with the erection of the new headquarters Drill Hall for the Singapore Volunteers. "Malayan Builder" Photograph.
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    • 256 14 Ihc 'Rllenburgs Foods Made from tli" purest imlk ofcows pastured in the heme counties, the 'AHenbuiys Foods are as easily digest* d as mother s milk. I hey are grrm free and are :itr.;:!y and quickly made by the addition of bofling watei crly. Milk Food No. 1 Mi"* Food
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    • 29 14 1 2>S# I j CRUDE Ofi ENGINES i 3BIIL Stationary Engines Horizontal and Vertical j Marine Engines SOLE AGENTS: I N. V. Straits Java Trading Co., SINGAPORE and PENANG.
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    • 410 15 «TEAMER SAILINGS. BRITISH INDIA AND APCAR LINES. nted in England.) HAIL, PASSENGER CARGO SERVICES. \nd oriental steam pentnsi la co. London and mail service. ..•h HLs Majesty's Government.) WARD FROM LONDON, c 01 and Japan. Due Tonnage. Singapore 1932. 16.740 April 29 16,000 May 13 6,000 May 26 11.520 May
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    • 580 15 STEAMER SAILINGS. 35§3? LINE (Japan Mail), TO LONDON. Naples, Marseilles, London. Antwerp, Rotterdam and Middlesbrough. Vessels. Tonnage. Due. Sail. HAKONE MARU 10,500 May 4 5 I STJWA MARU 10.700 May 19 10 I FUSHIMI MARU 11,000 June 1 1 HAKOZAKI MARU 10,500 June IB Id t TERUKUNI MARU 12,000 June
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    • 524 15 STEAMER SAILINGS. HAMBURG-AMERIKA UNIE. IQ I Geaenscbaf» Dampfschiffi {Ompante* Incorporates tn Qerm*** OUTWARDS. HONG KONG, SHANGHAI. NORTH CHINA AND JAPAN m.s. HAVELLAND via Manila May t m.s. KULMERLAND via Manila s.s. PREUSSEN, via Manila |g t m.s. DUISBURG, via Manila J 7 ms ERMLAND, omit Japan ports Junt HOMEWARDS. HOLLAND.
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    • 425 15 BANKS. LEE WAH BANK, LIMITED. (Incorporated In the Straits Settlements). 18. South Canal Road, Singapore. reL Add.—"BANKLEEWAH," Rentier*! Code. Directors:— ED TO NO SEN, Esq., 0.8. E., (Chairman), Dr. HO BIU KHAN, J.P. CHAN MUN PUN. Esq. K. C. EU. Esq. KHOO WEE TONG, Esq. HO SIAK KUAN. Esq.. M
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    • 591 15 BANKS. THE HO HONG BANK, LIMITED, BEAD OFFICE: METER CHAMBERS, RAFFLES PLACE, SINGAPORE. BRANCHES: Singapore 458, North Bridge RoaA Penang 85, Beach Street. Malacca 131» Jonker Street Muar No. 1, Jalan Sayang. Batu Pah at 109, Jalan Rahmat. Pa Ism bang H. Hl* Hong Kong IS, Queen's Road, Central Seremban
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    • 284 16 ■—,»»>■ 1 ii 1 THIS PAPER HAS THE LARGEST SALE. AMONG THE PEOPLE WHO SPEND MOST I IN BRITISH MALAYA. i y THE PEOPLE'S PAPER: iT4^S^^Pg_,AW TO LET. TO LET—IBS, Tank Road, Immediate entry apply Meyer Brothers. i TO LET —117, Kllllncy Road, Modern Sanitation, Garage. Apply 64, Market Street.
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    • 632 16 Le <^ercie/s_School ESTABLISHED 1906--218, Queen Street 61, Waterloo Street MOn,fa I. MILES. TO LET. I TO LET AT SLUMP RENT —1, Margate Rd. and 7 Ramsgate Rd.. both off Grove Rd.. and 9 and 11. Wilkie Terrace off Wilkic Rd.. suitable for hotel or boarding house. Please apply Tel. No.
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    • 430 16 PUBLIC NOTICES. NOTICE. FEDERATED MALAY STATES RAILWAYS. Closing of Stations (Singapore Island). NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the ;r.dermentioned stations will be permanently losed after the departure of the last passenger rain on Monday. May 2, 1932. TANK ROAD, NEWTON, CLUNY ROAD HALT, BUKIT TIMAH (OLD STATION). Opening of Railway
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    • 473 16 PUBLIC NOTICES. OF MALAYA LIMITED. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE IB HEREBY GIVEN that a meeting of the Creditors of the above Bank with the Directors of the said Bank will be held at the Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce, at Hale Street. Ipoh. on Friday, the 6th day of May.
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    • 243 16 TRIBUNE n SMALL ADS. I BRING RESULTS I BECAUSE THEY REACH I THE I PERMANENT POPULATION, I EDUCATIONAL. FAR EASTERN MUSIC SCHOOL. Established 1928. (A Government Registered School). (For Boys and Girls) B—Short Street. Singapore. Offers thorough training in Music—both PRACTICAL THEORETICAL Courses leading to CERTIFICATE, DIPLOMA, etc. Booklet upon
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    • 426 16 MASSAGE MANICURE PASSAGE Mis? Matpuy?, Miss llasak > and m-< Misako. No. 20, Bcnroolcn Street, Singapore MALAYA TRIBUNE 'PHONE 6171. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. PAYABLE IN ADVANCE. Delivery Including lirluding at office Postal- r>Mtep or close (Local or to Foreign residence F.M.S.» Countries Yearly $15 00 $21.00 $3300 Half Yearly 7.50 $10.50
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