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TO THE EDITOR OF THE STRAITS OBSERVER. Sir, There has been mnch discussion of lute about the sea serpent said to have been hneu by the Captaiu, crew aud pasaeugers of the Nestor but it fteetns to me notwithstanding all the ridicule that has been made of the statement, that

AMERICA. (Extracts from New York Papers of September and October last.) A secondary, but highly imp ortant effect of the Revolution in France will be immediately, and for some length of time felt on this side of the Atlantic. Not only invasions but intrigues, scarcely less alarming, heretofore d irected

Korean Stowaway Is Found Dead On Beach SAN FRANCISCO, June 7 (AP) The body of one of the Korean stowaways who disappeared from the freighter Sea Serpent on Sunday was found yesterday m the surf at Moss Beach, a few miles south of San Francisco. A second body was believed

THE SEA SERPENT AGAIN. A Singular Sk;ht on the Ocbaw. The S*S. Assamu, now in the Rangoon river, is one of the largest tramp steamers on the waters. On her last voyage Captain Smith saw a hoop snake in the Indian Ocean, and his cxp jrience is '.hus described in

A SEA MONSTER. Seen by Ship's Crew. Sydney, Feb. 7A story that a sea serpent, 60ft. m length, had been sighted off Port Stephens is recorded m the official log of the steamer St. Francois Xavier, owned by the Compagnie Naveie d'Oceanie, which has arrived at Newcastle, New South Wales,

The Great Sea Serpent. When the Dcedatus innate, Captain M'Quh«t, which arrived at Portsmouth on (he 4th inst was on her pas«a«e h )m«» from the East Indies, between ihe Cape of Good Hope and St. Helena, her captain, and most of her officers and crew, at 5 o'clock one

THE SEA SERPENT IN SINGAPORE. Much haa been said, all of it rubbish 'Bout me the Hero and Kin,? of the fUh The truth, good reader, I mean to relate, Call me Serpent, Monster, or Qreat Sea Snake I neither do care, nor mi>re will bother, I ace a good

100 MILES AN HOUR! Last Word In Sea Serpents London A SEA serpent thirty feet long and swimming at nearly a hundred miles an hour. Mr H E Witard. fo.merly Lord Mayor of Norwich, declares that this is what he saw off the Norfolk coast at Eccles when in company

THE SEA SERPENT. lie Turns up off Macao. The sea serpent has been seen near Macao While the Customs cruiser Kumnng was oft one of the small islands to the south of Macao, the other day, the sea serpent was sighted some little distance away. It was at tirs» taken

AMENDE HONOURABLE. A Kind Book About The Sea Serpent. To be big and splendid and modest, and yet to be ignored, is a poor life. Lovers of inimals. whether they subscribe to the R.S.P.C.A. oi not. will hear with joy that the Sea Serpent has had a kind book written

ANOTHER SEA SERPENT. A Baby This Time I Capt. Blackburn, who has succeeded in crossing the Atlantic in a small sailing boat, reached England on the 8th August. He left America in his little craft on 10th June, and after an adventurous voyage arrived at Lisbon ou 18th July. Blackburn,

THE SEA SERPENT. It is reported in the Times of India a sea serpent has been seen off on the Burma coast. The monster 188 60 feet long, proportionately thick, gjof a yellowish blue colour. It had two tkT 1 un( was B Hskted by passengers on zara. It was

About Sea Serpents. By Charles F. Holder. One of the most interesting questions relating to the sea and its inhabitants, and appealing strongly to popular fancy, is that I of the sea serpent, which, literally, will never down. Hardly a month passes but some i strange creature is seen by

RIVAL TO LOCH NESS MONSTER 90-Mile-Ftr-Hour Sea Serpent Sesn Eccles, Norfolk. ECCLF.S has found a rival to the Loch Ness monster It Is said to be a sea serpent, .»0 to 40 ft. long, and to have been seen swnnmine a more than a mile a minute Alderman 11. E.

Sea Serpent off Land's End. The New York American savs .—Tiie chief office*-, Air. Spicer, and the third officer, Mr Cunning, of the sieunship Ft. Andrew, belonging to the Plienix Line, on their arrival here on Aug. 10, swoie affi lavits to the effect that, while off Land’s End, outward

THE SEA SERPENT AGAIN. The sea serpent was seen, the other day, off the West Australian coast about thirty miles from Fremantle, bv Captain Campbell of the steamer Perth Captain Campbell described the reptile as a large serpent with a black back anc white belly. Its length could not be

QUESTIONS IN MARINE TACTICS. Some bloated land lubber who asks for‘ c information, requests answers to the following questions, which he thinks should be embodid in all examinations for Marine certificates of competency. 1-—What is the meaning of shiver my timbers”? 2, —Who was Bavy Jones Have you ever heard

The Chinese and Portuguese arc aj»pirently determined to come to blows. Tlio dispute as to the former levying CttttOOM dutius within the limits of the lUcto lur* hour, so far from being settled amicably as I waa at one time state. l, is driving towards the use of the Ultimo

The Sea Serpent. Dear Sir, I have read with much intcrt'st vour remarki on this subject hi TOlir imtie dated Kith instant, ami lam one <ȣ the gftfeatesi unbelieTerfl in the csislciH'o of the above Ujsel^ vet allow me to state what I have seen with my own eyes. 1

A TALE OF THE SEA. SEA SERPENT OFF THE JAVA COAST. At the end of last month, the tramp steamer Assama was lying in the Rangoon river. She had been last to Philadelphia on a voyage thither from Java with sugar. On the second day after leaving Java, the Master,

THE SEA SERPENT. Official Report. Mu. Wolfe, the oflicer in eha the Chinese Customs launch Jllc sighted the Sea Serpent near Mae* has sent in an official report < u reptile which runs as follows: On the 18th August, 1901, at :ia.m., as the launch Lawjitwj *J- steaming for Boddain

Sea Serpent Caught Alive. LONG TAIL TERMINATES IN A “PIGGISH TWIRL.” Enviable Number or Beauty Spots. Milan, Aug. 21. A statement is made here, based on reports received from Messina, that the in- evitable sea serpent has at last been cap- turod alive by fishermen while it was head- ing

CHASED BY SEA SERPENT \H\ Sftfl TkkHIKYIM. SInKN. rhe sea serpent bas arrived early tbis year. He is reported in a Central News message from New York, whicb records tbe tragic voyage of the British tramp ■learner Strathspey. The monster appeared off the cost of Borneo. A cording to statements

THE SEA SERPENT IN SINGAPORE HARBOUR. I N j; of the Marine Police officers who I rtS /rolling the harbour in the police I iri ch >n Saturday nfeht, alleges that sa w something in the water which I ‘L declares very closely resembled the I 1. --rpent, or what

A SEA MONSTER Sighted by Ships Crew Off Port Stephens Sydney, February 7.—A gtory that a sea serpent, 60ft. in length, had b:en sighted off IPort Stephens is recorded on the official log of the steamer St. Francois Xavier, owned by the Compagnie Navele d'Oceanie, whiwh (has arrived at Newcastle,

SEA SERPENT THAT IS NOT WANTED. Plight Of A Dutch Captain. Naples, June Captain Bassum. of the Dutch ship, "Sianter is shocked to find that nobody wants tne authentic sea serpent he found in Java Bay and has been offering to every aquarium at the ports between Java and Naples.

SEA SERPENT HOAX Practical Joker Who Made A Monster New York. MR. Harry Watrous thinks that th</Loch Ness Monster is a mechanical sea serpent made to spoof the public. It was Mr. Watrous who created the famous "sea serpent" or "Hippo^riff" of Lake George 30 years ago. He did it

A SEA MONSTER. Seen by Ship's Crew. Sydney, Feb. 7A story that a sea serpent, 60ft. m length, had been sighted off Port Stephens is recorded m the official log of the steamei St. Francois Xavier, owned by the Compagnie Navele d'Oceanie, which has arrived j at Newcastle, New South

A TALL YARN We cull the following from the Marine Department of the San Francisco Commercial News of Saturday, August 19th, 1911 Passed a sea serpent on Sunday, July tl near Point Reyes," Thus reads the log of the new G. T. P. liner Prince John, which reached Victoria from

SEA SERPENT MYSTERY. Some interesting remarks on the mystery of the sea serpent have been made by an official of the British Museum, says the Morning Post. Its progeny, so far as they have been described, have been identified by Mr. C. Tata Regan, Keeper of Zoology, as specimens of