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We have the Teddy Bear, and now the Teddy Kiver. The Teddy Cuckoo is now due, and the Teddy Sea Serpent will be in arrean a few weeks.

A writer in the animal World, discussing the existence of the sea serpent, rioints out that gigantic cuttlefish exist whose tentacles sometimes attain a length of sixty feet.

THE SEA SERPENT. It is reported in the. Times uf India that a sea serpent has been seen off Bassein on the 'iurmacoast. The monster was 80 feet long, pioportionatcly thick, and of a yellowish blue colour. It had two horns, and was sighted by passengers on the Hazara. It

THE SEA. SERPENT IN SINGAPORE HARBOUR. One of the Marine Police officers who was patrolling the harbour in the police launch on Saturday night, alleges that he saw something in the water which he declares very closely resembled the Sea Serpent, or what the Bea Serpent is supposed to be.

C.S.C. TRIALS in the first day of interteam swimming league competition of the Singapore Chinese swimming Club, the 'Sea Horse' yesterday went into the lead with 34 points. The 'Sea Serpent* came a close second with 28 points while the Sea Lion was last with only 17 points. In the

THE SERPENT STILL STRONG. The captain of a steamer riabMl Ihe sea serpent in the Persian Gulf last month It had n long body with a huge 1. 11 shaped head with two tan fins or llappcrs hehim! it, and an eiioi nious pair of jaws. The length .1 probably

NEW MONSTER. Seen By Officers Of Mauretania." Reuter. London, Feb. 11. A SEA monster seventy feet long, with a head two feet wide, was, it is claimed, seen by the Third and First Officers of the "Mauretania," in the Caribbean Sea, during a cruise of the West Indies, on Jan.

Korean Stowaway Is Found Dead On Beach SAN FRANCISCO, June 7 (AP) The body of one of the Korean stowaways who disappeared from the freighter Sea Serpent on Sunday was found yesterday m the surf at Moss Beach, a few miles south of San Francisco. A second body was believed

SNAKING UP TO THE CHINESE NEW YEAR Jay, a sea lion, painting the Chinese character for “year of the serpent” at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise aquarium in Yokohama in suburban Tokyo, Japan, on Thursday. The event, marking the forthcoming Year of the Snake in the Chinese lunar calendar, was held

SHIP TO HUNT SEA SERPENT COPENHAGEN, Tuesday. ista are to be set out in the autumn a serpents. They will sail in the mer British frigate. L*Uh, which has been conmc« >hip. e scientists will cover the world's lift at the great depths and tions of the earth's magnetism. •up

SEA SERPENT HOAX "Remains" Washed Ashore In Lake Michigan Ludington, Michigan, Hundreds of people saw a huge and terrifying monster in lake Michigar last summer. Remains of the s~a serpent have now been washed up n°ar a lighthouse here Th?v Include the had and a part ol the boody. The

SOME DIFFERENCE. After the disaster to the Roma a member of the U. S. House of Representatives ma, e a speed) urging an appropriation for a G vernment r,; o~_{0 to make helium gas. A few daya later he roac to a question of personal privilege. 'Mr. Speaker," he said.

70 FOOT SEA MONSTER Claimed To Have Been Seen In Caribbean. New York, Feb. 11. A sea monster, 70 feet long with a head two feet wide, is claimed to have been seen by the third and first officers of the Mauretanla In the Caribbean Sea during the ship's cruise

A SEA MONSTER. Seen by Ship's Crew. Sydney, Feb. 7A story that a sea serpent, 60ft. m length, had been sighted off Port Stephens is recorded m the official log of the steamer St. Francois Xavier, owned by the Compagnie Naveie d'Oceanie, which has arrived at Newcastle, New South Wales,

AMENDE HONOURABLE. A Kind Book About The Sea Serpent. To be big and splendid and modest, and yet to be ignored, is a poor life. Lovers of inimals. whether they subscribe to the R.S.P.C.A. oi not. will hear with joy that the Sea Serpent has had a kind book written

RIVAL TO LOCH NESS MONSTER 90-Mile-Ftr-Hour Sea Serpent Sesn Eccles, Norfolk. ECCLF.S has found a rival to the Loch Ness monster It Is said to be a sea serpent, .»0 to 40 ft. long, and to have been seen swnnmine a more than a mile a minute Alderman 11. E.

A serpent in distress T JUST knew, when Mr. Hills caught a glimpse of me in the sea the other day, that I was in for another embarrassing exchange of Letters to the Editor. One man states that I am a turtle, and another (a zoologist!) declares that I am

SEA SERPENT SEASON Aberdeen (Washington). The sea-serpent season has opened. The carcase of a marine monster. 12ft. long and weighing 1.3001 b., has been washed up here and all the local experts declare that it resemoles nothing they have ever seen before. Its head is like a goat's.

THE BIRTH OF AN ISLAND. Remarkable Story from Port-of-Spain. Kki-iku's Tklkoram. London, via Durban, November 6. A Port-of-Spain messago Hays au island has suddenly arison in Serpent's Mouth Strait. Tin) phenomenon was proccdod by an extraordinary commotion in the sea, from which columns of smoke and (lames shot up.

Two dwellers near Sfconehaven Bay have just seen the Sea Serpent. They describe it as fifty yards long, with a narrow body, carrying a number of short fins on top, with smaller protuberances on each side of the main fins. It is a little late in the year to be

Heb Majesty's troopship Croeodil* which arrived in Bombay about the end of January, reported having seen a sea serpent off the island of JubalZukor. It appeared to be about 200 feet long and was visible for some minutes, but on the approach of the ship it gave a great splash

Captaik Baker, of the steamer Ganges," reports having spoken, off Cape Comorin, tbe Hero of tbe Nile." The following vessels were at Galle when the Ganges" sailed Senngapatam" (dismasted), Chevalier," and Sea Serpent Carl (Ramb.) Oceanus (Norwg.) Matinal (Fr.) and Angelina" (Fr)

An aeroplane overboard SINGAPORE. Thurs.— A Oannet aircraft returning to the British aircraft carrier Hermes taking part in the Seato exercise Sea Serpent, developed braxe trouble and .shot overboard. The aircraft was later recovered without any damage or injury to the pilot. The exercise entered its third day today.

A SEA MONSTER Sighted by Ships Crew Off Port Stephens Sydney, February 7.—A gtory that a sea serpent, 60ft. in length, had b:en sighted off IPort Stephens is recorded on the official log of the steamer St. Francois Xavier, owned by the Compagnie Navele d'Oceanie, whiwh (has arrived at Newcastle,

A SEA MONSTER. Seen by Ship's Crew. Sydney, Feb. 7A story that a sea serpent, 60ft. m length, had been sighted off Port Stephens is recorded m the official log of the steamei St. Francois Xavier, owned by the Compagnie Navele d'Oceanie, which has arrived j at Newcastle, New South

CHASED BY SEA SERPENT \H\ Sftfl TkkHIKYIM. SInKN. rhe sea serpent bas arrived early tbis year. He is reported in a Central News message from New York, whicb records tbe tragic voyage of the British tramp ■learner Strathspey. The monster appeared off the cost of Borneo. A cording to statements

SEA SERPENT CAPTURED After Two-Day Battle Off Newfoundland Coast Fortune Harbour. Newfoundland. Fishermen nave caught a sea- err at off the com! here aft r a tv. battle with puns, harpoons and la Tie monster was 35 VjkA long \vi h :i ;irh f)f 25 feet and a tail nine

The Sea Serpent Again. A remarkable sight was witnessed by the passengers and officers of the steamer Dimboola on the run from Port Adelaide to Fremantle the otbor week. When the vessel was in the Australian Bight one of the officers noticed a number of porpoises and a whale close

100 MILES AN HOUR! Last Word In Sea Serpents London A SEA serpent thirty feet long and swimming at nearly a hundred miles an hour. Mr H E Witard. fo.merly Lord Mayor of Norwich, declares that this is what he saw off the Norfolk coast at Eccles when in company