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COLLISION IN PERAK RIVER. The Eistern Shipping Companvs steamer Avipyee came into part with a damaged bow sprit, due to a slight collision in the Perak River with th« Straits Steamship Company's 9teamer Perak."

A Raffles School Boy's account of a trip to Peuang ia the steamer Hyak Pckiit: We wont ashore at Malacca and had breakfast and tiffin. We called at Lingey and sfter staying a few hours there we left for Kijujg. We were caught in a squall at the Kiaag Straits

COLLISION IN PERAK RIVER. The Eistern Shipping Co mpanys steamer Artpyee" came into port with a dama. bow sprit, due to a slight collision m the Perak River with the Straits Steamship Company's steimer Perak

IN THE VICE ADMIRALTY COURT STRAITS SETTLEMENTS. In the matter of the British Steam Ship or vessel called the Martaban,’ whereof I dk Padua is or lately was master. The undersigned are instructed to sell by Public Auction, at their store, coner of Flint Street a n d Battery Road,

FIFTH ARTICLE. PORTS i\l> WATERWAYS. L•. )>r- kirk Tli»iT b.ifh MaclMrgvd ber fraught Retinas with pr©. i.«im U.i n«r t th»- hn f .4;l<.'r<i;lU"tf« Elating described the internal <a»ujmunicati»»ii> bj n-ad :nul rail, i u-w w«.»rds on the Ports and Waterway! of P.rak will nut out of place. Beginning from

STEAMERS IN COLLISION. (FbOM OtJB OWM COBBBSPOMDBKT.) Penang, October 1. The Eastern Shipping Company's steamer Avsjyee has arrived here with a damaged bowsprit, the result of a tlight collision with the steamer Perak in Perak River. On his arrival in port this morning the captain of the steamer Perak reported

PENANG NEWS. We take the following item from the Pinang Gazelle the 3rd May:— Another Fire in the Province. —We here of another large fire in Province Wellesley. On last Friday night the whole of the village, with the exception Police Station, of Matcham Bubo was burnt to the ground.

FOR SALE. The British steamer "Patty,” 301 tons, register, 91 horse power, now lying in Penang harbor. For particulars, apply to. BOUSTEAD A CO. Singapore, 18th Aug. 1879. NOTICE. The 0. S. S. Co’s steamer Ajax, Captain Scales, leaving Penang tomorrow afternoon. may be expected here on Sunday morning en

FOR SALE. Thi British steamer "Patty, 30]ri; tons, register, 91 horse power, now lying in Penang harbor. For particulars, CQ Singapore, 18th Aug. 1879. NOTICE. SALE OF REVENUE FARMS IN THE 8TATE OF PERAK. Tenders are invited for the under men* tioned n i I.—District op the Perak River and

IN THE VPE ADMIRALTY COURT STRAITS SETTLEMENTS. In tbe mutter of the Britinh Steam Ship or vessel called the 1 Martaban,’ whereof I dk Padua is or lately was master. The undersigned are instructed to sell by Public Auction, at their (tore, coner of Flint Street a* d Battery Road,

MX. ML .HEP IK IVfdr ML _W __CT _E -M_e ML* _C __E _»T €J JE t»-< A yyj VUlffi t 4EWVALS— ContUued. Friday "th January British steamer Bfinmore, M* tone, Taylor, Nesng, 'stli Jau., TJI UlUriOS. Kirn Seng and Co. Patch steamer Betsy, 106 tons. Van Kley Uhio, 7th

The Week. I he M. M. steamer Caledonien^ with th< London mail ol November 29th., arrived on Wednesday last. Christmas Day. The I*. <S: >. steamer Clyde, with the outward mail of December 6th., is expected to arrive this (Tuesday) afternoon. A mail for Europe left on Friday morning per

MONDAY, 29th JANUARY. The Burmah Steam-ship Co's steamer Pyah Pekhet, Captain Joyce, from Pinang, with dates to the 2o rd instant, via Perak, Klang, Salangore, Lingy aud Malacca, anchored m the roads yesterday morning. The French war steam transport, La Creuse, from Saigon, with dates to the 25th instant, arrived

The Week. I he M. M. steamer Caledonien, with th< London mail ol November 29th., arrived on Wednesday last, Christmas hay. The I. <>. steamer Clyde, with t';e outward mail of December 6th., is expected to arrive this (Tuesday) afternoon. A mail for Europe left on Friday morning per (i.

THE PROPOSED NEW PORT OF LUMUT. The proposed township of Lumut lies on the south bank of the Dindings, River, not fur from the entrance, and it is believed that it is the natural port of Perak. Kaud perhaps of northern Selaugor ail Ulu Pah Aug. if a suitable traua

STIRRING TIMES in.. Kuala Kangsar by H. B. Leicester TN looking over the illustrations appearing in the Perak Supplement of the Straits Times of March 2, 1939, showing the Sultan in his private study, the Übudiah mosque, the magnificent Astana Iskandariah with its beautiful gardens, the throne-room and the State

Summary of the Week. JGFJ March, on the afternoon of Monday the c JkJnd instant. The P. and O. steamer Lo<%bardj is expected hore with the Londou mail of the 29th March next Sunday, having lett Galle on Sunday evening last. The M. M. steamer Peiko arrived here from China

FRIDAY, 18th SEPTEMBER. The Straits steamer Sharpthooter, Capt. Augustine, from Penang 14th and Malacca 17 th instant, anchored in the Road this mom ing. Ths Dutch steamer Gover teral Meyer, Capt. Yoortman, from Batavia 14th instant, arrived at Tanjong Pagar wharf yesterday afternoon. The Ocean Company's steamer Ulyttes, Capt Byrne,

£rin ambtrtistmtnts. HONGKONG AND SHANGHAI BANKING CORPORATION. Paid up Capital 5.000.000 Dollars. Reserve Fund 1,300,000 Dollars. COURT OF DIRECTOR?. Chairman.—W M. H. FORBES, Esq. (of Messrs. Russell A Co.) Deputy Chairman The Hon. W Keswick (of Messrs. Jardine Matbeson A Co.) F. D. Sassoon, Esq. (of Messrs. David Sassoon Sons

The troops brought from Beagkoaw bj the mail steamer yesterday will proceed to-morrow direct to Perak in H. M. S. Ringdove and Egeria, embarking Irom Taujoiig Pagar wharf. The steamer wohore has been chartered by Government to convey a native force of lUti men, under Mr. Fontaine, to Klaug, and

#eto abberttgemtnte. CRANE A CO., Furnishers, Appraisers, Auctioneers and General Agents Nob. 6 and 7 Raffle* Place. Beg to intimate that they have on hand a Urge assortment of Household Furniture of European and local Manufacture. 1 Iso Dinner Sets, Marble Q labs Ac. Ac., all of which they are

UNKNOWN The British steamer Paraguay, Captain Williams, which arrived on Saturday from Jeddah, brought 724Mahomedan pilgrams for Singapore. By the English mail yesterday we have advices from Mauritius to the 2nd March. On the 18th February that Colony was visited by a Cyclone which seems to have surpassed all preceding

Muar. H (From our Correspondent.) jAfitar, sth October.- -The periodical surnfe. repairs, &c, of the Bengkalis at Singapore have broken in on the regularity <jrour usual mail communications for nearlga fortnight. The Perak has been the only steamer available, and as she was not equal to the demands of exporters,

THE WRECK OF THE s.s. PERAK." It appears that this steamer touched the bank at th mouth of the Kedah river ab>ut 7.15 p.m. on Thursday last. The rudder became unshipped and the steamer unmanageable almost immediately. The Perak was then driven ashore by the strong wind and very high

SUMMARY OF THE WEEK. Tin: 8\ i fi rived here on Sit urdaj morning from Perak with the <■ vernor and party on board frpm Perak. Iu Perak the Governor had ;i narrow from drowaiog owing to the launcb conveying him down tinKinta River striking i and linking. H. E.

WEDNESDAY, 16th NOVEMBER. Thb National Bank of < !hina baa opened a branch at Foochow. The French transport Colombo passed through the port to-day from Saigon for Toulon and Marseilles. Mkssrs Wfk Bin &Co. 1 jmeoted their fleet by the addition of another small coaster, the Bheema, which arrived from

Penang News. {Pinang Gazette, 6th Dec.) A hundred Province Wellesley Malays have er gaged themselves for service as general workmen on tobacco estates in Korth Borneo, aiid have registered their names at the office of the Chineee Protectorate. They left yesterday by the s. s. Palitana for fciogapore. An old

Fortnight's Summary. Tuk last Overland issue was dated the 18th August. Since that date three mails have arrived from home. On Sunday morning the H>th August, the P. O. steamer Lombard^, arrived with the London mails of the 20th July. On the morning of Friday the 24th August, the M.

THE DURBAR. The Colonial steamer Sea P.dle leaves tins STOning for I'aluniL', says the Free 2Ve.<.«, where she will embark H. H. the baltan of Piili,iti£> and auite, ami Mr. Clifford, »ho Resident His Highaeaa ProM*ding from Singapore on Baterdaj to Tt'luk Alison m the IYii.k ync\\[ Mer,n, m order

Pahang. (Frion our own Correspondent.) Pekan, Ist October. On Wednesday's mail Mr. Blarney, the manager of the Pun join mine, arrived here together with two miners and a boohkeeper, aml tiny all left yesterday for Punjotn m one of Mr. Hole's boats. The journey will be continued day and night,