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TRADE MARK NOTICES. -fia^BMiSafc s^^J» itaws^s^Li M^bm Vi BE^ksß^2n S29£jm^tahßEß^B? sT Bilverßar Griffon that tie Trade Marl ROSE," "GRIFFON" are the Trade Marks < ING CORPORATION, a Iy organised and f tlie State "f v of America, 101 California > and County of San Francisco, Stat< of California, United Siatt-s

Day of the Griffon THIS magnificent creature may be just another ordinary bird to the uninformed, but to birdwatchers, it is a reason to celebrate. The sighting of the Griffon Vulture (right), which originates from the Himalayan region, is believed to be the first to be recorded m Singapore or

Bird park takes in rare griffon vulture found here Lynn Kan THE Jurong BirdPark recently had an unexpected visitor. A rare Himalayan griffon vulture was picked up by the bird park's hawk centre manager, Mr Jeet Cheema, 40, at Changi Cove on Tuesday evening. A bird-watching friend had tipped him

17 women poisoned after hospital operations U.P. RIS, June 13.—The Major of Macon to-day the French National Surete to search for hte roils fiend"' suspceted of poisoning 17 women perationa in the gynecological section of the Mac n i:;»;pital. Ail 17. according to hos'),;t' ''-oids, showed the nptoms—the day v

ONE THING AND ANOTHER. (By Mrs. Geo. R. Sims i THE TYRANNY OF Tilt: TOY, Oh Jane don't let them kiss." I was sitting m the waiting-room of an eminent canine specialist when ihese words, uttered m a tone of almost hysterical alarm, caused me to look up from my

Israelis on wings of dilemma Political issues cloud choice of national bird WORLD AFP. IT is just a campaign to select a national bird, but even that is not immune to political controversy in Israel. For the next six months, Israelis will select one from 10 local birds to become

OTEC In Business Cup Final ORIENTAL Telephone and Electric Company entered the Singapore Business House Football Association's cup final uhen they beat William Jacks by five goals to two at Thomson Koari yesterday. OTEC will meet the winners of to day's semifinal match between lion? Kong and Shanghai Bank and

Naked And Unashamed HAROLD NICOLSON By jHK NUDE. a y h>vneth Clark. John Murmy. £3 35.) Lv'pfe y pars ago Slr Ken T^Sth Clark delivered In ,;he A.W.Mellon the Fine Arts. I I by American hese lectures |f 0 packed with inforn and delivered with --a.>teriy rlrgance that havp had

PENANG RACES. Second day's Wskihtb. (From 'Our Own Correspondent.) Penang, Janury, 8. Civil Skrvkk CUF, pony ex Griffins, one mile, Brown Comet 11.7, Royalty 8. 7, Neverwasa 7-12, Kestor 8, Maori Boy 7.4, Lily Elsie 7.5, Rotter 7. TBl Again Stakks, ex Griffins, one mile. La Cocotte 8.12, Serouok 10.0,

HARTRIDGE ELECTRONIC FUEL PUMP TEST BENCH agtntt for all EIK EQUIPMENT and JF V* diicini any jlllJll' .^avrxS ■llfyllaw l!BsE?£?" i S*'^r**'^sHHHr" W I iftuiT If*' *^^-fr-tlBH|( i,i|l ri n r apt clsE3 mnTftW :=.=.!|po Your baby't delicate tkin needs the soothing and healing properties 0/ "Agnesui" a proved curt

FREIGHT MARKET Bridge News, Reuters GRAIN chartering remained quiet last Friday ahead of the Christmas holiday break, with fresh business confined to the US, brokers said. Cargill booked 40,000 tonnes heavy grain US Gulf/Egypt prompt shipment at U5513.50, and Lorico fixed 25,000 wheat US west coast/Yemen January 1/10 at US$2B.

Naval Disaster. BRITISH SUBMARINE LOST OFF CORNISH COAST. Tragic Fate of Crew. A naval disaster, of a type unhappily too common in the history of the British Navy, occurred in Whitesand Bay, on the Cornish coast, on January 16. During diving operations submarine A 7 failed to come to the

A big victory for De Gaulle PARIS, Mon. Gaul- lists won substantial victory at the expense of the left and centre in yesterday s first round voting for a new French National Assembly. When counting ended early this morning. Gaulli.sts had taken nine seats from the .socialists and communists, and

Polanski Scraps Murder Film; Gives Up Office At Paramount Spcii < ft#/ for sr it...1 Ufl Sheilah Graham N'EW YOFK. 8a» Roman Polanskl has abandoned his suspense thriller. The Day Of The Dolph'.n He is not in the mood to mak* a murder story, u you can well imagine He

I Advertisement '_B_E_r _3iSi _T^Ej __T _o^^^^___o_B_! __r A E—E-t*'" -Sjsu_,r^'%j HPO keep the nee* and throat beautifully i'oung and smooth, always massage In a film of rich vitalising cream before retiring, using a gentle upward and outward movement. As you sleep the rich vitalising Ulan Night Cream will carry

CLEVER FRENCH DOGS. Two Apaches Arrested in Paris Streets. Some remarkable instances of canine sagacity appeared in the French Press on April 15. The day previous a lovesick maiden resolved that life was not worth living after a quarrel with her swain, and walking down to the quay at Bercy

ACTIVE SERVICE IN THE EAST TRANSVAAL. Litter from am Inniskillxng Dragoon Officii*. (Continued.) Monday, Sept. 10th. Started 6.30 a.m. advanced squadron until united with Mahon's force, held coppie until relieved to get food from waggons. Boer snipers about. Country awful for cavalry and transport too big. Infantry should be sent

Straits: Times SINGAPORE: TUESDAY, MAR. 22ND, 1853. We have to announce l!ii arrival of the following passengers: March IS per Huavi.i f r :a Bi'an.i, CaataJa Taylor an I S, m 16 law Singapore iron Quagkong, Uoeaosodore J. 11. Auliek, Qoloada *iia■mhmli an I M.unvv.iriii Maj >r Boriaeater, Miasea 2

Strange Case Of A Laughing Englishman LONDON We have a mystery on our hands today. It is the strange case of the laughing Englishman. Whtn I set out from America for London town. I had two goals: To see fair Queen KUsaOeth get her crown, and to try to catch

COURT'S OFFICER HONOURED. First Indian n Singapore to Get Rai Sahib. Beautifully fine weather fay-.,.,.,,„ ceremonial, which took pl» c d b S n »iq«, day, in which Mr. Ishwar i We <C to the Police Courts, Singapore*' !^a anad Hia ExcelC^.^ and Governor. General of inHiJ 8 '»c*o. the

If you have time for only one book... a DEATH OF A RIVER GUIDE By Richard Flanagan Atlantic/326 pages/$25.50 Before Tasmanian writer Flanagan won international acclaim and the Commonwealth Writers Prize with 2002's Gould's Book Of Fish, there was Death Of A River Guide (1996). His debut novel holds threads

THE TIE THHT BINDS. I CADBURY'S COCOA Bonbe obtained mevtr> corner" rf the a_LW»,r* V < B t< tln P 1 «'<< ««t>bo^ ogrcca thol for Strength VBBBBbVJH^V|^L-.--^^i^« U»j* ißafiaflkfßM -a THE GIFT^MOTJ^R CfjdjgßY To-riER COLONIES. J^UStral Motor (Bar. I «Bu7^aWSl BBafl al^BßK^a^ Guaranteed against any Defect of Fabrication MAGNETO

Wednesday, Sept. 18, 1912. A telegram from Peking to Tokio states that the Russian Minister has announced that Russia recognises Mongolia as an independent State, and has requested China not to send an Expeditionary Force to that country. The engagement is announced of Miss Lorna Jones, only daughter of Mrs

THIRD DAY. Saturday, 19th May, 1917. i 1. A 8. THE STEWARDS' BTAKES and PLATE— 2-30 p.m. and 5-40 p.m Value of each stake $300 and $50 to each I Second Pony. A Handicap for all Ponies, 14.2J I and under that have run at the Meeting. The Ponies may

EISENHOWER-THE GREAT? Paris, Saturday. rjAILY the people of Paris ask: "Will Eisenhower stand for president V* The General to me, greatest of all generals j works like a fury m the new SHAPE headquarters on the green edge of the city. He has achieved an incredible amount. He is liked

100 ZOO YEARS. "A BURLESQUE ON NAOB7S ARK." Early Days. Out of several anniversaries, says The Observer, the Society has chosen the centenary of the granting of the Royal Charter of Incorporation for its festival, though it must be confessed that neither of the dates chosen marks the exact hundred

NOTICES. Singapore 'SpbRftyq Club Programme for the Spring Race Meeting. 1905. May 3Oth, June 1st and 3rd. FIR8T DAY. 7Wdov, 80th May I. THE MAIDEN PLATE.-Value $000 A tUce (or Maiden Hone*. Weight 9»u 31b. An allowance of 71b. to ex-Grifflnt imported into Straits PettlemenU or Federated Malay Htatep. Entrance

A PINK ELEPHANT. Once again the Zoological Gardens tak Pawa for a guest, Pawa that is the Sacred White Elephant. When I read of Pawa's landing- at the docks, when I saw the picture of Pawa's lashing of his great |gg| a .s the :rane dropped him on the dock

NOTICES. SELANGORTURF CLUB. PROGRAMME FOR DECEMBER MEETING. December aotta. 31st, 1903. and January and, 1904. FIRST DAY. Rack No. I,— Thi Maiden Plate— Value $300 and $f 0 to second horse provided there are five stai ters the properly of different owners. A Race for Maiden Horses. Ex 8. R.

PETS CREMATION CENTER. Simple burial columbarium preservation deatri cert. Islandwide 24 hrs. Service hotline *****844. Gracious express services. REQUIRE PET GROOMING 9 your home? Full grooming $40 witn bath. (9am-9pm) *****745 JOY DOGGY Puppies For Sale! Grooming Free transport. "*7 Upper Thomson Rd *****889 SPECIAL OFFER/ PROMOTION: Premium Feline Mate