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AURriTALS. July ol Briusli barq C u.hber. p iDa^ L T^ri!" dl brilish ship E. Queen j amP i Aug. 1 Urithli bng y^o F e 9 r l^iMl 1 British bar, MD ougal Cal tU J? 1 l 1 B.iti« sip ii.W^u Uovveu P k Ult „lush sl "P

IMPORTS. Pylhe B ship Ouirloite, 700 Time, Liebeehwagee, Jrorn Bombay. Entered on the 1 6th md »J Ctys ratio oil, 50 ctys. cardamous 9> C o.>es Cachas 76 c,, kinkabs, 1 co, tapp.e. JJ^silk and 120 cor. cotton chindics Bf t*e fr,^ /j„./„ %i 26H r Kf u^„ wr/ 4?j-|

NOTICE. WHEREAS it having on the 15th of June last past been presented to the Judges of Her i Majesty's Court of Judicature of Prince of Wale* IJ Island, Singapore and Malacca silting as a Co irt of Over and Terminer and General Gaol Delivery at j {Singapore, by the

London Market. •We are enabled to gire the state of the London market to Feb. 26th. received by express at Pans. TtA.— Market rather dull, Congou, midd, 9d to to 9jd, good lOJd to 10*d. Souchong good 4s Id to 4s l$d. Hyson— common, Is 4d to Is 4*d fair

SHIPPING IN THE HARBOUR. Vessels Names. Tons\ Commanders. Consignees. H. M. steamer Nigeu 1350'McDougull, Esq. IT \f iclim>iw>r Saracen. 235. Richards, Esq, 1323i Berry [Surveying Hongkong Amer. shin Governor Morton Williams, Anthou and co Amer. ship Emperor 597 Tibbet Ditto Freight or charter Ainer. ship Contest 1100 Steele Ditto China

T NOTICE. THE Sorveyiof the Undermentioned places may b« had on application at the Master- Attendants Office at 6 Co's Jto- per sheet. Survey of Cheduha Btraits and Coast of Ramree By Captain Daniel Ross. of Mergue Archipelago, Sheet 2d Ditto. of Ditto 3d Ditto. from Chittagong to Arracan River

SHIPPING IN THE HARBOUR. Vessels' Names. J Tons Commanders. Consignees. Destm^T^~ H. M. steamer Niger', 1950 McDougalL, Esq. H. M. schooner Saracen\ 236 Surveying CftlfilltiA H. C. steamei Fire Queen 341 Borbenk, Esq. Manila 503 Burn B. steamer H. T. Marshall v»iv uiut Bombay o Freight or charter Coppering Calcutta

SHIPPING IN THE HARBOUR. Vessels' Names. Tons Commanders. Consignees. Destination fa H. M. schooner Saracen 235 Richards, Esq. Surveying Amer. ship Governor Morton 1323 Berry f 1 l Williams, Anthon and cc Freight or charter Discnarvincr Amer. ship Emperor 597 Tibbet Ditto Amer. ship Grace Gordon 761 Babson Ditto 1/w.uwpng

SHIPPING IN THE HARBOUR. ARRIVALS. VeueVt Names. Captains. From. Bate of Depart. Aug 26 26 Dutch schooner Kim Soonmat Nacoda Pontianak 20th inst Brem. barq Clara Huneken Bruni 7th do 26 British barq Smyrna wood whawan 8th do n 26 do barq Arab Frederick pining 16th do 26 French ship

THE FREE PRESS. Singapore, Thursday, 4th July, 1839. Calcutta— By the arrival' of the Rover, which raft the on the 11th ult. we have- received Bengal papers to the Ist J one, and private advices to the same datp. The 4iii Opin.n sale, for the postponement of which a requisition