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Over a cup of kopi STEFANIE YUEN GILLES MASSOT has a passion for coffeeshops. Head filing hack, hands waving energetically and eyes erin kling as he smiles, he waxes almost lyrical about Singapore coffeeshops; from the traditional Peranakan tiles to the atmosphere of the place. He should know: After all,

Simply yummy The eating places m Tanjung Pinang attract hundreds of Singaporeans every week. RICKY YEO provides his impressions of this gourmand's paradise. F(X)l). Clorious load attracts Singaporeans to Tanjung Pinang on weekends. The hundreds of visitors who descend on the Indonesian town of Pulau Bintan. the largest island of

Di Tanjong Katong Blue are the waters of Tanjong Katong a mirror reflecting the sky SO GOES the pnntun (verse) that praises the beauty and romanticism of Tanjong Katong. Well, the blue waters are now gone, but a lingering sense of history and flavour still prevails m the area. Tanjong