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Kim Yeow ganti Barker MANNTAN Juruakaun Agung dan pengerusi eksekutif POSBank, Encik Chua Kirn Yeow, akan memegang jawatan pengerusi Bursa Saham Singapura (SES) mulai 1 Januari tahun depan. Satu kenyataan SES kelmarin menyatakan bahawa Encik Chua, 67 tahun, pengarah beberapa syarikat berdaftar dengan bursa itu, akan bersara daripada jawatan-ja-watan tersebut

I'm not reluctant anymore HOT Presidential candidate Chua Kim Yeow: HE started off as a reluctant candidate in the Elected President elections. But in the past week Mr Chua Kim Yeow has become more confident confident enough to believe he could win. "At the beginning no, of course (there was)

Count me out PRESIDENTIAL candidate Chua Kim Yeow was known for his reluctance to stand for election. No wonder then that when the results were late in coming on election night, the joke going around that Mr Chua had won and was demanding a recount.

Teng Cheong for his experience ONG SEOW YIAN How did the young professionals vote in Saturday's Presidential election? JUNE KONG speaks to two people about their choices. Both recognise Mr Ong Teng Cheong as a man with an impressive record and Mr Chua Kim Yeow as the dark horse. Yet

IHBEEt Ss?' ■«j *jk Chua Kim Yeow to contest presidential election iH Full report, Pg 2 US House approves Budget compromise by narrow margin, Back Page

The kindest cut on Chua Kim Yeow THE Presidential Election has got some Singaporeans' creative juices flowing, apparently One enterprising Quia Kirn Yeow supporter made a campaign flyer out of a Straits Times page, which he distributed by fax. The ingenious supporter cut out the top left-hand corner of a

Chua Kim Yeow appointed SES chairman SINGAPORE Former banker and Accountant-Gener-al, Chua Kim Yeow. has been appointed chairman of the Stock Exchange of Singapore. The SES said last night that Mr Chua's appointment will take effect from Jan 1. Mr Chua. 67, takes over the SES chairmanship from former Cabinet

'Campaign, Mr Chua' THESE are excerpts of a letter from Yee Jenn Jong to The Straits Times: I feel his (Elected Presidential candidate, banker Chua Kim Yeow) motivation is not correct... It is highly important that for such an authoritative position, the candidate must be convinced himself that he is

Chua's supporters make unofficial pitches to voters SUPPORTERS of Mr Chua Kim Yeow, frustrated with the presidential candidate's minimal campaigning, have been making unofficial pitches to the people. These include two separate fliers circulated by fax. and an abortive attempt to display election slogans on car windows. One fax appeared

ELECTION FACTS Polling day: Aug 28 It is a holiday. Voting is compulsory. About 1.7 million voters are on the register. There are two candidates: former Deputy Prime Minister Ong Teng Cheong and retired Accountant General Chua Kim Yeow. The candidates will deliver 10-minute broadcasts on SBC. Mr Ong will

elected presidency SINGAPORE'S first Presidential Election campaign began with a surprising flourish on Nomination Day yesterday. Braving an early downpour, a large crowd turned out at the Singapore Conference Hall to offer support for the two candidates, Mr Ong Teng Cheong and Mr Chua Kim Yeow. Both men say they

What you didn't get to see Yesterday, the two Presidential candidates, Mr Ong Teng Cheong and Mr Chua Kim Yeow, delivered their second and final TV broadcasts. But what went on behind the scenes? IRENE NG, who sat in on Mr Chua's broadcast, reports GOOD evening, said Mr Chua Kim

CHUA FOR PRESIDENT? RETIRED civil servant and banker Chua Kim Yeow (left) is likely to stand for Elected President, sources said yesterday. Nominated MP Chia Shi Teck will then pull out. The sole nominee so far: Mr Ong Teng Cheong, Deputy Prime Minister and NTUC secretary-general. Mr Chua declined to

HEADLINERS The Straits Times: Confirmed: Ex-banker to contest Business Times: 2 arrested in connection with alleged NOL share-rigging Lianhe Zaobao: Chua Kim Yeow accepts proposal to run for President Berita Harian: Ex-banker another presidential candidate SBC morning news: Russia's cabinet approves a plan for economic reforms BBC morning news: The

Chua Kim Yeow will be SES chairman on Jan 1 THE former Accountant-Gen-eral and executive chairman of POSBank, Mr Chua Kirn Yeow, will assume chairmanship of the Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES) from Jan 1. Mr George Teo, the present deputy chairman, will act as chairman m the interim, said

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Banker to run for EP HOT STORIES RETIRED top civil servant and banker Chua Kim Yeow (right) will run against Mr Ong Teng Cheong in the presidential election. He said his candidacy is "'as an act of public duty". Mr Chua said he was approached by former Deputy Prime Minister

Presidency IT'S official. Former Deputy Prime Minister Ong Teng Cheong and retired civil servant Chua Kim Yeow are the only contenders for the presidency. The Presidential Elections Committee yesterday rejected Mr J B Jeyaretnam and Mr Tan Soo Phuan, both Workers' Party members. They did not met the strict criteria.

HEADLINERS The Straits Times: Indonesian economy 'ready to take off Business Times: US direct investments in Asia rise lOpc to USs7Bb Lianhe Zaobao: Ong Teng Cheong, Chua Kim Yeow get eligibility certs from Presidential Elections Committee to stand for election. Berita Harian: Indonesia to be NIE in 25 years SBC

Perm Sec of Labour is new POSBank chief SINGAPORE Permanent Secretary of Labour Chuang Kwong Yong will succeed Chua Kim Yeow as chairman of the Post Office Savings Bank on Wednesday. Mr Chuang, 42, has been a member of the POSB board since July 1991. His term as chairman will

Teng Cheong looking forward to the contest DEPUTY Prime Minister Ong Teng Cheong said last night he was looking forward to the contest for the presidency. Asked to comment on retired banker Chua Kim Yeow's candidacy. Mr Ong said he was told about it over the telephone yesterday and had

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Quiet? Not quite A white heart on a blue background is Mr Ong Teng Cheong's logo. The NTUC chief and former Deputy Prime Minister, who designed the logo himself, said it stood for the interest of the people at heart. The square surrounding the heart meant that he will be

Chua Kim Yeow to take on DPM Election for presidency ...i, nopons v) Anna Teo RETIRED banker and former Accountant-Genera! Chua Kim Yeow will stand against Deputy Prime Minister Ong Teng Cheong in the Aug 28 presidential election. Mr Chua, 67, now a director on the boards of several companies,

We want you for President AND THIS GARLAND goes to my wife. Presidential nominee, Mr Ong Teng Cheong, was yesterday greeted by a large crowd at the election nomination centre. Joining union members were business and community leaders. Among them were banker Lien Ying Chow and Chinese business chamber chiefs

Chua Kim Yeow is new SES chairman Gerry de Silva By MR CHUA Kirn Yeow, who made news recently when he stood against Mr Ong Teng Cheong m the presidential election, is the new chairman of the Stock Exchange of Singapore. Sources said Mr Chua, chairman of the Securities Industry

CHUA: I'm not taking you for granted "I think I have to explain why I am not going canvassing, putting up posters and doing such like things. It is not because I am taking you for granted. "The reason is that I have no political organisation and no political funds...

EP: What they say 1.75 million Singaporeans go to the polls today to elect a President for the first time. They have to choose between Mr Ong Teng Cheong and Mr Chua Kim Yeow wmm The Straits Times He has what it takes to shape the elected presidency in the

Contest between two candidates gets off to eventful start Run-up to presidential election Reports by Anna Teo, Chuang Peck Ming ONE HOUR before nomination began, and it was obvious the kickoff to the Aug 28 presidential election featuring union chief Ong Teng Cheong and retired banker Chua Kim Yeow would