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Americans Facing Greatest Trial In History LISBON, Feb. 17. (Dome!) Revealing that the American people are facing the greatest trial and suffering experienced s o far In their history, the Associated Press today reported here the following figures to Indicate the magnitude of the current war a s compared with

Nippon-F.I.C. Military Agreement Greatly Aided Our Malayan Burma Campaigns Dalat, French Indo-China, July 29, Domei. IIAILING the strengthening of friendly relations between Nippon and French Indo China ?M. De Boissanger, Chief of the [Foreign Department of the Govl ernment-General, stressed that two nations should further tighten relations through mutual tmderstanding

Anti-Axis War Aims Are Hopelessly At Variance Domei. .TOKYO, Mar. 20-The recent indiscreet statement of the American Ambassador to Russia, Wiliiam Standley, as well as the statement by VS. vice President Henry Wallace and movements of th? British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden in Washington. would indicate that the leaders of

Hypocrisy Of Anglo-American Peace System After Armistice Underlying Cause Of Present Strife 24th Anniversary Of Armistice Day Tokyo. Nov. 11 MR. Tomckazu Hcri, Spokesman of the Board of Information, issued the following statement during the regular press conference tc-day regarding the 24th Anniversary of Armistk c Day, says Djmel. "Twenty-four

Toll Of War On World Tonnage Tokyo, May 2. By Radio. A BOUT one-quarter of the gros-> tonnage of the world's shipping was sunk either by aircraft or submarines during a period of two years and seven months since the outbreak of the present war up to the end of


German, Italian Envoys Stress Axis Solidarity ONENESS WITH NIPPON AFFIRMED Dome! SHANGHAI, Dec. 9—The oneness cf Japan, Germany and Italy, who are joined together in a common war by the Tripartite Pact, was exphasized by Herr Heinrich Stahmer, German Ambassador, and Marquis Marchio de Taliani, Italian Ambassador to China, in

Tiger' Yamashita Will Knock 'Dug-Out 9 Doug. MacArthur For Another Homer 'FATE OF WORLD HINGES ON OUTCOME' (By A Domri War Correspondent) NIPPON BASE IN THE PHILIPPINES. Nov. 9. (Domei)—With the appointment of General Tomoyuki Yamashita as Supreme Commander of the Nippon army forces In the Philippines, Greater East Asia

NIPPON NOW A 'HAVE' POWER, PREMIER AVERS 'With Resources Far Superior To United States Britain 9 TOKYO, Feb. 2.—Replying to interpellations posed by Yusuke Tsurumi, representative of Iwat_. Prefecture, in the session of the General Budget Committee in the House of Representatives thi? afternoon. Premier General Hideki Tojo declare'] that

STUDENTS TO MALAT TETUDO KYO SYU SYO NEW BATCH to .loin the Railway Training School 15 Invited as under:— COMMENCEMENT OF TRAINING: 10th December. 2604. QUALIFICATIONS: (1) Any nationality, strong and hoalthy, age to 35. (2) Educational qualification not Ptsential. TRAINING: From 2 to 6 months at the Tetudo Kyu

Nippon's ThreePoint Post-War Program Given Dome! TOKYO, Aug. 23—The Committee for the Study of Postwar Programs today made public a draft program which it adopted at its meeting on Aug. 18, advocating three fundamentals of good neighbou. '-•.ess, right of self defence, and economic selfsufficiency for the establishment of a

Doughboys Said Weary Of War: 'Want To Go Home' Dmiim. BUENOS AIRES. Oct. 2.— "American Servicemen fighting overseas want to go home." This report was brought back to Washington by United States Senate War Inspection Committee who had just returned to the American capital from a tour of world battlefronts.

Nippon's Ci gantic Enterprise Will Be Cro wned With Success Saburo Kurusu Bares Inconsistencies In War Aims Of Anti-Axis Powers Domei TOKYO, Oct. 19—The heated discussion of post-war plans by the Anglo-American powers merely serves to betray their ambition to win complete world hegemony and reveals the shortcomings and inconsistencies

Eating Horse Flesh In U.S., Food 'Rationing In Britain Cited As Unmistakable Signs Of Distress ■MM TOKYO, Apr. 2.—" The war has row become no joke to the American people, although they started it in a whimsical spirit," declared Teiichi Muto, well-known political commentator, in an article entitled America and

London Gives Lie To Own Propaganda Tokyo, April 2. ■TOE British and the Chinese are engaged in malicious propaganda about Burma, spreading the false news that their forces have been inflicting heavy dam age on the Nipponese in Burma and that an American military hospital has been purposely made the

Isolationists Attack British Food Plan Dome. LISBON, May 31—A report from New York states that the plan put forward at Hotsprlngs by the British for an international agency to control buying and distribution of food after the war is being violently attacked by Isolationists. Today Hearst's journal, American, j raid

Opinion Then And Now WHEN World War No. 1 had reached a duration of four years, Malaya in general and .Singapore in particular, although actual warfare had not touched these parts, were feeling the effects of the conflict in Europe very acutely. There had been a mutiny by an Indian

WAR ANNIVERSARY MESSAGE who are now counter-attacking with the object of subjugating Asia for ever. You are no doubt aware of a part of that history. Let us review It under the headings of the Malais, the Indians and the Chinese EXPLOITATION OF ASIATICS 1. The Malais (Mohammedans) resisted against

ALLIED INFLUENCE IN E. ASIA EXTERMINATED Our Commander's Message Successes Of Our Forces Have Startled The World ALLIED influence in East Asia has now been completely exterminated by our Forces declared Lieut.-General Tomoyuki Yamasila, Com-mander-in-Chief of the Nippon Expeditionary Forces in Malaya, who addressed pressmen on Friday afternoon. Our Forces'

IN MEMORIAM I IN LOVING MEMORY of our beloved daughter (SYLVIA CHAN) daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chan Chee Seng who died on Nov. 26, 2602. A bitter grief, a shock severe, To part with one, we love so dear, Our loss is great, we will mt complain, But trust

Chief Military Administrator Issues Message EMPHASIS ON CONSTR UCTION IN A NEW YEAR message the Chief Military Administr'atorj Malai and Sumatra, reminds the^ people that the primary work cf the moment is the reconstruction or Asia, to which they are called upon to contribute their full share, at the same

'indiaWillNot Be Deceived Again '—Bose SHOULD FIGHT BRITAIN, U.S. Domei TOKYO. June 19—Subhas Chandra Bose, patriot and leader of the Indian Independence Movement now in Nippon after momentous trip from Germany, statemented to the Press at 2 p.m. that not only the overwhelming majority of the Indian people desire to

Explains Why Nippon Victorious In Present War realms. Where else on earth is a nation like Nippon? the writer queried. The spiritual disunity between the United StaU* Chief of State and the people, and the moral d>;-ada-Uon of the British King people. are bound to have vitally advene efferU open

U. S. On Threshold Of War Washington, Sept. 27. THE United States star. ds to-day on the threshold of World War No. 2." says Colonel FVank Knox, Secretary of the United States N In an article In tho Foreign Commerce Weekly. The article continues. "It is Imperative that we take

Premier Praises Burmese For Heroic War Efforts TOKYO, Aug. 2. —Premier Gen. Kuniaki KO:no In a radio address yesterday evening on the occuston of Burma's Independence Day, extended heartfelt congratulations to Burma for her great achievements during tiie past le year since she gamed complete freedom from British tyranny of

"WE ARE QUITE READY TO MEET ANY U.S. OFFENSIVE" Attacks On Us Will End In Dismal Failure Says Dai-Honyei Spokesman Possibility Of U.S. Losing War Lisban, Aur. 19. Domei IT is reported from Washington that the United Mates Office of War Infonnaon, in a statement issued on eight months of

G.E.A. PEOPLE'S C ONFAB PLEDGES TO MARCH TO VICTORY Tokyo, May 1. (Domei) About 200 representatives of eleven countries of Greater East Asia from 2 p.m. today met at the Gunjin Kaikan in Tokyo to hold the East Asia People's Conference. The conference which was attended by delegates of Nippon

COMET NO. 3 SPELLS WORLD DISASTER? (I>y special contributor) The appearance of co nets is always associated WithSOHM Impending world d >■•>; r. parliml «rlv War. I believe before World War Xo. l broke out a 'comet s observed somewhere. Before World War No. 2 It m reported in the

LIEUT.-GEN. ISHIHARA BARES REASONS FOR DEFEAT Tokyo, Sept. 2— (Domei) "Japan's defeat in war is God's will," Lieut.-General Kanji Ishihars (retired) declared in the course of a lengthy speech delivered before a large audience at Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture, last Friday, Aug. 31. Ishihara was one of the army leaders

Latin Americans Have Everything To Lose, Nothing To Gain, If They Join The Allies Tokyo News Commentary A NOTHER Columbus Day has come around. Many things have taken place since last Columbus Day, and no doubt many more things will take place before another returns, said a Tokyo radio commentator