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SPORTS etc., etc. HOCKEY. Di padang Thomson Road Depot, di Hari Dua petang, itu Police Team sudah bermain bola hockey sama team deri Medical College Union, Police team sudah menang 7-0 goals. Di Hari Satu petang itu Medical College Union punya team sudah menang bermain hockey sama A.P.C. punya team,

kabaran kabanyakan. 1 Di Hari Minggu Ilth Jan. itu Juvenile Badminton Plrty sudah bikin satu General Meeting dan yang 1 j torsebot di-bawah ini ada nama-nama-nya ketua-ketua-nya buat ini taun I President, Mr. Tan Boon Heng Vice-President, Mr. Tan Swee Wah Hon. Secretary, Mr. Koh Tin Geong Hon. Treasurer, Mr.

GREAT WORLD BASKET-BALL. WAH CHONG WIN. GAME A DING-DONG STRUGGLE. A la.M ami exciting friendly bas-koi-bail match between the Wai. Cnong Badminton Party and the Nanyang Manufacturing Basket-ball Party, played at the Great World sporting ground on Saturday, befon a l>iu- crowd, resulted m a win for the Wah rhonu-

BADMINTON. ROCHORE BEAT BUXOM IN FRIENDLY. In a friendly match of five singles aud two doubles between the Rochore Badminton Party and Bukom Badminton Party at Bukom on Sunday the Bukom B.P. was beaten by 7 o. Results (R. B. P. players mentioned firs*) S. Mohamed beal Sanusi, 15 3,

BADMINTON. The final of ihe doubles championship of the Novices Badminton Party between Lim Boon Guan andi Lo^vin^Owo^y(^^nHud^\o«tfi

26 teams in SBA inter- club tourney TWENTY-SIX teams have entered the Singapore Badminton Association Junior inter-club championship starting at the Badminton Stadium, Guillemard Road, on Thursday. Defending champions Jasmin Sports Club (White) will meet Chinese YMCA(Red) m the opening match whilst runners-up Rose Badminton Party (Red) take on May

Badminton The Game at Which Malaya Leads the World by Lee Siew Yee, who accompanied the victorious Thomas Cup team to Europe, recalls some great players and great matches of the past. IpVER since Malaya won the Thomas Cup nearly two years ago, badminton lovers here have fixed their eyes

SPORTS etc., etc. BADMINTON Club-club smua kalu ada apa-apa matches mau main GOLF atajU suJah main, boleh tulis sama kita kasi tau HOCKEY apa-apa Program me-nya atau results nya, kita RUGBY suka tulis di dalam ini column yang kita slalu FOOTBALL boleh reserve (simpan) buat Sports News saja. j TENNIS

BADMINTON. Mr. Koh Sai Chai, of the Singapore Chinese Badminton Party, ha-; i;etn elected to take the place ol' the retired hon. general secretary, Mr. Koh Hon Yin<i Mr. Tan iiee Kng as the sports captain and Mr. Yeo Kian Hoe the hon. treasurer.

BADMINTON. The President, of the Rover's Badminton Party, Mr. O. B. Beng announce! that medals will be awaided to the following for meritorious services rendered: Messrs. Tan Quee Leng (hon: secretary) Kum Kirn Leng (hon: treasurer) Chan Teck Seng (hon: auditor) Seah Cheng Kang (spoils captain) and Ong We<Kiong (vice-captain).

BADMINTON. luim})i<;n»iii}> "RrMill-* Singapore. Xht ■>-■:' of I iei ii;» >: if nd is the Singapoi !>:i«iminton championships w< .<■ us j: Junior Doubles, semi-final. \\'< .'■■'< i mm! ban X B m bet eta Silva and J. de S a. '.I 18, 19 1;' 0). Inter-Club, semi-final. i: sei

DUKE OF BEAUFORT. The Duke of Beaufort, of Badminton, Gloucester, is ihc i>ormanent governing director of Badminton Estates Company, which has, slat*; Messrs. Jordan and Sons, been registered a:- ai on limited company having shaie capital (private) "to acquire, held, and inaiiajfc c-statc«, land, and t>uiU]in?s, &c." The nominal capital

SPORTS. Itu Seet Kim Cheng Badminton Party sudah bikin dia-orang punya Ist Anniversary di Havi Minggu 7th Dec. di Dariima Hotel. Bila tern pa makan tengah-hari Mr. Seet Kim Cheng sudah kasi satu perchakapan (speech) mengasi trim a kasay kapada members-nya yang sudah bercham -por tangan membuatkan ini satu per-jamuan

Auxiliary Police To Have Clubhouse of Their Own Centrally Situated: Many Facilities be run on very much ■ami* lines as the former Chinese Swimming Club, the new clubhouse for Auxiliary Police personnel at 87, Wilkie Road, promises to be a recreation centre which its members should be justifiably proud of.

Hartono, Darmadi to skip S'pore open JA X A RTA, Sun. Indonesian badminton aces Rudy Hartono and Darmadi will not take part m the Singapore Open Badminton Championship scheduled to be held from October 18 to 24. Secretary-General of the Indonesian Badminton Federation Mr. Sumarsono announced y ester da t

EIGHTEEN FOR HK BADMINTON FESTIVAL FIVE EUROPEAN countries are included m the Hongkong Badminton Association list for an international tournament at Hongkong m mid 1972. The Western countries are England, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The other nations for the badminton festival are Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore,

SPORTS etc., etc. FOOTBALL. Di Hari Satu petang, di jalan Anson Road Stadium, itu R.A. punya team sudah lawan main bola football sima Glosters’ team dan R.A. punya team sudah menang 2 0 goals; itu pon blakang deri half-time. Mr. Tan Tee Wan yang jadi referee-nya dan teams-nya sudah

HORLICKS B.P. At the fifth annual g<fieral meet" ing of the HorMcks Badminton Party the following were elected office-bearers for iW.I: President, Mr. Wan Chin Inn; vice-presidents, Messrs. He.nry Cheong and Chan Seng- Thong 1 hon. secretary, Mr. E. Cheng I.eong; hon. treasurer, Mr. Xe<> Kim Poh (reflected); hon. auditor,

Return To Power Prestige IN 25 YEARS of existence, the Singapore Badminton Association has hod its ups and downs champions have come and gone. But if the present is any criterion, the journey into the next 25 years which officially begins today will be mostly up and up! Singapore has

AMATEUR SPORTING ASSN. ANNIVERSARY. PRIZE WINNERS AT THE SPORTS. The. Amateur Sporting Association celebrated its thirteenth birthday on Saturday and Sunday last at its patron's sea-side bungalow, s\\ milestone, Fasir Panjang. The bungalow was tastefully decorated, and there was a large gathering of members. The celebrations began at noon on

SINGAPORE BADMINTON TOURNAMENT. Mr. Tan 800 Teck President, Singapore Badminton Association. Mr. Lim Chuan Geok Secretary, Singapore Badminton Association. A group of players. Players m Mixed Doubles.

New Badminton Magazine Gets A Big Welcome PRESIDENTS and officials of Malayan badminton associations, m congratulatory messages to the editors of the Badminton Magazine of Malaya, which will make its bow to the public early m August, hail the publication of the Magazine as an "important means of fulfilling the

PerakMalay Badminton The annual Perak Malays badminton tournament will be neld in Ipoh on March 12 13, 19 and 20 this year. The tournament is opened to all Mala/ member.* of badminton parties affiliated to the Perak Malays Badminton Association Entry forms are now obtainable from the Hon. Secretary, Perak

S.S.A. To Provide Badminton Facilities MEMBERS of the Syonan Sports Association interested in badminton will be glad to know that the Association will be organising a tournament in the near future. In this connection, a meeting to appoint a committee will be held od Friday, June 18, at 6 and

BADMINTON. lub and Tennia Doubles Finals. of the rain, a large pectators witnessed of the inter-club- and doubles badminton ships of Singapore. Tho played at Villa Dolce, '"t for the occasion b" Tan) last Sunday. r-club championship won til) alter a spirited cores were (United Amateurs' players menI U.C.A. 4

ASIANS RULE BUT NOT IN THE 1.8.F. KEN JALLEH m^m_\^^M^_JW^^_W^^^i_^ >: 'iii Wtniwuk y]£___J_t_t£__¥_fiM_t Time For Confederation In Badminton, Too XHE time has come when the badmintonploying countries in Asia should get together and form a controlling body, similar to that of the Asian Football Confederation. The need for such

3rd Asian shuttle tourney JAKARTA, Fri. Twelve members of the Asian Badminton Confederation had officially declared that they will take part in the third Asian badminton tournament to be held in Jakarta in mid August, it was announced here today. The 12 countries are: Burma, India, Pakistan, Ceylon, Laos, Malaysia,

BAM MOVES FOR CUP FINAL VENUE KEN JALLEH By Happy World Stadium Booked From K.L. SINGAPORE'S Happy World stadium 'lias been tentatively booked by tbe President of the Badminton A ssociation of Malaya, Mr. Khoo Teik Ee, for the Thomas Cup final to be played in thi* Colony on May

EPWCRTH LEAGUE INSTITUTION-9TH ANNUAL SPORTS. Warning me Badminton Doubles match. Badminton Doubles Final. Singapore Football Team the winners. Ipoh Football Team. Mixed Doubles, Klang and Malacca Mr. Choon Eng (left). General Secretary and Mr. Nyim Diin. Sports Secretary. Badminton winner and runner-up.