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Mr. R.W Duff, head of the Duff Development Co.. arrived in Singapore by toe Ar.!eru. yesterday, accompanied by h> wife

THE ROLL OF HONOUR. Kuala Lumpur rw. News ha. been received L. J l followiug casualties Killed in Action in Flanders r n Beyle, lieut. RFA. S G Wounded Twice -r A ToUe Rounded m Dardanelles.^ All the above are of the Duff Dev*w meut Co. "eTeioj^

PASSENGERS. Per Breid Mr Mrs Borgsen. Per Maras Ms Emily. Per Brouwer Messrs O. C. Tulleke, Foster and Luchtinger. Per Sardinia Mrs W. E. Copeland, Mr Mrs W. G. Adams, and 'i infants, Miss Ritchie, Mrs Amery child, Miss Slaven, Rev. F, W. Haines, Messrs W. Hope, 4. Brown, W.

Satqtt gtdrcrtijicntntte. For Australian Mare, a good worker snd a strong animal, and v Victoria Phaeton In good order. A reasonable price will be accepted for the Int. Apply to I>. M. A. CORNELIUS, 19, Itslacca .Street. Singapore, 12th June, iS'.)3. m PRAKKE_& CO. Pno vision and Wins Merchants. 9

THE WEEF. The last mail from home arrived by the P. 4 (>. J)»vduln on l'Yid*y .with daXe*-up to July 23. A homeward mill was taken on Mondiv by the N.D L. P. Ludwig and this weakly goes by the B. I. Thongwa to-day. His Excellency the Governor has visited

SELANGOR GAZETTE. Mr. R. Latto is appointed Mining In-j I tor, Kuala Lumpor. to Bd as Mining specter, llu Seiangor. Air. H. M. Hatchell. Ass. I). O Kiang ha* been granted 131 months' lea\( Mr. 11. A. ECoek has been licensed 1* B petition writer from Aug. gtb, i#(/>, lot

S.C.C. Tourney Singapore, Monday. frOUR matches were played m the T S.C.C. Spring Tennis Tournament this afternoon, the results being as follows: Championship Singles R. F. Smith beat J. E. Harvey, 6—3, 6—4. Godown Doubles Handicap GO. Simpson and D. W Archer nlus 3 beat S. J. Elgar and C.

SINGAPORE GOLF CLUB First Round Cf Duffer's Cup Tourney Singapore, Monday. whf following is the result of the first T round of the Duffer's Cup ccmSetitton" played at the Singapore OoU Club. A if Pearson b2at Dr. H. Smith 1 up St Fvrp b°at R M. Duff 4 3. Lt

S.C.C. Tournament YESTERDAY'S RESULTS C J Qt k B Sin Ies befy 'w e St l Ph n 7U" bCat S E New owt,^ 7^TXVU! t L R C Singles (Semi-Final) 2, l-?^4 PlU3 3 beat W McMullan owe r c Doubles (Semi-Final) B. Astmgrton and G. Watts beat T

New Smooth White Skin In 3 Days i^^^^S^^aT 1 *:RST iICOND I TMIKOJ P AY m PAy l o**" Zrttarszed Porem and Utcntishet Gone Forever! 'IV t -j<itab« gpnu birtcNr* i ami Mmi tjwir b- K.bfhgM -nl»r»^ ..°"iV^,r^ Entry r r,-. *mm <mr v afcie r.-, |„V rw, /W l

SHARES. j Au S- s oils* Capital, k i I Belat Tin $ld lu 800,000 Loj lu Bersawah Gold 0rd.... 10 7* 75,000 14] Do Def... 10 10 40,000 Brus^h H. Tin lo 10 600,000 31 Duff Development Co. £1 6400,000 Gopeng Tin ...£1 £100,000 Jelebu Min. &T. in liq.

GENERAL. V»l. Pi. Buyers Sullen g 2 Alex. Brick Ordt. 2^o 2.60 S AIM. Mrnk Plwft. 2.10 tSM a £1 Brit. Ara. Tobotcw 6.0.0 6.6.0 1 1 Central Enfine 0.36 0.40 num. i ;0D Chinee Com. Tank IOii.OO 10-l.lM) „i. T. S. V, Prrf. IS/I 18 I (I £l (Cn.

NOTICES. NOTICE. No fresh orders for Fresh Milk can be accepted until the arrival of new cow*, due here about January 15, per s.s. DARIUS. H. S. KIRWAN, Dalian's Australian Horse Repository. 4-1 101 NOTICE. The interest and responsibility of Mr Gustav Friedrich in our firm both here and in

NOTICES. KIAM MAT A CO. SHIP CHANDLERS, ■ovaramat md Municipal Contractor* Telephone No. 421. 106 108, Market Street. THE BRITISH CORPORATION FOR THE SURVEY RE6ISTRY OF SHIPPING. Notice is hereby given that MESSRS. FIT TOOK ADAM, 0, Flint St., have been appointid Surveyors in Singapore for tbe above Corporation Registry.

NOTICES. MOTICE. No fresh orders for Fresh Milk can bo accepted until the arrival of new cowh, due here about January 16, per s.s. DARIUS. H. S. KIRWAN, Dalian's Australian Horse Repository. 61 11-1 LUNAS RUBBER ESTATES. LTO. Shareholders, in the above Company are requested to forward their Share Certificates

THE SHARE MARKET. up^to Company Buyers Sellers Trancetion GOLD. ojB 1 810 Bersau^ GM. Co.. Ltd *}<* sued. 12.00 8 m 810 rw_j I lo KadanaG.M.Co Ltd .0,000 i., *[o LIU p nom. 1 1 Kechau G. Fieldi Ltd. nom 000 j 1 RaubAustO.M'.Co.LtrS;-' b SS» > 100 r

LAWN TENNIS TOURNAMENTS Play At S.C.C. A n V.M.C.A. I The results of yoste-v I S.C.C. autumn tennis I I r^ follows er< IqS Profession airy I RW. Brown and W P dwr I G Macpherson and a h u>;?fl W.O. I I R X Buchanan and W ju t

GOLF. exceptional y iition», 1 f. **>*?.: iitern ■>on -> c impctiti >n r '.a> i Tar:^:r. Links .z Saturda) Mr Siitc hai Ml 4-. a I i^i C G-ar.t D<i :on Gd- 1 r. I -am r >-: g Mr > ;-i~. -s :..r:4 0;. threr .-> >r C

NOTICES. KIAM KIAT GO. SHIP-CHANDLERS. BOTirnfMßt tnd Municipal Contractor! Tolephone No. 421. 108* 109, Market Street. THE BRITISH CORPORATION FOR THE SURVEY REGISTRY OF SHIPPING. Notice is hereby given that MESSRS. FITTOCK t ADAM, 9, Flint St., have been appointed Surveyors in Singapore far tbe above Corporation Registry. 91 H-2

NOTICES. KIAM KIAT CO. SHIP-CHANDLERS. ■mraawat and Municipal Contractor*. Telephone No. 421. 108 A 109. Market Street NOTICE. I hereby b-. g to notify my catitomoM that I have removed my business of a third-class spirit shop known as Tbe Golden Fountain from Bencoolen Street to No. 198, Queen Street,

NOTICESNOTICE. I hereby beg to notify my customers tha I have removed my business of a third-clasi spirit shop known as The Golden F'ountair from Benooolen Street to No. 198, Queer Street, Singapore. CHEE LEONG HEE, Proprietor, Tho Golden Fountain, 23-1 29-1 THE BUKIT K. B. RUBBER COMPANY. LIMITED. The

NOTICES. HOTICE. No fresh orders for Fresh Milk can be accepted until the arrival of new cowp, due here about [January 16, per b.s. DARIUS. H. 8. KIRWAN, Dalian sJAustralian Horse Repository. 6^l 111 NOTICE. The interest and responsibility of Mr. Rutger Klnnder in our firms ceased by mutual arrangement

NOTICES. NOTICE. Depositors in the Savings Bank should send in their pars books for audit in compli- I ance with the Rules and Regulations of the Savings Bank. las bocks may be forwarded free by post to the Superintendent of the Bank. Change of address should be notified by Depositors

NOTICES. KIAM KIAT CO. SHIP-CHANDLERS, ImraMMt tnd Municipal Coatracton Telephone No. 421. 108 4 109, Market Street. THE AVER MOLEK RUBBER CO.. LTD. NOTICE Is hereby Riven tbat the dividend for the year ending October 31 1911, will be paid to shareholders on the Register on January 81, 1912. By

GENERAL. fit. IM. Buyer. Seller* 2 2 Alei. Brick Ordt. 2.30 2.60 2 2 Alrx. Brick Prefs. Ml 2.2S cd. U fl Brit. Am. Tobacco 4..V0 4.10.0 1 1 Central Engine 0.35 0.40 Bern. 100 60 Chincaa Com. Bask 60.00 76.00 U 11 Con. T. S 7 Pr«f. 1« 9

j;;|t' v i'l^.J^^^, i;,;. A aai il a^T^^^^ r -j*' "^T^ a E*™:l'"i C*. "~^i^U I**'* M POSADA WINE COMPANY :o: We have now received Stocks of Wines and Spirits of choiee description which we can strongly recommend to consumers. The wines of the POSADA Co. are imported direct from

Poaada Alto Donro (very old, I wintj.) ft 12 par d■■ Powell* Co. SINGAPORE. PI.KABS READ T»P:SK rSW LHtBC BE IIR TUI'M IN MIM>. QV\l FURNITURE FACTCIRT hi m Orchard Road, and is tli* 1 lar nnd Dioel complete. It i applu I with itcam power to drive o>Ql Woodworking

From Pekan. He great drawba h felt m Pekao is the want ot -~hip'. there are no ?:?amers now. n having agei Pahang CM] a r rw small ships ton b thereon the mq fnw Singapore to X- intar., TiMfffaa i &:<. hot on the waj ba< k they often

SPORTS AND PASTIMES. FOOTBALL. TO DAY S LEAGUE GAMES. Division I: S C C I vs. S R CI, SRC ground. DlATsionll: Middlesex II vs. Harlequins, S C F A ground; S R C II I-Ex-Services, S C C ground. I The following are the teams for first league match:

SHARES. Capital Capital Issue Pali Issued paid op Value ap Company. Wiiout'onn $300,000 300.000 10 10 Nrt Tin M. Co. Ltd >o $600,000 OOO.OCO 10 10 Brnseh Hydrauli-TinM Co Ttd HI £400.000 350,000 £l £1 Duff Development Co. Ltd V 00.000 60,000 1 1 Kinta Tin Mmm M'■ £100,000 90,000