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WHEREABOUTS A MYSTERY MS Grace Chacko waited in vain outside the gates of Changi Women's Prison to meet her client. But at 1.30 pm she learnt that Madam Sim Ah Cheoh had been whisked away by her relatives. Said Ms Chacko: "1 never saw her leaving the place. I only

Wow! it's so beautiful It has been one month since Sim Ah Cheoh, a drugs convict and former death row prisoner, was released from prison. Sim is one of only five death row prisoners granted clemency by the President since 1959. But she first person in Singapore to be granted

How mum escaped gallows How was the clemency petition that saved a woman from the gallows worded? Sim Ah Cheoh's death sentence was turned into a jail sentence by the President last Saturday. SHAHIRAN SAHARI looks at the documents filed by her lawyers THE petition for mercy filed by convicted

I want a chance to taste life -just once Dim future: Sim Ah Cheoh, 47, will be going for her first operation on Sunday. Her cancer has spread to her internal organs. "My life hinges on the outcome df this operation," she says. Picture/David Tan

DOOMED FUTURE f After completion of treatment, residual tumour remains... Her prognosis is extremely poor. Her disease is unfortunately not responding to treatment and hence regarded as incurable. Dr Khoo Tan Hoon Seng. Registrar. Department of Therapeutic Radiology. Singapore General Hospital, talking about Sim Ah Cheoh's condition

but she clings to hope "My life hinges on the outcome of this operation. I look forward to it. My life revolves around it. I want to know how it turns out. I hope I can live." Sim Ah Cheoh. For her, tomorrow's operation is her only hope. In short,

DRUG SMUGGLING SIM Ah Cheoh, Ronald Tan Chong Xgee and Lim •100 Yin were sentenced to death on July 29, 1988. They tried to smuggle 1.37 kg of heroin (worth -S4 million) to the I'nited States in 198."). Sim. then 40 and a housewife, was found guilty of transporting the

Cancer pardon woman dies SINGAPORETODAY SIM'S CASE Sim was sentenced to death on July 29. 1988 for trafficking in 1.37 kg of heroin in 1985, with two accomplices. Her sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in March 1992. But she fell ill in June 1993. Cancer was diagnosed in November

OTHER CASES IN March, a mother of two, Sim Ah Cheoh, 47, convicted of drug trafficking, had her death sentence reduced to life imprisonment by President Wee Kim Wee. Her two accomplices Lim Joo Yin, 38, and Ronald Tan Chong Ngee, 37 were hanged last month. Mr Fernando who acted

Mum behind bars. Son: 111 wait Sim Ah Cheoh was a drug trafficker who was sentenced to hang in 1988. Four years later, her sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. Despite her crime, her teenage son yearns for her to return home. MICHELLE ANG speaks to the boy HE WILL

DARK PAST NO FUTURE:: Convicted of drug trafficking, Sim Ah Cheoh thought she had a second chance at life when she was pardoned by the President. Now she faces her second death sentence cancer. AUGUSTINE PANG traces Sim's past, present, and her hopes for the future "I keep thinking why

Dadah: Wanita dituduh SEORANG suri rumah berusia 36 tahun semalam telah dituduh mengeksport 10 bungkusan dadah yang seberat kira-kira 2.297 kilogram pada Jumaat lalu. Sim Ah Cheoh didakwa melakukan kesalahan itu di pintu berlepas Lapangan Terbang Changi. Dua orang lelaki, Ronald Tan Chong Ngee, 31 tahun, seorang penganggur dan Lim

Housewife, 36, charged with exporting heroin A 36-YEAR-OLD housewife was charged in a district court today with exporting about 10 packets of heroin (diamorphine) weighing about 2,297.36 grammes to the United States. Sim Ah Cheoh was arrested at Changi Airport three days ago at 1.35 pm at Gate C 32.

Mum saved from the gallows It was her first brush with the law, but it nearly sent Sim Ah Cheoh, to the gallows. The mother of two tried to smuggle drugs into America because she needed money to keep loan sharks at bay. Her lawyer argued that her circumstances had

Housewife faces heroin charge A 16- YEAR-OLD housewife was charged yesterday with exporting 10 packet:- Of heroin worth $5 million on the American streei market on Friday afternoon. Sim Ah Cheoh is alleged to have commit ted ihe offence at a depart ure gate at Changi Airport. Sim was slopped

Rancangan kirim dadah ke AS gagal Wanita dan dua lelaki dituduh cuba seludup 1.37 kg heroin MAHKAMAH Tinggi semalam diberi tahu bagaimana seorang suri rumah dikatakan telah diambil bekerja oleh dua orang lelaki untuk menghantar heroin bernilai lebih ASS 2 juta (SS4 juta) ke Amerika Syarikat. Tetapi rancangan itu gagal

2 hanged for helping to traffick in 1.3 kg of heroin TWO Singaporeans who belonged to an international heroin syndicate were hanged yesterday morning at Changi Prison. Lim Joo Yin, 38, alias Ah Hai, and Tan Chong Ngee, 37, alias Ah Aw, had helped a woman to traffick in 1.37

Tiga dihukum mati kerana cuba seludup dadah $4j SEORANG suri rumah dan dua orang lelaki semalam dijatuhkan hukuman mati kerana cuba menyeludup dadah bernilai lebih $4 juta (AS$2 juta) ke Amerika Syarikat, tiga tahun lalu. Mereka didapati bersalah oleh Mahkamah Tinggi kerana berkomplot untuk meyeludup dadah seberat 1.37 kilogram. Suri

GLOOMY PRESENT "I've not lived a fulfilling life I've done wrong. So many things have happened in my life my crime, my clemency, my cancer. I never really had a chance to live life. Every day, I pray to God that I'll be cured so that I can do something

Cancer-stricken, dying drug trafficker pardoned and freed A DRUG trafficker who is terminally ill with cancer was freed from Changi Women’s Prison on Thursday. Sim Ah Cheoh, 50, is being looked after by relatives, said her lawyers. She was granted clemency by President Ong Teng Cheong and was released at

Ibu beritahu bawa dadah dalam baju BICARA KES SELUDUP HEROIN SEORANG suri rumah, yang membawa dadah heroin bernilai lebih $4.8 juta (AS$2 juta) ke Amerika Syarikat tiga tahun lalu, menunjuk ke dadanya dan berkata dia ada "beberapa bungkus" lagi ketika ditanya sama ada dia membawa dadah. Pegawai Narkotik Kanan Lim

The New Paper 24 March 1992 picture/ Shin Min Daily News Microfilm Reel NL18981

Drug woman escapes gallows Sim Ah Cheoh escaped the gallows after she was granted clemency by the President last week. AUGUSTINE PANG spoke to her lawyers to find out how she felt after she received the news- FOR six years in death row she believed she would be hanged for

'Please pick mummy up from prison' Sim Ah Cheoh was pardoned for her role in trafficking heroin by President Ong Teng Cheong on Tuesday. She was released unconditionally because she has terminal cervical cancer. MICHELLE ANG, who interviewed her son when her death penalty sentence was reduced to life imprisonment

SINGAPORETODAY Thought of being with son kept her going By Michelle Ang MADAM Sim Ah Cheoh was desperate to get out of jail and be with her son, said Ms Grace Chacko, who assisted Mr R Palakrishnan in their petition for an early release. Ms Chacko visited Madam Sim four

Mother of two faces death penalty for drug trafficking A MOTHER of two will go on trial m the High Court tomorrow for a capital charge of trafficking m over US$2 million <Ss4 million) worth of heroin three years ago. Sim Ah Cheoh, 40. a housewife, is accused of transporting

No marriage, no family, no love FROM PREVIOUS PAGE TWO sons, but no husband. Several guardians, but no family. No wealth, only debts. That was the kind of life Sim Ah Cheoh has led over the past 50 years. Her mother died when she was three. Her grandparents took care

Ibu, 47 tahun. selamat dari tali gantung SEORANG ibu kepada dua orang anak terselamat daripada tali gantung pada Sabtu lalu setelah mendapat pengampunan daripada Presiden Wee Kirn Wee. Sim Ah Cheoh, 47 tahun, mendapat pengampunan itu setelah enam setengah tahun menanti hukuman mati, yang dikenakan ke atasnya kerana mengedar dadah,

t Heard or seen anything? Call Hotline Plus No Telecom charge for calls. Fax:*****75 390 Kim Seng Rd, Singapore I Sorry Other cases (TNP, May 14). Our report on the man given presidential clemency yesterday said Mr Peter Fernando also wrote the clemency petition for Sim Ah Cheoh. This is

FREE BUT STILL CANCER PARDON A FORMER death row convict will be freed today because she has cancer. Drug trafficker Sim Ah Cheoh, 50, who was sentenced to death in July 1988, is suffering from cervical cancer. Doctors say she has up to one year to live. In 1992, Sim's

SIMPLE LIFE I don't ask for much, just a CANCER pardon woman Sim Ah Cheoh wants a chance to taste life. A simple, ordinary life. For once. Just once. After a roller-coaster life of crime and imminent death, Sim, 47, said: "I don't crave for much. I just want to