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TODAY, 14 December 2009


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TODAY Monday December 14, 2009 we set you thinking TODAY Monday December 14, 2009 we set you thinking


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TEAM S'PORE AT THE SEA GAMES Team Singapore continued to make hay at the SEA Games with six golds, as Indonesia's Suryo Agung Wibowo lit up the first day of the track and field programme with a stunning performance in the men's loom. The swimming team collected two golds to

in the news [ARTICLE]

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in the news Q The stakes are high as 0 confident Orchard Road retailers get ready to take on the threat to business from the IRs. ■"I From slaughtering pigs to l^i offering amnesty, officials in the Philippines' south try all means at their disposal to placate the kidnappers, resulting

Going up together [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Going up together LEONGWEEKEAT PINNACLE@DUXTON HANDOVER When the economy prospers, flat standards, values will rise: MM Lee sg SINGAPORE The standards of flats and correspondingly, their prices are like a barometer of the economy. If Singapore continues to prosper, the value of flats would appreciate, along with Singaporeans' tangible

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(1^6333 9888\ \v Meducorp Advertising Enquiries I < vjpt.— MICA (P) 160/10/2009 A PUBLICATION OF/V^O/z^CO/?/ 3 NEWS HOTLINE 6822 2268

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itj^£.^^QS i Wfl I M MMSiSi'M

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SEA Games action: Page 34 to Page 37


35 tonnes of weapons, and they had no clue? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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35 tonnes of weapons, and they had no clue? AGENCIES FIVE CREWMEN CHARGED Pilot said cargo picked up in Pyongyang was bound for Ukraine; but more questions abound BANGKOK Five foreigners who flew into Bangkok on a cargo plane bristling with some 35 tonnes of weapons from North Korea have


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$5 FOR THE VIEW LEONGWEE KEAT From next month, members of the public will fora price have access to The Pinnacle@Duxton's 50th storey skybridge for views of Jurong, BukitTimah nature reserve, Mount Faber, Shenton Way and Sentosa. While every household in the development will be issued four access cards, members

They're coming home to Duxton [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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They're coming home to Duxton LEONGWEEKEAT SINGAPORE Getting the keys to their new The Pinnacle@Duxton flat yesterday was a moment to savour for Mr Venketroyalu Deenathayalu and his wife, Mdm Venkatesan Hema. Not only is the 24th-floor unit their first home purchase, the couple are also returning to the

Brand-new FHM to hit the stands today [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Brand-new FHM to hit the stands today SINGAPORE The new FHM, which will hit bookstores and newsstands today, will still be "Sexy, Funny, Useful and Irreverent", but never irrelevant especially not with the Upgrade section on the magazine's flip side. The new and improved FHM was unveiled last Thursday at

Footways for all to use [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Footways for all to use SATISH CHENEY, SAJEEDSHEREENA CHEONG MAGGIE CYCLING INTAMPINES SINGAPORE By March next year, it would be legal for cyclists in Tampines GRC to share the footways with pedestrians but those who are a hazard to others could be fined or even brought to court under Tampines

New drug offers hope [ARTICLE]

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New drug offers hope THETELEGRAPH BREAST CANCER UNITED KINGDOM A new breast cancer drug has been shown to shrink tumours in women for whom all other treatments have failed. Forty per cent of women with an aggressive and advanced form of breast cancer who were given the treatment in clinical

800 low-income families get IT boost [ARTICLE]

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800 low-income families get IT boost SINGAPORE Eight hundred low-income families would be given home personal computers and IT training over the next 12 months under a three-way tie-up between North East Community Development Council, Temasek Polytechnic and Hewlett-Packard (HP). The programme aims to not just level up the learning

PM: Hakkas must keep with the times [ARTICLE]

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PM: Hakkas must keep with the times ONGDAILIN SINGAPORE The Hakkas are known for their resilience and diligence or what Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong describes as the "Hakka spirit". And when it comes to preserving the culture and values among the young, the community has its work cut out.


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CHANCE TO HONE RETAIL SKILLS Want to devise effective marketing strategies for your business at the coming integrated resorts? Two American experts with luxury retail experience in Las Vegas and Macau will be speaking at two-day workshops here next month and March. Organised by retail consultancy Bootstrap, the workshops are

The stakes are high ... [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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The stakes are high NEOCHAICHIN ORCHARD ROAD VS MARINA BAY SANDS Retailers confident, however, even as they talk of gearing up SINGAPORE Style maven Dr Georgia Lee recently revealed that she gets sent new outfits from her favourite brands to try on. But that's not all the luxury labels

Magic that changes lives [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Magic that changes lives ONGDAILIN PROJECT SMILE Transformed youth give back to others SINGAPORE One grew up with an abusive father and joined a gang at 13. Another was a rebellious troublemaker who spent two years in Boys' Town. One day, however, the magic happened for them. Chia Kai

'Militants' stage daring jailbreak [ARTICLE]

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'Militants' stage daring jailbreak AP MANILA Scores of suspected militants burst through a concrete wall then barged into a jail in southern Philippines yesterday, freeing 31 inmates in a night-time attack in which two people were killed. Vice-Governor Al Rasheed Sakalahul of Basilan island said 70 heavily armed men cut

Malaysian royal's estranged wife has been ordered home: Lawyer [ARTICLE]

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Malaysian royal's estranged wife has been ordered home: Lawyer .AFP KUALA LUMPUR The estranged teenage model wife of a Malaysian prince was ordered by an Islamic court yesterday to resolve her marriage problems and repay a RMI.I million ($450,300) debt, his lawyer said. The Kelantan state Islamic High Court ordered


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Hostages freed AFP PHILIPPINES KIDNAPPINGS Officials strike deal with kidnappers MANILA The ending to the ordeal was a piece of good news for the lawless south, following a political massacre last month that left 57 people dead and the beheading of a man last week in an unrelated abduction. The

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LASIK Forum The Lasik Surgery Clinic by Dr Marc Tay Dr Jon Goh (Senior Eye Consultants) Dates: 17 Dec 2009 (Thurs) 7pm 18 Dec 2009 (Fri) 7pm Venue: The Lasik Surgery Clinic Paragon Medical 13-01/06 Agenda: 1. Are you a suitable candidate for LASIK? 2. How LASIK is done? 3.

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Enjoy special privileges during the first three hours of branch opening every Tuesday at all POSB branches. In addition to a dedicated service counter, you will also be served with tf drinks and snacks. pfc-^ JH mi JmL S$ Fixed Deposit Enjoy 0.1 above board rate if you are aged

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I" >^ VI B var 'S^^-t 0^ h^^MMM I m#.j«*.«M l M lM t M >^aai Ilr37^K\Tfluff^^^a■^MilEv m.flM W£L Jlfttak ■■■'/-■I BIHMMBMHHMpHNM|MNH |HBH Wmr

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'i 1' i Vr lid 7 1 i > <.., I '■JT'»VjiTtil'l' ,'Tij.' i HMmi^^BMMMir '<ili/,™WlJ4'l|i i i -i I' j'' 33S^^^99S!ffiMilinK^^^£BdM^i^tf IKi VdriM^ffii' r ■< i'r v^ f^xH IB3miJMiUai: ■?;?.;':%:'.';B ff/fl lv;;^^::!^';;; Vii':A(:4:.l' HL''CS^- i^v^ W/Am 'vl'.'!'l' 'ill i':'i: \irf( ''""V -1' I1'1" |J|' '',,l'li'r'' '■fw' i')'i'v'"'Ii |H. ''r'l'','

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Case Trust I ngSl^l lßlH!?*!!tKKSlHwt|W!Pi!nW^^ Our partners: cKSlLl Acaderny #ES; y cS"»,,, S§|Fl§§ ,=»cos.c,l'p,Zc. J J EducationCorpCo/Zege

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My, ''Aia*^"""^ »y m^BH-amX Foreign Minister George Yeo (in blue jK \mtrn. Mm W^ r/G Ulg^St mmm mC T-shirt) took time off from his Mt i *gtfrtgil r jg> guTll ministerial duties to checkout one IxF"^ '"'♦M^fv' i.IBJ -er QT 'fl °f Singapore's top dance festivals, —-J a I j((*C

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f^J WJA Make this festive season one to remember with the return of ml K^ii our Ssl Treats, exclusively for HSBC credit cardholders. Swensen's Caltex IW<)1I iJm\^h'^K. 1-pint ice cream Sss petrol t*>>J I^l*1 IKI atSsl SfcWWff voucher at Ssl (U.R S$10.80) •gpsSa f Item code: SW Item code: CA

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IS YOUR DAILY LIFE BEING AFFECTED BY KNEE BACK PAIN? Pain on walking? BUB Lj^^PUBLIC FORUM r^yrCome Understand More!!! k^VENUE:Gleneagles Hospital Level 3~) wT_ Lecture Hall 3 DATE: 16 Dec 09 (Wed) DATE: 19 Dec 09 (Sat) TIME: 6.30 pm 8.30 pm TIME: 2.30 pm 4.30 pm Language: English Language:

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Cnhance uour Mobilitu M y-W this ChrYstmas! if \mW J^^^MW m ilu^ni 9 Enjoy a—^ a V~-Zf a 45 Holland Drive #01-357 Singapore *****5 y£~f ~,u 3 r Other Products: Motorized Wheelchairs Iff 9616 1753 6599 1318 Hospital Beds, Walking Aids, Adult Diapers.Toilet Bath Aids SnS -»jigigigig« f"iT^

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MISS GIBRALTAR WINS MISS WORLD 2009 AFP Miss Gibraltar, Kaiane Aldorino, was crowned Miss World 2009 on Saturday, outshining 111 other hopefuls at a glittering ceremony with a distinctly African flavour. "Thank you South Africa, this is the most wonderful moment of my life," said a tearful Ms Aldorino, a

Suspect captured [ARTICLE]

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Suspect captured AFP CHINA MASS MURDER BEIJING Police in central China yesterday captured a man suspected of killing 12 people, including his father and relatives, and torching up to six homes in a revenge attack. "Twelve people were killed, six homes were destroyed by fire. The victims included his father.

Thaksin's new Cambodia visit [ARTICLE]

Page 14

Thaksin's new Cambodia visit AFP PHNOM PENH Thailand's fugitive former Premier Thaksin Shinawatra landed in Cambodia yesterday, setting the stage for another diplomatic fracas between the neighbouring countries. Mr Thaksin, who was ousted in a coup in 2006, was escorted from a small private jet at Phnom Penh International Airport



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SIX INJURED IN FIFTH HONG KONG ACID ATTACK AFP Hong Kong police were yesterday investigating a fifth acid attack in a year after six people were injured by a bottle of corrosive liquid in a bustling shopping district. The plastic bottle was hurled in Causeway Bay, one of the city's


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PANDA GENOME RESEMBLES THAT OF DOG AFP A detailed genome map of the giant panda completed by Chinese scientists has shown that the notoriously shy animal is genetically similar to the dog, state media reported yesterday. Scientists from the Beijing Genomics Institute finished sequencing the giant panda genome in October

Protest erupts over new Indian state [ARTICLE]

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Protest erupts over new Indian state AP HYDERABAD Hundreds of people went on a hunger strike yesterday to protest against India's decision to create the new Telangana state out of its southern region of Andhra Pradesh. A group of university students in the town of Vijaywada and hundreds of women



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DOLLAR MELTS IN HOT WATER AFP Japan Japanese toymaker Bandai has released paper-thin, rose-scented bath soap that looks like the American 100-dollar note and dissolves to create a bubble bath. To avoid being mistaken for the real thing, the "Bubbly Bubble Bath" banknote features a winking United States President Benjamin


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NEW STAPLE PRICES SET AFP North Korea North Korea has set new prices for staple goods after its currency revaluation but most items are selling in markets for more than laid down by the regime, an aid group said. Rice is selling for 50 won per kilogramme in some markets,

No longer the face of Gillette [ARTICLE]

Page 16

No longer the face of Gillette AGENCIES TIGERWOODS Advertisers shun scandal-hit golfer NEW YORK Gillette has become the latest company to distance itself from Tiger Woods after he announced his "indefinite break" from the PGA Tour. The Procter Gamble company will stop running print and broadcast ads featuring Mr Woods

He 'leaked nuclear secrets' to inspectors [ARTICLE]

Page 18

He 'leaked nuclear secrets' to inspectors THEDAILYTELEGRAPH MISSING SCIENTIST PARIS An Iranian scientist who vanished six months ago revealed secrets of his country's nuclear programme to international weapons inspectors, The Sunday Telegraph has learned. Mr Shahram Amiri briefed United Nations nuclear monitors in a clandestine meeting at Frankfurt airport just

Blair insists he made the right call [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

Blair insists he made the right call AFP LONDON Lawyers for the overthrown Iraqi leadership have asked England's At-torney-General for consent to prosecute former British Premier Tony Blair (picture), claiming a new interview revealed offences contrary to the Geneva Conventions. Mr Giovanni di Stefano, representing former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister

Drug money kept banks afloat: UN [ARTICLE]

Page 19

Drug money kept banks afloat: UN THE GUARDIAN MONEY LAUNDERING LONDON Drug money worth billions of dollars kept the financial system afloat at the height of the global crisis, the head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Mr Antonio Maria Costa, has said. Mr Costa said he has

Nearly 1,000 climate protesters released [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 19

Nearly 1,000 climate protesters released AGENCIES COPENHAGEN Danish police released hundreds of activists who were detained during a mass rally demanding strong action from delegates at the United Nations climate conference yesterday. Police said only 13 of the 968 people detained during and after the demonstration in Copenhagen remained in

US, Russia talks on Net security [ARTICLE]

Page 21

US, Russia talks on Net security THENEWYORKTIMES WASHINGTON SHIFT NEW YORK The United States has begun talks with Russia and a United Nations arms control committee about strengthening Internet security and limiting military use of cyberspace. American and Russian officials have different interpretations of the talks so far but the



Page 21

AUSSIE BLITZ ON DRUNKS NETS 2,000 AFP Australian police ended a two-day crackdown on drunken behaviour with more than 2,000 arrests or warnings issued by yesterday, saying they were disgusted by the level of alcohol-fuelled crime. Police hoped the operation would lead to a national debate about binge-drinking. More than


Page 21

OBAMA: GIVE NICER GIFTS THAN I GET AFP The White House may be awash with Christmas cheer but its most famous resident appears a tad disgruntled with Santa. When it comes to gifts, "I give nicer stuff than I get," President BarackObama said half-jokingly in a interview to air on

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i 1 H How to go there: J M^VggggJa ll (Alight atthe Bth bus-stop •^^mi AmWdWmW from Boon Lay MRT via SBS .MWAMWA JmßW]\ Date: 14 Dec 09 (Monday) -18 Dec 09 (Friday) Time: 10am spm bus no 252)/(Alight at the g^g^g^g^g^^gj_ ggg^ggggggggggggggggM gggggggggggggggggggggggggl 4t^ DUS'stOP from J°° K°on fc,

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mmV^ mmm\ fl®! 1 V/^\ I v Jeanette Aw /Jgggj MediaCorp Artiste Networks Artiste >ImLWmMMMM From now till 28 Feb 2010, you stand a chance to win cash when you use NETS for any amount at more than 35,000 retail points islandwide, or top up your NETS Flash Pay Card

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r GOOD NEWS FOR 2010!!! I ONLYJETSTAR GIVES YOU CONVENIENCE OF DIRECT FLIGHT m T FROM SINGAPORE TV SHANTOU! :S^p. (ALL-INCLUSIVE FARES) kwr Jetsaver light* fares carry-on baggage only. Jetsaver lares with 20kg checked baggage allowance can be booked lor SGDIS more. wr Fares may not be available for peak

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Cabby 'severely warned' [LETTER+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 22

Cabby 'severely warned' Tammy Tan Letter from Group Corporate Communications Officer, ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited WE REFER to the letter "The cabbie from hell" by Ms June Wan (Dec 2). We deeply apologised to Ms Wan and her children for the unpleasant incident with our taxi driver. Passenger safety is important

Truly eco-friendly [LETTER]

Page 22

Truly eco-friendly Peter Heng Letter from I REFER to the report "Spores first ecofriendly supermart" (Dec 11). Most wet markets save on energy use because they are not air-conditioned and operate only during the day. Products sold in a wet market typically require less warehousing, packaging, labelling or manpower (suchas

A 'welcome relief' [LETTER]

Page 22

A 'welcome relief' Joe Peters SUPPORT FORTRADITIONAL ARTS Letter from Liaison Officer (Singapore), International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM), Unesco I REFER to your report "Singapore Arts: Boost for Traditional" (Dec 11). On behalf of the International Council for Traditional Music, I applaud the decision of the Government to increase


Page 24

FOCUS ON THE FAMILY DR BILL MAIER BY BEATING POST-HOLIDAY DEPRESSION Did you know that for many people the most depressing time of the year comes right after the holidays? We're all so wrapped up in getting the house decorated and the presents bought that we don't seem to have

When extraordinary is not enough [ARTICLE]

Page 24

When extraordinary is not enough Tay Koon Quie PINNACLE@DUXTON COMPLETION SCHEDULE Reader was informed, despite claims otherwise Letter from Deputy Director (Sales), Housing and Development Board I REFER to the letter "Please keep officers, residents in the know" (Nov 25) by Ms Shelby Doshi. Buyers of Pinnacle@Duxton (P@D) were informed

Pay should match skills, knowledge [ARTICLE]

Page 24

Pay should match skills, knowledge Kumar PillayThangavalu Letter from I CANNOT agree enough with Mr David Soh in "Employers need to be objective" (Dec 10). Singaporeans are not fussy or lazy, however it is the reality that concerns them. While I am not stating that they should be paid hefty


Page 24

SHORT TAKES Tham KokChoy MAIDS ARE HUMANTOO Letter by1 Why is a domestic helper any different from an office worker? He or she should be entitled to the same respect. Just ask yourself: How would you want your employer to treat you? It is sad to often see at food

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Nobody, nobody but Cho [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

Nobody, nobody but Cho m MAYSEAH DROP DEAD DIVA The inimitable Margaret Cho on comedy, canines and Robert Pattinson ■na*\d> ■Al< SHE IS one of America's most renowned comediennes but she uses her stand-up shows as platforms for political and social advocacy. She's completely goofy but she also has a

Looking for love at a dance fest [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 28

Looking for love at a dance fest NICO NAGANO ZOUKOUT2OO9 A post-modern love story at a dusk-till-dawn beach party? It's possible. THIS is a public apology to my friend, C. Based in Tokyo and turning the treacherous age of 30 soon, he was hoping to meet The One at

8 DAYS breaches 1,000-issue mark [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

8 DAYS breaches 1,000-issue mark IT HAS been 19 years since a magazine called 8 DAYS was launched. It's no mean feat, which was why they decided to make a big bash of it when they launched their I.OOOth issue at Illuma over the weekend. On hand were MediaCorp artistes

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CELEBRATE THIS CHRISTMAS JHhI WITH CONFIDENCEI gm^^m^ ■CrS^B 11 A^% f^' 1L k 7 I] t^O-fl >y Gwendolyn Wan B |v Model and Satisfied I a. fX Customer of Slim Fit 1 Leveraging on the exclusive advantages of Nanotechnology, Slim Fit 1 (j developed a breakthrough formula that delivers immediate

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MARVEL GEL® Zero) Blackheads In 1 Step Challenge 100% SjJCcess None Could Claim $1000 Award Date: 5 Dec 2009 Venue: Tampines Mall atrium "Zero Blackheads In 1 Step" 100-volunteer Challenge After using GINVERA MARVEL GEL® and inspecting was successfully concluded under the witness of the with magnifying glass, all 100

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TV LISTINGS ON MEpJACORP ....™.™__™....g.... LIFE TRANSFORMERS 2 6.00 AM Entertainment Tonight 1.30 Light Years 1.00 CrissAngel Mindfreak 111 PROJEK CERPEN Channel B,Bpm 6.30 Prime Time Morning 2.00 PhuaChu Kang Pte Ltd VI 1.30 SEA Games 2009 Suria, 9.30pm 11 p 111 11 *^BS»»1 X.l 9-3° The Rachael Ray Show

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,f' Rl 27 December, 9pm M^ s "la r fly fly s^l a r a Jr v I M-WIES iTlVi^l fTOi^l I KOTIES Xm^i^Bißl^-^ :^y^ ,^^^^^B 0^ FREE aigo Digital Photo Frame worth $129 with every online sign-up. General Promotion Terms and Conditions: Promotions are valid from 14 November till



Men's pairs come unstuck [ARTICLE]

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Men's pairs come unstuck SHAMIR OSMAN VIENTIANE Dinh Qung Linh's roar yesterday said it all: There will be no clean sweep by Singapore in table tennis. Dinh and compatriot Doan Kicn Quoc destroyed the dream of the Republic's top seeds, Gao Ning and Yang Zi, trouncing the pair 3-1 triumph


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GLADIATORS TANYO-HINN Sweetenham's message propels women's relay quartet to gold No 12 VIENTIANE They were expected to strike gold for Team Singapore for the 12th time at the National Sports Complex' aquatic centre. But as an expectant 800-odd crowd waited in the main arena, Bill Sweetenham pulled Quali Ting

Gold for Rabiatul [ARTICLE]

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Gold for Rabiatul VIENTIANE SEA Games rookie Rabiatul Adawiyah continued her yearlong streak, taking the women's artistic singles gold in the silat competition here last night. The 20-year-old Singaporean scored 471 points, to edge out her opponents from Vietnam and Indonesia. Speaking to MediaCorp shortly after her victory, she said:


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He's got gold LOWLINFHOONG Jet-heeled Wibowo pulls out a stunning sprint to post a new record VIENTIANE The message on Indonesian sprint king Suryo Agung Wibowo's teeshirt said it all yesterday. "I got gold", it screamed out, and why not. In a stunning individual performance, the 26-year-old not only

Tseng in tears after another fourth-place finish [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Tseng in tears after another fourth-place finish VIENTIANE Hopes were high in the Singapore camp for the Republic's first triple jump medal at the SEA Games in 38 years, but Stefan Tseng's dream ended in tears yesterday, as the 19-year-old finished fourth in the final. Up against arch-rivals V Kongnil


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S'POREANS IN ACTION TODAY ARCHERY Men's 70m recurve team and individual 1/8 elimination round and q-final: Benson Ong, LeowTingYue, Abdul Dayyan Jaffar; 70m compound bow individual 1/8 elimination round and q-final: Chua Boon Rong, Vinson Heng, Michael Ong; Women's 70m recurve team and individual 1/8 elimination round and q-final: Elizabeth

Vietnam's Calisto claims more 'mature' team will win [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Vietnam's Calisto claims more 'mature' team will win SHAMIR OSMAN VIENTIANE Before Saturday's training session, Vietnam coach Henrique Calisto sat his squad down at the side of Laos Football Federation football pitch and spoke to them for 40 minutes. A few players even nodded off during the lecture. This is

No time like now for Nizam [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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No time like now for Nizam SHAMIR OSMAN Strikers put in extra work as final beckons, but coach Pathma #s happy enough SINGAPORE VVIETNAM Chao Anouvong Stadium Live on Ch 5, jpm VIENTIANE After the 90-minute training session ended with penalty kicks here yesterday, Singapore under-23 striker Khairul Nizam


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No blanks for Ser TANYO-HINN 19-year-old Singapore star pips Thai in a shoot-off to finally win gold VIENTIANE She is one of six elite athletes currently in the Olympic Pathway Programme run by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports. Shooter Jasmine Ser's big target is the 2012


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FOURTH-TIME'S A CHARM FOR KHOR LOW LIN FHOONG Before coming here, wushu exponent Khor Poh Chin (centre) had been to three SEA Games starting in 2003, but never won gold. The 23-year-old ended her barren run on the very first day of competition at the 25th SEA Games at the

Top Thai shooter ordered out of Laos [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Top Thai shooter ordered out of Laos TANYO-HINN VIENTIANE Jakkrit Panichpatikum, one of Thailand's top shooters and described as an Asian Games medal hope next year, was ordered to return home by Lao police after causing a disruption here at the SEA Games. Following a long-running spat with the National

Agbonlahor the Villan [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Agbonlahor the Villan AGENCIES ENGLISH FOOTBALL United feeling blue after shock at Old Trafford LONDON Just when they needed three points to close the gap on misfiring Chelsea, who had drawn with Everton earlier, Manchester United lost at home to Aston Villa for the first time in living memory. Well,

Singapore aim for a fresh start, and wait for a new coach [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Singapore aim for a fresh start, and wait for a new coach PATWANT SINGH SINGAPORE A new beginning, that's what Netball Singapore is targeting, after the 2009 Nations Cup ended on Saturday. The association will confirm sometime this week a new coach, who will begin work on the national

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SPORTS ON TV TODAY gam NFL Eagles v Giants, Chii7 7pm SEA Games Football: Singapore vVietnam, Ch 5 7pm SEA Games Swimming table tennis finals, Okto 10pm SEA Games Today at the Games, Ch 5 TOMORROW 3.40 am Football West Brom vQPR, Chiis ?I!2.?I§ .9.5 Raj?_k> 6.35am-n.3spm Sports Zone Minutes

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LAOS 2009 SOCCER SEMIFINAL: "LIVE" TELECAST ON MONDAY 4PM ON CHANNEL 5 E League Champ West Bromwich QPR Tue, 15/12/09 3.45 am Laos 2009, E Premier and Club World Champ matches are also on sale. For more details, please chock Singapore Pools website. For telecast details of Laos 2009 semifinals,

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|~y#7^J^^^i V V" *~J Main Sponsors Jlipll NATIONS CUP 2009 ifeilg Partner Sponsors Official Transport Official Ball Official Drink Official Shoe Host Broadcaster Official Hotel Organised By stortsPrmnotion Partners in Sports fttg&n «~S— H s@ns -JU- netbaj! X ©H SLIRfcHD p^p^g,!^,^,^ SPORTS COUNCIL Giving Hope. Improving Lives.

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CHAMPIONSHIPS ~E"S 2on Singapore Netball

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20 Nov to 25 Dec 2009 WP TO WIN TODAY_ A Minimum Purchase of $30 Entitles You To One Winning Chance! FOLLOW THESE 4 EASY STEPS TO WIN |SISS#«EGS«^SBS!!3 B'IMMMJjBWiiI TDVSTUJ V $39.28 TDVSTUI N $38.28 Phone ""mber: 2ES|LWiflrraa»ljf^ 4/**********Z 4/12 *****567Z ***** KfiSSwfiTmEjSSliiil JOHN THN JOHN TflN If^aaiiil I



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MASTERING GIFT GIVING TIMHIRD HOLIDAYCHEER succeed® mediacorp. THE festive season is here, and that means it is time for gift giving. While you probably know what to get for your parent, siblings and friends, you may be at a loss when it comes to your colleagues, boss or other


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FESTIVE BOON PHOTO COURTESY OF JCU SINGAPORE Christmas came early for family service agencies Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centres and Child at St 11 as they each received a $5,000 cheque from representatives of the Singapore campus of James Cook University (JCU) Australia, including director of marketing Mr Det

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Model: ZT***** P~~W CHAMTJANT Z Titanium-Extreme BORN TO EVOLVE Sole Distributor Neuvista Agency Pte Ltd g) Stansfield College rii'n h^j m ri i niDIAUH in Offered on a full-time UirLUITIH 111 and part-time basis ECONOMICS Students who successfully complete the Diploma may transfer onto 2nd year of the following programmes

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Bv*JEii4ivnnßUjHUkjliijil|Ußß ■■■BB^^^^^ali:647Bo4s6 P73 Geylang Road, Trtstar Coruplex 2nd Level, Singapore *****2 KfiBJW Email: Website ■t^jim

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MDISCoCCege JPj^^ Registered with Ministry of Education, Singapore Educational Success IggagiV V —#j -g| U ~T""*t" v"''^ ■M l GCE 'O' 'A' Level Preparatory Programmes \Wm mJ Day Evening Classes f/F A_^ Enrolment is ongoing for classes starting in 2010 Dedicated, qualified and experienced teachers Full-fledged campus with science laboratories,

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Thousands affected as UBS closes billion-dollar fund [ARTICLE]

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Thousands affected as UBS closes billion-dollar fund AFP ZURICH Thousands of ÜBS clients have been hit by a move by Switzerland's biggest bank to liquidate a property investment fund worth billions of dollars. Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung reported yesterday that the closure of the Global Property Fund had been confirmed by

China cracks EU roadworks market [ARTICLE]

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China cracks EU roadworks market AFP POLAND CONTRACT WARSAW China has cracked the European Union's road construction market by winning its first contracts in Poland. China Overseas Engineering Group Company (Covec) will build two stretches of a highway linking Warsaw and Berlin. Covec's bid beat out several European competitors. Experts



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AVI-TECH ELECTRONICS 18 cents I Buy OCBC Investment Research upgrades call from "Hold", raises target price to 23 cents from 19 cents, based on I.2XFYIO net tangible assets versus IX previously. Says service provider for semiconductor industry will benefit from expected pickup in investments in capital equipment by chip companies.


Page 44

KEPPEL LAND $3.20 I Neutral Credit Suisse keeps call, raises target price to $3.42 from $2.46, pegged at parity to revised NAY estimate versus 20-per-cent discount previously, to reflect improving outlook on Spore office sector and residential markets, both local and overseas. Also increases FYO9-11 EPS forecasts by 14 to


Page 44

OLAM $2.67 I Buy DBS Vickers keeps call with $3.15 target price, says last week's pullback presents buying opportunity. Says "key risk not whether they are collectible, but whether government policies would suddenly turn against own farmers." Notes risk will arise if 01am has to pass on any loss of


Page 44

MAYBANK'S CONTEST FOR KIDS PHOTO COURTESY MAYBANK I First-prize winner in the undersix category for Maybank's children's drawing and colouring contest, Zalea Nua (centre), i-emrtgMws^pymS^Jttn^eßorrerf^^ head, Maybank Singapore (left), about her prize-winning drawing. Her mother, MdmJean Nua (right), said: 'Zalea loves to draw, and I think this Maybank drawing contest

Its not the end of the World [ARTICLE]

Page 44

Its not the end of the World AZHARKHALID ISLAMIC BANKING Expert: Dubai World crisis will not hamper growth of the sector SINGAPORE The robustness of Islamic banking was put in the spotlight recently amid the Dubai World crisis. However, experts said the exposure of some Islamic banks in Dubai

Crying foul over CIMC bid for control of Yantai [ARTICLE]

Page 44

Crying foul over CIMC bid for control of Yantai SINGAPORE A minority shareholder of Singapore oilrig maker Yantai Raffles Shipyard (YRS) is crying foul over a US$2l3 million ($296 million) bid by China International Marine Containers (CIMC) for control of YRS, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported on Saturday.

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POINTOFVIEW A DEAL THAT ALL CAN TOAST TO SINGAPORE —It was a win-win India and wasn't able to get a footsolution for all the parties con- hold in Indonesia, the only market cerned the swapping of assets in South-east Asia aside from the between Asia Pacific Brewer- Philippines it wasn't

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Ist Prize: $2,000 cash Gold: $1,000 cash 2nd Prize: $1,000 cash Silver: $500 cash 3rd Prize: $500 cash Bronze: $300 cash 20 Consolation Prizes: 2 c°nJS lati v" Pr u CS: Hampers worth $50 each $10° cash each Hampers worth $50 each to be Closing Date: 28 Feb 2010 given

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Redeem your preview H tickets tomorrow to watch PflK' Alvin And CHIPEMtv m? 7 w 1 Sponsored by: I I THE CtIWM^WHf, I 1 \>A B^V >NLY IN CINEMAS t^ V

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Un I 1U GBh SB MiW ANQ\A/FR SL \AAIN Q: Since World Warll, has Japan I Iliiflßflßßßl BUST TREATMENT bee« VYd E N Boust Treatment? 3 I— ll< I ll\l V TokyoTD_NßlC_Answer_FullName I Bliii V^ll V^lll^l V to 9865 7669 O\

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