Shonan Times (Syonan Shimbun), 20 February 1942

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  • 12 1 THE SHONAN TIMES Ho. 1. FEBRUARY 20, SHOW A 17. 5 cents.
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  • 271 1 Gen. Shunroku Hata Issues Verbal Statement GEN. Shunroku Hata, CoMminder-in-Chief, Japanese Forces in China, in a verbal state ment at 3.30 pjn. Wednesday, said that with the fall of Sin? apore, Japan is now strongly established in an impregnable position to conduct
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  • 84 1 Political Blunder In Colonies Stockholm. THE series of British reverses in I Malaya is due to a Britisii political blunder in her coloni*J, comments the London Times Wednesday The Times declares that th* British Government listened only to the opinions oi Britishers in Malaya, and the
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  • 43 1 Lisbon. A BRITISH aircraft carrier limped into the Gulf 0 o«*aWg for repairs yesterday, according to information received here. Five ships have been torpefloea by Axis submarines in the Dutch West Indies, says a report from London on Wednesday.
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  • 77 1 Buenos Aires. Senator Tom Connolly, chairman of the Senate Foreign me aiatio°ns Committee .told the Uoner House that the Americans were having dark days in East Asia, and warned that there were still darker days ahead. He asked the nations to be prepared to meet hardships, adding
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  • 57 1 Berne, Switzerland. iiTITH the Japanese attack on Tv the Dutch East Indies increasing from the land, sea and air, Batavia has appealed to Australia for immediate aid, a United Press dlspatcn from Sydney reveals. The Australian Parliament was to-day summoned to discuss ways and means to
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  • 43 1 Berlin. AS_a result of the thrust by German forces ,n the central sector of the Eastern Front, another powerful corps oi the Red forces has been smashed wltn heavy losses. The Germans captured many prisoners and mucn war materials.
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  • 69 1 Saigon. AUSTRALIA will be further isolated from the United States. Canberra announced to-day the suspension of radio telephone service with these countries with effect from Feb. 2L The Department of the Post Master-General says that the step has been decided upon by the War Cabinet for reasons
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  • 98 1 A FEW enemy destroyers were sighted to the south of Shonan Island. One was sunk while a second received several hits. Two enemy transports were also sighted, of which one was sunk. Meanwhile, it is reported that Japanese airmen accounted for 32 enemy planes over Java
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  • 66 1 Vichy. THE United States War Department disclosed that the air attack on American positions in the Bataan Peninsula was gaining in ferocity. From the Bataan front, it is reported that despite a furious barrage of the enemy's anti-air-craft guns, Japanese dive bombers swooped down and seriously damaged
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  • 46 1 ABATAVIA report says that large numbers of American nationals have been evacuated from the Dutch East Indies, making a total of 15,600 during the past few weeks. Only 100 Americans remain in the Dutch Bast Indies, says a Saigon report.
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  • 249 1 In this fortress of Singapore (Shonan) and the Peninsula of Malaya, all arms and military Dbjectives are under the control of the Nippon troops. The Press, which is the most powerful organ for the expression of views, comes under the domination
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    • 72 1 The Nippon Authority of Pulau Shonan desires the following persons to report for duty. 10 Workers and Engineers of Gas, Electric, Waterworks and those connected with Broadcasting. ?ney should report for duty at the Nippon Army idminTstration Office at the Municipal Building, Singapore, immediately. „*„^*o 2 The civilians are requested
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    • 151 1 ADVERTISEMENTS Personal or business advertisements will be accepted at the office of The Shonan Times in Cecil Street. Mrs. Irene Ferroa last seen on Tuesday 10-2-42 together with Mr. and Kirs. J C. Mathi^'i in a blue "Cii,roon" saioon (Malacca registration). Anyone knowing of her whereabouts please contact Roy Ferroa.
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  • 606 2  -  Tomoyuki Yamashita, CINGAPORE is not only the connective pivot of the British Empire to control British J India, Australia and East Asia, but the strong base to invade and squeeze them j and Britain has boasted of its impregnable features for many
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