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THE STRAITS TIMES, 30 November 2008


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thesundaytimes A Singapore Press Holdings —B* publication y\J cents NOVEMBER 30, 2008 104 PAGES IN FOUR PARTS MICA (P) 116/12/2007

Tragic end on the 17th floor [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Tragic end on the 17th floor Ravi Velloor P. Jayaram Lo Hwei Yen, Singapore's first victim of terror, was shot in the head and abdomen Mumbai For Ms Lo Hwei Yen, the journey home to Singapore began from a funeral parlour in Mumbai's Clare Street. Yesterday, John Pinto International Services

60-hour terror rampage finally over [ARTICLE]

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60-hour terror rampage finally over AP, AFP Mumbai A 60-hour terror rampage that killed at least 195 people across India's financial capital finally ended yesterday when commandos killed the last three gunmen inside a luxury hotel. Yesterday, shortly after dawn, the elite troops launched their final offensive at the Taj

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Bi TURMOIL L Police, protesters in airport standoff Stay out of politics, a> fl p Thaksin warns army dUIWW' 1 Planes take off from U-Tapao, but it's chaos there^ Singaporeans make "j, their way home PRIME PAGESB-11 index weather/tides 22 letters 32 horoscopes Ll5 tv listings Ll6-Ll7 comics L2O-L22



Lawyer was live wire who touched lives [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Lawyer was live wire who touched lives Sister, friends paint picture of determined but selfless woman Teh Joo Lin Carolyn Quek Nur Dianah Suhaimi Ms Lo Hwei Yen loved a party and her husband, Mr Michael Puhaindran, loved organising one. For the couple, who met in 2006 through a mutual

Last 48 hours of Lo Hwei Yen's life [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Last 48 hours of Lo Hwei Yen's life Carolyn Quek Teh Joo Lin She phoned twice after the attacks began her family's hopes rose and fell The night before she flew to Mumbai, Ms Lo Hwei Yen, a big Kylie Minogue fan, and her husband caught the Australian pop singer

Condolences sent to victim's family [ARTICLE]

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Condolences sent to victim's family President S R Nathan and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday sent their condolences to the family of Ms Lo Hwei Yen, who was killed while being held hostage during the Mumbai terrorist attacks. A statement from the President's Office said that Mr and Mrs

It could happen to any one of us: Jaya [ARTICLE]

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It could happen to any one of us: Jaya The tragedy that befell Ms Lo Hwei Yen was one that could have happened to any Singaporean as many travel abroad, said Deputy Prime Minister S. Jayakumar yesterday. Every terrorist attack is also a learning experience, and a reminder that it


Yes, Delhi made mistakes but... [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Yes, Delhi made mistakes but... Jonathan Eyal The Indians have long been famous for their ability to distinguish between pride in their country and scepticism about the performance of their politicians. And at no point were these two national traits more evident than last week, as India suffered one of



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INDIA'S SEPT 11 CONFESSIONS OF A TERRORIST It was meant to be Captured gunman talks of 2 groups one which came by boat from Pakistan and one that waited in hotel rooms with weapons Mumbai A sensational revelation has emerged from a terrorist caught alive by Indian troops: The attack

Intern chef at Taj 'a terrorist' [ARTICLE]

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Intern chef at Taj 'a terrorist' Mumbai One of the terrorists holed up in the Taj Mahal was on an internship as trainee chef in the hotel for the past 10 months. The revelation came after the family of a trainee chef killed in the carnage revealed that the deceased

Shock turns to anger as India mourns the dead [ARTICLE]

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Shock turns to anger as India mourns the dead Reuters Mumbai Shock gave way to grief and anger yesterday as India grappled with what has been described as its own "9/11", with protesters accusing neighbouring Pakistan of being behind attacks that killed over 190 people. Commandos and rescue personnel were


They served Jews far from home [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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They served Jews far from home Reuters, LAT, NYT PHOTOS: New York A Brooklyn-based rabbi and his wife killed in the siege on a Jewish centre in Mumbai had gone to serve Jews living far from their roots, fearing only that he would not be able to help as many

French designer and husband found dead [ARTICLE]

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French designer and husband found dead AFP Paris The founder of a French lingerie line and her husband were killed during this week's attacks in Mumbai, the company's president has said. Ms Loumia Hiridjee, creator of the Princesse Tarn Tarn brand, and her husband Mourad Amarsy, both French nationals, were

Ordinary Indians' lives shattered by attacks as well [ARTICLE]

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Ordinary Indians' lives shattered by attacks as well Mr Harishchandra Shiverhankar scribbled furiously on a notepad, gesturing with his fingers to explain his last bloody memories of Wednesday night before waking up in an unfamiliar hospital bed. The 56-year-old was walking towards the Metro cinema when he felt his legs

Bangkok turmoil

Protesters attack police in stand-off [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 7

Protesters attack police in stand-off Nirmal Chosh Cops flee checkpoint which was set up to prevent more people from joining protest at airport Thailand Correspondent In Bangkok Anti-government protesters in a convoy of speeding vehicles attacked a cordon of policemen aimed at stopping more people joining the seizure of Suvarnabhumi

Thaksin: Coup will end in bloodshed [ARTICLE]

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Thaksin: Coup will end in bloodshed AFP BANGKOK Former Thai premier Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted by the military in 2006, warned of bloodshed if the army stages another coup to end the political turmoil paralysing the kingdom. He said in a video interview posted on a reporter's blog that

Foreigners swamp Thai navy airport [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

Foreigners swamp Thai navy airport Leslie Lopez AFP, AP U-Tapao struggling to cope with swelling numbers of travellers South-east Asia Correspondent In U-Tapao airport Tourists stranded in Bangkok who plan to fly out from here had better come prepared for a very long wait. Chaos reigned yesterday at U-Tapao, the

S'poreans caught in the chaos [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 9

S'poreans caught in the chaos 'I had to fork out $1,000 for transport and lodging' Veteran fashion designer Thomas Wee, 59, tells Mavis Toh how he spent a night at Suvarnabhumi airport amid the protests, and how he finally got back "l was on a five-day shopping trip to pick

Some face hellish route via U-Tapao airport [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 9

Some face hellish route via U-Tapao airport Zureena Habib Jetstar Asia flight 3K512 was supposed to leave Pattaya at 9.15 am yesterday, but it flew out of U-Tapao International Airport at 4pm seven hours behind schedule. The plane was waiting for passengers stuck in chaotic traffic in Bangkok. Even then,

Bus, van, train or plane – taking the long way home [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 10

Bus, van, train or plane taking the long way home Tourists stuck in Bangkok have various ways to leave other than via the city's two airports. Mavis Toh and Zureena Habib check out their options and spoke to Singaporeans who took the long route home By coach all the way

Flower importer s business hit by airport shutdowns [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 10

Flower importer s business hit by airport shutdowns Cracia Chian The airport shutdowns in Bangkok have hit close to home for one man in Defu Lane. Flower importer Luo Sow Chien has seen his business dip by more than 50 per cent since outgoing flights from Bangkok halted last Tuesday.

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LASIK PRICE WARS Nur Dianah Suhaimi Some clinics resort to various tactics as fierce rivalry cuts into doctors' profits; 1 clinic shuts The Lasik price war has reached boiling point and doctors are the ones getting burnt. Competition among eye clinics has become so intense that several doctors have given

Foreign workers fear for their future [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 13

Foreign workers fear for their future Nur Dianah Suhaimi Many face retrenchment if economy gets worse Since he came here three years ago, Indian welder R. Baskaran, 25, has developed a ritual of visiting Little India every Sunday for a meal with friends and some shopping. For the past month,

King of petitions needs 99,400 signatures to stand for polls [ARTICLE]

Page 13

King of petitions needs 99,400 signatures to stand for polls Jamie Ee Wen Wei The king of petitions, Mr Tan Kin Lian, now has a petition going for himself. Since he opened up on his willingness to stand as Singapore's next elected president or contest in the general election in

Service grouses spill to Facebook [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 15

Service grouses spill to Facebook Cracia Chiang 2,000 join group to air grievances over service staff here who speak only Mandarin They are irate customers and they have found a way to air their grievances on Facebook. Some 2,000 people have joined a group called "I am Singaporean and tired

The Sunday Times put five businesses to the English test

Haagen-Dazs at Suntec City Mall [ARTICLE]

Page 15

Haagen-Dazs at Suntec City Mall Cracia Chiang Before I even opened my mouth, friendly Chinese sales assistant Helen Chen asked me, in English, if I would like to sample some flavours. I told her that I was craving for durian ice cream, but she said there was no such flavour

Food Republic at Suntec City Mall [ARTICLE]

Page 15

Food Republic at Suntec City Mall Cracia Chiang A middle-aged Chinese woman served me at the drinks counter. When I asked if they had iced tea, she said "yes" but went on to say something which I could not catch because of her thick accent. Her Singaporean colleague later explained

Giant Tampines [ARTICLE]

Page 15

Giant Tampines Zureena Habib At a halal butchery at hypermart Giant Tampines, I pretended to want some beef. The sole worker behind the counter was a woman from China. I asked her for the smallest piece of topside steak that she could find, but she did not understand me. She

KOPI at Changi Airport's Terminal 3 [ARTICLE]

Page 15

KOPI at Changi Airport's Terminal 3 Zureena Habib The English proficiency of foreign workers serving food at this 24-hour foodcourt ranged from non-existent to manageable. At a vegetarian food stall, my questions about whether the stall was closed, or if the dishes came with rice, were greeted with nothing more

Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City [ARTICLE]

Page 15

Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City Zureena Habib My best experience yet was shopping for shoes at this Japanese department store. I asked a sales staff member, Ms Army Shi, for grey pumps in a size seven. She promptly got me the right size. As it did not fit well, I asked

A race worth its weight in gold [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 16

A race worth its weight in gold IFyou only watch one race this year, then make it todays 79 th running of the Singapore Gold Cup. As a race, it doesn't get any better than this. A handicap event over 2,200 m, it is a race of both speed and

But there's more to this day than winning [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 16

But there's more to this day than winning In 2003, the race and race day took on added significance when the Singapore Turf Qub designated it Singapore Turf Qub Charity Race Day and used the day as a vehicle for their on-going charity efforts. Now in its sixth year, the

Yoga practised here is secular, say instructors [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 17

Yoga practised here is secular, say instructors Debbie Yong Studios know if they bring in religious slant, fitness-seeking locals will vanish It is the 10th most popular sport here and the yoga industry is said to be worth $15 million to $25 million a year. According to a 2005 Singapore

Teen found dead at East Coast Park [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 17

Teen found dead at East Coast Park Jamie Ec A 16-year-old boy was found dead yesterday at East Coast Park, near Goldkist Beach Resort. The police received a call at 8.20pm, and the boy was pronounced dead by paramedics at 8.48pm. His body was discovered by a passer-by. The boy

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Shopping turns deadly on Black Friday [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 19

Shopping turns deadly on Black Friday NYT, AP Shop worker trampled to death, others injured in rush for bargains New York In a sign of consumer desperation amid a bleak economy, the annual rite of retailing known as Black Friday turned chaotic and even deadly, as predawn shoppers scrambled for

Good news at last for battered Wall Street [ARTICLE]

Page 19

Good news at last for battered Wall Street AP New York Wall Street finally found something to cheer about as the holiday season kicks off, offering hope that the battered stock market has turned the corner. Rebounding from multi-year lows, the Dow Jones Industrial Average surged 9.73 per cent to

Anwar to seize power... one day [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

Anwar to seize power... one day Carolyn Hong Opposition leader says takeover merely delayed but he stays clear of setting a new timeframe Malaysia Bureau Chief In Shah Alam Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim yesterday told his supporters that his plan to seize power was merely delayed and not abandoned, despite


Plane makes U-turn [ARTICLE]

Page 20

Plane makes U-turn Perth A Singapore-bound Qantas flight had to turn back to Perth last Friday morning after its pilot shut down one engine due to a low engine oil warning. The Airbus A 330 with 168 passengers landed without incident, said Qantas spokesman David Cox in a statement. He

Death by stoning [ARTICLE]

Page 20

Death by stoning AFP Teheran Iran's Supreme Court has confirmed a sentence of death by stoning for a woman convicted of adultery in the city of Shiraz, a newspaper said yesterday. The woman, identified as Afsaneh R., was also given a second death sentence for murdering her husband with the

Size matters indeed [ARTICLE]

Page 20

Size matters indeed Reuters Berlin The French say they need the largest condoms in Europe while Greeks get by on smaller ones, according to a German study. The eight-month study by the Singen-based Institute of Condom Consultancy asked 10,500 men in 25 European countries to measure their penises and enter

Police kill hostage-taker in Carrefour [ARTICLE]

Page 21

Police kill hostage-taker in Carrefour Reuters Shanghai Police shot and killed a knife-wielding man who wounded three people and took a nurse hostage in a Carrefour store in south-west China yesterday. The 39-year-old man, identified as Lv Zhiwen, had apparently been disappointed in a love affair, the official Xinhua news

China executes Taiwan spy suspect [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 21

China executes Taiwan spy suspect AFP, AP PHOTO: Execution of scientist a Chinese citizen sparks condemnation from EU and the US Beijing China has executed a scientist accused of passing information to Taiwan, triggering condemnation from his family as well as the United States and the European Union (EU). Wo

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Want to buy a car? Read this first [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 22

Want to buy a car? Read this first To potential car buyers, the lower cost of buying a car now is good news. But is this really the best time to get a set of wheels? Finance Correspondent Lorna Tan has tips on what you should consider first Drawn by

me & my money

Options trainer plays it smart [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 23

Options trainer plays it smart Lorna Tan Sawy trader has made a fortune, but still parks wealth in fixed deposits to fund her daily needs Finance Correspondent Between 1999 and 2001, Mrs Mirriam Mac Williams made more than US$2 million from various trades in the stock market with an initial


Buyers paying less cash for HDB resale flats [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 25

Buyers paying less cash for HDB resale flats Joyce Teo Some deals may be done at valuation but no drop in prices; big flats moving slowly The private home market is at a standstill and prices have fallen as the global financial crisis scares buyers away. Yet, the HDB resale

small change

Jolted into taking stock of his finances [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

Jolted into taking stock of his finances Francis Chan A career switch prompted self-confessed 'spend-a-holic' to start financial planning Hi, my name is Francis and I am a spend-a-holic. I've been one since I got my first pay as a 12-year-old working for my brother-in-law, who ran a computer shop

Children excluded from will [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 27

Children excluded from will Vijai Parwani YOUR PERSONAL ADVISER: FINANCE My father died about a month ago. V_/^ When the will was read, we were shocked to discover that it did not include any of his children from his first marriage. Everything he owned from his shares in his company

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Page 27

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Thailand at a crossroads [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 28

Thailand at a crossroads Ho Kwon Ping The awakening of the rural class threatens age-old institutions I'm stuck here in Bangkok with both city airports closed for over two days. This is a deja vu moment. I was stuck in Phuket when that airport closed a few months ago due

Protest culture as a force in political change [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 28

Protest culture as a force in political change Antonio L. Rappa The current protests at the US$4 billion (Ss6 billion) Suvarnabhumi International Airport and the old Don Muang Airport in the heart of Bangkok are unprecedented in the recent history of Thailand. Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat, the brother-in-law of former

Will my city be the same again? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 29

Will my city be the same again? Nilanjana Sengupta Despair, fear, anger and frustration hang over a once carefree city Bindaas is a word we use often to describe this city of mine. It means "carefree" in Hindi. It is a reflection not just of the place but also of

Mumbaikars will recover [ARTICLE]

Page 29

Mumbaikars will recover Asad Latif To face the Gateway of India in Mumbai that looks out to the Arabian Sea is to be swept into the momentum of Indian history. The Gateway was erected to commemorate, in the words of the inscription on it, "the landing in India of their

Open skies at last for S'pore-KL [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

Open skies at last for S'pore-KL Karamjit Kaur Passengers benefit all round, out downturn may check demand Aviation Correspondent More than 70 years after the first Singa-pore-Kuala Lumpur commercial flight, all restrictions will be lifted on airlines flying between the two cities from tomorrow. It took five years of lobbying

Crunch may put brakes on climate aims [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

Crunch may put brakes on climate aims Mark Rice-Oxley Three long months ago, before the credit crunch turned into a full-blown financial crisis, there was something else the world was supposed to be worrying about. But now that financial meltdown and recession are demanding the attention, and not to mention

Sex and silly men [ARTICLE]

Page 31

Sex and silly men EDITORIAL Some Singapore men are just stubborn or plain dumb. It is not as though there have not been enough scare stories in the media, especially in the vernacular tabloids, of men who had died or became ill after taking illegal sex pills. But there are


Page 31

BLOGOSPHERE Political unrest in Thailand The people of Thailand should do all they can to preserve the image of their country. I know they aren't happy with the political scene. But isn't there another way to resolve matters?... Why haven't the police or the army stormed the airport to maintain


Page 31

QUOTES OF THE WEEK "Brace yourself for big let-downs in your life as First Lady. You have to learn to take the back seat, not just in public, but in private." CHERIE BLAIR, wife of former British prime minister Tony Blair, in an open letter to Michelle Obama, published in


New library has improved, but not the noise level [LETTER]

Page 31

New library has improved, but not the noise level M. Linggeswar Rao I went to the refurbished Choa Chu Kang Public Library last Monday. I must say, extensive improvements have been made to it. First, there is a much wider range of books. Before, many of the books were older

'Yes we can' slogan used by firm since 2003 [LETTER + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 31

'Yes we can' slogan used by firm since 2003 Margaret Chong (Ms) I refer to last Sunday's report, "Hotel adopts Obama's slogan". While most people may think that the now-famous "Yes we can" slogan is a work of originality, in fact, a local software company has long adopted it, and

Correct terms used in financial products can alert investors to risks [LETTER]

Page 31

Correct terms used in financial products can alert investors to risks Ong Eng Hin I refer to last Sunday's article, "Making it digestible for the ordinary investor". Ms Lorna Tan is on the right track. I would go further and suggest that the correct description or terminology be used for

Eateries lacking food hygiene risk fine, ban [LETTER]

Page 31

Eateries lacking food hygiene risk fine, ban S. Satish Appoo We refer to last Sunday's letter, "Metal strips in congee, fly in lobster dish". All food vendors are required to sell clean and wholesome food to the public. They are also required to observe good personal hygiene at all times.

Sewage flow too close to fish farm [LETTER]

Page 31

Sewage flow too close to fish farm Freddie Choo I visited St John's Island last Tuesday and while disembarking at the pier, noticed that the water on one side looked polluted. There was also a strong raw sewage odour permeating the entire waterfront. On closer inspection, I noticed a pipe

Officials' no-show for Tao Li a shame [LETTER]

Page 31

Officials' no-show for Tao Li a shame Bennie Cheok I read last Sunday's report on swimmer Tao Li, "Leaving friends, family behind", and was dismayed to learn that no official from the Singapore Swimming Association was at the airport to receive her and her team on their return from Berlin

Missing those 1970s TV child stars [LETTER]

Page 31

Missing those 1970s TV child stars Michelle Boone (Ms) I was excited about MediaCorp's recent Anniversary Gala show. It was a glittering affair with so many TV stars young and old, past and present. I was particularly thrilled to see the Lost And Found segment on the child stars of

When bad times strike, so do more criminals [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 32

When bad times strike, so do more criminals •lyn Quek Funds and manpower must be increased to tackle likely increase in crime during downturn Desperate times call for desperate measures, even by "good" people, what more those with a criminal bent. With the Singapore economy in recession and the job

Vannakam, where to Miss? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 32

Vannakam, where to Miss? THE EX-PAT FILES "So should I say vannakam or namastel" the Chinese cab driver asked me with a smile. The former is Tamil for hello, and the latter is Hindi. His question made me stop fiddling with my mobile phone and stare at the back of


Page 32

STREET VIEW Cracia Chiang "Should there be a need for wage reductions, the bank will trigger the cut via the monthly variable component...and senior management will take the lead." MR WONG KENC FYE, head of human resource at Maybank Singapore, on how the bank's senior staff are prepared to cut

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Page 29

y Auckland Central Business District Address 1,1 /7V""\ One and Two Bedroom Apartments Available IffiW Mi!3J^f^ 'J Option of residing in your own apartment OR utilizing 131( lIV/11^ L KIIM 3f the convenient On-Site Management Service whilst |a *J| ||I a U you receive regular rental income tA JIHIIH3 On

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Page 30

STOREWIDE/Q* 40% OFF fSP Micro fibre fabric recliner Enjoy 40% OFF storewide NOW; $399 on a" f|o°r-disp|ayed U.P.: $665 items! From full leather w i and fabric sofas, L-shaped i Also available in matching 2 or 3-seater recliner leather and fabric sofas to r^^^_ 2-seater recliners, bed frames, $699 mattresses,

Page 31 Miscellaneous

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Page 32

HOW TO REACH US AFTER OFFICE HOURS 6319-6319 Newsdesk 6319-5397 fax: 6732-0131 Foreign desk ..6319-5745 fax: 6319-8274 East Asia unit .6319-2763 fax: 6319-8274 Forum desk ...6319-5454 fax: 6319-8289 Money desk ...6319-5030 fax: 6319-8262 Sports 6319-6319 fax: 6319-8287 Life/LifeStyle 6319-541 6 fax: 6319-8276 Picture desk ...6319-5328 fax: 6319-8271 Art desk 6319-5400



Page 102

Lo Hwei Yen Age: 28 Departed on 27 November 2008 Dearly missed and fondly remembered by loved ones: Husband Michael Stephen Puhaindran Father Father-in-law Lo Ping Yiu S Puhaindran Mother Mother-in-law Shelin Goh Mary Puhaindran Siblings In-laws Lo Hwei Shan Anne Puhaindran Eugene Goh Lo Hwei Rong Mark Puhaindran Khor


Page 102

|p^ We, the Family of the Late '*m DR TAN KING TWOK Departed on 25 November 2008 Wish to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all pastors, relatives, friends and colleagues for their kind assistance, attendance, condolences, prayers, wreaths and contributions during our recent bereavement. The loving care and


Page 102

3RD ANNIVERSARY In Loving Memory Of SONDRA GOH HSIANG-LI Departed 30 Nov 2005 Sunshine fades and shadows fall, But sweet remembrance outlasts all. Always remembered dearly missed by The Management Staff of Asian Techno Investments Pte Ltd


Page 102

M. GOPALKRISHNA NAIR Age: 81 A Loving Husband, Father Friend passed away peacefully on 29/11/08. Dearly missed and fondly remembered by loved ones. Wife: Sri Dcvi Nair Sons: Daughters-in-law: Mohan Dass Bina Dcvi Prem Kumar Yuni Daughters: Son-in-law: Kamini Rajan Menon Mahela Granddaughters: Anushka Prethika Priyanka Trishna Rania Nephews, nieces


Page 102

Thalai Thevasam Ist Anniversary S. TANGAMUTHU (TAXI MAM) (RAF SELETAR) Departed on 12 December 2007 Not a day goes by without thinking of you Your absence brings great pain Your love remains with us. Appa, we miss you. Deeply missed by always remembered by mum, wife, daughter, son-in-law, granddaughters all


Page 102

Uj? < We, the Family of the Late TAN KIAM TOEN Departed on 15 November 2008 Wish to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all relatives, friends, colleagues, business associates and members of various clan associations for their kind assistance, attendance, condolences, wreaths and donations to charities during our


Page 102

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." 2 Timothy 4:7 ROBERT TEOW AH TEOW Age: 73 was called home to be with the Lord on 28 November 2008. Dearly missed and always remembered by loved ones. Wife: Tan Sui Lian Sons:


Page 102

"For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain." Philippians 1:21 BETTY SEAH KIM NOI Age: 52 Caifed dom to foe u/ft/j (fee Lord on 28 Nov 2008, dearly missed and fondly remembered by loved ones. Husband: Roy Tay Ah Pheow Sons: Matthew Tay Rong Jie John


Page 102

have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith." 2 Timothy 4:7 WONG LEE HIN, EILEEN Age: 52 was called home to be with the Lord on 29 Nov 2008 leaving behind loved ones. Husband: Goh Joon Kiow, Leslie Mother: Ngun Kheng Chun Sisters:


Page 102

BISHOP DR. GARY GLENN GREGOR Passed away peacefully on 23rd Nov 2008 Wife Vivian Gregor wishes to thank all friends of living, faith fellowship for attending the funeral service on 26th Nov 2008 and for their love and support for the past fifteen years.


Page 102

VARATHARAJAN RAMASAMY REDDIAR (Trustee, Sri Muneeswaran Temple) Age: 78 passed away peacefully 0n29N0v2008. Dearly missed and fondly remembered by loved ones. Wife: Vasanthi Varatharajan Son: Sivaraman Rajan Body will be resting at MtVernon Funeral Parlour No. 1 from 3pm onwards on 30 Nov 2008. Cortege will leave on 01 Dec


Page 102

2nd Anniversary In Loving Memory of David Ong Departed 30 November 200 m Thou art gone, dear father, Gone Beyond the world of tears, But the memory of you will em linger I Throughthepassingyears Alwaysrememberedbychildmn, j grandchildren and family


Page 33

"The Lord is my shepherd. Even though I walk JP through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, 1p for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me." Psalm 23 POH (WONG) CHER TOW Age: 80 was called home to be


Page 33

JUNE BETTY TEO Age: 81 Wife of the late Teo Seng Leong passed away peacefully on 28 November 2008. Dearly missed and fondly remembered by loved ones. Sons: Daughters-in-law: Peter Teo Shirley Kar Paul Teo Tan Chay Kheng Daughter: Son-in-law: Gloria Teo Chong Wing Cheong Grandson: Granddaughter: Gerald Zhang Rengui


Page 33

AL-FATEHA DR. YUSOFF DAWOOD passed away peacefully on 9 Nov 2008 in Boston. Dearly missed and always remembered by Loved ones. Wife: Firyal Sultana Khan Children: Fatimah, Fauzia, Firdaus, Hassan and all relatives. For condolences, please contact Firyal Khan at or Tel: 1-413-259-4466.


Page 33

[The family of the late LOH HOCK KWEE Departed 22 Nov 2008 wish to express their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to relatives, friends, colleagues and business associates for their kind assistance, attendance, condolences, donations and wreaths during their recent bereavement. Special thanks to members of At Tong School Alumni Chinese


Page 33

[The family of the late LOW WATT NEO Departed 22-11-2008 wish to express their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to relatives, friends, colleagues and business associates for their kind assistance, attendance, condolences, donations and wreaths during their recent bereavement. Special thanks to Trinity Christian Centre and Lighthouse Evangelism Church.


Page 33

Ist Anniversary /n Loving Memory of ROBERT LIM BOCK CHUA Departed:3oNov2oo7 7am the Resurrection, and The Life; he that believethinMe though he were dead, yet shall he live." Always remembered by family members jg loved ones p-

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*i£7 TRINITY CfISKET PTE LTD NOTICE Embalming requires very intimate -J^L handling of the body. 1 1 You would be wise to let our Specialist \»C' J Lady Embalmer attend to your female beloved and children. ■A M YOUR RIGHT CHOICE.... For a complete Dignified Funeral to Ms Pontilla Anabella

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Page 102

OBITUARIES For booking enquiries, call Bookings made after office hours for next day's L™ publication are subject to space availability

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Page 102

For the loved ones whom you remember... jjr jaf "In Memoriam" i SATS CLASSIFIED


Yet another draw for S'pore [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 33

Yet another draw for S'pore Wang Meng Meng Lions without a win in three matches, but confident they will peak for AFF Cup It was yet another mixed performance from the Lions in their final warm-up game before Friday's Asean Football Federation Suzuki Cup opener against Cambodia in Indonesia. But

Top Spin a top racer [ARTICLE]

Page 33

Top Spin a top racer Craig Brennan Victory in this afternoon's $1.35 million Group 1 Singapore Gold Cup over 2,200 m will take Top Spin one step closer to becoming Singapore's highest stakes earner. Currently fourth with prize money of $2,039 million, Top Spin will jump to third on the

Scoresheet [ARTICLE]

Page 33

Scoresheet BASKETBALL NBA: Toronto 93 Atlanta 88, Boston 102 Philadelphia 78, Cleveland 112 Golden State 97, Detroit 107 Milwaukee 97, Charlotte 115 Indiana 108 (OT), Minnesota 105 Oklahoma Thunder 103, Miami 107 Phoenix 92, San Antonio 109 Memphis 98, Utah 120 Sacramento 94, Portland 101 New Orleans 86, LA Lakers


Jazreel in step-ladder finals [ARTICLE]

Page 33

Jazreel in step-ladder finals Singapore's Jazreel Tan finished third in the Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Championships Masters' event in Northern Ireland yesterday to qualify for the step-ladder finals. She will bowl against second-placed Jo Allsebrook of England, with the winner advancing to play the top-ranked Sin Li Jane of Malaysia. But

Bryant posts season-high 35 points [ARTICLE]

Page 33

Bryant posts season-high 35 points AP Los Angeles Kobe Bryant scored a season-high 35 points, and the Los Angeles Lakers used a 17-0 run in the second half on Friday night to beat the Dallas Mavericks 114-107. The Lakers' sixth successive win meant they have improved the National Basketball Association's

Australia, Spain are joint leaders [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 33

Australia, Spain are joint leaders AP Shenzhen (China) Brendan Jones' (below) four-foot birdie putt on the 18th gave Australia a nine-under 63 and a share of the lead with Spain after yesterday's third round of the World Cup of Golf. Spaniard Miguel Angel Jimenez and Pablo Larrazabal, who held a

How much liquid is too much? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 34

How much liquid is too much? Jeanette Wang Drinking depends on athletes' exercise intensity, weather and individual sweat rates Water, water, everywhere, but how much should a runner drink? Consume too little fluid and you risk dehydration; drink excessively and it could dilute sodium levels in your body, causing hyponatremia.

sunday people

Dennis courts real-life heroine [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 35

Dennis courts real-life heroine The name's 80nd... Annabelle Bond (right). This is the real-life heroine who is bringing cheer to McLaren boss Ron Dennis (left), after he ended his 22-year marriage to Lisa, an effervescent American, in February. Annabelle, 39, who was once courted by the Duke of York, has

Why Connors was arrested [ARTICLE]

Page 35

Why Connors was arrested Now we know why tennis legend Jimmy Connors got picked up by the police on trespassing charges. The Santa Barbara Superior Court was told on Wednesday that the eight-time Grand Slam champion was standing with his son in the ticket line at the UC Santa Barbara

No pretty star, no attraction [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 35

No pretty star, no attraction The gorgeous star had sung to 70,000 adoring fans at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium almost 30 times. But that did not count much with Welsh Rugby Union's (WRU) bosses when Katherine Jenkins (above), 28, spoke publicly about her wild past as a child recently. The soprano

Hamilton's Star Trek reward [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 35

Hamilton's Star Trek reward After taking the Formula One championship at 23, could racing driver Lewis Hamilton's (right) career reach any higher? It seems the answer is yes now that he plans to take his family and girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger (left) into space. The star plans to take his loved

Rabbi wins bid for blonde [ARTICLE]

Page 35

Rabbi wins bid for blonde Apparently ice skating diva Oksana Baiul still has her fan base. At the recent Spicerack Fashion Show in New York to benefit the orphans of the Tikva Children's Home, the organisers auctioned off a dinner date with Baiul, a former orphan from the Ukraine. Not


Page 36

IF I WASN'T A PROFESSIONAL GOLFER... Tseng Ya-ni (Twn), 19 years old I would have been a kindergarten teacher "I really love children, but all my friends think it's a bad idea. They think I would scare the kids away. "I love the idea of being able to teach children,

Unspoilt stars make LPGA worth watching [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 36

Unspoilt stars make LPGA worth watching Rohit Brijnath Women's sports strive harder to be accessible to the media, to retain fans and attract sponsors A new-age Henry Higgins, having taken one look at modern sport, would rephrase the lyrics from My Fair Lady and sing: Why can't a man be

Sorenstam's magic shot spurs team [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 37

Sorenstam's magic shot spurs team Jeanette Wang Captain's eagle gives Internationals the opening match, but it ends alfsquare again No one, not even Annika Sorenstam herself, saw it coming. On the tail-end of an unspectacular Lexus Cup round overshadowed by her fourball partner Suzann Pettersen, who was on a bird-ie-frenzy,

Standings [ARTICLE]

Page 38

Standings Pts 1 Chelsea 14 10 3 1 32 4 33 2 Liverpool 14 10 3 1 21 8 33 3 Manchester United 13 7 4 2 25 10 25 4 Aston Villa 15 7 4 4 22 16 25 5 Arsenal 14 7 2 5 25 18 23 6

There's no love lost [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 38

There's no love lost Rob Hughes HEART OF FOOTBALL Wounded Chelsea and Arsenal will be out to hurt each other's title chances There is a mutual respect between Arsene Wenger and Luiz Felipe Scolari going back to Wenger's time coaching in Japan. But do not mistake respect for a softening

City a great club? It's a big joke [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 38

City a great club? It's a big joke Tay Yek Keak OFFSIDE A friend who loves only Fernando Torres and knows absolutely nothing else about football asked me the other day what a derby was. I explained to her in terms any ding-a-ling would understand it's what happens when Mickey

A tale of two cities [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 39

A tale of two cities Oliver Kay The Times, London Unappreciated at Madrid, Robinho is now enjoying life in Manchester's blue half The Times, London Even in times of plenty, multi-mil-lionaire footballers attract as much envy as adulation. At the worst of times, when recession bites and ordinary folk struggle

Another bruiser awaits Ronaldo [ARTICLE]

Page 39

Another bruiser awaits Ronaldo AP Manchester Cristiano Ronaldo might have wished for a less volatile setting than a derby against Manchester City at Eastlands today in which to return to action. It follows the Manchester United winger's bruising encounter with Villarreal's over-physical defenders on Tuesday. The Portuguese was the victim

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One-stop funeral services within your budget. Funeral services for all religions: Taoist, Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Soka Gakkai, Tibetan, Nidiiren Shoshu etc. 9 refurbished 24-hour air-con parlours at city centre Lavender Street. Expertise in international repatriation import cases. Professional embalmers. Full range of funeral supplies: caskets, urns, columbarium, flowers, photos,

Page 33 Miscellaneous

Page 33 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 33

TV times FOOTBALL English Premier League: Man City v Man United (Live, Ch27, 9.25pm), Chelsea v Arsenal (Live, Ch27, 11.55pm), Portsmouth v Blackburn (Live, Ch2l, 10.55pm), Tottenham v Everton (Live, Ch22, 10.55pm). English FA Cup, 2nd rd: Histon v Leeds (Live, Ch24, Bpm). Italian Serie A: Roma v Fiorentina, Atalanta

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Page 34

©W o^;^i^^^^C. Yourself V i^ 1 DDT AII DAMLIIIADirc L^' 'W> 4> Tim- I V 111 ms^ ■ip I B^B BJ ■m^■■ I TV H^^H PBH*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^jT^!^fc- |B^^^^ j H^^^ *-^*li*iia."^sßfc^^: *I**'^ <*^: l r IQD PLUS is the Official Isotonic Drinks Sponsor for jnfl I Standard Chartered I SINGAPOREpCUO f^CSSI

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Page 35

■r I /a^l ■^^jL-w wg^;, i W VitaminL I energetic I US TS^ lEE B?S SBSiS I SKIN POLISHING I i^^^^^^^^ I I scnuß THG FUTURE OF YOUR SKIN IS IN YOUR HANDS. YOU'RG WORTH IT TOO.

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Page 36

■ft I 1 I.f L^B% 8%1l M^^W^^^^Vr^m^^^r^ffjm .API p^pj I BMQ^^^^' EQHIHi2RD2 Pillows \mw P^^ gjgg "DMHiSID 6ft Mattress 7 ™J™ ""^SIS S^^L Storage Bed <w»i.H..di»«« $899 LL Jrlili .A, Presented by lOliiteniational Branded Mattresses '^SmK.V' Allustabte Height Rubelll Italy Design Steal cum I p^_ Steel cum I Qla*tl*4Dlnln HTable

Page 36 Miscellaneous

Page 36 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 36

LEXUS CUP When: Today ceremony. Where: Singapore Island Country (Asians listed first) Club, Bukit Course 9.55am Pak Se Ri v Sorenstam 10.05 Sarah Lee v Castrale Asia 6 Internationals 6 10.15 Tseng v Pettersen 10.25 Park In Bee v Alfredsson Friday's foursomes: Asia 3 10.35 Choi v Creamer Internationals 3

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Page 37

HORSE RACING HORSE RACING Do^iH^lßf/.fn-o MICHAEL ANDREW CRAIG RACE 5: SHARE AND CARE STAKES INITIATION e5" RACE 1: CLASS 4 CHEVALIER CHINA PROPERTY HANDICAP RACE 6: CLASS 3 CHEVALIER PIPE TECHNOLOGIES "3cm£M*esuits maxworthy frost evans (horses<4YO shave not won in 2 years prior to Racing Results iooom time: 13:00 hk5625,000

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Page 38

HUD, SLJERT fejjfl| RHD CHEERS V lB "\J^ A %F /^K%/j^H LL t^ _N^^ Hkw l*vB1*iiKm.- -.'J ■■■;-^^^^^s< TAMPINES SAFRA 9TH TO 1STH DECEMBER 2008

Page 38 Miscellaneous

Page 38 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 38

PREMIER LEAGUE WEEKEND Results Aston Villa 0 Fulham 0 Middlesbrough 0 Newcastle 0 Stoke City 1 Hull City 1 Sunderland 1 Bolton 4 Fuller 73pen Kina 45 Cisseii Taylor 18, Cahill 21, s Elmander 39, 55 Wigan 2 West Brom 1 Camara6l, Miller 47 Boyce 87 Playing Today Man City

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Page 39

SPORTS BETTING with the legal bookmaker I Pfll^RmßKi First 9981 Second 1770 KLeague Seoul Ulsan Sun, 30/11/08 I.oopm -p, tf\Qt E Premier, E League Champ, German, Italian, Spanish and J League matches are also on sale. For more details, please check Singapore Pools website. 10 a 1 1O E Premier

Page 39 Miscellaneous

Page 39 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 39

All square going into the final day of the Lexus Cup. »Pages 38-39 V i\

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Page 40

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better Mitsubishi Electric^^^^ J Air-Conditioner '_0...JJ!.~ A MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC j M ENERGY EFFICIENCY RATING R Energy Consumption kWh per hr Cooling Capacity: 9.01 kW MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Split type (inverter) air-conditioner MXY-4A3BVA Tested in accordance with JIS C 9612 I Actual energy consumption may vary from




Page 42

BULBS BAUBLES Tay Suan Chiang How to dress a Christmas tree Step 1 Begin by hanging silver garlands of beads vertically down the tree. Space them out, and loop them over the leaves to keep them in place. They also add depth to the decorations. Step 2 Hang the baubles,

Yuletide trees for sale [ARTICLE]

Page 42

Yuletide trees for sale Here is good news. Shops and nurseries told LifeStyle that prices for Christmas trees are the same as those last year, despite rising freight costs. Whether you want a real tree or an artificial one, here are some places to head to: Live Christmas trees With

Buys on a budget [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 43

Buys on a budget Jocelyn Lee Being a secret Santa could take all the fun out of the Christmas season. The tradition of having to buy a gift, usually budgeted between $5 to $20, for parties is a well-established one. But some people are at a loss when they have


Page 44

UNDER $10 Looks like a duck but this is actually a desktop vacuum cleaner. $9.95 Action City chain stores, including Plaza Singapura 81-12, tel: 6238-6093, Open: 11am to 10pm Tag your bags with this label. $10 Borders, Wheelock Place 01-00, tel: 6235-7146, Open: Bam to 11pm Get stripy with this


Page 44

UNDER $15 Stylish curves lend this Adidas water bottle ergonomic sass. $15 World Of Sports chain stores, including Velocity Novena Square 02-68/72, tel: 6259-9656, Open: 10am to 10pm When all else fails, resort to chocolate. Assorted box. $13 Remigio Confiserie, Plaza Singapura 81-K2, tel: 6741-0260, Open: 11am to 9.30pm Flatter

Party for 10 at just $130 [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 46

Party for 10 at just $130 Rebecca Lynne Tan Chef Tony Khoo shows you how to whip up a traditional Christmas feast with an Asian accent Christmas dinner need not burn a big hole in the pocket. Plan well and a meal for 10, complete with turkey, side dishes and


Page 46

Top it up Here are some other cheap and good Christmas goodies to add to the table. Fassler smoked salmon Serve smoked salmon as an appetiser before Christmas dinner or include a platter of it at the buffet table. Price: $9.90 for a 200g pack of Fassler Signature traditional smoked

Dine out for under $50 [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 47

Dine out for under $50 Here are some good deals for less than $50 a head for those who do not want to cook. On Christmas Eve Princess Terrace What: Eat your fill of delicious Penang favourites such as assam laksa (right) and nasi ulam at this buffet lunch. Where:

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 47

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day The Roxy Bar What: Have a sizzling barbecue dinner (left) with seafood and meats such as spring chicken, steak, rack of lamb and pork knuckle. Where: Grand Mecure Roxy Hotel, 50 East Coast Road, tel: 6340-5665, open: 5.30 to 10.30pm Price: From $32++ to

Have an artsy Christmas [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 48

Have an artsy Christmas Stephanie Yap There is a smorgasbord of shows for all ages and tastes and they come with discounts or are even free Even as Singaporeans hunker down for a lean Christmas, it seems they cannot resist splurging on a carol or two. Arts groups LifeStyle spoke

Discounts galore [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 48

Discounts galore All tickets are from Sistic ( sg or call 6348-5555). Prices exclude booking fees and ticket buyers may need to show identification to qualify for discounts. Where price categories (cat) are referred to, cat 1 is the most expensive category. MUSIC Alleluia, Sing Noel! Hallelujah Oratorio Society, Tonight,

Carols for a song [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 48

Carols for a song Longing for some Christmas cheer but need to pinch those pennies? In the spirit of giving, local a cappella groups will hold free performances at various locations around the city. Also, although most are already booked up for the festive season, some are still open to


Model's belly a haute button issue [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 52

Model's belly a haute button issue I Tan Vi Hui With the Worjd's Sexiest Woman sporting a smooth navel, will a button-less belly be the next cosmetic surgery trend? Supermodel Karolina Kurkova (right) is certainly not one to indulge in navel-gazing. That is because the Victoria's Secret model does not

Share grief to ease sudden loss [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 52

Share grief to ease sudden loss I Anthony Yeo Life Lines The sad plight of the dragon-boat race in Cambodia where five young men died was recently remembered by parents and next-of-kin one year after the incident. From reports gathered, the grief over this tragic loss is still being experienced


In the land of Vikings [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 53

In the land of Vikings SINGAPOREAN ABROAD IN KOPAVOGURWITH... Nurashima Abdul Rashid Age: 33 Occupation: Pre-school teacher's assistant Length of stay: 12 years Frankie Chee It sounds remote and cold but Iceland packs many natural wonders such as the mesmerising Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, lava fields and geothermal wonders


Mine gold in your backyard [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 54

Mine gold in your backyard Chua Mvi Hoong As belts tighten, it feels good to go local, eat local this festive season I have almost forgotten what the inside of an aeroplane looks like these days. Okay, I exaggerate a little. But it has been nearly a year since I


Page 54

Call my names I Lee Siew Hua Once, I e-mailed a colleague using a no-frills subject line: Spence Report. He proceeded to ignore me not like him at all. I waited a day or so and re-sent the e-mail, this time plonking my name in the subject line: From Siew

Novel way to get lovey-dovey [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 54

Novel way to get lovey-dovey Colin Goh Two e-mails arrived in my inbox on Tuesday, from unrelated senders, but whose content was sort of related, because they were about, well, relations. The first was from a friend in Singapore filling me in on the literary scene back home: How one


Money can't buy style [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 63

Money can't buy style Tay Suan Chiang I Glamour Gallery' These celebrities show that too much money can be quite hard on the eyes Actress Michelle Yeoh's husband )ean Todt brings out the animal in her. With the snake-print dress and fur coat, she looks set to film Crouching Snake


Page 63

LUXE FOR LESS Stretch your dollar with these value-for-money potions that are high on quality and low on price Organic Surge As the name suggests, Organic Surge's face, skin and haircare products are made from all-natural ingredients and are free from chemical additives such as parabens and synthetic scents A


Page 63

Stuff I Love Rebecca Chew Who: Rebecca Chew, 45, Principal of School Of The Arts Facial product: Origins Night-A-Mins mineral enriched moisture lotion. It's a good, rich moisturiser. I've used it once a day for about 10 years now. Body cleanser: Lemon shower cream from Marks Spencer. I like how


Inside killer minds [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 64

Inside killer minds Ben Nadarajan Famous criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan's first book delves into his most well-known cases THE BEST I COULD By Subhas Anandan Marshall Cavendish/ Paperback/296 pages/ $28 without GST at major bookstores/***** Subhas Anandan tells a great story. After 37 years defending criminals, he has more than

bestsellers [ARTICLE]

Page 64

bestsellers fiction 1. (1) The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga 2. (2) Change Of Heart by Jodi Picoult 3. (4) Divine Justice by David Baldacci 4. (3) The Shack by William P. Young 5. (5) The Gate House by Nelson DeMille 6. (8) A Prisoner Of Birth by Jeffrey Archer


Where is the wow? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 65

Where is the wow? Wong Ah Yoke j The food at posh Japanese restaurant Cniharu is not bad but it is nothing to shout about, either Eats Restaurants that charge premium prices should make sure that they deliver an experience that wows. But after my dinner at Chiharu on Bukit

Crackly good rice [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 65

Crackly good rice I Foong Woei Wan Cheap Good Lanterns, check. Warm lighting, check. Bamboo and dark wooden furnishings, check. As a brave new foodcourt that offers a Japanese dining experience at easy-on-the-pocket prices, Ishi Mura by the Suki Group the people behind the Suki Sushi joints certainly looks like


Page 66

Value eats Huang Lijie Restaurants are going all out to woo diners by offering big discounts, value-for-money buffets and cheaper menu options When news broke last month that Singapore had sunk into a recession, Persimmon restaurant in Tiong Bahru felt the bite at once eight of its 10 reservations cancelled

Good deals for meals [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 67

Good deals for meals Persimmon Where: 50 Tiong Bahru Road 01-07 The Link Hotel, tel: 6227-2271, open: 6am to 3pm and 6 to 10pm daily What: Eat your fill of modern Singaporean cuisine at the daily a la carte lunch ($2O) or dinner buffet ($25) featuring new creations such as

Anyone for squash? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 68

Anyone for squash? Tan Hsueh Yun Cooler weather does not always call for comforting chicken soup. Go for a festive-looking, hearty salad instead Hunger Management As I am not a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of person, I have a schedule of things I want to cook for this column and I pretty


Page 68

Eater's Digest fl~an Hsueh Yun The last two months have been a bumper season for new cookbooks. Here are three that stand out from the crowd: Kenny Shopsin runs his eatery the way restaurateurs everywhere can only dream of doing. At Shopsin's General Store in New York, he routinely kicks

Additive-free oyster sauce [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 69

Additive-free oyster sauce Chris Tan Ask The Foodie QI am keen on making my own oyster sauce instead of using store-bought ones that are laden with preservatives and additives. Could you please provide a recipe? Better yet, do you know of a place that sells real oyster sauce? Lee May

Fruit cake too crumbly [ARTICLE]

Page 69

Fruit cake too crumbly r\ Christmas is fast approaching and I would like to bake a fruit cake, but my past experiences have not been too fruitful. The cakes either had big cracks on the surface, tended to crumble when cut, or the dried fruit sank to the bottom instead


Page 70

Barfly to boss Anjana Krishna Kumar His interest in food and beverage led Mohan Mulani, once a regular at Harry's Bar, to buy it over More than 14 years ago, Mr Mohan Mulani was just a regular patron at Harry's Bar. Today, he is chief executive officer of Harry's Holding's,

To champagne moments [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 70

To champagne moments /Jenny Tan Wine Club. C.H Mumm Cuvee R. Lalou 1998, $250 $300 "What was your most recent champagne moment?" a friend once asked me. Champagne, often popped during celebrations, immortalises moments worth remembering. So the term "champagne moment" refers to a memorable moment toasted with French bubbly.


Page 70

TOPTIPPLE LEARN TO MAKE: Desire Melon Mint Martini Ingredients: 30ml Bombay Sapphire gin 10ml Ripe lime cordial 15ml Ripe apple juice 5 mint leaves How to make: Add all the ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake hard. Pour the shaken mixture into a well-chilled martini glass. Taste: Fruity

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Page 41

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Page 41 Miscellaneous

Page 41 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 41


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Page 42

One-stop EDUCATION FAIR min ß^ srhedule^oM a on Studying Living in Europe SS T ny E™:un d us 12.10 Ireland Belgium Saturday, 6 December 2008 12.30 Sweden Austria Hilton Hotel Singapore, 581 Orchard Road, 11am spm "f° ff\ taly 0 r r 13.10 Poland France 13.30 Finland Netherlands Austria B

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Page 43

N_iy __1______' _k The Tinsel. The Twinkle. iKtt All wrapped up for everyone in your list. IW^fl f[~^^M Instant Pretty $69.00 Make It Moisture $81.00 Great Skin Home j^l "fir^a^J All About Eyes, 15ml Moisture Surge Extended Away $168.00 di n iiS ■> High Impact Mascara in Black Thirst Relief,

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Page 44

W ■fe,,»_r __I_*X_I B^Bjv /cTl BBSlCD CHRISTMAS D©rmqO n s i s CELLULAR-YOUTH CREATING SKINCARE ESSENCE CONCENTRATE Formulated with IOOOx more iJgliiL^. Hyaluronic Acid +and Pro-Xylane™ for NEW| I— vt |^L >■«_ r- fc Derma Genesis IAAA J es^ence'concentrate I mOr© 1 Hyaluronic Acid 1 f I I "A different

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Page 45

I *Bb^; -m£^:--M :>ln :dikr^^:v^ ■■■Ml '^11 1/ 5-iOQ i2ob l cnb 13££ lApplicable taxes and fuel surcharge (*****) may vary according to departure dates choice of airlines. Booking must be made by 31 Dec 2008 and travel by 31 Mar 2009. Information is correct as of 28 Nov 2008

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Page 47

j^_^^»*yMi_^B ■bJ: reg IMb* ;.l I P mr. a *^l JW:v"":Hl HI "■IUt. -"^^^il ir^^'^B j^bl E^^ffllß I^.m.^3 r A ift j

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Page 48

k^J^__________j HUtl CHR/ST^ASl Hot chicks in 12 tailored dressings! Festive fining pricing This Yuletide, we've tailored our popular flavoured turkeys to I Parkroyai on I Parkroyai on U-J 14l /7553^*****2£\ tantalize every taste bud with 12 unique dressings ranging from Beach Road Kitchener Road WWn^TmMMtm I traditional Cranberry and Giblet,

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Page 49

INKJET ALL-IN-ONES INKJET PRINTERS mm I ff MnlN Gold Award Wbmar t^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ m November 2008 PIXMAMPI9B $149 PIXMA MP62B $369 f*PPI PIXMA MP9BB $5991|||| rSSSSr'EdwSSI inkTa'nk System Print/Scan/Copy Print/Scan/Copy fciPffil 'Print/Scan/Copy IMfflPl 9600 x 2400 dpi print resolution Scan resolution 600 x 1200 dpi 5-Colour Individual Ink Tank System Vm#4|l

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Page 50

REVOLUTIONARY^ BEAUTY PERFECTION in a bottle H 5Si/m>t>i-b-i--111* 1R f af** allin Builds new skin cells. Protects against threats that cause ageing. Only Dr. Recella CAN! Beauty Perfection is not JUST about collagen. It's about Dr. Recella the ONLY PREMIUM beauty concentrate drink formulated NOT ONLY to supply your skin

Page 50 Miscellaneous

Page 50 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 50

Search I Michael Jackson Michael Jackson is grateful to anybody who gives him $10 million. Just don't expect him to make Wall Photos YouTube Trophies Pwrite QlShare Link S Add Photos Music/Video Causes p^K Hey Mike, come to my place for Christmas. I'll make you your favourite crazy fruit pie

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Page 51

Participate and win your I H^ |^oV^olSfflP9l^l I choice of Holiday Gift i 4 I K^ Find out more at As Singapore becomes more wireless everyday, V V giving a mobile phone to a special someone is ■■■■■MMlmM^^ 9 becoming a thoughtful and practical gift idea. B^BH|MMHi|i fl LG will

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Page 52

InSatio'nal I Discover the joy in music learning with Conference renowned pedagogues! 2008 Hurry, register now for Master Classes. 3 6 December Violin/Cello/Double bass music accessories on sales! O «S INT£%^ On 3 December at 11.30 am, catch Tang Quartet performance. "°"V-,"""™ Venue: TRCC Theatre r^»*C (Free-Admission) g g q^

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Page 53

1 A| DIIVIE DRAW Complete your movie experience with a visit to The Alps Exhibition. Learn about 8 NOVEMBER 2008 Jjfec the formation of the Alps and discover the _30 APRIL 2009 challenges that the local residents face as global warming becomes a serious issue. VvllM a pair OT TGlum

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Page 55

tAfIKI tfl/W\| Mail envelope/postcard, marked WIIN I \J\j» The Straits Times Caption Contest, to: Singapore Press Holdings Ltd, MacPherson Road Post Office, Locked Bag Service No. 050, Singapore *****6. Multiple entries, made on original entry coupons, are allowed. Send your entries by Thursday. The best caption wins a $100 Capita

Page 55 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 55

This Christmas, reward your pet for being good with Addiction Foods' complete range! Enjoy these special promotions: FREE 4oz Meaty Bites with ESSi'^ purchase of 20lbs Dry Food FREE Finn's Wild Alaskan ft*?? 9 Salmon Oil with purchase i 23f%, of Kangaroo& Apples 3lbs, grvx* Le Lamb 4lbs or Viva

Page 55 Miscellaneous

Page 55 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 55

f ECONOMIC f^" [VEGETARIAN J A person who does not q\ eat meat because he or c^jj (P /y she wants to save money. A /B Usage: 'Tom really "i\ '^r[ loves his beef. But he's (h Yuk^i become an economic t^s^y^T=!^J vegetarian after he and i<2£» i his wife

Page 55 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 55

Where: Esplanade Theatre Studio MRT: City Hall M V-^ When: Today, 3 Bpm Admission: $4 1 fe M Q TPCC CHRISTMAS CONCERT Tel: 6348-5555 Info: fl 1t..1 L W Celebrate Christmas season at O CHARITY GIFT HOUSE 9^m^ Tne Pn' lnarmonic Chamber Choir's (TPCC) traditional Open your heart to

Page 55 Miscellaneous Column 3 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 55

relax What This column, which appears on the last Sunday of each month, features readers' pets. From now till December, readers will each receive $50 worth of pet food from Addiction Foods. Miumiu, 12-month-old male cross-siamese Owner: Fina Indrayanti, 24, housekeeper Hazel, three-year-old male persian Owner: Mohamad Farhan bin Mohamad

Page 56 Miscellaneous

Page 56 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 56

relax free to air starhub STAR WARS: LOVE l^fc. THECIRLWHO r ESCAPE FROM JUJflf^ Ik EPISODE 11 -ATTACK JPY Channel 8, 7pm LEAPT |g H|^ HUANG SHI OF THE CLONES I Anan ?f THROUGH TIME < |fc Celestial Movies Sss^tionittempron feels unTa™ o^h^TdSrfn^the^ Channel 5 Channel 8 Channel U Channel

Page 57 Miscellaneous

Page 57 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 57

starhub/mio tv sports li» riml Qiift-ii Liht.ili KnstiiKi Klflv (l>"th with vt-t .iik .tht-i llnl 'el /i ff\ i f+\ win.' \|fc-'v/ uuPlayhouse Disney Star Movies HBO mioTV Super Sports Plus (Ch 21) ESPN (Ch 23) 8.00 Soccer The fa Cup 2008/9: Round 2ICh *A\ ICU C»\ frh/UVI c c._»

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I [.'■> -J h,- rir^ri m 'COOL GIRLS. A HOT GUY J^H& -j) J JMJ; x£JVJ^ JINJ fc ITS THE TEEN FILM OF THE CENTURY! b A-Tf mi ntfifl^ J4 »*^tjl A NEW TERM FOR TROUBLE i ~f gj|^* J T>^-/ LCINEMAS NOW I [v IN CINEMAS NOW* IB I

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f^^^^^j o^^ Vince Reese KU Vaughn Witherspoon I^^F j J kW ONE DAY. */hy fc- J z*T^ -J VtTH k Ti -JmX^L. m3t four families, no mercy. 11 (He ra IPiINiIRPVII I Jlr --"Wv "^S^^^fl^^^^^L*A^^K^^^T*A^^^^^l^^H I HHsass&ia with Chinese subtitles ipgisexual references! ™ht "^—l^J|^ i H L^^^^M 1.^1:1 I

Page 60 Miscellaneous

Page 60 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 60

relax is^# mao^Cs^; Sill —f^ 1 1 |uck\ 111 I -thh«hhhhhh p/ 1 There are plans to install defibrillators 1 <&(<§% I §*Li©? >isf3^Jft I to revive heart-attack victims in Changi Airporhy IkNp W^l J^Np /A-^ I "**N>fe. rP SOT UP, HAD -AMD TH6W THIS (MW I x pgOBABtV f

Page 61 Miscellaneous

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Page 61


Page 62 Miscellaneous

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Page 62

relax ZITS BY JERRY SCOTT AND JIM BORGMAN Vast, I^™= just)JP? ~T| fcl' LJ ~"-i\i\i oow i i ruNL^ jiivi uwiwjiviaain -::f"&ss\ .meet at the fooo yV 9 so to the foooT^£ > SML I T^ J 1 C^l WSe*^£jttt>\ k^T^l AXE YOU ■'-sSi» ALWOSTI [~B HEy, YOU -a,-^, I

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WE HELP YOU SAVE A series brought to you by The Sunday Times

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Japanese sauce(s2s) mSiS^sVSSi ss*i This season of giving, give yourself and your loved ones a delicious treat. Enjoy P*^^BHQ fabulous discounts of up to 50% at some of your favourite restaurants. Kfc €^M Ej£) iy^a *fi* J A CRYSTAL JADE GROUP OF RESTAURANTS Dine-in Special (till 15 Dec 08) rW

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A escape awaits you i,' ■.j .It-By |C#^ J i Opening Specials All Day Long! 1-for-1 $9.80 Archipelago Freshly Brewed Beer Promotion valid till 15 Dec 2008 (base on regular price) Prices subject to 10% service charge government prevailing taxes Brewbaker's kitchen bar 59 Anchorvale Road #01-06 u~. Anchorvaiecc. Opening

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Sha Tin Kitchen o\f%/ C^- v [The One Only Original Hong Kong's Restaurant in Geylang] I I i!\. k^ ■;t-ia=<iMi-i^i Oiscount -r^" *£<2ls^V fc^'^^gSn^r^^^lK^" Galore I We had move to the address below: "?7f'--«j(^ Double Boiled ;S^^Bi| *i^» ICH CHI|S jff Hotline: Mixed Crouchingmger' tS^f/' j--*'' Braised I Bone w/j

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am. Twister Meal (Original Recipe) (w am. Platter Meal* Diced Original Recipe Chicken fillet, scrambled A hearty breakfast with Original Recipe TfC^*®i £k JH eggs, chopped tomatoes, Cheddar cheese Chicken fillet, scrambled eggs, am. Honey MM\.F^O I iCff.fff. and mayonnaise all wrapped in a tortilla and Biscuit and hash brown.

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Special Christmas Cheer I

Spread a little love [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 71

Spread a little love Celebrate the festive season by showing your loved ones that you care. This is the first of three Christmas specials to highlight the spirit of giving and sharing PHOTO: CHONC JUN LIANG

She follows her dreams [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 72

She follows her dreams Philip Lee Laurentia Tan, who says love and support helped her win medals at the Paralympic Games this year, is nurturing another sweet dream 1 to fall in love "I HOPE to fall in love one day, get married and have a happy, healthy and loving


Page 74

East meets West Christmas fare with a distinctly Asian touch is becoming more popular, Sim Ec Waun finds out IT PROBABLY happens only in a place like Singapore. A crossroads of cultures since time immemorial, with the local fare being a melting pot of cuisines, it's hardly any surprise that

Asian-inspired Christmas fare [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 75

Asian-inspired Christmas fare FAIRMONT SINGAPORE Christmas Turkey Eastern Treasures Oven Baked Turkey filled with Eight Treasures Chinese Herbs (5.5 kg at $150), Oven Baked Turkey Breast in Rendang Flavour (2kg at $78), Char Siew Stuffed Pork Shoulder Butt with Apricot Apple Orange Ginger Sauce (2kg at $75), Chocolate Tower Log


Page 76

Pet project Merlene Michael SPCA's Deirdre Moss says people should treat their pets like friends, not commodities ALL Ms Deirdre Moss wants for Christmas is "peace, tolerance and respect for animals". "Pets are being discarded like pieces of furniture," says the executive officer of the Society for the Prevention of

All in it together [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 76

All in it together Ceraldine Tan Artistes Allan Wu and Wong Li Lin teach their children the importance of giving and sharing in the festive season CHRISTMAS is always an activitypacked period for husband-and-wife Fly Entertainment artistes Allan Wu and Wong Li Lin. "We decorate the tree as a family,


Page 77

What a life Karon Ng Actress Tan Kheng Hua runs a fast pace but stops to reflect on a strange dichotomous year LIFE has been so hectic for actress Tan Kheng Hua that recently, for the first time, her 10-year-old daughter Lim Shi-An asked her to forgo an audition. And

Dress to impress [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 79

Dress to impress Some styles never go out of fashion Styling Kovit Ang xerofive concept Make up Hair: Khai using colours from YvesSaintLaurent Croomina: Cherlvnn Koh usina colours from RMK. Model: Ron T Mika V Cave') Photos: Printed violet short dress ($249) and heels ($309). From Banana Republic, Paragon #02-06


Page 80

Cook good Ceraldine Tan Making a name in the food and beverage business is hard but Tung Lok chef Sam Leong savours it CHRISTMAS is one of the most important retail events on the food and beverage (F&B) industry's calendar, and everyone is expected to pitch in to keep glasses

Flash that card [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 81

Flash that card Hit the malls and buy things with your credit cards during this festive season Where to shop CENTURY SQUARE, HOUCANC MALL, TIONC BAHRU PLAZA AND WHITE SANDS From lucky draws, storytelling sessions, Christmas carolling to Santa Claus walkabouts, these four malls under Asia Malls management have it

Chocolates are out [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 83

Chocolates are out Celebrity Jacelyn Tay tells Leong Phei Phei why she's giving the sweet stuff a miss this Christmas JACELYN Tay, artiste, author and entrepreneur rolled into one, loves chocolates all year except during Christmas. "I love dark chocolates, especially those with lots of nuts," confesses Tay in an

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Page 71

Christmas Goodies gra 1^ Dining Feasts Christmas isn't Christmas without turkey, ham, 1 fiff H Christmas is one reason to feast.These are the rest. log cake and other must-haves! ■lIIV 1-for-1 dining offers at The Singapore Flyer* Early Bird Promotions of up to 20% off Bistro Senso Gelatissimo Hibiki Seafood

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Page 72

%^_^/&tl&&14, t 0 Savour Rejoice with your nearest and dearest as the yuletide season heralds a dazzling celebration of sparkling toasts, ambrosial scents and joyous warmth at Swissotel Merchant Court. SWEET SCINTILLATION (12-31 Dec) NEW YEAR'S EVE 5-COURSE GALA DINNER CROSSROADS BAR (31 Dec) Decadent Dessert and Wine Buffet (7pm

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Page 73

CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS ON A HIGH NOTE AT SQUARE 2 Delight in the Christmas festivities with a Korean twist. With exciting performances and amazing gifts to redeem, you can certainly rediscover Christmas in a special way at Square 2. LET YOUR CHRISTMAS DREAMS COME TRUE A KOREAN POP CHRISTMAS GRAND DRAW

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Page 74

A MAGICAL MERITUS CHRISTMAS B^^B H^^l Whether you choose to soak up the festive atmosphere at Marina Bay or Orchard Road, celebrate this Christmas in style and splendour as you take your pick from our selection ofYuletide goodies and promotions! Indulge in Marina Mandarin's innovative creations such as Roost Turkey

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Page 75

|fln7St»iii[Sni»nii«lnffrrrffiißtSßvlSnT«iYrßnißgr^^ *R& mJ SB |c S Sm >^. J >^^B B« I Nicholas (White) 19Nov-IDec2ooB I H HtjHHIIBEM||HHB| ljH| BM) I Snowy(Blue) 2Dec-ioDec2oos I H I^^U^yE^^^n I Holly (Purple) 11 Dec -16 Dec 2008 I Pudd>(Red' 17Dec-23Dec2008 iHSHHRH HMUfEfiMHI 1. DaSh 'Green' 24Dec-31Dec2OO8 Make anytransaction at Robinson Group of Redeem

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Page 76

J^E"*"* -^9 jo^ _^jfll R 181 Design Your Rewards with points earned with our credit cards. fIPPS Redeem Anything Use your points to get anything Bhijj£H you fancy from your favourite store. fl||M| Redeem Now, Spend Later Not enough points to S^ilW rec' eem wnat y°u desire from our catalogue?

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Page 77

<2/ugar and spice, and all things nice Make Christmas at Asia Malls a sweet surprise! mji? mi^ Strawberry Shortcake Ginger Snap will be there #At the Candy House "^S^,^^^ with bustling fairs. l^ome play and dance! gl[ Come to our tea parties! m Come and listen to our wonderful stories!

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Page 78

4 *-M >t SI iii i l \A/!oh l!o+ Cr\r I—lim Anrl C^r I—l^r New York's Best-kept Secret ft flAfl [■M flfl AStfc l~ll^"\l r( J /"A I II I I J lr^l Adored by both celebrities and common mortals, Mario Badescu makes skin beautiful, the natural way. You can't

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Page 80

J W*l t. *t^| .^^^Kkt '*'<■/'■ Mi K. IV :'.v/ J -it. Nx fl B^^, 'A/. 4msmk/ -^r- I '■ffffHr' I-;' I P I Bfi^to^. ■:":|/l\- f-^V^VJ SSI Hpiri' a? Make it a truly PJB|PI||P^ unique Christmas at Vivo City. Exclusively with all American Express® Cards. Get the full list

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Page 81

r v i 7 Dec (Sun) 2pm Toy Soldiers Percussion fj 3? 4pm Santa and Elves 8 Dec (Mon) 2pm Toy Soldiers Percussion 4pm Santa and Elves 13 Dec (Sat) 2pm TAS Youth Voices Indulge in your season's shopping and redeem** great gifts: 3pm T oy Soldiers Percussion spm Santa

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Page 82

fan Vlii PR \~MmbL MflL \Sa wa vi wH ww i^ |1 IXUS 970 IS SsffKHi IVi 10 qctio fly lAUO OJIO IXUS 870 IS IXUS 98OIS IXUS 9701S The Science of Making Things Beautiful Alluring design. Gorgeous photos. Attractive promotions. Best Seller IV/ I I A Q^#\ I I

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Page 83

T i T T y y BBBIMBiBIWI CHRISTMAS MAGIC JynfflJTßnjHJSl t Rupert Bear 8 Ping Pong 5 /—v_ls Nov 25 Dec 2008 fl -^f ,9^\^ <$& 4 A 6-14 Dec 1 Spend a mm Of $100 at I (Sat&Sun) Ipm,4pm&7pm Christmas Magic with Rupert Bear 1 any shop on level

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Page 84

BUY IT-SELL IT-FIND IT w -_^_^-J~^ Li J I T/1 Tl 11 f)/M Products and services for pet ±Ltll~J 111X514/ 4U owners: R Cti VI tV PJI m n \Ky£=3» Pet grooming courses CIX/LlVlLy l^CL±±±LJ I and services pageC3 LP« .^IM~j MWPm Living like X CatS QOgS? Islandwide home delivery

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AH Personal Your CATS Classified Guide jj^j*l^ nfc fe J^^ [~J l_J )3||pri j_rj''Jj^-'i'i' lii.' Food Entertainment Leisure Programmes Professional Services Personal Business Eateries, edibles and From clubs and game arcades For a range of sports and The place to turn to when you Personal care, special interest Business needs,

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'j|» Personal VJ^ ...between those who like animals and those who dislike them Ikftl^ Written by AdeleOng A m\ S^ M ome people don't like animals. It's just a Tension always exists in an environment out and fight with other cats. more noise and smell ~v fact, and people have

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f CHECK IT OUT r y9P^ 111. Great game! Gpeat bookf kf+n&jti, \j f =sks=skks--—. Ss££- gMI wL lift s—»--===- "-rr.«- bv\l 1^ 3T emotions? Well, in Little Big Planet, you can! The book is about a girl named Kimi, V U Vl %Z1 At every stage, there are different

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lfi|k 9 9 Properties «^S# This week: Districts 20-28 PROJECT NAME PRICE (S) SO. FT PROJECT NAME PRICE (SI SOFT PROJECT NAME PRICE (SI SOFT PROJECT NAME PRICE (S) SOFT PROJECT NAME PRICE (S) SOFT District 20 dementi Park 628,000 872 The Lakeshore 1,330,000 1,593 The Madeira 625,000 1,055 District

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lfi|k 9 9 Properties «^S# Wt\ Dl 5-16 EAST COAST Iflk Dl 7-18 P!K Dl 9-20 P!K Dl 9-20 P!K Dl 9-20 Pftv Dl 9-20 t^fi D 25-28 NORTH D 25-28 NORTH t^fi D 25-28 NORTH t^fi D 25-28 NORTH WJ HOUSES FOR SALE WM CHANGI/PASIR RIS Ujji SERANGOON/THOMSON Ujji

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Properties TravelJ^Education Jobs^^A^ i\a Kh ROOMS FOR RENT llfk NORTH/NORTH-EAST "|f!f|V WEST "ißi OFFICE SPACE "fc^ TOURS ~Bh TOURS HKToURS HK TOURS (PRIVATE) HDBAPTS FOR RENT HDBAPTS FOR RENT \jjjf FOR RENT |jjP |(P }jgf }jgf ?SS?SS F^ttSl sS"!SSfS jr AA"'AA^l*ii*liiifcKiiliiiiiiiiilil^ CSLDcroi iit Tinur rahdii rniunn u,rf.,/ P^^^_-r^^fl'l'] 11 V

Adding sparkle to smile [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Adding sparkle to smile brcooblems Janice Coh Orthodontist Ivan Lim livestheir dental HAVING a beautiful smile creates confidence, says Dr Ivan Lim, a senior consultant in the orthodontic department at the National Dental Centre (NDC). "My job gives me the opportunity to change people, and make them feel and look

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REC RUIT T^^^lSi .OcC^T"^ <~^" mm "^^^V-^P^T ah' J~2'T^Ma~^'fcfi^r"J^g:*irrfc'y~i~i ir—■> rP"*iiTTa I^*l d—a *^Crrr~^Si^'~TJ^*"^ "*S rfT manna—Tw m£"^ mt n—t^T^ f~~i ~~ir\~t^m^\i~-T'r\ ri^^"~i *^4MtaJ^^N*M -\"~-:-'Vv'.V:>..;:-'.■■::-;■"■; V V P^ w^^K With rapid technological advances in the marketplace, it is crucial to keep up with changes and establish your presence in the