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thesundaytimes JUNE 3, 2007 96 pages in three parts MICA(P) 199/12/2006 ttV A Singapore Press Holdings publication OvJ Cents

US, China play down rising tension [ARTICLE]

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US, China play down rising tension Shefali Rekhi Goh Sui Noi OP OF THE NEWS By RISING tensions over China's military build-up were yesterday nudged down a notch or two by the principal players themselves China and the United States. At yesterday's session of the Shangri-La Dialogue, the deputy chief

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4AJpBi RAFFLES'SECRETS YOUR CREDIT HISTORY M WL Thrill cha 11 sunqav jf^Rarerelics What you don't JSSiSz in hands of (N\ know about w At least BBBBHW S'porean yourself II trynotto Plj«a I I J T I r I U"H*g [A 1 DESIGN: PETER WILLIAMS PHOTOS: ISTOCK, AFP REUTERS


'Clean-cut' S'poreans drug mules of choice [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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'Clean-cut' S'poreans drug mules of choice Ben Nadarajan Two women jailed in Japan for drug offences are among 330 nabbed overseas in past 5 years THEY are Singaporean women who were humble clerical assistants with no criminal records, let alone any links to the murky world of drugs. Yet both

Durai owes $787,000, may be made bankrupt [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Durai owes $787,000, may be made bankrupt Elena Chong FORMER National Kidney Foundation chief T.T. Durai may soon be declared bankrupt if he cannot pay $787,012 to the charity. The new NKF board's lawyers, Allen Gledhill, served a statutory demand on Durai on April 27 to pay the debt within

Baby of couple on the run released from JB prison [ARTICLE]

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Baby of couple on the run released from JB prison Cheryl Tan 5-month-old boy, whose parents surrendered at Woodlands Checkpoint, is now with MCYS here A BABY whose Singaporean parents did not register his birth in Malaysia because they were on the run has been released from a Johor Baru

Drugs, destitution and desperation: A couple's fugitive life [ARTICLE]

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Drugs, destitution and desperation: A couple's fugitive life Cheryl Tan SKIPPING town to dodge drug charges looked like a good idea at the time, but the fugitive life soon became a hellish existence for a young Singaporean couple. They became so desperate, they were reduced to going hungry so they

Cyclists on footpaths: Mixed reactions from pedestrians [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Cyclists on footpaths: Mixed reactions from pedestrians Jocelyn Lee PHOTO: PEDESTRIANS fear cyclists will end up taking the authorities for a ride in a trial project to let bikes share footpaths in Tampines. "Cyclists will be on their best behaviour (during the trial)," said customer service officer Kelvin Yeo, 52.

Businessman shells out $1.7m for rare Raffles relics [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Businessman shells out $1.7m for rare Raffles relics Tan Dawn Wei Collection of letters, books and artefacts may be put up for public viewing TWO sizeable and rare collections of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles' letters, books and artefacts are now in Singaporean hands. Prominent businessman Tang Wee Kit of the

Can't stand waiting at sales? Then take a seat [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Can't stand waiting at sales? Then take a seat FOR retiree Teo Joo Meng, it was, indeed, The Sale Worth Waiting For. The 71-year-old brought his own chair to the Robinsons sale at The Centrepoint on Vesak Day last Thursday and sat waiting while his wife queued up at the

Unit ablaze, but building's tenants work on unaware [ARTICLE]

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Unit ablaze, but building's tenants work on unaware Cheryl Tan, Melody Zaccheus Jerome Scow They say no alarm was sounded; Firefighters put out flames in shoe factory in 10 minutes A FIRE raged on in a factory unit in Übi Avenue 2 yesterday morning while the building's other tenants kept

Vigilantes step up fight against dengue [ARTICLE]

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Vigilantes step up fight against dengue Tan Dawn Wei Environmental agency got over 2,500 calls last month; others blog, share info or write to the papers THE National Environment Agency (NEA) may have waged war on dengue fever, but it is still scant comfort to worried Singaporeans who have taken

Arts fest rustles up new sounds [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Arts fest rustles up new sounds Adeline Chia ARTS REPORTER PAPER was the star of the Singapore Arts Festival gala concert held at the Esplanade Concert Hall last night. Not only were the musical scores of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra roped in, paper cymbals, thin waxed-paper bags and a Chinese


Students win $5,000 for fusion dish [ARTICLE]

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Students win $5,000 for fusion dish A HUMBLE roti John (egg-washed fried bread) filled with anchovies, shrimp paste and pepper seeds won The Great Cultural Cookout yesterday, a cooking competition for secondary school students. Queenstown Secondary School students Eleena Rosli, Siti Nurzean Awang, Fenellin Yeo Hui and Eu Zhi Yong,

George Yeo on visit to S. Korea [ARTICLE]

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George Yeo on visit to S. Korea FOREIGN Minister George Yeo will attend the 6th Ministerial Meeting of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue in Seoul, South Korea from today to Tuesday. This will be followed by an official visit to South Korea from Wednesday to Saturday at Foreign Minister Song Mm

Delay in newspaper delivery [ARTICLE]

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Delay in newspaper delivery READERS of The Straits Times received their copies of the newspaper late on Saturday due to some technical faults at our end. We are sorry for the delay.


US seeks Asia's help in stabilising Afghanistan [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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US seeks Asia's help in stabilising Afghanistan Shefali Rekhi Far from neglecting Asia, the US is more engaged than ever before, says Pentagon chief UNITED States Defence Secretary Robert Gates wants Asia's help in stabilising Afghanistan and building ties with Central Asia, a region that has been building alliances with

Stay the course in nuclear talks to disarm Pyongyang, urges Seoul [ARTICLE]

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Stay the course in nuclear talks to disarm Pyongyang, urges Seoul Goh Sui Noi SOUTH Korea yesterday urged its negotiating partners to stay the course in nuclear disarmament talks with North Korea. That approach offered the best path to peace, said Defence Minister Kirn Jang Soo. There are still obstacles

Dialogue to be held here till 2011 [ARTICLE]

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Dialogue to be held here till 2011 THE Shangri-La Dialogue, which boasts the largest-ever participation from defence ministers and security specialists this year, will continue to be hosted in Singapore till 2011. That year will also mark 10 years of the summit, according to Di John Chipman, the direc-tor-general and

Malaysian DPM not attending this time [ARTICLE]

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Malaysian DPM not attending this time MALAYSIA'S Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was conspicuous by his absence at the Shangri-La Dialogue this year. He had given the regional security forum strong support previously, attending the meetings in the last two years. In 2005, he

Japan's Defence Minister here [ARTICLE]

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Japan's Defence Minister here JAPAN, for the first time, has a defence minister attending the regional security forum. The country formed a full-fledged defence ministry only in January when it upgraded its defence agency as part of a plan to improve its security. The past forums were attended by the

Report on China's military buildup 'unreliable' [ARTICLE]

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Report on China's military buildup 'unreliable' Goh Sui Noi Beijing's chief delegate calls Pentagon report a 'product of the Cold War mindset' CHINA yesterday slammed last month's Pentagon report on its military buildup, saying it was unreliable and not to be believed. Lieutenant-General Zhang Qinsheng, Beijing's chief delegate to the

Defence chiefs back two-pronged thrust against violent extremists [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Defence chiefs back two-pronged thrust against violent extremists Shefali Rekhi DEFENCE ministers attending a regional meet agreed on a robust and inclusive security architecture to promote cooperation between nations. They also backed a two-pronged approach combining security initiatives with community engagement to counter violent extremism. These discussions took place at


Rape, child sex, muggings: Does virtual reality need police? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Rape, child sex, muggings: Does virtual reality need police? Washington Post WASHINGTON EARLIER this year, one animated character in Second Life, a popular online fantasy world, allegedly raped another character. Some Internet bloggers dismissed the simulated attack as nothing more than digital fiction. But police in Belgium, according to newspapers

Former Senate aide facing lawsuit over her online sex diary files for bankruptcy [ARTICLE]

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Former Senate aide facing lawsuit over her online sex diary files for bankruptcy AP MS JESSICA Cutler (left), the former Senate aide whose online sex diary landed her a book deal and a Playboy photo spread but got her kicked off Capitol Hill, has filed for bankruptcy. Ms Cutler, a

Top Chinese leader dies [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Top Chinese leader dies hua Chin Hon Analysts say Huang Ju's death weakens the Shanghai Faction rivals to President Hu Jintao's power base CHINA BUREAU CHIEF BEIJING CHINA'S sixth-most powerful leader Huang Ju died yesterday after a prolonged battle with an undisclosed illness, a development set to accelerate political jockeying


Thai anti-junta rally draws 10,000 [ARTICLE]

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Thai anti-junta rally draws 10,000 Nirmal Ghosh BANGKOK About 10,000 people gathered at a rally in Bangkok yesterday night called by the pro-Thai Rak Thai (TRT) television channel PTV (People's Television), which has been unable to broadcast in Thailand. It is the largest protest against the military regime since the

Cricket coach 'not murdered' [ARTICLE]

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Cricket coach 'not murdered' MELBOURNE Jamaican police are to announce this week that Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer died of natural causes and was not murdered, as they had initially stated, Britain's Daily Mail said yesterday. Citing a source close to the inquiry, the newspaper said the Jamaican authorities will

Taiwan legislative polls on Jan 12 [ARTICLE]

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Taiwan legislative polls on Jan 12 BLOOMBERG TAIPEI Taiwan will hold its legislative elections on Jan 12, the Central Election Commission said yesterday. No decision has been made on the date for the presidential election or whether it will be held on the same day as the legislative elections, Taiwan's


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IT'S ALL A HOAX AFP, Reuters, AP 'Dying' woman offered to donate kidney on reality show, but... Elaborate stunt aimed at raising awareness of the urgent need for organ donations THE HAGUE A DUTCH TV show featuring a dying woman deciding which of three candidates would receive her kidney has

Protests against upcoming G-8 summit turn violent [ARTICLE]

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Protests against upcoming G-8 summit turn violent AP, AFP, Reuters ROSTOCK (Germany) HUNDREDS of masked demonstrators hurled stones and bottles at police in the German port of Rostock yesterday during a demonstration by tens of thousands of people against the upcoming Group of Eight (G-8) summit. Police, who were equipped

Young moderates in PAS may fend off challenge by clerics [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Young moderates in PAS may fend off challenge by clerics Reme Ahmad Although official results are not out, they believe they have won key party posts MALAYSIA CORRESPONDENT KOTA BARU ALTHOUGH the results of the Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) elections will only be made official today, its young moderate leaders

Plot to bomb fuel line to JFK foiled [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Plot to bomb fuel line to JFK foiled AP, Reuters, AFP Three suspects who might have sought help from Jl separately arrested in New York and Trinidad NEW YORK THREE people were arrested and another was being sought yesterday in connection with a plot to blow up a fuel line

Man hacks 10 to death in drunken rampage [ARTICLE]

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Man hacks 10 to death in drunken rampage Reuters, AP MANILA A FILIPINO in a drunken rage hacked dozens of people with a machete yesterday, killing 10 and wounding 19 on the central Philippine island of Samar. Chief Inspector Aniceto Tecbobolan, police chief of Calbayog City on Samar, said the

Massive training plan in the works [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Massive training plan in the works Sim Chi Yin Sim Chi Yin SPORE-CHINA COOPERATION 1,200 Dalian officials could head to Republic for government-level public admin programme, says Tharman CHINA CORRESPONDENT DALIAN (LIAONING) SINGAPORE will run its largest government-level public administration programme to help train officials in north-eastern China's port city

Raid at Vietnam casino upsets foreign visitors [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

Raid at Vietnam casino upsets foreign visitors Roger Mitton Plain-clothes policemen fire shots into air and attack manager in bid to nab locals gambling VIETNAM CORRESPONDENT HANOI IT WAS like something out of the gangster-flick The Untouchables. As tourists, including several Singaporeans, were enjoying a pleasant evening at a casino

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INDEX RuBS asia Chinese vice-premier dies China's sixth-most powerful leader Huang Ju died yesterday, weakening the Shanghai Faction. 15 Plan for special needs 23 Gender-free language 31 Unsporting team orders?.. .37 Calling for clues 40 Teens turn inventors 42 Eola Fitting in with Singlish 43 lifestyle Asian queens rule The

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|v^^^ V £*.•■■<.. ;c WHAT is causing thousands of Chinese to stage violent protests? WHY are people in the Netherlands spending big money to buy patches of water?

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Know your financial health [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 22

Know your financial health Thousands of Singaporeans check their credit history with Credit Bureau Singapore every month to ensure they have a clean bill of financial health before they apply for loans. The increased awareness is behind plans by DP Information Group to set up a second such bureau. So

two cents' worth [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 22

two cents' worth Charles Givens Working smarter instead of harder creates wealth faster Author HOW long does it take to double your money in an investment? a long time in a 7 per cent bank account, not so long if you're earning over 20 per cent per year in a

wallstreet [ARTICLE]

Page 22

wallstreet REUTERS US stocks cheered by strong jobs and manufacturing data NEW YORK US STOCKS rose on Friday, driving the Dow and the S&P 500 to record finishes as strong jobs and manufacturing data reassured investors about the economy's health. Wal-Mart Stores shares jumped 3.9 per cent after it announced

Estate planning revolves around his children [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 23

Estate planning revolves around his children Lorna Tan ME MY MONEY Financial adviser covers all the bases with insurance and estate plan, and ensures autistic child is provided for FINANCE CORRESPONDENT HAVING a child who is autistic and has other special needs has given Vincent Tey more reason than most

Colours of nature in a tropical, airy home [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 24

Colours of nature in a tropical, airy home MY SPACE "OUR home was meant to be a warm, tropi-cal-themed place with comfortable earth tones to add to the serene surroundings. Different shades of green on the walls and dark wooden doors give a comfortable and natural tone. The 710 sq

Transfer of rental deposit to new landlord requires tenant's consent [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 25

Transfer of rental deposit to new landlord requires tenant's consent Ang Kirn Lan YOUR PERSONAL ADVISER: FINANCE Q IF I buy a property with an existing tenancy, what are the legal implications, given all of the following circumstances: 1. The option specifies that the property is sold with an existing


Can I find stable job with a film degree in S'pore? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 28

Can I find stable job with a film degree in S'pore? Eunice Chia-Lim YOUR PERSONAL ADVISER: CAREER Q WHAT are the prospects of a career in Singapore for someone with a film diploma or degree? Should one follow one's passion or be resigned to life's realities? I'm going to be

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headliners Lynette Lim New swimming record holder She smashed Singapore's longest-stand-ing women's national record when she clocked 8min 58.35sec in the 800m event of a high school competition in the US. The 15-year-old student, who studies in the US, shaved l.llsec off Junie Sng's 1983 record. Two days earlier, she


Page 29

WENT UNDER Sandra Davie WHY UNSW vice-chancellor Fred Hilmer tells Education Correspondent Sandra Davie in Sydney that pulling the plug had to be done HE FLEW out the same day he announced the closure of the Singapore campus of the University of New South Wales (UNSW), leaving the faculty and

Make it life-long [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

Make it life-long IT IS admirable that the matter of preventable drownings water safety, in the language of bureaucrats is being tackled at source. Primary schools have, since the beginning of the year, been teaching their pupils the rudiments of swimming. If reports are not exaggerated, 11,000 children in 55

Chiang's difficult legacy [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

Chiang's difficult legacy Ong Hwee Hwee TAIWAN CORRESPONDENT TAIPEI DISPATCHES MORE than three decades after his death, some elements in Taiwan are trying to bury the very memory of the leader whose name was once virtually synonymous with the island. Over the past few months, Chiang Kai-shek has been dropped

No sex, please – it's English [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 31

No sex, please it's English Janadas Devan ON WORDS ONE should be thankful for small mercies. And one of the things one should be most grateful for in English is that its nouns do not have a complex gender system. Many other languages do. A "stone", for instance, is a

The fight to be on pension again [ARTICLE]

Page 32

The fight to be on pension again A group of 100 ex-civil servants took out a class-action suit against the Government recently, demanding a return to the pension scheme. K.C. Vijayan examines the issues LODGED in his Bukit Batok flat, retired civil servant Amat Ali Ahmad rues the day in

No regrets for those who stuck with scheme [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 32

No regrets for those who stuck with scheme Nur Dianah Suhaimi WHEN retired police officer Kali Dass was hospitalised for two weeks for a mild stroke in 1990, his hospital bill came up to almost $40,000. Yet, Mr Dass, 56, who also has hypertension and bronchitis, paid only a fraction

Page 30 Miscellaneous

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Page 31

X y ■pi fMi^jjpj^jM' f Few holidays are as exciting or refreshing as a cruise. With the splendour and endless fun diversions onboard, plus many exotic destinations to choose from, your getaway will be truly memorable. Of course, with everything from deluxe accommodation to fabulous dining and fine entertainment all

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Page 32

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Becks lights up bore draw [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 33

Becks lights up bore draw Rob Hughes Reuters, AFP His free kick results in goal, but little else clicks for England and Brazil ENGLAND and, for heaven's sake, David Beckham came home to Wembley Stadium on Friday. Can I tell you a secret? I left at half-time. This was a

Contrasting comebacks for Becks, Owen [ARTICLE]

Page 33

Contrasting comebacks for Becks, Owen Terrence Voon ENGLAND need both David Beckham and Michael Owen. But for very different reasons. Beckham needs to play as much as possible, while Owen needs to give up his jersey to someone more deserving. That much was obvious on Friday at the new Wembley,

Lampard gets the boos [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 34

Lampard gets the boos AP Chelsea midfielder looks a misfit, but Gerrard sparkles LONDON WHILE David Beckham got the cheers, Frank Lampard got the jeers. Lampard's name was met with catcalls when the line-ups were announced for Friday's 1-1 draw with Brazil at the Wembley Stadium. The reception did not

ST Panel: Not very wise to pair Gerrard and Lampard [ARTICLE]

Page 34

ST Panel: Not very wise to pair Gerrard and Lampard Should Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard play together in the England midfield? R. Vengadasalam, director of operations, Tampines Rovers "They should play together because they are the best midfielders in England. Maybe they can overcome their problems by having another

Kok Wai Leong, general manager, SAFFC [ARTICLE]

Page 34

Kok Wai Leong, general manager, SAFFC "Against Brazil, Gerrard and Lampard were a lot more mobile, and there was some understanding between them. But there was nothing spectacular. "They are both good offensive players. So I think Owen Hargreaves would be a better partner for either of them."

James Lawton, chief sports writer and columnist for The Independent [ARTICLE]

Page 34

James Lawton, chief sports writer and columnist for The Independent "Gerrard is very talented. His best position is on the right side of midfield or just behind the strikers where England can use his explosive qualities. If England can get Paul Scholes to return, that would be a better partnership

Barry Whitbread, former Singapore national coach [ARTICLE]

Page 34

Barry Whitbread, former Singapore national coach "Gerrard has got to play. He played well against Brazil. Against the top teams in Europe, it's difficult to get away with both Gerrard and Lampard in the middle. England need someone like Owen Hargreaves. And Gerrard should partner him, because he is a

Giggs has given his all for Wales [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 35

Giggs has given his all for Wales Rob Hughes Welsh winger, 33, wants to prolong his career at Manchester United RYAN Giggs, by far the best British winger of the past 17 years, chose this weekend to retire from national team football with Wales. He did it to prolong his

PENNY WISE... Mourinho happy with free transfers [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 35

PENNY WISE... Mourinho happy with free transfers LONDON FROM being the biggest spenders on the block, Chelsea want to become the stingiest. And the manager Jose Mourinho, surprisingly, is not complaining that he may have to win back the Premiership without spending a single penny. The club's transfer moves for

POUND FOOLISH? Benitez gambles full kitty on snaring Eto'o [ARTICLE]

Page 35

POUND FOOLISH? Benitez gambles full kitty on snaring Eto'o LONDON LIVERPOOL manager Rafael Benitez is prepared to gamble his entire transfer kitty on Barcelona striker Samuel Eto'o. And he has demanded the club strike quickly to capture a player who might cost as much as £35 million (Sslo6 million), reported

Defender Shariff out to keep Indonesia at bay [ARTICLE]

Page 35

Defender Shariff out to keep Indonesia at bay Leonard Lim HE WAS one of the first to arrive at Changi Airport for the national U-23 side's 10am flight to Jakarta yesterday. Shariff Abdul Samad, one of the three footballers who missed a national-team flight to Phnom Penh two years ago,

Mauresmo bows out again [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 36

Mauresmo bows out again AFP 13ii d I if*] ißv/ii in i i rmi kti PARIS AMELIE Mauresmo's hopes of winning her home Grand Slam tournament were left in tatters yesterday when she lost 3-6, 6-7 (3/7) to Lucie Safarova of the Czech Republic in a third-round tie. It was

HOT BODS SPECIAL: Women tennis players in a burst of colours make French Open a Glam Slam event [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 36

HOT BODS SPECIAL: Women tennis players in a burst of colours make French Open a Glam Slam event Jeanette Wang Ana Ivanovic, 19, Serbia Dress up: The mahogany fitted dress, with a slightly pleated skirt portion, is both functional and stylish. Intense pink ribbing provides support and visual contrast. Yuliana

Thinking of low scores ruins Scott's magical run [ARTICLE]

Page 36

Thinking of low scores ruins Scott's magical run AP, AFP DUBLIN (Ohio) WHEN golfer Adam Scott was on automatic pilot, he was racking up the birdies. It was only when he started thinking about just how low he could go that his run at a magical 59 turned to vapour.

Kline's happy, despite firing 17-over-par 89 [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 36

Kline's happy, despite firing 17-over-par 89 REUTERS SOUTH CAROLINA AMERICAN teenager MacKinzie Kline exited the Ginn Tribute with a smile, despite shooting a 17-over-par 89 in the second round on Friday. The 15-year-old Californian, who was born with a congenital heart defect, had achieved a long-cherished dream by making her

Wrong to ban 'team orders' as they are part of F1 [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 37

Wrong to ban 'team orders' as they are part of F1 Tay Cheng Khoon ASK silver-haired pensioners for a well-known racing driver, and they'll whisper Stirling Moss. Ask almost everyone else, and you'll get Michael Schumacher. Yes, they were greats. Their charisma and skills helped them and the sport develop

S'pore men win their first gold [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 37

S'pore men win their first gold Leonard Lim Republic's women retain their team title to give country a historic double SINGAPORE captured their first men's team table tennis gold in the Commonwealth Championships at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur, India, yesterday. They clobbered the hosts 3-0, with Yang Zi

Dettori lands Epsom Derby on his 15th try [ARTICLE]

Page 37

Dettori lands Epsom Derby on his 15th try AFP EPSOM (England) AUTHORIZED won the Epsom Derby yesterday, giving riding legend Frankie Dettori his first win in the race on his 15th ride. Once Dettori produced him an the outside halfway down ;he finishing straight ,there was only going to be

How to: Spike in beach volleyball [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 37

How to: Spike in beach volleyball It's the move that wins points in beach volleyball. But do it wrong, and you'll end up getting burnt in the sun. Here's the right way to spike, courtesy of former national volleyball player Joey Wu, who switched to sand last year 1. POSITION

Gilchrist claims Asian title [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 38

Gilchrist claims Asian title Jeanette Wang Cueist beats Thai 5-2 in final for Republic's first major title in cuesports IN JUST six months, Singapore's Peter Gilchrist has gone from Asian Games bronze medallist to Asian champion. On Friday, the 39-year-old Eng-land-born cueist claimed the Asian Billiards Championship crown at the

All Blacks launch Cup crusade with French rout [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 38

All Blacks launch Cup crusade with French rout Reuters, AP AUCKLAND NEW Zealand sent an ominous warning to their World Cup rivals with a 42-11 victory over European champions France yesterday. South Africa also overcame resistance from a depleted England team to win 55-22, while Australia trounced Wales 31-0 in


Aussie goalie's gift [ARTICLE]

Page 38

Aussie goalie's gift AFP GOALKEEPER Goalkeeper Brad Jones dropped a clanger to allow Uruguay to come from behind and beat Australia 2-1 in a soccer friendly in Sydney yesterday. The Socceroos, gearing up for next month's Asian Cup Finals without seven of their European stars, took a shock seventh-minute lead

Dutch sink Koreans [ARTICLE]

Page 38

Dutch sink Koreans REUTERS MIDFELDER Rafael van der Vaart netted twice as the Netherlands eased to a 2-0 win over South Korea in a soccer friendly in Seoul yesterday. The Dutch side missed a handful of good chances, before van der Vaart fired home from the spot after half an

New Zealand 2-0 up [ARTICLE]

Page 38

New Zealand 2-0 up AFP EMIRATES Team New Zealand dealt a severe blow to Luna Rossa's America's Cup bid yesterday. The sailing team from New Zealand recorded an emphatic win to lead 2-0 in the best-of-nine race series for the Louis Vuitton Cup. In stark contrast to Friday's opening race

Anelka can leave [ARTICLE]

Page 38

Anelka can leave ENGLISH soccer club Bolton's manager Sammy Lee is happy to do a play-er-plus-cash deal with Manchester United for striker Nicolas Anelka. Lee is interested in striker Alan Smith and midfielder Kieran Richardson, reported The Daily Mail.

Scoresheet [ARTICLE]

Page 38

Scoresheet BASEBALL MLB: Atlanta 8 Chicago Cubs 5, NY Yankees 9 Boston 5, Cleveland 12 Detroit 11, Washington 4 San Diego 3 (10 innings), San Francisco 13 Philadelphia 0, LA Dodgers 5 Pittsburgh 4, Chicago White Sox 3 Toronto 0, Kansas City 4 Tampa Bay 1, Arizona 5 NY Mets

Thais win MUPC regional finals [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 38

Thais win MUPC regional finals ANUSAK Laosangthai's strike (above right) helped Thailand win this year's Manchester United Premier Cup (MUPC) regional finals yesterday at the Singapore Sports School. They edged out India 1-0 in the championship match of the Nike-sponsored tournament. Both teams qualified for th( MUPC world finals, to

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stomp ***** 1800******57

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3 _=_"'*'_«__U.'T_B. H __T¥7T?^WTT7^_^^^__^_^7V___^^_r >rj i wj vA V \mW Am __L_84 _r A V Ll _l -w AW I L11 3 Perak Sunday 3 June 2007 Meeting 3 Perak Racing Results race i: class s premier division 1600M race k class s (2) 1200M time: 15:55 RM***** TIME: 13:30

Page 34 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 34

7l i**___i___-^r I r___l ,1 r__L I r_r_*1 r__L r_»w7wij I Ym. ssAW W Itm Awi v [tl if iTH [g Aiim [£ifi 3 June 2007 Meeting Sha Tin Mixed "B+2" Course Perth I RACE 1: CLASS 4 SAN DOMENICO HANDICAP-1650M I RACE 7: CLASS 3 ORIENTAL EXPRESS HANDICAP 1200M

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I ovlb' <tr/ke WITH THE Spt 9 >* LEGAL BOOKMAKER SCORE Indonesia Singapore U23 Sun, 03/06/07 B.oopm I Soles do»s 5 minutes before kick-oWlime.orotthe outlets'dmiiMlmiu. I For PoolzConnect members, sales doses 5 minutes before kick-off lime. Find the most comprehensive (i range of products and services in CATS Classified in

Page 38 Miscellaneous

Page 38 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 38

TV times BASEBALL MLB: LA Dodgers v Pittsburg Pirates (Live, Ch23, 7am). GOLF EPGA Celtic Manor Wales Open: Day 3 (Delayed, Ch2l, 4pm). Final day (Live, Ch2l, 10pm). LPGA Ginn Tribute: Day 3 (Delayed,

Page 38 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 38

Ch2l, 7pm), PGA The Memorial: Final day (Live, Ch22, tomorrow, 3am). ICE HOCKEY Stanley Cup Final, Game 3: Anaheim Ducks v Ottawa Senators (Live, Ch22, Bam). MOTOR CYCLING MotoGP, Italy: Live, Ch24, 4.57pm. MOTOR RACING IRL Racing: Milwaukee Indy 225 (Live, Ch23, tomorrow, 4am). SOCCER Euro 2008 qualifier: Faroe Islands


Thumbs on the phone...go! [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 39

Thumbs on the phone...go! Cheryl Tan Teams fan out across Singapore in search of clues, with the help of a Nokia N95 ALL we had was a Nokia N95 and $40 to our name. With these, my team-mate and I were supposed to perform various tasks and track down several


Sennheiser PXC450 NoiseGard headphones [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 39

Sennheiser PXC450 NoiseGard headphones Yeong Ah Seng Why it is hot: Noise cancelling headphones are all the rage these days, not least because the masking of ambient noise enables more music detail to emerge. Sennheiser's latest, the PXC450, reduces outside noise by up to 90 per cent. Air travellers can

Toshiba M200 series notebook computers [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 39

Toshiba M200 series notebook computers Why it is hot: With the PC Show on, buyers looking for good deals may want to consider Toshiba's new M2OO series of notebook computers. They are not only reasonably priced in the low $2,000 range, but are also feature-packed. The M2OO-E430 is one such

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GREAT SOFA SALE Free gift for every I Ik purchase t H Reclining armchair in full leather at only $4«f «I More full leather sofas to clear below cost up to 70% off! Hurry down to our warehouse outlet at 11 Gul Circle. >- Opening hours: 10am to 6pm, today


get set for club stomp! [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 40

get set for club stomp! Jocelyn Lee By_ AFTER a year of whopping success as Singapore's No. 1 social networking website, Stomp is reinforcing its position by creating a space for its members to interact, not only in the virtual world, but also in the real world. Introducing our latest


Page 40

NOKIA singapore seen A RIVAL media organisation boasted recently about the 10 submissions of the waterspout sighting it received from the public last Friday. It is not that we want to brag but credit must be given to the contributors of Stomps citizen journalism section, > Nokia Singapore Seen. We

shoot, stomp & win at jurong Birdpark [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 40

shoot, stomp win at jurong Birdpark THIS June school break, visit the penguins at Jurong Bird Park with your family and friends and stand a chance to win attractive prizes! Here is how: 1) Visit the Penguin Expedition at the park and take a photo of yourself with the penguins.


Page 40

STarBLOg JIHHI:lllW^illllillimiiililil^ll*lilil^lll:III^S^il'iJIIIIllllJ^llllJJJl'nT^^^ Things like smoking and littering are just stupid, but I don't understand why we like to tut-tut extra loud when it's done by kids. Let's not sweat the small stuff here. -JU-LEN One's got to live a little before the jadedness sets in. Let's give the young people

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Am^^Ai- lIM^iliJlJf^iliJfri'l 11 p? r 11 F'"^_riii"ky_B rniFTl I "ll lH^i] I iM' I [il iH [•IiIi&//_B4iV^_B

gen y


Page 41

GOOD IDEAS Emily Lek and Jerome Seow hail a new generation of teenagers who make an effort to improve the lives of others SINGAPORE'S youth, some just in primary school, are coming up with innovations to help others live better. They seek to help their peers, the elderly and those


Page 41

PlayBox Minfong Ho TanYingWenJß Zhonghua Sec School My Read The Clay Marble Farrar Straus Giroux War does not necessarily mean that all is lost. In this novel, the heroine, 12-year-old Dara, lives in war-stricken Cambodia, but she learns to believe in herself and eventually triumphs over the devastating traumas of

Page 41 Miscellaneous

Page 41 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 41

Not sure what is good English and what is not? Write to The Sunday Times and we will get your queries answered. This is a weekly series in support of the Speak Good English Movement. MICE Bsii^iWItaSjiiilfljEM-lasfliii jgg mM 0ll tft0 *B )fOU* ««*»OfaO« (JMI W» *W1 i»«t >J*«» K


'I don't worry about my kids picking up Singlish' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 42

'I don't worry about my kids picking up Singlish' Serene Goh Korean scientist Lee Su Seong also hopes his children pick up Chinese so they can translate for him _i_l_^_3 expat eye DR LEE Su Seong hails from a land most familiar to Singaporeans for its kimchi instant noodles, soap


Set up more drive-throughs [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 42

Set up more drive-throughs Pamela Chong Kwang Ngo (Ms) AS SINGAPOREANS become more affluent and the number of cars continues to grow, the country should consider setting up more drive-through services. These would not only be tremendously convenient for consumers who drive, but also help cut down the sometimes excessive

Let panel hear 'en bloc' views [ARTICLE]

Page 42

Let panel hear 'en bloc' views Magdeline Goei (Ms) REFER to Mr Shriniwas Rai's letter, "Let Select Committee near public views" (ST, May 26), and agree with him that in the matter of collective property sales, a Select Committee should hear the views of the public. This is because the

Property guide a great help [ARTICLE]

Page 42

Property guide a great help Anil Bhatia I AM writing to compliment your staff on the second part of your "Property Buying Guide" series (The Sunday Times, May 27). Considering the numerous collective sales going on, there are a lot of prospective buyers who are seeking alternative accommodation, depending on

Vexed by vice activity [ARTICLE]

Page 42

Vexed by vice activity Goi Seng Poh THE vice situation in Jalan Suka, in Geylang, has gone from bad to hopeless. Despite letters to the ministers, relevant agencies and even the press, and having dialogues with the police over the years, the situation has not improved. When night falls, the

Loo woes: Use number locks [ARTICLE]

Page 42

Loo woes: Use number locks Bennie Cheok TO PREVENT toilets meant for the disabled at shopping centres and MRT stations from being misused by able-bodied people, I would like to suggest that a number lock be installed. Only disabled users can approach the cleaners to gain access to these toilets.

Have card access to toilets [ARTICLE]

Page 42

Have card access to toilets Chua Wee Kirk I REFER to the letter, "Smokers puff away in toilets for disabled" (ST, May 26), by Ms Jillian Woon Sook Yin. It is sad that there are still such people around. Is it possible to install a system, such as a contactless

Limit smokers to special rooms [ARTICLE]

Page 42

Limit smokers to special rooms Nicholas Aw I OFTEN wonder why eating places which offer outdoor seating are required by law to have smoking areas that are demarcated by a special yellow box. What is the point of having a yellow line separate a table for those who may want

Printing error, so voucher recalled [ARTICLE]

Page 42

Printing error, so voucher recalled Adam Abdur Rahman WE REFER to Mr Ramakrishnan Venkateswaran's letter, "Voucher from bank not valid" (The Sunday Times, May 13). We wish to clarify that the dining vouchers at the Palate Vine Group were withdrawn due to a printing error. Immediate action was taken to

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June 2 2007 First 3049 Second 1452 Third 3493 STARTERS 0498 0602 1789 4991 5991 7004 8100 8385 9282 9460 CONSOLATIONS 2560 2804 2873 3670 5623 5925 6393 7922 9068 9802

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"M/■"itsubislii j^J [7*lectric I A MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC ml \v J L^i L^tm H I s^v 1 L J H ■':"''lii:::!i'i!h;-'''!-'.l,:.!'i!?iS|S;:;;';';x'|;;; i:'".';i:j:!:|; y// yj\ v I hHP'"HB^I hs^vv^h Hi^h Asia \jJM^'y Singapore SVL^IU^^hBLJ m JACK NEO pbm MtltmWlt l' mltltKW Wl r.-fli S ram Director MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC ASIA PTE LTD




Page 45

THE EAST IS RISING Asian beauties like Riyo Mori (left) from Japan are making their mark on the Miss Universe pageant AS WINNER of the Miss Universe 2007 pageant, Miss Japan Riyo Mori gets an apartment in New York which she may use for one year, an undisclosed salary, a


Page 45

Asian queens WHERE are the past Miss Universe winners from Asia? 1959: Akiko Kojima (right), Japan The first Miss Universe from Asia was a model with a curvaceous 37-23-38-inch figure. Now 70, she settled down to a quiet life after marriage. 1965: Apasra Hongsakula, Thailand Now 59, Hongsakula won despite


Page 47

GO TO JAIL When you are a celebrity, going tp jail may not necessarily be a bad thing. LEESZEYONGand TAY YEK KEAK check out I how some star convict^^^B are faring THE sentence has been handed down. Last Monday, MediaCorp artiste Christopher Lee slipped into the cold walls of Queenstown


Page 49

BIKE TO THE TOP June Cheong Two Kenyans are here training to be world-class racing cyclists all thanks to a Singaporean cycling fan YOU may have spotted two Kenyans on racing cycles whizzing up and down Mount Faber they're hard to miss in their spandex gear bearing the colours of,

Where money grows on trees [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 50

Where money grows on trees AFP KAMIKATSU, Japan Deep in the Japanese countryside, elderly women have turned the demand for fresh seasonal leaves essential for adding that extra touch of authenticity at trendy big city restaurants into a booming business. Nestled in the mountains of western Japan, the population of


Page 51

Denki's best Adeline Chia Japanese group Maywa Denki makes music with kooky instruments IF YOU feel like you are a cog in a huge corporate machine, there's a musical act coming to town that will make you see the quirky and arty side of it all. Mechatronica by Japanese art


Page 51

MUSIC MAN TARATTER: A remote-controlled pair of tap shoes that works even for those with two left feet, the tapping sounds are made by the knocker set at the front of the shoes, which have wires running to hand-held control paddles. MAR I MCA: A 'flowering' self-striking marimba. The flowers

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 52

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Singaporeans got a glimpse of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum in South Bridge Road last Thursday, Vesak Day. The temple, which is still being constructed, will eventually house Buddha's sacred tooth. LIFESTYLE tours its sacred grounds

VJs lose their cool [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 53

VJs lose their cool Melissa Lee With less airtime and fewer ad deals, there's a lot less buzz on MTV VJs A MERE mention of their first names Nadya, Sonia, Donita evokes images of their comely pan-Asian faces as the babes rattle off song titles. MTV Asia VJs of the


Breaking up is hard to do [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 55

Breaking up is hard to do Allan. Barbara Pease In this fortnightly series, relationship gurus Allan and Barbara Pease offer advice for you and your better half, The married couple from Australia are the authors of Why Men Lie And Women Cry. Send your questions to RELATIONSHIPS MATTER and

Indoor cycling picks up speed [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 56

Indoor cycling picks up speed SPINNING was born in 1987, when Jonathan Goldberg (aka Johnny G), a South African-born cyclist, was training for a cross-country bike race. His wife was pregnant at the time, and he didn't want to be away for long stints. So he installed a handful of

New spin on Spinning [ARTICLE]

Page 56

New spin on Spinning NYT This team sport not only helps you burn calories, but also builds your strength and speed IF IMITATION is the best form of flattery, then Spinning the trademarked indoor-cy-cling workout created by an endurance athlete named Johnny G has many admirers. These days, any health


Breakfast in bed? Get it yourself [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 57

Breakfast in bed? Get it yourself Frankie Chee Loewe's senior vice-president has learned that you don't always get what you ask for as a hotel guest XAVIER de Royere may be a top executive with upmarket Spanish designer brand Loewe, but he doesn't always stay in posh hotels with fluffy


Land of many delights [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 58

Land of many delights LEONG PHEI PHEI Make shopping stops, sample the cuisine and go island-hopping all In one exotic destination By. CIVIL servant Priscilla Goh has made four trips to South Korea since 2002. Each time, the 28-year-old lugs home bags of music CDs, concert DVDs, and cute stationery

Love and joy in the home [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 66

Love and joy in the home PHILIP LEE By Having children is a wonderful opportunity to experience a full life, says Dr Vivian Balakrishnan DRVIVIAN BALAKRISHNAN remembers well that most moving and life-changing moment in his life 18 years ago the birth of his first child, a girl. "When I

Going the extra mile [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 67

Going the extra mile GERALDINE TAN Homegrown brands Fair Price and Tangs show that the benefits of family-friendly policies go beyond commercial gain SHOPPING is a great way to spend time with the family, but it should be hassle-free and enjoyable. Fair Price Supermarket and Tangs understand this and are


Ayes of the beholder [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 59

Ayes of the beholder Wong Kirn Hoh We like-or loathepeople within a tenth of a second just by looking at their faces. I've now seen the error of my ways JUST over a month ago, my friend Az had a really nasty accident. He slipped while walking in a carpark

Taking my queue not to get in line [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 59

Taking my queue not to get in line Tan Hsueh Yun SO A colleague passes me a card and asks almost conspiratorially: Have you been? I looked at the card, which was for the hottest ramen joint in town, Marutama Ra-Men, and told him no. The queue, I said, rolling


Page 59

Rock In Peace, Wayne Colin Goh I WAS shocked and saddened to learn of the recent passing of Wayne "Thunder" Seah. Wayne played drums for the rock band, The Suns, the artistes formerly known as the Boredphucks (and occasionally, to appease the prudes, the 'Boredpucks'). He was also a friend.


I play with my food [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 74

I play with my food Wong Kirn Hoh Jonathan Chan has his doting grandmother, who was a good cook, to thank for starting his love affair with food I ONCE went to a dinner party hosted by Jonathan Chan. It was his girlfriend's birthday and he had slaved the entire

Chicken abalone porridge [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 74

Chicken abalone porridge Ingredients 4 pcs conpoy 1 pc abalone strip 6 red dates 1.5 pcs of wai san (Japanese yam or dioscorea) 16 wolfberries 2 cups of Thai rice 1 medium-sized chicken 300g of pork spare ribs (the more bones, the better) 3 big bowls of water 1 can

Les Amis overhauling La Strada outlets [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 74

Les Amis overhauling La Strada outlets Brenda Goh JUST a year after opening in Shaw Centre, the two La Strada outlets La Strada Ristorante (below) and La Strada Pizzeria have closed. But the closure, which took place three weeks ago, is only temporary. The Les Amis Group, which owns the


Page 75

Organic movement Melissa Lee Grand Hyatt hotel's mezza9 restaurant and L'Organic's cafe have just started serving organic food, but not many will pay for the more expensive organic fare SINGAPORE'S precarious organic food industry has two new entrants. Grand Hyatt hotel's mezza9 restaurant, popular for its international fare cooked in

50 ways with noodles [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 75

50 ways with noodles LOOKING for a way to jazz up a humble packet of instant noodles? LifeStyle asked 27 chefs to come up with 50 recipes using this favourite Singapore food. If you missed that special feature in April, here's another chance to get your hands on those recipes.


Page 75

Go organic Glow Juice Bar and Cafe Hilton Singapore, 581 Orchard Road, tel: 6730-3397 Opening hours: Mondays to Saturdays 11am to 6.30pm. Closed on Sundays. Menu: Serves juices for $9 and light meals like mushroom tofu burgers ($l9, above) and grilled beef sandwiches with rocket salad ($22). Open only for


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GLOVE LOVE Brenda Goh Hot pots and sizzling pans can leave ugly scars on your skin. Here's a pick of mittens and pot holders that are pretty (and) protective. INSPECTORGADGET Nowdesigns oven mittens and tea towel These bright green lovelies are decorated with images of cooking equipment. They even throw

The art of the blend [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 76

The art of the blend Jeremy Oliver CHEERS IN THIS fortnightly column, wine commentator Jeremy Oliver sheds light on the wide world of wine. He is the author of the best-selling Australian Wine Annual, and runs his website Centuries of blending has helped to create more balance and complexity


Page 76

Heartland highs Jenny Tan WINECLUB Heartland Shiraz 2005 $39.80 THESE days, what we eat and drink 30,000 feet up in the skies is a big deal. Just look at how the top airlines are flaunting their consultant panels. Singapore Airlines has a star-studded culinary panel which includes chefs like Gordon

A restaurant named Desire [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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A restaurant named Desire Wong Ah Yoke Desire, the restaurant at The Scarlet hotel, never lived up to its name until new chef Vincent Teng arrived. His classic dishes will have you lusting for more SINCE it opened in December 2004, Desire has not made much of an impression. It's

Best of both worlds [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Best of both worlds Thng Lay Teen COOK IT WHENEVER culinary instructor A. K. Sharma visits Calcutta with his family, his two sons look forward to eating at the Chinese restaurants there. The teenagers, Aditya and Shorya, are so used to the Chinese food in India that they find the

Manchurian chicken [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Manchurian chicken INGREDIENTS FOR CHICKEN BALLS 250g boneless chicken meat (preferably half thigh and half breast meat), minced 2 Tbs plain flour 1 tsp ginger, finely blended into paste 1 tsp garlic, finely blended into paste 1 Tbs cornflour 1 tsp light soya sauce V 2 tsp bottled chilli sauce


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Mama Mia Teo Pau Lin She may weigh only 45kg, but Mia Nue has a giant appetite for good food FOOD CORRESPONDENT MIA NUE has named her food blog The Skinny Epicurean, and aptly so. The chirpy 26-year-old Singaporean, who works in the energy sector, is 1.67 m tall but

Carrot cake made from scratch [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 78

Carrot cake made from scratch Thng Lay Teen CHEAP GOOD WHILE I go for healthy food most of the time, I indulge in sinful (read oily), soul-satisfying hawker fare when I am in the mood. And carrot cake fried in lard is one of my favourite indulgences. I like the

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wff IK i^l i^r^ 4fi^ comes out after k/ z^ serving a four-week |*y A sentence. But others y^ J I wA I flouting the law. I zCELEBRIJYl DESIGN: SALLY LAM PHOTOS: WONG KWAI CHOW and CHEW SENG KIM

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Km T?vT^ i^/^fS/7^^ V Enjoy a magnificent 20% Off ticket prices for the Opening Night on 6 August 2007* with your UOB Credit Card! idffl W^\ ill r if ol^4 I BjH^jr] mi i s To sign up for a UOB Card, please call 1800 2222 121 or visit

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>^jHH| F U significant oil reduction m Mat tne source a fter 3 weeks Bfr>^ for smooth, shine-free skin v i

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I r^\ I r^\ I —'I /^>T IJIJ I f LOREAL "Like me, say no to skin darkening" Michele Reis NOW, A FABULOUS OFFER To reveal perfect radiance and luminosity, your skin needs whitening care, moisture and protection. This is achieved by L'Oreal Paris' revolutionary White Perfect Day Cream/Lotion tri-action

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Presented by Eucerin® Tips For Acne Sufferers All grown up and qff still have acne? Research shows those with sensitive skin Look out for these are even more prone to acne. terms when buying skincare So you thought that only teenagers suffer from blackheads and pimples. The truth is, acne

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f^HOUDAY SEASON icampers will enjoy mind-expanding adventures in: Game Make?) Digital Art) B^^W^l Animation) -f^'m Robotics) 1 icamp is packed with 10 exciting adventures. I Every adventure is packed with unlimited choices^^J to excite and fascinate kids from ages 6-14. I icampers will exercise their minds and bodies I with

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WELL, UNLIKE MANY OTHERS, THIS WAS MY FIRST TRY AT GETTING RID OF MY FAT, AND IT WORKED. lost 17kgs in 6 weeks and saw my health and vitality improve at the same time. A After That happened 2 years ago with the help of Cohen's Lifestyle Clinique. \V^V They

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t« Fi if of in '■<<;■■■ i/■■■■ /■',?yos/'vs: ;hp LLI^-CI 111 y*'\' jbh^vw aw •ff::'ri^*aj&.-T -.3fll "•""Cfti 81^1d,,.^, ar[ j Impurttiei sfl'j J^^HPsbßH^^^' .^jj*^^^ > fIM micro particle 5 sid hl **mu^Jf Remove and prevent blackheads, H^r 7m3m the gentle yet effective way. Introducing Eucerin Acne Prone Mild Daily Scrub.

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I I INTERCONTINENTAL I I STYLE I Get a sneak peek of the dream wedding packages for 2008, 2009 and the rest of 2007. Intercontinental Singapore and Style: Weddings bring you a visual feast ;i. fc f v to go with fine cuisine and Veuve Cliquot champagne. Look out for

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H v HJ Jl m y *y^k w 7 A «j rite--oWatumC'P >ision Natural Vision Centre Tel: +65-*****261 Supporting Partners: Powered by: Ai aa fgStl!^' FOR Skfl/f/®Tst Official Beer Official Car Official Publication Official Online Media L^V SB HIM @%fflr .^1 v-^ Find the most comprehensive V-sf FUSS HH

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d.g.t^llxus CxIHOH Where style meets substance Delighting You Always The New Digital IXUS IXUS 70 i^^\ X^~" x IXUS 75 7.1 Megapixel CCD M /^s\\#l- M 7.1 Megapixel CCD 3x Optical Zoom \i f\^ A)) I l\*\\ •©)m\* 3x °Ptical Zoom 2.5" Pure Colour LCD W\ V y^i \^Vv^=^w\ 3"

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stl XX Women's and Cj Children's Hospital (*J f t i^f* -gDate 9 June 2007 (Saturday) Time 8.30 am spm Venue :KK Women's and Children's Hospital Women Forum Time Topic Speaker 9.30 am 10.00 am Cervical Cancer Screening DrChiaYinNin and Vaccination Oncogynaecologist 10.00 am 10.30 am Latest Non-Invasive Treatment DrKwekJinWei

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You are hereby invited to a night of revelry at the Stomp Out Lo*d party at the St James Power Station on June 16,2007. Guests will receive The Club Stomp exclusive privilege card. Details in WWW.STOMP.COM.SG

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JOINT PAINS? piiiiHlliiilllliii^S HI I me--^ly»iK» Jvansaermal tream I Glucosamine MHHHB P^fflil P^Tr^ W^P^ Cream Dm SB IS /yvnlSg ;^^^^^^^^^m Another product of the Lynk Biotech Group ybr healthy joints and active lifestyle (S^^g^^Q

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Watch your business boom with the healthiest formula Into its third year, the Health You Exhibition is Singapore's largest health and wellness platform for all your marketing fc^T^ strategies. It attracts over 100,000 visitors every time, and this year, you can expect a larger crowd as well as bigger, better

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The Most Memorable Family Holiday Photo Contest PjTr EXTRA $50 OFF per family (2A2C; only for Asia, China, USA tours)* Free Tote Bag per family booking*^ f I Submit your photo with any booking to win one of 3 designer mini fridges worth $189 each*. Closing date: Jun 3 PLUS

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relax W\lA&2 [^things to do kZ mi £^=T~ »"W (WORD OF BLOG/»*|g@ l|BM|i O T0DAY St? Communication that happens not i^J V"\ff B Wnt\ Dun conducts C> by word of mouth but via blogs. J^$\\fc^^jjn, K RAMAKRIISHNA MISSION theSSOinThe few thousand copies merely after life/ l§ funds for the Ramakrishna

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Today's TV free-to-air cable il A 4 {J CURSE OF THE Channel 8.7pm Arts Central. 9pm MM Jjg Movies W'M W W Blacksmith Will Turner W H missing children raised in Japan, Two rival bosses love from pirates. Stars jWf Hsuan (far left) does not tell her S-tf 1 p^werfulTriad

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Today's TV cable sports mm mmmw7l the mistress mmmw i zathura: m -|if 1 Stanley cup ijs: i Celtic manor Star Movies (StarHub ADVENTURE GAME 3 Senators C^^. FINAL DAY (Live) Tilo is a member of a JLV f (StarHub Ch 60), 9pm f^f^l SuperSports (StarHub (StarHub Ch 21), 9pm

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V^//» ___Y___- T -^±==V~~A TO COYBR U-, TW A\ you are seen doing something harmless such as *6? l\/1 trt°S* C°°'sW? /iwwalking around naked in your own home, <$*&- the cops can arrest you. i i AjuH I ZSSt* m ITI —T l wv,v,. g ,n ge r nl cgg

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Page 64

SHERMAN'S LAGOON BY JIM TOOMEY MAT'S THE% I'A7 CONPOCTIN& I N]l CTa/nD 1 I ~^~~^\l FAK6 SHARK \MY ANNUAL SHARK g£, vr], (<W£l Wk 1 «?f £V>v w\^^K^, >/ a<° I I "^^^ETAz/wf A/or #4P w/a/zt ru r/wf a moment n j —-i jj^g*^^;;;-. sfe. TfpvßKS' *> bam in w

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ZITS BY JERRY SCOTT AND JIM BORGMAN Q«*&w) I (^lS'see) jißl :^fc) o'^ jH /l/V I iu^-OONgII I s-iss susss vou'SE hungry rosl I <psp (^thankj^ou^mrs^j) Jg •"'"N V j^^£ t^il AIP-. WHAT ARE Jfcjfo, YEAH, LOOICSj 1 /|_OOK^— j^P^T "i" ~'i"3 WHA.T A V WELL, I'M i^_Vj^L- THE MOUSE

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t' CHERIE HEARTS GROUP OF CHILDCARE CENTRES I r Co Vis f Touching Hearts. Moulding Lives LnOO)6 fO^r |VK% Upper East Coast Road Harbour Front Kembangan Upper Serangoon Road I I If I >% I Jansen Road Tanjong Katong Holland Grange Road Upper BukitTimah Road I f/% 1 I-» l^

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Q DO M BALI y«I OJL^IN FREE EASY Jg£mSSiR v H v Vr /^^ffffrSWkV Return airfare on Singapore Airlines H H ■WMIfWHBI 2 nights accommodation at R^^L V V B IVKWiImIi Hard Rock Bali mjjSkji |/l l <nll|] V>3| Y^BlflUß Kr Airport/hotel/airport transfers '"wfcjP? ELE^^^^^^^^^B .™l VI EJi«sr Dai|y breakfast

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FENCING I^^^H^B EST 1993 j. Success begins with Focus, Discipline I w DETERMINATION Experience the excitement of swordplay today in our fun, B safe and inspiring fencing environment. Integrated Fencing Programmes For Children (4-12 Yrs), Youth Adults z Fencing BALMORAL PLAZA (BKT TIMAH) PARKWAY PARADE (EAST COAST) V UNITED SQUARE

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TIME-OUT TOGETHERI Jtafr I I I I M 9 For fu"event listin9' p!ease refer to v™ HIM First SSfflL lIIN "LoveTalk":Building Mlmmi C J r. Dates seest If JT Air the Love of a Lifetime £XX»« itenndngsingaim I'", 223?! P* .ll a worbhop for married couples f l****!, 11! 1*61*"'1

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every book begins with I |HHHHi 25 May 2007 22 July 2007 oSttSsBM I *^fl on% nc% Hn% H n^ 3K™F'^H C-\Jofi IkJok Ivy off H I^WMm H English Books Chinese Books Stationery/CDs/ 1^ DYDs/Magazines/ '{^^^^■M^tfjjffl^^^^fl Terms and conditions apply vivocity JjtK^k WSSBSmimaiM^^^^^^ Vivo City, 1 Harbour Front Walk, Tj

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BESTSELLERS byAdamKhoo 8- (6) StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath 9. (2) Winning: The Answers F i r»t i n n y Jack Welch and Suzy Welch r ICIIOII 10> Secrets Of Internet Millionaires i n i«/r i, iiT-4. i. ah, by Stuart Tan 1.(1) For One More Day by Mitch

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mm'- m m ■:^mm%^ m^ f BEi 9bi vUvT^^ j&Szr a^&JV V jfc V V -'f mtiJ.^sS?^? -^^^^^v v' BbuM^^a t^» >g f /MB Xv w£^f"K BJu^^^ttii^i^!iii/ [■II k i A I I lIW Ir™lVil A f^ /TtC^J^wJtW^^J M/IKf plasma screen, gaming consoles s WAH L-irNblVIAa V^^ zmanm twil™ and

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USA's Ail-Time Biggest Animation Opening!! EtGG'RjjT Off'ntt J| THE WAIT IS OGRE f|x 'Of THTi PIKATIw TIUXOCIY JP"^ JOHNNYDEPP ORIANDOBLOOM KEIRAKNIGHTLEY CHOW YUN-FAT GEOFFREY RUSH /wKJp j?s _H 'Vft /1 _b—^l, j^bws IK-\ 'bH BE^^Sbht/J—B^ ihßI Htt -/■>*' Hfcfc- B b*_B bV^* H ftXV^^^^aV^ A I kll II I I

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fe^n I P/J J SJSw i fl ■188 ■k:V4( S«>fiß HHHHHBUMH HHIBHHfIHHtHHHHA S^l^T? S^l^F? S^B^T? giTj;ni:7Tii t\wj!in >irr:riirfi: l.''irrti3 EEEIS mm «uht 'I rs^SS I PMmjllllbmm^ IyM IHI HMHyi|(^HMEHHfiHBBiHJi^pHIIiIEIIHMHiMH9 10OSIMiMedkPro 4 Acer Aspire L3lO with 8 Andana HelioAsia Deluxe 10 x $1,000 worth of IjQuJJVra 1^ Massage Chairs JM LCD

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Page 73

■■■■■■■■■■■■■■I YOUR STARS fl V*^A Everyone needs to be a little Put some joy back in your M goofy at times. It helps to work by taking it public. K^BSiH relieve tension and is good After all, you're a social ■jfafl BiPHHWnlinlißlPlwwHßil Aries for putting everyone at ease. Libra creature,

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(^fcsstlLw Luncn Dinner Special Promotion* *f*"^^^ *Dine-in only X^^^V Braised Sliced V>*j| |»y Sout/iAfrica Abalone WjWfrff^nrljtWiT^TTTm wftft Sea Cucumber IH 31 11 n[ 11' i ***** Beijing Duck m^ wmm&mllbMmMMM

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Ma Il^fflJ9!fMLi Braised superior shark's CiEQQ? JrwSBSiU f" 'n Japanese stone put set l-'-'m'"n-l'M'n spit-V m.j'.cnri.iisch^j Prawn, sliced of Beijing duck with condiments And chilled drunken W chicken roll a| Double-boiled superior Shark's fin in ><^ 1 Japanese Stone Pot Steamed baby geoduck clam with garlic Japanese vermicelli XO Ramen

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a I life! fstop In a series of SO^^ Oodles of noodlef) Your Pnnt-ami Cook Guide lo haute cuisine insuint noodles. V^^ S Collerl all of them Instant seafood noodles I Ingredients 2 pkts instant noodles B^PB^^^/ 1, cup pntwns, sbrllcd .*nd (Jrv*-inr<) Br^JBCSft^K^ 1/2 boneless fish, sliced 1 rjw,

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f WIN Wine Hampers" Top Prize: $1,000 worth of wine H^ 2nd Prize: $500 worth of wine J I KAIIOWR Hi I .Odour filter KSJ 500EW I Humidity tray 50 bottles I 110 bottles KSJ 168EW 168 bottles Kadeka range of wine coolers from 15 to 168 bottles capacity. To

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Counters the effects of unhealthy living. -> Social Entertainment Work Stress Unhealthy Diets MfPliiJfiHlillH Scsamin wilh SCIIISANDRA Tt^i^^^ EXTRACT I