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The Straits Times, 18 April 2004


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL25535


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thesundaytimes A Singapore Press Holdings publication OvJ cuts April 18. 2004 •90 Pages m four parts MITA (P) 047/03/2004

TOP OF THE NEWS Bambang gets top running mate [ARTICLE]

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TOP OF THE NEWS Bambang gets top running mate Derwin Pereira INDONESIA CORRESPONDENT JAKARTA PRESIDENTIAL front-runner Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has taken a big step towards clinching the nations top office. In a coup over his arch-rival Megawati Sukarnoputri, he secured Coordinating Minister for Welfare Jusuf Kalla as his running mate

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y'^- ''*i^Y-*^ J^B^S^^W^s V aP^^B aW^aaflL aif-V* '}^^f' r" I ai a aai J S I El jJM WBB I MT M \T J I H I 1 r-laae Hb^bL. W. V^ JB aSlaa I I i k '•^B fc A w I i"*-vf-, V üBBBB B■■ BKV Jl 55

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agenda home Annual general feeding It's the usual ugly scene at the AGM. No, not shareholders asking tough questions, but shareholders grabbing the food from the tables. PAGE 3 Love over latte Calling all singles. The Social Development Unit signs up cafes and restaurants to play cupid and help singles

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I Tired Yao Ming Poor Yao Ming. The Rockets centre has been complaining about fatigue. But he won't get any sympathy from coach van Gundy. PAGE 36 Tiger m the army Golfer Tiger Woods puts on the uniform for three days m Fort Bragg to get a slice of life

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me the jug fe? Leslie Lav It's against the law for Muslims to drink m Malaysia, but enter any bar and there'll be a group enjoying a few drinks. The art of greatness $jS Rob Hughes Cricketing legend Brian Lara and soccer star Thierry Henry entertain like no other and

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lifestyle Oueen of the seas Three times the size of the Titanic, the Queen Mary 2 is the world's biggest ship and a legend m maritime history. PAGE L 4 Scent of Singapore How does Singapore smell? Like vanilla, jasmine and stale baguette, says perfumer Philippe Barberousse. PAGE L 5



Teddy bears help [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Teddy bears help THE Assisi Home and Hospice has enlisted the help of teddy bears to raise funds. It has 5,000 teddy bear cylinders to give out from now until Aug 16. It wants donors to save a dollar a day m the 20cm-tall coin banks and return them to

Visit to Pakistan [ARTICLE]

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Visit to Pakistan MINISTER of State (Health and Transport) Balaji Sadasivan is visiting Pakistan from today to April 23. He will visit Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore, and meet Pakistani political and business leaders.

SCDF mobilisation [ARTICLE]

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SCDF mobilisation THE Singapore Civil Defence Force conducted an open mobilisation exercise yesterday. Units with the codewords Big Python, Pink Flamingo, Sea Otter and Hermit Crab were activated.

They 'tar pau' the lobster too [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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They 'tar pau' the lobster too Arlina Arshad Ugly Singaporean shareholders at AGMs J Since they take away everything, it makes our cleaning job easier at the end/ A STAFF MEMBER of an Orchard Road hotel 'Don't be like a hungry ghost and gobble up everything/ -A 57-YEAR-OLD SHAREHOLDER THESE

Rent your own island [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 4

Rent your own island Arti Mulchand gfddfvd It's like six-star camping. It's not a resort. It's more like a retreat. It's like going to a dream house and being able to own it for a few days.' -MR STEVEN DILLON 40, a Briton, who works for a company that owns

Freedom Freedom to choose to charge [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Freedom Freedom to choose to charge Sandra Davie Students, Universities, you get the you get the EDUCATION CORRESPONDENT IN MICHIGAN, US Fees may go up as universities get more autonomy, but a range of financial aid schemes will be available UNIVERSITY-bound students will have to get used to the idea

Coffee, tea or me? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Coffee, tea or me? Tracy Quek SINGLES will soon get a chance to meet Mr or Miss Right over a creamy latte or a soothing earl grey m a cafe. And what's more, that friendly waiter or cafe manager could be just the ticket to meeting The One. If the

Cameras and guards watch over worshippers donations [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

Cameras and guards watch over worshippers donations Collections run to millions Catholic priest Joachim Kang's admission that he embezzled $5.1 million from the Church of St Teresa has thrown the spotlight on how religious organisations ensure donations aren't misused or stolen. SERENE LUO asks churches, temples and other bodies about

How public donations are handled [ARTICLE]

Page 8

How public donations are handled CITY HARVEST CHURCH Donations collected (yearly) $14 million Who coflife the money Ten volunteer* and staff count tithe and general offerings after every ißvice. Ten board members approve the annual budget Cheques for sums less than $2,000 require two signatories; those for amounts more than

Not shy about doing cha-cha for ST fund [ARTICLE]

Page 8

Not shy about doing cha-cha for ST fund WHEN Fairfield Methodist Secondary student Jocelyn Song, 15, and five of her friends first started practising their dance moves m school, they would hide whenever they heard anyone approaching. They were that shy, she said. But yesterday, decked out m finery borrowed

Back to site of first PAP meeting; — 50 years on [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 10

Back to site of first PAP meeting; 50 years on Tan Tarn How Its members will visit Victoria Concert Hall as part of anniversary ON NOV 21, exactly 50 years after it held its first meeting, the People's Action Party (PAP) will revisit the site of that historic event: the

Milk Fund gets help from Cold Storage [ARTICLE]

Page 10

Milk Fund gets help from Cold Storage DISADVANTAGED, disabled and chronically ill children from The Milk (Mainly I Love Kids) Fund will get more help this year as part of the Cold Storage group's year-long national com- munity service programme launched yesterday. Its Community of Hearts programme also includes events

Dinner over two days with delicacies, song and dance [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 10

Dinner over two days with delicacies, song and dance Terence Tan I Indonesian tycoon Liem Sioe Liong r s wedding anniversary celebration THE PARADE OF GUESTS included monks (left) as well as leaders m the business, political and social circles from Singapore and Indonesia. Great cheers welcomed Mr and Mrs

Dimsum go round [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

Dimsum go round Tracy Quek ...and round and conveyor belt idea catches on thanks to specially-designed system which keeps them piping hot 'Once, a group of Taiwanese tourists came m for a meal. They were so curious about how it works that they tried to dismantle a portion and look

Two-week reprieve for pilot who lost PR [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Two-week reprieve for pilot who lost PR FORMER Singapore Airlines pilot Ryan Goh, who had his permanent resident (PR) status revoked and had to leave the country by yesterday, has received a temporary reprieve. He applied successfully to remain here for another two weeks, a spokesman for the Immigration and


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Dinner' s a FAMILY FARE Li Xueying Eating m ihestndaytimes DINNER TOGETHER is sacred for the Leong family. They are not alone: the poll found that 80 per cent of those questioned dined at home on weekdays. Research shows that the more children dine with their families, the less likely


Page 15

TELE-TUCKERS TV DINNERS ARE THE NORM for the Ngs and kids Clarissa, six; Darius, two and Enrica, four months. MONDAY to Friday at 7pm the Ng family at Punggol 21 have dinner with actress Zhu Mimi. Zhu plays a school bus driver who dies m an accident but returns as


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SINGLE, dining SOLO Eating out Who do you usually eat with on weekdays? Among singles Alone ■■■29% With someone ■■■■■■■■■71% (Spouse/children: NA, Parents: 51%. Parents-in-law: NA, Siblings: 52%, Relatives: 9%, Colleagues: 7%, Boyfriend/ girlfriend: 2%, Friends: 9%) Among married people Alone 14% With someone (Spouse/children: 81%, Parents: 11%, Parents-in-law: 2%,

Face all smashed up by husband [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 16

Face all smashed up by husband RIYADH TV presenter releases pictures of her ordeal to show plight of women m Saudi Arabia A SAUDI TV presenter who says she was beaten by her husband has allowed newspapers to show pictures of her swollen face to highlight domestic abuse m the

Don't Arabise Malay culture' [ARTICLE]

Page 16

Don't Arabise Malay culture' Heritage Minister says the criticism of some deep-rooted traditions of the community as un-Islamic is ill-advised fddv 'The Malays are not Arabs, Therefore, it is important that we do not "Arabise" the Malay culture to the extent that everything that the Arabs do, we must do/

World's most expensive home [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 17

World's most expensive home Alfred Lee And it belongs to Asian billionaire Lakshmi Mittal, who paid $210 m for London mansion LONDON WHEN Mr Lakshmi Mittal was a child, he lived m a small house m a tiny, dusty Indian village. There was no television and no electricity. To study

Worth it [ARTICLE]

Page 17

Worth it Alfred Lee fdgdv THEY say that money makes money, and Mr Lakshmi Mittal's new £70 million (Ss2lo million) home is expected to increase m value by at least £7 million a year. The mansion was owned by Fl racing car boss Bernie Ecclestone, who paid £50 million for


Page 18

SEXY SONGKRAN Nirmal Ghosh Fun, frolic and undress mark the annual Thai ritual of washing away bad luck for some THAILAND CORRESPONDENT BANGKOK THE Bangkok taxi driver dropped off his disappointed German passengers m a hurry. "Khao San Road? No! No!" he said. But the tourists soon found a taxi

Porn industry in US shuts down amid Aids scare [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Porn industry in US shuts down amid Aids scare LOS ANGELES THE multi-million-dollar US pornographic film industry is reeling from a two-month production shutdown after three X-rated actors tested positive for HIV. The Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation (AIM), which monitors the health of adult film actors, announced the


Letters for leaders [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Letters for leaders MALAYSIAN Premier Abdullah Badawi says he has written to US President George W. Bush and leaders m the UN Security Council and the Group of Four overseeing the Mid-East "road map", ahead of a meeting of Islamic states to discuss Iraq and Palestinian territories. Reuters

Santa's elves fired [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Santa's elves fired THE last three worker elves at Santa's headquarters m Finland's Arctic have been fired as Santa Park grapples with low attendance. "It is really unfortunate we had to fire them, but there is just no work," said park director Wille Rajala. Reuters

Kim to meet Hu [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Kim to meet Hu NORTH Korean leader Kirn Jong II will visit Beijing for talks with China's president within a month and possibly as early as next week, Japan's Asahi Shimbun newspaper reported yesterday. The main purpose of the trip would be for the two leaders to meet for the

Indian star dies [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Indian star dies SOUTH Indian cinema star Soundarya, who rose above the industry's formulaic portrayal of women to play more meaningful roles, died m a plane crash yesterday. Soundarya, 32, was on her way to a rally for India's ruling BJP party when the chartered plane she was m crashed

Hawking's fight [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Hawking's fight COSMOLOGIST Stephen Hawking, who lost his speech m 1985 due to an operation, is m a new battle to preserve his famous electronic voice. After nearly 20 years, his synthesiser is wearing out and new software is unable to replicate it, Britain's Sunday Times reported.

Fake forjnula kills dozens of babies in China [ARTICLE]

Page 19

Fake forjnula kills dozens of babies in China fdd DOZENS of babies have died of malnutrition m eastern China after being fed fake baby formula that had little or no nutritional value. The deaths, which were reported by the state media yesterday, have highlighted the widespread and potentially deadly problem


Page 19

Aibo's MUM Krist Boo Yuka Takeda, head of the team that designed the robot pup, is a Warhol and Star Trek fan TOKYO SHE had never been a regular Japanese girl, her friends told her so. Her creation a toy was also unusual and its success was even more extraordinary.

Bush and Blair back UN Iraq plan [ARTICLE]

Page 20

Bush and Blair back UN Iraq plan Handover deadline 'will not be casualty of fighting' sdvddfd STANDING shoulder to shoulder, US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Friday all but endorsed a United Nations envoy's plan for returning Iraq to self-rule by their June 30

ABDUCTED Firt us soldier held hosta§c [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

ABDUCTED Firt us soldier held hosta c fdfsdfsd AN ARABIC television station has broadcast footage of a US soldier held hostage by insurgents m Iraq. Friends of the soldier's family who saw the video tape confirmed his identity, making him the first United States soldier known to be held hostage

FREED Japanese hostages cany captors'message [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

FREED Japanese hostages cany captors' message TOKYO jHE two remaining Japa•^Kse held hostage m Iraq have been released, TV stations reported yesterday, two days after three other Japanese captives were freed. Freelance journalist Junpei Yasuda, 30, and peace activist Nobutaka Watanabe, 36, went missing last Wednesday, tmt their likely" kidnapping

Bush ordered Iraq war plans soon after 9/11 [ARTICLE]

Page 20

Bush ordered Iraq war plans soon after 9/11 dfdf US PRESIDENT George W. Bush asked for a plan to invade Iraq m November 2001, about three months after the Sept 11 terror attacks and at a time when US forces were still m the midst of ousting the Taleban regime

Indecent KL couple were hugging and kissing' [ARTICLE]

Page 20

Indecent KL couple were hugging and kissing' fdfdfd THE young non-Muslim Chinese couple who have been summoned to appear m court on Wednesday were doing more than just holding hands when they were arrested last year. Enforcement officers who detained them at a park m Kuala Lumpur on Aug 5


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NO-TECH fun and games Mark Russell SEOUL Among young Koreans, board-game cafes have become the latest craze THREE college students hunch intently over the table, a scene repeated throughout the crowded cafe. Focused on a teetering tower of wooden blocks, the students are laughing and joking, but there is no

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How to ride high on your stock options [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 24

How to ride high on your stock options Leong Chan Teik Ontiftnc ma\/ COPITI like uptions may seem like an obvious windfall but ,g,. hOlderS need tO De WISe m exercising them IN THE wake of the stock market recovery which began last year employee stock o Ptions have ceased

If the dividend is sweet... [ARTICLE]

Page 24

If the dividend is sweet... Management consultant Ng Kwong Chong says a good reason to exercise your options to buy the shares and hold on to them, presents itself if your company has a track record of paying good dividends. To calculate if a dividend is attractive, divide it by

Knowing when to pull out [ARTICLE]

Page 24

Knowing when to pull out Consider exercising your options and selling the shares when their value gets too much relative; to your other investments, or when they make up a significant proportion of your net worth. Diversify, diversify, diversify. And if the stock price becomes red hot, you have a

Plan how you raise your funds [ARTICLE]

Page 24

Plan how you raise your funds Raising cash to exercise your options can be a challenge if you own stock options m blue-chip companies such as Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and the banks The exercise price for some of the options is more than $10,000 for each lot of 1,000

AVOid Selling ton early [ARTICLE]

Page 24

AVOid Selling ton early This applies if your company's earnings -and share price are likely to rise significantly, says management consultant Ng Kwong Chong. Check your views against those of analysts. These days, analysts' reports are easily available. Mr Ng once had stock options from Citibank and Deutsche Bank, where

Weigh the tax impact [ARTICLE]

Page 24

Weigh the tax impact Let's say you have a choice of exercising the options late this year or the following January. Exercising m January means that you pay tax a good one year later, which is attractive if you have substantial tax to pay on the profit. The tax is

CaSh in before you quit [ARTICLE]

Page 24

CaSh in before you quit A check with several companies found that, typically, you will lose your options after you cease to be an employee. So during the period you are serving out your notice, exercise the options if there is profit to be gained. Retirement and retrenchment are different:

Put aside cash for tax [ARTICLE]

Page 24

Put aside cash for tax If you exercise your options and sell the shares, the following year you have to pay tax on the gains. You probably know of people who forget to set aside some of their gain for tax, and suffer a cash-flow problem when they receive a


Japan funds soar on economic recovery [ARTICLE]

Page 24

Japan funds soar on economic recovery Wong Sui Jau RESEARCH MANAGER AFTER a strong performance last year, unit trusts delivered gains m the first quarter of this year. Out of the 254 funds carried by online unit-trust distributor Fundsupermart, 185, or 73 per cent, made profits during this period.

bottomline [ARTICLE]

Page 24

bottomline Past performance is not indicative of future returns, and m the year ahead, there will likely be changes to the top 20 list. We advise investors to research markets first before investing m them. Note also that many single-country equity funds tend to be volatile and carry high risks.


Blue chips and bonds up as rate woes ease [ARTICLE]

Page 24

Blue chips and bonds up as rate woes ease fdfdf BLUE chips and bonds rose last Friday as fears of an early rise m interest rates eased on some weak economic data and reassuring comments from a Federal Reserve official. Technology stocks declined after disappointing earnings and forecasts from bellwethers


Page 25

Going for gold Leong Chan Teik THE SAVVY INVESTOR Having a good feel for the yellow metal, this industry veteran is beating the odds m investing m the commodity GOLD expert Albert Cheng has profited from investing m what he knows best, but lost his Midas touch when he turned

eyeonmoney [ARTICLE]

Page 25

eyeonmoney In part two of a fortnightly series focusing on money-related problems faced by consumers, we look at making insurance claims

Insurer can opt to cancel cover after major claim [ARTICLE]

Page 25

Insurer can opt to cancel cover after major claim Case Study: Mr Tay, a 45-year-old bank manager, has an annual personal accident insurance policy. Before it was due for renewal, he received a written notice from the insurer that his cover was to be cancelled. No explanation was provided. However,

Downgrading: for richer or tor poorer? [ARTICLE]

Page 26

Downgrading: for richer or tor poorer? Tan Hui Yee PROPERTY Retirees hoping to fund their golden years by selling up should do their homework THE Yips were getting on m years. Mr Yip's wife struggled up the stairs m their maisonette flat because her worn knees made the trip excruciating.


Page 26

DREAM HOME FIPELIO STREET, $2.3 MILLION Wu Peining THE high-tech gadgets installed m this three-storey semi-detached home off Siglap Road make it a smart home. Gizmos like an auto-gate sensor, security video camera and a rain-sen-sitive roof are added to make domestic living less of a hassle. The freehold property



Page 26

Nathan Place Location: 16\ 18 Nathan Road lUmiflat is at junction of r^oige Road, Paterson Hill) Tenure: Freehold Unities: l^ soft to 1,765^5 (taHwWith'^o bedrooms, two bedrooms and a study, and three bedrooms and a study) Price Range: $881,000 to $1,151 million L#Jf#Ploper: GuocoLand GxMk


Page 26

Amaninda Location: 329 Thomson Road Tenure: Freehold Unit sizes: 614 sq ft to 2,842 sq ft (one- to three-bedroom units and penthouses) Price range: $438,000 to $1.33 million Developer: Ho Bee Investments


Page 26

Trevose 12 Location: Trevose Crescent Tenure: Freehold Unit sizes: About 4,230 sq ft each (bungalows with four bedrooms and a maid's room) Price range: $3.86 million to $4,288 million Developer: Peak View Properties

My wife's boss owes her 15 months' salary [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 28

My wife 's boss owes her 15 months' salary YOUR PERSONAL ADVISER Q MY WIFE has worked for her present employer for more than 3O years. Over the past five years, her boss has not been paying her salary on time. Very frequently, she has had to work for three


No fear of taking a chance [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 28

No fear of taking a chance THE PSYCHOLOGY OF RISK By Ari Kiev 292 pages Available at NLB Libraries Ref no: 332.6019 KIE-[BIZ] HOW do you deal with the emotional uncertainties and indecisions of trading? How do you avoid getting trapped m over-analysis and regrets over losses? Ari Kiev is

It's all about planning [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 28

It's all about planning A SINGAPORE GUIDE TO PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNING By Andy Onq, B.J. Ooi, et al. 367 pages Available at NLB Libraries Ref no: SING 332.XXXXX5957 SIN FINANCIAL planning enables us to define our short- and long-term financial goals, such as getting married, buying a house, setting aside

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Page 25

Important notes: *Capital protection and fixed payouts are achieved by way of investments m financial instruments such as fixed rate bonds, floating rate bonds, money market instruments, equity-linked structured notes and/or swaps, including interest rate swaps and asset swaps (the "Notes Swaps The Notes Swaps can be issued by or

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Page 26

v "it, 1 r- i~' H 1 CitiSelect Asia Tilt Growth Fund won "Asset Allocation Global Dynamic Fund" for over 3 years and 5 years performance to 31 December 2003, awarded by Standard Poor's Investment Funds Awards Singapore 2004. This document, prepared by the manager of the scheme, Citicorp Investment

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Page 27

I M -"V; J^^ M m m r m I W^^^^ 9 V V 1^ 1111 V-^to^ \r *>_ *V. I J 1 l7> *fc. i^/y fl in Island Expressway (PIE) st Balestier Road B I I^l RY^STiRbI |Jj l e^ I^l3 iPQ OJ MPXjBISEJ-I^^^RnPJ^nJßilTT^Bt#i#^Bl?inT?islwTsj^s^KPl lX§M lj^n^^K^B ■C^XSJ JT?J R^^^^^B

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Page 28

Astute restaurant to cover for potential business owner loss. Mr. Benny Liew, 45, is Tne 500 000 protection would be the majority owner and adequate compensation since the managing director of a Japanese company's average net profit was restaurant that he incorporated as $300,000 per year over the last two


Pot Shots

Five chickens please [ARTICLE]

Page 29

Five chickens please A UNIVERSITY student has been fined $5,600 for keeping seven boa constrictors, six pythons and other wild animals m his West Coast Drive flat. The snakes, some of which grow to a humongous 10m and 150 kg, must work up an appetite. Imagine a conversation between offender

Eggstraordinary plan [ARTICLE]

Page 29

Eggstraordinary plan STILL on illicit wildlife, the Malaysian who was caught trying to allegedly sneak 41 eggs of endangered South American parrots into Australia must have thought he had hatched a brilliant idea. But sharp-eyed customs officials Down Under saw through his eggstraordinary plan of stashing the contraband m a

Plastic for tai tais [ARTICLE]

Page 29

Plastic for tai tais BANKS are now allowed to issue credit cards to those with the moolah even though they don't have a regular income. Besides retirees and businessmen, tai tais are also being targeted apparently. Now, wouldn't one have thought that any tai tai worth her two-carat diamond necklace

Mesmerising Bush tie [ARTICLE]

Page 29

Mesmerising Bush tie THE tie United States President George W. Bush donned for a news conference last Tuesday has been described as inappropriately "mesmerising, even hypnotising". On camera, the blue-with-white-dots tie jumped off the screen, producing an interference pattern known as the Moire effect, making it appear to move when

Answer to baby woes [ARTICLE]

Page 29

Answer to baby woes LAST week's massive blackout got a light bulb lit m the usually dim recesses of Pot Shots' dastardly brain: Nine months from now, if the gynaes m town were to find themselves doing an unseasonably roaring trade, then perhaps the solution to the nations baby woes

Return of the overseas Indians [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 29

Return of the overseas Indians India once saw its diaspora as a brain drain. But as the country opens up, it is embracing overseas Indians as a brains trust. Asad Latif analyses the parable of the prodigal Indian. CULTURE CLICKS for India-born American Satya Prabhakar (right) who teamed up with

thesundaytimes We rich, you boor [ARTICLE]

Page 30

thesundaytimes We rich, you boor ABIT of cyber-tattle about what some young China students think of their Singaporean peers is drawing the most conventional reactions. To the rant that young Singaporeans' minds are 'filled with swill... with no intelligence", offended parties growl that this shows ingratitude. As some of these

Did they really say that? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

Did they really say that? "He seems to be enjoying the debate." US DEPUTY SECRETARY OF STATE RICHARD ARMITAGE, on the interrogation of ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein "I think the fact that he didn't plant weapons of mass destruction speaks well of him." POLITICAL SATIRIST AND BUSH-BASHER AL FRANKEN,

Tempest in a tiara [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

Tempest in a tiara Andy Ho ON GENDER RECENTLY, The Sunday Times called the latest Miss Singapore Universe contestants "too short, too blah and too ah lian". So while Miss Sandy Chua had been fighting back tears as she won the crown the night before, she was simply fighting back

Woman, thy name is blame [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

Woman, thy name is blame Janadas Devan ON WORDS THE word still appears occasionally m the quality English press: Such-and-such a woman welleducated, well-bred and cultured is a bluestocking. The word carries a hint of derision. Dictionaries commonly define it as "affectedly literary", "a woman having or pretending to have

Passt! Pass me the jug [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 31

Passt! Pass me the jug Leslie Lau MALAYSIA JOURNAL EVERY time my friend Karim sits down for a drink at the pub with me, he chooses his spot carefully. It should be a seat where he has a vantage point. "I need to see who walks m," he tells me


Lost generation [ARTICLE]

Page 32

Lost generation A STORY m these pages two weeks ago, detailing the prevalence of dysfunctional "Gen D" youths suffering from depression, deviant behaviour or disconnectedness, has become the subject of prayer meetings m some churches here. One such is Trinity Christian Centre, whose faithful have taken it upon themselves to

Racy winner [ARTICLE]

Page 32

Racy winner Christopher Tan AN AMERICAN motoring writer who was once fired from a newspaper for writing a racy column about his sexual escapades m the back seat of a Ford truck became the first car journalist to win a Pulitzer prize. The 44-year-old Dan Neil had been with The


Page 32

Free Willie AFTER launching his own music album and having his version of She Bangs downloaded as ringtones, American Idol reject William Hung now appears to be selling HDB flats m Singapore. The international sensation with less-than-idol-like looks has had his face put prominently on leaflets dropped by property agents


Page 32

LEBANON'S FREE FALL Pranay Gupte Political bickering, poor governance and economic woes with foreign debt of $53.7 b weigh down the country LETTER FROM BEIRUT THERE'S much about Beirut that recalls Singapore: the greenery, the lively, urban lifestyle, good schools and eating places, a colourful port, low crime. But look

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How to reach us After office hours, please call operators at 6319-6319 NEWSOESK TEL: 6319 5397 FAX: 6732 0131 FOREIGN DESK TEL: 6319-5745 FAX: 6319-8274 PICTURE DESK TEL. 6319 5328 FAX: 6319 8271 EAST ASIA UNIT TEL. XXXXX622 FAX: XXXXX274 FORUM DESK TEL: 6319 5454 FAX: 6319 8289 MONEY DESK.

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PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA FREEHOLD LAND HOUSE frnm inst AtW 000 full rlennsit I lull I JUoL r\y)\JU \J\J\J lull UUfJUoll O/"\l I FTISMI o r»o/ SOLUTION 0.0/o average annual growth over the past Land sourcjng 3uy6dFS. SonceTheßesiEstsielnstitutecfWestern Austria 1971-2001 rerthfeCt BUllder seningSingapoietormore Lega assistance than 9 years ser^ng the people

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Page 31

i*i»» "Engineering ■^AUSTRALIA in^-M 1 gustralia m jj? (DAK Sot 24 Sun 25 Apr 2004 TIME Horn spm VENUE Vista Room, Level 3 Hilton Hotel Bi^mJ' Information on admission and advanced standing for polytechnic diplomates will be JK provided. Postgraduate enquiries are also welcome. Please bring the originals and f'



Zhang Ahead [ARTICLE]

Page 33

Zhang Ahead SHOT putter Zhang Guirong could go to the Olympics instead of South-east Asia Games champion Dv Xianhui. Zhang's 18.29 metres throw at a Chinese provincial meet yesterday moved her ahead of fellow-Singaporean Dv, who has not improved on the 18.20 m she threw m Vietnam m December, m

$6-Million Loss [ARTICLE]

Page 33

$6-Million Loss AN AUSTRALIAN, who won As 2 million (552.5 million) on champion stallion Lonhro m recent weeks, lost Ass million yesterday when the horse lost his final run. The punter accepted odds of 1.20 on Lonhro to capture the Queen Elizabeth Stakes m Sydney but the horse finished second.

Birthday Ring [ARTICLE]

Page 33

Birthday Ring VICTORIA Beckham celebrated her 30th birthday yesterday without husband David, who was m Spain. They hope to be reunited today, when she will receive a $3-million diamond ring from him, said the Sun. Hmmm, didn't Kobe Bryant buy his wife a $6.7-million diamond after admitting to adultery last


Page 33

UNBEATEN 38 Gunners can do it Abdul Hafiz Arsenal are five matches to an unblemished season, thanks to Henry It is a relatively easy end-of-season run-in for Arsenal, and the champions-elect are well-poised to remain unbeaten over the 38-match programme. April 25: Tottenham (away) The North London derby should be

Advantage Chelsea [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 34

Advantage Chelsea Jeffrey Low Manchester United's shock defeat at Portsmouth hands initiative to the Blues Match Summaries Portsmouth 1 (Stone 36) Manchester United O Portsmouth: Shaka Hislop, Linvoy Primus, Dejan Stefanovic, Aijan de Zeeuw, Steve Stone, Amdy Faye, Alexei Smertin, Eyal Berkovic (Nigel Quashie 45), Matthew Taylor, Lomana Lua-Lua (Teddy

Win's a massive boost for us: Redknapp [ARTICLE]

Page 34

Win's a massive boost for us: Redknapp fdfds PORTSMOUTH manager Harry Redknapp called last night's win over Manchester United a massive result m his club's battle against relegation, telling Sky ports: "It's not often that you beat them. We're five points ahead of Leeds now, so it's m our hands."


Page 34

EPL Wrap Blackburn 1 Leicester 0 Blackburn were grateful for the own goal by Leicester's Nikos Dabizas, but they did enough to deserve their 1-0 home win. The Foxes got off to a flying start, but their first few minutes of fast and furious attacking play were soon turned around


Page 35

PREMIERSHIP Weekend Results Arsenal 5 Leeds 0 Blackburn 1 Leicester 0 Dabizas42og Bolton 2 Tottenham 0 Charlton 1 Birmingham 1 Holland 86 Morrison 84 Liverpool 0 Fulham 0 Manchester City 1 Southampton 3 Anelka 78 Beattie 34, Phillbs 55, 81 Portsmouth 1 Manchester United 0 Wolverhampton 2 Middlesbrough 0 Cort2B,Camara62

Gerrard's costly penalty miss [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 35

Gerrard's costly penalty miss ENGLISH PREMIERSHIP: RACE FOR FOURTH PLACE Liverpool 0 Fulham 0 fsdfsd ANOTHER missed penalty, another two points lost. This time, it was not Michael Owen whose spot-kicking let Liverpool down, but captain Steven Gerrard, the only light m what has been a long, dark tunnel of

The Leeds way works for O'Leary at Villa [ARTICLE]

Page 35

The Leeds way works for O'Leary at Villa fsdfsdfds WHEN David O'Leary and Alan Shearer met at a recent dinner m London, they discovered they shared a common philosophy. "Alan was praising us. He likes the way we play," said the Aston Villa manager, who will renew acquaintances with Newcastle's

'I' m tired of reading that he's tired' [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 36

'I' m tired of reading that he's tired' BASKETBALL Van Gundy demands his star centre lift his game for the play-offs fsdfsd SO WHAT? So what if you are tired? I don't care. And added Houston Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy: "No one cares if he's tired, least of all

A slice of army life for Tiger [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 36

A slice of army life for Tiger I Armed For The Course fsdf (North Carolina) FOR years, Tiger Woods heard his Green Beret father talk about military life and felt curious. After spending four days at an Army post, the golfer now knows some of what Earl Woods experienced as


Two Titles for Singapore [ARTICLE]

Page 36

Two Titles for Singapore SINGAPORE won two titles but missed out on a third at the Mauritius International badminton tournament yesterday. Kendrick Lee and Li Yujia beat Denny Setyawan and Liv Fan 15-6, 15-5 m the all-Singapore mixed doubles final. Later, Yujia paired up with Jiang Yanmei to beat Hong

DPMM Out After One Game [ARTICLE]

Page 36

DPMM Out After One Game BRUNEI'S DPMM FC were knocked out m the opening round of football's Singapore Cup after a 1-2 loss to Woodlands Wellington last night. Ahmad Latiff Khamarudin's third-minute goal gave the hosts the lead at the Woodlands Stadium, but Peter Grierson (37th) equalised for DPMM. Kirn

Indian Pair Back For Olympics [ARTICLE]

Page 36

Indian Pair Back For Olympics INDIAN tennis players Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi, the former world No 1 pair, will reunite for a shot at the doubles title at this year's Athens Olympics. The duo have not won a doubles medal at the Games m two previous attempts, though Paes

India Will Get Better [ARTICLE]

Page 36

India Will Get Better EX-PAKISTAN cricket captain Imran Khan believes India will get better after their maiden series win m Pakistan. India won the Test series 2-1 and took the preceding one-day series 3-2, which led Khan to declare: "They can be compared to India's all-time best teams." AFP

Coelho Leaves South Korea [ARTICLE]

Page 36

Coelho Leaves South Korea HUMBERTO Coelho has quit as coach of the South Korean football team after a series of poor results, including a 0-0 draw with the Maldives m a World Cup qualifier last month. Coelho took over from Guvs Hiddink after the 2002 World Cud. AFP

Be like Ronny? Don't count on it every time [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 37

Be like Ronny? Don't count on it every time Yap Koon Hong THE SPORTS EDITOR WHEN Ronald Susilo became the first Singaporean to win a major badminton Grand Prix event last week's Japan Open one quick rejoinder was: Why can't all foreign talent be like Ron, a role model athlete


Page 37

Lara's theme Rob Hughes Ace bat and Thierry Henry are great entertainers, hallmark of sporting greats HEART OF FOOTBALL GREATNESS is not a word we should use every day of the week, because if we devalue the term, what is left to say when true greatness strikes? It happened twice


Page 38

docsport Qlama gymnast and have recovered recently from a serious accident. I fell off the beam during a competition and injured my neck and ankle. I resumed training two weeks ago but am no longer able to achieve my previous standards. Every time I mount the beam, I recall the

Pushing past the dreaded 'plateau [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 38

Pushing past the dreaded 'plateau Wei Koh Variation is the key to preventing Bhalla's body from becoming adjusted to diet and exercise thesindaytimes 'The body is an amazingly adaptable machine. Give it time and it will get used to anything. To avoid this you have to vary your workouts. This

HOT BODS: Sweat rounds up the fit and healthy and gets them to share their secrets [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 38

HOT BODS: Sweat rounds up the fit and healthy and gets them to share their secrets Photos and text by Wang Hui Fen Jesline Tan, 31 r manager/fitness instructor Height: 1.6 m Weight: 48kg Exercise regime: My schedule includes five days of weight training. I target one muscle group each

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pT 3Sfl dRHB RHHBHHj *p 3^jq Perak Racing ROSUItS I 1: CLASS S l5) 1200M 13 ™«»000 1 RACE«:CLASBS|2)-1200M.TMK:1S^O.RM$2SOOO (QTT) ajßaaßaaajajßjjaa>aßajajßajaaaM No Horse Name Jockey Trainer Bar Rtg Wt No Horse Name Jockey Trainer Bar Rtg Wt •^■I^ffWWIJFfPJTBr^pBg 1 GREAT SCOURGES No' Ajmar V N Liew 15 48 bl I

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HmniJ Elegance Made Real. I ■Hn In Your Living room ■^t \*l I Cow Leather _4^««<s 1„. jN^ *> I ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■p ii# —^^^^^^^^^^^^j IMPORTED I 2-«»r CotiM Tab»« /Sflß^ L shop* sofa s«t I Elegant glass top WfflSiJi 4^^«^. Fu Italian Cow II UP 5599 I Leather I J^jH^.. UP

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J 4 fi ■■^■^■H ■^■^■n bßb^bl I A

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Page 37

HHHMHHIHIHH^I Pump it up at J the Mass Aerobics I Challenge! j li63i UP lvi i action! V- f f Tm •Rockclimbing x v v 1 i '■iMs^rf' f- V I n^' ne Skating m Ultimate Frisbee W Scuba Diving ■Hl^to^^^HHPESEiWiSß^H^^^^ M Adventure Tours BMBiiiiwiHiß^ 3-on-3 Basketball HH^HHiJQpl^^^^^ Street Netball

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Page 37

E-mail your views to

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Page 38

Queries this week are answered by Mr Stevenson Lai, head of sports psychology, and Ms Pnq Weileen, sports nutritionist of the Singapore Sports Council.

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Page 38

If you think you or any of your friends fit into our hotbods series, drop us a line and a photo at (Pictures should be IMB or less)


Page 39

Obituaries RICHARD QUEK SENG CHEE I passed away peacefully on 15 April 2004, I leaving behind loved ones. I Wife: Zita Ng I Son: Daughters: I Lionel Adrienna II Mciry Ouek 1 1 Body is resting at 121 Upper Aljunied Road, 1 1 Casket Fairprice, Mount Vernon Parlour 1. 1

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News Centre, 1000 Toa Payoh North m H Mondays Saturdays 8.30 am to 9.45pm H H Sundays Public Holidays 12.30pm to 9.45pm Only death announcements are acceptable after office hours. H Specialists' Shopping Centre #03-54/55 Mondays Fridays 9.00 am to 5.30pm H Saturdays 9.00 am to 12.30pm H Closed on



Page 40

ALL STEAMED UP OVER IRONS Wu Peining Two-in-one system irons, which cost up to $620, are gaining a market m Singapore THEY promise not to get you hot and bothered. They had better not, not when they cost more than $600 apiece. To make ironing a cinch, brands like Tefal

$600 iron put to the test [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 40

$600 iron put to the test SO ARE the system irons really worth their weight m gold, or rather, metal? Three users tested out the Tefal Pro Express Turbo Steam Generator (2940). Here are their reviews: Mr Roy Loh (above), 24, student at Nanyang Technological University Pros: Efficiency. "It irons

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Page 40

j^r (J W V* Now \Mi^h I move my picture aoe&tft. m± gSi^asß i^^^E I Experience the power of Image Stabiliser and USM. Even when I'm zooming m, the Image Stabiliser of my Power Shot S1 IS Jl, automatically corrects any camera shake to keep my stills and videos 4Ay



N-Gage gets facelift [ARTICLE]

Page 41

N-Gage gets facelift N-GAGE, the mobile gaming device that was released last year, is already getting a major design overhaul with a new version called QJ) Game Deck. In response to user complaints and m an attempt to improve the disappointing sales of N-Gage, Nokia has redesigned the device so

Amazon's search site [ARTICLE]

Page 41

Amazon's search site IN AN attempt to take on the big guys m Web search engines, Amazon has just launched its own Web-search site. Called A9.cpm, the novel site has a number of interesting features not found on competitor sites. Taking a personal approach, the site keeps track of users'


Page 41

Saucy chicken AGARTER-belt-clad chicken takes saucy requests at this hilarious Burger King promotional spoof on sex-cam websites. Like the real-life peepshows that beam m from the homes of "cam girls", this site comes complete with a tacky location and a live" chicken that acts out your every fowl fantasy based


Page 41

them all? Ho Ka Wei Xbox live launches here on April 30 to claim a share of the popular online gaming market A STARTER kit, which costs $88, includes a headset called a Communicator, two demo games and a year's subscription. Key features for Xbox Live include: Voice Chat where

Gajninq set to go social with Xbox Live [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 41

Gajninq set to go social with Xbox Live Ho Ka Wei 'Made four killings, but died a few hundred times' GET him! Gamers, sounding like they were from Australia, Britain and America, came at me relentlessly m MechAssault, an Xbox Live game. At two killings a minute, I was being

Accent no bar to making a friend – Xbox style [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 41

Accent no bar to making a friend Xbox style Rory Daniel AFTER a surprisingly painless installation, I was ready to play against Xbox players from all over the world. I found my first worthy opponent waiting m the Xbox Live 'lobby" of Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge. Calling himself

There are rules to obey, but even beginners can enjoy [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 41

There are rules to obey, but even beginners can enjoy Sherwin Loh IF LOCAL beta- testers for the Xbox Live are anything to go by, Singaporeans will make great opponents when the system goes operational. I spent around an hour revving up Project Gotham Racing 2, a car racing game

gen y


Page 42

PlayBox BeinPfayßox Listening to a rockin' CD? Reading a ready good book or comic? Or are you hooked on a fabukxis new computer game? Shan? it with everyone. Here's how: In 200 words or less, tell us why your CD, book or computer game picks worth checking out E-mail your


Page 42

Taking the lid off SIBLING WARS Wu Peining PHILLINA's right palm flew across Faith's left cheek, leaving a red imprint. Incensed, Faith hit back. It's not a cat fight between members from different girl gangs just another heated argument between the Fan sisters. Faith, 17, a student at the Management

Why does my mum control me so much? [ARTICLE]

Page 42

Why does my mum control me so much? 0 lam waiting for my O-levels this year. I've not been allowed to go out since primary school. My mother wants me to reach home about half-an-hour after school and she would ask for a consent form when there is a school

My ex still kisses me and says 'I love you' [ARTICLE]

Page 42

My ex still kisses me and says 'I love you' Q My girlfriend and I just broke up. She thinks that our relationship was going nowhere because I'm too possessive. I admit I am, but I've told her before why I'm like this. In fact, when she first started to


Page 42

Our counsellor MS CAROL Balhetchet from the Singapore Children's Society has been counselling families and their children since 1992. She is director of the society's Youth Development Centre m Toa Payoh, where she works on issues relating to teens.

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Samaritans of Singapore: 1800-221-4444 Care Corner Mandarin Counselling Centre: 1800-353-5800 (lOam to 10pm daily) Family Service Centre: 1800-838-0100

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Page 42

Life can get overwhelming sometimes. But you do not have to suffer m silence. Write to Teen Confidential, and we will get trained counsellors to help you through your problem. E-mail your letters to


Who says I'm a weirdo? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 43

Who says I'm a weirdo? Wong Kim Hoh TOH Hai Leong is no stranger to sniggers and stares. A übiquitous and vociferous presence at movie screenings or premieres, he stands out with his crew cut, missing front teeth, perennial pair of headphones around his ears and enough bags to overload

hotthreads [ARTICLE]

Page 43

hotthreads A weekly roundup of the most interesting Web discussions by Singaporeans. Why that ire? NETIZENS are all fired up over the comments a student from China made on the Net about young people m Singapore. One newspaper reported him as saying: "Singaporeans' brains are fed with pigswill, fat, have

Blackout lessons [ARTICLE]

Page 43

Blackout lessons THE power failure that caused a blackout m some parts of Singapore was a wake-up call for some netizens. TheSaintBBB said it "highlights how most of us... are so poorly prepared for an emergency. Good wake-up call for me. "I am going to prepare an emergency kit and


Make way for civilities [ARTICLE]

Page 43

Make way for civilities MOST languages have common courtesies like "thank you", "you're welcome", "sorry", "excuse me" and "sure". But some cultures emphasise such verbalised courtesies more than others. Anglo Saxons seem to ritualise spoken courtesies almost to a fault, even with strangers. Among Europeans, Germans, Scandinavians and East Europeans

Learn from gracious Thais [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 43

Learn from gracious Thais Kelvyn Lee Hock Peng MY FAMILY and I recently flew home on Air Asia after a trip to Bangkok. The Thai stewardesses were attentive and friendly, so much so that we did not feel that we were travelling with a budget carrier. When we travelled on

Ease up on long hours [ARTICLE]

Page 43

Ease up on long hours Chin Yih Ling (Ms) PRODUCTIVITY has always been touted as the key to economic growth and staying competitive. For decades, that has been the mantra driven into the heads of Singaporeans and psyche of the nation. Singaporean workers have embraced the productivity movement so well

Singapore no longer clean [ARTICLE]

Page 43

Singapore no longer clean Grace Chow Peng Yee (Ms) I REFER to the report, "HDB block dirty? Not our concern, say many" (ST, April 3). I have observed a deterioration of cleanliness not only m housing estates and hawker centres but also almost everywhere m Singapore. I wonder if this

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Page 43

APRIL 17, 2004 Firsts 8598 Second 8727 Third 4032 STARTERS 0034 3020 3406 9461 2729 4361 4123 2949 2587 0656 CONSOLATIONS 5252 3352 0941 1008 8148 5435 0334 9921 5039 6000

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Page 44

j|(MßK|||l k. „<£§ ,^-^j B'^b^^^b j B^ I t^Ji 111 C 1^ ipH M~^^^>'PBP^^^ '^bbbbbb^bbbbbbbiS bb^bbbbbbbbbH al al al afl bbbbbbbbbbbbH H H I I I al > h«^^ hFti fI^BaBVaBBBfIV aaß BBBB' bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbß HIP/ wif -^...HD^ S~aBBaP™FSaT t c H^l IS 2 Exclusive 213 units 36-storey luxury J j^^E



Page L1

lifestyle Sunday nes April 18, 2004



Page L2

ROAD TO MANDALAY Mak Mun San Four siblings made their parents' wedding anniversary extra special by planning a trip to their old Mandalay Road home PET PALS: Elephants Parvathy and Sundari (inset, with their trainer m the centre) lived with the Sadacharams at their Mandalay Road home. This old photograph


Page L4

QUEEN OF QUEENS Tay Suan Chiang Even bigger than the Queen Elizabeth 2, the world's largest liner Queen Mary 2 (right) is all set to conquer the high seas fsdfsdfsdf Length: 345 m Width: 41m Gross tonnage: 150,000 gross tons Top speed: 30 knots No. of passengers: 2,800 No. of

Giving his two scents! [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page L5

Giving his two scents! Tan Shzr Ee M floor sleepy industrial block m Kaki Bukit, a certified perfumer the only one working inhouse with a local company strug- ACCIDENTAL TOURIST Vanilla and stale baguette I these are what perfumer I Philippe Barbe^ousse says I make up Singapore's scent I gles


Page L6

FEED Tee Hun Ching Skip the menu and go straight to the spread. We pick up a plate and check out which hotel dishes out the best bites for your buffet dollar A BIG HELPING: It's brunch-time for adults (facing page) and kids (far left) at the Four Seasons Hotel's


Page L6

NEW SPREADS The Fullerton Singapore Gourmtt Buffet Dinner Where: Town Restaurant (tel: 6877-8128) When: 6.30-10.30pm, Mondays to Saturdays Cost: Starts from $28+++ What: Rolled out on April 8, the buffet allows diners to mix and match meals. They can pick from various main courses and help themselves to the Gourmet


Page L7

OLD FAVES Copthorne King's Hotel Penang Buffet Started: 1972 and charged $16 Where: Princess Terrace (tel: 6318-3168) When: 11.30am-2.30pm (3.30pm on weekends and public holidays) and 6.30-10pm daily Cost: $28+++ (adult) and $20+++ (child); What: One of the best-known spreads around, this buffet used to feature 28 items but now


Page L8

TRIAL COUNCIL Tan Shzr Ee Peacefully co-existing at the Botanic Gardens are vastly different tribes of people FORGET the night safari. If you want to catch "wild" life during the not-so-wee hours of the morning, Singapore's Botanic Gardens is just the adventure. Not just for the abundance of its flora


Page L8

TAIJI SOLOIST HE'S been here every day without fail for the past 10 years. Mr Hee Kee Heng, 76, who lives m Shelford Road near the Botanic Gardens, stakes his usual patch midway between the main gate and the Eco Lake from 6.30 am. Feet planted firmly on the ground


Page L8

SWORDS AND ENGELBERT FIRST, they snap their red fans m sharp, synchronised moves, thwacking the air m sudden gestures choreographed to accentuate the slow-motion twists and turns of their torsos. Then, they switch to long, telescopic swords which they balance on their palms, cutting swathes of space as you would


Page L8

THE STORK WOMAN SHE walks, mute, m precision-measured steps, and then stops suddenly, freeze-framing on one leg for a split second like a performance artist. Then, she snaps out of her pose and continues walking, repeating the cycle over and over again. Meet "Storkwoman" Susan Ong, 56, who cannot be


Page L8

THE DOG PACK YOU can spot the dog lovers a mile off, simply by the yaps, barks and general ruckus caused by their beloved canines. Three such women Elizabeth Foo, m her 40s, with her sister Eraine Foo, 40, and niece Gwendolyn, 27 were spotted on Saturday, gently pulling back



Page L9

REAL MEN DO CRY Teo Cheng Wee Men tend to keep their emotions inside but this could lead to more trouble and depression MEN'S HEALTH WHO: John (not his real name), 28, a full-time national serviceman THEN: My problems began two years ago when I was dismissed from the police


Page L9

CLAM UP? Are men more likely to keep problems to themselves? Yes, men are generally less expressive emotionally than women. Why? Partly because men and women are inherently different, but also because of social conditioning. One often hears phrases like "take it like a man". Men are supposed to be


Page L10

HIGH AND DRY Teo Cheng Wee If you don't drink enough water, your sports performance can be affected and, m serious cases, dehydration can lead to overheating and death SIX-TIME Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher is literally m the hot seat each time he drives. That's because Fl drivers,

Stay afloat [ARTICLE]

Page L10

Stay afloat Warning signs of dehydration Thirst or a dry mouth Poor concentration and coordination Decreased sweating -this is a late and often dangerous stage. The body stops sweating even m hot weather as it has run out of available water. But body temperature rises and it could result m


Page L11

BREAK POINT Pradeep Paul Slowdown, too much stress can affect overall health MOST people are victims of stress too many things to do, too little time. And women have it worse, especially the average working mother. She's got a home to run, kids to get to school on time and


Page L11

ALL WIRED UP Fauziah Ibrahim Dr Andrew Aw, consultant orthodontist and clinical director of Raffles Denticare, addressed queries about braces during last Thursday's Heartbeat on Channel i. Here are some of the e-mailed questions he did not have time to answer. As a teenager, I broke half of my left



Page L12

HAPPY MEALS Ginnie Teo No kidding. Meals for kids are big business for airlines. Feed them right and everyone's happy WILL it be sausages or seafood fried rice for Junior? Parents of children, picky about what they eat on planes, now have options. Singapore Airlines' newly launched Yummy! service allows

Have a short highland fling [ARTICLE]

Page L12

Have a short highland fling DRHOLS We'll get the experts to answer your travelling woes. Send your queries to I'n thinking of going to London for eight days. Is it advisable to stay In London the whole time, or should I make a short trip to Scotland too? What's


Page L13

WRI GHT ON TREK Ginnie Teo FREQUENTFLYER Seventy countries, and counting lan Wright's record. But the wacky host of Globe Trekker says you lan seia nothin' yet MY BEST holidays: "I love Cambodia, every day. It's mind blowing and it's not even about the Angkor Wat, which is amazing m

Views that are hard to top [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page L13

Views that are hard to top Tay Suan Chiang UNIQUELYSINGAPORE MOST people get their first bird's eye view of Singapore flying into or out of Changi. Or, if you are lucky enough to live or work m a high-rise, you could enjoy snazzy views of your neighbourhood too. But if



Page L14

Small wonders Alan John When Molly Wijeysingha died earlier this month people with Aids lost a friend who showed how to love the sick, dying and unlovable i NOWADAYS death announcements come by SMS. That's how I found out one recent morning that Molly Wijeysingha had passed away. She was

Biggest news this week [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page L14

Biggest news this week Chua Mui Hoong THE biggest news this week was the revelation by Australian model Sarah Marbeck that she had an affair with footballer David Beckham m gasp! sedate Singapore. At the posh Shangri-La hotel no less, which has hosted YIPs like US President George Bush. I

A blow by blow account of Singapore [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page L14

A blow by blow account of Singapore Tay Yek Keak I'M SHOCKED. I don't know if youVe ever seen that classic World War II movie, Casablanca. In it, a French cop, pressured by the Nazis into finding an excuse to close a cafe populated by gamblers, says he's shocked to



Page L15

DATING IN FILMS How many dates does it take to win the gal? Depending on which romantic comedy you decide to catch at the cineplex this month, it could be anything between one and 50. 4 ONLY IN THE MOVIES Drew Barrymore plays an adorable small-town girl who has short-term

Everyone can bring joy to their families! [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page L26

Everyone can bring joy to their families! family discovery May 2004 We've often heard of the phrase "The family that plays together stays together". This year, there are a whole series of family activities lined up just for you to bond with your loved ones. From family carnivals and camps



Page L27

FLIGHTS OF FANCY Jill Alphonso Make-up at the Singapore Fashion Festival wandered into the realm of fantasy By MAKE-UP at the Singapore Fashion Festival, sponsored by L'Oreal, ranged from street at the Redken hair show, to glamorous at the Triumph showcase. Dropping m backstage at the L'Oreal Professionnel hair show


Page L28

The dark ages ASK LIONEL Sartorially challenged? Help is on the way. E-mail Lionel Seah at stlife@sph. I prefer jeans to be m a dark blue shade. But each time I wash them, they fade a little. Is there a way to maintain the original colour? The correct term

Pool party [ARTICLE]

Page L28

Pool party What do I need to look out for when I buy a swimsuit? Swimsuits can expose a multitude of body flaws. Proportion and fit are two things you need to bear m mind when you buy them. And avoid buying one size up if you want more coverage,


Page L29

SHEER FACTOR Jill Alphonso Airy fairy materials like chiffon, organza and silk are just what you need to keep cool and look hot By Sheer polyester and chiffon fitted tube top ($189) and asymmetric layered skirt ($269) from Song Kelly at Forum The Shopping Mall. Leather mules ($59) from Tangs.


Get a taste of her world [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page L30

Get a taste of her world Tan Su Yin TUCK LOONG Katharine Pooley-Stein, whp has been collecting recipes from around the world since she was six, has launched her first cookbook Food photos by WHEN you've travelled to 176 countries like Katharine Pooley-Stein has, you're bound to have many memories.

Don't overchill and waste a good bottle [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page L30

Don't overchill and waste a good bottle Jeremy Oliver CHEERS IN THIS fortnightly column, wine commentator Jeremy Oliver sheds light on the wide world of wine. He is the author of the bestselling Australian Wine Annual, and runs his website How chilled should wines be before serving? It's fine

No menu needed here [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page L31

No menu needed here Wong Ah Yoke At Mag's Wine Kitchen m Circular Road, you never know what you are going to get. But one thing's for sure, your dinner is m good hands EATS IT'S the dream of most chefs to run a restaurant without a menu. They are


Page L32

LIVER POOL Teo Pau Lin FOOD CORRESPONDENT CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of the National Arts Council Lee Suan Hiang, 53, has sampled food from the best restaurants around the world. As deputy managing director of the Economic Development Board (EDB) and chief executive of Spring Singapore, he helped develop menus for


Page L32

WHAT WOULDYOUR LAST MEAL BE? "It would be a bento box of all my favourite food from around the world. Foiegras from Le Quatre Saisons m Sarlat, France, tempura from Tenmaru m Ginza, Japan, chicken rice from Mci Chin food centre (I'd ask for their special chilli sauce which uses

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TpULSEREFLECTWEARRELAXTASTEHO iM m\ WEARRELAXTA EFLECTWEAR Buffets are like x <Li^fcrfMflSi imL| a religion m food-crazy r~ Singapore. TEE HUN CHING finds ry^tS/^^^^BB/f^^^^ ni^ out why and revisits some VW^^^^'^^lk old familiar spreads. -^'^WP^^^fßP^B j&Sl: DESIGN: SALLY LAM PHOTO: DESMOND FOO, SHOT AT SHANGRI-LA HOTEL'S COFFEE GARDEN ■J^ml The BMW 31

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Page L2

EXCLUSIVE FEATURE BROUGHT TO YOU BY AGNES B. .<^^ Driven by a passion for perfection, she is fully hands-on m the design of her unique l^^^ Cvi ■^^^3 collections seeing the task through from start to finish to ensure that her clothes turn out AfillPCh ")C\OA just as she had

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Send your comments to I^H^^lb Ni^*wV« ]|^M&^i 111 W^k M ftrf S

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Page L3

Balance, Variety and Moderation that's McDonald's key to a healthy lifestyle. Choose the right foods and you are on your way to a balanced diet Have a balanced diet and get as %W%J much exercise as you can. mf yy4 *W ft That's what "Eat Smart, Be j^ L MißNy^ENiK

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'^HB|^^^i imedeen jl^^^fl R ttm« p»rfcction 1 IH VJ?lflMH| from withjn j Imedeen®, who pioneered the original approach to skincare from within m 1991 is today, a world's leader of scientifically proven internal skincare formula. Supermodels, movie stars, celebrities and thousand of ladies have relied on Imedeen® over the years.

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Queen Mary 2 Birth Of A Legend airs on Discovery Channel tonight at 9pm.

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a^Bß^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^aV' it^BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBu^ H> *t BBBBBb^BBBT' fwP BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaL »bh :i^ i aaaaaa^^aaaf- a^^. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaW'' aam. Js_. "■Mt t .^al 'j^aaaaaaaaam^. ffWaaaaaaakk^ aaaaar^ v Law MB aaaP' aaHaaak Ja^aaaaaaaaaaß> J^ BW^^ Laaaaa\A^ f* Jaaaaal JK Saa^ j^ -^aaw^i^Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa^ZLl^ aw aaT 1 < •^BaaaaawlaaaaaaaaaaK Laaar"* YaK *|I^B LaßE^* JaaV WaV A BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaV^^aaaal «aaaaaaaaar

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HvrffrffTH A^r— ,^__i VH^ Ia \^m>^. 188 X .ill r I 32,000 sq ft One- Stop Fur niture Centre, spread over 4 Levels

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Page L7

23 May to 2 June \i ISLJa\Land PERFORMING ARTS! i^^^fr l^ foraged 4 tol4 W^^J J Daily 10:00 am to 2:oopm A^^^^^/j^^^^^^^ On Sunday 3:oopm to 7:oopm t^^^^^H L^L^aaßsflHaiiK B^s^ Venue BfcJ ACS Barker Road Campus Dunearn Road Ticket Price J^H W Ssl 5/- to either LITTLE VICTORIES or LAZER

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Page L8

yO[* 1 1 1 1 1 Pi* Fim/nTFtTKTtfb A rt ttan iX Taci J ie Collections £Ejft%. Mother's Day Special Jk Wide variety and range WtTWI* J• I of cane, bamboo, teak wrought iron Iv* l^ 1^ stone craft furniture lf%gY (KB) Factory Showroom 3^- 213 Kaki Bukit Aye shun

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I T* l^ TP "H l^^ doctors/ &?'M9us* rath-^htt#l'iltt.iriiriiiiiri^r Date 24 April 2004 wHI^^^SJB Time 2.00 3.30 pm (English) Venue: Auditorium, 7th Floor, «*;*V 4 JL '^^^^^fe^MCTiWßSi^^^' Health Promotion Board, /^^^^^^^HHH|HH^^^^^^HHhAB 3 Second Hospital Avenue, ''i^u '^^^^HH^BHBwyßfl|Bßß^^^^^^^^^Sß^^^ Singapore XXXXX7 -'^'-^MjEW Speaker: <>^jHJHHHHH||^HHHHfIBH^^Hi^ DrTan Chee Eng H^^H Head and Senior Consultant

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Page L10

SANOMIN To ensure you achieve excellent health is our mission Is constipation troubling you? Do you want a healthy digestive system? If you do, welcome to the following exclusive Presentation: Topic SF6B Biological Activities and Benefits Date Friday 23 April 2004 Time :7pm to 9pm Venue Carlton Hotel Level 2,

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Page L10

Yy I I I 1 Feel tired and worn out, tffl day after day? y^ak 'Taß You need Swissoats A l l l the all-natural, energising health supplement from Switzerland. .^w MuL Hi^ (lur energy levels peak m our 2()s ami Ih;j,i[i to ilclliih' 41^^^*/ j^^^^^^J*~--~~~~ m our 4*os. Taking

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Page L11

Dear Mum, Name: nric: RlMiiiHlMfliHi Contact Tel No: RftlSffi'ttt^^ Address: 14#^M^^U Because mothers deserve to always look their best Last Chance today. A very special offer for mothers. Buy one Nourish Refine and receive another with our compliments. The only oral skin supplement with 4 effective blends for firmer, fairer,

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Page L12

Why Not Be A Freelance Journalist? As a freelance journalist you can have Voiir f^ni itqp an exciting and financially rewarding TOUT UOUloc career. A recent survey shows that 28 Information Packed Modules freelancers can earn up to £40,000 a year 3 Handbooks writing for newspapers, magazines, trade Supplement on

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Page L12

120 cm from -jj,' Granite Table (t^OQQ s *j $880 4^ L^Oj. Kopi ,Tiam |Table!& y 4^CKairs or. Stoolsl I I KOPITIAM CHAIR ORIGINAL^CZECH 1 I NOW: $790 1 Including 5% GS Natural Marble Furn. 04 41 4000/' gft^2B4-286. CHANGI ROAD Fai:6344-8021 044 I 'lUfcO/ I

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I^^ mk mm m_ m t > a 1) 'mi J'» I JaNin an exciting vacation to unique Singapore AiiraHl^Pnfcli ry utrtnn tnwp put ytn m'i^ jjfcWjiuM rwn —i^toiifc I i ■ifajjjpfllin m^r In Inpirinri m tir r^^VjHT w<ht Ugjjudjr Snjtport conidu TV*t3f ypuf pik WB bt flcwyn ktonii|rt Airfln«m«

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Page L15

Got anything to karung gunise 7 I^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H The Karung gunitors here! v AOiiur P J/ To relegate things to the rag- I C-^L y and-bone man (karung guni). V >^^v Usage: "When you finish reading I P^^^. those magazines, remember to wV'vW 7" karung gunise them." M B^T ji^^^ul B^^^BB

Page L16 Miscellaneous

Page L16 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page L16

movies Onq Sor Fern Screening ENTER THE PHOENIX (PG) (Eason Chan/Daniel Wu/90 minutes) Straight guy Eason Chan is mistaken for his gay roommate Daniel Wu, the estranged son o* a dead crime boss (Yuen Biao), by the triads. A muddled and stretched one-joke movie. Douqlas Tsenq THE EYE 2 (PG)

Page L16 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page L16

H disputes in this poetic bloodbath. Douqlas Tsenq STARGAZING Opening next week 50 FIRST DATES (PG) I |r^ m f w I J tr\ FY^ I I Adam Sandier/Drew Barrymore/99 minutes) III I™ II I I III K" Drew Barrymore is taking on the mantle of the kookily sexy, B

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Page L17

MB^iZ^a^BVJPHSBRHRBMWMIPJHfI ZATOICHI* *s^^l ZATOICHr fSS&SkI (NCi6lUjp)(Eng/ChinSu«))(Os7Jl) ltf MOWC Bt l (NC 161 IM Sn^CM) &a) (M72IJ lyCTt 12.50pm, 5.15, 7.30, 9.45pm 1.1 5pm, 5.10, 7.40pm NED KELLY (NC.6)(os«oi) c^sg^] XASDA ftSSSSiI 10.45 am. 3.00pm, 7.30pm iy^^' IPG) fU^S^Diin^lOWM) 'g" o 6 w.a.«. i+)pm,3J2Spm XANDAiPGKMwdiiycsubKosM*) e iW«!!«j 1.30pm. 7.50, 9.40pm L*o««stj

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A >v :-:|l.^^^^^^^^^^^^H BBWv^V^SJ*"' S| •'"•■>■ B MMMMMMMM^^^ Bf jj^} j |1 *1 *yfi i 'fy/'^T^J l^ iP I*'^'J O<M ii rIiiLL,V labu^^A^Bß B& BB"^ BM^BM^BM^BK^s^^iH|Hil^^ Wki- *tim& *»■■> if afl^* Ti > '•^jßbhbsk^ vß^^bhlb^bm^bhbV i I BMmu2k*C- v '^m BLyn^)^^ Vi 4H pfty-jg;. v Bbbß^ bmv ti j BbP

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Page L17

Ai Wk i^V '■mm, v^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^^Ejtb^j f*w> HBk >^rBB HhBBHJ Si["W4 mMty'^^ wSM

Page L17 Miscellaneous

Page L17 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page L17

events &m Magdalene Lum things II I today SUVANNABHUMI WATER FESTIVAL 2004 Prepare to get drenched at this festival originating from countries like Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia. Fort Gate, Fort Canning Park, 10am 6pm. Free (Pay $10 for food and drinks coupons. Buy $50 worth of coupons and get a

Page L17 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page L17

E913 JpH F /ft r ■■H ISR P^L« LaWjfl t IT ■V L^^l m^W^M ni ■iirrK*^*'^ *^.^SI k^>^ .Sb^tv^bWl i Mk flla Bmli LI tml j/ift fcfl H *j39^ m TREATS AHEAD: (from left) Secretaries stand to win a trip to The Ritz London, jazz up the weekend pb-> Y^

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Page L18

jYJBV 1 Vfl I *>^4 W B^p* I m w A J A M I J^Lh^^^BL-M^^BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBMW<WflBw^BlBBB»^p*flB^flBBBBBBBBfl^ HB^^^ I A. ■J^B^ JP flflflflflflflflflflfl^^^^ I I .^B^ flfll BBBflf HV BflV^^Biflflfll B^^^ BF^^i^ldD bW^ V 1 <4^^o> 1 bY s^m m^A Hi L I Bk ™B1 HI bV-€--rfliPflßßflW|iPl!i"WlW J 1 jIBBBBB aßH

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Page L19

|> r\ THE NEW FILM BY QU E N T I N TAR AN TINO I V.• y -i ;> w Rating^ Be^ dvised W~-*^ 5 v SNEAK PREVIEWS 22 -APRIL OPENS 23^ APRIL! g||g|gk iJBtAi H/i |<j BJ BL .^B B J ibß I^^ BH^^iS^ Ir JS nw VB^^^Sn^^Kv

Page L20 Miscellaneous

Page L20 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page L20

...Ut^i-ff* Channel i, BLANK CHARITY \A/| JH S 6.30pm Channel U, 7pm fcOT J SHOW II S^F' Brian Dennehy VrLifll Wanrou urges i^ili^HkP^a^i^i^i^i^B Channel B, 7pm I T 1 -few stars m this show *~~4 Jinghui to be more Swords and f~\ f*\ I\/ raj about a i^i^i^i^^^^i^H ambitious m

Page L21 Miscellaneous

Page L21 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page L21

I 1 i 3 MATILDA WW% VAN ASIAN IA/nDr C Ql^Hiiti^HMl HBocchw.apm y: wilder: Charlie's VV I ICIL O RJ Hi Not all children are ko±jM P'^LTM PARTY M W mm ANGELS \*A born equal V \-J |l LIAISON 1 Celestial Movies nn r^hlp mm e born ec outof n

Page L22 Miscellaneous

Page L22 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page L22

"H^ > m*~ SUperSpOrtS PIUS (Ch Zl) 300 2004 State Farm US Fi <J ure Skatin 9 Championships: Atlanta. ■"'wvS 4*4^BL md»^ »*»4-^^ USA: Men's Ladies Short Programmes 8.55 PM Italian Serie A: Inter Milan Vs Bologna (Live) |SJL C (I V *J0 Auto Racing: Motorsport Asia 11.00 Golf: Open

Page L23 Miscellaneous

Page L23 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page L23

The power failure *^> No, a compliment: Thanks caused major disruptions for ending my neighbour's m my HP£> block' karaoke session prematurely/ company i^^^Sl^ complaint.^ company Afes)9^ A power failure can I Shut down the I iO^ f^ oxygen supply LjJ^p 2^L^S| to my aquarium. 7 I bought a battery-

Page L23 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page L23

fB WELL. I'M ON A PIET AGAIN, V) I f SORRV^H^^ FOOP 1«l THERE WAS A TWELVE- B^ j mL a np vchj know what that cfl Hr im ■^■V halucx-inations a pickle pileup m the flti' MEANS) Bk LAte iM HV-^ ,/~M KITCHEN I iRAFFf. IVAS BACKhP UP S

Page L24 Miscellaneous

Page L24 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page L24

SHERMAN'S LAGOON BY JIM TOOMEY tk^^'^^ir^^^Hi^y k^^^^M marks f/Ave /i I CTsnJFF)^ B^n^^^Jn eL: J-/ %Bme 0F eMeu l -(Positive J^j/y^t'^'^B^B^BiHßßtt^^JaHiß^EjM BbhlbP^M JL BB^^^^^^^^B bbbab^bl bb^^^^*^--^^bß f\f I y .^■fl 'tt' I'-*1 BBBb^BbB mt^^ I ■^BBB^BBB^BBBB^r^^'*****^*^^ A^B^BBBBBbV i B^Bk B^^r"**^^^ B^BBrv^B^B^B^B^B^B^B f 1 bT x^ v^B^ B^^flß^B B^Bw "V l^^B

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ZITS BY JERRY SCOTT AND JIM BORGMAN <_<£«£-. I^.^^- ibv 1 _^_^^^t b t ___^^^_k. p—<. "S _____^r^ 1 ■_K^ 1 1 *"""^^^-_-B_-«--_-i^-*"'^^"^^^^^BH 4&. f^ 1 "_P^^^w_^^ 1 jV fl^kr HE\^J_r J^_j_____ > ________p _Bh c ___T- J lAllll/ T l/r™^^s t^T^S* m >*^_____^^l 1 J ___E_____J__H I B'/'fl nmlv^lKppr

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International Year of the Family 2004 Programmes Under One Roof 2004 29/5 30/5 (Sat Sun) 9am-5pm S25/adult, SlO/child (Include 1 night Target Audience: 3 generations family YMCA, No 1 0rchard Road accommodation plus all meals) children aged between 6-12 yrs old (near to Dhoby Ghaut MRT) Organiser: Fei Yue Community

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YOUR STARS fl BfA When out having fun this flHnHk Your love of colour, peace W^F* M week, look beneath the and harmony is enhanced. E^fl surface of other people's f J Be careful when making actions and their words social arrangements March 21 April 2oj Sf f^ eY T

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New Arrivals Today! $XXXXX a^9s39 sws29 s*9s3s OVER 100 DESIGNS at GREAT PRICES! Today 11am-Bpm GRAND HYATT HOTil T 2 limi,*H«nryltopp«ll(u»eicatotoO IV. T VV^ 5

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FREE Delivery Removal of old mattress 3' Single $148 s' Queen JHM'W' 36" S/Single_ $168 5' Queen Jttf^sl BB 6' King \^jjjps2BB 5' Queen $299 403&SMB^^^^^^ d King o*»cyy >^^p^ I A/civ Improved Simmons "y^/^J^ i Bi7g?n7ril Queen $899 Maftress Duport Marketing Pte. Ltd. 12 Aljunied Road SCN Centre tel

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Launched 14 years ago, demand is still increasing, k A A O\/|Z I d The only genuine blackhead dead skin remover, V 1/V IV VCL \J Cl— Dermatologists say, "Dead skin blackheads are the main cause of skin problems such as enlarged pores, blackheads, acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, dry, rough, dull

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Available at $8 from Tokyo, People's Park, unit 1080-B (tel: 6532-2245). Open daily from 1 to Bpm.

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CSam gives you Jt a well-rounded, wk^ FIBn beautiful buSp Hbt^l BsHiSSiSHHB In ii U ißffiGsPHßlill BE3^BBB^^^BBBBl^Bi*i mi ffl*jHißT?llaiiiliiilSMß^y kI I CI3 C C 3 Bust Enhancing Massage sessions I iX Lm Get 3 free sessions of Bust Enhancing I lAjstTPTiTT Massage for a firmer, sexier bust, with your purchase

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Discover how affordable style can be /\iii l^?TT^5 $7 88 3 seater sofa m FULL LEATHER a« am* Lara V 000, 3 seater sofa with 2 recliners m FULL LEATHER Nn d Ex 2 #«U 11 Gul Circle f<* CMto 7* s" J Singapore XXXXX7 cc s •Mr^-^'sfr Opening hours:

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t^f Treasures ofYanezhou*^*Y 16 to 30 April 2004 Win a trip for two to Shanghai m our Yangzhou Food Promotion Lucky Draw! g________— ——————^^^^^^j^pj^ g^^j__________________^^^^^^__^^^^_________^^^^^^^^^^^j Enjoy fine Yangzhou cuisine at Pearl River Palace Cantonese Restaurant. During this 15-day promotion, three talented chefs from Yangzhou promise you a gastronomic tour to

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I supersundaydeals I H 'v*<(M I a B I BREAKFAST TILL THREE I (1 8 &25 April 2004, for first 1 00 guests per day only) |H HHHHBmHi Breakfast buffet is priced at $28+++ from 7am 3pm K^H IP^^^^EShß om H am 3pm, with additional carving). B Promotion is valid

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MAG'S WINE KITCHEN 86 Circular Road, Tel: 6438-3836 Opening hours: noon -2.30pm, 7 -9.30pm (last order), closed on Sat Sun Food: Service: **♦•>£ Ambience: Price: Slightly high, at $38 for lunch and $48 for dinner.

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IT JLJI CONFIDENTIAL BK^^^^TMK'ißaißW^^^^H^BßaßaßßßßJßllftßfl BLs SsSnl B^B^B^l Ba b^b^^^^^^^Sji ajypijwwiiiaji bj»^bj B^B^L Bal B^r^MNS^HH^B™/ ■EfflHj^^Ba Ba Bl^ '^Bpi^^S I B^k^^ m^t^^*.^Bl B^feHr4Hi^faH IDw^l b^l. aalHilßqas^Baaxr^vvv'^Bl KAKI aUKTT AYE 3 f 4^ la, 1 m [~l Ba B^^^^^^^^BB^B^v^BM 5 KAKI UKIT i j < B^L B^B t- 5 TCCHPAAK N VZ


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'—^v available m lift 1 Al^ I AT^1 1 ifc\ <^^IBi J VJ fl^S ShßHl^^ y Accident Body Repair/ a!^l B\^ll W%A 9 IUB CAS (ComfortDelGro P^^fetw^M Adoption/MDB Cats Lv IJCIITXP IeSSOnS TOr ail C^ *>^« B|r IS^^^flll B^^ KYap tx Partners' nao* hirurlvQ nrwiAoA ***L 3Bs!&*??**HB^^^^PB^BB^H^^^^^^^H A Litigation Department

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FDFD I BUY IT, SELL IT, FIND IT 1 [^00-289-9988] Mondays to Fridays 8.30 am to 6. 30pm $100 for replies collected by advertiser or Deadlines: spm for next day's publication; posted to local address. fax, e-mail sms order; to be m by 4pm* $200 for replies posted to overseas

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ITI RESTAURANTS/ HH RESTAURANTS/ m FOOD OUTLETS MM cnnnn T c Shanghai 1 1/UISIH6 **Z^ '^fc^ 1 Fromotlo^j v >^ j aV. A. I I Shanghainese Braised I Pork Knuckles I 1 Wkm^bt Ham steamed Yellow Fish 1 MfiSm^r Shanghainese Style I Ham Duck Clay-pot Soup I pH|P a nd

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BOTHER LEISURE/ PERSONAL INTEREST PROGRAMMES *ODY Physiotherapy* works Sports Manage, Sports Rehab Develop CLINICAL HANDS-ON skills with Sports Massage Courses BASIC May 2004 AND July 2004 NEW! INTERMEDIATE August 2004 Information Registration Quick Tip Do you support a cause? Be a volunteer and discover the satisfaction of touching lives and

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Iff! HOUSE RENOVATION/ Wffi HOUSE RENOVATION/ Iffl HOUSE RENOVATION/ Iffl HOUSE RENOVATION/ Ifil HOUSE RENOVATION/ MJdECOfT MJdECOR ONE STOP 7,000 so f ft f|l^M'^4jJJT»i£|f^^ 25 usual stwor,- f'* |^™^^^^*'^'^'^"BCiI2iZ!M Condo 'HOB show*.at II Migtl (Wssure fX«fofrr wortrtop UsmtlieJlf KT'I'L/I 'ff^V^\^LwtLWLwttllLWLWtm 3o" vi F°"' HnfflEPil •Over 60 srts of design tea

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Kfjl AIRCONDITIONERS/ REFRIGERATORS REPAIR FRIDGE t AIRCON HENG SENG REFRIGERATOR AIRCON SERVICES Provides: r Free checking r Repair on-the-spot T Guarantee after-repair r Budget price assured Please call: 6881-7261/ 6388-0391 Includes Sun/ Public Holidays. Time Bam-llpm Isiandwide Service! YONG SENG REFRIGERATOR AIRCON SVC REPAIR L Qualified Technician 2. Free Checking

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HPB LI «NCiD CONTRACTOR: HB Os^BBiT| £B3HfeaS CIMm QECfiIEO o««s»»ttattH«twltii«»4lt»»»iil«as»tcl«iiBt «1111ir- GEP^ilijß©© RENOVATE NOW RCNO VATIOH FAIR Stainless Steal dish rack 2 panel sand PAY LATER WITH NO MARK UP 17Ag im/ M o m i CDcriAi blarted glass 2 IN 1 SPECIAL Professional 20ft Kitchen Cabinet FREE Interior Design

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Wfd HOUSE CLEANING/ PAINTING ALL PAINTING CHEAP! HDB 3rm $180. srm $390. Pte, Condo $300-S7OO mcl paint. Honest, re- liable, local Chinese. Since 1975! 1 day completion. Hse agts special Also handyman svc 9238 5637 PLS CALL XXXXX005. ICI/ Nippon Paint. 3-5 rm. $250/ $300/ $400. Free acid wash. Spray

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Water Heater Washßas" bathtub Mirror Sink Bow 1 'Bathroom Accessories Shower Set Seat Cover rei:XXXXX866 584GeylangRd(n>rtyLK34) UROPE LAMINATE FLR, Antim ect/ water etc. Fty price $1.19 p. IMM bldg. *04-32 K. XXXXX551 AY LAMINATE FLOOR for whole se/ bdrms/ office. i 5 yrs g'tee. rood budget price. XXXXX299 0 ONE

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mc w w t^ u w\ ii I vi c <* l t\ j jinc i# Jl^^^H pv jt^^/^A ILm kS^24 m^K U S^ll S^>S^/ Written by AdeleOng Buy It. Sell It. Find It. wj I W Dogs that are taken for walks out on the roads daily be worn

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DFDFD Causes of Renal/Kidney Failure: Inherited Defect Infection (e.g. Bad Oral Health) Aging (7 Years old above) Toxic Substance Excessive Nutrients m Diet (Protein, Phosphorus. Sodium) Heath Check $58 Now $27 Full Health Check $208 Now $126 Plus $10 Hill's product voucher Show this ad to participating outlet to enjoy

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0' REPEL Safe Training Aid 8,-' -Discourage Dogs Cats from UKfcW chewing /A*V gnawing on f\ JB3 slippers fumdure 11 J4m, curtains trees W **Mr etc For indoor ■m qaßß outdoors 250 ml aM^^pEeLakeTradmg^j PET MOVERS OFFERS 100+ pups/ kittens $1-300*: $hih Tzus (many) Doberman X, Labradors, Dalmatians, PresaX, Persian

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B_W_3^^j^<A.fcȣ*fcl" f found 2z*s** *M m The news that our niece was expecting a baby was wonderful to us. Unfortunately, her mother (my sister), was worried and agonised by the prospect of a new baby 's arrival. This was because she had not had to care for a single baby

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Iffl DOMES-IC HELP Iffl DOMESTIC HELP Iffl DOMESTIC HELP IWI DOMESTIC HELP 1!TI DOMESTIC HELP JJI^AVAILABLE ™Z"' Bt c U .MAmr iwin ARI P J^ WII<OIC "Quality Maid, Quality Life, -f^ 4Ht -A- iffl IV I/k "TT IF^ IV I Nat jon, Your Best Choice." J >^ |/Tj UV I

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B DOMESTIC HELP WTI DOMESTIC HtLP KTTI DOMESTIC HELP AVAILABLE U^ AVAILABLE U^ AVAILABLE E^LTaWl7??W7^ni^^^m i TH^r^^^^^T3roPEN DAHVI DAILY SERVICE'" Free 2-Year On-The-Job IMB -M Training For Maids |E3 FlcWly Disabled■JUS L^liLLlll^l Aj^aM Sfry Infant Care (HNF) First Aid course Car washing ■^^M B_Aj_L t lkA f ifcsj>.'jyj— j^lAlJAl^M LWmw*

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TfJm CHEVROLET ETJI CHEVROLET Effl CHEVROLET T^l FOR SALE WW* FOR SALE m^U FOR SALE Conceptualized m America. Tuned m Europe. Now m Singapore. Chevrolet Optra 1.6 A From $68,988 Guaranteed COE Quick n»iiw>rv Chevrolet a brand from General Motors the world's largest vehicle manufacturer. R^l STARSAUTO PTE LTD Home

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FDFDF RTI t-ONDA FOR SALE BTTI HONDA FOR SALE RTI HONDA FOR SALE BTfl HONDA FOR SALE Hlj Pllj Bllj Pllj Toyota Harrier 2.4 Fr <To^«^w^ IB M B/ B U BPL Fr $124 888 *l^ ££g^ k I [Optional Parannmic Roof) f e»^a-* BH IH I wl Bf9l£j. i

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FDFD $$$GUARANTEDSSS HIGHEST OFFER Buy Sell All Makes Models Cash Payment <M > Reliable Deol Z>| kjhwpvbhciethadnkl $0 DEPOSIT DRIVEAWAYIII '93 Civic I.6ESi manual $16,800 '93 Civic I.6ESi Black. $16,800 I '93 Civic I.6ESi auto. $16.800.. I '93 Civic I.6ESi Maroon. $16,800 '93 Civic I.SLSi manual $14,800 93 Civic I.SLSi

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FFDFDF $0 DOWNPAYMENT! BRAND new Honda Accord 2.0. $960 p/mth. FIT 1.3 Auto $693 p/mth. Immediate. 4 days delivery. Free servicing. Call XXXXX121/XXXXX200 DEPRECIATION $5.8K ptr annum. 11/'OI Civic 1.5 VTi auto. 1 owner. Facelift to 03 model. OMV $20K. Agent warranty. Asking $59.8K Loan $62K avail. Call 9818 9833

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8/01 STREAM 1.7 Auto. 1 owner, silver. Low mileage/ black leather. OMV $24K. Call: XXXXX668 1 OWNER 12/'O2 Stream, 1.7 auto OMV $24K. Tax 12/'O4 Done XXXXX km. Like new. 6747 8484 END '00 CIVIC 1.7 VTiS manual. 1 owner. Low mileage. Full option. Beautiful. Call XXXXX588 03/03 STREAM 1.7

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FFFSDFDE KRJ HYUNDAI FOR SALE R1 HYUNDAI FOR SALE R1 HYUNDAI FOR SALE Wffi HYUNDAI FOR SALE fgffn Results of April 2004 f&j| L^m Ist Open Bidding Exercise For COE iiAisJ Buy It. Sell It. Find It COE price Quota Bids Car» (1600 CC and below) ft Taxi $26,689 1,937

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Page C6

9/'OI 1 OWNER Kia Rio 1.5 4 dr. Tax 9/'O4. (OMV $11,474) CD, s/rims. $41,800. Hp 9067-5508 8/2001 KIA RIO 1.3 manual. Red. OMV $XXXXX. COE $XXXXX. Loan avail. Tel 6777-1091/ 9691-8001 ■jHJ LEXUS FOR SALE 6/02 HARRIER 3.0 auto. Pearl white, sunroof. Power seat. OMV $42K. COE $38K. New

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En MAZDA FOR SALE Effl MAZDA FOR SALE Effl MAZDA FOR SALE RJI MAZDA FOR SALE HfS MAZDA FOR SALE RXB OPEN FOR BOOKING $O* Downpayment IS China Car of the Year 2004 —.c tiMi*. iffSll'riSiSltPfaJ Auto Club-Motor Trend G-SPORTS/i| [VV fc^f fiojgSp?BEB B fr $96,488 (2.0) fr $82,988^»J§BJ|pL1i iM**'

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Page C6

KaJFORSAIE 2 UNITS, 91 190E 1.8 auto. C&C car. Bidded no. ER3288. COE 2011 near. New tax/ paint/ CD/ s'rims. G'teed superb! Call 6348-5115 BRAND NEW E2OO. $1650 p/mth. $3000 driveaway. 5 yrs free servicing. 6272-2121/ 9818-6200 5/'B9 E2OO CONVERTED. Blue New tax. COE 4/2009. Leather. S/rims. 6382-9311 Carlines. NEAR

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a MITSUBISHI FOR SALE PRICE 2 UMITS. 12/'O2 Lancer I.6GLX Auto. 556.8K yet neg. Interest 2.45% with 100%-110% loan. 1 owner. Bodykit. Spoiler. Fog lamp. Leather interior. S/rims. Maintained warranty by agt. OMV $17K. View: 371 Beach Rd »01 23 Keypoint. Tel: XXXXX000 Si DRIVEAWAY IMMED Approve! No gimmicks. No

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Page C7

WChl NISSAN FOR SALE BCTI NISSAN FDR SALE SUNNY.,.. > Wonderful Place m 1 ijS** East Coast! Best Tine I r -> Place To Get Thst I Kjm MaY Nissan Venicle J You've Always Wanted jjfl w w_»" a H^?laa*aa»aaaa aaaaV-. z.'^^M I I fmta^m aaa? f aaV u» to

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BRI PERODUA FOR SALE BRI PERODUA FOR SALE BRI PERODUA FOR SALE lim Most economical 1-litre car m Town Hai^a^^^ lai^a^^^^^a, J aa^ engine«red for fun, easy on fuel! I B^"*^* H|^^MM^^^_-^ d _^*M^^ak^^(kß^aaMaa>^i}^^^| I Compact Car of the Year 2003 ~^^<^^^^V^|Y|^^ 3-Year Warranty or 100,000 km W Jy^UX'aa^ -^>2^2^2«

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Page C7

JH RENAULT FOR SALE Iffl RENAULT FOR SALE A A !±r*^!l rs XXXXX9998 Bi 99+?lJn tf Jfi Longest, Wmpst, Quietest Push Start Bunm TiD-Tronic aaa Powerful Brakes J'"'. J iwe l>C4f 5 *y far ffefy BfH SUBARU FOR SALE High Trotie-ln Law OPHiiMJuy»agiit Law Intmrmmt Ratm BOON NOW WITH Mysterious

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Bill TOYOTA FOR SALE HARRIER 2.4 G' $120,000 HARRIER 2.4 'L $126*00 HARRIER 2.4 'P 1 $133,800 Panaromic Sunroof Available ESTIMA2.4J/X $111,800 CELJCASSI/SS2 $92,800 WISHI.BX/XE $87*00 RAV4I.BSDR $89*00 SIENTA 1.5A 78*00 ODYSSEY 2.4A $109,800 INTEGRA IS/TYPE R*96,800 STREAM 1.7A $87*00 FITI.3A 72*00 GRANDS 2.4A $102*00 rnnp9j«|piF« I TOP RANGE I

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Page C7

■fn TOYOTA FOR SALE BfFI TOYOTA FOR SALE Bfn TOYOTA FOR SALE aa^^rWN^BmmVl^^Bal i^—T^r 8 t~~ Wf*'** _^l^^aaa*B\_JaaT' er^^>t«a^B^^^Ba^^^^^^Bgßß^^^^BßT^ jßTaaaTaaaTaaißTßTCßTßv^s'^i^'BTß B^^^^'^ aaaaTßDQn^^^* p C- BaTL^TaTaTr 4r >vBjHBaBBi aaaaaaa^^aaaaWl9^?^^^^MaaM ,Tp Luxury Package FREE Alarm MP3 CD Player C« fe •Leather WoodTrimmlng Reverse Sensor Walnut Steering MMMMH^BM 6347 7979 sarvto prrrWw

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Page C7

11 MTH CAMRY 2 4 A. 1 owner. Omv $XXXXX. Done 6000 km. agent warranty. XXXXX222 10/'OI COROLLA XLI. Silver. 1 own er. OMV $18K+ Excellent cond. High trade m. Call XXXXX707 '03 UNSTOPPABLE RAY 4. Full opI tion. Full kit. Enthusiast choice! OMV $24K. tasv loan. XXXXX360 03/'O2 COROLLA

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Page C7

EFDFDF KTJi VOLKSWAGEN '74 SUPER BEETLE 1303 1.6. COE 8/2011 Bug fully refurbish. Rare collective item. View 93 Kovan Road. Tel: 6382-9311 Carlines 1 OWNER 11/01 BORA 1.6. Auto. Tax 11/04. OMV 522.5 K. Leather. 16' s/rim Low mileage XXXXX200 8/99 VW GOLF Cabriolet 1.6 auto. Black/ black, OMV $31K.

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B SPORTS/ COUPES/ CABRIOLETS $0 DOWNPAYMENT! MUGEN Fit 1.3. Toyota Vitz 1.0, Wish 7-seater Choice of colours. 9238-3288 Bfjn JEEPS/ 4-WHEEL DRIVES 10/98 SSANGYONG MUSSO E2O Auto. 2nd owner. OMV $32,154. COE $20,624. Silver. Full Bodyk it. Excellent cond. 9829 7777 2/01 FREELANDER FULL kit Agt svc. OMV $32K. Low

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FDD Bfn VEHICLES WANTED E7TI VEHICLES WANTED VEHICLES WANTED Double Check Your Price Before Selling Your Vans, PA/ PB Bus, Doublecab Pickup 10/ 14 ft Lorries Best Price For Hyundai HlOO van Toyota Liteace, Hiace, Dyna, Nissan Cabstar Special Price For 14 Ft High Deck Lorry ISUZU NHR69, NPR66, NPR7I

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Page C8

FDFD BRI VANS FOR SALE WrJl^^liVll i aVl^^^fc Mk) Llteac« Van (M/A) [We accept Credit Cards for booking"^ More than 40 yrs experience The company you con trust) BRAND NEW RENAULT Kangoo 1.9 Diesel/ 1.4 Auto at special prices! Downpayment $3000. Agt 3 yrs warranty. Call XXXXX003 BEAUTIFUL 4/99 HlOO

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Page C8

m| LUBRICANT* |^U LUBRICANTS Parallel Import Car Servicing fr. 1000 km 10,000 km 4L mm. oil gsss Synthetic ®$75 Leather RenewaJ for all makes and models at factory prices with 1 time 4L Synthetic oil change package Free Auto Transimission Fluid change flush handled by CERTIFIED TRAINED TECHNICIANS fr&&s Aircon

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Page C8

Wftl Dl7-18CHANGI/ PTE APTS- RENT CARISSA PK. 3*l Excellent cond. F/furn. Like new! Full pool view. Immed. $1.6K 0.n.0. 9101-5738 Bm^O SERANGOON/ THOMSON PTE APTS -RENT HOUGANG GREEN 3+l. High fir. Cosy. Breezy. Near Shpg Ctr/ mkt/ bus-stop/ sch/ pool. Vacant. Rental neg. 6365-9313 LV VERY CHEAP! $2K ONLY! 'ARECA'

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Page C8

WVfi HUDC/HDB mj APTS FOR RENT HP: 9100 9203 6885 5325/6/7 6885 5315/6/7 6 MINS WALK TO MRT Access To PIE CTE BKE KJE SLE Rtnt fr $850 include SERVICES, WATER ELECTRICITY charges 3 rms 200 units 24 hours security services 13 acres of own greenery 1 wetk to 1

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Page C8

WTjX ROOMS FOR |^U RENT (HDB) $250 UP! NEAR MRT. Tiong Bahru, Redhill, O'town,