The Straits Times, 12 December 2001

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1 56 The Straits Times
  • 24 1 The Straits Times Established 1845 WQi3rt6SQ3y December 12, 2001 156 Pages m seven parts mita(P) 024/12/2000 w A Singapore Press Holdings publication \J\J Cents
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  • 480 1  -  NATALIE SOH Bigger discounts on 200 items and price cuts for another 200 from January, to help workers get through the recession h SHOP FOR LESS Most shoppers told The Straits Times that they welcomed the reduced prices. Housewife Constance Sim, 28,
    ST GRAPHICS  -  480 words
  • 347 1  - 24 CARS, 99 ROSES AND... A marriage proposal Tor V-P LAWRENCE CHUNG By) STRAITS TIMES TAIWAN BUREAU TAIPEI A debt collector and former convict yesterday tried to lead a 24-sedan motorcade to Taiwanese VicePresident Annette Lu's office to propose to her. But his dramatic attempt at courtship came to a
    AFP  -  347 words
  • 41 1 IN DANGER: CLUB THAT PRODUCED THESE STARS The PA Youth Swimming Clue may be the poor man's club, but it's given Singapore several swimming stars. Now it's fast ruafiif out of money, struggling jj to stay SPWTS:SI t Design: CHRISTIAN INTON
    CHRISTIAN INTON  -  41 words
  • 186 1 hj WASHINGTON The Federal Reserve cut US interest rates by a quarter percentage point today, extending one of the most aggressive rate-cutting campaigns m its history as it tries to lift the economy out of recession. The widely expected Fed action lowered the
    Reuters  -  186 words
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    • 166 2 GUN CLUB MAY HAVE EXTRA DUTIES BUSINESSMAN David Lim expects to be putting m even more extra hours, if the Ministry of the Environment intensifies its war against crows and tries to reduce their number to 10.000, a tenth of what it is now. As the Singapore Gun Club's
      166 words
    • 83 2 CHINA'S WTO ENTRY RAISES FEARS CHINA'S entry into the World Trade Organisation has given rise to fear and uncertainty, especially among developing countries m Asia, which are concerned about their export markets and foreign direct investment. Other countries m other parts of the world are also feeling jittery. Among
      83 words
    • 63 2 SUSPEND GST ON BASKS STRAITS Times reader Lim Siang Hwa suggests the Government suspend the goods and services tax on foods that are basic necessities, like rice, and train and bus fares. He figures that doing so could lead to public transport companies lowering fares, and would not have
      63 words
    • 95 2 MY, THAT'S A SMART LIBRARY THE new National Library will take into account the sun, wind and greenery here. It will have deep sun-shades on the outside, shaded terraces that are three storeys high inside and a void deck on the ground floor inspired by those at Housing Board
      95 words
    • Article, Illustration
      115 2 China, hot target for educators THE former managing director for Dell Computer's South Asia office, Mr Andrew Chua, 50, has sunk S6 million into setting up a business school, offering several diploma courses. Called the East Asia School of Business, it hopes to get students from the region and
      LIM SIN THAI  -  115 words
    • 109 2 Top women execs sent to boot camp TOP women executives m the United States are being sent toDoot camp, so they can learn how to behave more like women than men. At the camp, women are told that if they hesitate more, learn to cry m public, and use
      109 words
    • 89 2 'Choo can, you can too' MALAYSIAN businessmen are being asked to follow m shoe designer Jimmy Choo's footsteps, by turning their industries into world-class, niche ones. Their alternative is to carry on producing cheap items and be out-priced by those from China, said International Trade and Industry Minister Rafidah
      89 words
    • 93 2 SINGAPORE POWER IN $350 M DEAL IN THE next few weeks, Singapore Power hopes to complete its second-biggest overseas investment acquiring two power plants m South Korea for 244 billion won (5350 million). Returns are almost certain as the plants have guaranteed contracts. The deal is a two-pronged one
      93 words
    • 230 2 SMI OF NEW YEAR GOODIES RISE THE many Japanese who have put off travelling over Jan 1 are spending their money at home on the pricey traditional delicacies that are eaten m the first few days of the new year. Tokyo stores have reported rises of as much as
      230 words
    • 68 2 CHANGE FOR GOLD AT ASIAN GAMES FORMER world bowling champion Tom Hahl may apply for Singapore citizenship. If the permanent resident does so and gets it, the country's chances of getting its first gold medal at the Asian Games will increase. The Singapore Tenpin Bowling Congress says he qualifies
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    • 324 2 pPT] University of *afc« i atrorfiintvfrstty EJI SOUTH AUSTRALIA *ffi* LA 1 KUBh UNlVhKbl 1 V "One of Australia's Best Universities" 32sJ« PC TT Business nrlln (Wed. 26 Dec 2001) XX W JLf ttijll 1 Vksks Dbng n P orpp« Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) m \J vJll VViJ IP Mechanical
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    • 200 3 Pele ball being auctioned for charity AN AUCTION for a football signed by soccer legend Pele will help needy schoolchildren. Bids start at $500 and the auction ends on Friday. Mr Wilfred Yeo, The Straits Times' Assistant to Editor (Sports), won the item at a press conference attended by the
      LIM SIN THAI  -  200 words
    • 418 3 iel Sharon, who pledged this week to step up military activities to force Mr Arafat to crack down on extremists, welcomed the EU's position after meeting Mr Solana. He also said he was "interested" m easing restrictions on the Palestinian population m general, a demand
      AP; AFP  -  418 words
    • 423 3 Afghan fighters overrun Al-Qaeda caves TORA BORA Afghan tribal fighters, backed by devastating United States" air strikes and night raids by American special forces, overran AlQaeda's Tora Bora cave hideouts yesterday. They also set a deadline for the surrender of remaining members of Osama bin Laden's terrorist network. After making
      AP; AFP  -  423 words
    • 458 4  - NUS students heading for Silicon Valley SANDRA DAVIE The pioneering students will work as interns and attend courses as first of five overseas colleges is set up by NUS NEXT month, 20 National University of Singapore (NUS) students will begin a year m Silicon Valley as interns with technology companies
      LIM SIN THAI  -  458 words
    • 316 4 A STARING incident between two motorists led one to assault the other with an iron rod, a district court heard yesterday. Daniel Tan Kheen Fatt, 51, then an operations manager, pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr Tan Khim Chiew, 26,
      316 words
    • 543 5  -  RE ME AHMAD Shoemaker to the stars shows how to be world class and beat the China challenge, Rafidah tells Malaysian businessmen By HE MUST TAKE THE EXAMPLE OF A MALAYSIAN WHO MD THIS, JIMMY CHOO. I F IT IS NOT OF A CERTAIN QUALITY AND
      543 words
    • 452 5  - Ex-lawyer jailed 24 months ELENA CHONG COI'RTCORRFSPONDFNT A FORMER crime buster-turned-lawyer was sentenced yesterday to a total of 24 months m jail for cheating a bank and a finance company out of more than $4 million through housing loans. Billy Ng Chee Sing, 39, did not reveal to them that
      452 words
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    • 581 6  - Taming the corporate shrew LOUISE BRANSON gfj A Silicon Valley programme helps women executives to reach the very top of their firms by softening their 'male traits' By STRAITS TIMES UNITED STATES BUREAU MOUNTAIN VIEW (California) Bully Broad Boot Camp? Yes, you saw right. Welcome to a programme m Silicon
      581 words
    • 185 6 THE bully-broad programme may sound like an outrage to feminism, backing down on gains which have allowed some women to claw their way to the top of American corporations though they still make up only 12 per cent of top executives. In fact,
      Louise Branson  -  185 words
    • 392 7 Military coffin scandal haunts Delhi The military paid an exorbitant sum for 500 coffins from the US for its soldiers, say auditors NEW DELHI Corruption m Indian defence circles returned to the spotlight yesterday with Parliament m an uproar over reports that the government bought 500 coffins at exorbitant prices
      AFP  -  392 words
    • 142 7 Crackdown on mobs who lynch suspects DHAKA Bangladeshi police have received orders to prevent the lynching of suspected criminals after 36 people were killed by mobs m recent weeks, a newspaper said yesterday. The country's police chief Mudabbir Hossain Chowdhury has asked officers to ensure such incidents are not repeated
      AFP  -  142 words
    • 243 8 WELLINGTON Perfume smells trouble at a top restaurant here. A woman celebrating her 48th birthday had not even opened the menu at the exclusive Two Rooms restaurant when she was offered a napkin and asked to go to the bathroom and wipe
      INTERNET  -  243 words
    • 477 8  -  ALFRED LEE But Blair defends Home Secretary Blunkett for sparking debate on national identity to build cohesion Hu STRAITS TIMES EUROPE BUREAU LONDON Britain's migrants should learn English and adapt more to the British way of life, Home Secretary David
      477 words
    • 125 8 LONDON Teaching immigrants to speak English is hugely expensive and may have little effect, Australia's Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock has cautioned. He said Australia encouraged immigrants to learn the language but discovered that some simply could not, the BBC reported yesterday. He did not comment on British
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    • PEOPLE
      • 171 9 Thai princess wants to play villain IT'S LIBERATING, SHE SAYS BANGKOK T Behind the high walls of her palace she is a princess living a regal life, but on stage she wants to play the villain, a role Thai Princess Siribha Chutabhorn describes as being emotionally liberating and which fits
        The Nation; Asia News Network  -  171 words
      • 81 9 NEW YORK Journalist Michael Kinsley, editor of the online magazine Slate and former editor of The New Republic magazine, says he has had Parkinson's disease for eight years but did not go public with it because he was m denial. "Denial means letting the disease affect
        AP  -  81 words
      • 87 9 the Nato headquarters m Brussels. AFP STRASBOURG Europe's fledgling joint army, Eurocorps, received its new commander on Monday: a German general who said he will get the 55,000-strong force battle-ready by the end of next year. "I have no doubt we will meet the objectives
        AFP  -  87 words
      • 46 9 Kurt Masur, the music director of the New York Philharmonic, was recovering well after undergoing a kidney transplant m Germany, trie hospital said on Monday. Leading Indonesian film director and playwright Teguh Karya died of a stroke yesterday at the age of 64, hospital staff said.
        46 words
      • 54 9 Quoteworthy 'Actress Nandita Das, who plays me, walks off with all tlie awards while the real Bhanwari Dcvi gets to keep all the death threats and taunts. Bhanwari Dcvi, an Indian social activist who was gang-raped m her village for trying to stop a child marriage, on Bawandar, a new
        54 words
      • 82 9 TOKYO Pioneering Japanese female pianist Chieko Hara, who came to be known abroad as the "miracle of the Orient" for her passionate performances, has died of old age, her family said on Monday. She was 86. Born m Kobe, Hara, the first Japanese female pianist to
        AFP  -  82 words
    • 361 9 Discount may cost German leader his job The influential leader of the German state of Saxony may be toppled after his wife demanded a price cut on furniture, the latest m a series of 'arrogant' actions BERLIN One of Germany's most influential Christian Democratic politicians may soon be toppled as
      361 words
    • 418 11 Developing nations m particular will find it hard to tackle the fast-growing problem of ageing, says the United Nations UNITED NATIONS Most countries are ill-prepared to face the rapidly growing problem of ageing, and developing states m particular lack the resources to tackle it,
      AFP  -  418 words
    • 324 11 BBC'S ERRONEOUS REPORT LONDON Senior BBC executives are fighting over who is to blame for a blunder that could result m the corporation's big-gest-eve r libel payout. Lawyers for an African diamond firm have served a writ on the BBC and its reporter David
      324 words
      • 67 11 IN EXCHANGE for increased aid, the Pacific island of Nauru agreed yesterday to increase the number of asylum seekers held on behalf of Australia, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said. The number of asylum seekers held m a detention camp built by Canberra would go
        AP  -  67 words
      • 46 11 PAKISTAN'S second satellite Badar-II was successfully launched into earth orbit on Monday from the Baikunor launch facility m Russia. Pakistan's Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission said a high-level delegation from Pakistan was present m Russia to witness the launch. AP
        AP  -  46 words
      • 76 11 THE federal authorities charged a Los Angeles bus company operating m the south-western US with illegally transporting tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants smuggled across the US-Mexico border, Attorney General John Ashcroft said. Between 50 and 300 migrants were shuttled from city to city
        AP  -  76 words
      • 76 11 A MOTHER from lowa who testified she was distracted and running late for work when she left her seven-month-old daughter m her minivan was found innocent on Monday m the baby's death. Ms Kari Engholm was found innocent of involuntary manslaughter and neglect of a
        AP  -  76 words
      • 65 11 ITALrs Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi met key ministers late on Monday to discuss a compromise m his country's standoff with its 14 European partners over a panEuropean arrest warrant. The meeting came ahead of a predicted showdown yesterday with his Belgian counterpart Guy Verhofstadt,
        AFP  -  65 words
    • 396 12  -  ALFRED LEE British doctors are excited about the effectiveness and ease of use of the two drugs anastrozole and letrozole STRAITS TIMES EUROPE BUREAU LONDON Doctors are hailing two new breast-cancer drugs found to be more effective than tamoxifen, the world's
      396 words
    • 278 12 225-kg man unfit to care for foster sons, rules court BUFFALO (New York) A 225-kg man was forced to say good-bye to three boys he had raised for six years after a court ruled that he was too fat to care for them. Mr Brian Jones, 38, said his inexplicable
      AP  -  278 words
      • 110 12 KIDNEY-FAILURE patients who undergo dialysis m the morning live more than a year longer than patients who undergo treatment m the afternoon, initial research suggests. But some kidney specialists say the study is flawed. The study, m the latest Journal of the American Medical Association,
        USA Today  -  110 words
      • 99 12 EATING more often can reduce cholesterol levels, researchers have found. They suggest it might be more healthy to split up meals into smaller amounts and to eat more frequently. Researchers at the Institute of Public Health at Cambridge University quizzed more than 14,000 people aged
        99 words
      • 162 12 THE sophisticated brainscanning devices known as functional MRIs can sometimes be thrown off by a few cups of coffee, a new study reports. The study was done at the Wake Forest School of Medicine by Dr Aaron Field and his colleagues. Aware that
        New York Times  -  162 words
      • 102 12 THE newest rage among college students and teens is mixing energy drinks with alcohol, a potentially dangerous comDination, reports Alternative Health News online. Mixing stimulants m some energy drinks with depressants m alcohol could could cause cardiopulmonary or cardiovascular failure, said Mr David
        102 words
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    • 505 13 Special group of elite US soldiers play... Mind games The US Army's Intellectual warriors' work at demoralising the enemy and promoting defections to bring about an early end to the war FORT BRAGG (North Carolina) Armed with radio transmitters, loud speakers and music, from classical to heavy metal, a group
      Washington Post; AP  -  505 words
    • 444 15 US forces to fan out to other world spots With the war m Afghanistan winding down, the US plans to shift special operations forces to countries with Al-Qaeda bases, such as Somalia WASHINGTON The Bush administration has begun plans for military actions m the global war on terrorism that include
      AP  -  444 words
    • 464 16 Tape shows Osama had estimated Sept 1 1 toll Royal limo awaits ex-king's return NEARLY 30 years have passed since former King Mohammed Zahir Shan was forced to flee Afghanistan, but his Cadillac Fleetwood is still parked m a garage at the royal palace m Kabul, guarded by Northern Alliance
      AP; AFP  -  464 words
    • 89 16 DOZENS of Taleban prisoners have died after surrendering to Northern Alliance forces, asphyxiated m the shipping containers used to transport them to prison, witnesses said. The deaths occurred as the prisoners, many of them foreign fighters for the Taleban, were brought from the town of
      New York Times  -  89 words
    • 105 16 THE new Afghan regime is sending Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah to New Delhi for discussions with Indian leaders for a two-day visit from today. The Press Trust of India said Mr Abdullah's visit, coming close on the heels of the visit by Interior Minister Yunos
      105 words
    • 87 16 CHINA said yesterday that any of its nationals captured m Afghanistan fighting for pro-Taleban forces should be repatriated to face Chinese justice. "Once they are determined to be Chinese citizens, of course the relevant side should hand them over to the Chinese side so as
      AFP  -  87 words
    • 82 16 AIRCRAFT carrier USS Kitty Hawk is leaving the Arabian Sea after serving as a platform for US special forces helicopters and troops during the Afghan campaign, a defence official said on Monday. Several hundred US Army Range s who had been deployed aboard the
      AFP  -  82 words
    • 518 17 Some of those who have prospered abroad are willing to give up what they have to rebuild their country PROVIDENCE (Rhode Island) Some wealthy and well-educated Afghans who have lived outside their country for years say they are prepared to abandon their
      AP  -  518 words
    • 85 17 TOKYO Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from Japan and Afghanistan as well as international groups began three days of talks here yesterday to discuss measures to support Afghan reconstruction, organisers said. According to initial estimates, more than US$lO billion (SslB billion) will be needed over 10
      AFP  -  85 words
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    • The Straits Times
      • 582 18 SRI Lanka's parliamentary election outcome last week showed clearly what the people consider important to the national agenda. Foremost is preparing a process under which the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) can begin talks about ending the civil war. This has gone on
        582 words
    • Article, Illustration
      1 18
      1 words
    • 800 18  -  LI FAN Oil BEIJING Critical assessments of grassroots democracy m rural China are hard to make: Have the reforms undertaken created a genuine democracy that represents a significant step towards participatory government? If so, can they be implemented beyond the village
      CHRISTIAN INTON  -  800 words
    • 727 18  -  DAVID M. MAL ONE fi!L NEW YORK Out of the rubble of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Kandahar, a new world diplomatic order arises, led by the United States. With the defeat of the Taleban m Afghanistan, it is possible now to draw
      727 words
      1,202 words
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    • 226 20 "W" -W- -JT ITHthe I increase m certificate of \f entitlement V T prices, the Government may wish to consider the temporary zero-rating of certain goods and services. Zero-rating means the goods and services tax (GST) is charged at zero per cent. This effectively
      226 words
    • 143 20 I REFER to the letter, "Review maid levy to lower abuse" (ST, Dec 11), by Mr Tay Lin Siau. Maids are human beings and Singaporeans have to learn that paying maids does not give them a god-like authority. Maid abuse is a symptom
      143 words
    • 443 20 I REFER to the reply from the Consumers Association of Singapore ("Case has a duty to protect consumers"; ST, Dec 10) regarding McDonald's price hikes. While I agree that the association should be concerned with the "big picture" of protecting consumers, it may
      443 words
    • 137 20 I REFER to the letter, "Customers suffer with changes" (ST, Dec 11). We would like to assure the public that we have been watching the banking industry closely and will come out strongly if we see a deterioration m consumer rights and service standards. As a
      137 words
    • 509 21 I REFER to the article, "Study proposes 'fairer' COE bidding system" (ST, Dec 11). I read about the study and proposal from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) m September and I was elated that a highly regarded international agency had said what most Singaporeans
      509 words
    • 138 21 1 REFER to Mr Tan Chung Yee's letter, "Mi's service staff can be more sensitive" (ST, Dec 7). We fully agree that problems raised by customers should always be dealt with sensitively and, when appropriate, m a flexible manner. Ml expects its
      138 words
    • 281 21 Mobile-phone contracts: The real cost 1 WRITE m response to the letter, "Cell-phone service shouldn't stop after contract is signed", by Mr Dave Law (ST, Dec 8). The frustration he feels is shared by many consumers m Singapore who have signed mobile-phone contracts because of promotions, without fully understanding what
      281 words
    • 91 21 I REFER to the letter, "SCV broadband service problematic" (ST, Dec 11), by Mr Lee BengTeck. Singapore Cable Vision's MaxTV service is not up to par either. There have been numerous breaks m transmission on various channels, and no apologies or explanations have been provided. Subscribers also
      91 words
    • 108 21 and Max Online I HAVE been an SCV Max Online subscriber since the service started, but I have noticed that the connection keeps getting slower and slower. Using some bandwidth testers from the Internet, I have found that, during peak periods, my bandwidth can drop as low as 200-300 kbps.
      108 words
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    • 71 20 j^jii jHV f i la4[ I I c I I I I I I 11 Lm^L i^Z^^^^ W Toshiba Big-Capacity, Fuzzy-Logic Washing Machine iv/ffi un/gue Shower Rinse feature. '""*-^V Toshiba's GFNIUS technology now makes washing clothes so much easier, faster and more efficient /j^^lS^ I than ever before. The jumbo-size
      71 words
    • 293 20 Mind Your Own ome to the 2<X)l/2O<>2 MYOB Product Launch ■V^ and discover why MYOB is used by over 400,000 f^k businesses worldwide. We will be launching the latest w versions of our accounting, payroll and point-of-sale software for Singapore to help you mind your own business. I Mr. Chris
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    • 63 21 University of South Australia moderated and validated programs Business Degrees Advanced standing w Completion In 12-15 months TB Advanced Dip Management/Marketing/Finance/HRM 12 months •27 th Intake February '02 *^f^ DiplOma m Business 12 months 26th Intake 14 December '01 C~~ "S/AdvWp InformotiofrSMsiofi ot^OO^m/^^ Asia Pacific Business School Tel: 225-1883 (Tel:
      63 words
    • 240 21 Before you rest your back on a Scaly, he does. O^^^^^^^^K. IWwewwwil'tcj onto a bed surface, jdß|^ 'dM^^^^^^^^^^^H ■jl^a^w*' Data Man records critical I ><><{y •jS^^^^^^^^^^^^^Efr displacements cm&angles t<> tist 11 -i<c«g9tfc 'l^^^^^^^^^^^Hp I^V^^^^^K bed design for eonWkfpitiul .sx/</><.. r x Only Scaly Posturepedic mattresses provide correct spinal alignment while
      240 words
    • 37 21 Come and Discover How You Can Survive The f~\ Bad Times fc»*i Tonightiffiß 7-1 5pn^ES^ TJET Locate its owner through Classification 821 (Found). Simply call C.A.T.S. Bt 1800-737-1166 for {his free service. CSS CATS. Anolhc Classified Sefvioe
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    • 1144 22 Now TilM 8/1 2/01 Or While Stocks Last! We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantities. No Traders Allowed. iTV "1^1? fc* X&* J&&JK aV^ C*] ;l 4-~M>3 J 4 J B J I*l B>/.1 a n o Mo Kio 1 Tel: 453 9312 Ang Mo Kio 2 Tel 456 2515
      1,144 words

  • The Straits Times home
    • 8 1 The Straits Times home Wednesday, December 12, 2001
      8 words
    • 47 1 BAMON6 ON A BRAND NAME 'Mention that you are from Singapore and that's half the battle won. Mr Andrew Chua, who set up the East Asia School of Business, which runs business, IT, finance, travel and tourism and hospitality management diploma courses for students m the region
      47 words
    • 590 1  - Shooter with something to crow about GOH CHIN LIAN For six years, gun enthusiast David Lim has braved angry residents to help m the effort to control the crow population Bu VOLUNTEER crow shooter David Lim is likely to be busier m the years ahead if he is called upon
      590 words
    • 72 1 AVOID littering or feeding stray animals and birds. Food left on the ground will attract crows. Dispose of rubbish properly, m litter bins. At home, put refuse into plastic bags and dispose of it m covered bins. Call the ENV helpline on 1800-731-9222 if you spot
      JOHN COSGROVE  -  72 words
    • 1411 2  - Potential in exporting Singapore education SANDRA DAVIE Remaking Singapore By Education services have been identified by government leaders as one new area that Singapore can develop as it seeks to remake itself and create new growth areas for the economy. Some institutions are already taking the lead. Our education correspondent
      LIM SIN THAI  -  1,411 words
    • 84 2 REMAKING Singapore is a new series of articles to contribute to the new effort to relook policies. No stone will be left unturned m the effort to review policies and find new niches For Singapore m the next phase of growth, government leaders have said. Got an
      84 words
    • 510 4  -  MARGARET PERRY Taking pills that have certain antioxidant vitamins with zinc can prevent an age-related eye disease from getting worse, shows US study DISORDER: Dry and wet conditions THE disease has two forms: The "dry" type, where small yellow deposits collect m
      510 words
    • 433 5  -  ARLINA ARSHAD Hu conscience-stricken by what he'd done and decided to confess." He said that Astill had a "sexual addiction" but did not wish to elaborate. "He reported the matter to the police Decause he wanted to wake up and break away from this habit,"
      433 words
    • 544 5 He admits talcing four watches to a pawnshop and says he used the rest of the haul for gambling debts THE man who used to be the chauffeur and housekeeper of former Indonesian President Suharto's daughter-in-law said yesterday that he pawned four of the
      LIM SIN THAI  -  544 words
    • 112 5 IN JUST four hours on Monday, thieves broke into two cars parked m a multi-storey carpark m Upper Cross Street. They stole a briefcase from each car. One bag held $1,300; and the other, eight cheque books. Both the cars, which were parked close to
      112 words
    • 337 7 10 per cent of 71 firms polled here froze workers' wages this year; it is 11 per cent m Malaysia and just 4 per cent m China WORKERS m Singapore and Malaysia were hit hardest by pay freeze this year, as compared to their
      337 words
    • 469 7 While there have been mass retrenchments across recession-hit Singapore, some companies are onlyjust beginning to feel the pinch, tor others, the cash is still flowing. KAREN ROM reports PRODUCTION workers at Pentex-Schweizer Electronics have always had to work through Christmas and New Year's Day.
      WONGMAYE-E  -  469 words
    • 287 7 SALES have dipped and bonuses have dropped, but home-furnishing store Ikea is still handing out monthly bonuses to its staff. "Compared with two years ago, we don't have so many apples. But we're still giving out apples," said Ikea s general manager Philip Wee. The only
      287 words
    • 466 8  -  G. SIVAKKUMARAN Hosted by the Southeast CDC and a family service centre, event offered dinner and free childcare on top of jobs *L and the amount of travelling required too much, he said, echoing complaints that have been heard over and over again from employers
      466 words
    • 280 8 Sept 11 marked, 3 months after THREE months after the terrorist attacks on Sept 11, Americans here and elsewhere held solemn ceremonies yesterday to mark the day. At exactly 946 pm, the Singapore American School choir sang the US national anthem m the grounds of the United States Embassy m
      JOHN COSGROVE  -  280 words
    • 111 8 3-nation military exercise begins in S'ore MORE than 70 aircraft from Singapore, Thailand and the United States are taking part m an annual military exercise which began yesterday. Exercise Cope Tiger 2002 is the eighth such exercise to be held since 1994. Today and tomorrow, 45 participants will be involved
      111 words
    • 1090 9 WITH C HI LEE HOONC While satire and laughter help to sharpen the mind, they also act as a spur to policy-makers to improve I WAS m Kuala Lumpur over the weekend and what did I come across? A stage play that included
      1,090 words
      • 450 10  - $2.5m in EDB funding for 10 start-ups OO GIN LEE Between $75,000 and $300,000 will be given to each of these companies nine of them are m the inf ocomm industry '±L TEN start-up companies will be given government funding of between $75,000 ana $300,000 each to help them kick-start
        450 words
      • 339 10 THIS local company skipped Singapore and went straight to Japan. Now its special computer plug-in cards, that enable computer buffs to record television programmes onto the hard-disk drives of computers, are selling like hot cakes there. Mr Koh Hee Chang, chief executive officer of VidzMedia,
        ALAN LIM  -  339 words
        • 175 10 BOSTON Consulting firm Arthur D. Little won a US$l.4-million (552.5-mil-lion) contract on Monday to develop the next generation of high-tech ideas for what the 21st-century warrior should wear into battle. The army's idea of a smart outfit "has nothing to do with lines or style
          Reuters  -  175 words
        • 169 10 BEIJING Doctors m China's northern Henan province scored a first by using a robot to carry out traditional surgery on a young man's broken leg, the state news agency reported on Monday. A robot, operated by a doctor m the next room, took X-rays of 26-year-old
          AFP  -  169 words
        • 177 10 LONDON A French biotechnology firm said on Monday it had produced the first living cloned rat embryo, paving the way for possible future advances m stem-cell therapy. "We achieved the key milestone of a living cloned rat embryo with no apparent abnormalities," Dr Alexandre Fraichard,
          Reuters  -  177 words
      • 537 11 Vendors say it would erode the public's confidence m them if they facilitated the entry of a Trojan horse to capture all keystrokes SAN FRANCISCO Anti-virus software vendors said on Monday that they do not want to create a loophole m their security
        Reuters  -  537 words
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    • 550 1 POLITICI PAP Needs Dilbert Chua Lee Hoong asks why there has been no play making fun of the ruling party. pace ho 1 m Hard Times Workers Here Hit Hard Survey of nine countries shows one m 10 firms here froze wages this year, page H7 Remaking Spore Schools Go
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  • The Straits Times asia
    • 8 1 The Straits Times asia Wednesday, December 12, 2001
      8 words
    • 33 1 ECONOMIC TIDE WAITS FOR NO MAN 'The Japanese economy will not wait for you. Japanese opposition leader Vukio llatovaina, urging Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to take the lead m spurring an economic recovery
      33 words
    • Article, Illustration
      578 1  -  MARIANNE KEARNEY Millions of Indonesians will be travelling during the festive season, and they are prime targets for hijackers and highway robbers Bu STRAITS TIMES INDONESIA BUREAU to protect hondaymakers m Indonesia JAKARTA Indonesian police have deployed hundreds of snipers m hijack-prone parts of Indonesia to protect private cars
      REUTERS  -  578 words
      • 254 2 SHANGHAI The city is sinking into the sea under the weight of its rapidly erected skyscrapers at a rate which has alarmed Shanghai officials, it was reported yesterday. While the city is unlikely to slip below the waterline soon, it is sinking
        AFP  -  254 words
      • 44 2 AP A Japanese man praying at the Kanda Myojin Shrine m Tokyo yesterday. As the country struggles to reverse a decade-long economic slump, many businessmen have been making trips to the site, which enshrines the deities of commerce and industry.
        AP  -  44 words
      • 436 2  -  KW AN WENG KIN Brisk sales of traditional New Year food show... Put off overseas travel, many of them decide to begin the New Year with luxury on the dining table JAPAN CORRFSPONDENT Delicacies TtADmOMAL MtM M tfct ffcnt fHf Miy& W VM MMM vMMTf
        436 words
      • 334 3 Its richest residents are concentrated m the city's very own Silicon Valley, which last year produced more than 100 billionaires HONGKONG Beijing is called the "millionaire city" of China, counting 1.5 million residents m the league, but the truly wealthy are concentrated m
        334 words
      • Article, Illustration
        45 3 CHINA NEWS AGENCY This bronze ox head is one of 150 national treasures being Kpped from China to the Sun Vat Sen Memorial Hall m Taipei for display. It s looted from the Old Summer Palace by English and French troops m 1860.
        CHINA NEWS AGENCY  -  45 words
      • 138 3 HONGKONG More than 20 people were injured when thousanas thronged an electrical goods store m central China that was offering television sets for 1 fen (0.22 Singapore cents) and washing machines at 8 yuan (S$1.80), it was reported yesterday. The incident occurred on
        138 words
        • 34 3 SENIOR diplomats from the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Nepal have urged Hongkong not to implement a proposed cut m the minimum wage of foreign domestic helpers. AFP
          AFP  -  34 words
        • 27 3 CUSTOMS officials seized about 10,000 live tortoises some of them endangered species being smuggled into Hongkong yesterday aboard a boat from Macau. AP
          AP  -  27 words
        • 39 3 A CHINESE man once sentenced to 15 years m prison for kidnapping has been re-arrested and charged with seizing and selling 120 children m the eight years since his release, state media reported yesterday. AFP
          AFP  -  39 words
        • 40 3 TAIWAN is actively researching a ballistic missile which could strike China, a weapon that could drastically alter the military balance m one of the world's most dangerous hotspots, said US think tank Rand Corp. AP
          AP  -  40 words
        • 39 3 TO SAVE on the cost of mass mailing, a fraud syndicate m Taiwan has resorted to using counterfeit stamps so real that even the post office has difficulty spotting them, the ET Today reported.
          39 words
      • 57 5 IN EFFORTS to preserve the cultural heritage of the Rukai people, a state-run central bank m Taipei issued 210,000 sets of commemorative coins yesterday based on this indigenous group. The Rukai is a relatively small aboriginal tribe with a population of 7,800 distributed throughout the southern
        AFP  -  57 words
      • 381 5 Japan the costliest country for business Singapore, with its low corruption and taxes, is ranked 17th m the world by an Economist Intelligence Unit survey Pricey places The top 10 rankings of the most expensive countries and cities for operating a business: 1. Japan 2. United States 3. Germany 4.
        AFP  -  381 words
      • 485 6  -  LUZ BAGUIORO The bad traffic raises the cost of doing business m the Philippines and worsens the impression investors already have of the country fly PHILIPPINES CORRESPONDENT 'IT REFLECTS THE INEFFICIENCY OF BASIC SERVICES IN THE COUNTRY, AND HOW WE SUFFER IN COMPARISON TO
        485 words
      • 135 6 JAKARTA Illegal loggers m Indonesia are evading arrest by forestry rangers by getting their wives to strip naked and distract officials while they make a quick getaway with the valuable hardwood. A local government official on Sulawesi island, Mr La Ode Maradala,
        AP  -  135 words
      • 193 6 JAKARTA Former Indonesian president B.J. Habibie has denied any wrongdoing m the alleged misuse of almost US$4 million (Ss73 million) earmarked for the poor. He told Indonesian prosecutors questioning him m Hamburg, Germany, on Monday that Mr Akbar Tanjung, his state secretary
        AFP  -  193 words
      • 36 7 REUTERS Thai artist Chalermpol Deepoon makes a "skeleton doll" from chicken bones collected from his mother's Bangkok restaurant. He has been collecting animal bones and shaping them into dolls for two years.
        REUTERS  -  36 words
      • 192 7 Indonesian military denies airlift fees stalled deployment JAKARTA The Indonesian armed forces (TNI) has admitted charging at least U554,500 (558,300) an hour for the use of its aircraft, but has denied that such a fee delayed police deployment to conflict-torn areas. "Should other forces use our transportation such as an
        The Jakarta Post; Asia News Network  -  192 words
      • 479 7  -  ROBERT GO The counter-terrorism agenda will not weaken demands that Jakarta first answer allegations of past human rights abuses, says US academic Bu] STRAITS TIMES INDONESIA BUREAU JAKARTA Even as the United States pushes ahead with its worldwide counter-terrorism agenda, Washington is unlikely
        479 words
      • 122 7 JAKARTA Three more Indonesians were charged with murdering a United Nations peacekeeper m East Timor last year, court officials said yesterday. The main suspect, Jacobus Bere, is currently standing trial m a Jakarta court. The trial is due to resume tomorrow. Fabianus Ulu, Yohanes
        AP  -  122 words
    • 644 8  -  LESLIE LAU The UNHCR says he has filed a plea through a US lawyer, claiming his life is m danger if he returns to the Philippines IN KI'ALAI.I'MPI'R UNHCR TO INTERVIEW FUGITIVE MUSLIM leader Nur Misuari (left) has written to the United Nations High Commissioner for
      644 words
    • 209 8 CEBU (Philippines) Communist guerillas yesterday commandeered a passenger bus and set it on fire near this central city, two days after they declared a month-long Christmas ceasefire, police said. Three New People's Army (NPA) members on board the bus whipped out pistols
      AFP  -  209 words
      • 39 8 THE Indonesian authorities will organise peace talks on Tuesday between rival ethnic camps m the province of Central Sulawesi, the scene of intermittent clashes since May last year, police said yesterday. AFP
        AFP  -  39 words
      • 61 8 EAST Timor's fledgling lawmaking body yesterday adopted the tongues of both their native ancestors and Portuguese colonisers as the official languages of the world's newest nation. Tetum and Portuguese were given the nod by the constituent assembly, elected three months ago to draft a
        AFP  -  61 words
      • 35 8 THE number of shoppers at Tesco Lotus stores fell sharply at the weekend follo*ving attacks on two of its branches last week, a survey by The Nation daily revealed. AP
        AP  -  35 words
      • 63 8 AN INFLUENTIAL Philippine senator yesterday blocked a bigger budget for the armed forces, claiming military chiefs would use the extra money for big-ticket items like warships which he described as frivolous. Senate finance committee chairman John Osmena said he would suggest the proposed 699-billion-peso (552.37-billion) defence
        AFP  -  63 words
      • 34 8 PHILIPPINE military officials said they would arrest individuals brokering ransom deals with Abu Sayyaf rebels holding an American couple and a Filipina nurse hostage m the south. AFP
        AFP  -  34 words
      • 556 9  - Rude' DAP MP suspended with no pay RE ME AHMAD Blow To Opposition MP Fong Po Kuan is barred for six months for contemptuous remarks against the Speaker of Parliament By INKI ALAI.I MFIR 'I won't shut up' "Whatever happens to me today will not diminish my spirit to fight
        ASIA NEWS NETWORK; SIN CHEW JIT POH  -  556 words
      • 304 9 Death of girl puts police on fireworks alert Parents are also urged to monitor their children's activities KUALA LUMPUR All state police chiefs have been instructed to step up vigilance, especially at border areas, to stop the smuggling of firecrackers and fireworks after a girl was killed and several others
        New Straits Times  -  304 words
      • 447 10 Education Ministry uses terminations, demotions and transfers to prevent them from 'poisoning' their students' minds KUALA LUMPUR Disciplinary action has been taken against 48 lecturers from Universiti Teknologi Mara for involvement m anti-govern-ment activities, says Deputy Education Minister Datuk Abdul Aziz Samsuddin.
        447 words
      • 269 10 KUALA LUMPUR Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) will air more programmes on Islam m the Middle East to enlighten viewers here, said Information Minister Tan Sri Khalil Vaakob. He said the shows would also counter allegations that the govern-ment-owned broadcaster aired
        269 words
      • 178 10 KUALA LUMPUR About 30,000 of the country's poorest will celebrate the festive season with a little extra cheer as the government will give each of them RMIOO (Ss46) as a gift. For the first time, RM15,000 has been allocated as duit raya
        New Straits Times  -  178 words
      • 605 11 KL lawyers get more freedom to advertise Hitherto strict rules are relaxed to allow law firms to compete more effectively, and on a level playing field, with foreign lawyers The guidelines Lawyart cm aiwrtfrt aafcicittiai aaprwti ay tfct ear CouftcM, alact ftaJtaal idf trtlttwtiti li atwipapan ar Joaraali. Ttoy cm
        New Straits Times  -  605 words
      • 166 11 KANGAR The three-year-old son of Perlis Mentri Besar Shahidan Kassim, who fell to his death from the 31st floor of a condominium, was buried here yesterday. Ameer Mohammad Fawwaz, the MB's youngest son, was alone m the locked room of an
        Bernama  -  166 words
        • 49 11 MALAYSIAN men are shying away from nursing iobs which they regard as effeminate, Health Ministry Parliamentary Secretary S. Sothinathan said. He said although the ministry had encouraged men to take up nursing, response had been poor. Instead, Malaysian men were more inclined to Bernama
          Bernama  -  49 words
        • 61 11 THE government-owned rice trader, Bernas, has set aside RM2 million (*****,000) as reward to anyone offering information leading to the seizure of smuggled rice. The amount given to informants will depend on the quantity of rice seized. The reward is m addition to cash
          New Straits Times  -  61 words
        • 42 11 A UNIT of Malaysia's Genting group is among bidders for three casino licences m Macau, the company said yesterday. Twenty-one companies including Las Vegas gambling giant MGM Mirage have submitted bids for casino licences m Macau. AP
          AP  -  42 words
        • 87 11 A 55-YEAR-OLD businessman filed a summons at the High Court against the Kelantan government seeking a declaration that he is the rightful heir to the state's throne. Tengku Iskandar Tengku Ahmad, who is also a member of the Kelantan royal family, claimed that
          87 words
        • 58 11 SWIFF action by the army on Matabuan island, off Semporna, Sabah, led to the arrest of five pirates including a 12--year-old who robbed a group of fishermen of an outboard engine and fishing equipment. The fishermen were m waters near Matabuan island over the
          New Straits Times  -  58 words
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