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The Straits Times, 28 October 2000


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL20436


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The Straits Times Established 1845 OclturClciy October 28, 2000 268 Pages m ten parts mita (P) 034/12/1999 A Singapore Press Holdings publication OvJ Cents

Remarks on missiles not provocative, says SM Lee [ARTICLE]

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Remarks on missiles not provocative, says SM Lee IRENE NG K'J POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT HIS off-the-cuff remarks on Singapore's purchase of medium-range missiles were not provocative, said Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew. But the Malay-language I tusan Malaysia had carried a sensational headline which provoked a flurry of critical statements m

KL scraps exit levy on share profits [ARTICLE]

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KL scraps exit levy on share profits Investors welcome the move but some are disappointed that they will still have to pay the tax on stock profits held m Malaysia for less than a year By REME AHMAD IN KUALA LUMPUR IN A move to woo back foreign investors, Malaysia

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ALL SAFE, FROM MONDAY; Remaining hand, foot mouth disease curbs to be lifted page 3 MprliriWnrk^ flB wife MR MAGIC %mk GIVES IN I T I I m IT I Bnk%& I She will help SIA recover missing millions. He's been workintj magic on Malaysian TV. jni^H PAPF Now Jamal


Fishing out man's gene details [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Fishing out man's gene details NATALIE SOH Research institute to team up with olobal partners to study puffer fish link to cracking the human genome Hu A PREMIER research institute here has achieved a coup by teaming up with international counterparts to map the puffer fish's genetic blueprint. The work

Crash victim saves son before dying [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Crash victim saves son before dying NEAL COOKE A 54- YEAR-OLD cook sacrificed his life to save his young son when their scooter veered out of control m a Deepavali holiday tragedy. Mr Lim Keng Hing grabbed his 10-year-old son and flung him onto a grass verge before the scooter


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POISONOUS PIN CUSHION IT LOOKS like a pin cushion or a durian at least when it is threatened, excited or angry. And although the fugu, also known as the puffer fish, contains one of the most lethal poisons known to man, it is a prized delicacy m Japan. Its toxin

What it should have been [ARTICLE]

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What it should have been IN THE article "Bridging the gap, holding on to home", published m Life! on Oct 14, it was stated incorrectly that writer Heng Siok Tian is on a Fulbright scholarship. She is on a National Arts Council grant. We are sorry for the error.

Embezzler's wife gives up tussle with SIA [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 3

Embezzler's wife gives up tussle with SIA ALETHEA LIM She will not contest its lawsuit and agrees to surrender her assets and the money m her seven accounts Maureen Tan's assets EIGHT properties worth over $7 million m Cambridge Road, Bristol Road, Moulmein Rise, Lincoln's Road, Surrey Road, Li H

All clear for kids from Monday [ARTICLE]

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All clear for kids from Monday CHILDREN will be able to splash m wading pools and have fun at fast food outlets' play areas from Monday, after a month of curbs to break the spread of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD). All remaining restrictions on places where children under

Shots fired as tension over Estrada ouster mounts [ARTICLE]

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Shots fired as tension over Estrada ouster mounts ARTURO BARIUAD STRAITS TIMES PHILIPPINES BUREAU MANILA Security guards armed with rifles protecting a villa allegedly leased for President Joseph Estrada's mistress fired shots to warn off journalists yesterday showing just how testy developments here have become since moves to oust him

Tofu for inmates without a taste for blood [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 4

Tofu for inmates without a taste for blood vVASHINGTON Soya burgers and tofu are going to prison. After being sued by an intiiate who wanted a no- meat diet, the federal prison sysicm has started offering meatless alternatives, such as mym burgers, at every lunch and dinner. The new menu


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JURASSIC PARKED A bus driver gets into a staring incident with a Deinonychus on Scotts Road. The dinosaur model will be turning up at shopping centres and housing estates from next Wednesday, as part of a promotion for the Singapore Science Centre's coming exhibition. Dinosaurs Alive! opens next Saturday and

More colourful ST in 2½ years [ARTICLE]

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More colourful ST in 2½ years EDMUND TEE The paper will be able to carry colour pictures and ads from cover to cover with a multi-million deal for new printing presses Bu The world has became more colour-oriented. With the Internet and television, people expect nwre than just black and


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ARE WOMEN BETTER INVESTORS THAN MEN? ASIAONEMARKETS will launch on Monday an online, real-time stock game that pits men and women investors against each other For a grand prize of $20,000 sponsored by Citibank. Participants m the six-week Citibank Stock Challenge will be given $1 million m virtual capital to

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jß* TELECOMS M _^i^ A > W *w_ Mra CIT I I tßkj^^^^r *%mm I ll *-v* TO Re JHr "^^B t v^^ I B Jm m SB KAP£ N Group 3 +V y^^ B B ■MB W|fcpjp«-a'i^^jt jk »r» •-> o IB Hf^ 9E kaA>^Ltl -7i^€7c7 Traoe-in Group 3

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JAMES EAST finds out more about the monk who Mt Faber, Magic Mountain? Yes, if Singapore Cable Car's $9.5-million plans 90 through. Expect toboggan runs, chairlifts, tree houses and more. MKKLLE NO has the details. Nokia Special Only available Nokia Professional Centre I Plaza Singapura I rr 1 ia^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^kM^L^H i^

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M% >* KmM9TvkM f V^M& Serving you better with the Official Opening #U% &M&A^ fP&&«J o f our new Econ Medicare Centre ML Mk% ECON MEDICARE CENTRE to o 1 mnn ECOiSIl 1 HOLDINGS PTE LTD on Z» Uctober ZUUU KMD's Message I lIT^TTT „„t I Home for your Loved

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■HHHHWM|ajHaMUHHpaMMMMHMti| llf j I Hu I H I flHß^fl JaßL^^^Sßwiß^i^M^ffiß fiHßHte gaffl^^t^ Hk .^^^H B^r^^ b^b^b^b^b^bSb^b^^SbV^b^b^b^b^b^HHß^bHb^HL^BLHbß^b^b^b^Hb^BP^^ BBb LVijM^^B^BiVS I R Hi Br ■ItuTu iStmlOll I^B R L^bbHb^Lh L^bV¥* I 'kbV^b^btV I M W^L^P V^ Lbbf »*'-<b^jT! JJp^B J I B^BflL^L^B^B^BWl— 1 IB bV«b^b^blb^b^b^blb^blbl mH kLJI I JffHrtP^ bV*^H MbVHblbh bV^bi



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DEATH VIDEOS SHOCK BRITAIN gfjghjgh Recognising that officials were slow to react to the threat posed by the mad cow disease, the British government promises millions m compensation LONDON Video images of two dying victims of the mad cow disease drives home the human cost of the brain-wasting ailment even

IN FRANCE: 8 tonnes of tainted beef sold to supermarkets [ARTICLE]

Page 6

IN FRANCE: 8 tonnes of tainted beef sold to supermarkets PARIS The amount of suspected mad cow-tainted beef sold to supermarkets m a growing health scandal i 1 France was around eight times more than pre\iously thought, a French government agency said on Thursday. The amount m question is now

ssssuper weapons [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 9

ssssuper weapons w Robot 'snakes' that spy on the enemy are just one example of the technological advances that will change the face or warfare, Jane's Defence Weekly says LONDON Robot "snakes" that slither into buildings to spy on the enemy, superbugs that kill, and pills to help boost soldiers'

Bomb threat at Russian govt headquarters [ARTICLE]

Page 9

Bomb threat at Russian govt headquarters MOSCOW Russia's riverside government headquarters were evacuated yesterday after a bomb threat was received by telephone, Russian news agencies said. Interfax said an unidentified person had called at 12.06 pm saying a bomb had been planted m the building. It said the evacuation had



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BAGGAGE-HANDLER LOCKED IN PLANE A GREEK baggage-handler found himselfsent on unexpected iourney on Thursday when nis colleagues accidently locked him m the hold of a Swiss charter aircraft plying a route between Aegean islands. The Olympic Airlines employee, Mr Manolis Lambros, 24, arrived shocked and shivering m Rhodes after the


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LUBBERS IS NEW UNHCR CHIEF THE 189-member UN General Assembly on Thursday formally confirmed former Netherlands Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers as the next UN High Commissioner for Refugees for a three-year term. Mr I^ubbers, 61, replaces Ms Sadako Ogata of Japan, who is retiring after 10 years m the post.


Page 9

U.S. TO BAN TWO POULTRY ANTIBIOTICS THE US Food and Drug Administration on Thursday announced plans to ban two antibiotics widely uifed by poultry farmers to keep chickens and turkeys healthy, saying the practice increases the danger that humans will become infected with germs that resist treatment The removal would


Page 9

RUSSIA REJECTS WIFE'S REQUEST RUSSIAN officials yesterday turned down a request by the wife of accused US spy Edmond Pope to visit her husband for a second time, and an appeal to meet President Vladimir Putin went unanswered, aUS offi- I cial said. AP


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NOD FOR HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL GERMANY gave the go-ahead yesterday for the building of a Holocaust memorial after fixing a final budget of 50 million marks (5537.5 million). Parliament Speaker Wolfgang Thierse said he hoped that construction of the monument, near the famed Brandenburg Gate, would starf next year. Reuters


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'I'm Mr Cool' Al Gore says he played drinking games ♦He wore leather and rode motorcycle He likes women m lace BETTENDORF Saddled with an image as a dull master of policy tedium, Al Gore confessed on Thursday to playing drinking games m college, fondly recalled his motorcycle-riding days, and

'No, you're not' [ARTICLE]

Page 10

'No, you're not' Republican nominee Bush tries to taint his rival Vice-President Gore with a few Clinton-era scandals and paints him as someone opportunistic TOLEDO (Ohio) Republican White House nominee George W. Bush sketched a withering character study of his rival Al Gore on Thursday, seeking to taint the VicePresident

American gets 440 years' jail for 13 sex murders [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

American gets 440 years' jail for 13 sex murders SEATTLE US serial killer Robert Lee Yates was sentenced on Thursday to more than 440 years m prison and a fine of US$6O,OOO (*****,600) for 13 sexual murders spanning 25 years. In an excruciating confrontation with the families of his victims,

Both sides show they are willing to parley [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Both sides show they are willing to parley ABRAHAM RABINOVICH Palestine Violence Recent conciliatory acts, with Arafat even backing off from one provocative statement, show both sides have not written off peace INJERISALKM FOUR weeks into their nerve- wracking confrontation, Israelis and Palestinians have begun signalling a willingness to parley,


Kissinger has 'limited heart attack' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 15

Kissinger has 'limited heart attack' RECOVERING IN HOSPITAL NEW YORK Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has suffered a "limited heart attack" and is recovering at a hospital here, officials announced on Thursday. "Kissinger was admitted to New York Cornell Medical Centre of New York Presbyterian Hospital on Wednesday


Page 15

NIXON DID NOT CARE MUCH FOR INDIA WASHINGTON White House tape recordings released on Thursday show former US President Richard Nixon had little sympathy for India while trying to mediate peace between India and Pakistan m 1971. "The Indians put on their sanctimonious peace Gandhi-like, Christ-like attitude," he told former


Page 15

MUGABE DESCRIBED AS A GANGSTER LONDON Former Rhodesian prime minister lan Smith on Thursday condemned Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe as a gangster who massacred people and fleeced the African nation. Mr Smith, 81, who waged a bitter struggle against guerilla forces commanded by Mr Mugabe m the *****, was speaking


Page 15

EX-POLISH MINISTER WINS W.H.O AWARD WARSAW POLAND'S former finance minister Leszek Balcerowicz received an international award on Wednesday for his role m the anti-smok-ing fight, although he admitted he had to take a few puffs himself to get his work done. The World Health Organisation bestowed one of its 10

Untitled [ARTICLE]

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As part off a campaign against cruelty to children, Prince Andrew said on Friday that he has never used spanking to discipline nis two daughters. The house that 0. J. Simpson bought for his mother will be auctioned off next month to help pay court-imposed damages m the 1994 wrongful

Untitled [ARTICLE]

Page 15

Quoteworthy 'For us, success means defeat m love/ Colombian woman senator Piedad Cordoba observing that three of the most powerful women m the country were eithe«jdi\ orct'd or separated.

White mum and her 'accidental' black baby [ARTICLE]

Page 15

White mum and her 'accidental' black baby A New York court has ordered that the biological mum has no right to see the baby, because a fertility clinic gave her someone else's embryo NEW YORK A US court has denied visitation rights to a white woman who gave birth to


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NO ESCAPE When the hour to die will come, although I try not to think about it, I would like to have time to say, my darling, I love you. Poem written by Lt Dmitry KolesniL to his wife Olga days before the Kvnk -Jfoaster ..,,< FABIAN CHAN MIN-FAY MIKE

Did Kursk sailor foresee impending death? [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Did Kursk sailor foresee impending death? Days before leaving on the doomed submarine's final voyage, Lieutenant Kolesnikov wrote his wife a mournful poem, affirming his love for her MOSCOW The grim note that he penned while his life ebbed m a wrecked nuclear submarine was not the first time Lieutenant

Smugglers resort to elaborate schemes [ARTICLE]

Page 20

Smugglers resort to elaborate schemes Crime rings are turning to a slew of methods to sneak illegals into the Netherlands, as police m three countries work to smash the gangs AMSTERDAM Fake im-port-export companies and a network of safe- houses organised crime m the Netherlands is using ever more methods

$2.4m for solving puzzle [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

$2.4m for solving puzzle AP UNEMPLOYED mathematician Alex Selby, 32. (right) and Cambridge researcher Oliver Riordan, 28, pose with the Eternity jigsaw after they completed the 209-piece puzzle almost two years before the game's creator expected anyone to crack it. The reward for their efforts is £1 million (552.45 million).

Live vaccine threatens moves to wipe out polio [ARTICLE]

Page 20

Live vaccine threatens moves to wipe out polio Virus making its way back into tne environment PARIS Hopes of eradicating polio from the planet within five years are being compromised by the use of a live vaccine that is enabling the polio virus to return to the environment through excreta,

Kasparov at risk after another draw [ARTICLE]

Page 20

Kasparov at risk after another draw LONDON The Brain Games World Chess Championship's eleventh game ended i n a draw after 41 moves and three-and-a-half hours of play. Vladimir Kramnik is leading by 6.5 to 4.5 out of the scheduled 16 games, which means Gary Kasparov is m a real

Ethnic tensions pose big risk to Pacific isles [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 22

Ethnic tensions pose big risk to Pacific isles A secret report warns that the greatest and most unrecognised security threat m the reaion is from simmering internal ethnic conflicts In Tonga 'Even Tonga, with very few non-Tongans, reports a big increase m crime against the 300 or so Chinese who

Toddler's killers to be released soon [ARTICLE]

Page 22

Toddler's killers to be released soon LONDON The family of murdered British toddler James Bulger will challenge a legafruling by a senior British judge which could free the boy's killers within months, The Times reported yesterday. A ruling by Lord Chief Justice Woolf on Thursday means the two teenage killers

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Secrets Exposed W- Wrath Of Jiang P^x4i Cracker Case Cracked I VsW'r A recording of top politician Hidenao China's President berates Hongkong media J?' A Deepavali money-making plan was Nakagawa tipping off his mistress about an ]^r for suggesting he has secretly picked Mr M wb!-* foiled after police seized

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'For a man, it is better that he is virile. My husband too has had his share of affairs' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 24

'For a man, it is better that he is virile. My husband too has had his share of affairs' KWAN WENG KIN Japan's Construction Minister Ms Chikage Ogi's reported comments to former chief cabinet secretary Hidenao Nakagawa, who was tainted by a sex scandal When news of the scandal involving

BETRAYED: By tell-tale pictures of mistress [ARTICLE]

Page 24

BETRAYED: By tell-tale pictures of mistress Kwan Weng Kin TOKYO Disgraced politician Hidenao Nakagawa's affair with a bar hostess years his junior came to light in July shortly after he became Chief Cabinet Secretary. Copies of a letter, apparently sent to Mr Nakagawa by a right-wing group, which surfaced at

Singapore-Taiwan businessmen to meet [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

Singapore-Taiwan businessmen to meet Just what was agreed? Mr Lien: He stressed that as one of the participants of the 1992 proceedings that led to cross-strait talks in Singapore in 1993, he knew Tor a fact that there was a consensus on "one China", which was that the two sides

Lien tells Chen about 'one China' consensus [ARTICLE]

Page 26

Lien tells Chen about 'one China' consensus COH SUI NOI Kuomintang chairman says, as one of the participants of the 1992 proceedings that led to cross-strait talks, he knew there was consensus By TAIWAN CORRESPONDENT TAIPEI It is a fact that there was a consensus between China and Taiwan m

Taiwan govt scraps nuclear-plant project [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 28

Taiwan govt scraps nuclear-plant project LAWRENCE CHUNG The move comes rather abruptly and draws howls of protest from the opposition which vows to introduce a no-confidence vote to oust Cabinet b,; STRAITS TIMES TAIWAN BI'REAI TAIPEI Taiwan's fivemonth old government yesterday abruptly scrapped an NT5169.7 billion (Ssß.s billion) nuclear power

Arms-sale envoy's death ruled accidental [ARTICLE]

Page 28

Arms-sale envoy's death ruled accidental PARIS French police have concluded that the death of a former French diplomat involved in a controversial arms sale to Taiwan was accidental, the prosecutor's office said yesterday. Mr Thierry Imbot, 48, son of a former head of France's main foreign espionage agency, was found

Jiang blasts Hongkong media [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 31

Jiang blasts Hongkong media LOH HUI YIN Angry Chinese leader hits out at their suggestion that he secretly picked Tuna for another term and at the media's low professional standards B/ HONCKONC OKHKSPONDKNT 7 did not say I want to "secretly appoint" him... He's now the Chief Executive. How can

China pushes to get Tung reconfirmed [ARTICLE]

Page 31

China pushes to get Tung reconfirmed FRANCESCO SISCI HK CHIEF EXECUTIVE IN BEIJING Media showers accolades on him for economic performance ft STRAITS TIM FS CHINA BUREAU BEIJING China has started its campaign to reconfirm Mr Tung Cnee Hwa as Hongkong s leader, stressing nis brilliant economic results and overlooking

China audit shows misuse of $20b funds [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 35

China audit shows misuse of $20b funds Since 1998, billions of dollars have gone missing from government offices and state-owned enterprises across the country, the Auditor-General says BEIJING Chinese auditors have uncovered billions of dollars of missing government funds since 1998, prompting renewed efforts to rein m endemic corruption, state


Page 35

BE DAZZLED v>l«»U 111 LJIHJ\ JtfWcllCry, d 1 eUWdllcrSt; 1 1 1( )(.lv I SIIOWS Oil the winning designs of Gold Virtuosi at an exhibition m Beijing on Thursday. Their designer, Orlando Orlandini of Italy, was among the 30 winners who bagged the World Gold Council's coveted award. REUTERS

EU resolves issues with China on WTO entry [ARTICLE]

Page 35

EU resolves issues with China on WTO entry BRUSSELS The final bilateral obstacles for the EU to China's entry into the World Trade Organisation (WTO) have been resolved, a spokesman for European Union Trade Representative Pascal Lamy saia yesterday. "What this means," Mr Lamy's spokesman told a press briefing, "is

Pyongyang ready to do business [ARTICLE]

Page 36

Pyongyang ready to do business It offers to restart talks despite air incident SEOUL North Korea offered yesterday to restart economic talks with South Korea despite what it called a deliberate and premeditated incursion into its airspace by US military aircraft a day earlier. US military authorities m South Korea,


Page 36

DRUMMERS POUND SEOUL REUTERS The beat is on as the Seoul Drum Festival Degan yesterday, lnsn pertormer Ken Samson (right) pounds a big drum, measuring 4.6 metres m diameter, as he and his colleague Brian Fleming perform at the opening ceremony of the four-day festival.

US nearly attacked N. Korea: Gore aide [ARTICLE]

Page 36

US nearly attacked N. Korea: Gore aide The administration considered using force to shut down Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programme, which was percei v?d as a threat WASHINGTON The United States considered using force to shut down North Korea's nuclear weapons programme, a senior aide to Vice-President Al Gore said. "We

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Page 25

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Page 33

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Jakarta drives off 'intruder' US warship [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 37

Jakarta drives off 'intruder' US warship ROBERT GO INDONESIA CHMKES 'American ships that enter Indonesian territory should always ask for permission first. Lt-Col Ditva Soedarsono NAVAL ENCOUNTER U.S. RESPONSE 'It's much ado about nothing. Colonel Joseph Daves, the defence attache of the US Embassy m Jakarta A naval incident near

UN to send review team to E. Timor [ARTICLE]

Page 37

UN to send review team to E. Timor Plans to visit Atambua, but Jakarta has to give clearance UNITED NATIONS The UN Security Council said on Thursday it will send a delegation to East Timor and Indonesia next month to review the situation m East Timor and Jakarta's progress m

Pontianak clashes could spin out of control [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 39

Pontianak clashes could spin out of control MARIANNE KEARNEY A day out with the boys INDONESIAN Vice-President Megawati Sukarnoputri, suitably attired in military fatigues, smiles at the camera as she sits in an open truck during her visit to the Army Strategic Command's (KOSTRAD) training area in Cipatat, West Java,

Mekong floods are the worst in four decades [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 42

Mekong floods are the worst in four decades Satellite pictures reveal the massive extent of the floods about 50 times the size of Singapore a result of the flat terrain and land degradation By LYNNE LIN SATELLITE pictures received by a Singapore research centre have confirmed the worst the floods

Cambodian leader Sam Rainsy ends strike [ARTICLE]

Page 42

Cambodian leader Sam Rainsy ends strike PHNOM PENH Cambodian opposition leader Sam Rainsy said he would end a three-day hunger strike aimed at forcing the government to weed out alleged corruption m the distribution of food aid to hungry flood victims. The strike was to end last night. Mr Rainsy,

Crisis of faith [ARTICLE]

Page 43

Crisis of faith JAMES EAST Wayward Monks In Thailand Bring... Many dismayed followers who associate their very Thai-ness with being Buddhist are now wondering just who is protecting their religion NEWS ANALYSIS STRUTS TIMES THMLASU BLREAV BANGKOK Money, sex and power the things all good Thai Buddhist monks are supposed

Residents refuse to give alms to monks [ARTICLE]

Page 43

Residents refuse to give alms to monks SUPHAN BURI (Thailand) About 500 residents of Tambon Khao Phra refused to give alms to monks whose abbot has been defrocked for posing as a military officer. About 30 monks of Wat Tha Chang were left to fend for themselves on Wednesday following

IN CAMBODIA: UN probes boys tortured by abbot at temple [ARTICLE]

Page 43

IN CAMBODIA: UN probes boys tortured by abbot at temple PHNOM PENH United Nations human rights investigators said yesterday they planned to take a senior Buddhist monk and his bodyguards to court after finding evidence that people had been tortured and perhaps even murdered at his temple m the capital.

Estrada 'paid millions for services of women' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 45

Estrada 'paid millions for services of women' I STILL HAVE THOSE CHEQUES OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL LADIES... TWO MILLION, ONE MILLION. I'LL BRING MM OUT/ Governor Singson saying he has proof that large amounts of money were paid to "pretty ladies** by President Estrada Singson, who has accused him of pocketino

Quit, say top businessmen [ARTICLE]

Page 45

Quit, say top businessmen MANILA Nearly all members polled by the Philippines' most prestigious business organisation want embattled President Joseph Estrada to resign m order to save the economy. As the local currency hit new record lows on Thursday amid a scandal over alleged bribes to Mr Estrada from illegal


Page 47

CLEVER FOOT WORK REUTERS Handicapped 1 hai mechanic Thongkon Phanthaeng uses his feet to work an electric grinder on a motorcycle at his workshop m Suphanburi province, north of Bangkok. Although born without arms, Mr Thongkon has built up a successful business.

Thai polls panel to sue lying candidates [ARTICLE]

Page 47

Thai polls panel to sue lying candidates Three who ran for the Senate lied about their qualifications and must pay for the by-elections that must now be held, the election body says BANGKOK Thailand's Election Commission has decided to sue three disqualified Senate candidates to make them pay for the



Page 47

GORY PICTURES ON CIGARETTE PACKETS THAI cigarette packets will soon bear colour pictures of diseased lungs and clogged arteries m a Did to encourage smokers to kick the habit, health officials said yesterday. Starting m 2001, the initiative will allow the producers to determine the exact timing to give them


Page 47

VIET POLICE SEIZE 310 KG OF DRUGS THE Vietnamese police announced yesterday the seizure of 310 kg of marijuana, their largest drugs haul this year. The drugs were discovered on Thursday m the central province of Nghe An, near Laos. AFP


Page 47

MORE MYANMAR REBELS SURRENDER NINETY-THREE more members of Mvanmar's Kayin National Union (KNU), surrendered to the government forces m less than two months, The New Light of Myanmar newspaper reported yesterday. Xinhua


Page 47

GIANT AQUARIUM PLANNED IN BALI INDONESIA'S resort island of Bali is to have the largest aquarium m Southeast Asia, whose construction would start early next year with a US$24 million (Ss42 million) budget from local and foreign investors. The Jakarta Post Asia News Network


Page 47

THAILAND SEIZES SMUGGLED SNEAKERS THAI Customs seized 7,000 pairs of brand-name sneakers worth 5 million baht (*****,000) that had been smuggled into the country, an official statement said. AP

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Pro-Anwar lobby in US can hit trade [ARTICLE]

Page 49

Pro-Anwar lobby in US can hit trade BRENDAN PEREIRA There is concern that Malaysia will face punitive US sanctions as a result of the Anwar case, especially with lobbyists acting on his behalf H,j MALAYSIA CORRESPONDENT It's the people who will suffer 'Their actions will cause hardship to the people.

'Home alone' boy dies after 8-storey fall [ARTICLE]

Page 49

'Home alone' boy dies after 8-storey fall KUALA LUMPUR A three-year-old boy was found dead by his mother m the parking lot of their Petaling Intan condominium m Sungai Besi here. Caster Wong Chu Yen suffered serious head injuries believed to have been caused by a fall from the balcony

Nurseries to stay closed longer [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 50

Nurseries to stay closed longer CHECKING the cleanliness of this nursery m Senai, near Johor Bam, is a top priority for these health officers (right). Since the outbreak of the hand, foot and mouth disease, over 1 ,200 kindergartens and nurseries have come under their scrutiny. But the centres will

Highest rates of car thefts in Klang Valley [ARTICLE]

Page 50

Highest rates of car thefts in Klang Valley Insurance companies say they have had to pay out more than $115 million m claims so far this year, with Proton cars being stolen most frequently 50% RISE IN CLAIMS The General Insurance Association of Malaysia reports that Tor the first six

'No plans' for Year Two direct entry [ARTICLE]

Page 50

'No plans' for Year Two direct entry Proposal is merely under study, says minister KUALA LUMPUR The Education Ministry has no plans to introduce direct double promotion to Year Two for pre-schoolers who do well m kindergarten. Minister Tan Sri Musa Mohamad said his ministry was only studying the proposal.

Dam project shelved to save cemetery [ARTICLE]

Page 50

Dam project shelved to save cemetery KUANTAN Pahang has shelved a RMI-billion (*****-million) dam project to supply water to Selangor as it would cause bunal grounds to be inundated. Sources said Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob had brought up the issue of shelving the Telemong project at an exoffido

Angry exchanges mar KL Budget speech [ARTICLE]

Page 52

Angry exchanges mar KL Budget speech Live On TV Tempers erupt when MPs engage m noisy arguments after Daim said the government cared about the development of PAS-led states KUALA LUMPUR Malaysians witnessed an unusually stormy show of tempers on live television between government and opposition politicians yesterday during the

Hindu temple searched after bomb threats [ARTICLE]

Page 52

Hindu temple searched after bomb threats Worshippers evacuated from XL site KUALA LUMPUR Police combed a Hindu temple for explosives for more than two hours yesterday after receiving bomb threats, forcing the evacuation of about 150 worshippers. The threat came two day's after a powerful explosion rocked a nearby temple

Terengganu not losing out, says Abdullah [ARTICLE]

Page 54

Terengganu not losing out, says Abdullah Alt hough oil royalties are not being paid to the opposition state, it is getting a lot more m development funds from the federal government KUALA TERENGGANU The government is spending much more on development m opposition-controlled Terengganu than the amount it receives from

Children escape crash by minutes [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 54

Children escape crash by minutes KUALA LUMPUR A road cave-in caused a lorry to crash into the compound of a kindergarten, haraly 10 minutes after the children had left the area to enter their classrooms on Wednesday. The 10-tonne lorry laden with tar was reversing when the road collapsed, causing

Klang police snuff out illegal firecracker sale [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 55

Klang police snuff out illegal firecracker sale Three brothers and a friend attempted to make money by selling firecrackers to Festival of Lights celebrants but their plan was quickly thwarted KLANG A Deepavali money-making plan by three brothers was nipped m the bud when police seized a large assortment of



Page 55

AGRO PARK IS LATEST SABAH ATTRACTION SABAH now has an agriculture park which comprises over 20 gardens, ponds, lakes and an orchid centre. The Star Asia News Network


Page 55

JOHOR HOUSE-BUYING SYSTEM OVERHAULED JOHOR will introduce a system which will allow prospective house-buyers to 'pick and choose" the homes of their choice. The Star Asia News Network


Page 55

FAMILIES' ROLE TO STOP SICK CRIMINALS FAMILY members of the mentally sick should help the police ensure that the safety of the public is not threatened, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Norian Mai said. Bernama


Page 55

'FIND SUITABLE SITES' FOR PIG FARMING SUITABLE sites could be identified to set up farms with modern facilities which would make it all right to implement pig farming, said Malaysian Chinese Association president Datuk Seri Dr Ling Liong Sik. He said Selangor, having the highest number of people consuming pork,


Page 55

OPERATOR OF ILLEGAL ARCADE FINED $1,800 A YOUTH was fined RM4.000 (S$l,800) for operating a video game arcade without a licence. Soo Kirn Seng, 21, pleaded guilty to committing the offence at an arcade m Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, on Sept 30. Bernama

Compere ordered to pay TV host RM 29,000 in costs [ARTICLE]

Page 55

Compere ordered to pay TV host RM 29,000 in costs KUALA LUMPUR ComSere Azwan Ali has been orered by the High Court to pay more than RM29.000 (5513,323) m costs to former TV host Fauziah Ahmad Daud, whom he had sued for defamation. Deputy registrar Mohd Noor Ibrahim awarded the

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Page 49

PMtldprttag stores: The Mushroom Shops #01-57 Thomson Plaza •#BI-1O Parkway Parade <%&* f+lS* •#Ol-04 Serangoon Garden Village #01-K2 Hougang Festival Market MtuQLa* eT^^L mm* "Ift. Available at all leading pharmacies, personal care stores, medicat halls and all Th« Mushroom Shops: 9 Seletar West Fa-mway S "stf m Ttm^ tBl-14 Great

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Page 50

w2F\^/Mfc' OHAU CHANNEL ffla^^tfr "ttt 1 imHt^ iSfiiteSS '^jj^^' fy gf p |fl LAKES OF ROTOR U A ROTOITI Modern Pacifica styled homes overlooking tS^^^^^%t^ f/?e Ohau Channel with private jetty option m/m Buy /S/ow 7b Capture The Extremely Low Exchange Rate Of NZD. Only $SOOG Initial Deposit To Own

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Page 51

Fnt s lBB fc frlrrl ******^ EBffirap) 3£oo£j"*-_ -4:It's our birthday but you get to celebrate. Our Birthday Carnival 'Triple Your Money Back' Draw Paint the town blue and gold on the first anniversary of the DBS American Express From 1 November 2000 to 30 June 2001, for every $200

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Page 52


Page 52 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 52

GAO MgA Jftlf.TlMiii!ifflff.l'i l fi.':l:fW

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Page 53

_^^^f BB^^BflBBM?^^ J •I* I \|\/IB B^9l i —^^BB i 1 I^BLBLfIH HJ fibßT*" 88l BP BJ i'^* Ml^^M 4 Bvßflfl¥ —^^aBBIBfIBBBBH^^BW^. J _^^^^B~—^ii3B J iliflßßßßßr~ fll B HA*- ja *|fF__^T'^^^iflßfJ -.^bJbbibb— j: fl BJB VBBHI IBb Of/ J bbbbbbbb *^SSBK3W aflafli s Kflßaf" 'S w^^ o -efm^P 1 iBM^SBBBBr

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Page 54

Summerdole l^h V? |V- ,i I nearoom >er a OTj ■>. I, i I w^^ffißMflHMWM^^^^ Summerdole 4-door 4£\, *'*Wv& mm r f3 mi. V Wardrobe 11^1 ::''^|M |*f^ fi I i id tooo I II flf i -rxl^B- BIS I Ikw, 4^l_ now $399 V^flyl if I Summerdale Dresser /l^s'

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Page 54

Student Interviews Design and Nursing Curtin is one of the most comprehensive Universities m Australia offering more than 450 courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels m specialist divisions including arts, design, social sciences, engineering, science, computing, health science, business, agribusiness and mining. Staff from the Schools of Design and

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Page 55

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Page 55

If you're looking for a fresh beginning €t mggMjm why not look at pffifl^fl The Floravale wSL i^^j^te|g t Miihitiyiii li Pl^^i^^^^ Ik I f V *jm .^B|Kr" K^T [BUS I^^^ ♦''-■.'■■■'*■> PfPIBW IHHPMnnQiPim iQiHPBH9pBWp|i||fipHHPV4ByMHpBEHp p^^ u^^^.^-^r^^ Bk I "^irYififr^ri J^ra^.literft|jj^itTtl>.''txcl cdßißiTitf^ <i*n*d»>j<>^«>»*nrc^jfiij>r>aioti t->T><tf p^l*y M*rti»ii U\*mr r iijirrmc l^TcTl^



Page 56

FOWL SMELLS CINDY LIM NEO HUI MIN Following 103 complaints from those living near 4 poultry farms, fragrant shrubs may be planted to mask stench Bui and magnolia and jasmine m their housing estates so as to mask the stench of chicken waste that has been blowing their way. About

Seven more car-sharing centres soon [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 57

Seven more car-sharing centres soon LIM HONG LING Oil The move by NTUC Income means that 20 new cars to be offered will allow 600 more families to share cars NTUC Income Car Co-oper-ative will open seven more car-sharing centres over the next six months, boosting the number to 17.

Ex-directors sold shares voluntarily [ARTICLE]

Page 57

Ex-directors sold shares voluntarily ALETHEA LIM Bj TWO former directors of a plastic-moulding company who sued a fellow director to get back the shares they sold him two years ago have lost their case. The High Court found on Wednesday that businessmen Tai Kam San, 49, and Tay Teng Siong,

Arts Council respects decision to call off play [ARTICLE]

Page 57

Arts Council respects decision to call off play THE National Arts Council (NAC) respects the decision of the licensing authorities to reject an application for the staging of the controversial play, Talaq. However, the NAC noted that it supported the staging of the play subject to some changes being made.

SilkAir report out in two months [ARTICLE]

Page 57

SilkAir report out in two months THE final report on the SilkAir MI 185 crash, which happened m December 1997, is expected to be released within two months. The chief investigator, Professor Oetario Diran of Indonesia, is still aiming to release the findings before the third anniversary of the crash,

Jamal's set to shake up TV scene [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 58

Jamal's set to shake up TV scene SALMA KHALIK Media Works' New Chief After successes m Malaysia, head of English media entertainment unit is looking to grab eyeballs, ad revenue Hi SPH Media Works plans to take almost half the audience and a third of the advertising revenue for television

New Internet portal for easy packaging of tours [ARTICLE]

Page 59

New Internet portal for easy packaging of tours KRIST BOO With online information on products, inventory and prices, it helps tour agents arrange complex itineraries A NEW Internet portal bringing hotels, tours and transfers together made its debut this week, aiming to make it easier for travel agents to package

S'pore, Brunei in joint air exercise [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 59

S'pore, Brunei in joint air exercise THE Republic of Singapore Air Force and the Royal Brunei Air Force have taken part m a bilateral air-defence exercise codenamed Ex Airguard. The exercise, which started on Oct 16, ends today. It is the seventh m the series of annual air-defence exercises between

Book on NPCC by 2 retired principals [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 60

Book on NPCC by 2 retired principals TWO retired school principals have come together to write a book to record the roles of the National Police Cadet Corps m fostering better ties between the police and the public. Mr Michael Teow Beng Kirn, 65, and Mr Eugene Wijeysingha, 63, wrote

Abortions: 'Parental consent matters' [ARTICLE]

Page 60

Abortions: 'Parental consent matters' DEBBIE GOH That is the consensus of 49 out of 70 readers, but others say it would not solve the problem of teen pregnancies ALLOWING a teenage girl to have an abortion without her parents' permission may perpetuate promiscuous behaviour, said 49 of the 70 readers


Page 60

CLOSE RELATIVES CAN HELP 'We should not use the excuse that teenagers need not consult their parents because they have problems communicating with them. If parents are not able to provide the necessary counsel and guidance, a close relative, teacher, mentor or pastor can be called upon to assist the

Fighting fit with F-16 jets [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 62

Fighting fit with F-16 jets More muscle and firepower for the RSAF's 143 Squadron with 10 Fighting Falcons to replace the Super Skyhawk Hu CHAN KAY M I N SINGAPORE'S air force now has more muscle and firepower. The Republic of Singapore Air Force's 143 Sauadron now flies 10 state-of-the-art

Fandi among ITE alumni honoured for achievements [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 63

Fandi among ITE alumni honoured for achievements TRACY QUEK The football star and fashion designer Esther Tay are among five who receive awards for excelling m their careers Hu THEY started their careers armed with only technical certificates, but with hearts full of resolve. They worked hard and did well

KL, S'pore 'can work jointly to attract tourists' [ARTICLE]

Page 63

KL, S'pore 'can work jointly to attract tourists' Make common cultural and ethnic bonds a draw, says XL official SINGAPORE and Malaysia should work together to attract tourists to the two countries. This was the message from Malaysian Culture, Arts and Tourism Ministry secretary-general Dato Tengku Alauddin Tengku Abdul Majid


Core of Asean must pull together: SM [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 64

Core of Asean must pull together: SM South-east Asia is not as badly off as people had imagined it would be, Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew said last night at a dinner at the Ritz-Cadton Millenia hotel. He remained optimistic about the future of the region, he told about 400

Sound military reasons seen in missile purchase [ARTICLE]

Page 64

Sound military reasons seen in missile purchase Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew's off-the-cuff remarks about Singapore's purchase of medium-range m'tsues provoked a flurry of critical statements m the Malaysian media after a report by the Malay-language Utusan Malaysia. But there were several thoughtful and balanced statements from some Malaysians as

SM to meet two Malay-Muslim groups [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 65

S M to meet two Malay-Muslim groups The dialogue the groups had called for following controversial remarks made by Mr Lee may take place m January WHOEVER I PREFER WILL NOT MAKE THE SLIGHTEST DIFFERENCE, BUT IT WILL MAKE A LOT OF DIFFERENCE IF I CHOSE THE WRONG ONE. SO

'Brand name' to live up to [ARTICLE]

Page 65

'Brand name' to live up to THE People's Action Party will have to maintain its brand of honesty and integrity to survive after SM Lee steps down. How the ruling party would succeed, said Mr Lee, would depend on whether it kept its promise to look after Singaporeans and deliver.

On NSmen in Taiwanese uniform [ARTICLE]

Page 65

On NSmen in Taiwanese uniform Chua Lee Hoong, Leong Ching Leslie Koh Reports by and SINGAPOREAN soldiers training m Taiwan wear the uniform of Taiwanese soldiers. If China attacks Taiwan, how will it tell the difference between soldiers from Singapore and Taiwan? This was a question posed to SM Lee


Page 67

DOUBLE STANDARDS AT WORK? CRITICISMS levelled against some multinational companies include the use of child labour (left), dangerous working conditions and environmental pollution. Questions have been raised about whether the companies are guilty of double standards. In other words, a company may act responsibly m a country where laws apply

Eco-groups hold global firms accountable [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 67

Eco-groups hold global firms accountable SARA VINCENT SPOTLIGHT: GOING GREEN Hu \re multinational companies practising double standards m "heir work ethics? Some are iccused of harming the environment; others of using child labour. They do this, say their detractors, m countries where the local laws cannot touch them. THESydney 2000


Page 69

PUTTING HIS BEST FOOT FORWARD SERVICE WITH A SMILE! Retail manager, Ms Seah (above), hopes better services will help customers make informed choices. Customer service officer, Ms Lee (right, m picture on the left) shops with brioes-to-be to give them advice. PICTURES: TERENCE TAN Mr Sim has no qualms about

Young retailers bring passion to job [ARTICLE]

Page 69

Young retailers bring passion to job Singapore Retailers Association Awards Next Tuesday, the Singapore Retailers Association will name Singapore's best young retailer. In the last of four articles Consumer Correspondent KOH BOON FH reveals what he has learnt about service from some of the contenders. WHEN Mr Desmond Sim had

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More Air Muscle L^^S Two Are Houseboid Names Gainin 9 A Foothold hJ| f J The air force's 143 Squadron now flies 10 Footballer Fandi Ahmad and designer i 4Hl'" Ed Mr Desmond Sim, who knows all about state-of-the-art fighter jets -the multi-role flttW 1 Esther Tav are among five

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Page 57

bhbßb^b^b^b^b^bbm^9l^b^b^b^b^b^b^b^b^b^b^b^b^b^b^b^b^b^b^b^b^b^bl b^blb^bl SBb^bbHbßl^bi v^^ 1 2 I -r^K^^^^Bf^Mßß^t^^^k^ -"t--hbOlhll^l^B^w^^llHllb^lß^ BTAuaI V 'ul HBBBBBBHUi^ v > vt JviSuiSr.'Bfl < •r>^BH™JßßHßr»v?*'^l^'« i' I SO W^mLv V b^?^. vw' -^(IHHRr^ I f^RAa N BPSiS^bIbIbIbI €^^Bskr! 11 Ii I 1 Hff^^^H IB^ A^w. 2U»— B*ggggg^SBMBBBSBi3BSBBBB fcaß^:^ ;k'^»»» p w »,,,,3 I_J Ba^BnBWBBfIwW^w^^^W^ffTB^B^B^BSwBBBIBWWff^rTffIBJB^WB^BWBMBBBBBBBBBBBMC^ffMrMMMMwSff t "^^*^^^***»wWBMwJIBMMiLBBBWBWJBBBBEMBHBBjCr^^

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Page 58

Official Coordinated Launch v &H| With Singapore Australia fI^^^MWfifINHHHHHHE HI Australia's most significant residential development lll^Bhl^l^^ShßlHl^H^^^^^E ■H^B Moments from the Sydney CBD wrm mSmm H Harbourside location, convenient shopping, enter tainmenrand fine dining j^ntLffiPSgm fl|9^H}n JKm£|Q Excellent CCTV security system !"&|£Si' Slßt^ffiial^^^ayiS^yß HH Fitted with high quality home appliances KStSBOi

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Page 58

<^s^L£(^ Quew 2« M«ftr«s ZOO i Q«e"n 2b« Maftracc •BSUWfc^ s^^ $198 W ha^-.i^ 5' Queen Size Tfll S" Spring Mattress 7 Pocketed 2|>rir.£ »iicMi»< s/ S in e > c $138 $668 wSSSs $998tWT Kina < >288 s'Quwn Size Storage Drowers Pjwii^^^ 1^ Om»n ComplPte «-«r- laJa^ara^Sft jßilk' p

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Page 59

I The biggest lighftingshowroonn m Singapore Usual: HVfPfPVVßnffil^Tl l CM<: $746 /^V Bl BD 0022 Modern Ceiling light YY f I^UMbB^BBHB Usual: $520 (fa JL \r%*S wi iKi Vw J)7 BBk YrSatv aa^T KF OO47 w !i 9 ht *^Jfc yl/-* Z***** r\ rv Usual: $172 *WL Wf* Pendant light

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I9ii wl^ j^ I 9B^i^i^E^9i^Lw I |9K 9 1 L a ■■^^■^^^^bbEBIEH jW B^B^a^ißiaßßla^Bt a^i^B^Bvi ft^Pt^LnLfl ■L^Hflfl S^b^b^bw^bbßl Lm I B| L^ll b^b^L^bßl b^b^L^HH H9n ■^^^■■■AA^nBSHiHHa |^9|{^C^fi^Pi|WWiß|^ (HHP b^^B 9^ 9 ■^^^^Bfl^i^^B^^B^B^H hß^^^^^^^^^H B^B^B^B^B^B^B^H I fl i^BI bB-^^^^^^^^B^B a^b^Hß^aaaß fl^B^b^Sfl^B^B^B 1,- V f^^m %j^L^Lh |^^^^^^M|li||VH9Bß I^H ■^B^L^L^Ba^m H| «S tt

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Page 62

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How to make friends and advance interests of Singapore [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 70

How to make friends and advance interests of Singapore Singapore will sit on the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member m January. What does it mean? What is the thinking behind the Republic's major fordgn-policyimtiatives? Foreign Minister S. Jauakumar gives RENE NG a peek into the hush-hush world of

S'pore-KL ties: 'Backdrop favourable' [ARTICLE]

Page 71

S'pore-KL ties: 'Backdrop favourable' POMP and ceremony is getting the snip in the 10-member Asean. One does not have to look far behind the curtains to see which country is offering the scissors. Singapore, supported by Cambodia, has recently proposed cutting down on ceremony so that the Asean meetings can

It takes time and effort, but personal contact counts [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 71

It takes time and effort, but personal contact counts 'Whatever the advances m modern communications, the personal contact and cultivation of relationship with other ministers will always be important. Prof Ja> akumar (above) IF PROFESSOR Jayakumar were on any of the frequent-flyer programmes, he would have earned enough mileage points


Page 71

PROF JAYAKUMAR ON SMS ROLE IH FOREIGN POUCY "SENIOR Minister Lee Kuan Yew, as a member of Cabinet, still gives valuable inputs. If you ask me to list one or two factors for Singapore's overall foreign policy, the two factors would be: First, Singapore as a success story. If Singapore

A licence for body-parts grafting in 2020? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 72




Page 72

WHEN GOH-SAN TOASTS MORI-SAN DO YOU know that when Mr Goh Chok Tong first met Mr Yoshiro Mori m Kanazawa, which is part of Mr Mori's prefecture, m 1989, both were not yet prime ministers? During that encounter, both politicians launched a friendship association to promote cultural and people-to-people exchanges.


Page 72

FOREIGN INTEREST IN MFA SCHEME WITH Singapore joining the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member in January for a two-year term, will more missions be set up? Foreign Minister S. Jayakumar does not see a dramatic increase, for one good reason: A lack of good people to staff them.


Page 72

A NO-TEARS RECORD MR KIM Dae Jung made history as the first dissident to become South Korean President when he was elected m early 1998 for a four-year term. Last Wednesday, the Nobel Peace Prize winner invited journalists attending the 2nd Asia-Europe Foundation (Asef) Editors' Roundtable m Seoul to the


Page 72

HOW TO MAKE PAGE ONE THINK you can get to see Mr David Lim the minister, not the swimmer bare-bodied? During his rectnt speech at the National University of Singapore, Mr Lim had called on artists to retain a sense of social responsibility and avoid using shock value simply for

A French paradox in globalisation [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 72

A French paradox in globalisation CHUA LEE HOONG THIS WEEK IN POLITICS By RENOWNED graduate business school Insead opened a campus m Singapore, its first m Asia, and its second after Fontainebleau m France. The Singapore campus, located m the Buona Vista science-hub area, is Insead's flagship outside Asia and,

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Page 70

b^^Bl ~jfc ii^^ H Ik^^^^vH BQ ,M|^^^^H||Bl|HBB||A|flQlUlßll H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Hb^BbJ^B b^^^S^h k^B^kt^P^^p^^^B^^b^b^B i HP^^^'^^^^ H,BJ 81l 111 1 1 HI ■VII I m I Iwm Ib^Dbh I ■^PVVIv4vQ H BBiSiPBBHB\BBBtBHHB^BI »r. -i^r HI 1 1 Sbk^Li^b^bV Mfßi Bl I A I IHLvbub^bl I P^B^B¥B¥B¥B¥B¥B¥B^B¥B¥B¥B¥BlLkA.*jJ_l L *4 I I I I L^J fc

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Page 71

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Page 72 "^r IdL ILL L! 11l m Cashmere Coat B Trench fl W iw j 'lHHfefl 9 «7 onwards V^VJdl i a W& <T on^S! B^ Down Polyester Jacket 29 1^ wm fl 16 fe onwards Jnl J^S £1 Down Po| yester Jacket 1 9onwards c Wffc %IiBBP IK Vf



Page 73

POWER OF THE PRESS You have to be one big mean monster of a machine if you have to spew out up to 450,000 copies of a major newspaper like The Straits Times every day and our new Commander printing press is no exception. EDMUND TEE and TIEN CHUNG PING

Send virtual wreaths on this website [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 74

Send virtual wreaths on this website For $300 to $500, users can set up webpaqes to announce the deaths of loved ones. Visitors to the site can send 'cyberwreaths' for $5 each FREE SERVICE: Simple obituary X I It- 1 1 Vkd dllvi L\s ldvl V l 3 inf 111

Global warming threatens South Pacific nations [ARTICLE]

Page 74

Global warming threatens South Pacific nations Higher sea levels and temperatures could cost them billions RISING sea levels and sea temperatures caused by global warming may devastate the economies of several small South Pacific nations over the next 20 years, according to an economic report released yesterday. The report, commissioned

Hackers break into Microsoft's computer network [ARTICLE]

Page 74

Hackers break into Microsoft's computer network SOFTWARE giant Microsoft Corp said hackers had broken into the company's computers, m what a spokesman called "a deplorable act of industrial espionage". The spokesman, speaking on Thursday, declined to comment on what specific areas of the computer network were breached, what the specific

Six robotic missions for Mars [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 75

Six robotic missions for Mars Nasas exploration plan on Mars for the next 15 years will feature latest technology, but a sample-collecting mission will be put off till 2011 NASA plans six major robotic missions to Mars m the next 15 years, the US space agency's top science experts said

Mars rock that crashed here could have carried life [ARTICLE]

Page 75

Mars rock that crashed here could have carried life Studies have suggested that rocks can make it from Mars to Earth m a year... so the transfer of life is quite feasible. WASHINGTON It plunged through Earth's atmosphere m a brilliant fireball, but the inside of a chunk of Mars

Watching genes change as worms grow [ARTICLE]

Page 75

Watching genes change as worms grow SCIENTISTS using a "gene chip" and a beakertul of ground-up roundworms on Thursday that they had been able to watch genes turn on and off as the worms were born, grew and died. The experiment is the first m which researchers have been able

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/**TX mmß i 1 iJT^ B t^fji jyi ijBI BJM f*l jVBa h* (I i- i' /^m /^m uniqueness and convenience I nis is Our /4fs^'' erranean home In Ine Last moup opportunity to mob A WJ f J ijoup homt m the miast of it. X^ W/ LdMUM Lxclusive

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Page 74

L^Lm b^L^HHLH vPV ■^■^■^■W^.a^S a^a^r ""^C a4 W kF sff^P lO^l^HaHaHM 'SH .)isfcs Halloween is one of the oldest holidays m the MxMmttfi^ l^^^^Hi^^L jjCS vvorI(1 ultJl on< llls S°i n S tuu 'k thousands of 1 m^y^ l^ -j years. Now you can experience and celebrate R f^fc jfl

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Page 74

581 TOURS Begin the journey to your favourite holiday destination here. CATS. The Straits Times Classified

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p* Blgscape: Hey folks, here's a great show! £Tj g Back f y6tfjsW* R fresh Home favorites History Search Auto Fill Larger Sm*n*r Print Mail Preferences f^YT^VXrS A»g^JKj^^j^http://umiui.eMhlbitioni-nets.com_ /Irtvl^l^^'^ v Go I y Net Search Apple Computer Q) Apple Support Apple Software (^Exp>orer Update? idJjTproducts for Mac '>^r^jp .^fl^^^H^H^k. XttitttM

The Straits Times

Close but dull race [ARTICLE]

Page 76

Close but dull race THE United States presidential race has come down to a contest between ability and affability, between a man who sometimes embellishes the facts and a man who seems ignorant of them. That may not be a fair representation of the two leading candidates m the race,


Advantage Bush as Gore fails to excite US electorate [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 76

Advantage Bush as Gore fails to excite US electorate FRED BALITZER *!L IN LESS than two weeks, Americans will choose their next president. The polls are squeaky tight, making this, alongside the Kennedy- Nixon race of 1960, one of the closest contests m modern presidential politics. Although Vice-President Al Gore

Voter? don't give a fig for figures, and a mess awaits them [ARTICLE]

Page 76

Voter? don't give a fig for figures, and a mess awaits them PAUL KRUGMAN Hu NEW YORK Did you know that if VicePresident Al Gore is elected president, 2.3 million Americans will die next year? Supercilious Washington insiders may try to confuse you by pointing out that even if he

Founding father with story to tell [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 77

Founding father with story to tell WESLEY PRUDEN H<, rilK WASHINGTON TIMKS 'Revolutionary situations throw up great leaders who demand blood, sweat and tears. Comfortable circumstances produce leaders who promise people an even easier life. Senior M inistci luce NhW YORK CITY Some of is cannot get used to the

Nissan success may shatter glass ceiling [ARTICLE]

Page 77

Nissan success may shatter glass ceiling EDWARD NEILAN By m TOKYO THERE wijl be more at stake than old-fashioned profit-and-loss when president of Nissan Motor Carlos Ghosn makes an interim report on restructuring Japan's ailing No 2 carmaker on Monday. Mr Ghosn (pronounced "Gohn") is already the most visible international

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Page 76

How to reach us After office hours, please call operators at 737-0011 NEWSOCSK TEL 730-5397 FAX: 732-0131 FOUEIGH DCSK TEL 730-5745 FAX: 733-4120 PICTURE DESK TEL 730-5328 FAX: 733-8295 EAST ASIA UNIT TEL 730-5622 FAX: 733-4120 FOfIUM DCSK TEL 730-5454 FAX: 733-2690 MONEY DESK TEL 730-5471 FAX: 733-4517 SPOTO DCSK

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Page 76

COUNTRYSIDE T>^ HOME FURNISHINGS^ Offer You The BEST PRICE IN TOWS! We provide a new ange of 100% Solid Wood Country-Style Furniture in a wellvarnished dirty oak. Its unique creation injects a natural lifestyle into your living quarters. B^<jT JT|Ti"W 4-Doof Wardrobe l^^^^n f^KifivSn i B^^^SS^-^ Dressing Table cAv Stool

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Ang Mo KiO Aye 1 *Jr M^^fc W Bllllttwl ?Rl WE ARE HERE iv~^ 2 Bishan Street 22 IfW^^R /U -Q Queen S,ze $79 /TT\ M F^c, '**********851 852 t^^i Book She.i 609x290x1 768H $149 TaL.b 6 Chairs SOLIDWOOD $299 i S^^M ffitj) TfT\ f "^Pllqn I 15 l 0

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Page 77

K^^Tl^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 100 CHIAT COMPLEX 2^ l?l£21 1 KW Tm A V J 4 BBIk 2, #01 -1139, #03-11 11 JooChiat Complex UI-^m ill 1 I 1 1 I WtY^AWm A\. Jl Mst to 3rd Floor Occupies 40,000 sq.ft. kaTONG ill fflw I Ffi ii (JLJBLiJiii l iL im^A l iJßLm


Multi-skilled staff helps firms cope in a crunch [LETTER+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 78

Multi-skilled staff helps firms cope in a crunch know of cases where sales staff and production workers were assigned clerical work due to a shortage of office staff, and this was possible because most of them had had office-skills training. IN THE report, "Only a few firms here are family-friendly"

Higher prices not solution [LETTER]

Page 78

Higher prices not solution I REFER to Mr Stanley Tan Wei Siong's letter, "Upping mo\ie ticket prices may hurt cinemas instead" (ST, Oct 26). I cannot help but agree with him. Raising the price of the tickets is not a long-term solution. Cinema operators should look at other ways of

Restore cut to Ordinary Account [LETTER]

Page 78

Restore cut to Ordinary Account A/v// return of the 4-point cut to the Ordinary Account would mean a big difference to the man m the street. LIKE many workers, I was elated to learn about the 4-percentage-poi nt restoration m the employer's contribution to our Central Provident Fund accounts from

SCV's cabling fee higher for areas of low density [LETTER]

Page 78

SCV's cabling fee higher for areas of low density I REFER to Mr Chang Kee Joo's letter, "Construction works disrupt TV reception" (ST, Oct 23). Mr Chang asked why he has to pay Singapore Cable Vision about $6,000 to cable his detached house instead of about $2,000. He is correct

Constructions impact on TV signals assessed [LETTER]

Page 78

Constructions impact on TV signals assessed WE WOULD like to address the issue raised m Mr Chang Kee Joo's letter, "Construction works disrupt TV reception" (ST, Oct 23). On reading his letter, we immediately asked our consultants to measure the signal strength within our site vicinity to ascertain if our

Disabled children should get 6 years of education too [LETTER]

Page 79

Disabled children should get 6 years of education too THE Singapore Association of Social Workers is very heartened by the Government s decision to introduce compulsory education. However, we believe that all children, regardless of ability, should be given six years of compulsory education. In the recent parliamentary debate on


Page 79

LAGGING BEHIND IN SPECIAL EDUCATION IT IS an anomaly that Singapore, recognised as a progressive country, is lagging behind m speciateducat'on Parents who are professionals and nave children with disabilities are leaving Singapore each year for other countries which provide better Facilities for disabled children. Disabled children should have equal

SIA offers extra perks and comfort [LETTER]

Page 79


Be sympathetic to those studying in quiet libraries [LETTER]

Page 79

Be sympathetic to those studying in quiet libraries I REFER to the letter, "Prevent hogging of seats at community libraries" (ST, Oct 25), by Mr Jeffrey Law Lee Beng. While it is wrong for students to pile their things on tables and chairs or sleep m the library, I feel

Influence kids with love, not fear [LETTER]

Page 79

Influence kids with love, not fear 1 REFER to the letter, "Don't let maids do the parenting", by Oh Jen Jen (ST, Oct 27) who seems to advocate that parents should discipline their children by using the rod and fear. While discipline is important for every child, extensive research indicates

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I SPAIN ALABA^rE^rtT7o%Di^llltl 1 3 Days Only- 28,29,30 oct 2000 mmmmI Pinewood Ceiling Light V V X. l wall light I Pinewood Ceiling Light /ou price quote inclusive 3% GST 1 »grrorGlMs Spain Glass Imported 32w Glass I Energy Sa^ngf) CeUing Light Huores^tught If fii-j^hnu hrt- $8 $5 "$o I

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So why the foul mood, Vincent? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 80

So why the foul mood, Vincent? SANTOKH SINGH SOCCER Lions look primed to lift coach's spirit with a win over Sri Lanka *L NATIONAL coach Vincent Subraman iam's mood was as foul as the weather yesterday. On the eve of the Lions' friendly against Sri Lanka at the Bishan Stadium

Lankans capable of beating Lions, says coach [ARTICLE]

Page 80

Lankans capable of beating Lions, says coach Santokh Singh DO NOT expect samba soccer from Sri Lanka at the Bishan Stadium tonight. But the visitor's Brazilian coach Jorge Ferreira warned the Lions to be ready for a physical contest from a team that is mentally strong. His team beat India

Japan earns right to a rematch [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 80

Japan earns right to a rematch ASIAN CUP SOCCER BEIRUT Saudi Arabia and Japan, the only two nations to win the Asian Cup m the last 26 years, are m the final again. Saudi Arabia, winner of three of the last four Asian Cup titles and the defending champion, got

Opinion divided on joint league [ARTICLE]

Page 81

Opinion divided on joint league ERNEST LUIS SINGAPORE SOCCER Some favour league with Malaysia, but FAS wants an Asean event Bg THE intent is to raise the local football fever. And two suggestions have been put forth. The first? To end the struggling S-League and have the best six S-League


Page 81




Page 82

SWEDISH CLUB'S U-18 FRIENDLIES SWEDISH soccer club Romfartuna Gifp-82's Under-18 'earn is m the Republic to play two friendlies. The Swedish club will play Geylang United's U-18 team at the Bedok Stadium at spm tomorrow. It will also take on the national U-16 team at Queenstown Stadium next Tuesday at


Page 82

SUNDRAM IMPARTS HIS NIFTY TRICKS LEARN the bicycle kick from the man himself. V. Sundramoorthy will be conducting a clinic from Nov 18-21 on how to execute one of soccer's most difficult skills. The clinic will be conducted at Si Ling Primary School and is jointly organised by Sembawang Hong


Page 82

HOME'S SOCCER CAMP FOR BOYS SINGAPORE Cup champion Home United FC is conducting a stay-in soccer camp for boys between the ages of 10 and 14. The camp, which will run from Nov 20-24, will be conducted at the National Community Leadership Institute. Prices are $200 for nonmembers and $180


Page 82

CHINA WILL HOST 2004 ASIAN CUP CHINA won the right to host the 2004 Asian Cup yesterday following a vote ny the Asian Football Confederation executive committee. The Chinese defeated a late rally from Thailand to win 10-6 after a series of presentations from the three bidding countries. Iran withdrew

McEnroe still rules in court of the seniors [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 82

McEnroe still rules in court of the seniors CHAN TSE CHUEEN TENNIS The American beats Bahrami to snatch his seventh title this year 5* AMERICAN John McEnroe is known for this Wimbledon final. Apart from the one m 1980, that is. In 1984, his 6-1, 6-1, 6-2 thrashing of Jimmy

Jaguars sign on Sutee [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 82

Jaguars sign on Sutee ELGEN KUA SOCCER By THAI sensation Sutee Suksomkit will be bringing his silky skills to Singapore when he joins S-League club, Tanjong Pagar United, next year. Coach Tohari Paijan returned from Bangkok on Thursday after signing the 20-year-old striker as a Jaguar for two seasons. Jaguars

Favourite Ouzo drawn in barrier 2 [ARTICLE]

Page 82

Favourite Ouzo drawn in barrier 2 GERARD WONG HORSE RACING Bu THE turn of events certainly leant towards Singapore Gold Cup favourite Ouzo's favour at last night's Barrier Draw at the Kranji Racecourse. Bogged down by a top impost of 59kg and cast m a strong field for tomorrow's Simillion


Page 83

THREE'S THE MAGICAL NUMBER AFP 'Winningfour World Series out of five years m this day and age when younave to come through layer after layer of post-season play, we can put our record, our dedication, our resolve up against any team that's ever played the fame of baseall m my

Sojo strikes for Yankees' 3rd straight world title [ARTICLE]

Page 83

Sojo strikes for Yankees' 3rd straight world title BASEBALL NEW YORK They were too old, too slow, too tired, too thin m the rotation and bull-pen, too shallow on the bench, too satisfied, too vulnerable and simply too good for the rest of baseball. Flawed m September, the New York

Woods hits 63 but he's not happy [ARTICLE]

Page 83

Woods hits 63 but he's not happy GOLF He couldVe broken 60 if four birdie Chad not lout LAKE BUENA VISTA (Florida) Six weeks later, not much has changed. Those watching Tiger Woods wondered whether he would shoot 59, and those trying to beat him wondered whether this tournament would

Home draw increases Inter's woes [ARTICLE]

Page 84

Home draw increases Inter's woes UEFA CUP SOCCER MILAN Inter Milan's problems continued as it was held to a 0-0 draw at home by Vitesse Arnhem m their Uefa Cup second-round first-leg match. Inter, which has lost two of its opening three Serie A matches, delivered another lacklustre performance against


Page 84

Money matters NEIL HUMPHREYS ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE Big-spending Chelsea has the upper hand over skinflint Tottenham THERE is a rumour currently doing the rounds at White Hart Lane that Tottenham Hotspur chairman Alan Sugar recently dropped a pound coin, bent down to pick it up and it hit him on


Page 84

OUR CALL Timesport looks at the weekend's English Premiership matches. ARSENAL 3 MANCHESTER CITY 0 Arsenal D-W-D WAY. Man City L-D-D-L-W -W The Gunners ;ire m red-hot league form right now and last week's 2-1 win over West Ham was misleading scoreline as they dominated throughout. Man City will not


Page 84

SCORES AND STATISTICS CRICKET One-day international in Sharjah, UAE: Zimbabwe 218-9 (A. Campbell 105 n.0.; Z. Khan 4-42). India 219-7 (S. Ganguly 66. V. Kambli 60; T. Friend 3-39). India won by three wkts. CYCLING World Track C'ships in Manchester 4,000m team pursuit final: Germany 4:01.322 bt Britain 4:03.110. Bronze-medal

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Mac The Mouth Still At It Yankees Fine And Dandy Two Extremes He may he older but John McEnroe is f fr^^^l The Yankees beat the Mets in Game i Jf Big-spending Chelsea pits its skills .^Vjjh^ still as colourful and quick to mouth off B Five to clinch their

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Page 81

Massage Recliner Wtm^W^W^m bbW *^V bbbV Only available at Bukit Timoh mSßMmmdM^l^^UmlmmJm/m L&dCHBk _i H *V I I1 BB BK 'Wi^» Bl^B 9^B IF 7^^ BBV^^^^^BfltißEfl BB^^ B^^^^^^^^l Kwj BrA V V JbF a^Hv B^^K JBBM 9' \-t i B^^^^^^^ B^P^^flßk^Bk^^Bi B^P^y hßv B^^lV^ w^^^Bß^^^^^v BW^^ ■k&Bßfefe. BBBBB^ BBbP^ 1

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ItJQBSXBgOEeQdEfH) -gMMdiygl- Anallna eenuine leather l7n?nTTfljT<fliTi|i7B^n^ I^EiBsPW atl/2Price tXIUkJJXia iH^.£ V OUTSTANDING VALUES IN FINE J-y j\ f M^ Kj^,; LEATHFR FURNITURE jfe, «<S. I Just Arrived! \J NOW S^OA^ S N jFnh! x l^^m\^^ 3 2 Seater II W«^^£iiif*rte V^" 11 No 14 New Industrial Road «02-00 R.chway Building

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Page 82

QC SENNHEISER No.l Best Selling Headphone Brand In Europe. IWiLeless a^^^^l aUd^aWaM fcv'Vl laW 7 i ra^^aJar' aw .^aaa^^a^^^^^iaaifc An n i^kV ai aaaaaaaaai aaa\ aaaaaaaaaaaara .^anl Available at leading Electronic e«per»tore» and Dealer*. *^^^SS*> Gob Joo Hln Pte ltd (IT/ Lonsumtr Products DiAmn 1 Sine* 1940

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Page 83

m 1 M W M £f Prof Brian Lee Chang Leng, JP, PBM Mr Chionh Chye Beng for being conferred the for being conferred the I BINTANG BAKTI MASYARAKAT PINGAT BAKTI MASYARAKAT I I by His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Singapore, on its 35 th National Day

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Page 83

■LVii ii WiwlL jjjpjj^i^iirfj CjM Manufactured by -^MBMMtSU NtsanWtsu Ptiamwcsiir>eal Co., hw. Distributed by A Wltlwfcw Wnaapar* LM. 34. Boon LMt Twrac*. Smg»pofa 1 *****. Tel 47 11 466 Fax: 4793 473 MBMA GRAND SALE 3) RAYS) OIMLYH IBB: EB 3O OCTr BOOWi ■W*tjJ I-—- I aßaa a™iSlr^^269 I JBttBBJIXSBJBBJBL

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bbßßbbV "y^l^^-k JBBBBm tVPJHiI bbibbbV.^bb^. >Bbbißbb^ fl bm bV*^^^^^^^^^bbbbbt .^1 BbBBBBBB^. Xl a^W«B jHWWIIM B^^^~^^ BBBBBBBbL^^2 "'^^Bß.^Hßv^ffflß J^**^ I^— tP TRIMETAL UpffMßD j WT^ BBBBM*"*^'^'^! I^^^BBBBBBBBBMBBBBBB^MB^I^^I^I^^^'Ij^BMBftMBB^I BV^BH^^^ BbbS. WbK^^^^^vJ Mar ID "VIH bm"^"*™*^ BBBBBBrfl^nrna mr VatsT IMM B AfFlNm u s J'lJf trnf^B W I MEN'S 3X9 ■■^■■1 BBPUlbbbbbbbbl f

Page 84 Miscellaneous

Page 84 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 84

POLO EQUESTRIAN Polo and Equestrian Championships (Singapore Polo Club. Thomson Road, 8am). SOCCER International friendly: Singapore v Sri Lanka (Bishan Stadium. 7.30pm). OOLF European PGA Tour Italian Open, Day 3 (Super Sports Ch2o. 9pm). SOCCER EPL Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur (Sports City, 9.30pm and FC Ch22, 9.55pm) Spanish League (Star



Page 85

HO CHEOW CHENG Age 93 passed away peacefully on 27 October 2000, leaving behind loved ones. (Wife Lim Poh Ann, deceased) Sons Daughters-in-law Ho Thiam Guan Tan Leng Lee Ho Thiam Kiat Fong Kim Lien Tracy Ho Thiam Jin Jack Lim Sievv Wah Margaret Ho Thiam Siew Ho Thiam Chuan


Page 85

'You will show me the path that leads to life; your presence fills me with joy and brings me pleasure forever.' Psalms 16:11 We, The Family Of The Late MRS GRACIE SHANMUGAM NEE GRACIE MARTIN who was called Home to be with the Lord on 21 October 2000 wish to


Page 85

The family of the late DR. CHONG TUCK KWONG Departed 28 September 2000 wish to thank all friends and relatives here and abroad for their kind assistance, attendance, condolences, donations, wreaths and prayers during their recent bereavement. Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation also go to Dr. Low Lip Ping, Dr.


Page 85

In Loving Memory Of ANNIE SEOW PENG NEO (Mrs. Chua Kirn Toh) Departed. 28/10/1999 Our Beloved Sunshine' A year has rolled by But nothing has changed For you will always be Our Love i Sunshine Fondly cneished by Children, Son-in-law, Grandchildren, Sister, Relatives Friends. IST ANNIVERSARY In Loving Memory Of

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Page 85

MORE OBITUARIES I ON PAGE 86 His memory is as dear today, As in the hour he passed away. T~l 7 I 0 a 7 7 For booking enquiries, call Obituaries 1800-737-1166 730-5192 (office hours) (after office hours) [cats.



Page 86

"But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. isa 40:31 ANNA TAN YOU WOON Age: 37 was called home to be with the Lord on 27.10.2000,


Page 86

The Family of the Late Anissa Tan Keen Hlee Departed 24/10/2000 Wish to express their gratitude and appreciation to all relatives, friends and associations for their kind assistance. SPECIAL THANKS TO Dr Yvonne Loh, Doctors and the staff nurses of Hards 54 and 72 ofSGHfor their care and support


Page 86

LEE BARK YEW AGE: 91 passed away peacefully on 26/10/2000. (Wife: Wong Lew Yue, deceased) Sons: Daughters-in-law: (Lee Fook Seng, deceased) Lee Fook Kai, Humphrey Ong Lay Moi Lee Fook Weng Fok Woon Chun, Diana Lee Fook On, Lawrence Khoo Huang Swan, Justina (Lee Fook Chung, deceased) Daughters: Sons-in-law: Lee


Page 86

WONG TOON HING AGE: 80 Passed away peacefully on 26th October 2000, leaving behind loved ones. Wife: Cheng Ah Wah Son: Daughter-in-law: Wong Boon Tan Ronny Thia Irene Daughters: Sons-in-law: Wong Yip Eng Wong Ji Yong Wong Yap Pong Tang Khim Chuan Wong Yep Keng (Deceased) Ng Choon Huat Wong

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Page 86

I MORE OBITUARIES ON PAGE 85 1| /^V^nTX Delimited h'mieral Dirtvlo, > HaM IV2H Complete services for Christian. Discount for NTUC members Buddhist Taoist. Soka etc church A others. Air-cond parlours, open 24 hrs Qualified professional embalmers Imported US and quality Photo enlargement finished caskets Florist service Columbarium ft tombstone



Page 87

UNIT TRUSTS FUNDS gfjgfj LtCtND AN prtcts »rt irxftctiv. tictyt foe C* R^noolt Atwti, Broadly Diversified t Har rewly FocuMd t Lo«ir Risk: Low to Mwtlum Ri<k. kUMum to High Risk; W«tMr Risk; op«n tnoxi. B.for. subdivision of untt». Afttr suMtvlston of units; SP aftor stock spHt; N.A- Non DoaHng


Page 87

PALM OIL Crete palm oil (Ms/tonne) Nov 00 845 (South) RtflM. Htm *N (USS/tenne) RBD Palm o*l Nov 00 240.00 Dec 00 245.00 (seller) RBO O*<o Nov 00 260.00 (>*H*r) DtcOO 265.00 (M*Mr) ODD St.»f .r- 00 180.00 1 'S»ll«f


Page 87

SILVER Cloilnq prtc*« (US$/trey ci) W«d Frl Slngiport 4 78-4 79 4.70-4.72 Tim Thu New Vofli 4.78-4.79 4.725-4.735 Source: ROTHSCHILD


Page 87

TIN Clesfcia. prices (Mt/kjto) KLTIn 19.63 (-0.13) Turnover 38 (-12)


Page 87

CURRENCY Foreign Currency Note Rites (9am, Oct 27) Bwywn OO StMng Singapore dollars to on* unit of foreign currency Australian dollar 0.9040 0.9160 Canadian dollar 1.1390 1.1630 N2 dollar 0.6970 0.7120 Sterling pound 2.5070 2.5340 US dohar 1.7500 1.7620 Singapore dollars to 100 units of foreign currency Austi lan schilling


Page 87

GOLD PMM (Sj) Frt W— K.iobar *****- **********.79 *****.36 100 gm 1499- *****588.26 1610.92 50 gm 750-804.43 761-815.76 20 gm 300-332.69 304-337 84 Sgm 75-98 88 76-99.91 igm 15-35.02 15-35.02 BuWencotr>t(«$/M) Frt »K S por* bullion coin 482-494 489-501 Canadian maplt ■*»> 482-494 489-501 Australian nugget 475- *****7.79 515.00 (SS/oi)


Page 87

HONGKONG STOCKS gfjgfdj ASM Pacific 16.05 0.45 Bank of East Asia 17.30 -0.25 C P Pokphand 0.13 unch Caft Dt Cof al 2.95 unch Cathay Pacific Airways 13.40 unch CDL Hotels n *-i 0.04 Century City Int'l 0.16 unch Cheung Kong Holdings 85.00 -1.75 China Motor Bus 42.80 unch CITIC


Page 87

SICOM FUTURES fgjjdg RuMar Futures (Closing prices) BSS 1 (Twmms, S cwrtt/ka.) Moath Hl<h I— r B*t V«< o»—M< NovOO 113.50 DvcOO 114.50 Jan 01 115.50 50 FtbOl H7.00 50 Mar 01 118.50 50 Apr/JunOl 120.00 RSS 3 (US ctnts/kg) NovOO 64.00 400 DtcOO 65 00 1665 J«nOl— 65.75 65.75


Page 87

S'PORE EXCHANGE DERIVATIVES TRDG gfdjjgfd Eurodollar 3-Month deposit 000 implied interest ratt) 0»i» Ml» lit Stt trtVl NovOO 93 2630 93.2650 93.2650 93 2625 49 D*c 00 93 300 93.30S 93.300 93.30S 3930 Jan 01 93.460 93.460 0 Act Vol (Thu ***** Open Int (Thu) ***** Sing Dollar Interest Rat*