The Straits Times, 28 June 1999

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1 12 The Straits Times
  • 42 1 APkl: IVI KS: Is US Trade Representative Charlene Barshef sky's pull-out an American snub? page 8 The Straits Times Established IS-45 MonCUIV June 28, 1999 84 Pages m four parts MTTA (P) OS4/12/98 A Singapore Press Holdings public at urn OU < eati
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  • 513 1  - Strong private sector demand for docs SALMA KHALIK Parkway and Raffles groups will recruit many doctors and specialists as they expand, with most expected to come from government service Hv STRONG -rivate sector demand for doctors could well see an exodus of doctors from government hospitals and polyclinics uver the
    NOEL ROSALES  -  513 words
  • 318 1 PRISTINA Russian military planes landed here at the same time that an elite group of Serbs fled this provincial capital and thousands more threatened a mass exodus unless Nato peacekeeping troops can ensure their safety. The arriva 1 of a. Russian
    Los Angeles Times; AFP; Reuter  -  318 words
  • 188 1  -  EDMUND TEE »JL MORE than 43,000 people tried, bit none mooeeaed. So, no one won the prize money put up by the two sponsors of a challenge that waus meant to test the robustness of anti-hacking systems. The contest organised as part of
    188 words
  • 247 1 AT A given signal, hundreds of people swarmed all over Sentosa's 10 giant sand sculptures and started digging. Armed with toy spades or rakes, but mostly with just their bare hands, they sent sand flying into the air m their search for 1,000 coloured ping-pong balls.
    ALBERT SIM  -  247 words
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    • 492 2  -  M. NIRMALA It will improve quality and type of education, and the curriculum, Dr Tan says of 3 business degrees on offer I2ILl 21L IT is good to have three universities offering business degrees with different curricula and emphases, Depujh Prime Minister i <>n\ Tan s.iwl
      492 words
    • 113 2 IT WAS revealed this month that the Singapore Management University (SMU) will start running business degree courses from next year with an intake of only 300 students, instead of its Initial plan to have If4oo1 f 400 students. The National University of Singapore (MUS) and Nanyang Technalotjica! University
      113 words
    • 140 2 SINGAPORE will have "positive growth" this year, but this does not mean that the country is "completely out cfthe woods", said Deputy Prime Minister Tony ran yesterday. Although tne economic situation had definitely improved m Singapore and the region, he urged
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    • Article, Illustration
      106 2 Taiwanese singer Yuki Hsu was one of the show-stoppers at the National Kidney Foundation's star-studded charirv show yesterday, which raised more than $2.8 million from telephone pledges. It is one of two mega-concerts featuring local and foreign acts. The foundation, which spends close to $40 million a year on
      ALPHONSO CHAN  -  106 words
    • 597 3 WHAT GORE SAID VICE-PRESIDENT Al Gore called the President's behaviour "inexcusable" three m a television interview on the day he announced his campaign for the presidency. He said President Bill Clinton had compromised the dignity or the presidency by his actions, and that, 'particularly
      New York Times; AFP; Washington Post  -  597 words
    • 393 3 SCHEME TO STOP INFANTICIDE 'IT WAS JUST SUPPOSED TO BE SYMBOLIC. WE NEVER REALLY THOUGHT PEOPLE WOULD PUT THEIR BABIES IN IT.' Ms ndrea Szolnold, 'who thought up the scheme to install a drop-off incubator BUDAPEST Health officials m Hungary, alarmed by a rise m
      393 words
    • 59 3 REUTERS Mr Ajith Kumar, a blind chess player, moving a pawn during his match at the National Chess Championships tor the Blind m Bombay yesterday. More than 60 competitors from across the country are taking part m the tournament. The top four players will represent
      Reuter  -  59 words
    • 544 4 63 million and still counting Unforeseen difficulties like elephant attacks are slowing the count, but daily partial results keep voters cool 'People already know what the result is going to be. PDI is the winner and Golkar is the runner-up. M«. Smita Notosusanto, who heads Unfrel lAKARTA When former President
      New York Times  -  544 words
    • 84 4 PICTURES REUTERS Ms Anna Tribe (left), a direct descendant ot Admiral L,ord Nelson, and Mr Louis -Napoleon Bonaparte-Wyse, a direct descendant oi Napoleon Bonaparte, m front of the Montaza lighthouse m Alexandria, Egypt, yesterday. They were mvi' ad by French marine archaeologist Franck Goddio to assist
      REUTERS  -  84 words
    • 305 4  - S'pore girl 3, dies in Penang accident CHUA CHIN HON Bm A THREE-YEAR-OLD Singapore girl was killed m Penang when the car she wa,v travelling m crashed into the fence of an oil palm plantation on Friday afternoon. Siti Narjanah Abdullah, who was with six relatives m the vehicle, died
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    • 186 2 INSIDE World >9 Peopli Kosovo 12 Easl V 16 Indonesi is Malaysia 22-23 Weather 3] Home 2 I 26 29 Editorial onuiunt Analysis LIFE! Just who is to blame for all the fat children? Page 3 II s B jw 9 T\ Listings 10-11 lo 1 1 s 12 Thi
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    • 299 3 i w flr j Br al low y^ys^K a ■y2ysvVy aPl^Bs SVSVS IVH Don t you pjst hate it when other women seem to be Bustcare sessions or, better yet, trying them out. See what more w«|| t-rviowed m the chest area? It's sinful to think difference a single session
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    • 312 3 \More reports, page 6] iiilii TTMMTIT 1 «2§Ss* THE EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTRE 1 mrjm Higher Diploma Higher Diploma E3 Advanced Diploma Advanced Diploma Diploma m: 4H Hfc Diploma m: BUSINESS A allul l/vu University ADMINISTRATION Grifflth COMMUNICATION Tedinolocv University B MARKETING Sydney REAL ESTATE (Australia) MANAGEMENT (Australia) PROPERTY MANAGEMENT
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    • 4 4 [Mon reports. p*g)l 18
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    • 653 5 Australia to beef up air checks to combat illegals UNWELCOME ARRIVALS: 600 boat people caught so far this year The number of surveillance aircraft will be stepped up and immigration officers will be sent to countries seen as major sources of people smuggling MORE than 600 boat people have been
      Reuter; AFP  -  653 words
    • 206 5 US school's top cadet expelled over sex demands WASHINGTON The top student at a private United States military school has been expelled for demanding sex from two women. Jerry Webb was expelled from the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) during the last week of classes last month for "conduct unbecoming". He
      AFP; Washington Post  -  206 words
    • 399 6 Way ahead IN MOST of the polls conducted after his first 10 days on the road, the Texas governor continues to lead Vice-President Al Gore by close to 15 percentage points and has increased his lead over his nearest Republican rival,
      New York Times  -  399 words
    • 217 6 LONDON Britain's Prince Charles plans to break with tradition when he becomes king and leave Buckingham Palace to set up court at the royal weekend retreat of Wi isor Castle, it was repo: sd yesterdax The Mail on Sunday tabloid said the heir to the
      AFP  -  217 words
    • 44 7 Mrs Sonia Gandhi, president oflndia s Congress party, donating blood m New Delhi on Saturday for soldiers fighting m Kashmir. Hundreds of Congress workers gave as well. India's armed forces are fighting to evict rebels from its Kashmir region. REUTERS
      Reuter  -  44 words
    • 119 7 BASEL (Switzerland) Swiss pharmaceutical laboratory VanTX announced the imminent closure of its Basel offices, amid a probe into medical experiments conducted on foreign students. Swiss authorities last week seized files m a search for evidence that would either "confirm or disprove" the suspicions of
      AFP  -  119 words
    • 257 7 Indian army wants Bofors ban lifted NEW DELHI India's Defence Ministry, buoyed by what it Ha as the success of the campaign against rebels m Kashmir, is pressing the government to lift a ban on Swedish supplies of the 1 ">.")- mm Held howit/ers the trim's prime artillery wrapon m
      Asia News Network  -  257 words
    • 400 7 Don't test India's tolerance, warns Vajpayee India's restraint m Kashmir, where it has so far refused to let its soldiers cross the Line of Control to oust guerillas, may not last, he suggests NEW DELHI Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee said India's tolerance over the intrusions into Kashmir "has reached
      AFP; Reuter  -  400 words
    • 527 8  -  Irene Ngoo NO SHOWS Barshefsky's absence prompts accusations of a snub to region AU< X: AND United tde Representative Chart ne Barshefsky, citing a "fam h is pulled oui ■it tin- Apec trade ministers' meeting due to start here to>w, prompting
      527 words
    • 488 8  -  IRENE NGOO Tokyo, backed by Seoul, has voiced strong opposition to freeing up six sectors under fast-track package By IN AUCKLAND JAPAN, joined by South Korea, yesterday resisted further efforts by Apec to cut tariffs on another six sectors slated under a fasttrack
      488 words
    • 241 9 A strike by the medical fraternity m state-run hospitals has seen it become the target of violence COLOMBO A doctor has gone missing m northern Sri Lanka, presumed abducted by government supporters, as a strike m state-run hospitals entered its 11th day yesterday, union
      AFP  -  241 words
    • PEOPLE
      • 96 9 Bond girl Michelle is engaged BEAU IS A HEART SPECIALIST MARYLAND Aetna Michelle Yeoh, who became the first Asian Bond girl, has become engaged to Dr Alan Heidman, a heart specialist m Maryland, m the US. The 96-yew-oU revealed this during an interview with Walking, a popular US nealth magazine.
        96 words
      • 98 9 BAGHDAD President Saddam Hussein's eldest son, Uday, has bten shov n on Iraqi television walking without crutches or a cane for the first time since an assassination bid ulmost crippled him more than two years ago. The 34-year-old was ended by children as he tour,
        AFP  -  98 words
      • 145 9 LONDON Elton John, one of Britain's most flamboyant rock stars, is negotiating with a Uuidon finance house to secure a £25 million (5567.3 million) loan. The Sunday Times said. The 52-year-old singer was believed to have offered financiers at Samuel Montagu his huge back
        Reuter  -  145 words
      • 101 9 ATHENS Mr George Panadopoulos, who led a military junta which tortured and jailed thousands of Greeks from 1967 to 1973, died m hospital yesterday after a long Qght with cancer. He was 80. Mr P-padopoulos, an army colonel, led a military coup on April 21, 1967,
        Reuter  -  101 words
      • 52 9 Former Argentine President Haul Alfonsin 72 remains m a stable condition more than a week after a car accident left him close to death. In the first visit to Vietnam by members of the Japanese imperial family. Prince AkisHno and nis wife Princess Kiko arrived m Hanoi yesterday for a
        52 words
      • 61 9 Quoteivorthy 'She dult 1 7 think he should have .went that kind of money on powers/ IN prosecute hoht I .aForge, on vvh) Jenm Yoell o! alitomia strbbcd hi-r liusband with a 32-ctn knife ailur Iw hmught Jkmik- two buiK-ht>s of flowers for ht-r. He nxfKtfl four stitt-ho* as a
        61 words
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    • 220 5 Plugging The Flag L jft J[ Warning To Pakistan l» Short Hustings fc^-r apan s hciucation Ministry says school Don't test our natipnrp liulim J^^Wfr -n tt i tptl^ks must teach children to respect KmemnZFlrtte^ Zj wSY_tB I _r_! _^_S^B__^_^_r__^vS >___ l__i^___d__i_______ ___f W I _T I _Di __v _H
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    • 185 10 iv Sa| i w^JI I I 5 t, H 3 Network For Electronic i£ Singapore II<H*J ftAiSBJCj Transfers (S) Pte Ltd SSi W Computer Systems SINGAPORE 7:";'- V '-;V Congratulations to NTUC Link for making the promise of Smart Card technology a reality for NTUC members NTUC Link puts the
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    • Article, Illustration
      66 12 REUTERS This ethnic Albanian man, a victim of Serb soldiers who went on a killing spree m the village of Zagradska Hoqa m western Kosovo m early April, died with his hands clasped together and was buried m a shallow grave. The corpse was one of four discovered
      Reuter  -  66 words
    • 236 12 Damage in Kosovo 'not as bad as feared' LONDON The British general leading the international Kosovo peacekeeping force (KFOR) said yesterdax that damage m the Serbian Erovince was less than he ad feared and that the capi tal Pristina had water anc electricity supplies. "The degree of damage i less
      AFP  -  236 words
    • 514 12 Nato commander makes the call to countries contributing to the Kosovo force, while UN chief Kofi Annan warns of fresh humanitarian disaster BERLIN The commander of Nato forces m Europe yesterday called on countries contributing to the international peacekeeping force m Kosovo to speed
      AFP; Reuter  -  514 words
    • 375 12 Clinton going all out to oust Milosevic Covert CIA ops and global aid part of bid to remove Serbian leader WASHINGTON The US has decided to mount a concerted campaign to remove Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic from power and is harnessing an unusual range of tools to do it, from
      Los Angeles Times; AFP  -  375 words
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    • 168 14 BEIJING Chinese President Jiaiiu. /(.•nun called for M.ite-ow iu'i.l enterprises •long China's developed eastern seaboard lo turn ,i profit m three yean and establish a modern competitive enterprise system, state press reported yesterday. 'K>t.ibii>hiii>; a modern enterprise system is i major l-^uo
      AFP  -  168 words
    • 51 14 Portraits of Communist Party strongmen Deng Xiaoping, Mao Zedong and Jiang Zemin, the current Chinese President, hanging m Beijing's Fine Arts Museum yesterday. Party membership hit 61 million last year, or 5.1 per cent of China's population, and another 14 million people have applied to join.
      Reuter  -  51 words
    • 582 14  -  KWAN WENG KIN Two publishers of textbooks for primary schools are asked to make changes to educate children to respect the Hinomaru and Kimigayo By JAPAN (OR R K S \'O N D E NT TOKYO Japan's Education Ministry is adamant that school textbooks
      582 words
    • 212 14 TOKYO Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) intends to step up talks this week on bringing a new group into the ruling coalition which will give it a majority m both houses of Parliament. Senior LDP officials said over the weekend that
      Reuter  -  212 words
    • 585 15 Support for Hongkong The passing of the interpretation of the Basic Law supports the "one country, two systems formula, "Hongkong people ruling Hongkong" and a high level of autonomy; it shows the central government's high level of support for Hongkong.'
      AFP; Xinhua  -  585 words
    • 144 16 Taiwan bikers attack 'police stations TAIPEI AgangofSOteenagen on motorcycles attack- police stations and rnnaincd can m the southern Taiwan city of Kaohsiung oarl\ u-sUTilav morning, media reports said. They s:r.a*hed parked cars and vending booths and, using bottled been looted GpQBO a nearby state, attacked three police stations, cable television
      AFP  -  144 words
    • 625 16 South Korean President, under fire over a series of crises with the North, is expected to undertake a minor overhaul of his engagement policy Policy is 'too rigid' Thus far, the government has been holding on to the Sunshine Policy as if it were
      Reuter; AFP  -  625 words
    • 342 16 Taiwanese team in Beijing to pave way tor talks BEIJING A delegation of Taipei officials arrived here yesterday to prepare the ground for a historic visit to Taiwan by top Chinese envoy Wang Daolian later this year. Besides the planned visit, the nine-member delegation is to discuss repatriation of hijackers
      Reuter; AFP  -  342 words
      • 52 16 LAUNCH OF LOTTERY DRAW DELAYED KAOHSIUNG Mayor Frank Hsieh has delayed the launch of the city's lottery draw, citing "insurmountable difficulties", Taiwan's China Times said yesterday. Factors cited for the delay included a ban on importing the overseas-printed tickets and pressures from the Finance Ministry-, which had refused to approve
        52 words
      • 53 16 30% OF HK PEOPLE ARE WORKAHOLICS MORE than one-third of the people m Hongkong are workaholics and materialistic and only a small number are creative, a survey has found. Th 2 Global Consumer 2000 study interviewed 30,000 people, aged between 13 and 65, m 30 countries last year, the Sunday
        53 words
      • 64 16 JAPAN'S big-three airlines are planning to launch joint shuttle services between Tokyo and Osaka to woo the millions of people using high-speed "bullet trains", a business daily has said. All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines and Japan Air System were considering juggling their time-tables to operate
        AFP  -  64 words
      • 58 16 A 2 44- YEAR-OLD wooden statue of Buddha with 1.000 hands and 1,000 eyes which is on Unesco's World Heritage list, is on public view again m northern China after a thorough facelift. Located at the Puning Temple m Chengde. it had been m danger of
        Xinhua  -  58 words
      • 39 16 POLICE m the city of Anshan m China's Liaoning province yesterday destroyed 510 electronic game machines that were used for gambling purposes. The gambling machines were confiscated during a crackdown on illegal elec-tronic-game businesses. Xinhua
        Xinhua  -  39 words
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    • 522 15 Blending Academic ExcellencTw^^^cT^lExperi^^ iLrILaL The 22nd intake of the LEEDJ MBA programme qp^y taught m Singapore commences 4 September 1999. tfi|||§p' For information assistance, please call 338 6778. UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS...7M m research power as one of the UK's leading universities I The Leeds University Business School is one of
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    • 289 18 JAKARTA East Timor's rival factions \esterday prepared to launch expanded talks, ahead of a vote on selfdetermination for the territory, following the tumultuous return of independencecrasader Jose Ramos-Horta. Participants at the Dare II dialogue and reconciliation conference at an airport hotel here took
      AFP; Reuter  -  289 words
    • 157 18 Gunmen kill 2 soldiers in Aceh JAKARTA Unidentified men shot dead two soldiers m two separate attacks m the troubled province of Aceh. the Antara news agency reported on Saturday. Soldier Rudi Sumianto was shot dead and another soldier wounded as they were riding a motorcycle m the Cold Mesjid
      AFP  -  157 words
    • 596 18 THE COUNT But the leader of the party that stands third m the polls vote count so far warns that other parties may not approve of a woman as President JAKARTA The leader of Indonesia's largest Muslim organisation said yesterday that he still supported
      Reuter; ST GRAPHICS  -  596 words
    • 229 18 Election body revokes call to sack members Dispute over remarks by duo settled, says its chief JAKARTA The General Election Commission (KPU) has revoked its earlier recommendation that the government sack two of the commission members after their statements upset small political parties. The KPU had recommended last Wednesday the
      229 words
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    • 375 18 p^P Nanyang 1 y £K£ IML Polytechnic M J tJU'JD 77-7 P77 i 7; __f[__ SINGAPORE rrojessional Development Centre M^ M___________________________________________P_____________________________H___________________^ ___r____l n f M. %ICUv(a With the support of EDB and NSTB, Nanyang Polytechnic launched the first phase of the RF Engineers Development Programme (REDP I) m June 1994.
      375 words
    • 105 18 oxford brookes Jffl mm m» university 3<Ml;yJJjp 3JT BSc (Hons) Real Estate Management Fully accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Central Quccii>!an i vEj W :\I\I R s i i rill £A BACHELOR OF QUANTITY SURVEYING BACHELOR OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT BACHELOR OF BUILDING SURVEYING Fully accredited by
      105 words

    • 266 19 MANILA The Philippines launched its first computerised bingo game yesterday, with President Joseph Estrada joining thousands m playing the inaugural game. Mr Estrada was shown on television playing several cards m a Manila mall but none of the thousands of players, including the President, won
      Reuter  -  266 words
    • 64 19 Boy, 13 accused of spying ZAM '.OANGA (Philippine. 1 A 13-year-old boy, teged to be a commun; I spy, has been arrestt i by government troop- m the southern Philippines. The boy, identified as Yadirf Alcaver, was detained on Friday after his father, a pro-government militiaman, told the authorities his
      AFP  -  64 words
    • 529 19 Clean up, Hun Sen tells party as local polls near The Premier has told delegates at a closed-door party conference that errant officials who do not change their ways will be sacked PHNOM PENH Prime Minister Hun Sen has warned his Cambodian People's Party (CPP) to clean up corruption and
      AFP  -  529 words
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    • 113 21 The joy of three siblings getting married on the same day was topped by the presence of their distinguished guests, the Malaysian Prime Minister and his wife. Mr Azman Shah, Mr Azlan Shah and Ms Nur Asraf of Alor Star are the children of Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir
      THE SUN  -  113 words
    • 255 21 KUALA LUMPUR Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad yesterday said a dispute with the Philippines over two reefs m the South China Sea should be resolved through regional talks. He reiterated Malaysia's view that the reefs m the Spratly
      Reuter  -  255 words
    • 154 21 JOHORBAKL' Although no election date baa born iinnounifd, the ruling National Front appears to have ■touted it^ offensive, with aboni 150,000 UmooWoni en'a Wins memben ready to be mobilised to crush opposition charges, claim- and propaganda m Johor st.itf. Johor Mcntri Bt-s.i and
      Bernama  -  154 words
    • 452 21 Election campaign will be brief, says Mahathir Otherwise racial unrest may ensue, he says, adding that the opposition has no reason to complain as it has been campaigning for a while 'Why raise the issue of short campaign period when PAS had been visiting every kampung, cursing the government and
      Bernama; AFP  -  452 words
    • 396 22 PBS wants its ex members to honour agreements requiring them to vacate their assembly seats but the legality of those agreements is m question Kota DNABALU After the defection of two opposition Parti Benatu Sabah PBS) membera to (Jmno, k gal debate is now
      Bernama  -  396 words
    • 168 22 KiHOll BARU Johor Ifcatli Besar Datuk Abdul Cihan- Othman yestorday invited representatives from Singapore's consumer bodies to inspect the state's vegetable farms on the use of pesticides. "It will be better tor tiiem to come and BBC for themselves, he said when asked to
      Bernama  -  168 words
    • 213 22 KOTA BARU Mr Teh Leong Toh's prized bantam will certainly not end up as chicken rice, especially now that a prospective buyer has offered RM13,000 (555,815) for it. Last month, the 300-g, 20-cm-high chicken won an Asean-level bantam beauty contest, held m Kangar, Perlis. The
      The Star; Asia News Network  -  213 words
    • 286 22 Anti-crime clubs to be set up in some KL schools KUALA LUMPUR Anticrime clubs will be set up m some schools here to tackle crime and the fear generated by the rape and murder of secondary-school student Audrey Melissa. Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) vice-chairman Datuk Lee Lam Thye said
      Bernama; The Star; Asia News Network  -  286 words
    • 233 22 BUKIT MERTAJAM Malays m Penang should not bemoan the fate of former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said yesterday. The struggles of Umno members there should be m the interest of the party, said Anwar's successor. The Umno vice-presi-dent
      Bernama  -  233 words
    • 348 22 Ex-DPM receives free legal services again PETALING JAVA The defence team for former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim will handle his court case free of charge for the second time. "We refused to accept any payment for this case," said Mr Christopher Fernando, who is leading the eight-member defence team
      348 words
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    • 383 21 ii >fc Urban Spa SPAV^iicy Retreat Steam bath Usual price $150 Face aromatherapy Special $68* Fuil bod y aromatherapy Hand foot massage Rest Relax Herbal tea served (Total: I hr 30 mins) SPA \4lley Pie Ltd Tel: 738 0889 391 Orchard Road #05 l9.Ngee Ann City. Tower B 'One coupon
      383 words

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    • 333 22 "T^^^L N3.nV3TIQ r hIS s P ecia^ lst programme is tailored for D 1 -ri if professionals with visual arts background and -L 1 OIV LL-V^lllUC interested to develop a career m computer animation. The programme also meets the Professional Development Centre training needs of professionals alre dy m the
      333 words
    • 269 22 Executive MBA Program l ()lir "Where a diversity of talent, experiences, cultures, skills and Bf"l 5 knowledge converge to achieve one common goal.. One of America's best Business Management Programs 1 is now ottered m Singapore! Top-ranked elite institution m the A AACSB accredited for over 50 years r^y^^^VA/fn 'e=h\f\/7
      269 words

    • 499 23  -  Ching Cheong 'China' gangs routed MORE than 10,000 underworld figures including leaders of major Taiwanese triad gangs attending the funeral of leaders of the Four Seas gang m February 1996. The gang was once one of the largest organised-crime syndicates m Taiwan and Its two leaders,
      499 words
    • Article, Illustration
      224 23  -  Kwan Weng Kin why prefecture ranking: dropped EVERY year, for the past few years, the Economic Planning Agency (EPA) has announced rankings of Japan's 47 prefectures according to criteria such as home ownership, per capita park area and the availability of s.x-ia! amenities. But this year, the rankings have
      224 words
    • 254 23  -  Loh Hui Yin FROM GRAFT-BUSTING TO FOOD SAFETY? MS LILY Yam Kwan Puiying, head of Hongkong's anti-graft agency, has been tipped to head the new Environment and Food Bureau, which i? expected to be ap and running early next year. Replacing her, according to local media speculation, will be
      254 words
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    • 8 23 H CATS Buv It. Sell It. Find It.
      8 words
    • 665 23 CANON CANON fVi 1 COWER GPSS "W325 WP3825 NP6030 31 A4 copies per rinute 4 Front-loading cassettes fron |oa < lpn 9 manual bypass muiti- Enlargement sheet 2-page copying A4-A3 and other Reouce enlarge useful features i^^^^ Bß P* zoom 50 200\ other usefu! Optional auto document feeder sorter features
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    • 546 24  - More MNCs hold key meetings here SHARMILPAL KAUR Large global firms are picking Singapore as the venue for meetings, citing the efficient service and good infrastructure as strong selling points *1 In our view, Singapore rates with the best cities m the world to conduct business and enjoy the sights.
      546 words
    • 216 24 Have fun in the sun or in therein WHETHER it is raining or blazing hot. children at two Fengshan precinct*- can still play on at three pla\grounds. thanks to new umbrella-shaped roofs. The playgrounds wenpart of the 517.3-million Interim Upgrading Programme for Blocks 119 to 139 m Bedok North. The
      DENISE TAN  -  216 words
    • 527 25  -  GERALDINE YEO Short of $1.4 m needed for annual operations, the Assist Home and Hospice hopes to get people to become regular donors and give $100 a year fit THE bad economy la>t year hit the Assisi Home and Hospice hard. It saw a
      CHEW SENG KIM  -  527 words
    • 272 25 BURGLARS did such a dean job at I Tampines Bat that the owner had no idea that she was the victim of a break-in until much later. It wm only after production operator Rohani Mohamad, 49. noticed the two missing window panes that she realised
      272 words
    • 535 26  -  LEONG WENG KAM Move will strengthen their position against any bid to remove them after their election at stormy AGM Bri STRONGER TEAM The school board of directors is now stronger with 21 members. Board member Goh Teng Kee, who signed the notification to
      535 words
    • 288 26 THE use cf the Malay language must be encouraged, a.s it is one of the most important languages m Asia, said National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan yesterday. It is also a feature of Singapore's diversity, and the country's attractiveness a.s a society depends on
      288 words
    • 145 26 FRENCH wine and 14 types of Italian cheese have been given the allclear. A Ministry of Environment statement said: "Checks have shown that the implicated French wines using dried blood as a clarifying agent have not been imported into Singapore." French authorities had found dried
      145 words
    • 104 26 Every night, the Golden Pagoda Buddhist Temple lives up to its name, a shining golden yellow against the dark skyline of Tampines Road. Encrusted with some 80 yellow neon tubes, the roof lights up like a beacon. Founded m 1989 by the abbot, Venerable Shi
      ALBERT SIM  -  104 words
    • 122 26 PRIME Minister Goh Chok Tong joined 120 golfers m a charity golf event yesterday that raisea 8110,000. The money raised will gc to the residents of the Lions Home for the Elders m Bedok and the Radio Modellers Club of the Marine Parade Community Club. Mr
      122 words
    • 657 28  - Not your typical South Pole trekker CHUA CHIN HON ANTARCTICA 2000 EXPEDITION X DR GOH: Avid sportsman DR ROBERT Goh Ec Kiat, senior aeronautical engineer at DSO National Laboratories. Holds a PhD m aerodynamics. Born on Sept 22, 1965. Single, Singaporean. Vice-president of the Imperial College Mountaineering Club m London,
      ALAN LIM  -  657 words
    • 141 28 ANTARCTICA is one of the best places for monitoring the planet's health and for assessing the impact of pollution on global ecosystems. Three British scientists who had been measuring ozone levels m Antarctica tound m 1985 that the atmosphere above the frozen wasteland was losing ozone
      141 words
    • 588 29 Cheong Wei Yang graduates with 2 degrees m 4 years an achievement matched by only 2 other PSC scholars SINGAPORE'S latest Pvhodes Scholar believes m going one degree further. Mr Cheong Wei Yang, 13, graduated with not one buf tw\) Bachelor of Science degrees m
      KENTAY  -  588 words
    • 330 29 Business rules being reviewed HELP FOR TECHNOPRENEURS Bankruptcy laws, tax levies, among rules being looked at RULES on levying taxes on stork options ancl bankruptcy 'aws wore among the regulations reviewed by committees looking into ways to help technopreneurs go into business. Deputy Prime Minister Tony Tan said yesterday that
      330 words
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    • 529 24 New Directors Registered J Thirst For Adventure w Two Degrees Better %*Pv T1,«.c:hi,,,.s 4 .|1i l !h .Vh,H.|-sfiv«.iuw Aeronautical engineer Robert Goh has Spore's 18th Rhodes Scholar, who earned \2jmL .l.u,to,s,rlrrt t dat,,o,,nvA(.\llast SF~-~— TTTJi" sc-iJed high mountains and now looks two MIT degrees m four Years will be off
      529 words

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    • 242 25 First Only College with Highest Longest m W Record for International^B Beauty Diplomas: fm 1 .>■- CIDESCO v Switzerland) |fl pr --Record 39 Graduations^^ WORLD MASTERS A 139 Graduations t ■m&@*' (~S CIBTAC(UK) V^j/ --192 Graduations H Top To Toe^~\ Beauty College t kH' 'ft Yal <ft VEV4 f <■
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    • 506 31 WEATHER TOOAY: Partly cloudy. Showers with thunder SJ^LK?!! j U n-?7 V Pacific S ja J! Oudy "ristchurch 3JIC Cloudy Kuala Umpur M/SC Showers hw fIfZJC Cloudy -5*- m the morning Hazereading taken on June 21 *mc elaide^ Clear Colombo ß/3K Fa.r kicking Q/32C Showers Pyofl^anq i/SC Cloudy Kyjl niiT.A««
      506 words

    • 559 32 The Straits Times MONDAY JUNE 28, 1999 Headache for World Bank CHINA'S balf-victory, m securing a US$l6O million (***** million) loan from the World Bank against American objection, proves yet again that developmental aid from the rich often comes with strings attached. It was half-uctory because the World Bank, unable
      559 words
    • Article, Illustration
      1 32
      1 words
    • 1745 32  -  REUVEN BRENNER 'JIL Alive IT IS fashionable to say that clustering matters less because one can discuss ideas over the Internet. But this view is incorrect. Prosperity is not a corsequence of either new ideas or debates, but the commercialisation of ideas. If one
      1,745 words
    • 996 33  -  JEAN EAGLESHAM Finn* invoked m e-commerce are worried that the industry could be swamped by legislation. But the Internet needs some rules. By 111 l HN\N( !\l I I\H s 'E-COMMERCE WILL PROBABLY BE AN AREA WHERE UNDER-RE6ULAHON COULD HAVE AS DETRIMENTAL AN EFFECT AS OVER-RtGULATION.
      996 words
      • 108 33 TAKE HEED OF SOCIAL ISSUES IN CHINA THE Taiwan government must review its policy of keeping aloof from social issues relating to China. A detention centre m Ilan county for illegal Chinese immigrants was recently found to be neglected after some inmates fell ill. It has been existing as
        United Daily News  -  108 words
      • 94 33 TRANSPARENCY: A KEY REFORM ISSUE STEADILY. Thailand is embracing "good governance" m many ways. In the past few years, there have been many seminars and workshops on good governance that related to the civil sector, public sector and private sector. Everyone has been playing a role since former Prime
        94 words
      • 135 33 GOVERNMENT HELP FOR THE POOR ALL government agencies, particular!) those involved m commercial activities, have been directed to find ways of speeding up the eradication of extreme poverty m the country. The government believes that profits from such agencies should be dir+ributed to those m dire nee' 4 For
        Berita Harian Malaysia  -  135 words
      • 86 33 POLICE ACTION IRRATIONAL HONGKONG reporters row ting three student representatives hound Cbr Beijing to petition against court ruling were shocked to find themselves being manhandled b\ the polia m China. The logic behind the treatment is puz/ling. Since two democracy activistc were earlier denied entry into China, the trio
        Oriental Daily News  -  86 words
      • 92 33 'SUNSHINE POLICY' NEEDS GREATER PUSH SINCE the Golf War, North Korea has been fretting <>wi its loss of friends and the mounting threats bo its existence. In 1992, close ally China befriended South Korea Lasl \ear. the US and South Korea drew up a '"war plan" aimed ai
        Yazhou Zhoukan  -  92 words
      • 97 33 REJECTION THE RIGHT DECISION TOKYO governor Shmtaro Ishihara's rejection of the overture that Taipei be made a sister city of the Jap- apital is saw) responsi In ike Beijing, which is a well-know n i apital, and therefore on par with I okyo, I aijK i i- --M-ntialK a
        Wen Wei Po  -  97 words
      • 100 33 Although the Kosovo conflict is a European problem, China sees it as analogous to its own troubles. It has three potential "breakaways" to wrestle with Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang. What if the US decides to interfere m these just as it did m Kosovo? That is wh) it must
        Ming Pao Daily News  -  100 words
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    • 78 32 How to reach us \.'t«T oflk hours please i all operators at 737 00] I NEWSttSK TEL: 730-5397 FAX: *****31 FOREIGN DESK TEL *****45 FAX: *****20 PtCTUREOCSK TEL 730-5328 FAX: 733-8295 EAST ASIA UNIT TEI 730-5622 FAX: 733-4120 FORUM OtS* '30-5454 FAX: 733 2690 MONEY DESK 'EL -JO-5471 FAX: 733-45:7
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    • 315 33 Rosken I Nature's Way HTUC HB ALT H C are Daily Care, Omega 3 |P*- From 1 May 99, 057 AJZOO l^_ NTUC Link Card at any KhAiV^ Unity NTUC Healthcare outlets, Link Points will be awarded Aspirin Loreal Blackmores 24 S Apnrm.i White Perfect Anti Bacterial jL when purchases
      315 words

    • 450 34 I! IK tothekttaf h\ d>> we il'spii^t' rial rao in-.-. 1 ST.June Mi Kenneth imi ng Kiat l le had >>!u erna about the and ode effects of some m i inea dispenaed to children m Singapore. Singapore has a comprehensive Childhood Immunisation Programme which
      450 words
    • 442 34 Most parents subject theiryoung children to „;ation on tWC Assumptions: that vaccines arc 100 pel cent safe and they arc effective. 1 found out too late that both arc erroneous assumptions. la Mr Kenneth LimTSong Kiat has pointed out m his letter. '"Wh\ do we dispense
      442 words
    • 559 34 I REFER to the article "Popping pills not a short cut to health" (ST, June 6) by Ms Lea Wee. For those who have forgotten, she wrote: "Looking for an easy road to good health m nutritional pills? Forget it, it does
      FABIAN CHAN MIN FAY  -  559 words
    • 250 34 WE THANK Mr S. Ramachandran for his letter, "More cricket please, SCV" (ST, June 18), m which he expressed his appreciation for SCVs recent World Cup Cricket coverage. It is the support anc encouragement of subscribers like him that has spurred SCV to find ways to
      250 words
    • 351 34 I REFER to Mr Tan Kheng Lian's letter, "Beware of misleading ads on 'cures' for myopia" (ST, June 16). A major environmental factor linked to myopia development is near vision work. In the normal eye, focusing muscles are working at their hardest when looking
      351 words
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    • 574 34 The Ngee Ann- Adelaide Education Centre Pte Ltd (NAAEC) is a joint venture between two of the oldest and most respected institutions m the Asia Pacific region, I the Ngee Ann Kongsi and The University of Adelaide. V SS V UNEP International Graduate Certificate m Environmental Management International Graduate Diploma
      574 words
    • 14 34 Beriufnarian PERUBATAN TRADISIONAL K§v J^l ofek Kaki terpaksa dlpotong garagara rawatan tak Jm menjadi.
      14 words

    • 411 35  - OUT? Relay squad fails twice BEN NANDARAJAN SEA GAMES 40 DAYS T O G O Bu IT LOOKS like the national men's 400 metres relay team wiil not make v to the Brunei South-east Asia Games m August after all. The quartet failed twice to meet the qualifying time ot
      JOSE RAYMOND  -  411 words
    • 1032 35  -  SANTOKH SINGH Strong case for medal hopes but boxing and karate do not deserve trip By YES ...because they are potential medal winners. ...for their own safety. MAYBE ...because the/ worked hard, need the exposure and can provide a surprise. Athletics: James Wong, Wong
      1,032 words
    • 497 35  - OUT? Absent Lions in trouble THOMAS KOH «!L AIDE ISKANDAR and Hafizat Jauharmi incurred the wrath of national team manager Omar Ibrahim when they failed to show up for the first day of SEA Games centralised training yesterday. There were two sessions held at Jalan Besar Stadium yesterday m the
      497 words
    • 805 36 W I M BLED N TEN N I S CIIAMPIO N S II I P S WIMBLEDON: Today's action Order of play (prefix number denotes seeding): Centre Court: 6-Tim Henman Brit) v Jim Courier US) 6- Venus Williams (US) v 17-Anna Kournikovg. (Rus) 2-Pat Ratter
      AFP; Reuter  -  805 words
    • 382 36 LONDON The woman missed the first return of the match. Her partner threw his racket to the grass. He promptly netted the second return of the match. She tossed her racket. He is John McEnroe anc 1 she is Steffi Graf. Meet Wimbleon fun mixed
      Los Angeles Times; Reuter  -  382 words
    • 455 36 LONDON Pete Sampras has spent a decade courting Britain's tennis fans, but now he risks alienating them all if he is to win his sixth Wimbledon title m seven years this week. Among the prospective opponents for the world No. 1 are
      Reuter  -  455 words
      • 113 36 FRENCH ninth seed Mary Pierce is thriving on the grass at Wimbledon and she i> doing it having stopped tak ing the controversial growth hormone Creatine. She said Creatine or no Creatine she was happy to have finally come ':o terms with playing on
        113 words
      • 127 36 AMERICAN Pete Sampras has never suffered from overbearing parents, a headache that has afflicted many a rising tennis star m the high-pressure sport In fact, they go to the other extreme. Sam and Georgia Sampras have only ever watched their son play live m
        127 words
      • 112 36 TODAY'S teenage tennis fans ma\ swoon over American Andre Agassi's brown eyes or gaze adoringly at the towering frame of Australian Mark Philippoussis. But nothing can match the fervour that greeted Swedish star Bjorn Borg m his 1970s heyday as the ultimate tennis
        112 words
    • 484 37 MOTOR RACING German wins dramatic race on a wet and tricky track MA G N V COURS (France) Heinz-Har-ald Frent/en won a dramatic and rain-hit Fiench Grand Prix tor the Jordan team yesterday. Frentzen, whose only other career win was for Williams m 1997, was
      Reuter; AFP  -  484 words
    • 395 37 Hill may have raced his last ALL THE RESULTS: French GP Results: 1 Heinz-HaraW Fientzen (< Jordan-Mugen Honda lhroS nun 24.3435ec2 Mika Hakkinen (Fin) McLaren-Mercedes 1 Lsec behind 1 Rubens BanicfaeDo I Bra Stewart-Ford 43.4 4 Rail Schumacher (Ger) Wifiiams-Supertec 45.4 5 Michael Schumacher ler) Ferrari 47. S 6 Eddie
      Reuter  -  395 words
    • 188 37 SOCCER MANCHESTER Manager Sir Alex Ferguson on Saturday demanded a bye m next season's FA Cup if European Cup champion Manchester United is to compete m the World Club Championship m Brazil. The Football Association wants United to take part m the inaugural
      AFP  -  188 words
      • 83 37 FRENCH mem Btai Zi oedine /iil.inr will be staving at JoventUfl n<\t MMU) The player, who is reportedly still being pursued Sv Real Madrid, was yt riling <»t press conference yesterday. He said: "I an staying at Juventus for the momeni deapite all the offers."
        83 words
    • 218 37 HARRISON (New York) Duffy Waldorf birdied the last two holes here on Saturday to match Jim Carter for the lead entering the final round of the US$2.5 million (554.25 million) PGA Buick Classic. Waldorf was inconsistent through the first 16 holes with an eagle, two
      AFP  -  218 words
    • 1103 37 ATHLETICS United States C'ships m Eugene. Oregon (winners only) Men's 400 m: Jerome Young 44.245ec. l,5OOm: Steve Holman 3:39 21. Long jump: Kevin Dilworth 8.12 m. Discus: Anthony Washington 67.95. Javelin: Tom Pukstys 78.02. Women's 400 m: Maicel MaloneWallace 51.29. 1,500 m: Regina Jacobs 4:2.41. IO,OOOm. Libbie
      1,103 words
    • 425 37 WILMINGTON (Delaware) Juli Inkster has a career Grand Slam m her sights, but a host of challengers has tightened the race for the LPGA Championship, the year's third major women's golf tournament. Inkster, who turned 39 last Thursday, finished with a bogey to drop into a
      AFP  -  425 words
    • 172 37 KASAOKA (Japan) Eduardo Herrera birdied the 17th hole to beat Japan's Tsukasa Watanabe for his first win of the season at the Mizuno Open golf tournament yesterday, earning a ticket to the British Open. The overnight leader, playing on the Japan tour for the
      AFP  -  172 words
    • 426 38 Wales shocks world champ RICBY Jenkins stars m host's first win over South Africa m 13 C\RDIFr Neil Jenkins starred for Wales In its 39-19 win ova South Africa here on Saturday m Ha first-ever triumph against the world champion i.i 19 matches. Wales celebrated the opening ot its new
      AFP  -  426 words
    • 97 38 SYDNEY England mgbv coach Clive Woodward wants the sport's world body to approve the use <>t \ideo refeieeing after a linesman's error OOSI his team a try m Saturday's 15-22 loss to Australia lure. He said it was clear thai Australia's fourth try by David Wilson
      Reuter  -  97 words
    • 260 38 SOCCER EAST RUTHERFORD (New Jersey) Russia qualified for the quarter-finals m its first Woman's World Cup by scoring four second-half goals m a 4-1 Group C victory over Canada on Saturday. Also securing a quarterfinal berth m Group D was Sweden, a 2-0 winner over
      Reuter  -  260 words
    • 358 38 ATHLETICS WINNIPEG Bruny Surin proved he's the man to beat among the Canadian sprinters this season as he claimed his second national 100 metres title m a wind-assisted time of 9-88 seconds here on Saturday. Olympic 100 m champion Donovan Bailey, 31, whose sluggish run m
      AFP  -  358 words
    • 491 38 BASKETBALL NEW YORK Latrell Sprewell did not change; did the universal "we" change? He arrived as the poster boy for bad National Baskeiball Association behaviour m January. He walked off into the off-season early on Saturday norning as the star of the new New York Knicks,
      Los Angeles Times  -  491 words
    • 183 38 SEVILLE (Spain) Coach Claudio Ranieri ended his career at Valencia on a high after bis team's 3-0 victor) over Atlttico Madrid m the Spanish Cup final on Saturday. "Its the happiest I've been m more than 20 years as a player and
      Reuter; AFP  -  183 words
      • 81 38 ITALIAN side Fiorentina had a double transfer coup, signing both Predrag Mijatovic of Yugoslavia from Real Madrid and Enrico Chiesa from Parma. It v/as 30-year-old playmaker Mijatovic, joining Fiorentina on a three-year contract, who scored Madrid's winning goal m the 19&8 European Cup final against Juventus.
        81 words
      • 64 38 HALE IRWIN came within one shot of the course record with an eight-under 64 at the TPC at Michigan to claim a commanding fourstroke lead after 54 holes of the Senior Players Championship. Irwin, who pulled out of last week's US Open, pushed his total
        64 words
      • 84 38 JAPAN'S Seiko Kobayashi and Veneuzuela's Francisco Sanchez were winners at the Santa Clara Invitational swim meet on Saturday. Kobayashi won the 100 metres backstroke m one minute 3.34 seconds with compatriot Aya Terakawa second m 1:03*93. Japan enjoyed two other runner-up showings Yuko Nakanishi's 4:52.09
        84 words
      • 83 38 CELTIC coach John Barnes is set to register himself as player to help ease the famous Glasgow club's rushed team-building plans. It had been generally thought the former Watford, Liverpool and England international striker had hung up his boots for good. But now
        83 words
      • 70 38 LAKVA Sim of Mongolia shocked a home crowd when he dethroned Japans Takanori Hatakeyama with a technical knockout to become the new World Boxing Association (WBA) super featherweight champion m Tokyo yesterday. The knockout came lmin 46sec into the fifth round. The 28-year-old challenger, top
        70 words
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    • 90 35 ii wh BSfl i < > i < > i. h\ i ing jM HP'tH !ftj WHP^BUBMI HI The Fun Begins 3SPSI A New Face We^ Sur P rise mo££Sr y Boris Bee ket meets Patrick Ha-ter. Just 1 Heinz-Harald Frentzen is the surprise H![p^ f|j£9 Wales delivers a knockout
      90 words
    • 43 35 DRAW TODAY! Monday, 28 June 1999 DRAW VENUE: Singapore Pooli (Pnvot«l Umit»c 10 An»on Road #03 -13,'2< international Plaio Singapor* *****3 Time 5.30 pm Draw No. 1400/1999 Group 1 Prize $1,448,000, Group 2 Prize $353,000. fc«* cot 1800-*****1 1 ,i»"w *r*Jofi T^A POOLS
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    • 46 36 Authentic Foot Reflexolofcy iflhk Free Meals 4 Refreshments fcr_ Tel: 294 2888 Fax: 296 BC3O Business Hours: 1 0.30am- I l.OOpm Today 111 Tamil Murasu Divorce and the Indian woman: Why the increase? 151 Chin Swee Road #01-52 Manhattan House apore *****6 1 c Fax *****33
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    • 170 37 WE PUT BACK TAKES OFfJR Defore w^ After Weaving Weovlng Whatever your hair problem, be it male pattern baldness. patchy hair loss, thinning hair, scaly or oily hair t'chy scalp or split ends... Act fast! At New Chain Hair Centre. our team of hair design consultants work that much harder.
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    • 88 38 LIVE ON TV BASKETBALL WMBA:(CIeveIand Rockers v Phoenix Mercury' (Ch23&2s,June 29, 7.30 am). TENNIS Wimbledon Championships Day 7 (Ch 24, 7pm). TODAY'S EVENTS SEPAKTAKRAW Perses Div 1: Hong Kah North v Geylang West. Sing Tel RCvLeng Kee/Bukit Merah (Perses Centre. Bpm). SOCCER SGSFL Div 2: JTCRC v TTSH (Gloucester 2).
      88 words

    • 551 39 850 DEATHS 850 DEATHS For to me, to live is Christ md to die is gain. Phiiippia is 1:21 TEO CHAW SIANG Age: 75 gone home tc hi*> eternal reward m Jesus Christ on 26/6/99. Precious and safe m His arms. Sadly missed ana always remembered by: Beloved wife: Seng
      551 words
    • 348 39 850 DEATHS 850 DEATHS w llm lord is tntj shephvrtL, I shall tot want." Psalm HI I NG Kill AM HOAI Age: SS win railed to Ik- with the l.ord on 27 June, 1 999. She will l>e ueark mined and fondly remembered by all of us. Sons: Daughters-in-law: Vili
      348 words
    • 104 39 852 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 852 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Family of the Late 0 MARY TAN SENG ANN Departed on 21 June 1999 Wish to express their heartfelt thanks and ippreciation to ail relatives, friends, colleagues, business associates, priests, sisters and church members for their kind assistance, prayers, attendance, condolences, wreaths and generous donations
      104 words
    • 69 39 852 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 852 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The family of the late ANTHONY TAN JIN KHOO LIM GHIN KHOO departed on 22nd June 1999 wish to express our deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all relatives, friends, priests and religious congregations for their prayers, attendance, care, support and generous contributions during
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    • 27 39 854 CONDOLENCES 854 CONDOLENCES With Deepest Sympathy to the Family of our LIFE PRESIDENT ONG TIANG WEE From: The President, Committee and Members of THE PERANAKAN ASSOCIATION
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    • 129 39 856 IN MEMORIAM 856 IN MEMORIAM In Loving Memory of Our Founder The Late VENERABLE CHAMMASUKHA who departed from us on 3rd July 1966 THE FULL MOON OAY OF THE STH LUNAR MONTH 'MAY HE ATTAIN THE BLISS OF NIRVANA!' Memorial Service will be held today at 10.30 am THE
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    • 7 39 CAT.SJ Buy It. Sell It. Find It
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    • 82 39 An unbelievable fellow B§(^^ with a good testimony "'WvSJ'tbS of degrees and works behind him, a good nature and a good attitude towards life. Although hz wasn't perfect just as life was 111 not perfect for him, m/| he left us a sense of hope and pride V<*rS<'S For what
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    • 81 39 860 FUNERAL DIRECTORS/ 860 FUNERAL DIRECTORS/ SERVICES SERVICES /^V\\ Dedicated Funeral Directors Since 1920 (24 hours) V^il»3l\Vl' Complete services for Christian. Discount for NTUC members. Buddhist, Taoist. Soka. etc. church others. Air-cond parlours, open 24 hrs. Qualified professional embaimsrs. Imported US and quality Photo enlargement, finished »skefs. Florist service. Columbarium
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    • 13 39 Time takes away the edge of grief But memory turns back every leaf
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    • 14 39 Pick up your business by picking fhe Straits rimes Classified as your business partner
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    • 52 40 Chang* Straits Times Index 2178.64 13. 19 BT 08/ OS 805.00 142.00 BTCADI -*****.00 03.00 Bf 10-day MA -*****.00 +81.00 DBS CPF Index 670.01 -1.40 DEIS 50 Index 709 18 -3 18 OC BC 30 666.09 1.76 UOB Blue Chip 910.00 -1 88 MSCI Singapore 295.61 -0.14 Simsci Futures
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    • 57 40 TURNOVER COOO) Main Sesdaq Total Multllnd 145,515 145,515 Manufacturing! 622,100 176,616 798,716 Commerce 140,988 32,563 173,551 Tpt/Stor/Comms 112,186 17,148 129,33-1 Finance 67,196 67,196 Construction 113 546 42,810 156.356 Properties 75,284 75,284 Hotels/Rsts 22,266 26,841 49,107 Services 29,021 16,054 45.075 Others BLW '36,245 11,469 147,714 TOTAL 1,464,347 323 501
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    • 43 40 !PC Corpn 5c 369,285,000 Hotung Inv NTS 348,671 000 Asia Food&Prop 292,712,000 Frt Links 20c 221,177,000 ICT HKlOc 216,654,000 Dragon Land 10c 203,254 COO Eagle Brand Hldqs HK75c 197]986,000 Goldtron 20c 189,060^000 SMS United 10c 186,244'0C0 Amara Hldgs Ltd 182,307!o00
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    • 98 40 MAIN SDO Up Dn Unch Up Dn Unch Multilnd 16 3 0 0 0 0 Manufacturing 82 9 2 34 b 1 Commerce 36 4 18 11 Tpt/Stor/Comms .19 S 12 0 0 Finance 3fe 3 10 0 0 Construction 18 118 0 0 Properties 24 2 0
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    • 769 40 Only one way for STI to go up ROIND-UP ANOTHER hectic vi ik Hea ahead tor tin- Stock market la the clash between pos'tivo and negative facton seems to weigh m favour of the former, market analysts say. Kncou raging manufacturing output data, released at the end of List week
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    • 540 40 ABN AmroßankNV 5 ABSA Bank Limited 6 Agricultural bank Of China 6 ANZ banking Group 6 Allied l-ish Bank PLC 5 American Express Bank 6 Arab BdnrJng Corp 7 Arahßank PLC 5 i Asahi Eank Ltd 6 i San Hrn Lee Bank Bhd 6 Banca Commerciale Italiana
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