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  • 25 1 The StraitsTune^ Established 1845 L nUrSQay April 16, 1998 108 Pages in five parts mita (P) H4/i2«7 MMM A Singapore Press Holdings publication Ul) Cents
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  • 520 1 iinjwrnBWBWMBi Economists say economic crisis will raise percentage of Indonesians living in poverty to 20% of the population JAXARTA Up to 20 million more Indonesians could be forced into poverty by the nation's ravaging economic crisis and they will remain desperately poor for years
    Reuters  -  520 words
  • 8 1 Asean through American eyes LUDWIG ILIO G. CHANDRADAS
  • 345 1  -  EDMUND TEE "SEP A DOCTOR OMUNE FOR MHOR AILMENTS *L THE doctor is in in your home, that is. Come May 1, people will be able to consult their neighbourhood doctor for advice on minor ailments, from their homes, over the high-speed SingaporeOne online network. That
    LIANHE ZAOBAO  -  345 words
  • 207 1 TOKYO— The Industrial Bank of Japan Ltd (IBJ) said yesterday that its chairman and president will not receive any pay for one year, due to the firm's involvement in bribery scandals. The bank's chairman, Mr Yo Kurosawa, and president, Mr Masao
    AFP  -  207 words
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    • 553 2 GIC shares case: HK man charged ACQUITTED: On appeal I Kevin K. W. Lee faces 18 corruption and fraud charges involving $12 million. He is alleged to have offered cash and shares to an ex-GIC official A FORMER managing director of a private investment firm in Hongkong was charged yesterday
      ALPHONSO CHAN  -  553 words
    • 356 2  -  EDMUND TEE By] NOT everyone who tried filing their tax returns over the Internet managed to do so. The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (Iras) said that this was partly because its e-filing system was unable to support the most recent versions of web
      356 words
    • 445 3  -  DANNY LEE &M Taiwan's bourse and financial market were kit first by China's military exercises, said an economic think-tank 1 THE PRICE OF A NEARLY-WAR military exercises and missile tests China held from jjrte 1995 to 1996 to rattle Taiwan cost the island a
      JALEHA HASHIM  -  445 words
    • 257 3 GUARANTEE FOR 3 DESTINATIONS t* SEA-CRUISE operator is ffering would-be passengers a haze-free guarantee, in en effort to forestall a slump In bookings for trips to the Malaysian west coast this year. The blue-skies promise from Star Cruises covers passengers sailing on the ship Star
      257 words
    • 150 3 SINGAPORE'S Mount Everest expedition team and the mountaineering sport received a boost on Saturday when Community Development Minister Abdullah Tarmugi assured the team that the Singapore Sports Council and his ministry were still behind them. He told expedition leader David Lim, 33, over the phone:
      JALEHA HASHIM  -  150 words
    • 146 3 ZURICH A Swiss company has announced it is launching a new drug for dogs, designed to ease their anxiety when parted from their owners. Novartia AG said in a statement that separation anxiety in dogs could lead to excessive barking and destructive behaviour. The
      Reuters  -  146 words
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    • 313 2 INSIDE World. 4,6-11, 13, 16 People 13 East Asia 17, 18 S-EAsia 19,20 Malaysia 21,23 World Focus 25-27 Weather 29 Home 30-32, 34-36 Home Focus... 37, 39 Editorial 40 Forum 42,43 Sports 44-47 Racing 47 Money 50-56 Stocks 50,51 Currency 50 UFE! All Ricky Martin wants is to fall in
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    • 386 4 Never too old to be back in school The quest for knowledge continues at a US college, and as the baby-boomer generation gets older, the demand for such schools is likely to grow NORTHFIELD (Minnesota) As the spring session at the Cannon Valley Elder Collegium began, students made their way
      Washington Post  -  386 words
    • 308 4 OLDEST MAN HEADED FOR SPACE HOUSTON United States President Bill Clinton expects to get a kick out of watching 76-year-old John Glenn "wander around up there" on his new space mission. Senator Glenn, the first American to orbit Earth, gave Mr Clinton a tour on
      Reuters; AFP  -  308 words
    • 206 4 Shuttle's payload of mice and men CAPE CANAVERAL (Florida) Technicians are loading a menagerie of animals aboard the space shuttle Columbia for a mission to study the inner workings of the brain and nervous system. Columbia. U' scheduled to blast off "today on the mission to understand how the body's
      Reuters  -  206 words
    • 256 6 Israel frees long-time Palestine detainee JERUSALEM Israel yesterday released its longestheld Palestinian "administrative detainee", Ahmed Katamesh, who served more than five years in prison without trial, officials said. Katamesh, 45, suspected of being a senior West Bank leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), was released
      AFP  -  256 words
    • 449 6 Interior Ministry sets up a defence committee for bim and mounts an exMbffloQ publicising Ms achievements as mayor of the capital TEHERAN Teheran mayor Gholam-Hossein Karbaschi, arrested 11 days ago on corruption charges, was released from prison yesterday. He was reportedly on his way to
      Reuters; AFP  -  449 words
    • 160 6 France wages $3b war on air pollution PARIS France spends over 10 billion francs (552.7 billion) per year on fighting air pollution which is costing the country more than three times that amount in related health problems. A study published yesterday by the French Environment Institute (Ifen) rhowed that the
      AFP  -  160 words
    • 432 6 UN HUMAN-RIGHTS REPORT ON AFGHANISTAN EPolice :seeps ggbreets empty QfiNEVA Kabul is now a > Vhost town" because people dare not venture onto the streets for fear of being harassed by the Taleban's Muslim religious police, the United Nations Human Rights Commission said here
      AFP  -  432 words
    • 455 7  -  DAVID COHEN By I.VWELLINGTON NZ-SPEAK: The lowdown Chuffed: pleased Dinkum: authentic Flufrv ducks: cheerful, bright, happy, as in a box of fluffy ducks Joker: man Jokester. a joker who tells jokes Get off the grass: come to one's senses Gobstopper: large, circular sweet
      455 words
    • Article, Illustration
      42 7 AFP Garden gnomes in picturesque surroundings lend an otherworldly air to this exhibition ground north-east of Paris. About 300 of the finest examples of the jovial little garden ornaments were gathered there on Tuesday for die first gnome exhibition.
      AFP  -  42 words
      • 34 7 ONE of Italy's most decorated policemen, Francesco Delfino, has been arrested after allegedly pocketing thousands of dollars intended to help secure the release of kidnapped busitini. Reuters
        Reuters  -  34 words
      • 24 7 PAKISTAN plans to introduce a law to promote breast feeding ana to regulate the aggressive marketing of commercial infant food Reuters
        Reuters  -  24 words
      • 33 7 A GRENADE, to be used as evidence in a murder trial, exploded at a police station in Chichawatni, Pakistan, killing the station commander and injuring five. Reuters
        Reuters  -  33 words
      • 35 7 NEPAL'S King Birendra has appointed a threemember Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister-desig-nate Girija Prasad Koirala. The Deputy Prime Minister will be Shailaja Acharya. Economist Ram Sharan Mahat was named Finance Minister. Reuters
        Reuters  -  35 words
      • 36 7 THE number of kidnappings in Colombia rose by 20 per cent in the first three months of this year compared with the same period last year. Marxist rebels committed more than half. Reuters
        Reuters  -  36 words
    • 299 8 WAR ON THE WATERFRONT SYDNEY Two pickets were hurt in another violent dockside clash yesterday. Australian unions, meanwhile, launched a Federal Court challenge to last week's mass sacking of dockers by Patrick Stevedores. One man was taken to hospital with minor injuries after being
      AFP  -  299 words
    • 40 8 REUTERS me «nnn« k,^ 'ufi conomic8 Erik A* 1 h ol<^g up a compact disk -ontaining details of" me spnng Budget in Stockholm on Tuesday. The government presented a cautious Budget, resisting calls for tax cuts.
      REUTERS  -  40 words
    • 134 8 TRAFFICKING of foreign workers into Asian countries which have not been as adversely affected as some of their neighbours will increase as the economic crisis drags on, according to the International Labour Organisation. With shrinking job opportunities at home and growing wage gaps as
      134 words
    • 178 8 WASHINGTON There are 700,000 fewer secretaries on the American business scene than there were 15 years ago, the US Census Bureau has reported, but experts say that may have more to do with the title than the job. In a statement timed to
      Reuters  -  178 words
    • 520 8  - Asian jobless ranks to swell IRENE NGOO REPORTS by ILO cites inadequate policy responses to crisis crippling economies in Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea WORKERS in Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea will face more hardship in the coming months because of inadequate policy responses to the financial crisis crippling their
      520 words
    • 538 9 Government buildings, bridges and banks have been the target of hate groups, but most of these Moody plans have been thwarted by ponce ATLANTA Right-wing plots to derail trains, assassinate public figures and blow-up bridges have increased sharply in the US in
      Reuters  -  538 words
    • 431 9 LICKING THE MILLENNIUM BUG WASHINGTON Not-so-over-the-hill computer experts, rejoice! Uncle Sam wants and will pay you. To prevent US government computers from suffering the world's greatest memory loss at the turn of the century, Uncle Sam will take extraordinary steps to reclaim retired brainpower.
      Washington Post  -  431 words
    • 157 9 WASHINGTON The US government is seeking to slash the air-accident rate over the next 10 years by focusing on one of the most common types of accidents sound planes flown into the ground by confused piAviation regulators unveiled on Tuesday a priority list
      Reuters  -  157 words
    • 350 10 India reverses its brain drain Economic development and improved communications in India make for better prospects and encourage Indians working overseas to return BOMBAY For ifeaay years India watched helplessly as its best scientific and engineering talent- fled the country for better proipects abroad. But rapid electronic communications and career
      Reuters  -  350 words
    • 218 10 HARDWAR (India) Several million Hindu devotees immersed themselves joyfully in the River Ganges on Tuesday as the last Kumbh Mela festival of the century reached its climax. At least six million hymnchanting devotees bathed in the chilly water, many of them going in even before the
      Reuters; REUTERS  -  218 words
    • 249 10 NEW DELHI India's Defence Minister George Fernandes has charged that China was making repeated military incursions into a north-eastern state. He said Chinese troops were "coming and going" into parts of Arunachal Pra- desh and that they had built a helipad in the
      AFP; Reuter  -  249 words
    • 296 11 The Camorra is in a state of anarchy with small-time clan leaders fiahtina for supremacy, unlike the Sicilian Mafia which keeps its members in line THE MAFIA: Rise and fall NAPLES The once all-powerful godfathers of the Camorra, the Neapolitan Maria, are either dead
      AFP  -  296 words
    • 156 11 PALERMO (Sidly) Italian police have arrested a powerful Mafia leader after following his mistress to his hideout, a police source said. Police arrested Vito Vitale, considered to be the Mafia head in the Trapani region of north-west Sicily and a protege ofjafled Sicilian Godfather
      AFP  -  156 words
    • 249 11 NEW YORK -A bandit has robbed 17 nail salons in Manhattan in the last three months. Last week, he provided police with an unusual set of dues his fingernails. The robber is a welldressed man in his 30s, b 1.8 m tall and weighing
      New York Times  -  249 words
    • 345 13 Some 250,000 children are estimated to be involved in wart around the world and Unicef wants to make their enlistment a war crime UNITED NATIONS Uniccf wants to make recruiting children into armies, sending them into combat zones or forcing them into prostitution a war
      345 words
    • PEOPLE
      • 120 13 DONT KID ME, SAYS WIFE MOSCOW When Mr Sergei Kiriyenko was nominated Russian Premier by President Boris Yeltsin, it was so unexpected that, when friends called to congratulate his wife, she thought they were talking about their daughter's birthday. "It was the same day we
        REUTERS  -  120 words
      • 80 13 HA BCBBamC CAB NO REPRIEVE FOR PARAGUAYAN KILLER WASHINGTON A Paraguayan murderer was executed by lethal injection in Virginia on Tuesday, despite calls for a delay to study claims that he was not told he could seek consular aid at the time of his arrest, prison officials said. Angel Francisco
        AFP  -  80 words
      • 50 13 STOCKHOLM -Ms Ulla Nylin-Reinelt, a Swede hV ing in the US hM launched vodka-flavoured meatballs, mixing two very Swedish concepts into a singular taste sensation. The cocktail meatballs, mixed with vodka and ei*£2E£EfS.'JS! wondering what vodka known for being flavour'ess would add to the taste of a meatball. AFP
        AFP  -  50 words
      • 35 13 WELLINGTON Some 3O'°°o New Zealand chUdren voted British author Roald Dahl favourite, naming his book Matilda first on their lists and The BFG second, book sellers Whitcoulte said 13fr
        File  -  35 words
    • 102 13 Venezuela's former President Carlos Andres Perez was placed under house arrest on Tuesday on charges that he and his female companion embezzled state funds. Frinklin Raines, the US' first African-American budget director and White House point man in last year's landmark balanced budget agreement with Congress, has resigned. Disgraced former
      102 words
    • 45 13 Quoteworthy 'It's something I don't think about, let alone worry about. Ifyoustart worrying, then you block wherever that comes from. It's like when I start thinking, I get in my own way/ J -^Singer Edward Van rUleo on his new album tided Van Halen 111
      45 words
    • 104 16 I Drug reactions killing patients CHICAGO Adverse drug reactions appear to be a major cause of death among hospital patients in the United States, a new study reported on Tuesday. Researchers at the University of Toronto, who examined 39 studies, estimated that an average of 106,000 deaths at US hospitals
      Reuters  -  104 words
    • 56 16 AFP A group of schoolchildren get a hands-on history lesson during an excursion to the ancient site of Babylon, near Baghdad, on Saturday. Despite the recent face-off between Iraq and the UN over weapons inspections tourists have been trickling in to visit what is undoubtedly one of
      AFP  -  56 words
    • 352 16 Money medicine sickens US public Efforts by the Clinton administration and Congress to crack down on physician fraud are seen as indicative of a loss of faith in medical ethics PHILADELPHIA The journal of the American College of Physicians has warned that US society is losing confidence in the ability
      Reuters  -  352 words
    • 171 16 WASHINGTON New drug-resistant "superbugs" are certain to poo up soon unless doctors and hospitals crack down on procedures. Careless use of antibiotics and slipshod hygiene are almost certainly responsible for the rise of bacteria that resist the last-defence drugs, methicillin and vancomycin. Health experts gave the
      Reuters  -  171 words
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    • 136 4 E A S T A S I A g^fWBMWMM^pMgg Famine 'Kilted 3 Million' IfIHHH| The famine toll in North Korea since August 1995 is estimated at three million, and counting. page 17 I ii i^^^ra^^ mbi 4 India Reverses Brain Drain HIJKo communications in India have encouraged Iflfl Indians working
      136 words
    • 296 4 No Boy Soldiers, Please Wat. Sights such as this may soon be a thing of the past [^^^|r if Unicef manages to make recruiting of children b-^HK^ into armies a war crime. pace is E3£ '©RIVE AWAY I A LEXUS' DRAW* Will S *xj€SSlli» JES3 UU plus Ericsson handphones with
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    • 28 16 i Today in BeritaHarian Pengayuh basikal tua ragut rantai leher seorang wanita di Tampines. Potongan Emas Mula-mula sektor hartanah, kini kedai emas pula tawar potongan harga untuk tarikpelanggan.
      28 words

    • 459 17 CALL FOR URGENT AID Two million tonnes of food needed this year WASHINGTON Famine has killed about three million North Koreans since August 1995, the head of a South Korean humanitarian organisation and a former Bush administration official have said. To avert further widespread
      Reuters; AFP; REUTERS  -  459 words
    • 71 17 Siew tells minister to stay on TAIPEI Taiwan Premier Vincent Siew has rejected the resignation of popular Justice Minister Liao Cheng-hao. The Premier told Mr Chang You-hui, secre-tary-general of the Cabinet, to return the resignation letter. The China Times reported yesterday that the minister may reconsider. On Monday, Mr liao
      71 words
    • 142 17 MACAU The driver of Macau's security chief was shot dead at point-blank range outside his home yesterday the latest in a series of killings in the Portuguese-administered gambling enclave, police said. Mr Wong Kam Seng, 50, who works for Under-secretary for Security Bngadier Manuel
      Reuters  -  142 words
    • 268 17  - ANA pilots' strike entres 11th day KWAN WENG KIN By JA>A.X CtfMßgife^DliF, dots away MfhrfuarantMd allowance TOKYO A pilots' fttattftbtt All Nippon Airways, Sm 5(bV second-largest airHnfT entered its lit* day today otosr a >. dispute r^H^m^r a new pay hopes will save it one billion yen (Ssl2 million) a
      268 words
    • 118 18 TAIPEI A group of Taiwan negotiators would visit China next week, the first delegation from the island in nearly three years, it was reported yesterday. Taiwan's top negotiator Koo Chen-fu said at the end of a Kuomintang meeting that Mr Chan Chihhung was to
      AFP; Reuters  -  118 words
    • Article, Illustration
      53 18 REUTERS Kidering whether to make a dive fiijr t> i Taipei women stop in front of a road rnoon thunderstorm which inun <tj Mymg areas. The downpour on Monday saw 1 14 mm of rain die second-hi^es^dij^i^^ril rain in the past 100 years and forced Taiwan's domestic airports
      REUTERS  -  53 words
    • 375 18 CMsfl Extorthre Tna pMfes fovt vM inpravt sysMi for sMaitorinf °T? WW^* mVwmKm tyaralH to fisVtaMttrbk HONGKONO Hongkong's CyrfßwtuUve Tung Cbee Hwa j dimly visited fish farms devastated by a toxic red tide amid further warning for the public not to eat affected
      AFP; Reuters  -  375 words
    • 190 18 HONGKONG The Chinese army is considering rezoning its seven military areas into five "war-zone regions" in a major shake-up of the top command. The five regions of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) would comprise Nanjing, Guangzhou, Jinan, Shenyang and Chengdu. The two
      AFP  -  190 words
      • 48 18 LANDMARK HOTEL MAY MOVE THE Mandarin Oriental Hotel might give up its flagship 35-year-old building in Central for a site on newlyreclaimed land in front of the Hongkong Stock Exchange, said Mandarin Oriental International managing director Robert Riley. Moving the Mandarin would free up the prime site. BLOOMBERG
        BLOOMBERG  -  48 words
      • 52 18 6,300 CHILDREN IN IODINE POISOINING ABOUT 6,300 children in western China have been poisoned by iodine supplements which were issued despite an earlier ban. The children, all attending schools in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province, fell ill when the tablets were issued to 70,000 schoolchildren, the Guangming Daily reported
        AFP  -  52 words
      • 41 18 CHINA would extend a onevear ban on the use of farmland for non-agrfeultural projects such as real-estate development to protect dwindling arable land, the China Daily said yesterday. The move was first introduced in April last year. AFP
        AFP  -  41 words
      • 51 18 A PROTEGE of Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji has been made a Vice-Minister of Finance, according to the official Xinhua news agency. Former Vice-Governor of Guizhou Lou Jiwei has been credited with bringing Hongkong and foreign investment to the province of Guizhou, said the South China Morning
        51 words
      • 47 18 AN 81-YEAR-OLD man was given a suspended eight-month jail term yesterday for taking bribes worth thousands of dollars to help a businessman join the Hongkong Jockey dub. Abdulla Tyeb Chiba, an honorary voting member of the club, was also fined HK520,000(554,182). AFP
        AFP  -  47 words
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    • 44 18 MBBBBBMMMMMMM— I eß^' jM Bmßßbu. Bbfll I H^iis» '^9 bbbVß "Jb^o^Rl bTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbTbBHMw --^h B^ Bff BhBT '^v?j BB- KT BBKA. K> V'-. dfl v WW< J .^B^B^B^B^B^BTBBiBHm^^^ BF^BBcIbI BHhl^^^^-V'' bfVb^i b^bTbb B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^^B^B^B^^BH^S^^k^ I Hi' jbl bM BIBi^BwI Hit^ r" B^************^*BBB^^H BBBP^^BBBBBBBIbWJBEwBBbBbBbBbBbbI Bbßb^^ flTf^ I
      44 words

    • 246 19 BANGKOK Car crashes which have already killed 70 people on Thai roads this Buddhist New Year holiday are expected to result in more fatalities as Bangkok residents return en masse from the provinces, police said. The death toll this year is sharply higher
      AFP; REUTERS  -  246 words
    • 93 19 HANOI A four-point programme will be used by the Vietnamese Interior Ministry to fight crimes against children. The campaign will focus on murder, assault and sexual assault, as well as child prostitution and drug abuse among children, both of which nave seen an alarm- ing rise in
      AFP  -  93 words
    • 324 19 Ramos backtracks on timber exports President reverses decision to allow Philippine hardwood exports this year following environmentalist outcry MANILA Philippine President Fidel Ramos reimposed a ban on lumber exports abruptly yesterday, following an outcry over an earlier decision to lift it The government said earlier this week that it would
      AFP  -  324 words
    • 358 20 Former Khmer Rouge chief will accept the group's decision to hand him over to an international tribunal, says Far Eastern Economic Review HONGKONG Former Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot, mastermind of Cambodia's "Killing Fields" regime, has agreed to be tried by an international court,
      Reuters; AFP  -  358 words
    • 260 20 RALLIES CONTINUE IN JAKARTA JAKARTA Hundreds of students gathered at rallies at Jakarta universities yesterday to press their case for urgent political and economic reforms to deal with Indonesia's financial crisis. At the state-run Indonesia University (UI), at least 700 students from several universities joined for
      AFP  -  260 words
      • 91 20 EXTRADITION proceedings against fugitive banker Rakesh Saxena were adjourned in Vancouver on Tuesday until next week to give his lawyers time to sift through new evidence from Thailand. The British Columbia Supreme Court granted the adjournment at the request of Saxena's lawyers who are trying to
        AFP  -  91 words
      • 50 20 THE Philippine coast guard was formally transferred yesterday from the control of the Philippine Navy to the civilian Department of Transportation and Communications. President Fidel Ramos said the transfer was carried out to help facilitate the wider transport of goods in this archipelagic nation. AFP
        AFP  -  50 words
      • 89 20 JAKARTA loses at least 4.8 billion rupiah (Ssl.3 million) in potential parking revenue each month because of the critical shortage of authorised parking areas, a city councillor was quoted as saying in The Jakarta Post yesterday. He said the funds usually ended up
        89 words
      • 77 20 SOUTHERN PHILIPINE VILLAGE RAIDED THREE people were killed near the town of Tacurong in the southern Philippines yesterday when separatist guerillas raided a remote Muslim village and set a mosque and several houses on fire, police said. They said about 30 gunmen from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front stormed the
        AFP  -  77 words
      • 74 20 AIRPORT BAN ON MOBILE PHINES THE head of the Philippines' immigration bureau said yesterday that his men would henceforth be banned from using mobile phones at Manila's airport to deter them from abetting human smuggling. Immigration Commissioner Homobono Adaza told reporters that mobile phones, pagers and handheld radios would not
        AFP  -  74 words
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    • 307 20 I^l to cnan s e your life I W^ fl V The LifeßookV 700 Series is designed to l V fl make your day-to-day notebook fl V m, HB^fl experience personal and productive. W fi A J\ -J'^^^^^^^^^^^V Offering powerful technology in a flexible M K ''^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B <**d expandable design
      307 words
    • 35 20 I BURMESE TEAK ■ONG-STRIP FLOORING Termites and Insects Free Hard, Durable Superior Resistant to water, fire acid Easy Maintenance Office Showroom: SINGAPORE U.RI. CO PTE LTD tTownshend Road Tel: 291 I*o/ 297 4241 Fax?297 4240
      35 words

    • 249 21 MALAYSIA'S WATER PROBLEM Move to ensure continuous water supply JOHOR BARU Eleven more dams will be built in Johor over the next five years to ensure a continuous supply of water for the state and for distribution to other states. "Our
      New Straits Times  -  249 words
    • 62 21 NEW STRAITS TIMES Three security guards (two shown above with their faces masked) were detained by Home Ministry enforcement officers on Tuesday for having the wrong firearms licence^ Not only that, they were armed with guns which were licensed for use only in farms and orchards while
      NEW STRAITS TIMES  -  62 words
    • 457 21 Government to start food aid today to drought-bit areas, though the situation is not seen as critical. In KL, residents prepare for water rationing KUALA LUMPUR The East Malaysian state of Sabah yesterday promised food aid to hungry villagers in drought-stricken areas as
      Reuters; Bernama  -  457 words
    • 221 21  -  IGNATIUS STEPHEN Byl IN BANDAR SKRI BKCAWAN THE haze situation over the Brunei capita] improved slightly yesterday morning as officials disclosed that a Malaysian military aircraft would soon begin cloudseeding operations over drought-stricken areas of the sultanate. The slight clearing of the
      221 words
    • 108 21 BERN The Swiss embassy in Kuala Lumpur had to seek police help against 14 Indonesian refugees last week because they used force and did not ask for asylum, the Swiss Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday. Answering criticism by the United Nations High Conimisssioner for Refugees of
      AFP  -  108 words
    • 208 23 KUALA LUMPUR Actress Norliana Sulaiman has been jailed for two years for giving false evidence in a sex-for-hire case. She was jailed for one year for giving false evidence before judge Zura Yahya on Feb 6, 1996, in the trial of production house
      NEW STRAITS TIMES  -  208 words
    • 376 23 Poor demand for chicken and Jtifh cost of supplies have forced many farmers to halt production FOWL: Few takers OH MARCH 2, tIM ftvtremefrtftUmtfMincrttttta tkt prict tf cMckM te tffitt ristaf costs. Tbtarktcf ffarai cMckta «m ptffMl at 45 sm. But farMtrs say they co«rid
      376 words
    • 152 23 ItUALA LUMPUR Local authorities were yesterday directed to sign quickly interim agreements with the companies that have been appointed to manage solid waste throughout the country. The Housing and Local Government Minister, Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh, said this was to ensure that the privatisation
      Bernama  -  152 words
      • 57 23 A BUTTERWORTH Sessions Court judge, charged with three counts of using criminal. force on a man with intent to outrage his modesty in the court on March 24, was produced in the High Court on Monday. Rungit Singh, 42, pleaded not guilty to all
        57 words
      • 50 23 MALAYSIA'S NEW MAN IN THE ON DATUK Hasmy Agam has been appointed Malaysia's new Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, succeeding Tan Sri Razali Ismail, the Foreign Ministry announced yesterday. Mr Hasmy, 54, has served as alternate Permanent Representative to the UN since July 6, 1996. Bernama
        Bernama  -  50 words
      • 57 23 BOOST FOR PROPERTY SECTOR THE Joho: state government will speed up the approval of building plans tor developers who want to convert their proposed projects to cheaper housing types. Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said this was a move by the state to spur growth within the property and
        57 words
      • 45 23 WIFE HIT ME, SAYS MAN, 60 A 60-YEAR-OLD man has lodged a report against his wire for allegedly assaulting him with a plastic scoop on Sunday. Seremban district police chief, Assistant Commissioner Mak Chee Onn confinned that police were investigating the case. New Straits Times
        New Straits Times  -  45 words
      • 39 23 BANKRUPTCY SIDER ON HOLD THE Huh Court here yesterday allowed an appeal by president of the Olympic Council of Malaysia Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah to set aside a bankruptcy order against him on March 3. the decision. Bernama
        Bernama  -  39 words
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    • 254 21 B^b^Bm^^l ap^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^** pas^ BaaaaaaaaaaWK*^ Saaaal aW^a^ BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBa«aaVQraBBBSk[ BaV^^ aaBBBBBBBBBBBBaw. BBV'aal j aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaVP: &f aaaaaaaaaC_ A B:% s^al Sttt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam^ m 1 Ife.J H I'-W^ Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa^^aaaaaa^P^ tsF l^eal Baal Bm^~^^^^^^^^2 BBB^eaa e R»PJ^^^^^^^^^^'aPaaaaKa^^^^^^^^2 bbb^mHb^i^i^^^ii^^^.^ m aaal b^^ I^^^^^^HPfl^^^^^^^^^E lii^^BaaaaaßP^ .S^^^^^^^^^^^m Guy Laroche, Andre Michel, I^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f Bfeßu^Bl Aiookl t^ftlmor 4b «alcyoi Pmim
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    • 247 22 I Schroder I INTERNATIONAL BALANCED GROWTH FUND I I IT'S PART INCOME I I YIELDING SECURITIES I The Schroder International Growth Fund offers Fixed Price Offer Schrmdmn Cumtmmmr Hmlp Unm 534 4288 I just what the name says: a balance. You enjoy potential high Apply before April 30 and take
      247 words

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    • 790 23 Swiss since 1948 mi iiH^iH fe la n i II M^_MJ H l^l ■ffl I ■JHHHHHJHjpHHHHHHHHHHHB \M IH7 JH BBHHHHk^^^^HHHHHHHHHHHHHHj ■Vhh ADVERTORIAL BABY'S FIRST FEW DAYS PAMPER HER WITH LOVE fe^j EXPERT ADVICE ON BABY CARE BMa=tfg Pampers presents a weekly four-part series on how to care for the health
      790 words

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    • 830 24 iijUyM^^H Anniversary H^^^BH^H^^^^^^^^^^^^H we take the opportunity to thank all our customers I for their support and our staff for their dedication. I 1997 was a year of reckoning for many businesses. In the midst IH^I^IUHI I of the regional turmoil, some collapsed while others developed I n^he markets. For
      830 words

    • 591 25  -  NIRMAL GHOSH Reports by PHILIPPINES CPU RESPONDENT Former senior Philippine government officials shock international seminar on graft in Asia with poor assessment of current administration PMMSOITHE FKT YEAI Of US NESMKYIIttTM ■MUSENHKNG FBI TO JAL THAT NiswriumD.' -MrMalouMaiwahMof The Manila Times MANILA -At a
      591 words
    • 539 25 AMBASSADOR SPEAKS OUT Newly-appointed Japanese Ambassvdorto Singapore Hitvshi < HashWpto rebuffed criticism that Japan failed to provide leadership duringthe Asian economic crisis. WUROMUI relays his deferux delivered at his press conference on Tuesday. I am not sure what they mean by
      539 words
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    • 236 25 The Great Darwin Escape I •'E""'""" i jt J a»a^^^^^a« m^^ ■r^^^^^^^^^^^aa^a^^^^^^^a^^™ I av*T^^BP*ar Si TK^^. aa mT^" ifcafaSWV tf*' I V "^V i >i l ll^ >^*^'<SSJ^aaWi^**^ lia *W^ .^> '^^^^'H a^ aMaHMaaaWaaaw t Holidays for people who go their own way from only $858. The Great Darwin Escape
      236 words

      • 26 26 HOW ARE THE AFFECTED ASIAN COUNTRIES COPING WITH THE FINANCIAL CRISIS? M«KnniMIWI1VU»HSNnMDNTMB«TKMa Indonesia: •wi nu mi i mam ma m no m mokm nun iwds MIlBIBIMiMRIWnyinillSJmiRIHBIN.'
        26 words
      • 1259 26  -  IRENE NGOO REPORTS by Survey shows they fear losing their fibs but at the same time are seeded about usn^iheirtaxd(Mantobc^ Asian economies IK NTUIHES Tim IT PMC MMSTQ SBN aiW TBNC ME STUMND. HEY CONTMIIE TO DEMONSTRATE THE SPECIAL JUS MPORTJUIT IM£ PLAYED IY
        G. CHANDRADAS  -  1,259 words
      • 281 26 POLL ON U.S. ATTITUDES TO ASIA AMERICANS are warming to China and many see it as becoming more of a friend. In a survey, commissioned by seasoned Asia hand and professor Alfred Balitzcr, half of the 1,500 polled want the United States
        281 words
      • 71 27  -  Graphic! by C. CHANDRADAS Tail by IRENE NGOO am m» mm a^m m^kmm m^^ KIIIIOUYFT Singapore and Taiwan: TjjEM^flBiriWIffWWgJMWMSWITT^BTtyiWITIW vv I^^P^w H^^MBV NHH BB Hv^WI^^P HBJHVwb MHwI IMF HIHHDHHL HHBu SHMWk flv ■HHIL MOT GGOTHB MU MK H BBcT MHiiaiiiiiiVttMynf Commtnts by Or Alfred BaHteer,
        71 words
      • 745 27 N ALFRED BALITZER: A love affair with Asia DR ALFRED Balitzer's "love affair" with Asia started in 1984 wheif then US President Ronald Reagan despatched him to Brunei as a special ambassador. A professor of government studies at the Claremont McKenna College
        745 words
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    • 138 26 Sea Horse 64% OF A UABCF PS Sea Horse Mattress IsSl Sag (Passed MVSS 302 UK Rome K' fe&PO Retardant Standard). No.n Seller in Hon? Kon? For <p Consecutive Years tt£ Simmons 5% Ulfendo 5% HV ■■■F Sweet Orecyn 3% K/ng Kail 3% ,oo m wkhhf wmm 1997 Share of
      138 words

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    • 74 27 MIR HI B 1 HUbV B^Hb^Bl I pHHHHpHMHj M *************************8 Bl h^B BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBb Bl BDB BmUBBSBBBB Bl^^l I BJB^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^BJ A Blß^Knß B?^^^Bl I |H^ N H^^^^H vW£)/5 /5 a NONPROFIT professional institute With a tradition in training and education. £L T^ MI "W" Main Centre: 2 Bukit Merah Central, PSB
      74 words
    • 461 27 TMTM^^^■■-S-T^^M^^^M^^a^s^s^s^s^sM^s^sjamMMMfm^sja^s^s^a^s^s^s^s^si. h r JSJT '"mM ,^t ll RBI HEWLETT* L fc \S $WsBis '^^wWS^%, h I WOSM PACKARD I nowT™^"" EH# never-seen-fftp^f" fim before W^* prices. i f\ A HP DeskJet 470C \\J I HP DeskJet 670C <^ I^^. I I] now comes with l^fe^^^^^ m: 111 rKU CD-ROn I^*^
      461 words

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    • 939 28 I aucompuhr a^BB a fl a H f H fpf b^b»^7l i r*^^j l I iv^Jii T^m tPmfwW^idiilWmLi IN L^flKji?! l^TFHTf^l MLm AT LESS I .F^J^^^VrJl 21%OFFil I s^^?9l^c l c l r!s^^ >^Blk jbl esc 200 miw hi-fi $«oO00 I I Hibb\J lj 3^ (TiTpaa iiifr i IF toyomi
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    • 263 29 JAHAN *X]~^ g introducing an I investment \Mt opportunity g_¥ that's well within your reach. BbW With easy monthly contributions into our Personal Investment Plan, everyone can now afford to invest. What is Personal Investment Plan? m mf on Persor^lr^^rr^tPlan.PlPisanirTncjvatrveriew^^^ This evaluation process helps you to identify tr« appropriarte inv^stmem
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    • 152 29 M. m u ™V wW MZl^m M MM M% g\ y^lyfl l/j^ local sfcowtrioitr MKmUWCH Mt "Y "V !25 WTlOOIt Slight to modfratt han and Ini^^n V Xf^St ~^-^*£&jff& K^m S «mi...™"«» S2 J2wi m SS I ISm > JRg£* 2? r tocaNsad afternoon ihomn can bt XA^V l1M '4lrVyi
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    • Article, Illustration
      429 30  -  ELAINE HO *L FIND THIS TNlSllMitttKkMtfct iMr«lNarißtcl[ tsttttt ai ttrm if rliMtoiiiaadfcyilm. ENVtfflctrstotlMtfat ■•w caaiiM IaJWISf tttfit^rafriiUnrtMi •rtyaritiM areas wtrt. T^atetmiUrisi^fMd feyptM aracticts aMI tkt aarataallifflaaaßiatlfcaiaf Taa aaUtts ware ajvaa scares far avary criteria, ■wdwirtHMHlNitaVt aa tvaral rasalL Thasa wMck scared 85 aar caat ar aMre vare ajvaa aa
      JEROME MING  -  429 words
    • 326 30  -  TAN YILIN COMPASS ROSE GETS AN 'A' *L EVERY month or so, a microbiologist appears in the kitchen of tne Compass Rose restaurant at Westin Stamford Hotel. His job: To check on the cleanliness of the restaurant's food and food preparation techniques. He also takes
      326 words
    • 89 31 How many times have you gone to the movies and seen technology that you pooh-poohed as movie magic? This is one of the real-life examples on display at the aviation security conference and exhibition. Passing off as someone else with a stolen security pass will become
      STEPHANIE YEOW  -  89 words
    • 33 31 fcgen JT 0 counterfeiters will have a difficult time passing their works of art through this. Bom an infra-red detector and a video microscope, it can pick up invisible security patterns.
      33 words
    • Article, Illustration
      67 31 If only Sandra Bullock had swept her bus clean witn this detector. The Itemiser detects particles that drugs and explosives leave. The suspect object is swept with a paper filter by hand or a hand vacuum, and the sample is analysed and identified within five seconds. A more portable
      67 words
    • Article, Illustration
      60 31 Do not try stuffing any naughty VCDs into your trousers Defore you pass Customs. It may have had the Rapiscan Secure 1000 installed. This body scanner will Chow up foreign objects keys, guns, drugs Or unusually large amounts of money when jou stand in front of an X-ray-like
      60 words
      • 287 31  -  DAVID MILLER KOH BOON PIN Revorisby and Many airlines now carry handcuff s on board to deal with the orowhig number of passengers who misbehave IT IS not an in-flight service they care to advertise but many airlines now carry handcuffs and similar restraints on board
        287 words
      • 97 31 SIA: In one case, a depressed passenger broke a bottle of alcohol and started waving the broken bottle about in the cabin. But the man, who had cut himself in the process, was disarmed without anyone being hurt. Cathay Pacific: The most dangerous case in recent
        97 words
    • 293 32  -  J ALEHA HASHIM EDMUND TEE Crapklci by TeU by Now that the deadline for posting your tax returns is over, electronic-filing is the only way left if you want to avoid paying up to $1,000 in fines because the deadline has been extended
      293 words
    • 440 32 The issue of whether it is ethical for doctors to guarantee profits will be discussed in Parliament on Monday FOUR doctors who guaranteed the Sesdaq-listed company AsiaMatrix certain profits when it agreed to buy stakes in their practices have sparked off a debate on whether such
      440 words
    • 266 34  - Low allegedly made false declaration LIM SENG JIN FORMER SDP MEMBER ON TRIAL *L A SRI Lankan businessman said yesterday that a veteran Singapore opposition politician had suggested that he get hold of a forged university degree to make it easier for him get an employment pass here. Markus Don
      266 words
    • 67 34 that was how Ms Hanis (above) described the action which took two years. She is shown holding copies of the lookalike ad on the right and the photograph for the Aids awareness campaign. The defence oTMs Urn (right) was that she had commissioned a roadside artist to
      THE NEW PAPER; STEril AS IE TCO  -  67 words
    • 497 34  -  ELENA CHONG *L Former international model Hanis won a suit against a social escort agency owner for using her picture in an ad THE High Court awarded former international model Hanis Saini Hussey $30,000 damages and costs in her defamation suit against the owner of a social
      497 words
    • 216 34 JOINT action by the Police Coast Guard (PCG) and the Royal Malaysian Marine Police (RMMP) led to the arrest of two suspected Indonesian illegal immigrants on Sunday. A Singapore police statement said that at about 10.40 am that day, the RMMP alerted the PCG's operations room
      216 words
      317 words
    • 307 35 Sinda to get new CEO The new man at the helm, the first not seconded from the Civil Service, plans to reach out to more Indian troops THE Singapore Indian Development Association (Sinda), the Indian community's self-help group, will have new chief executive officer next month. Mr S. Vivakanandan, 35,
      307 words
    • 326 35  -  JASBIR SINGH *L AN ELDERLY couple were forced to move in with friends after their pre-war bungalow house was destroyed by fire, said their daughter-in-law yesterday. The single-storey house along Bassein Road, off Balestier Road, was reduced to its skeletal structure in less than 15 minutes
      REUTER  -  326 words
    • 433 35 S220M FACILITY WILL PROCESS WATER, WASTE Newisland's utility will ease the pressure on potable water resources here THE new Jurong island being reclaimed will come with a $220-million facility to treat industrial water and hazardous wastes, and provide all the industrial water the island
      433 words
    • 212 36 SINGLES appear to be less sympathetic towards Mick Son. Twenty-four people, most of them singles aged between 22 and 40, said he deserved to be slapped for misbehaving in the bookstore. Several noted that Mick's response to being slapped making a face and sticking out his tongue
      212 words
    • 568 36 Slapping boy is out, but. IE IS IK mil AM H SDMI HAVE KEN ABU TO CMfTIOI HtS EMOTIONS EVEN ffTMCNUCNUNiT.' Mr. Christine Ho, 40, a koosewif e, who said the man cxmld have resorted to other measure*, rack as informing tn« store manager. The Straits Times Newsline was overwhelmed
      568 words
    • 52 36 LIMTECKPENC Children playing in Centrepoint I Shopping Centre while their parents went about their business of shopping. Although most parents agree that children should behave better, they also prefer that disciplining children be left to them. They also suggested using other measures, such as informing the
      LIM TECK PENG  -  52 words
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    • 354 30 I J Reader s respond hhhhhhhhhhl Pesky Air Passengers ShD Victory For Hanis ITo Slap Or Not To Slap? |^H Alcohol and the smoking ban are causing tM BT Former model Hanis Saini Hussey gets I This boy should not have been slaDDed said DFVI headaches for airlines. Many now
      354 words

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    • 390 31 I M I TsJoOOITA^PORTABLE mmtKBM h Air-Conditioner Will b i l^tMmH I Cool your hall Of Up b 1 I To sO So Ft Usinc Only i >*#MBm I 13 amp Power Supply i I v J^bVom I' (Mlmoia fl&nmZD astaotttaei bi 19ji| wHa ever riSafffftl 2 46mrso(oitoriooco, UnrooiN Ilio
      390 words
    • 86 31 EQU3L. Sweet freedom. Hi! B^TM The freedom to enjoy sweetness without all the calories. Nothing should come between you and the pleasure of having coffee, tea or desserts with your friends. Since Equal has only one-eighth the calories of sugar, you don't have to worry about anything except having a
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    • 1140 32 2202 Tiling ajßjßjajHHajajHajyniKßn^ "■^^T^^l ParUclpants are taught the various Ullng skills using ceramic and mosaic H "i ll| I 1 "tes jo wall, floor, column, skirting and staircase: using the wet and dry 21 04 Installation of Structural Support for Air-con I W meU)Ods Condanalng Unlta VA V 2203 Bricklaying
      1,140 words
    • 122 32 Now! You can rediscover the vitality of your Youth! Do not let age and stress get you down. With New EXSATIVA, you will feel Younger... Longer! Energy peaks in our 20's and then declines in our 40's to 50V However, modem living may accelerate this process and make you feel
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    • 883 33 ;A|T MBBBiI B VC W)/™ m S(noked J^blß fInBBBBr S 1 49 F UUi 1 ruu KLiJ^- r B^ >^^ Turkey BreOSt 1 OOg BB^vBBjBB BmBBBbBBBBBIBbI rl Iy 191 I JvlX rBNJI I UUO i jKinWSS^ B^B^^ B|B/ ,papfßßißßnWglßPpßlß]lf j ■Vff 1 I Only valid on 17/4/98 CIQQ B^^ Fl\\%^|^|
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    • 729 34 8 ©DBSBANK I I THE DEVELOPMENT BANK OF SINGAPORE LTD I I (Incorporated in the Republic of Singapore) I 111 NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING I I Tot All Shareholders 1 1 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Thirtieth Annual General Meeting of the i Shareholders of the Company will
      729 words
    • 486 34 I ODBSBANK I THE DEVELOPMENT BANK OF SINGAPORE UD I Ifi (Incorporated in the Republic of Singapore) I I Nona or extraordinary general meeting I 111 NOT CE IS HEREBY aW N lhat an Extraordinary General Meeting of The I HI Development Bank of Singapore Ltd (the "Company') will be
      486 words

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    • 280 35 I •HuSfwrf^T^^T^^ffif I BIV UMinrMMHar BbV I I MtnEl Tina Arena I i?**M IncliidcAyour I m^^^^ m I l^adahCareytl LerAONalcopyof J ill I llmbrugliai STYI F> I 9 HR I Fame M r I m B\\\ I MBB Awards^ H I B\\\ I MMMrV GMck what we really think WMI
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    • 275 36 Why adults are irritated tatfctMftT "ItisacomiiKmsigjKttDseechiklrenclimbingonthe vertk^pc4esaiKlswmgir^nx)mthebj^iai&l^ crtoipanzeesscreainingatmetopoftheirlungior running from cabin to cabin."— Mr Kevin Won& an accountant in bis mid-305. Tlrae children run around the restaurants with their food, knock into chairs, and spill thdr food on the floor and are basically disruptive. But their parents let them do
      275 words
    • 219 36 ss GUHCaTI I THII^K OF YOURSELF AS 1 I A CORPORATE ATHLETE I 3 Now here'* where you get the winning edge. 3Z 25 Postgraduate studies |)C^l of the tBachin 0 statt S 2 Curtin V\^Bl wU< be ln S'"^ 00^ S sjj Business School can Kfl or an nformat
      219 words

    • 450 37 SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY B,j JASON LEO W There are more than 500 sites on the Chinese Internet, which are all linked to the Speak Mandarin web site TJ" AW pupil Oliver for choice when I jhe wants infor■JlLa^^mation on things Chinese on the Internet. He
      ALAN LIM  -  450 words
    • 493 37 Speak Mandarin website offers more CHINESE INTERNET SITES f «JH£ Speak Man- darin Campaign I website was I launched in 1996, -JL. when the campaign went into cyberspace. The site, at has grown, and gone interThe latest facility allows visitors to type in Chinese words to find out how
      493 words
    • 735 39 Hokkien immigrants, out of gratitude, built a temple to honour her. Now, 150 years later, their descendants plan to restore Taoist goddess Ma Zu s home to its former glory. KM CHEN reports. TM MB DECAY HAVE HMD HE TCMPIE'S BEAVfY, NT ELEMENTS IF lIS ommisoimaN
      LAU FOOK KONG  -  735 words
    • 456 39 THIAN Hock Keng Temple was built in 1842. However, records show that a shrine already stood on the site, on the beach where Telok Ayer Street is today, as early as 1821. The temple, built by early Fujian (Hokkien) immigrants who were grateful to the
      456 words
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    • 250 38 I I a^H b^^blb^ II Vbb^9 b»^^bl bbH VbbL AWbb^LblbbV R J II A I A A B^BB^Ll «m«m Bai^H.^i^A. I IJ I B^BB^BB^BB^BBa BB^H B^bH HBJ I i BHHHHHB Blj f ff^^^H I BB^BB^H GET INTO THE ACT Vote for your favourite ads LMIIK EWTiTT¥ T TtTTaM I H
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    • 306 39 I PJJI University of South Australia I \jf "Ranked Among Australia's Best Universities" I PhD H DBA Doctor of Philosophy In WBSBmm Doctor of Business Business Management iMcHf/Wlißtfi Administration sth Intake June '98 ftfjltoifiS* 2nd Intake July '98 Min 3 years* 100% in Singapore 7.00 pw Min 2 '2 years
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    • 456 39 Using only 65 litres of water per cycle, a Ka^^^CA^^^^L^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l Bosch washing machine offers one of the lowest water consumption rates around. Illil i^a^r§TX^iH^S»^^^^l^^r^H l^^^^a I l^^^^^l All I a^^^H S des '9 necl w th smart features: an auto Bfl loa<^ detection system that knows exactly how much water
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  • The Straits Times
    • 583 40 Grades of hygiene THE Environment Ministry's scheme to grade eating establishments in terms of hygiene is an eminently healthy one. According to the programme, which comes into effect next month, they will have to display badges ranging from A for excellent to D for below average. That stringent criteria were
      583 words
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    1 40
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    • 1171 40  -  BRENDAN PEREIRA *L In KUALA LUMPUR SERDANG Member of Parliament Datuk Yap Pian Hon has been facing the firing squad every day for the past fortnight Step out of his office and his constituents pounce on him, wanting to know when regular water
      1,171 words
    • 1062 41  -  PANG GEK CHOP *L Is this not a case of killing the chicken to frighten the monkey or executing one to warn a hundred? 9 Reader Chen Aiqing on publicising bond-breakers. READERS of Lianhe Zaobao were just as preoccupied with the issue of bondbreaking among
      TIEN CHUNG PING  -  1,062 words
    • 417 41 'If parents do not bother about their eyesight, and spend long hours in front of the television or computer and read in bed. how can we teach children to care for their eyes Header Ning Xin IF YOU put a group of children of different countries
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    • 112 40 A// /term cos/) N carry Uli^ One year warranty i™ with ski v **J2Lf»g» With electronic meter INFRAED Mw H *-> Bj^gg up $288 TWIST STEPPER ||pGYM96 875C TRIPLE oecucic 4MM^ AY ZX ACTION BIKE >i^ ■> IHffH IJmXCIt "^W With electronic meter «C( UP $297 tf MilSSli AS UP
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    • 163 41 Change is constant. With our help people keep up. ill Ilul litti u II 11 sail lib* U ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■^■■Mfl^^^Ss M__Jff 1L...A1 IL: Ml I |te > _jB j^E l i■■ t! m* mBT willv if BK yfl j B il/ J ■■■■W. .^Laaa Hbk H^r LaaaßkcJ ■■■e^'^'^Lil Sbv- Do your
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    • 109 41 Get there first!! HJBBBjBjBBBBj BJBBBJP^ >^2b^^^BJ Br Bißiß^B^Bßlßi S^^^^^P^^^kl F^^B^^b^^P^Bl B^^^^^^_^^^2#9 I B|MM|^^^H I BBB^sd^^^Bß B^B^.^^^^^^^^Bl B^^^^si^2Bs^^^ I B^B^B^B^B^hl B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^BH i^^^^JJß^B^B w»«mf lin i Hn'ipi wMwiWTr ii iiiM Hit^^^ PHI ■^L^H II 111 I ■^^•^P^^^'^T^. .^B^BH B^BM* V^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^BH I I I r, W _-W_ -^maaM- fc. j— jJ J^BB^BP B^Bik_b-
      109 words

    • 158 42 In bad times, buyers beware Your article Too little too late" (ST, April 14) was timely. With the current economic recession, even highly reputable developers are putting their projects on hold. Buyers are also kept in the dark. I am one of the buyers of the project mentioned in the
      158 words
    • 157 42 •^T "W" -TE REFER to m #m /Mr Sebastian \l\l Tng's letter V W (ST. April") V in which he queried whether the crash tests for in-vehicle units (lUs) carried out in Japan were conducted with both tempered glass and laminated glass windscreens. We would
      157 words
    • 18 42 LMriMtrtflass: Wtatenn cridwC bit IU TraHTttf flats: IU COHapSMi WtTR WNMSCf C#H MR Ml Mt fwnf Odt.
      18 words
    • 113 42 1 WOULD like to thank Mr Sebastian Tng for his comments in "Legislation for laminated glass windscreens?" (ST, April 11). International research has shown that both laminated and tempered glass is safe to use. In Singapore, we allow the use of both laminated glass as well
      113 words
    • 192 42 IKbhiiK to the recent public concern over the m-vehicle units (Ills) dislodging and hurting the driver while driving (ST, April 4 and 6). We would like to further assure the public that the lUs have been installed using 3M's technology 3M Very High Bond
      192 words
    • 205 42 Doting parents have raised naughty kids YOUR report "When noisy kids ruin calm in public places" (ST, April 9) and recent articles concerning gangsterism in schools have something in common. It is a result of both parents working and children left in the care of maids. With smaller families of
      205 words
    • 153 42 Act against water wasters I REFER to the letter by Mrs Choo Wai Chan "Lack of water catchment hampers ideas" (ST, April 14). I agree with her that public education remains the mainstay of our water conservation plan. No matter what scheme we utilise for storage purposes, the bottom line
      153 words
    • 279 43 Why not screen movies for foreign workers? 1 HAVE followed with great interest the recent saga about Filipino maids being barred from congregating at Lucky Plaza for various reasons. It is not my intention to decide who is in the right or wrong. Rather, I would like to point out
      279 words
    • 174 43 IHAVE been asked to explain what I meant when I wrote that in Singapore, there is no pressing need to fight for sexual equality. I meant that women have equal opportunities, equal political rights, equal legal rights, and equality in allthe areas that count A woman
      174 words
    • 374 43 Everyone should fight for his rights THE article "Sexual inequality still alive" by Ms Jacqueline Zhang Jing Yin (ST, April 15) is amusing. It is obvious that the writer did not consider several facts and points before attempting to enlighten us on the flaws of Mr George Wong's letter. I
      374 words
    • 498 43 I REFER to Nets' comments in the letter titled "More CashCard uses" (ST, April 15). As the policy towards a cashless society is a national one, Nets quite obviously has a major role to play. The transition from cash to cashless has to be smooth
      498 words
    • 151 43 REGARDING the recent exchange over "sensationalist journalism" perpetrated by the US media, I would like to give an American perspective. In America, the country is the property of its citizens. With or without Mr Bill Clinton, we will move forward. The US government is a
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      • 72 44 WORLD CUP security plans were mired in confusion on Tuesday after French officials, contradicting their British colleagues, invited fans without tickets to visit France during the tournament and "join in the party". The invitation by French Tourism Minister Michelle Demessine sparked an angry response from
        72 words
      • 82 44 SAMPSON-HARKERS PARTING OF WAYS UNITED STATES soccer coach Steve Sampson dropped a bombshell on Tuesday when he announced that team captain John Harkes, one of the most experienced American players, will not play in the World Cup finals in June. Sampson told reporters he had dropped Harkes a veteran of
        82 words
      • 54 44 ENGLAND coach Glenn Hoddle has told Paul Gascoigne that his World Cup finals slot is secure but only once he has proved his fitness. He said he never had any doubts about the player's ability to play the pivotal midfield role, despite recent doubts raised by
        54 words
    • 44 44 MLUnOTUMED TOUSBUL AC MILAN'S Dutch international striker Patrick Kluivert could be joining Arsenal next season. The English Premiership title-chaser has reportedly bid US$lB million (5528.9 million) for the 21--year-old, who has failed to win over the critics since joining Milan from Ajax.
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