The Straits Times, 24 December 1979

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  • 14 1 The Straits Times Estd. 1845 MONDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1979 30 CENTS M.C.(P) No. 142/1/79
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  • 633 1 Half million refugees threatened BANGKOK, Sunday EIGHT Vietnamese divisions comprising 48,000 troops have completed taking up position for a major offensive against Khmer guerillas and are now ready to move "within the hour" of an order being given, diplomatic sources said today. They said
    Agencies  -  633 words
  • 107 1 BANGKOK, Sun. Talks between Indonesian Foreign Minister Mochtar Kusumaatmadja and Thai Prime Minister Kriangsak Chomanan are scheduled for tomorrow, a Thai Foreign Ministry spokesman said today. Mr Mochtar will also hold talks with his Thai counterpart, Mr Upadit Pachariyangkun. and other senior Thai government officials. The talks
    AFP  -  107 words
  • 168 1 Marriage Asean style Ktl X traditional marriage ceremonies from four different countries under one roof on the same night. It happened on Saturday at Hotel Merlin. The four couples from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines went through their "nuptial rites" before the IMP for Telok Siangan, Mr Rohan kamls,
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  • 39 1 LISBON, Sun. Julio Goncalves Teixeira, a 50-year-old bar owner, fired off a rocket to celebrate his USUOO.Oon (Ss6so.noo> win on the state Christmas lottery yesterday and blew off the fingers of his right hand, police said today. Reuter.
    Reuter  -  39 words
  • 199 1 SALISBURY, Sunday THOUSANDS of guerilla sympathisers marched here today in defiance of police while preparations for a ceasefire in Zimbabwe's seven-year-old war accelerated. In squatter camps and in black townships, supporters of guerilla leaders Robert Mugabe and Joshua N'komo chanted in the streets and
    AP  -  199 words
  • 548 1 BEIJING, Sunday WORRIED Chinese authorities have called on the army to impose law and order in nine provinces and further executions have been carried out in a bid to control an outbreak of crime. Radio and other sources spoke today of "a
    AFP  -  548 words
  • 38 1 UTRECHT, Sun The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Observatory today recorded a Soviet underground nuclear explosion The Observatory said thai the earth tremor produced registered seven on the Richter scale and was centred near Semipalatinsk in Kazakhstan. AFP
    AFP  -  38 words
  • 79 1 NEW YORK, Sun Professional stockholder John Gilbert met his match last week in Benedict P. Cutrone the new president of Chock Full O Nuts. Mr Gilbert well known on New York's Wall Street as a minor stockholder with a penchant for disrupting stockholder meetings disrupted Mr
    UPI  -  79 words
  • 47 1 I THE revision of parking fees at all Urban Renewal Authorities and Housing Board carparks in the Central Business District will take effect from February. Motorists will pay a flat rate of 40 cents for every half hour based on the new rates.
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  • 61 1 PERTH, Sun. A West Aus tralian court has quashed the appeal of a 16-year-old girl sentenced to death for murdering a policeman and she could be hanged unless the sentence was commuted. Amanda Wilbraham of Geraldton. north of Perth, was found guilty on Oct 31. for the
    UPI  -  61 words
  • 51 1 ALGIERS, Sun. More than 30.000 people have been forced to leave their homes by violent storms which have battered Western Algeria in the last five days, Algerian newspapers reported today. Heavy rain and snow had caused flooding of many roads id brought down telephone lines, the newspapers said.
    Reuter  -  51 words
  • 96 1 TOKYO, Sun. A MAN, described as a drug addict by police, held two Singapore women hostage at gunpaint In a ear la Glfu province today after aa argument with the conwner of his restaurant over management pall- cles, police said. Kyoji Baba, 31, was threatening
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  • 192 1 43 feared dead as jet crashes in fog ANKARA, Sun A TURKISH Airlines passenger plane crashed on a fog-bound hill near Ankara today, and unconfirmed reports said all 39 passengers and four crew were feared dead. The aircraft crashed near Gucuk, a village about 30 km from here, shortly before
    Reuter; AP  -  192 words
  • 93 1 DUBLIN. Sun. An Ulster police reservist was shot dead tonight in an ambush just after crossing into the Irish Republic to do some ChriMmas shopping, police sources said. Mr Stanley Hazelton, 50. died as 12 bullets were fired into his car by a group of men
    AP  -  93 words
  • 53 1 ZAMBOANUA CITY, San. A hand grenjuto exploded inside a bar in mid town Zamboanga tonight, killing six prrsons and wounding 23 others, police said. The grenade blast <-losel\ followed a warning by the army that Muslim rebels were preparing to step up terrorist activity during the
    AP  -  53 words
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    • 303 1 L Shot/rooms 341 3d Floor Plaza Singapura Tel Isi Floor Thomson Piaia factory 38 Kallang Pudding Road Tel *****2 38 pages today KEEPING A TIGHT REIN ON XMAS SPENDING Page 6 POL Pot still alive: Khmer radio S 'GREATEST threat is from within' warns Sudomo 4 FRENCH tongue gets a
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    • 414 2 WASHINGTON, Sun. i I i j I j j THE Somali Government has offered the United States access to the former Soviet naval i and air base at the Port i of Berbera on the Ara- j bian Sea, according to I
      NYT  -  414 words
    • 234 2 LONDON, Sun EGYPTIAN journalist Mohammed Heikal said in an article published today that he had seen documents showing the ousted Shah of Iran gave large sums of money to politicians around the world. "I have, for instance, seen three royal orders giving Bishop
      Reuter  -  234 words
    • 189 2 ZAHIOAN (Iran), Sunday THE central government in Teheran declared a state of emergency in Baluchistan last night and sent troops here to restore law and order. A revolutionary militiaman was killed and three seriously wounded by sniper fire as ethnic tensions between the minority Seistani and
      NYT  -  189 words
    • 433 2 I DAY SO TEHERAN, Sun FORMER Irish foreign minister Scan Macßride has arrived in Teheran to discuss the detention of 50 American hostages in the US embassy, officials said today. Mr Macßride arrived last night and went to the foreign ministry for four hours
      Reuter; AFP  -  433 words
    • 149 2 DALLAS, Sunday THE Dallas Cowboys, unamused by the antics of a man impersonating a cheerleader during last Sunday's football game, have gone to court to have him banned for life from Cowboy Stadium. The team went to court on Friday seeking to have insurance
      UPI  -  149 words
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    • 236 2 'j 1 i v I 1 KS. Jfll our 3 stores will be closed for business ffsl/jjj 1| /<TN ;rN COMBI PULL-ALONG vS^/ TOMORROW(2SthDEC) V^r^/ U jynill W I™^ t V KIDDCOTTAGE WE WILL BE OPENED AS USUAL ON 26th DEC. fr *fl 9^ Mb* *.Ml-SOEnIm Njla!lsN j1a!1s fc*» iy\
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    • 93 3 THK big cover-np goes on in Rome. Very soon, the ancient monuments testifying to Rome's glorious days will be shielded from public eye all for the sake of protecting them from air pollution. Scaffolding is erected around the buildings which are already showing signs
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    • 328 3 Pol Pot still alive: Khmer radio BANGKOK, Sunday The ousted Kampuchean Khmer Rouge regime today denied its leader, Mr Pol Pot, had been assassinated. Its radio, believed operating from southern China, said a report indicating Mr Pol Pot had been assassinated "is a most bad and mean trick of the
      Reuter; UPI  -  328 words
    • 250 3 Sri Lanka perfect for spaceport, says science writer COLOMBO. Sun. The famous science fact and fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke, has said Sri Lanka could provide the perfect site for an international spaceport for commercial space operations. Writing in a Sri Lanka Government publication to promote its free trade zone,
      AFP  -  250 words
    • 148 3 .and in Cairo CAIRO, San. Workmen are fashioning a new limestone corset for the great Sphinx of (iiza to try and combat the erosion that experts fear may one day topple the head of the I.6H-yi-ar-old marvel. The problem Is that the onre-solld limestone from which the sphinx was carved
      AP  -  148 words
    • 131 3 BILL TO STOP KISSING IN CINEMA MANILA, Sun. Kissing and embracing by couples and wearing of shorts by "sexy" women inside cinemas will be prohibited if a proposed legislation is passed in Cagayan de Oro City, southern Philippines. City consultative assembly member Abeto Salcedo, who sponsored the unprecedented ordinance, said
      AFP  -  131 words
    • 59 3 X 1 MM \M)I Sun. The Nepales*- Government today banned three Austrian and two West German mountaineers from Nepal for five yean for scaling a Himalayan peak without permission last year. The H,|j3-tnetrf Mount Cho Oyu, on Nepal's northern border with Tibet, has been
      Reuter  -  59 words
    • 385 3 Soviet buildup a threat to Pakistan and Iran: US WASHINGTON, Sunday UNITED States officials said yesterday the Soviet Union's growing Afghanistan military buildup is a long-term threat to neighbouring Iran and Pakistan. But they said the US does not see any connection between the Kremlin's military moves in Afghanistan and
      UPI  -  385 words
    • 151 3 Leader of Saudi rebels vanishes BEIRUT, Sun. The head of a secret opposition group in Saudi Arabia nas disappeared in Beirut and a spokesman for the organisation alleged today he was abducted by Saudi agents. The spokesman said Nasser Al-Said disappeared last Monday. He had been staying in Beirut with
      Reuter  -  151 words
    • 112 3 COPENHAGEN, Sun. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation may use nuclear arms even if a potential enemy uses only conventional weapons, Danish Defence Minister Poul Soegaard said yesterday. Answering a question from a Socialist MP. Mr Soegaard said the use of nuclear weapons is a
      AFP  -  112 words
    • 56 3 PARIS. Sun. Police at French airports and border posts were on the lookout today for a man aged about 25 who yesterday shot and killed the director of the Turkish government tourist office here. Mi Yilmaz Colpan was killed by three bullets in the Champs Elysees amid
      Reuter  -  56 words
    • 32 3 COPENHAGEN, Sun More than 100 motorists here face fines and suspension of their driving permits after being arrested in recent days for driving in various states of drunk i-nnovs AFT
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    • 152 4 Aquino is allowed home for Christmas MANILA. Sun. Philippine Presidi-nt Ferdinand Marcos has granted a 16day Christmas holiday to his arch political enemy, former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. detained seven years on murder and subversion charges. Highly authorititative sources who asked not to he identified said Mr Aquino, 47, was
      AFP  -  152 words
    • 60 4 I PARIS. Sun Deposed Ugan- dan Icadri Idi Ancin has left his place of exile in Libya, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said in an interview published here yesterday. Interviewed by the Conservttlve daily newspaper, Le Figaro. Colonel Caddafi did not say when or where Amin had
      Reuter  -  60 words
    • 36 4 SAN SALVADOR. Sun Th.Marxist People's Liberation Front (PLF) yesterday warned it would execute by Wednesday or Thursday. South African Ambassador Archibald Dunn, kidnapped on Nov 28. unless world newspapers publish two PLF proclamations. AFP.
      AFP  -  36 words
    • 264 4 JAKARTA, Sun. The main threat confronting Indonesia at present is extremist groups at home which disagree with the state ideology of Pancasila (Five Principles) of belief in God, humanity, democracy, social justice and nationalism. These groups and elements are religious extremists as
      AFP  -  264 words
    • 90 4 No Vatican blessings for bishop VATICAN CITY, Sun. The consecration of a new bishop by the Cath- j olio Church of Beijing without the consent of the Holy See was illegal and hurt John Paul II "very deeply", a Vatican spokesman said yesterday. The spokesman also j said that the
      UPI  -  90 words
    • 78 4 SOUTH Africa ha* camplained that It is running out of Its parr-gold KrngerrandK because of hoarding by misers and collectors, bat the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel has a pile of them worth 13)1.5 million (5J3.2 million). Here, Mr Barraa HUUa, bead M Ike HUWn chala, piaees
      78 words
    • 289 4 TOKYO, Sunday THE Japanese Cabinet gave its approval yesterday to what was described as an i austerity budget for 1980, designed to deal with a deficit-ridden economy. The budget for the fiscal year starting April 1 is characterised by a drastic shift
      NYT  -  289 words
    • 148 4 I SPY NO 1 JOHANNESBURG. Sun. A brilliant young South African academic has been arrested on suspicion of spying and is soon to be charged with passing South African nuclear secrets "to enemies of the country," it was reported here today. The Sunday Times, auoting security police sources, said the
      AFP  -  148 words
    • 168 4 I SPY NO 2 LONDON, Sun. Former top foreign office and treasury official John Caimcross has confessed that he was a member of the Cambridge University communist cell and supplied diplomatic and political material to Soviet spy Guy Burgess, the Sunday Times said today. Mr Caimcross told the Times that
      AFP  -  168 words
    • 60 4 VENICE, Sun Most o( Venice went under water yesterday in the worst Hooding since 1966 when the lagoon city suffered vast damage. Also snow storms blanketed the Alps triggering killer snowslides Gale-force winds battered most of Italy, from Sicily to Naples and Rome, unroofing buildings, uprooting
      AP  -  60 words
    • 27 4 ACAPITIX'O. Sun. Johnny WeiMnulJer. the original Tarzan of the movies, is now seriously ill in hospital with a turnout and pneumonia, his doctor said AP.
      AP  -  27 words
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      • 87 4 "GIVE your sheep anticancer medicine and you can remove wool from a sheep with your hands about 10 days later," says a Japanese livestock researcher. Mr Michio Otake, 43, of the Saitama Prefectural Livestock Experimental Centre, hit upon the idea about three years ago when
        AFP  -  87 words
      • 80 4 TWO directors of a factory in southern China have fined themselves for not fulfilling the factory production plan for the third quarter of the year, Xinhua news agency said today. The directors of the Kunming milling machine factory had their wages for October cut by 5 and
        Reuter  -  80 words
      • 103 4 A CIVILIAN guard at the Oakland Naval Supply Centre protested an order by a new commanding officer requiring civilians to salute navy officers arriving at the base. The order was issued by Capt John Ruehlin who said a salute is a courtesy, a gesture of
        103 words
    • 66 4 AURORA (Colorado). Sun Jim Stevens' feet looked more like dried prunes than human appendages. That bothered him. and even hurt some, but he decided the penalty was worth the cause. Stevens spent 144 hours. 7 minutes and 30 seconds about six days, submerged in a large tank of
      UPI  -  66 words
    • 291 4 Priest's tickets win $191 m for parishioners MADKID, Saa. A priest was the hero of a small Catalan town yesterday alter tickets he had distributed won about 5.8 billion pesetas (about S$I»I million) for his parishioners in Spain's Christmas lottery. The series of tickets rather Joan Samper sold In Granollers,
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    • 274 5 SUrs don't make picture*. Pictnres make stars. Darryl F Zanuck who claimed hr disliked film stars I" AIM SPRINGS (California), Son. Darryl Zanuck (left), the last survivor of the big Hollywood film moguls, died here last night aged 11, a hospital spokesman said.
      Reuter  -  274 words
    • 192 5 Haig opts out of the political game PHILADEI PHIA, Sun. ni'i.'i I .'.Grander Haig, said to be a possible presidential or senate candidate, an nounced yeslenl.iy he had decided not to enter poUticm, at least for now. "1 have decided not to enter political life. the former White House
      AP  -  192 words
    • 278 5 New IRA cell in Europe mailing letter bombs LONDON, Sunday SCOTLAND Yards antiterrorist chiefs believe a spate of Christmas letter bombs to prominen' Britons is the work of a new and increasingly active Irish Republican Army cell based in j European cities. The esMneoce of an IRA unit in West
      AP  -  278 words
    • 129 5 RICHMOND (VIRGINI A). Sun. A ronvirted murderer tried t« fly out of the state penitentiary with an improvised hang glider and crashed into the Prison's outer wail, reaklng several bones. prison officials said yesterday. Officials said inc.-nt Rau lings worked hard to build
      129 words
    • 531 5 PARIS, Sunday THE most successful British export ever, the English language, is making deeper and deeper inroads into the French-speaking world. The alarm was sounded in a series of articles in I* Monde this month, which found the French tongue in a state
      531 words
    • 28 5 MOSCOW, Sun. A Soviet airliner with 152 people aboard survived an electrical storm which blasted a hole in its winjj. it was learned yesterday. Reuter
      Reuter  -  28 words
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  • 614 6 THERE is bad news this year from the Christmas shopping front for turkeys and Kift stores in general, but good news for jewellers and all those who have been urging Singaporeans to save. A check with stores and shopiM>rs has shown that unlike previous
    614 words
  • 84 6 ALL graves at tke Tan Took Sens Hospital burial ground at Plantation Avenue will be exhumed as the cemetery is iii ht' affected by a Housing Board project. The HDB's resettle- ment department will exhume all the remains for cremation at the Mount Vernon Crematoria.
    84 words
  • 602 6 THE government's policy of stressing the economic aspects of almost all major activities of its departments, statutory bodies and private organisations has reinforced Singaporeans' materialistic attitudes. This point was made in a paper, Cultural Change and Social Value, by Associate Professor Ho Wing Meng,
    602 words
  • 164 6 NOL plan for trained staff team THE national shipping company, Neptune Orient Lines, aims to build a highly trained and specialised team of staff to meet the fast-changing shipping operational needs and to ensure its viability in the competitive international market. NOL's managing director, Mr Lua Cheng Eng, who was
    164 words
  • 44 6 THE Parks and Recreation Department will hold a prize presentation ceremony of the Know Your Roadside Trees Contest and the Keep your Environment Green and Beautiful competition at the Ministry of National Development building in Maxwell Road on Friday at 2.30 p.m.
    44 words
  • 57 6 MR ROGER Wee has been elected president of the Singapore Tae Kwon Do Gymnasium. Other officials are Messrs Steven Tan. vice-president; Tan Tuck Fook. secretary; Michael Tan. asst. secretary; Stephen Koh. treasurer; Michael Son, asst. treasurer; Alan Cheang, Teum Yeen Wah. Ricky Koh. Terry Yeo. Hah Poh Choon
    57 words
  • 573 6 PURSUED by two men who wanted her to be intimate with one of them, a woman got hold of a vegetable knife and in the struggle, one of the men was cut on his chest and palm, a district court heard. This
    573 words
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  • 299 8 Quality control circle plan for factories QUALITY control drdei I in which shop floor people help to wore out quality control problems and motivate workers towards quality consciousness may make their debut in Singapore Boon The circles air alicaily a success in Japan and adopted by many Euro[H'an and American
    299 words
  • 52 8 I'HK Kampung Kapor community centre women's subcommittee and youth group »ill hold a New Year dinner mil dance at the Hotel Grand L'entral on Deo 31. The (unction is open to the iHiblic and tickets are at {22 MCfc. For details, tel *****86 letween 3 p.m. and
    52 words
  • 36 8 Yoga for women THE Joo Chiat community centre will hold courses on yoga (or women, table tennis, swimming, tae kwon do, tai rhi chuan and others from next month. Those interested should ring *****6 or *****7
    36 words
  • 36 8 THE Kampung Eunos community centre will hold couraes on elementary cakemaking, tim sum, nonya kueh, flower-making, padang curry, restaurant cooking, piano and yoga soon. For details call *****09 between 3 p.m. and 10 p.m.
    36 words
  • 268 8 THE Singapore Bus Service has decided to split its intended purchase of 400 single-deck buses worth $55 million between Volvo Far East and Cycle and Carriage. Volvo Far East will provide 200 of its Volvo buses while 200 Mercedes-Benz buses will come from Cycle
    268 words
  • 31 8 FIRE yesterday destroyed six empty attap houses at Jalan Bukit Merah. The occupants had already been resettled recently. No one was injured Cause of the (ire was not established.
    31 words
  • 478 8 MORE and more community centres have caught the disco fever and are now reverberating with music once considered out of place in these premises. The change may appear stark to those who have long associated community centres with old folks without television
    478 words
  • 189 8 SINGAPORE and hina may set op trade offices In earn other's countries to step up two-way trade and economic links. The Finance Minister. Mr Hon Sui Sen, said this before he left for China yesterday with a 15-member team to sign a
    189 words
  • 38 8 THE youth group of the Changi community centre will hold a poolside buffet to celebrate its 10th anniversary at the Big Splash on Saturday at 7 p.m. For tickets and details ring the centre at *****07.
    38 words
  • 67 8 SINGAPORE ports handled 64.9 million tonnes of cargo from j January to October, com- I pared with 59.6 million I tonnes for the same period last year. In October, the ports handled 7.6 million tonnes, compared with 6.3 million tonnes for the same month last year. During
    67 words
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    • 229 8 lIH UNITED OVERSEAS BANK LTD 4Uf CHUNG KHIAW BANK LTD Nil LEE WAH BANK LTD I»VCORPOfIATED THE REPUBLIC Of SIMCjAPOREI We are pleased to announce the following interest rates payable on savings and fixed deposits with effect from Monday, 24 December 1979: SAVINGS AU*Q/ ACCOUNTS: 072 /O p.a. Deposit and
      229 words

  • 279 9 CHINESE parents, particularly mothers, were yesterday urged to create a Mandarin-speaking environment to help their children cope with the bilingual stress in education. Making the call, the Parliamentary Secretary (Culture), Dr Ow Chin Hock, said a parent's influence on the child
    279 words
  • 249 9 Doctors seek revision of night duty payment I UK Slanmre Government Medical, DenUl and Pharmaceutical Officers' Association has asked the Health Ministry to consider higher allowances for officers who do night duties. It has proposed that $75 per night duty be paid to medical and dental officers, $1M for rf
    249 words
  • 135 9 THE MP for Boon Lay, Mr Ngeow Pack Hua, yesterday called for more volunteers to take part in community development work. Laying the foundation stone of the Boon Lay community centre at Boon Lay Place, Mr Ngeow said the area's resident committee needs more workers to
    135 words
  • 855 9 THE Health Ministry's questionnaire issued on Saturday after Friday's television documentary on schizophrenia, raised some eyebrows yesterday because of its "poorly balanced line of questioning." Those interviewed by the Straits Times said section two questions, directed to those who had not watched the documentary,
    855 words
  • 24 9 THE Bedok community centre youth group will hold a Christmas gathering at the Bedok South area office on Saturday. For details, ring *****17.
    24 words
  • 67 9 THE government has decided to take over 129,027 square metres of land in the city and other parts of the island for housing and general development. The area, to be taken under the Land Acquisition Act, covers part of the city,
    67 words
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    • 192 9 Straits Times Crossword ACBOH 6 Soldtan (ace the possibility 0 1 Wayfarer «bo keeps going' (6- '*££2«l£ trUl about w„. OgaUoos materiaUsiin with loud hanb9 Han with a following travels ne— (iqV about telling in j^^ M^r («A5) UrU. f rte» u««(s) TSo^bnak12 Ufttn. Brown died; an em- aWe p,^,
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  • 291 11  - Plan for postal complex being revised ALICE WONG By A THREE-YEAR old plan for the Singapore Postal Services complex is being revised to include features to permit mechanisation, in line with government policy. It is among the first government buildings to bo renovated to accept mechanisation, so as to minimise
    291 words
  • 219 11 Citizen status of 19 S'poreans revoked NINETEEN people have had their Singapore citizenship revoked by the government since Dec 4, says the latest government gazette. They are: Pal Kaur d,o Kala Singh now known as Mrs Pal Kaur Carewel of Southall. Middlesex; Teo Loo Song alias Chang Loo Sng alias
    219 words
  • 165 11 Making merry at Nurses Fair... MERRYMAKERS were wight In the featlvr mood they went through rounds of fan and iMghter at the annual Nonce Ffclr held at Singapore General Hospital on Saturday. Starting at II a.m., the nones coped with a continuous stream of relative* Meads, and other members of
    165 words
  • 269 11 See non-smoking as social norm, urges WHO THE World Health Organisation has recommended that non-smoking be regarded as the social norm and that governments act to develop this I attitude. This is one item in a list of WHO anti-smoking recommendations, addressed to all countries, reprinted in the latest issue
    269 words
  • 119 11 Varsity buys 22 homes in Pandan Valley THE University of Singapore has bought 22 homes In the Paadaa Valley condominium In anticipation of an Increase In overseas staff. These units will also help to ease the housing problem of visiting staff, the nnlverslty's vice-chancellor, Mr Kwan Sal Kheoag, says in
    119 words
  • 125 11 RESIDENTS of highrise i flats in the housing es- I tates are not communicat- I ing well with one another and the role of residents' committees is to bring them together. Explaining the formai tion of residents' committees to his constituents at a children's Christmas party
    125 words
  • 177 11 FEW University of Singapore graduates care to keep links with their alma mater through their Guild of Graduates. For an average of only 34 graduates a year attended guild meetings in the past three years, though its membership stood at 15,743
    177 words
  • 39 11 Horticulture course THE Havelock community centre will hold an eight-week interior horticulture course at its premises from Jan 11 to Feb29. The course will t« on Vridays from 5. J0 p.m. o 6.3 C p.m. The fee is $15.
    39 words
  • 35 11 SIGLAP community centre will be holding courses in basic and intermediate aeromodelling and swimming for adults and children, and car maintenance and tune-up. Ring *****5 between 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. for details.
    35 words
  • 44 11 THE YMCA of Singapore will hold a disco night at its Orchard Road premises tonight and on New Year's Eve from 8 p.m. Tickets are available at its office at $12 per couple for members and Sl5 per couple tor non-members.
    44 words
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    • 173 11 audio-technica §SF% w THENEWAT-30E^ MOVING COIL CARTRIDGE OFFERS HIGH OUTPUT GOOD TRACKING AND ALLOWS OWNERS 70 CHANGE THEIR STYLUS By locating the coils with the stylus in the lower cartridge, the entire assembly can be unplugged and replaced when necessary. Controlling the effective mass and utilising a radial damping system,
      173 words
    • 249 11 LOWREX COMPUTER ORGAN U.S.A. CHRISTMAS SALE 10% DISCOUNT rf£*g&} only this model M-125 FESTIVA^^ qcV-S^' Track III IlllM VY\\ R W hm with 18 different I l\\\" rhythm includinq metronome. Automatic Organ Computer with single melody note to rich full chords. Magic Genie chords that allows you to play 48
      249 words

  • The Straits Times MONDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1979
    • 386 12 SAUDI Arabia took a gamble when, on the eve of OPEC's fourth pricing session this year, it raised the price of its oil by 33 per cent. The Saudis had hoped thereby to head off demands for much higher increases from radicals like Iran and Libya. They failed.
      386 words
    • 380 12 THE Russians are raising their stakes in Afghanistan. In recent weeks, the Soviet Union has increased its military presence there by 50 per cent and in addition, has mobilised some 30,000 men on its side of the Russo-Afghan border. The build-up, American officials say, is similar to preparations
      380 words
  • 1846 12 Excerpts of a paper presented at the seminar, Singapore Towards the Year 2000, from Dec 20 to 21 by DR CHAN HENG CHEE of the University of Singapore 4 The need for expression is already evident in the letter columns of the English
    1,846 words
  • 316 12 EXCERPTS of editorial comment from Malaysian newspapers this week. Ol'R universities are under pressure, not only to absorb the ever-increasing numbers of applicants for places for which they qualify, but also to produce practically trained graduates relevant to our growth needs. This is quite apart from whatever
    316 words
  • 1057 12  -  DAVID BONAVIA By in Hongkong who reports on China tor the Straits Times RECENT straws in the wind from Moscow suggest that the new round of Sino-Soviet political negotiations there may be about to yield small but important progress. As is usually the
    1,057 words
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    • 193 12 v^ $Iw** You get more value from the Hermes 808 than any other ordinary ball typewriter. The moment you insert a sheet of paper into the ~^^\\f&P\ I Hermes 808 electric ball typewriter, you know CikTO® <<V\ P you're in the hands of a very special machine. \*^«l* fa There
      193 words

    • 539 13 I REFER to the letter, "What has this body done for pensioners?" from "Another Pensioner" (ST, Dec 12) suggesting that if the Government Pensioners' Association wishes to gain the understanding and support from its members and the pensioners in Singapore in general, then it might be
      539 words
    • 78 13 WITH REFERENCE to the letter, "Extend service," by "Rainy Days" (ST, Dec 6), we regret that we are unable to accede to the request to extend SBS Service 111 from Queenstown to Punggol Road as there is insufficient space for another service to terminate
      78 words
    • 314 13 I REFER to the letter "How can pensioners hope to cope with living costs, of "Pensioner Anon" (ST. Dec 7. My view is that pensioners should not turn for redress to the Government Pensioners' Association which during its 33 years of existence has
      314 words
    • 697 13  - Meeting Japan halfway on skills transfer THAUNG MYINE By Datuk Mahathir's vision of manufacturers of intermediate goods transferring operations from Japan to Malaysia is feasible, given our disciplined low-wage labour force and price stability. But it will also require an upgrading of infrastructure communications, ports and shipping. New Straits Times.
      Reuter  -  697 words
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    • 1 13 M$\~&^*-^m
      1 words
    • 206 13 Now you can get up to 50% discount on top tashions from Melwani's Discount Corner. Designer shirts, shoes, ties, belts and accessories. The ideal gifts for Christmas. At all Melwani's Men's Shops, until 31st December 1979. «^S^^ For better clothes at lower prices G5 Clifford Centre Tel: 9141 73 •86
      206 words

    • 2102 14 AS A service to readers. Straits Times publishes weekly a detailed analysis of shares on the Stock Kxchange of Singapore. The years high and low, are followed by the week's movement in prices, the dividend, the net price earnings ratio and the volume of l*7t Hlfk Low
      2,102 words
    • Money and exchanges
      • 298 14 THE US dollar fluctuated narrowly against major currencies in the Singapore forex market last week, with no major new factors affecting trading and with most banks and other participants having already squared their books ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays. The minimum increase in oil price to
        298 words
      • 319 14 THE INTERBANK overnight rale shot to a record nign of 30 per cent last Wednesday and lluciuated wildly .iunnj; the week between 8 and 30 percent Short-term rates l>lowed sun. firming sharply by about 1 per cent hvm Monday's opening levels wiih One md Two Months closing at 10'
        319 words
      • 81 14 THK IXJMtSTIC interbank rate increased by about 7 per ceni last «ek The l.ighest done was 29 per vnl on Wednesday The mode lor the week was between 15 and 17 per cent Overnight* closed at 1211 16 per cent on Friday The let m rate shot
        81 words
      • 186 14 ASIAN mrrrnrv >vrri|<r drpasll rates for the week eaded Deefl: USt (Bid priew) Hi(k Ln 1 days 157/16 13 > 1 month 14. 132 months 14 13/16 14 5/16 3 months U. 14S/16 0 months 14 14 5/16 9 months 13' i 13' 12 months 131/16 12
        186 words
      • 47 14 FOR THE week ended Saturday Dec 22. the range of call rate received from from Short Deposits (M) Bhd was as follows: Baak fui: 2.5 per cent to 4 per cent. Geaeral fsaa- 3 per cent to 4 per cent Maveateats ol funds totalled J734
        47 words
      • 337 14 BANK'S prime lending rates as at the close of business on Friday, Dec a BANK'S JPLE Algemene Bank 9' 2 American Express 9' Amsterdam Rotterdam Bank 9 Asia Commercial 9 Asien Pazifik 9' 1 &ui Hin Lee Bank 9 Banca CommercuUe 9'. Bpoco Do Brasil 9.
        337 words
    • 634 14 LOOTX)N, Fri- Share prices closed narrowly mixed in quiet trading, dealers said and the FT index was down 0.6 at 419.6 points at the close. ICI was* down 4p to 365p while ICL gained 4p to 466 p. Gold mining shares were quietly mixed following the sharp (alls
      634 words
    • 223 14 NEW YORK, Fri Proffi-tak-ing in the energy sector and year-end tax selling combined to depress prices and the stock market retreated in active trading. Analysts also cited a sharp rise in the price of gold In New York. Some traders grew cautious of a presidential statement due
      223 words
    • 196 14 AMSTERDAM, Fri- Share prices closed mixed with BaymJ Date* 0.80 guilders up in higher Dutch internationals, dealers said. I in 21 tH Ahold Mini HMEV ustu IMnrot Bank Brrcou B*rk Boh Borsuml] Byrnkorr lalvr Drift Mil Mij Kord tiistbroc liithjin Hagrmryer ffc 315 50 .2 T7«0 »0« 23 40
      196 words
    • 32 14 Carreat H*M 69JI rbo»pr 4', I BmBM 1M Interim. DMc Dec 29 Dec 31 Dec 31 TiUllir the year MR 6', 4', 7.12, Trial far prevtaai yi 209; 12% 39*
      32 words
    • 258 14 TRADING on the Singapore produce market last week was generally dull and featureless with dealers mostly adopting a wait-and-see attitude lor want of Inducement from overseas For the beat part of the period, prices moved sideways, so to speak. Based on deals written on squaring account, prices finished
      258 words
    • 125 14 HINKSK I'KOIII K EXCHANGE, MNGAPOSE, NOON CLOSING PKK'KK PER Pin 1. ON SATI'BDAY: Cmal ail: Bulk 1108 sellers, ok) drum $114 sellers, new drum 1118 sellers Ctfn: Mixed (kme) UK Coat 163 00 buyers. Pepfer: Muntok AST A while lab 100- NLW US 00 aeUen. Sarawak while lob Wi
      125 words
    • 185 14 TOKYO, Sat.- Share prices closed lower on reports thatIran will withdraw its deposits from banks in London, dealers said. The Dow Jones average fell 28 05 to close at 6,507.89 points, with a volume of 240 million shares. The New Index closed at 456,73, down 1.68 points. Oil and
      185 words
    • 240 14 ZURICH. Fri.- Shares closed hare!-' steady in a thin session with banks trading in a narrow range apart from Baak Lea kearer and PaiMiSflllls O» Ufleate and GattMrthaak- pmtttrlptttaa ecrtHlea** which were among few higher issues. In flnaodals and insurances losses slightly outnumbered gains with MstiTamplfh, Seata•lar, Laatts, and
      240 words
    • 51 14 FINANCIAL TIMES INDUSTRIALS Friday 41».« Thursday 430.2 Week Ago 431.0 DOW JONES AVERAGE INDUSTRIALS Friday 838.91 Thursday 84SJ4 Week ago 842.75 H.K.HANG SENG Friday 831.01 Thursday 828 84 Week ago 7»«.78 SYDNEY INDUSTRIALS Friday SSS.O7 Thursday 597 JS Week ago SfIOJO ALL ORDINARIES Friday 721.09 Thursday 718.88 Week ago
      51 words
    • 141 14 IN the Far East, with the professional dealers In a holiday mood, the market was declared closed on Saturday. It re-opens on December 27. Gold was fixed In London on Friday at U5M74.90. Trading was dull with the second fix at 1473.10 which proved to be the low of
      141 words
    • 367 14 DESPITE the maay aaeertoiatles h»aglng over the market, last week saw much speealattM oa the Stock Exeaaage of Stngapare. Price* fluctuated vlo> leatly la aa apparent sqaeeae aa the short-sell-ers. Sentiment continued to receive a baont from the highly volatile Hongkong market which weat tram strength to strength.
      367 words
    • 450 14 THE bulls were in full cry on the Kuala Lumpur stock market but week, taking share prices to singnificantly higher levels. Trading was active, even hectic at times as investors went on a buying spree. The other sectors of the market also closed on a (airly steady note,
      450 words
      • 82 14 ~BT Index: •Industrials nPlnane* ••Hotels: •Properties ■Minings: 'Plantations SOCBC: USES Ind OS 77 425 88 785 52 339 64 266.45 239 HI 723.22 «6» 375 08 2855 92 429 41 768 43 340 26 267 14 239.81 724.42 407.55 377 98 2842.14 428.08 763 55 338 42 265 76
        82 words
      • 68 14 Dw II Dull Dee 1* Dae M Dertl ••BT index 4178.01 •Industrials: 462 39 675.93 ••Hotels: 302 05 •Properties 262 01 •Tins. 243.78 •IRubhers 836 20 4378 90 4*7.19 680.22 302.62 263.08 245 51 837 56 *****3 4538.77 464.61 470.37 675.67 679.02 ***** 305.09 260.07 ***** ***** ***** 837.03
        68 words
    • 424 14 LONDON: Gold shares featured the stock market lastweek with sharp gains reversed by substantial proHt-taking late in the week, dealers said. Most heavyweights were mainly up to 200 cents lower on the week as in P Steyn though Vaal Reefs and Amgold gained 338 cents and 325 cents
      Reuter  -  424 words
      • 245 14 TURNOVER slowed down ahead of the festive season and levels slipped hack in quiet trading before recovering finally to post a fractional C. says BMMay, CMtr, aaa in its review of the Singapore and Malaysian rubber markets lor the period Dec 13 to Dec 20 Stale bull
        245 words
      • 142 14 LONDON: Rubber Futures were steady in the afternoon on pre-Christmas holiday covering on Friday, closing at or near session's highs with on balance gains of mostly 0 40 to 070p per kilo. Prices were finally slightly up from the morning's higher levels Rubber Futures ended the morning quietly
        142 words
      • 104 14 Tin price eases THE STRAITS tin price fell another $10 to {2,101 per picul in Penang on Saturday on an official offering down 29 tonnes to 164 tonnes. LONDON: Tin ended the morning up £35 for Cash and £10 for Three Months standard while High Grade was up £25 and
        104 words
      • 30 14 LONDON: Copper (soon) prices on Friday (prrvtoui in brackeu). Winter Spot U.OlttlOHl Kllm £1,017 (U.015). Three Month buycri C1.011 (£1.010). tellers •1.012 (LI, Oil) MartotHae: InrguUr. Him: 1.C00 toniM
        30 words

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    • 3471 15 AT YOUR SERVICE RATES SECTION INDEX t Telephone Service *****22 -ft s^ Mondo, Fr,da, 830 a- 5 00 P m Ordmor, 70 CIS pe. word (rrvn JTIO bO) I FOR SALE SHOPPING GUIDE 1184-*****1 184-***** SStSSWr StH'flpl 80.en.,* TnJOZT Vl ANNOUNCEMENTS PERSONAL ISoturdoy' 110 00 (posted! IX OBITUARIES I FEC
      3,471 words
    • 504 15 SECRETARY WANTED Minimum 2 years experience. 4 O' Levels with at least PI II; Kngllsh Shorthand/ typing speeds of 100/ 50 w p.m Salary lo commensurate with raptrimc* lei *****82 between UUOsini 12 30pm for apI -ointment TEMPORARY SHORTHAND TYPIST wanted immediately by shipping company Tel *****22 and speak to
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      359 words

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    • 530 16 II EMPLOYMENT 31 Situations Vacant c) Sales ft> FOSTER require* 1 SALES EXECUTIVE (Mala) a Possess minimum quill Mcatlons Polytechnic/ Ngee Ann a Must be bilingual and able to speak local dialects a Agr 23 -28 years c With class 3 driving lla Completed NS a Preferably with basic Sales
      530 words
    • 652 16 LAND/ HVDROCRAPHK SURVEY INO Kirm Invites applications rrnm Secondary 4 scheol leavers for post of Trainee Survey AsI slstants Commencing salary I 5220 plus $30 transport allowj ance Call personally with recent photograph at Room 1101 1102. Tunas Bldg. Anson Road. Spore EBJI HITACHI CHEMICAL (S) PTE LTD 20. Bedofc
      652 words
    • 357 16 II EMPLOYMENT Metal Box Singapore Limited requires Requirements Posti NTC II in Machining /Grinding 2 3 years working experience in a toolroom Post 2 NTC 111 in Maintenance Fitting 3 years relevant experience Must be prepared to work shift Pott 3 NTC 111 in General Fitting or Bench Fitting 3
      357 words
    • 314 16 SURVEYORS URGENTLY REOUIR.- j ED by established Piling Company Minimum 3 years' experience and must be capable of working Independently Interested please reply stating salary expected and telephone number lo S.T Box A***** TECHNICIANS required by an large company a Possess some experiences In repairing and servicing of copier/ calculator
      314 words
    • 190 16 II EMPLOYMENT ■VfrPPfl for=>E j ORDNANCE DEVELOPMENT ENGINEERING COMPANY OF I SINGAPOREIPTEILTD invites applications from suitably qualified can didates for the posts of:MACMIHISTJ I Milling or (.rinding! Requirements: a NTC Grade 2On ideate in either MILLING or GRINDING I 4 years workshop practice in milling grinding tool and cutter grinding
      190 words
    • 242 16 NUiilM I J faA fail HMiil] 'Itl BMM^rniTTiß kSbkSb ■bPC3£3HH KagH We have Immediate vacancies for the following trade in our Shipyard in Jurong, and interested male persons with any of the qualifications/experience shown below are invited to apply lor them: BOILERMAKERS CLEANERS (SHIP) CUTTERS DECK MACHINE FITTERS DECK PIPE
      242 words
    • 571 16 II EMPLOYMENT IMMEDIATE VACANCIES lor FEMALE PRODUCTION OPERATORS a Above 18 years c Singaporeans/ Mala) scans Please call personally for interview on DECEMBER 24m. 2Bm and 31st from 1.00 a.m. to 5 00 p.m. at Employee Rotations OMoe GENERAL ELECTRIC (U.S.A.) HOUSEW ARES PTE. LTD. Singaporean. TefcBHTS Buses to Factory:
      571 words
    • 695 16 Expending company urgently re- i quires A) GENERAL WORKERS (10 vacancies) B) DELIVERY DRIVER C) DESPATCH OFFICE BOY D) ACCOUNTS CLERK Peat A) a al least primary 6 education c preferably with class 3 driving licence a able to understand simple English a no experience necessary Pestß) c possess a
      695 words
    • 1062 16 II EMPLOYMENT Wall established Excluaive Member-. Club needs ATTRACTIVE AND CHARMING HOSTESSES Salary nol less than Sl.OOO p.m Experience Is not necessary as training will be provided USHERETTES CUM WAITRESSES Minimum height 1 55 in Oood appearance and charming personality WorkIng hours: 7.30 p.m. to lam Transport will be provided
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    • 545 17 111 VEHICLES BOATS 43 Vehicles For Hire KANOA ENTERPRISES CO Tick «ISSSS 25M952 *****35 NEW CARS FOR rent* •reekl) monll PICK UP. DAIHATSU LORRY for o2 149 PICK-UP RENTAL onl I Kin Shi Motor G2759. RENT A DATSUN Pickup from Hlap ii Pte I t<i owns RENT A PICK-UPS Imm
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    • 703 17 IV ACCOMMODATION PROPERTIES DIST. 10 TOP EXECUTIVE apartment In exclusive block with swimming pool Comprises 3 Honed), servant's amenities Available partly/ fully furnished. $2,700 upwards For viewing contact: Victor Chla Partners *****26 DIST. S. WEST COAST Park, fully furnished, luxurious terrace i apartment with swimming pool I and tennis court
      703 words
    • 746 17 BRAOOELL HEIGHTS. SINGLESTOREY detached bungalow for sale Area 13.000 sq.ft Extensively renovated 5 bedrooms, large patio Ring: *****5. OIST. 10. MING TECK Park, double-storey semi-detached. 4 bedrooms/ servant's amenities, terrazzo/ parquet 3.800 sq ft $350,000 Meng Housing *****49 OIST. 11 OLIVE ROAD. 2-slorey luxurious detached bungalow on elevated land Area
      746 words
    • 706 17 IV ACCOMMODATION PROPERTY JERVOIS CLOSE 2 units flats for sale 6 bedrooms and 2 halls Area 2.700 sq fl Selling prire $430,000 Enquiries Tel *****1 NO. (1) LUXURIOUS APARTMENT at Katong First class interior j floor Selling $150,000 No (2) new terrace at Coral Park 3 bedrooms, attached baths Selling
      706 words
    • 697 17 I 56 Factory Sites/ Space FACTORY TO LET An;i .1790 sq ft Ist floor, suitable for llfl t India tries Interested (ile.ise call: tarn STANDARD WAREHOUSE. GROUNDFLOOR. in""" HOO sq ft ii Maepherson Hem $1,200 Tel 3MM 58 Office Space Vacant AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY H SI metres olfice JueiuWu location with
      697 words

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    • 500 18 V SERVICES 4 BUSINESS 75 Building Decoration/ Maintenance SPECIALISED IN REPAIRING undertake .ill kn lion ■art SPECIALISED IN AWNINGS, n M li. in blind*, mm grilles, ituilrr. fencing hou»e painting r.,,,v., lion tloonnf Contact 271M682 vinyl tilings and carpttlngi Ic.r i lines factories, i I fill, lent serv. *****71
      500 words
    • 490 18 78 Dressmaking FASHION DESIGN 4 I Iressmaklllg I ori'l'in 1 iipliitn.i out ic Mornln* Afternoon. Kvening Ontrr Tel 293.1177 80 PETER GUYS HBlrttrllni Si him! Shampoo blow SI 00 cut Mow J2 00 by advanced students under strut MpcnrMoo Call TMMH 1 Sharon 82 Loans HIGH LOANS AVAILABLE lo
      490 words
    • 617 18 VI EDUCATION TRAINING ATT language centre SCHOOL OF LINGUISTIC SKILLS Language courses and private tuition for school examinations ond for business, travel pleosure ENGLISH LANGUAGE CLASSES daily at all levels Registration is open until 3rd January 1980 for term commencing 7th January 1980 AFTERNOON ENGLISH CLASSES FOR CHILDREN twice weekly
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    • 527 18 VI EDUCATION TRAINING rHome Study Courses I Council ot Eng'g insl (CEI) I Society o 1 Engineers (AMSE) Mechanical. Electrical. Civil I City Guilds Telecoms I City Guilds Teen I Draughtsmanship Diesel Engines Certificate I Air Conditioning Refrigeration Plus many other courses Over 500 available PLEASE CALL 22I I666(He M
      527 words
    • 614 18 (MMetry Regitler ed School) NEW CLASSES M JAN IAM Pt I/N June 19*0 lim ACA Foundation In.l Mgmt Service* (UK) Stan knport-Eiport Cowee 201 Colombo Court *****8/*****6 PRIVATE SECRETARY'S CERTIFICATE Course commencing Jan 4th 9lh Part-time Monday. Wednesday. Friday 600 p.m 9.00 p m Singapore Institute Of Commerce. 283 C
      614 words
      479 words
    • 604 18 VII TRAVEL RESTAURANTS NAM HO TRAVEL Srrvirr (Singapore) Pu Ltd STPB Lie No: 140 West Malaysia Tour (Inclusive Genling' Cameron Highlands) by deluxe airronditioned coach seven days S»19». ill days S3IT9/-. departure dally four days SJI4O (ii-ntinft Highlands four days sjl.Ml by deluxe aircondiuoned comh departure dally denting Highlands two
      604 words
    • 484 18 TRAVELLAIRE TOURS (TA/070) 5-BDBKK/PTT/CNX *M 9 649 Wed.'Sun Ii.ill; 81) TAIWAN $1415 HIITI'K HKUBKKSKTSMon 51) (iT .'PEN 'CHS $160 205 M on 6DHAADYAI/IP Mi GT$l79 JDHDY l'(i'(iT Air/.- $239/289 2D3N GT $7S Fvery Ftl 2D3N CAM $65 21 23. 28/12 2D3N GT/KUI. $70. 23.30/12 1 way IP $20 PG $25
      484 words

    • 51 19 «M P.K. VAYLOO (PANA) ot Raf■f In Hotel passed away peacefully on 23 1279 at 250 am leaving behind beloved father Mr V •Paklrlsamy JH, wife Kamala. dauithters Sharminl and ejhiamala and son Oman fYematlon look place on the lame date All friends and relatneir kind attendance and
      51 words
    • Obituary, Illustration
      118 19 IN LOVING MEMORY OF MR X SUTHEYVALL 3 YhAKS IIAVK PABBED BUT MEMORIES ill- YOU LINGER ON DEARLY MISSED BY BELOVED FAMILY 24TH DEC. 1977 Sari ..nil mi. Kirn •UMicall, His »Udd«1 death surprised us all it if ul lift- rarne a muIilen t'nii He died as
      118 words
  • Obituary, Illustration
    37 19 MosSslslssisr l You Km. 900. from o«r m.dv Th. wof Mng r»«l»»lo<l Yovi Imi n unbortobW S«Wrtfty w« y»>'— ttM torrow ot w Ahrayt renwntbertd by yoof kM*ov*d wife Clan. Sharon. Vifoy, tmnos ana rvtotivw
    37 words
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    • 269 19 [Texas Instruments! MALAYSIA SDN BHD I Join us NOW and BUILD a I career with Texas Instruments. I We are a world leader in the manufacture of I I semiconductor components and we are looking I for young aggressive MALAYSIANS who I desire a challenging career as REPAIR MAINTENANCE ENGINEER
      269 words
    • 609 19 < SEARCH Management Recruitment Specialists Our client is a leading international trading and manufacturing company with operations in most South East Asian countries. In line with its business growth, the company is expanding and modifying its management structure, and hence the following positions to cover the territory of Sarawak:SALES MANAGER
      609 words
    • 483 19 I ~*h~ KENYATAAN TAWARAN RISDA Tawaran daripada Pemborong-Pemborong yang berdaftar di Jabatan Kerja Raya di dalam Kelas 'A' sahaja di bawah Kepala II Kepala Kecil 2 akan diterima di Pejabat Ketua Pengarah RISDA. Tingkat 2, Bangunan Getah Aali, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur hingga pukul 12.00 tengah hari pada 29hb. Januari
      483 words
    • 41 19 1 I In «v«f loving memory of *^^S^^\ jt'" S RAMAUNGAM *1 T*Y ICL/\i o*port*d 00 th« Mth IVK^nfc. 1973 XTT^TiNI 11l w<jy I^J^FrTP^^H q^^^ lm9mbm^ TlUl^.^H IS I.«j.Ja. I^C«V»t2j l^^^^^^l^S^B^MPr^vM lOVH> ONts 1 Ill't.T vl jjUMI tWToJ L^^MH I |WU
      41 words

  • 588 20  -  CHRISTINA RODRIGUES By Why trio paid $113 m for choice HK site THREE Singapore property men are behind the company which forked out a cool $113.5 million for only 1,500 sq metres of land in Hongkong recently. They are believed to
    588 words
  • 47 20 THE Bukit Merah community centre will hold classes in pianica, children's Chinese cultural dances, pugilistic art, guitar-playing, fruit and vegetable carving, folk dancing, dress making, cake making, and cooking. Application forms are available from the community centre daily from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.
    47 words
  • 45 20 A working committee of members from the management committee of Onn Lok Old Folks Home, and the residents' committees (Zones A and B) of Potong Pasir constituency will hold a senior citizens' get-together evening at Macßitchie Primary School on Dec 29 at 5 p.m.
    45 words
  • 401 20 High deposit interest rate a boon CONSUMERS are having a good deal despite higher interest rates in Singapore. They are getting more interest for their deposits and paying a reasonable interest rate on loans. This is because the lending interest rate, especially from finance companies, has not gone up as
    401 words
  • 161 20 VITB to hold trade tests for tailors TAILORS and dressmakers will have a chance of assessing their skills against the national standard when the Vocational and Industrial Training Board holds public trade tests in February. These tests will be conducted at National Certificate Grade Three level in dressmaking and men's
    161 words
  • 306 20 For Mr Yeo, 66, it's never too late to learn ACiK has taken Its toll on S6-ypar-<>ld Yen h»<i Hin's once agile movements, bat not his keen and sharp mind and a spirit which won the respect of all, even that of top student Jimmy Hsu, 27. When many retired
    306 words
  • 37 20 THE Serangoon Gardens youth group will screen a film, I The Majestic Cat. at Cathay cinema on Sunday at 8.30 a.m. as a fund-raising project. Tickets, $2.50 and $3.50 are available at the centre.
    37 words
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    • 481 20 m fact: ■M viscous-damping straightens out all your records your favorite record may be a ang(e of warps Your phono cartridge "sect such records as twisted. damping The Dynamic Stabilizer acts something heaving surfaces, jolting up and down 05to 8 times a like a shock absorber.' carrying the cartridge over
      481 words
  • Page 20 Miscellaneous
    • 276 20 Bringing Up Father By Bill Kavanagh Hal Camp YES, AND 11= YOU ASKED NOW SHE'S —AHDI'M TOO TIMIP SO MAG&E WAS SHE WAS I HER A QUESTION, THE ONE WO 1 TO ANSWER THEM J 16 VVWEN YDU^/\VERy'C>tJ)ET'/ SHE WAS TOO ASKS THE \v Blondie By Chic Young W 1
      276 words

    • 457 21 6 THE Islamic aspirations of the Malays are very much a fact of life. Of coarse, too much can be made of all this. In the streets the young people walk as freely as anywhere not one girl In a hundred has her hair
      457 words
    • 112 21 KUALA LUMPUR, Sun. Glass windows in all railway coaches will be replaced by safety class from next year, the Malay Mail reported. A railway official says this will be effected within the next three months. The administration is at present studying the type of
      112 words
    • 75 21 $2 million loss in godown fire NO amount of water could retrieve the $2 million which went up In smoke from a godown in Petaling Jaya on Saturday. The (ire was fuelled by the highly combustible contents of the godown butane gas for cigarette lighters, chemicals and Industrial Roods like
      NST  -  75 words
    • 176 21 Launch on fire: Close shave for seven PORT KLANG, Sun. Seven people, including five Japanese passengers, narrowly escaped death when their passenger launch caught fire about one-and-a-half kilometres from the passrnger jetty here yesterday. The passengers and the boat crewman were saved by a passing boat before the launch driver
      176 words
    • 54 21 KUALA LUMPUR, Sun. CID Director Datuk Abdul Rahman bin Ismail said yesterday the police force was very concerned over reports of drug abuse among a small number of its officers and men. He urged those who took drugs to come forward for medical treatment before it
      NST  -  54 words
    • 351 21 Wrongful sacking: Doctor awarded $500,000 KUALA LUMPUR, Sunday THE Industrial Court yesterday ordered the Assunta Hospital to pay its former Director 1 of Radiology, Dr A. Dutt, more than half a i million dollars in compensation for wrongful dismissal. The compensation is believed to be the larg- est award made
      NST  -  351 words
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      113 words
    • 670 21 DRAINAGE AND IRRIGATION DEPARTMENT MALAYSIA TENDER NOTICE NATIONAL SMALL-SCALE IRRIGATION PROJECT AND KRIAN/ SUNGAI MANIK INTEGRATED AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Tenders are invited from bona fide suppliers registered with the Drainage and Irrigation Department under the following classes and foreign suppliers of equipment from member countries of the International Bank for
      670 words
    • 732 21 MAJUIKAN LEMBAGA KEMAJUAN IKAN MALAYSIA KENYATAAN T A WAR AN Tawaran adalah dipelawa daripada Pemborong yang berdaftar dengan Jabatan Parit Taliair atau Jabatan Kerja Ray a dala m Kolas 'BX untuk: PROJEK TERN AKAN IKAN/ UDANG AIR PA YAH DI TAN JONG DAW AI, KEDAH Contract No: M AJl'IK A
      732 words

    • 744 22 THE stipendiary steward's report on Saturday's races in Penang: State of the going: Good. Race 1: Five Luck Champs (A. Razak) and Champion II (D. Kwong) were both slow to begin. Bronco (B. Raymond) left the starting stalls awkwardly, rolling towards the rails onto Spring Water (C.H.Ooi). Rounding
      744 words
    • 43 22 Ist No: ***** ($2,902) 2nd No: ***** ($725) 3rd No: ***** ($362) STARTERS ($37 each): *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****. CONSOLATION ($36 each): *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****.
      43 words
    • 2237 22  - Harris -Allan triumph in Pesta Cup FAIRWAY By LEADING jockey Noel Harris and trainer Ivan Allan renewed partnership on a triumphant note in Penang yesterday when they won the Penang Pesta Cup with Pleasanton Lady. I Harris, heading for his first jockey premiership, gave a fine display to bring home
      2,237 words
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    • 110 22 H I 79 W 4t "Never before has there been a drink suoh as this nor will there ever be again It (CAMUS) mk is as mellow and as delightful-as the legacy of the Poet Li-Po's genius, which flows thro igh the ages to enthrall and capture us. toda fo
      110 words

    • 149 23 WG move into the European Nations' finals GELSENKIRCHEN, Sun. West Germany won the remaining place in the finals of the European Nations' soccer championship in Italy in June when they beat Turkey 2-0 here yesterday in a Group Seven match. Already qualified are England, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Czechoslovakia, Greece and
      Reuter; AFP  -  149 words
    • 22 23 PERPIGNAN, Sun. Australia won the junior rugby league international here yesterday when they defeated a local regional side 19-H AFP.
      AFP  -  22 words
    • 1176 23 Derby 1 Liverpool 3, Everton l Manchester City 2. Manchester United 3 Noiiinxham Forest 0 P W D L F A Pt Ijverpnol X 12 t 2 45 14 30 Man United 21 12 C 3 33 14 30 Annul 21 7 10 4 26 16 24 Suuthamplon
      1,176 words
    • 1047 23 JOCKEYS Razmy and P. Lee were each suspended three race days by the Penang Turf Club stewards (or inconsiderate riding yesterday. Razmy was suspended for his handling of Music-Maker in Race 1 and P. Lee on the winner. Song Writer, in the last race. Lee was also fined
      1,047 words
    • 479 23 Holiday crowd to watcK top clubs in private battle LONDON, Sun. The computer that draws up the English Football League fixture list could hardly have arranged things better Liverpool against Manchester United on Boxing Day. A huge holiday crowd is certain to cram
      Reuter; AFP  -  479 words
    • 273 23 ABIDJAN, Sun. Dntcb First Division clab AJax Amsterdam won the International Christmas football tournament when they beat Hearts ef Oak, ef Ghana, M lit hardfought final here yesterday. At half-time the scere was 1-1. Watched by seme 11,- spectators at the Felix Honphoaet-Bolßny Stadium,
      AFP  -  273 words
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      139 words

    • 352 24 SYDNEY, Sun. Hana Mandlikova, of Czechoslovakia, won the New South Wales Open tennis title here today when she beat American Bettina Bunge in the final. Hana won 6-3, 34, 6-3 to become the youngest woman champion in the 94-year history of the
      AP; AFP  -  352 words
    • 58 24 LEON, Sun. Spain's European featherweight champion Roberto Castanon knocked out his Italian-Brazilian opponent Eleno Ferreira in the third round of a one-sided boxing contest here last night Ferreira. a last-minute substitute when Castanon's title contender Salvatore Meluzzo. of Italy, had to withdraw because of illness, was floored twice
      AFP  -  58 words
    • 624 24 SPORT IN BRIEF Azhar hits out at umpires KARACHI KM. Azhar. chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Control Board, was yesterday reported to have said that }>oor umpiring by Indian officials had caused Pakistan's defeat in the third Test in Bombay last week In an interview with the prestigious English language
      Agencies  -  624 words
    • 443 24 HONGKONG, Sun. China beat their archrivals, Indonesia, in both the men's and women's events in the Hongkong badminton invitation tournament here yesterday. The Chinese girls won the two final matches against Indonesia to score a perfect 5-0 victory. They clinched an unbeatable lead of 3-0
      AP; AFP  -  443 words
    • 608 24 NEW YORK, Sun. Willie Classen, the fighter whose death from injuries suffered in the ring resulted in a suspension of boxing in the state, had been arrested in July as an "enforcer" for a reputed drug dealer, it was learned yesterday. The complainant
      UPI  -  608 words
    • 94 24 Koreans in search of honours BAHRAIN, Sun. China and South Korea clash today for honours to represent Asia at the men's volleyball finals in Moscow next year, after beating all opposition during qualifying rounds in the Asian championship here. They maintained their lead on the penultimate day of the 15-nation
      Reuter  -  94 words
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