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Straits Observer (Singapore), 11 January 1876


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL2212


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SUBCRIFTION TO THR .STRAITS OBSERVER. Ter annum (m advance) $15.00 Monthly i» I^>o ADVERTISEMENTS. A I per Square of Twelve Tmes— First insertion $2 00 1- .h< i aucceediug in* .Tti' >n &0 One month ...„3.&0 A 1 Vheral deduction will he made to pariiea wishh g to contract tor

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INETHKKLANDS INDIA STEAM NAVIGAIION COMPANY LIMITED. Head, 13 Austin Faiann, London. Tfiis Company continues to perform tbe foil iminjr regular service m the Indian Archtpe- la«jo, under contract with the Netfcerlaads Indtan Government. Faox Sikgafosb. To Bat a vta ...via Biouw and Muntok. and back, m correspondence with the

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JOHN KITTLE CO. x H s -^ay* on ha -d direct importations of the following goods WINE. Sherries from Cockburn and Campbell, White and others. Port from Cockburn and Campbell, Page md others. Clarets from Bordeaux direct. Champagne from Jules Mumm, Geisler and others. Hocks and Moselles from do. do.

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j KATZ BROTHERS. Have newly received and opened for sale, a fresh supply of the following articles SADDLES hy the best English PONY HARNESS J Makers. A new Invoice of MUSICAL INSTRU* MENTS. German Concertinas, .9 Accordions, Flutes, Drums, &c., &c. Best Americau SHIP& OTHER CLOCKS. consisting of 8 Day

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E. ULLMANN Jewellery abd Watcd Establishmikt, Fancy and G. n_ral Goods STORK. 50, BAVIERY ROAD, Corner of Commercial Square. JUST received per last French mail and etho lute arrivals ANEW STOCK OF GOODS* Comprising a variety ot best Paris made whito ahuts, liven collars oi the most newest blunt. lor

THE STRAITS OBSERVER. Tuesday, 11th January 1876. [ARTICLE]

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THE STRAITS OBSERVER. Tuesday, 11th January 1876. I am m the place where I am demanded of conscience to speak the truth an<l, therefore, the truth I i ---peak, impugu it whoso list.** Tin. following ia the list cf passengers per Normanby. li. A. line, from Hongkong, arrived here on



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A COMPLAINT. TO THE EDITOR OF .UK STRAITS ORSHRVI R. Sir, So much Ins been been written m ro Government blundering .md bnnjr« ling mania, but to the other shle of ihe question a duplicate I do no* know how tlieExchange manage to get tlieic •hipping reports. Tbe following arrivals


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AUDI ALTERAM PARTEM. TO THE EDITOR OF Till-. &TI.ATTS OBsI-UV R. Dear Sir. A short time ago wlien Wall Seealilung, (one of the Bugis people who were robbed at ll ko by the Aral mercenaries of tbe Kilana m tlie pretence of Captain Murray ami some men ef I I


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A MALAY STEW. TO THE HHT-N- OF THE STRAITS DWt-tTia. Dkar Sik, It has been said that the Yrench cm make a slew out of any thing, as hlgoldsbl sillers i T|m 1 ord only knows what tip y nut m lli«-ir *»ew», .Viietli-r old huts, or oU cat. or


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THE RAFFLES LIBRARY, &c. TO TUB EDITOR OF TUB ST.UI.S On.EltYßtt. Sik, h it not most time that we had a report SC to the progress of the It (II ia' Library aud Museum, and tho Botanical G irdeus 1 would also suggest that therg should be a list of

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ARMY CONTRACTS. 1 k TIIE STBAITs"sETTLEMENTS. SEALED TENDERS will be received nt this Offiot) until noon ou the 20th Janu- ary, WO, from persons williug to contract for each m SUPPLIES AND SERVICES SS may be rrqu'red, from time to lime, fir the ass of Hsr Umm} sty's Europeau Troops

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THE EASTERN AND AUSTRALIAN IJ MAIL STEAMSHIP CO., LIMITED. TOR SoMBHSFT, CoOKTOWW, TOWSSVILLS, I Row en. Kurrati Bay, Brisbane, Ii J_>yi>m_y ano Mblbournb. rp^E Company steamer M NOR«a3u^f^ J. M.ANIiV (970* tons) Captain t VJT3Lt\_-R( -ddcll. will leave Tanjong *sgsr •■s_____r. w vr for the alxive ports after the arrival

Criminal Assises. [ARTICLE]

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Criminal Assises. January, 1876. ,t3efore His Honour Srr Tiomas *ioor_ave3, f Knight, Chief Justice] Tuesday, 4th January, 1876. BO*.*. I'un Hung, charge! with housebreaking by aicht m order to commit theft, second count theft m a dw«dlin 2 house. The prisoner vus (band utility on the first count, and sentenced


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DIARY OF EVENTS IN MALACCA. Dee ISth. 1873. All quiet m town, but bodies ot rioter* armed with muskets, swords, and spears, have been seen during tbe day m tbe districts of Doorian Toougal, lie itebiafa and Kalameh, evidently with tho intention ef attacking, plundering ancl burning the Tapioca Estates


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UNSEA WORTHY SHIPS. 28 39 ViCT. CHAPTER 88. An Act to make provision for giving further power to th j Heard of Trade for stopping un-se-iwoithy ehipa [13th Xniu.t, 1875.] Be it enacted by the Q teen's most Excellent Majesty, by ;.nd with the advice and consent of ft* Lords

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MX. ML .HEP IK IVfdr ML _W __CT _E -M_e ML* _C __E _»T €J JE t»-< A yyj VUlffi t 4EWVALS— ContUued. Friday "th January British steamer Bfinmore, M* tone, Taylor, Nesng, 'stli Jau., TJI UlUriOS. Kirn Seng and Co. Patch steamer Betsy, 106 tons. Van Kley Uhio, 7th

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I, L i au DYNAMITE. NOBEL'S DYNAMITE, or SAFETY GIANT BLASTING POWDER, THE most powerful of all explosives for Mining and Quarrying Blasting m hard or soft, wet or dry Hocks, Construction of Tunnels, Clearin- Land of Tree Roots and Boulders, Breaking up Blocks df Metal or Stone, tleanng away

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MIi^MMM^»MM^ > ,MpM«MBMaMM»^^WM.M^__-__-__-__------PIMMELS CHOICE PERFUMERY, j Btmm __'a ToitßT Viwwga*, n ptemant, tonic and refreshing ••Ijanct fo i lie Toilet at« 4 Batli, a i_vivinir scent and a powerful disinfectant. For warm Climates It is invahiable. Kim melV cklkbrateb Lavb-Wbr Water. HIMMEI.'-TRKBLB I>IBIIL7.KO I.AU (OLONGB ItIMMBL- MUCH IMPROVED FLORIDA WATBR.

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GBAET COMPANY OF COGNAC. T_te ?in .fers-gijed are Importers cf this fine old Brandy. HARRISON CO.. Agents. Smgapore, 4th Nov., 1874. :faibba lCKS' SCALES AND STANDARD of the WORLD. jTAIRBAm^I SCALES Adapted to the STANDARD of all Nations aud Carefully Packed for shipping. EVERY SCALE WARRANTED. WAREJLHyUSmES FAIRBANKS k CO

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sixteen, the 22s. size thirty-three, and 335. mi* A t fuo times the Quantity ol a Is. lid. Box or Hot Jm 4 smallest Box of Pills contains lour dozen smallest Pot of Ointment one ounce. J Fuil primed directions ure ullixed to eacl h Pot, and eau be had