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Straits Observer (Singapore), 1 April 1875


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL5504


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SUBCRIPTIOV TO THB STKAIT9 OBBKBVBK j r»» Amn cm (m advance) 1 15 00 Moollil> M „1.30 l| ADVERTISEMENTS. At per Square of Twelve lines— Fint insertion $9 00 Kach tncctvdiug interti< B 30 Oi«ea«utn „3.00 A 1 iberal dedaction will be made to part let withirg t ■> con

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j NKTMEkLANDS INDIA STEAM I NAVIGAIION COMPANY LIMITED. Hkad Orrics, 13 Austin Fkiabs, London. n^ C°n»P»ny continues to perform the following regular service m the Indian Archipelago, under contract with the Netherlands Indian Government. F»om ?isoapohe. To B*TATU...via Riou* and Mmtok. and back, m correspondence with the mail ateamers of

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jj JOHN LITTLE CO. Have always on hand direct importations of I the following goods cherries from Cockburn and Campbell, White and others. 1 ort from Cockburn and Campbell, Page *nd others. Clareta from Bordeaux direct. Champagne from Julea Mumm, Geisler and others. Hocks and Mose lea from do. do.

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I KATZ BROTHERS. jj Have newly received and opened for sale, a fresh supply o f the following articles j £niv!r*»* l b y the best English PO:\Y HARNESS (Makers. I] A new Invoice of MUSICAL IN iTRUI German Concertina*, Drums, &a, &c. i Best American SHIP& OTHEB CLOCKS. 8

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THE LONDON AND ORIENTAL STEAM TRANSIT INSUBANCE OFFICE. 137, Lradenhall Stbeet, Lokdo*. ESTABLISHED 1613. O n'Sj^ d r r8 i ?tied is ftut t»orir;ed ♦<> accept nsks on behalf of this Office by fin,t class stia.aera and sailing vessel,. All losses under tlieir policies payable m London be settled at

THE STRAITS OBSERVER. Thursday, 1st April, 1875. [ARTICLE]

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THE STRAITS OBSERVER. Thursday, 1st April, 1875. Mails will he made up nt the General Post Office at 6 p.m. this evening (Thurs- j day) for Batavia per Neva at 5 p. m. on Friday the 2nd, for Lftbuan per C/ealor and for Bangkok at 3 p.m. per B in


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SINGAPORE RACES. Thn IS7> Spring Meeting conn enrol I on Tuesday. 1 lie enclosuie was pietty fu'ly attended the Grand Stand bem^ graced by the presence of Lady Clarke and many other ladies. Ilia Excellency the Governor was also piesent nud liK>!c great interest m the proceeding. The first race

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LONDON HOUSE, 13ATTEHY ROAP,— SIXCAPORE. D. EVANS, TATLOR, BREECHES HABIT MAKER bHIKT MA>'UFACTUKEB GENERAL OUTFITTER. CHOICE SELECTION or GOODS XX. from the leading Scotch and English House*, comprising Black ana Blue West of England Broad Cloths and Venetians, Black and Blue Diagonal, Worsted, and Fancy Coatings. Blat-k and Blue Estemaine«,

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TANJONG PAG AS DOCK COMPANY, |l VTOTICE is hereby given, that a DIVIDEND jS at the rate of 8 per cent, for the half year I ending 3 1st December last, will be payable at the Company's Office, No. 4, Collyer Quay, on and after Mouthy uext, the 22ml instant.



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THE ROADS. TO THE EDITOR OF TIIE BTttAITd OBSERVER. J Sik, The Kocliore Road which you have advocated for lights is so roughly patched, which is nearly alike to ruts, t'mt it wants a little line dressing, so smoothly that a water cart can go without hu>t to man aud


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MALAY STATES. TO THE EDiTJR OF IHS STSAITS OB^EIIVgR. t)E\ti *iv, Inm glad to learn fro'ra the Report of Mr. Frank A. Swettenhara the Assistant Resident of Laupat, which you pubhshel m your valuable j jurnul of 2>ih instant, that that c >uitry, .through his prai^ewortliy exertion and able diplotnacv,


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A QUERY. TO TIIB EDITOR OF TUB STBiirS OR-'KUVCR. L)K4R Sir, Hare ym received yoar opy of tdo ln*t (ioverniuciit (i;./'trn (27t!i March). 1 hare nut nnr can 1 find it m the Exchange roou.u. What's u;» with the Qioeu'd uevila I You; *i truly, A StJttgCOIBER. Singapore. Ist April,


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ENGLISH LIFL IN HONGKONG: Br A. Military Exile. NO. XIV— The City of Kowloov. {CjntiHtud from tk< StraiU Observer of 2 r J.h J/urcl.) ll.ivi traverse*! the ffcrioM s'roft.s o the city, we next nscoml tho w.ills, tdo tops of which are perfectly cron and almost wile enough iv many

No XV—Missionary Life. Conclusion. [ARTICLE]

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No XV— Missionary Life. Conclusion. I I should be guilty of a singular omission I were I to close these sketches without talc- I ing some notice of the Missionary opera- tions in HongkoDg. I purpose therefore to j derote ths, the last of the series, to a brief i


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WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Hi* Excellency Governor Robin>on, C. M. G arrived at King (J ,;or^i;'d Sound, from England, on the 3rd inst, an 1 wa* con. teyed to Fremantle by the s. p. Georgette. 110 «a^ received m a mairier m.9tt crcli al»!o the (own, the sirecis vTere |Af with arche«,


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THE TORRES STRAITS MAIL SERVICE. Tlio Brithanc Courier of February 10 li I draws atieuiioii l« ilm progress thai lists bo hi made m ii»e Torrid Straits mail service, an. l compara its performances vviili tliuse of ilio Pacific and Suez line* as follows I'lie mail delivm-d here by the


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A. CHINESE MISSIONARY One of the la»r>«t eensaiion m lite "hnH of the ui,iver»e, as the inhabitant* <-f B ton, U. J?., ate pleased to call it, id the Bjij.t.r ancoofa Chinee Mitsionarr, irlio hat ac Quired (he Engluh ]aD»aa^p, ami is animated *»ilia fortenl desire »o concert llic people


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A FIRE AT SEA. Tlic V.-M320 of iL> ehi;» C.nUlur d^m London io ibM po:i ha* b<'cii by no mran* <loToi<i <•( inciJcri', lite mofet thiilin^ len^ that of Iht rinmifij <lo«rn ihr» tliiji King-, bridge m the X i^li-Ii Channel, particular* of which hare aim Iv appeared. Afier i\

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iioihu>x y 's fill* mi DMwi'.^mA aiimlice.— These niM|hi U are the results of I disordered lirer, which secretes bile m <iu 4 l,t f qu*nuty of'iii«estinj( food. ])iwioTi re.j Hires t free flow of healthy bile, to "i mmwhich Holloway's fills and Ointment have lon been f.mou., Ur

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CAUTION. J. F. MARTELL'B BRANDY. It having come to oar knowledge that npuriom iniaxtioiM ant imported. Coiuuiners should he careful to vJe that tlnry onlain ll»« geiuin* article with our brand, tehicu v to be bad of all r«t prctabl« Dtralf rs. MART ELL tc CO. DYNAMITE. KOBEL'S DYNAMITE, or

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NOTICE. TO CONSUMERS OF ICE. FROM Wednesday, February 10th. Ice will be cold at the works of the undersigned at the rate of TWO CENTS PER POUND, for cash or tickets, to suit the convenience of purchasers. V. P ALLIES, Pioneer Steam Works, 100, Bra&j Bassa Road. Singapore, 9th Feb.,

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HOLLOWAY'S PILLS. Jfo Pi milt or person should be without these Pills. Their long tried efficacy m correcting disorders of the liver and atomaob, stimulating tbe bowels, and purifying tue blood, ha* reovred tor them an imperishable Uine throughout the world. A tew doses produce comfort, a short continuance effects

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dueed as i family medicine, they are intalvaMe f-l being such aiiinentt of young and old of ooib aexet llollmray's Pills are the best remedy known m the nvrld/or the fvlloiting diseases Ague .Gout tonei Gravel A-tlima Headache lecoudary tf>)nip- bilious Com- j Indigestion I touts plaints Liver Cuiuplaint* Ti<

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Lite affected part* after their due foaentation b*l warn water. Itactaby the absorbtu, iucreioed activity, b y piwleilllllK COll?fcll h I uiotiug a free and cupioua circulation m U* wwu c j cciad, apcediiy and eftevtujiij it ektuie. a care Gout and Rheumatism. Tb» invaluHble vn K urnt

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m mm: m. ap ,tl» is*ci- 'ml t* r m^ v: u^ m^ xcrx^rcx:. Arrivals. arrital^-ow^*!. Monday 29th March We«lat«ihy, ilst March. German barque Richard, 456 tona, Carliou, Uambure, 20th November, M. «t«OMr Keva, 117 too*, lUtin, BaUtio, 2Sth March, Mmageriea lUutenberg, Schmidt k Co. MariUme*. butch steamer liaoda, 412