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THE SINGAPORE MONITOR 30cents M.C. (P) No. 19/5/82 ISSN 0217 1325 Saturday, March 26, 1983


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TAKINGS DIP AGAIN AT MAJOR CINEMA CHAINS Shaw Organisation plans to retrench 20 By GANDHI AMBALAM BOX office takings by Singapore's two major cinema chains. Shaw and Cathay. have been dropping The worst hit is the Shaw Organisation and it plans to retrench some 20 office workers by the end

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1 1 s ome cases from the f,les of s,n 9 a P° re s tO P medical sleuth BELIEVE 1 ITORNOTI Top marks for VSTMtlAaallilaWt uabk tTBAIIAiT I Singapore made rifles ■■wflK 91 nAnuc plus a special report on I VM B\lkV AMAZING TALES W Singapore s growing 11.

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Children oil over tH* world lov« Diodoro «||(M« MONITOR Milk Cop SomUI 8-Mfiß WHIM IT A tyifm incorporating Lmn Soncm fumfatw* MaotfMn control unit 1018 Tuntf 104 and M? mmaetnra «ou*p>«*»ri A word A note A sound No one offers you the opportunity to define it better than Atlas Sound.

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Weather: Hazy and warm with showers In a few areas


Property owners living in flats 'are being tracked' [ARTICLE]

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Property owners living in flats 'are being tracked' HDB uses computers and other means to aid detection TAN HENG HUAY Executive Asst Secretary (Public Relation) Hoaxing Development Board PLEASE refer to the letter by "N Hong" (SM. Feb 17) and Mana Ada System (SM. Feb 28) The writers complained that

Fort Canning traffic [ARTICLE]

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Fort Canning traffic YEOW SHANG YING, ASP PRO, Singapore Police Force I REFER to the letter captioned "Traffic jam at Fort Canning Rise" from "BSM" (SM, Mar 3) The police is closely monitoring the traffic congestion which occurs along Fort Canning Rise from the junction of Hill Street to the

No smoking ban [ARTICLE]

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No smoking ban CHUA A KOK SWEE Sr PRO, Ministry of the Knvironment I REFER to the suggestion by Tone Mcc Foo on "Ban Smoking In SBS Interchanges' (SM. Mar 9). I wish to inform the writer that there is no plan to prohibit smoking at bus interchanges which are

Laguna Park right-of-way [ARTICLE]

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Laguna Park right-of-way RUAN MIN HE Singapore 0511 I REFER to the recent letters published in your news Gper regarding security at guna Park. It seems to me the fundamental question to ask is whether an owner of a flat in La guna Park has the right to stop any

Flat that had no water [ARTICLE]

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Flat that had no water NOT IMPRESSED Singapore 1439 ACTING Minister of State for Social Affairs Dr Ahmad Mattar helped out the family of Mr Low Ah Su in Lorong 4, Toa Payoh who had been without water since Friday. After a phone call by Dr Mattar running water was

BMWs in housing estates! Why not? [ARTICLE]

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BMWs in housing estates! Why not? LAKEVIEWER Singapore 2057 I AM deeply concerned by the basic attitude that was expressed in Mr Yeo Seng Kia's letter (Sunday Monitor. March 20). HDB residents, in his mind, should not own flashy cars because they arc enjoying subsidised housing Fortunately, the system does

column 5 [ARTICLE]

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column 5 n DELTA HONG IF you didn't know me. you might have thought I had been drink in when I tell you the other day I taw a tiger under the billiard table at Raffles Hotel There I was, innocently walkin' into the Tiffin Room when I nearly jumped


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THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Love's like measles all the worse when it comes late in life Douglas Jerrofd, English writer (1803-1857).

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LETTERS on any subfect of pubftc nMmt w« be iccapMd lor puMcaNon. should be typed and mutt ba signed. They must alao nduda tha writ ar t nama and addraaa even if the writer decides to use s peeudonym at pnrn A T'r* telephone number would ba uaafui We reeerve

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GCE 'OVA' LEVELS MORNINO/AFTERNOON/EVENING SESSIONS FOR SCIENCE ft COMMERCE streams TEACHERS I ocaJ A Forotgn Or•due.toe approved by tha Ministry Number of Classes 10 Pre I 1.6 Prc-U 11.8 Sec IV Deferment from National Service 4 Student pay. for forrtg n student could be arranged Parenu Student* are invited to


'Petrol prices should be further cut' [ARTICLE]

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'Petrol prices should be further cut' Consumer bodies want reduction to be proportionate with Opec's 15 per cent ALL the oil firms in Singapore are lowering the retail prices of petrol and diesel Petrol comes down by about per cent and diesel by about 10 per cent today or tomorrow

New drug may cure herpes [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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New drug may cure herpes By LYE YIN FONG A DRUG derived from the liquorice plant may prove to be an effective cure for genital herpes, a sexually-transmitted disease Professor David Poswillo, professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University of London, yesterday said that clinical testing of the

The long and short wait for 'O' and 'A' levels results [ARTICLE]

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The long and short wait for 'O' and 'A' levels results ALMOST everyone thinks the gap between the announcement of the O Level results and the an- nouncement of the 'A' Level ones is one week. But they are mistaken. During the last six years the interval between the O'


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THE YAWNS AND YARNS THAT BELIE THE IMPORTANCE OF PARLIAMENT OPINION By MARGARET THOMAS SOME aaaaaßaj were so boriag and dull that the bach benchers sitting in the front were almost sent into a blissful state of snoring slumber so said Leader of the House Mr E W Barker at

When a gain fell $22m fraud $2.4 m short [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 4

When a gain fell $22m fraud $2.4 m short Money from ship sinking plot not enough for crooks to share, says DPP By SIT YIN FONG and FAEZAH ISMAIL THE $21 8 million profit which a Singapore father and ton made by master minding a double ship sinking fraud was

Ministry's roomy relaxation to help the multi-tier family [ARTICLE]

Page 5

Ministry's roomy relaxation to help the multi-tier family •y ANG PENG HWA PRIVATE property owners can make room literally for their multitier families. The Ministry of National Development has relaxed its planning controls to allow adjoining walla of apartments and semi-detached and terrace houses to be knocked down, and for


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SIX MONTHS TO CLEAN UP PUBLIC TOILETS By LYE YIN FONG THE Ministry of the Environ ment has served 700 notices on the managements of pubh< toilets all over Singapore They have been give six months in which to repair and upgrade the conveniences There are 10.700 public toilets in

'Soft approach' paying off for the police [ARTICLE]

Page 6

'Soft approach' paying off for the police Public show appreciation for display of tact and patience By K K FONG THE 7 000 strong. Singapore police force it all set to win over the public with tact, patience and moat of all. discretion This carefully-planned approach is going down well

Fun with the Bard [ARTICLE]

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Fun with the Bard By BERTILLA PEREIRA SHAKESPEARE can be fun. This is the message trainee teachers hope to put across during the Institute of Education'i 10th anniversary celebrations About II Diploma in Education and Certificate in Education students, who form the regular Saturday Drama Workshop, have been rehearsing a

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Easter Extravaganza 83 APRIL 3 1983 11.30 am 4 30pm JL>) Bring your family and celebrate this Easter in a ■pi Vjirof grand way at Dynasty Ballroom Highlights from our M Adult s s 32oo Child Ss22.of>* (under 12 years) co mooter 111 ALMOND BOCA

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h Willi 1 i^^H^^u^ TITONI shapes the face of time The Swiss have been making appearance as they are exquisite timepieces for centuries. meticulously crafted for accuracy. They have created an art form out Shapes for every mood and of what was once a trade. From this _~fy~_ moment. You

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*^^^^BSBBBSV BBBbbbbbbbbbbbbb! SHARP ke Crusher Great for parties. Suitable for hotels. h <^ -r Ideal for hawkers. MB For the serving of drinks cut-fruits nx-ktajls. rock-oysters etc. eti The method of using IV chad/hanvner. knife, rrcwdnver 9 W tlJ and what have you. to crush chunks S t of ice

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Andrei Gromyko's promotion could herald a major Kremlin reshuffle [ARTICLE]

Page 7

Andrei Gromyko's promotion could herald a major Kremlin reshuffle Reuter THE unexpected promotion of veteran Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko within the Soviet hierarchy could herald a major Kremlin reorganisation. Western diplomats said yesterday Mr Gromyko. Foreign Minister since 1957 end a member of the ruling politburo since 1973, was yesterday

World Briefs

Walesa and wife queried [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Walesa and wife queried AP LECH WALESA and lus wife were questioned sepa rstely at length yesterday la Gdansk by government offtoials about prires and gifts they received (taring the If months Walesa led the now-outlawed Labour movement Solidarity, a family spokesman said. Waieaa told his interrogators that he has

Cosmos 1447 launched [ARTICLE]

Page 7

Cosmos 1447 launched UPI MOSCOW: The Soviet Union yesterday launched Cosmos 1447. the second Soviet satellite to join the "Cosnaa sarsat" system designed to help find ships and aircraft in distress. Tans said. The first US satellite destined to become part of the rescue network will be launched nest week.

More officials resign [ARTICLE]

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More officials resign Reuter WASHINGTON Five senior officials have resigned from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is the subject of investigations into alleged mismanagement and political manipulation, the White House said yesterday. The resignations came two weeks after EPA administrator Anne Burford left the embattled agency despite statements by

Recognition for Yugoslavia [ARTICLE]

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Recognition for Yugoslavia Reuter BELGRADE: The Soviet Union reaffirmed yesterday its recognition of the independent course charted by communist but non-aligned Yugoslavia. The two countries, In a Joint communique issued at the end of a five-day official visit to Yugoslavia by Soviet Prime Minister Nikolai Tikhonov. also agreed to increase

Europe catches up with the time [ARTICLE]

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Europe catches up with the time Reuter LONDON, Saturday MOST European countries. incledißß all It mem hers of the Earopeaa ommnntty switch to tarn mer time this weekend, actio* hi concert after yean at coafnslon The clocks go forward oae hear at 9200 GMT (1 Oam local time) on Snnday.

Polish troops fire at British, says report [ARTICLE]

Page 8

Polish troops fire at British, says report AP LONDON. Sat POLISH troops ootaide Warsaw fired OS) S Br.l k*h rmbtny cor carryhag ssissatn of the aa val aad military Marat Staff earlier thai moath bat eobod> was hart ttta British Foreiga Office reported The Daily Telegraph rtajarted yesterday that •aid

Mini-tape may spark video war [ARTICLE]

Page 8

Mini-tape may spark video war Japanese breakthrough in micro-cassette can make VHS and Betamax obsolete •y STEPHEN QUO Special la WHEN the European Economic Community succaaded ia fatting Japan to cut back oa video rasa tit i recorder (VCR) exports hard-pressed European manufactarers heaved a sigh of relief Now, there

France tightens belt with austerity budget [ARTICLE]

Page 8

France tightens belt with austerity budget AP PARIS, Saturday FRANCE'S socialist government announced a tonga new austerity package to meet the nation's economic crisis, including s "forced loan" by most taxpayers. Other measures announced yesterday were a severe currency clampdown on French vacationers with s ben on using credit cards


Page 10

JOINT OPPOSITION TO AID THAT SUPPORTS VIETS IN CAMBODIA West European, Asean ministers in common stand Reuter Bangkok. Saturday WEST European and South-east Asian foreign ministers yesterday called for the total withdrawal of Vietnamese forces from Cambodia and said the fighting there had intensified rivalry between major powers in the

Crack Viet troops poised to strike [ARTICLE]

Page 10

Crack Viet troops poised to strike UPI BANGKOK, twt MORE than «000 elite Vietnamese troops sre poised near the Thai-Cam-bodian border for aa allout assault on civilians and anti Hanoi guerillas next week, a Khmer resistance leader said yesterday. Son Saan, Prime Minister of the Cambodian coalition headed by Prince

Condolences for Clark [ARTICLE]

Page 10

Condolences for Clark AP SALT LAKE CITY. Sat MESSAGES of sympathy poured in from around the world for the family of Barney Clark, his doctors said President Reagan telephoned Mr Claris wife. Una Loy, on Thursday and expressed his "deepest sympathy." a White House spokesman said repressions of sympathy came

McCartney to face paternity suit [ARTICLE]

Page 10

McCartney to face paternity suit UPI BERLIN. Saturday A PATERNITY suit against former Beatle Paul McCartney will go to court on April IS after Mood teats have been taken. West Berlin justice officials said yesterday The suit against McCartney was brought by Bettina Huebers. a 20 year old German girl


Page 10

AWARDED BY THE KING ASEAN Foreign Minister* (loft to right) Mr Suppieh Dhanabalan of Singapor*, Dr Mochtmr Kuaumaetmadje of lndon**t*, Q*n C*rk>* P Romuto of Philippine* and Tan Sn Qhmzsi, Shaft* of Malay**, in Bangkok for th* annual A***n-EC meeting, po*a with their award* pr*****d by King Bhumiboi of Th*il*nd,


Page 10

MEN MORE FICKLE UPI CHICAGO, Saturday MEN arc the fickle species? Contrary to the stereotype, men change their minds more often than women, a national survey claims. A higher percentage of male bosses (M per cent) than female bosses (SO per cent) send conflicting signals to their subordinates, said Loci

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Only two watches Grand Rklhomphe dEaodknoe Eun^eenne. One was a Picket The other was an Etmia Sfll 1^ —aWnaK I iAiitlAAi I I n 1 i \\\\w9m\\w I IBw I! >nff*»>" I I I Hftagflj I LVa^BvT T> I '•'f*" aBJ V-t B 11 i OEZ?"*'sj|M I diamond set I

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I For people with sensitive I I or problem skin I Seba Mcd Cleansing Bar and Uquid^B I Cleanser are designed to cleanse and 1 Itw care for sensitive and problem skin. H Seba Meds special properties make f it a useful cleanser for skin prone to: I acne, eczema,

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at mmm 1983 League Cup Final United M Co-sponsored by H w J I Z Milo is proud to cosponsor the much awaited clash the giants. Two top W wt rated first division teams, Manchester United Liverpool, for ym fame and glory in the 1983 League Cup to be telecast

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fm THE BEST L-1 STEAK IN TOWN' ~^L^ V RESTAURANT AQAIHI Naxifcm lal riuiiUi Ilotal Come in when you have the time to enjoy Tel: 2MtJS2 some good steak ~le% KTstTTaiiatt fJheasteif urs are c^ o o o s masterfully done at Centfe, Tet eeeaaoa a price you can well

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PURE KIRIN O-TWINTER VgkW HONEY \\W -King of Honeys ftutntiotis super Quality delicious (A prestigious product from the Pooptes RepubUc o< Ch.rmi awnnnssannnnnnnnW us^\aSar»--i \TW m \w t wD fchavaaahDWl 1 1 ofaaannnnH


Cycle and Carriage to have property division [ARTICLE]

Page 11

Cycle and Carriage to have property division IT WILL SUPERVISE PLANNED PROJECTS IN SPORE, MALAYSIA CYCLE and Carriage is setting up s property division to supervise the development of planned projects in Singapore and Malay sis. Mr Scow Kee Chuan, a member of the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers,


Page 11

OVERNIGHT THE stock market moved downward yesterday, retreating from the record highs it reached on Thursday Analysts said many investors had grown increasingly concerned about interest rate prospects The Dow Jones Average of SO in duetrtals dropped 8.81 to close st 1.140 SO. cutting its gain for the week to


Discount rate fails [ARTICLE]

Page 11

Discount rate fails THE average discount rate on Singapore government 91-day treasury bills eased to 2 305 per cent at this week's tender from 2 420 per cent last week The rate on 112-day bills fell to 2 7f5 per cent from 3 040 per cent last month

Share prices higher [ARTICLE]

Page 11

Share prices higher SINGAPORE share prices closed higher on buying support in moder ate selective trading Higher Well Street advices aided sentiment The Straits Times industrial index rose seven points to 838 S3

Singapore Monitor clarifies Scotts Centre report [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Singapore Monitor clarifies Scotts Centre report IN an article published on Dec 10, 1982, The Singapore Monitor reported that a partial inspection of Scotta Centre revealed that the building did not meet more than SO per cent of Singapore's Building Regulations and that therefore the building would not be open

Paper Products (Malaya) sells four subsidiaries for $18.13m [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Paper Products (Malaya) sells four subsidiaries for $18.13m The Star PAPER Products (Malaya) (PPM) has finally sold its paper manufacturing subsidiaries for $18 13 million The company said it has agreed to sell four of its subsidiaries Shiu Pooh (Malaysia), North Malaya Paper Mills, Federal Packages and Central Malaya Paper.

22,000 apartments built over next 5 years [ARTICLE]

Page 12

22,000 apartments built over next 5 years THERE will be about 22,000 apartment units built in Singapore over the nest five years, but the residential market will be able to absorb supply until 198 ft, a local property consultant said Mr Stephen Howes, a partner at Jones Lang Wool ton

Low Nam Hui gets $40m loan [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Low Nam Hui gets $40m loan THE Johore-baaed Low Nam Hui group of companies has secured s $40 million syndicated loan to finance its Tsman Scudai Baru housing project The loan was secured from a consortium of banks and financial Institutions, led and managed by Asearnbankers Malaysia, for Eastern Enterprise


Page 12

GOLD WILL HAVE BRIGHT FUTURE GOLD will continue to have a shining future as sn investment prospect despite its recent fluctuations, according to a precious metals dealer. Mr John Schneeberger, senior assistant vice president of Credit Suisse, Hong Kong, said several factors point to a rosy outlook. These include a

Hong Leong ready to expand in M'sia [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Hong Leong ready to expand in M'sia HONG LEONG Industries has sold Pirt of its stake in United Industrial aper Products and bought three com panics for nominal prices to leave it placed for expansion in Malaysia The sale of 88 per cent of United Industrial Paper ia to Permodalan


Cold Storage to buy 330,000 shares [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Cold Storage to buy 330,000 shares COLD STORAGE Malaysia has agreed to buy from Sime Darby 380.000 shares in Selangor Ice Company The 40 per cent stake will cost MJ543 400 Cold Storage has also agreed to acquire 458.164 shares in Southern Perak Ice Company or 49 32 Cr cent

Kesang Holdings' profits down [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Kesang Holdings' profits down EARNINGS for Kesang Holdings were adversely affected In the second half of the past year. Its main income contributor, property development, was hit by the dtpressed economic conditions Turnover for the group was down by half, from M 510.9 million to MSS.2 million. Group pre-tax profit

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V writ* iwJsjchrsa range) of i wfi'icjwi attorn 1 i rnawawasnafr Bsnas m m aNI OaVan. asses m an a s suss a a au> esssvaaasa, HI V yoirii rove) iney rrtoowy you nan#es. aJL_ H From Mitsubishi lor your kitchen a range of k> rafngaraiors HI I Each designed

Page 11 Miscellaneous

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Welcome SHENTON WAY SEA FOOD REST, for the best sea-food in town. Our specialities are lovingly prepared by our own famous chefs. Prawn" (Vinegar Prawn) Live Sea-food OWO Tf BRTi. r I wll V? <f lVf. Garoupa Fish, Nile River Fish Sea Bass. "Soon Hock" Fish, Red Garoupa. Sultan Fish,


Clash will decide which is Britain's best team [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 13

Clash will decide which is Britain's best team n The match will be telecast live' over SBC Channel sat 11 pm tonight. BY SIMON BARNES SPECIAL TO THE SINGAPORE MONITOR THE Milk Cup final at Wembley brings together two teams which have spent the season disputing as to which is

Major surgery for Milk Cup [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 13

Major surgery for Milk Cup SOMEONE dropped clangor over the MNk Cup- And m the Milk Cup he had to 90 in lOC emergency last minute repairs The comoetttion a aoonsora me National Obi ry Council was ha viny a catobratory junk at with He prized Cup. But someone k

No fancy footwork for Bryan tonight [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 14

No fancy footwork for Bryan tonight MONITOR Milk Cop Special Manchester United and England star Bryan Robaon hat been out of action Willi a broken ankle Although ha hat coma out of piaster and began the hard road to fitness, ha will be sidelined for tonight s match, a bitter


Page 14

THE TWO RIVAL MANAGERS ARE A STUDY IN CONTRAST SIMON BARNES LIVERPOOL'S maaager Bob Paisley la la bit last season with football His slayers wooM love to give Un the Milk up as a farewell present One of the great managers hi British soccer, he took over the Liverpool team


Page 16

MANCHESTER UTD (THE RED DEVILS) Thumbnail sketches of prob.iblr players KEVIN MORAN A man who plays football like a Kamikase pilot, he's just learned he has a fractured cheekbone, but that won't stop him turning out today I'll take the risk.'' he announced That's news Liverpool didn't want to hear


Page 16

HOW THEY REACHED THE FINAL... ROUND ONE: Exempt ROUND TWO FIRST LEO: Manchester United 2 Bournemouth 0 An own goal from former West Ham star Harry Redknapp put United on its way Frank Stapteton scored the second. ROUND TWO SECOND LEO: Bournemouth 2 Manchester United 2 Tragedy for United and


Page 16

HOW THE ODDS ARE STACKED... ratings Capsule highlights off matches on the way to Wembh The bookies, who aren't renowned as a generous bunch of people, make Uverpool 13/8 favourite to win the Cup That puts Manchester United at 5/4 against There are skghtty more attractive odds available about


Page 16

LIVERPOOL (THE REDS) PHIL NEAL A rock steady defender with not a nerve in his body just the sort of player a man like Grobbelaar needs in front of him A fine, positive distributor of the ball, and has scored a total of 80 goals on marauding raids out of


Page 16

..HOW THEY REACHED THE FINAL ROUND ONE: Exempt ROUND TWO FIRST LEO: Ipswich 1 Liverpool 2. It doesn't come much tougher than Ipswich away, but Liverpool was always in command. Lan Rush scored the goal that left the East Anglian side with a mountain to climb at Anfieid ROUND TWO


Page 17

WHO WILL WIN? The Singapore Monitor interviews local sports personalities on the big match MONITOR Milk Cup flpociil RAHIM YATI. coach of Toa Payoh United a contender for the National League First Division title, says "Liverpool should have the edge for a 1-0 win over Manchester United." Ranim said I

What fans say... [ARTICLE]

Page 17

What fans say... MR THOMAS FREDERICK, a life-long United supporter, who is a sales executive by profession, is confident United can win. it's not blind loyalty It just cannot lose." he said Mr Frederick is not alone in his support of United MR NOOR MOHAMED, a clerk, also picks United


Page 18

I PICK THE REDS SAYS SIMON BARNES C I BELIEVE that Liverpool w W i|| uke the Milk Cup It will be Graeme Souness who raises the trophy above his head at the end of the match I go (or Liverpool to win in 90 minutes by a 3 1

Once-invincible Liverpool can't count on victory [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

Once-invincible Liverpool can't count on victory Strengths and weaknesses of the two teams... LIVERPOOL can be forgiven for thinking that victory tonight is almost s divine right. In recent seasons it has almost turned the Milk Cup into s monopoly. Sure ess at Wembley would bring the htertsysidtri their third


Page 18

I PICK RED DEVILS SAYS JOHN SELLERS PRIDE is something inseparable from pulling on a Manchester United jersey In the 25 years since the disaster of Munich, it has carried worse United teams than this to greater triumphs Passion is something manager Ron Atkinson has worked and worked to instil


Page 19

WE THIRST FOR GLORY... 0$ MONITOR Milk Gup Special IPS LIVERPOOL has creamed the title but we are determined to deliver the Milk Cup to our fabulous fans Our support this year has been nothing less than phenomenal Take the Milk Cup semi-final second leg against Arsenal st Old Trafford


Page 19

MANCHESTER UNITED PRAYING FOR A GROBBELAAR FUMBLE UNITED will be going into the final hoping and praying for a present from Bruce Grobbelaar Grobbelaar is Liverpool's goalkeeper, and a good player He would not be playing for Liverpool otherwise All goalkeepers make the occasional mistake, and the problem is that

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Mo fancy footwork for Bryon 1 I Our local »port .men and fana .ani-aus Kobeon M pick tho winnor M "V Thumbnail akotchoa of prob- Gur London aoccor corre- -f able players plus individual rat- I 1_» i AT ing 14V17 u*m 1f SWaaV 1 How thoy reached tba Laaaaaaaaaaaaaß

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Page 13

CONVERSE CETS GONTIOLOF KNEE IMJHIES Introducing the 2 most exciting running Qcaweaaea* shoes PHAETON SELENA, designed m\\ with the most-wanted t'ature I jkV a remarkable rearfoot stabilizer which I controls over-pronation to reduce trie risk of knee injuries <«M Oymp. 1 Cm,,,* Shor JLWA *SBTeS *W ank Tr##a Sol* Design

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Lnaaaaaanw mm\\\ BaBBBBBBXaaBBBaBBBBaI anaH/iaaW I H .j-i.' !m MBauaaLMaanaaaaaua^ DRINK PUTS MORE ENERGY IN YOUR PLAY. Your tot) to tcoft goal aft or goal f_jrtlw*(vP\ <*»»o*«> «o provide For that you must be W With speed IUI/Xl ffif V*\]iJ aaaantial energy and fluid repujcemem control and finishing ability Your 4ff

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mtr BBT V B1 LR 888 Bbb^^Lb When you look at the back of moat hi fa Technics 315 Series, is the sound quality. The next time you buy a hi fa set, avoid the sets, you'll find a mass of spaghetti-Like wires. —-—i Although the unit is compact spaghetti.

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to^mimite S6i thefnllest Vitadeer. The rich tonic made from the fresh, succulent meat of i the deer. Fortified with the B 4?lX#fi*i family vitamins—for the essential WImVSS^^S^JS nutrients to keep you fit living _^Mm\*~^.MWT m ~^-*m?9 every minute to the fullest. <tam\\\\\\\\\mmm*£. *v Vitadeer's goodness is especially C<m recommended for

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Sole >i«f nhufor g Singapore Mofciy.ia Brunri /rMW.ia Phi/«pp<nr« rhof/and J**- <|/irit"'l 1 C CnAftCllCM 11*1*1 n fiL>T^B|^iM^ UNCLE CHOO SPORTS CENTRE IJldUUld IS SpUl IMdMlltMl W t>B Orchard Road "03 32 Plata Smgapum. Smgaporr 0923 Trl XXXXX54 XX '£^^mW*

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ADMISSION TO e-G INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION JUIY 1983 ADMISSION Application* are invited for admission to the following fun time professional programmes at the Institute of Education. Singapore, commencing Jury 1963 Candidates selected for admission w* be awarded an Institute of Education Teaching Bursary payable monthly at the rates indicated Professional


Page 20

THE YOUNG AND TALENTED ONES 200 excited children between six to 12 yeers oM were essembted from different childrens' groups for the Young Ones, the sMaeastS mm r* c* si as asl A awh.m M g— a nrei comotnoo concert tot young letents Dy the Peoole'e Association Reoorter PAT www

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Liverpool end Monchoetor United ere fighting out In the final of the Milk Cup, brought Hvo) to you tonight, tee peg* 23 7 STEPS TO SHOWDOWN SPOT THE SLnd MODELS CONTEST j j Some o» the exciting scenes m SEVEN STEPS TO SHOWDOWN were < I snot in Singapore One

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Page 21 Miscellaneous

Page 21 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

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tv 1 00 Opening Followed By Simin Street 7.30 Ntwi and Weether Forecast (M). ■■nHMHBK|||H|HH|| This programme deals with the tetters G 7.SO Live The Forum Tony Bennett the number 8 Smgs 2 00 Black star- The Overlord's Big SpeN See Highkghts -The Overlord draws all the magic power 145

tv & radio

Milk Cup has more glamour this year [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Milk Cup has more glamour this year CHANNEL 5 HIGHLIGHTS MajpllfßJl FIWAL FOR the first time since the League Cup (now bearing the unfortunately nurserysounding name Milk Cup" thanks to its sponsor) was started, it offers more glamour than the much more familiar FA Cup this year. That is because

How animals go about the business of mate selection [ARTICLE]

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How animals go about the business of mate selection r CHANNEL 8 HIGHLIGHT ANIiWI'AL.S A Wooing W# WVJ Go, 9 pm THIS episode deals with reproduction in animals. It describes how different animals select their mates and their behaviour during courtship. Some of the animals and their forms of reproduction

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Page 22 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

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Am\ fMWM M\\ mw\9} B^TaWeAn^nu 1 BBS*. a^j v ~s^pjhenßsasßßßn 11.90 AM Star* on 33 A week-end special 12.00 PM Pop Showcase 1.00 News 1.10 towed by Prcyamme Summary 7.19 Evening eve" from Studio 2 featuring albums tracks. Latin Quarter 1.30 Family Favourites 2.00 Pro- Glow 7.20 Does The Team

Page 22 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

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THEATHf FILM SHOW TMKS (Phonal MHi Lonaly II (C)/1 30 3 30. 7 00 9 15 (XXXXX7) W»*fi Step* lho»«fn (Cl/mdrwgtit Ml*»l t Lanaly 1»(C)/1 30. 3 30 7 00 9 15 (XXXXX93) Ixwi IHpi to llw><o» (C)/m<dntght Cadtoy TcatM (€)/11 t 30 4 00 6 30 9 IS (XXXXX00)

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9 (StTim) I SMOWI 1 30. 4 00. ft XI A f Mom 9 X K.RETA A YKR PEOPLE'S THEATRE X X TOMORROW 9 15PM ONLY! /1 X (Cmmh Ofwy/No Fraa List!) *iwr! A i"ttTTSa? Taj < > ASis tbbbmm imm irts 1 akl'*W |k <> 1 a^*^^a by ■^^B^9ft%naußn'

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X CATHY: 17tH imAMOUS DAY! A (33a5400) 5 SHOWS 11* m 1 30 400 •30 St ISp*fi (Caen Aookksg* Only/No Free LkwJ) J aa^yVtyasiaan^ If ST aCTSI SwaTS! awfrssAS < KIT SftXCTSs ITSfJn fSUACi Sr/V«Wn# OFFER vj 6j YtZjP VI Mi TEST**" PATwSfIH t Q PATMAY- TMMaaafT BnmMMCJfTI A wi■

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TOOAY B.4*a« tmi PHI-ifLEASf PHIVHW SOUMMJT BtfsMi Sri Ptt-tftfASf PSI VtfW Pnca. STALLS H 50. CIRCLE $2 50 CASH BOOKINGS NOW OP€N No FfM List RJC HARD uHtt 5jS5 5 I 1 B OUMf MMANM 1*43 J^B 6M«iAniiw Mr .Wfl ANOFTTCER AtfUMfi G£JVTL£iIfA7V A fwr FtH Tf IfBW flllW «IAOE*

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Page 23 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

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KERAMION QUINTET THE Keramton Quintet from Germany will present two concerto at the Hilton Hotel's Music Room at 4 pm today and tomorrow They will play a selection of works by Hoffman. Haydn. Brahms. Mozart. Mahler and Dvorak Each concert will be preceded by a high tea service of scones.

Page 23 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

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TRAVEL FAIR THE Travel '13 ezhibi4ion is now on at Hall One of the World Trade Centre Other attractions featured in the fair include a travel contest and travel games where you could win trips abroad Singapore cirls who are between the ages of 17 and 25 and are working

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Page 24 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

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leisure/comics —————8ERQEANT PRESTON Of THE YUKON By Don Sherwood and Stan Stunell JOSH P*A*NCTT RLUoeeoiS OFF A valvc MCAD...\ QSACK, KIHO/ your- /|k j! &'<*% '^7^ horoscope V- If ARIES March 21 to April 2t LIBRA WtVM lO^L.' 12 f <» M( Stick to the issues in business September 23

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jMm uvkmoc mmUM ffl NhM SlSSaattaa WH»"«" s*f asaaaannnW .aSnnnnnnW .aSatnnnnnnnnnl Anatnn*nn*nnnl rima-iiaei SMOanena l4\w\ Wt*t—\ awmm I Ptr**aejeap p^teres*)** m\\\\W mmamx BBSBBai mmm w* mm am l M Am\m wm \mi BBBhw c—nanna $>«•*•• <w.- c ■■-.r.n >• Rba*sfl Rt ll am aMmmmm *m m\ m RRRaj mm siaw

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ORianoSaWansl **•> PaaWRR wMTfls lo Tea *aa* MM PO Sea 7ii Spar. «1 Si Me* MO 20*40*00* SaaCl *rTTNoT!!r^inc7tT Contact MM Soon PO Soa 40 Spot* »i 7? Mao No ItSfIMMM P O Boa ttl. K-aM) Aa*. S pom 'OS Pag Mo BaaWßi EDUCATION ivcoiii «v4M«rm > f uarancad UaSwws

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POOD CORNEA/ ahoS ST SSins. eatay aarass ar« eawr jay togoear* m anracasa pnoaa aaat aavvaje anuria Cea MiSOii mm capital mmmrAvmAHT aaMIMMT Canaonaoa Cuara Try ew Supanor Sna* Rn. SssSaas Cos ua MOW' 207 Cavaarvrani rid XXXXX8) Ta StlSSßtt XXXXX1S paw awer a* re and mmt Maa ca* mm*

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mWmW RftWAarssA* c#« OUTT CUb rauura. .natnoa-any tot aanya andi arrnm aasSaaaj maa Oaaw Scnrta* SaataoTanMraaaa OS 704 MunanMaOY Waal Qamany Can t aaa. area marl aaapmani aaatSMa Mr aa** TaT 74sa0S7 TeaVMltrftaa I*lo*oo At Your Sees arc nanemraasam a st asMjsji mm earn aa atasTrrr SI am CTV t"

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APPOIHTMaCNT U NOTICES DEPUTY PROJECT M/VNaAGER The Oeorsosi Union Bank Group invito* tuitsbt* appitcant* to fill this position in a mayor conMaany within the Group. The auocaaiful assjJMjssj will assist the General Monoaar of the company on proysct rnanaaamant of the OUB Centre envelopment and other project* His key reaprjrutibilities

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OFFICIAL NOTICE PROPOSAL TO CHANGE A SNIP'S NAMf Notice it hereby given that in cxxisecjuence of the rntrjnded purchase of a ship by our clients. Consrap Ship Management Crowing Co. Pit. Ltd.. vat have applied to the Registrar of Singapore Ships under Section 417 of the Merchant Shipping Act (Cap



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NECK AND NECK SHOULD REPEAT By B J SMITH LAST Sunday's all the way winner, Neck And Neck, should repeat this effort by winning Race Seven at Ipoh today This six-year-old New Zealand bred chalked up his second win from 28 starts over 1.400 metres last Sunday, trouncing his rivals

Gallops by today's runners [ARTICLE]

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Gallops by today's runners Race 1 Malaysian bred Early Bird (TS Chiam) went keener than the grey Magic Boat when they matched strides in 41.1 on Thursday Race 2: Zenith (SH Ho) did an eye-catching sprint in 36 not being restrained Newcomer Carrot Gold strode out in 44 1, failing

Quick guide [ARTICLE]

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Quick guide ats-Tan (Uan Na Ma Zaen Tan (Uan Na ZmPso Hanyang) Race 1 3 Fmpmcr* 4 Pete s Gal 5 Stanza 4 Pete a Gel 5 Stanza tarty Bed 4 Pete a Gal 2 Gypayoeae 6 Mar Pride Race 2 11 Am* 3 Zenith 1 Fun Kung 11 C


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ACTIVIST SHOWS TOP FORM bt B J SMITH RECENT Restricted Terms winner Activist showed be is still retaining his winning form with s sparkling gallop on the I poo track yesterday. The three-year-old New Zealandbred gelding was taken out by W X Scow. sprinting the 600 metres in 42 seconds

Leading Trainers [ARTICLE]

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Leading Trainers 1st Garnet Bougoure 15 4 11 I W Allan George West Ton Choon Bang] 13 12 10V* 5 8 14 12 8 8 Samsun Loo Song Hop Robert Ng Yuen Kong Gary von Breukelen mm or bin P ad z el i Buang bin Abu Bokor 10 10

Leading Jockeys [ARTICLE]

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Leading Jockeys 1st Q Donnally J Wil son 12 12 7 3 10 7 T Lucas LKhoo A «t M Rahmat 12 10 8'/? 8 6 3 7 8 7 11 4 4 7 7 10 M C Lam A K Cheam R Raioo YKFoo 6 6 6 6 5


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SUNDAY'S SELECTIONS umt (U» Hi W«PM-feiCH«| m Zfcaa Ta» fLiaa Ha Zaa Paa ikaajaaaj 1 fftajaasr 6Spao« 4Ma*0tSong 3 Who Know* 4Manof Song IMiMan ftaarrytond 10 Nona Wngs 2 i3Map*G»o*a 14 Grtano Star u«« 12U0> i3Map»Gro*a lOHadgnt 3 T ataapsasl »«B»TlaaaM 2 Whan Enough 4 Marmaa S*«r 4 IPaaaatEaaJa 9


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SUNDAY'S RACE CARD 2.00 Ctoss 3 Or. 5 1,200m 1 XXXXX Hm« ft* ft VMp «t) 00.0 CkWi HO) 3 XXXXX Wfca ft— M lajM |2) XXXXX Han Ol tonf M OaM 17 ft o ruiin m n) 700M IpHW MJ Um ft) 7 07 Jl1« Rm» Ml ftWlf III


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RACE CARD I 2.00 Class 6 1,200m a f#, A MALAYSIAN BREDS ONLY (Ratings: 32-18) ■T Stakes $15,000 1 929 Baty Chtml 97 8aM (9) Stmn Oamar Joy Up (♦*> Md 2*11 C9 54 ArdOn K 1200a Aaooi Cowt IM 1 199 JW»1 CS 50 M Ma*tm n200g S Spmi

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Going: Good Race card: Pages 18-19-20 Tierce: Races 3-5-8 It's incredible! Pony 1200 now from <fc OAiQC nettARF y4%V/iI%7J (with aircon) Visit our showrooms now for this incredible offer. pony motors pte ltd City Plaza Ground Floor Geyiang Road Singapore 1440 Tel XXXXX91/5 Anson Centre Ground Floor Anson Road Singapore



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FAS MAY THROW OPEN NEW SUPER LEAGUE TO BUSINESS HOUSES Soccer THE Football Association of Singapore will consider throwing open Us proposed Super League of eight clubs to include top Business Houses League teams as a way to brighten and improve league football to lure back, the crowds FAS chairman

S'poreans dominate in Thai Open [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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S'poreans dominate in Thai Open i Bow lir Reuter BANGKOK Sat VETERAN SY Loh of Singapore turned in a 1 372 six-game series to lead the overseas contenders Tor the Men s Masters title of the ninth Thailand Open Ten-pin bowling championship Loh shot games of 188. 245. 254. fIS.

Kian Tiong makes cut but trails well behind [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

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Kian Tiong makes cut but trails well behind Golf Reuter BANGKOK, Sat SINGAPORE'S Lim Kian Tiong made the cut at the halfway stage of the Thai Open golf championship but he is way down the list on 147 after carding a second round 75 He is eight strokes behind the

Legaspi shoots hole in one [ARTICLE]

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Legaspi shoots hole in one AP BANGKOK Sat IKIAHI IM.W'I of the l>hiiippm< x fired a hoi, m oa* ia the I9ta Thailand Open foil championship yesterday. Legaspi. 4.1. a toar veleraa, set a record for the Asian (.oh Circuit of firing hts second h< l»- in on. ia two

Gold medal and hint for Indira [ARTICLE]

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Gold medal and hint for Indira AP NEW DELHI, Sat PRIME MINISTER Indira Gandhi received the rare gold medal of the Olympic order yesterday, and India was given a hint that it might be allowed to stage the Olympic Games in 1992 Juan Antonio Samaranch, president of the International Olympic

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GAMMA.GUT puts more power into your tennis game. All Gamma strings are made GUT is the world s best With by the unique patented Gamma strings you get real Gamma irradiation process value for money triple which changes molecular coating gives maximum mt structure and enhances without sacrificing unuiu* playing



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FROST AND THREE ASIANS IN LAST FOUR Badmint* >n LONDON, Sat MORTEN FROST of Denmark edged closer to Ilia second successive men s crown in the AllEngland badminton championships by reaching the semifinals last night, along with three Asians. Luan Jin aad Tian Bingyi of China and 1980 champion Prakash


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ALL-ENGLAND RESULTS... Reuter RESULTS of all the quarter-final matches played in the All-Eng-land badminton championships at Wembley in London last night: Mea'i singles: Laaa Jkn (China) beat Jens-Pe-ter Nierhoff (Denmark) 15-9 15 3 Tian Bingyi (China) beat Nick Yates (England) 15-12 15-2; Morten Frost Haasea (Denmark) beat Philip Sutton (Wales)

Xu makes it a sad end for Koppen [ARTICLE]

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Xu makes it a sad end for Koppen LONDON. Sat LENE KOPPEN of Denmark, who has graced the All-England badminton championships for the last 14 years, bade farewell to them last night in the saddest possible manner An 11-3 11-0 quarterfinal defeat by China's Xv Rong was as heavy a

UEFA fines Inter-Milan $50,000 [ARTICLE]

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UEFA fines Inter-Milan $50,000 Reuter •ERNE, tot THE European Football Union (UEFA) yesterday fined Internazionale Milan Of Italy 50.000 Swiss francs (about S850.000) and ordered it to play its next European tic at least 450 km from Milan The punishment follows incidents during In ternaxionale't Cup-win-ners' Cup quarter-final first-leg against

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MHk dp FHial atpiit papa pafl sal: Papas 13 ta 20

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INSIDE SOCCER FAS may throw open Super League to business houses P«g*» 3 1 RACING: Fourpage racing guide with latest tips and race cards Ntfi 27-30 Nine failures for superfine pictures awaanwnwlll §TT\ Toking superfine pictures couldnt be easWJ than wisS the Ricoh AF Its many automat* leatures do almost

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#j|i«*l*r« SPORTS CCWTM l>«»< Maa* 1 m IMI BIHU