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New Paper, 14 November 2010


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The New Paper on sun day NOV 14 2010 80 CENTS MICA (P) 118/01/2010

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A dog’s love for its mistress 8 PICTURE: STOMP Latest slashing: ATTACKED BY GANG OF WOMEN IN PUB 3 Former gang member on today’s gangsters: ‘They are like untrained dogs’ 2 MONOPOLY Win Instantly! With a grand prize of $80,000 cash and over 2.6 million prizes to be won, buy

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BARCLAYS S’PORE OPEN Korean golfer loses cash, watch worth US$50,000 but may win jackpot 49 *****1 *****9


'These youngsters fight over NOTHING' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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'These youngsters fight over NOTHING' Formergang members describenew breed of hooligans as‘dogs’ REPORTS:MAUREENKOH MAUREEN KOH, GAN LING KAI EVENtheoldguardoftheunderworldpast–mostofwhomhavesincegivenupandmovedonwiththeirlives– isupset with whathasbeen happeningrecently. Their sentiments were best summed up in the words of one of eight former gang members The New PaperonSundayspokewiththispastweek. “They (the so-called new breed of gang

They need a listening ear [ARTICLE]

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They need a listening ear MANYoftoday’syoung gang membersare hooligans who have lost their self-esteem, said retired police officer Lionel De Souza. “Theywantto prove– albeit inthe wrong way– that theytoo havetalent,” said Mr De Souza, 67, who spent 26 years with the Special Investigation Section and Secret Societies Branch (SSB). “Theseyoungsters

WOMAN: I was attacked for no reason MANAGER: She was the aggressive one [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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WOMAN: I was attacked for no reason MANAGER: She was the aggressive one REPORT: CHONG SHIN YEN SHE had gone out of the pub to have a smoke. The next thing she knew, a fellow pub patron came up to her and asked her if she was in a


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S’PORE GANGS From helping immigrants settle down, secret societies have devolved into crime syndicates Tracing the origins of REPORT:GAN GAN LING KAI, MAUREEN KOH THE ORIGINS of gangs in Singapore date back to the mid-18th century in south-east China. That’swhatformerSecretSocietiesBranchdetectives Lionel De Souza, Lim Ah Soon and Theva

Life and times of a street corner gang member [ARTICLE]

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Life and times of a street corner gang member REPORT: ASHLEY CHIA GETTING spotted to join a gang may be a question of acting tough. But leaving a gang exacts a price. These are the four phases of astreet corner gangmember’s life. RECRUITMENT Gettinginto today’s street corner gangisby invitation

Reform youths? Easier said than done [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Reform youths? Easier said than done Gang bonds hard to break without support from families, counsellors REPORTS:DESMONDNG DESMOND NG ONCE you get into a gang, it will be tough to get out. Not so much because the gang won’t allow it, but more because of the bonds forged among

Wayward youths best helped by their peers: Dr Balakrishnan [ARTICLE]

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Wayward youths best helped by their peers: Dr Balakrishnan REPORT: CHONG SHIN YEN SO WHAT would you do with yourself? It was a question posed to a youth by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) on Friday night. The youth, who had just finished

Reform centre for youth like 'boot camp behind bars' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Reform centre for youth like 'boot camp behind bars' IT’Slike boot camp. The onlydifferenceis theseyouths arebehind bars. And they’realso putin solitary confinement for two weeks to instill discipline. Welcome to the Reformative Training Centres (RTC) in Changi where those aged below 21 found guilty of offences such as assault and

She had an Angel by her side [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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She had an Angel by her side Helped off the streets and placed in welfare home, homeless woman has to part with her loyal dog A DOG’S LOVE FOR ITS MISTRESS REPORT: CHAI HUNG YIN SHE has only one leg, is said to have mental health problems and was

'We can't draw line at just helping animals' [ARTICLE]

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'We can't draw line at just helping animals' VOLUNTEERS with Zeus Communications initially only wanted to help a lost dog by locating its owner. But they ended up helping the owner instead. They informed the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) about Ms Salma Mohd Ali, 55, who

When I die, I hope somebody will take care of my daughter [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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When I die, I hope somebody will take care of my daughter 92-year-oldmother’sbirthdaywish: REPORT:GAN GAN LING KAI IN THE last five decades, hardly anyone remembered to celebrate the birthday of Madam Lau Deep Han, 92. That’s because Madam Lau is virtually alone her husband died in China due to

The littlest drummer boys – and girls [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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The littlest drummer boys and girls S’pore’syoungestmarchingbandmakesdebut REPORT:AMANDA AMANDA PHUA THEY are only five years old, making them Singapore’syoungest marchingband. These 76 pre-school students from Kinderland made their debut at the Kinderland Family Sports Fiesta on Friday morning. After six months of practice, the musical kids performed the theme

Worth suffering for stories on poverty [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Worth suffering for stories on poverty Former CNA reporter Pearl Forss slums it out without showers and risks accidents to film documentary REPORT: TAY SHI'AN TELEVISION viewers are probably more used to seeing her in make-up and heels. But for the past year, former ChannelNewsAsia reporter Pearl Forss has


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FREE AT LAST Myanmar’spro-democracyleader Aung San Suu Kyi finally released after years under house arrest ITWASthemomenttheyhadbeenprayingfor.The crowd surged forward as the barricades came down, and then, finally, a small smiling figure appearedtoaroarofcheersandapplause. Thousands of supporters erupted in cries of joy yesterday as their heroine, Ms Aung San Suu Kyi, was

They run away from debts, so parents disown them [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 22

They run away from debts, so parents disown them TWO 24-year-olds have left home, leaving their families to deal with huge debts they had taken from loan sharks. The disgusted parents have now disowned them, reported The Star and China Press. In the first case, Miss Leong Seed Ling, 24,

This 12-year-old is a hitman in Mexico [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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This 12-year-old is a hitman in Mexico Boy is a paid executioner for a cartel, kills victims mercilessly and poses for videos with the dead bodies THEhitman’strademarkis ashorrificasitcomes. Slitting the throat of his victims with a deep cutting technique called Degollar, it leaves the victim hanging by a thread. He

Road rage leads to stabbing in Jakarta [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Road rage leads to stabbing in Jakarta THE incident happened in front of hundreds of commuters on a Jakarta street. An auto-rickshaw (or bajaj as it is known in Jakarta) driver was repeatedly honking at a car as both the vehicles were stuck in heavy traffic. The enraged driver of


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I CAN’T BREATHE Owner‘burstoutintears’whenhervase was sold for$110 million at auction. She said: THE antique vase was used to prop up books. A nudge and the vase with a fish motif on the front and gold banding would have gone crashing to the floor at any time during the last few

Tiger's ex-wife to auction $3.2m of gifts from him [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 24

Tiger's ex-wife to auction $3.2m of gifts from him IN SEX and the City, a spurned woman publicly humiliates her ex by staging an auction of all the jewellery he gave her during their relationship. Now,Tiger Woods’ formerwife Elin Nordegren is set to emulate that in real life. She is


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BILLION DOLLAR BABY The world’s first billion-dollar home belongs to Mukesh Ambani, named by Forbes as the richest man in India and fourth in the world. Named Antilla, after a mythical island, the 27-storey, 400,000 sq ft colossus offers its residents and guests a sweeping view of the Mumbai skyline.

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TracingtheoriginsofS’pore gangs/PAGE4 Website: Email: Fax: 6319 8266 To subscribe: TNP hotline: 1800-7 33 44 55 6388 3838

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Reformyouths? Easiersaidthandone/PAGE6 5832 Omega 3 RshOil Concentrate (lOOOmg) 100 Capsules $26.90 (for 2 bottles) ***** Omesa 3 Rsh Oil (1200ms) 100 Capsules $29.90 (for 2 bottles) ***** Triple Omesa 3-6-9 (1000ms) 60 Capsules $23.90 (for 2 bottles) ***** Omesa 3 Krill Oil (1000ms) 30 Capsules $49.90 (for 2 bottles) Fish

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SOUR OVER SWEETS Ex NMP sues Air India over missing confectionery A ?92isiA* SB? Sports Lovers and Newbies, spend a heart-pumping day with us. V Have fun with Inline Skating and Sports Chanbara a freestyle Japanese fencing using padded inflatable weapons! S-T-R-E-T-C-H, twist sway to the rhythmic beats of dance

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Help us reach out to them TO help the elderly who are living alone, The New Paper has partnered the Lions Befrienders Service Association and Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Project Helping Hands. THE PROJECT DESIGN It involves installing wireless motion sensors in the apartments of senior citizens living alone. The

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#1 MOVIE IN SINGAPORE AND USA! "■■■Megamind is my new favourite animated feature of the year." Jeanmarie Tan, SPH The New Paper, FiRST grSSSf "...funniest and most entertaining..." " prepared for mega fun!" Yong Shu Hoong, SPH my paper John Li, "...the visuals and the 3D are impressive." Dave

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«9 HATTEN SQUARE SUITES m Golden Opportunity to own a property in Malaysia for S$108Konly! 6% Guaranteed Yield for 15 years Prime location Malacca High Capital Appreciation TOP 4th Qtr 2011 No legal service fees No Maintenance fee for 1st 6 years Hurry! Limited units left 'mmimmmmmmitiaMNiaMEMmmMmmiimmMimma ECG6100 0180 FOR

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PARENTING MYTHS Helping the child deals with his/her failure through early preparations or warnings. Parent's intention is to protect the child from disappointments. Therefore out of love or worries, parents prepare the child towards accepting the truth. However, by doing so, not only it takes away all the hopes, it



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On the GOLDEN TRAIL IF EVER someone ranked a sporting event in terms of its history, the race to the line for the Singapore Gold Cup would be on top of that list. Not only does its history go all the way back to a different century, but also the


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Can weight STOP Better Than Ever? PRIZEMONEY DISTRIBUTION The runners and form... 1BETTERTHANEVER60kgJockey:SaimeeJumaat(Barrier11)Trainer:LaurieLaxon Owner:JupiterStable Career:12 starts for 12 wins from 1,200m to1,800m.Earnings:$1,632,382 Comments:Hewasinitiallyruledoutdespite thestaggeringprizemoneybecauseofthecrushingweighthehastocarry,buthisjockeySaimee convinced the connections to take part. The reason was that the Gold Cup race would toughen up the horse for his Dubai foray next year. A


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Making time to CARE THE Longines Singapore Gold Cup is an important date in the race calendar, not just because it is the final leg of the Triple Crown Series, but also because of its commitment to charity. The day also doubles as the Singapore Turf Club Annual Charity Raceday,


Page 20 / 21

Time for a NEW ERA Longines becomes title-sponsor of prestigious Singapore Gold Cup It is a timely entrance, and a grand one at that. Longines, the renowned Swiss watchmaker and timekeeper for world championships in various sports, enters Singapore racing history today. It is the title-sponsor of the $1.35m Longines

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Poorputtingsees Woods10shots back/PAGE47

News Snapshot

MM Lee: Don't sell your flat; its value will keep growing [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

MM Lee: Don't sell your flat; its value will keep growing HDB flat owners should not sell their flats, as they are assets that will appreciate in value year after year, said Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew last night. Addressing some 500 residents at a constituency event in Tanjong Pagar

Nan Chiau High School named as 11th SAP school [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

Nan Chiau High School named as 11th SAP school THE Ministry of Education (MOE) will designate Nan Chiau High School as a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school from January 2012, making it the 11th SAP school. Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Edu- cation and Second Minister for Defence, said

Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC to offer $3.1m in study grants [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC to offer $3.1m in study grants RESIDENTS of Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC can tap a new $3.1 million community scholarship scheme from next year. Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng, who is one of the GRC’s Members of Parliament, announced this at a community event yesterday. Up to

UN pleads for funds to fight Haiti cholera epidemic [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

UN pleads for funds to fight Haiti cholera epidemic AFP. THE UN appealed on Friday for funds to fight a cholera epidemic stalking Haiti as the death toll mounted to almost 800 with hundreds falling ill daily. “We hope we can get this, other- wise all our efforts will be

Expect friction, but not war [ARTICLE]

Page 26

Expect friction, but not war PM LEE AT ASIA-PACIFIC ECONOMIC COOPERATION SUMMIT: PRIME Minister Lee Hsien Loong said yesterday on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit in Yokohama, Japan, that the US-China currency issue will not amount to war though friction can be expected. Addressing over 2,000


Page 26

BIG PICTURE ROBBERS SHOT DEAD: Malaysian police shot and killed three youths after they robbed a petrol station in Shah Alam, Selangor, yesterday morning. The police opened fire after the parang-armed youths got out of their getaway car and charged at them. PICTURE: NEW STRAITS TIMES

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Low25˚ I 33˚ High I Thunderstorms I SINGAPOREWEATHER

News Exchange

Thinking twice about freedom [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 27

Thinking twice about freedom THE BUZZ COMMENT:SANTOKH SANTOKH SINGH SHOULDIallowmychildrentogotoachaletwiththeirfriendsduringtheschoolholidays?That was a question asked by two colleagues duringtheweek.AquestiontowhichIwouldnormally haverespondedwithoutanyhesitation,“Whynot?” ButIpausedbeforesharingmythoughts. Honestly, I will think twice and ask several more questions of my children before agreeing to sign that consentformfortheirout-of-schoolactivities,letalone allowingthemtogoontheirowntheseholidays. Besidesthenormalquestionslike:Isitaschool-sanc-tionedactivity?Willtherebeadultspresent?,Imaynow want to know: Where is the activity? How


Page 27

SINGAPORE HAPPINESS INDEX weratethepastweek’snews–goodandbad -10 Singapore’s obesity rate has gone up, with more than one in 10 of the population now classified as obese. -20 Knife attacks linked to street gangs left one teen dead and seven others wounded and police arrested 42 suspects islandwide. +10 Singapore is the top


Page 27

OVERHEARD ON THE STREETS “Can!Youcangetit fromthewall!” Little boy telling his mother to use the ATM machine when she says she has no money to buy him a toy. “Myorganisedmess– the foundation of my creativebrilliance.” –Officeworkeronwhyherworkdeskissomessy.

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QUICK ON THE DRAW Keep their numbers away from our children TNPILLUSTRATION: SIMON ANG



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LEARNING CURVES Chirpy to be chubby, 11 plus-sized women put together nude calendar to teachobesewomenthatit’s not the end of the world REPORT: KWOK KAR PENG THE Health Promotion Board (HPB) is worried about the growing rate of obesity among Singaporeans. At the same time, a group of local women

Enjoy Fly on the Wall

Yvonne & Saint Laurent [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Yvonne Saint Laurent PERFECT COMBO? SYLVIA TOH PAIK CHOO THEY were like sisters, local actress Yvonne Lim (right) and Hollywood star Nicole Kidman. In In a sense, they were. Both are brand ambassadors of Omega watch and had met in Beijing this week for the horologicallabel’s Chinaevent. The lovely


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FRIDAY NIGHT FOO-VER REPORT: SYLVIA TOH PAIK CHOO MICASA, Su Casa.My houseisyour house.Pretty much the creed Mr Dennis Foo lives by. Singapore’sMr Entertainment receivedthe jewelin his crown last month when Singapore Tourism Board conferred its Lifetime Achievement for Outstanding Contribution to Tourism award on the modest man we all

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Stay-at-home mums? Not us [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 32

Stay-at-home mums? Not us Celeb mums set up company to offer enrichment programmes for children REPORT: JOANNE SOH YESwecan.This might have been a presidential campaign slogan by US President Barack Obama but it’s also an encouragementforallworkingmothers. Work-life balance can be attained what is needed is proper planning and good

When a badge of honour is just a brown smear [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 32

When a badge of honour is just a brown smear EUGENE WEE FATHER FIGURES IF YOU were having dinner at a certain Japanese restaurant last weekend and were sitting within a three-table radius of me, I apologise. That thing you smelled was my son. That man who shrieked like

Enjoy Shopping


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A DRESSY AFFAIR ‘Tistheseason to be dressy aspire YEOH WEE TECK THE SEASON to play dress up is here, and the cash registers are ringing in a merry tune. The last-minute rush to buy an outfit often resultsineitheranoverpricedoutfityoudon’t really like, or so much stress that the joy of holiday

Enjoy 2 Wheels Good


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ON THE FAST TRACK Push your limits by going back to school on the circuit ZAIHAN MOHD YUSOF BIKER BOY HERE,youwon’tgetasummonsforbreakingthespeedlimit.Circuits, like the ones in Johor or Sepang in Malaysia,aredesignedforbikerstoridehardandfast. The safe, controlled environment allows bikers to focus on their riding skills without having to worry aboutpedestriansandlorries. Andoverthelastfewyears,trackdays–non-compet-itive circuit

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No beef with the beef here [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 36

No beef with the beef here Don’tcryfor‘S’pore’sfirstArgentinerestaurant’ CHERYL LIM I Table for 4dinedattheinvitation oftherestaurant. DID you know that Argentina is the world’s third-largest beef exporter after Brazil and Australia? It’s probably a little known fact, considering that people tend to mention Japan and the US when they talk about

Enjoy Hed Chef

Time to leave your comfort zone [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 37

Time to leave your comfort zone HEDY KHOO CHALLENGING your palate can lead you to tastier choices. Remaining in your comfort zone can lead to stagnation. Try something different every once in a while to tickle the tongue. Going vegan occasionally when you are a meat lover can open

Enjoy Humour

Time to can the con [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 38

Time to can the con Paintingsjustneedtolooknice onthewall SIVA CHOY HUMOUR ME EVERYBODY is saying the American economy is in deep trouble and that Americans just cannot afford to spend money the way they used to. But hey, three auction houses in New York alone sold more than a billion

Want to lose weight? Hang out with me if you're S'porean [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 38

Want to lose weight? Hang out with me if you're S'porean S M ONG ACT BLUR ACCORDING to the latest National Health Survey, one out of every 10 Singaporeans is obese. According to my latest mandatory employment health screening results, I am overweight. Soifyoudon’twanttobeoverweight,be one of the nine people

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We are showcasing snapshots of your best Deepavali outfit this week and next week. On Nov 28 and Dec 5, send us photographs of your best end-of-school memories. From this week till Dec 26, the best photo of the week wins a $100 Gap voucher. Send your pictures and messages to [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 40

We are showcasing snapshots of your best Deepavali outfit this week and next week. On Nov 28 and Dec 5, send us photographs of your best end-of-school memories. From this week till Dec 26, the best photo of the week wins a $100 Gap voucher. Send your pictures and messages

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BIKERBOY Testyourskilland your bike’slimits atthecircuit PAGE34 HEDCHEF Getoutofyourmeaty comfortzone. Go vegetarian PAGE37 AFFORD Wearit white, wear it bright, wearit right this season PAGE33 Wanttoloseweight?Hang outwithmeifyou’re Singaporean /PAGE38

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Online payment available "Terms Conditions apply. All decisions made by JP Solutions Pte. Ltd. shall be final. Callers must be 18 years above. A friendly reminder:Do exercise caution prudence when meeting up with new friends for the first time. Customer service/ Request to bar number: 6873 6058. Service by

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GENERATION NEXT I’m glad we aren’t like the ‘kiasu’ parents on this forum By the way, there’s an open house for a top secondary school this afternoon. Let’s go take a look. But our boy is only in Primary 1. Don’t judge me.

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LIVE 1-1-1 912-9700 3f r r8 45sec FREE 3Switch chatmate after 3 mins r. m PARTYchat 1900-912-! I iwi CALL PRIVACY: No 1900 Hp Bill! Chat Bill by B DEBIT/Credit card. Hurry! First 10min@QNLY $1.99. Call 6767-6969 NowHl) Callers must be 18 years old above. Be cautious when meeting strangers

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WATCH’EM G.I.Joe: TheRise OfCobra(right) HBO(StarHubCh601), 9pm Anelite military unit takeson an evil organisationled bya notoriousarms dealerbent onplunging the world into chaos.StarringChanningTatum. HawaiiFive-O AXN(StarHubCh511),9pm Inthisnewdramaseries,anelitefederalised taskforceiscommissionedtowipeout crimethatwashesuponHawaii’sbeaches. StarringAlexO’Loughlin,DanielDaeKim. Mulan CelestialMovies(StarHubCh868),9pm ChinesewomanwarriorMulandressesup asamaninordertotakeherfather’splacein themilitary.StarringVickiZhao,HuJun. CHANNEL5 Noon 16thAsian Games: DailyAction Badminton (Men’s/ Women’s TeamSemi-Finals)/ Weightlifting(Men’s 62kgGroupB) Gymnastics Artistic (Women’s Qualification& Team Final) /TableTennis

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LonginesSingaporeGoldCup Runnersandform Pages16&17

Page 44 / 45 Miscellaneous

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Saturday,Nov13 2010 First Second Third 6231 0307 4281 Starters 1492 7756 9661 8956 6460 5331 1253 1384 7774 4720 Consolations 3897 7255 4051 8378 8917 3353 3662 3775 4353 5475

Page 47 Miscellaneous

Page 47 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 47

Singapore Cup Tampines Bangkok Class Sun, 14/11/10 7.45pm E Premier, Spanish, Italian, German, A League and J League matches are also on sale. For more details, please check Singapore Pools website. LIVE TELECAST AT LIVEWIRE(RESORTS WORLD SENTOSA), SPORTSBUZZ (POMO) SPORTSBUZZ (KRANJI) lp a Y(i) Always play with care. [responsibiyy Do

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GET READY FOR THE BIG KICK OFF! MATCH ATTAX 10/11 NEW SEASON COLLECTION ON SALE NOW! <^,1 Trading Cards Price*. S$1-50 w per packet 1 NEW game-play with 'showboat' cards find a Nemanja Vidic Limited Edition card! "Home MHO ■Mil Starter Pack y* fc c price*. S$14.95 per set Find

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SUBSCRIBE TOTNP Here’syour chanceto getTNP everyday. Call6388-3838to subscribe orgo to



Sulmona hard to run down [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 41

Sulmona hard to run down ANDREWFROST’SCOMMENTSONTODAY’SKRANJIRACES RACE1 (1600m) 1 Vermiculite)))Had excuses so far and, with any luck from awkward draw, should be in the finish. Worth each-way. 2 OhYesOhNoe)))Backingupafterfourthbehind IroOtokolastweekendandshouldbeinitforalongway.Canwin. 3 Vedere)))Canbeslowoutonoccasions,buthasshown enough to pick up a race. Keep following. 4 Chief Commandant)Will find this easier but still hard to

This is my greatest achievement [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 44 / 45

This is my greatest achievement MERCURIALBrazilianjockeyJoaoMoreiracrackedthe century of winners back at Kranji in late September, and he was expected to break Australian NoelCallow’srecordof106winnersearlylastmonth. But,OctobersawMoreiraridejustfivewinners,includingAnakPiasauwhogavehimequalfootingwithCallow. It didn’t help his cause when Moreira was suspended forthreeracemeetings. HeresumedlastSundaybutdrewablank.Hehadeight rides on Friday and had to wait until his final ride Luckyatsuccess before he hit


Page 44 / 45

LAST FRIDAY'S SINGAPORE TURF CLUB STIPENDIARY STEWARDS' REPORT HIGHLIGHTS MR FRADD blundered and dislodged apprentice Michael Yap near the 800m in Race 3 at Kranji on Friday. GOLDEN SPRINT, BOYLE, TREND SETTER, VAN BASTEN, LUCKY GOOD LUCKY, LUCKYRISEandRAMJETwereallseverely inconvenienced in the incident. An inquiry will be held. After being examined


Page 44 / 45

YESTERDAY'S IPOH RESULTS Race1 C5(STRAIGHT)1100m 2 TRIPLECOIN57(75-19) SSalee (11) 1 1 1 (428) 8 BLESSWITHSTYLE55.5c55(220-58) CalvinGoon (9) 8 8 2 (478) 1.25 20 SUMMERASH51c51.5(146-39) JoseDeSouza (10) 11 10 3 (455) 1.25 4 ADMIRALZHENGHO56(69-14) NCallow (13) 5 5 4 (458) Shd XWinning owner: HK Wong. Trainer: Cecil Robert. Time: 1min 06.10sec


Page 44 / 45

YESTERDAY'S AUSTRALIA (ROSEHILL/ASCOT/TOOWOOMBA) RESULTS RACE 1 (Rosehill) 1st 10 Dances On Waves ($24-$6) 2nd 7 Upon This Rock ($8) 3rd 1 Purrpurrlena ($7) 4th 8 Miss Shamardal. Forecast $18. Place forecast $5 (1 -7), $1 0 (1 -1 0), $7 (7-10). Tierce $1 86. Trio $1 9. Quartet $2924. Scratching:


Page 46

TODAY'S IPOH RACE CARD GOING FORECAST: YIELDING RACE1 C5 12.40 -1100m(Turf) Stakes:RM35,000 No. Last6runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/origin/sex,trainer-owner) 1 1076-- Palmston 57 (33) TMWan 3 (6nzgTonyYeoh-ROng) 2 406-65 WalkTheLine 57 (33) NCallow 9 (6nzgCecilRobert-HKWong) 3 -***** FearlessGirl 56.5 (32) JNizam*c2 14 (5mmVNathan-YoungAndFamous) 4 04-068 TienChing 56.5 (32) KYazid*c3


Page 46

TAN THEAN LOON'S IPOH TIPS RACE 1:3 Fearless Girl 5 Fishing 1 Palmston 7 Mighty Ace. RACE2:2GreatPartners7ApacheEagle16SuperbGenius8CourageousGeneral. RACE 3:9 Eastern Baby 8 Slipa Vista 2 Humble Prince 7 Saya Boleh. RACE 4:3 Raul 6 Speed Honour 2 Itmaybeyou 4 Ninetyfive Seal. RACE 5:5 Apapane 6 Snow Fairy 16 Ave 12



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TODAY'S SINGAPORE (LONG SHORT COURSE B) RACE CARD GOING FORECAST: GOOD RACE1 IP 12.50 -1600m(SC) GoodDeedsStakes Stakes:$65,000 No. Last6runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/origin/sex,trainer-owner) 1 395 Vermiculite 58 (51) SCormack 11 (4safhBMarcus-NewburyRacing) 2 446-4 OhYesOhNoe 58 (45) DBeasley 10 (4agMYusof-LeeLeParis) 3 -7-38- Vedere 58 (45) YFLeong 8 (4agDavidKok-Blasting) 4


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BETTER THAN EVER IS TOO CLASSY Commentsby TAN THEAN LOON IThe$1.35 million Longines SingaporeGold Cup willbeshown live on Channel NewsAsia and StarHub SuperSports Arena Channel 201 at 4.35pm. 1ST PICK: Better Than Ever CLASSshouldprevail intoday’s$1.35million Longines Singapore Gold Cup race at the Kranji racecourse. Poster horse BETTER THAN EVER


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SUNDAY TIPS Tan Thean Loon Andrew Frost Danny Khoo Marc Tan 1 RACE Vermiculite 9 9 9 1 My Race My Race My Race 2 1 5 1 Vermiculite Vermiculite 3 Oh Yes Oh Noe Eternal Fly 5 9 2 Vedere Oh Yes Oh Noe My Race Eternal Fly 3

Sports Mad About Golf

Poor putting sees Woods 10 shots back [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 47

Poor putting sees Woods 10 shots back AP BARRING the biggest comeback of his career, Tiger Woods is out of contention at the Australian Masters, falling 10 shots off the lead after yesterday’sthirdroundinMelbourne. His five-foot birdie-putt on the easy opening hole didn’t even touch the edge of the cup. Then

$100,000 boost for children [ARTICLE]

Page 47

$100,000 boost for children GENERAL insurance companies opened their hearts to children who were abused, neglected and from dysfunctional families through a golf game. Named“SwingforCharity”theGeneral Insurance Association of Singapore’s (GIA) annual golf tournament at Tanah Merah’s Tampines course raised more than $100,000 for the Singapore Children’sSociety. The annual golf tournament

Double joy for Nash [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 47

Double joy for Nash PHOENIX 103 SACRAMENTO 89 NBA AFP STEVE Nash celebrated the birth of his son on Friday by scoring 28 points with 14 assists and eight re-boundsinthePhoenixSuns’103-89 NBA victory over the Sacramento Kings. The Canadian (right), whose wife Alejandra gave birth to Matteo Joel Nash early on

Sports Barclays Singapore Open

Missed putts could haunt Scott, Poulter [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 48 / 49

Missed putts could haunt Scott, Poulter LIM HAN MING SOMETIMES in the game of golf, the difference between victory and defeat is a mere putt. If Adam Scott or Ian Poulter fails to win the Barclays Singapore Open today, they will probably look back at two crucial missed putts

Loser off the course but a winner on it [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 48 / 49

Loser off the course but a winner on it LIM HAN MING LOST: US$10,000 cash ($17,800) and a US$40,000 Breguet watch. Won: A place in the final group of the Barclays Singapore Open. South Korea’s Kang Kyung Nam (right) was a winner on the course and a loser off it

Taming Serapong is not that easy [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 48 / 49

Taming Serapong is not that easy GODFREY ROBERT NOW THAT the vagaries of a two-course venue (one is said to have a four-shot advantage over the other) have been ironed out, Sentosa’s Serapong welcomed the form-players for the third round yesterday. And the US$6 million ($7.8m) 2010 Barclays Singapore

Sports Formula One

Vettel gets title boost [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 50 / 51

Vettel gets title boost Reuters SEBASTIAN Vettel gave his Formula One title chances a significant boost by claiming pole position for champions Red Bull at the sea-son-ending Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix yesterday. The 23-year-old German’s 10th pole of 2010, and a record-equalling 15th in a single season for

Sports Rugby

Sun, sand and rugby [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 50 / 51

Sun, sand and rugby DILENJIT SINGH THE LOCAL rugby fraternity swapped their soggy, muddy grass pitches for the more picturesque settings of Tanjong Beach at Sentosa for the Chivas Beach Rugby 5s yesterday. Amid the sandy scenery just beyond the Tanjong Beach Club was the field of combat for

Soderling comes back from the brink [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 50 / 51

Soderling comes back from the brink TENNIS AP FOURTH-SEEDED Robin Soderling of Sweden saved three match-points before beating Michael Llodra of France 6-7(0), 7-5, 7-6(6) last night to reach the final of the Paris Masters. Soderling (above) will face either top-seeded Roger Federer of Switzerland or Gael Monfils of France.

Sports Asian Games


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SICK JASMINE FALLS SHORT Singapore’sbesthopeforashootingmedal misses final in pet event by one point LIM SAY HENG REPORTING FROM GUANGZHOU SHEgrimacedassheloweredherairrifleafterhersecond-lastshot.Shooter Jasmine Ser knew she blew her chance of making the final of the women’s singles 10m air rifle event, even before herscoreappearedonthescreen. A “9” was flashed, confirming what she

Disappointing return to Aoti for Gai Bin [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 52 / 53

Disappointing return to Aoti for Gai Bin LIM SAY HENG TWENTY-three years ago, he won his first major gold medal at the Aoti Shooting Range. But there was no happy return to his former stomping ground for shooter Gai Bin (left) yesterdayashefinished27thinthemen’ssingles50m pistol qualification event. The 42-year-old’s 540 score was


Page 52 / 53

‘SIMPLY EXCELLENT’ Swimmer Tao Li improves on Doha feat to win S’pore’sfirstmedal LIM SAY HENG REPORTING FROM GUANGZHOU SHEstrodeintothearenaconfidentlywearing atrenchcoatover her tracksuit,asifshehadapointtoprove. When Tao Li reached Lane 6, she stopped and calmly stripped to her all-blackswimsuit. The 20-year-old then walked to the side of the pool and surveyed her

Singaporeans in action today [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Emirates flies high in sport [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 54

Emirates flies high in sport GODFREY ROBERT THE beautiful Emirates Airline flight stewardesses, with their unique rust-brownattireandred caps– with a light veil flowing are becoming a common feature in sports events. At the 2010 Barclays Singapore Open, they stand out prominently as they mingle with the crowds on the

Sports La Liga

Mourinho is ‘despicable’ [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 55

Mourinho is ‘despicable’ SPORTINGGIJONvREALMADRID (Tomorrow,1.55am, StarHubTV Ch222 &255) Wire Services REAL Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has shrugged off his two-match touchline ban, claiming it is preferable to having a key player suspended. Mourinho was handed the punishment following his dismissal during his side’s 5-1 Copa Del Rey win over Murcia

Players to go on strike [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 55

Players to go on strike SERIEA Reuters SERIE A players agreed to go on strike if a deal on a collective contract with the league is not reached by Nov 30, throwing the Italian game back into chaos after a September walkout was avoided. The two parties have been talking

Trouble at the Bridge? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 56/57

Trouble at the Bridge? CHELSEAv SUNDERLAND (Tonight, 12mn,SingTelmio TV Ch102) AFP CARLO Ancelotti has endured one of his most troubled weeks as Chelsea manager following the dismissal of assistant manager Ray Wilkins and another injury setback for Frank Lampard. The sacking of Wilkins who has a 37-year connection with the

Gyan looking to make big impact [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 56/57

Gyan looking to make big impact PA Sport ASAMOAH Gyan feels he is acclimatising well to life in England after being eased in gently by Sunderland. The Black Cats broke their transfer record to bring in the Ghana international, keen for him to provide an attacking ally for talisman Darren

Sports EPL

Arsenal must sharpen up [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 58

Arsenal must sharpen up EVERTONv ARSENAL (Tonight, 10pm,SingTelmio TV Ch102) IAIN MACINTOSH YOUR ENGLISH KAKI IF EVER there has been a Premier Leagueupforgrabs, it’s this one. Chelsea have lost twice already and Manchester United have only won once on the road. By right, Arsenal should be piling on the

Mancini’s men stutter again [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 59

Mancini’s men stutter again Manchester City ........0 Birmingham................0 BY DAVE BUCKLEY Special Correspondent MANCHESTERCITYwereforcedtosettleforasecondgoallessdrawon homesoilinfourdaysasthey failedtobreakdown Birmingham’sdefensivebarrier. JamesMilnercameclosestto breakingthedeadlockwhenhis shotwasbootedoffthelineby StephenCarr15secondsfrom therestart. ButtheCitysupporterswere notimpressed,andventedtheir frustrationatmanagerRoberto Manciniwhenhereplacedcrowd favouriteCarlosTevezwith GarethBarryinthelatterstages. AdamJohnsonadmittedhe beenfindinglifetoughonthe Citybench,butwashandeda startingberthagainst Birmingham,althoughhisboss Mancinireckonsheneedsto “thinkmore”andworkharderfor theteam. TheItaliansaid:“Adam Johnsonisayoungplayer,but doesn’tunderstandthegame verywell.Ithinkhecanimprove alotmoreifhethinksmorewhen heplays.Thereismoreexpected ofhim.” Ittookawaywarddiving headerbyRogerJohnsonto createanopeningforAdam Johnson,buttheBirmingham defenderwasbackonhisfeet quicklytoclearthedanger. Tevezdraggedashotwideafter

Schwarzer denies the Magpies [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 59

Schwarzer denies the Magpies Newcastle ..................0 Fulham ......................0 BY MATTHEW TINDALL Special Correspondent FULHAM goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer kept Andy Carroll and Newcastle at bay as the Magpies had to make do with a point. The Australia international pulled off a string of fine saves, none of them better than the

Spurs back in business [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 60

Spurs back in business Tottenham..................4 Blackburn ..................2 BY ADRIAN CURTIS Special Correspondent TOTTENHAMcruisedtoacomfortablewinoverBlackburnthankstoa GarethBaledoubleandgoals fromRomanPavlyuchenkoand PeterCrouch. RyanNelsenandGaelGivet pulledlategoalsback,butitwas toolateforRovers. Tottenhamassistantmanager KevinBondsaid: “Thisgamewas vitallyimportant.We’vehada littlespellwhenwehaven’tgot theresultswe’dhavewanted. “Weknowwe’vegotadifficult runofgamescomingup,butit’s nogoodlookingatthem;wehad tobeatBlackburnfirst.” TottenhambossHarry Redknappmadetwochanges, JermaineJenascominginfor TomHuddlestoneinmidfield, whileCrouchjoined PavlyuchenkoupfrontasSpurs switchedto4-4-2. BlackburnmanagerSam Allardycekeptfaithwiththeside thathadbeatenNewcastlein midweek. Tottenhamwerelookingtoend arunoffourgameswithouta win,andtheytooktheleadinthe 16thminutewhenRafaelVander Vaart’scornerwasfirmlyheaded homeatthenearpostbyBale. DIVING AndTottenhamwerelooking forapenaltyinthe24thminute whenLukaModricwentdown,

Trotters withstand Wolves fightback [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 60

Trotters withstand Wolves fightback EPL round-up BOLTON survived a late comeback by Wolves to take all three points as they won a thrilling contest 3-2 at Molineux. The hosts dominated the opening period, but shot themselvesinthefoot–asthey had in their previous game againstArsenal–byconcedinga goal in the first minute, Richard Stearman heading

'We should have won' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 61

'We should have won' ASTON VILLA 2 (Ashley Young 72-pen, Marc Albrighton 76) MAN UNITED 2 (Federico Macheda 80, Nemanja Vidic 85) ASTON Villa defender James Collins admitted his side should have beaten Manchester United after leading the game 2-0 with 10 minutes to go. An Ashley Young penalty and

Red Devils show grit [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 62/63

Red Devils show grit ASTON VILLA 2 (Ashley Young 72pen, Marc Albrighton 76) MANCHESTER UNITED 2 (Federico Macheda 80, Nemanja Vidic 85) GARY LIM IN A match which required Manchester United to show their mettle, they did just that. And how they responded, at a time when most others

Who'll be Chelsea's assistant coach? [ARTICLE]

Page 64

Who'll be Chelsea's assistant coach? PA Sport CHELSEA manager Carlo Ancelotti played down suggestions Michael Emenalo could become his new assistant following the departure of Ray Wilkins. Emenalo, currently working as head opposition scout for Chelsea, has been working closely with Ancelotti since he was brought to the club by


Page 64

FROM BRONZE TO SILVER SINGAPORE swimmer Tao Li (left) clinchedtheRepublic’sfirst2010 Asian Games medal by finishing secondinthewomen’s100m butterflyfinalatGuangzhou’sAoti Aquatics Centre yesterday. Her time of 58.24s yesterday bettered her performance at the same event in Doha four years ago, where she won a bronze. However, her timing is still some way off

Upset Bendtner to quit Arsenal? [ARTICLE]

Page 64

Upset Bendtner to quit Arsenal? PA Sport NICKLAS Bendtner claims he is ready to quit Arsenal unless manager Arsene Wenger hands him a starting place. The Denmark striker has been hampered by a groin injury which kept him sidelined for the first couple of months of the season. Bendtner has

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ASTONVILLA2MANUNITED2: NevercountRedDevilsout,saysGaryLim.Page62 VETTELONPOLE: RedBullstarletinlinetobeyoungestchampioninF1history.Page50 MOREREPORTSON ASIANGAMES/Pages52/53 GUNNERSMUST CHALLENGEFOR EPLTITLE/Page58 TROUBLEATTHE BRIDGE?/Page56