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New Paper, 16 March 2005


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL26154


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the new paper WEDNESDAY, 16 MAR 2005 Press Holdings I Website: I Email: Hotline: 1800- 7 33 44 55 MICA (P) 094/03/2005 70 CENTS 8 11 I ffie J ner paper

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CHAMPIONS LEAGUE He knocks out the kings. Adriano's hat-trick puts an end to Porto's reign as European champs 50 1PL Hail the new king of one-goal victories More S'poreans not paying salaries of tteir maids a New rule: Pay up within 7 days ONE MAID'S TALE OF WOE WEDNESDAY, 16


I didn't get paid for over 7 years [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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I didn't get paid for over 7 years MAID ABUSE OF A DIFFERENT KIND Maid owed $14,400, but employer pays only $3,280 after ministry steps in Reports and picture By Sim Chi Yin SHE thought she would have a "better life" working abroad. Bangladeshi domestic worker Parul counted on

Ministry may take action [ARTICLE]

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Ministry may take action THE Manpower Ministry may prosecute the employer. Responding to The New Paper's queries, the ministry said it "will decide on further actions, including prosecution, to take against the employer". In the meantime, "Mrs M has been barred from employing another foreign domestic worker". The ministry also

New rule: Pay up every month or else... [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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New rule: Pay up every month or else... MAID ABUSE OF A DIFFERENT KIND By Sim Chi Yin simcy@sph. YOU must pay your domestic worker her salary every month and no later than seven days vHI after the last day of that month. That is specifically spelt out for

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More S'poreans not paying maids' salaries, new rules kick in /Next page

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Teaching is an exciting career with unmatched opportunities and challenges. Being a teacher today means not just nurturing the spirit of innovation and the passion for learning, but also taking lessons beyond the classroom. If you are a professional who is contemplating a career switch, why not teach? Be part


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FLOWER POWER Dry weather, cool nights trigger mass flowering SINGAPORE BY Teh Jen Lee FIRST came record temperatures that dried out whole tracts of land and sparked bush fires. Now, after the longest heatwave in 29 years, we have an island-wide burst of flowers on trees and shrubs. Dr

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The news watcher

Insurers take over CPF scheme [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Insurers take over CPF scheme COMMENT V K SANTOSH KUMAR iantosh&sph com. sg ONE more CPF insurance scheme is being privatised. Come September, Great Eastern Life and NTUC Income will be the insurers for the CPFs Dependants' Protection Scheme (DPS). The move will provide higher coverage for members at no

More jobs but lower pay rise [ARTICLE]

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More jobs but lower pay rise THE employment rate was good last year but salaries rose by just 1.9 per cent. Figures released by the Manpower Ministry show that 71,400 jobs were created last year up from the estimate of 66,200 announced in January. However, salaries did not keep pace

Casino could bring in $3.4b a year [ARTICLE]

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Casino could bring in $3.4b a year CAN Singapore afford to miss out on this? A casino resort is likely to bring in $3.4 billion a year in revenue and $1.4b in government taxes annually. The report by Wall Street giant Merrill Lynch lists several other beneficial spinoffs. Among them,

Way for S'pore to compete [ARTICLE]

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Way for S'pore to compete HOW to spur the Singapore economy and counter competitors such as China? Improve our creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. At the Singapore Conference in London yesterday, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong pointed to that direction. He emphasised that our education system has to constantly evolve to


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GRAVES IN RESTAURANT IMAGINE having your jam-spread bun with departed souls? Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad, India, specialises in this. Customers have to eat sitting next to graves. Interestingly, very few seem to mind the unusual setting. Picture/ Afp

Crimson Logic under probe [ARTICLE]

Page 8

Crimson Logic under probe IT is well-known for helping governments and companies save money through its IT solutions. But did Crimson Logic pay bribes to clinch a project with Carrefour? CPIB is investigating such a possibility following the conviction of Matthias Tan, former head of Carrefour Singapore's IT department, this

Stock watch [ARTICLE]

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Stock watch Yesterday's action change Closc Do 3 Dn 0.55% 10.745 Na SS aq Dn 0.78% 2,035 ST 1 DnO.2% 2,164

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SINGUSH a Cuidc For ALIENS to Singapore NOT? In typical Singlish economic style, a contraction of 'or not'. 1. "You got bring your passport, not?" (Have you brought your passport or not?) 2. "He come oreddy, not?" (Has he come already or not?) and THE COXFORD SINGLISH DICTIONARY

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Respite for US$, but... [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Respite for US$, but... Poor 4th-quarter deficit figures could spark another fall, say analysts By Kor Kian Beng and Tan Hsien Chong LIKE a parachutist, the US dollar has been spiralling downward over the last three years. But there was some unexpected good news yesterday. Healthy capital flows data

More older couples splitting up [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 10

More older couples splitting up By Tan Mae Lynn THE couple had been married for 35 years. Then, in April 2000, the wife petitioned for a divorce, saying the marriage had "broken down irretrievably". By the time their divorce settlement was finalised four years later, the wife was 65

US movies coming here via broadband [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 11

US movies coming here via broadband SOON, a cineplex near you may just screen the latest movies to be rolled out by US production houses. That is, when the high-speed broadband connection experiment between the Singapore government and movie and technology players in the US takes off. Pilot trials, which

Hey! Look what's in store for U! [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 11

Hey! Look what's in store for U! MORE than 20 stars from Channel U and Channel 8 descended upon Zouk last week to launch the new Channel U programme line-up. Among the parade of stars were actress Fiona Xie and actor Jeff Wang (left). Some of the new shows in

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«v<* >' ---r y <** A f£^ A crime scene to most, but a suspect's profile to yoo.

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KL on tail of 500 bosses for failure to pay EPF [ARTICLE]

Page 12

KL on tail of 500 bosses for failure to pay EPF MALAYSIA is cracking down on errant bosses who owe contributions to the Employees Provident Fund (EPF). A total of 533 directors from 307 companies have been barred from travelling abroad in the past three years. The firms owed RM3O

Popular actress arrested in drug raid [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

Popular actress arrested in drug raid A MALAYSIAN actress-cum-model (above) was detained by police, who raided her rented apartment in Taman Seri Subang, Kuala Lumpur, under suspicion of pushing drugs. Malaysian papers reported that the 34-year-old ex-air stewardess, popular in the early '90s and star of dramas and movies, such

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From town saviour to corporate villain [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 14

From town saviour to corporate villain GUILTY WorldCom founder convicted of all chaiges in $17b fraud. He faces up to 85 years in jail WORLD Wire services. THE little town of Clinton, Mississippi, thought it was the luckiest place on earth, all thanks to telecommunictions giant WorldCom. That was until

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Page 14

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Jll PTgKfTffiTißi¥»w 4*A


The Taj is ours [ARTICLE]

Page 16

The Taj is ours MUSLIM GROUP IN CHARGE OF GRAVES SAYS: SYMBOL of love or repository of death? That's a new controversy that's surrounding the 350-year-old Taj Mahal in India. A Muslim body that is responsible for the upkeep of graveyards and mosques in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where

Brit Hannibal admits frying friend's brain [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 17

Brit Hannibal admits frying friend's brain Wire services. JUST like actor Anthony Hopkins who played the man-eating psychopath Hannibal Lecter, Peter Bryan (right) ate one of his victims' brains after frying it in butter. Yesterday, he was sentenced to life imprisonment at London's Old Bailey court after pleading guilty to

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This $155 do-it-yourself device can scan for breast cancer [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 19

This $155 do-it-yourself device can scan for breast cancer WORLD IT looks like a standard household remote control and has a somewhat unfortunate name. But this do-it-yourself tumour scanner called the Breast Checker could prove a breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer. The hand-held device could be on sale

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You can date, but can you hide? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

You can date, but can you hide? say In an attempt to keep their romance under wraps, Sylvester Sim and Maia Lee went on a late-night date to Mustafa Centre recently, but they were still caught by an eagle-eyed fan. Can celebrity couples here go on a date without compromising

The singletons say: [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

The singletons say: Keagan Kang (right), 28 IxJUk This actor opts for the off-beaten tracks when he takes his date to dinner. His favourite haunts? Ember Restaurant at Hotel 1929 and Bali l *H| Hut Coffee House at Amber Close. Keagan also heads for Sentosa A] beaches for a romantic


Page 21

Weitz words The writer-director talks about his latest movie and who he would like for a mentor By Tan Dawn Wei WRITER-DIRECTOR Paul Weitz admits that he gets asked about that apple pie scene in American Pie a lot. The most common question? "Probably if I did it," he

Watch out! It's the new Paula [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 22

Watch out! It's the new Paula By, Jeanmarbie Tan jeanm@sph. FOR three seasons, sweetie singer Paula Abdul (left) sat in the middle of co-judges Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell for one simple reason: She had no opinion of her own. But this time, Abdul is finally telling it straight

Crisis at the box-office [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 23

Crisis at the box-office BOLLYWOOD was delivered a serious reality check this week. The industry entered 2005 feeling optimistic that any film with Shah Rukh Khan and sex would bring the box-office out of the doldrums. Shah Rukh had two hits, Veer Zaara and Swades released in December 2004 and

Fardeen’s going to get hitched [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 23

Fardeen’s going to get hitched FARDEEN Khan fans, brace yourselves: The 31 year-old actor is getting married. IndiaFm announced that Fardeen will be tying the knot with girlfriend Natasha Madhvani early next year. Apparently, the Bollywood news portal heard it from the bride-to-be herself. "Things have been confirmed for early

Baby boom in the celeb circuit [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 24

Baby boom in the celeb circuit OTHER than the toll of wedding bells, mothers are the roles du jour in Bollywood too. Karishma Kapoor (right) gave birth to her first child, a baby girl, last Friday in Mumbai, reported The Times of India. Apparently, the entire Kapoor clan was at

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Glam cooking show has bite [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 25

Glam cooking show has bite YOU have to love Nigella Lawson. Who else would have you believe the only kitchen tool you need in order to be a great cook is attitude? It is hard not to buy into her food mantra: Maximum flavour with minimum effort. In Nigella Bites,

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PRIME-TIME TV Highlights American Idol IV Channel 5,8.30pm Catch the performances of the final 12 contestants. The one with the lowest votes will be sent home. I'm The One II Channel 8,8pm Hosted by .Guo Liang and Sharon Au, this new series features guests who claim that they are the

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Semi-true story of the Hollywood murder that occurred at a star-studded gathering aboard William Randolph Heart's yacht in 1924. Stars Kirsten Dunst I Do, But I Don't Hallmark (Ch 17), 9pm A wedding planner creates magical moments for couples, but can't get her own life in order. Stars Denise Richards,

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Page 26 Miscellaneous

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Intel overhauls brand image [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 29

Intel overhauls brand image Reuters. ALMOST every consumer recognises Intel. Some may even be able to hum its catchy commercial tune. But, to the average consumer, Intel comes to mind only as chips in computers. Now, after two decades of close association with the personal computer, the brand name is

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Page 31

BBC vs the pirates TV shows to go online but illegal downloads pose problems TECH Reuters. THE BBC is planning an ambitious distribution strategy that will let viewers watch its TV programmes over the Internet. However, it found out last week that cutting-edge technology can cut both ways, especially when

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Safer X-rays with new Kodak film [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 35

Safer X-rays with new Kodak film It halves a patient's exposure to radiation without blurring image guality TECH AP. EASTMAN Kodak Co is rolling out a higher-speed X-ray film that can halve a patient's exposure to radiation without blurring image quality. It might also provide a financial cushion as the

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Other Products Services^jj Health Centres dSBSk Health Centres SAPPHIRE SPA -T* The best of Thai Shiatsu massage' A SPECIAL 1 45mins $38 PROMOTION J 65mins $58 FREE! Full BODY SCRUB by our female masseuses FREE! EAR TICKLE SEMSA 770.V A Jfo novelty stwwkm FREE! INDIVIDUAL ROOM with full privacy FREE!

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Health Herbal Steam bath Bach individual room with attached bathroom TV restroom AH**! 6339 5311 6339 5346 (Opening Hrs: Ham 11pm) Health Centre Massage Sauna, Herbal -£g Individual room with attached bathroom w* adjustable Air-conditioning ft TV Restroom BRAGOhPWBVCrR-SNf' r m m n*. M Massage Sauna t Steam Bath Gymnasium

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Health Centres^ Far East Plaza #03-07 Newty renovated Private room Qualified Masseuses Shower facilities TEL; 6734 3220

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Page 39

Health Centres Health Centres wKKMtmmBM 45mn» M mMBBPBBHBBBI LHIH metis t reternal We provide Swedish/ I Shiatsu/ Thai massage F" Steam Bath/ Sauna E 4 1 Big Screen TV Lounge Pissa Health Centre 14 *04-16 CuppmgtPimza M I Can use 6734 9873/4 mr your right touch JP* We provide

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289 9988 I i /v > _> > A. > For fast results, call us on toll-free number: 1800- 4iO«/ «/«/00 Health Centres MMNMMNUMM MASSAGE J I^CENTRE^ up&niriff Promotion 34A Circular Rd <2«hin^o«^uay) BeßEfl SJUKTUIY BEJUJI CENTRE Him me mwT KBBMwIBBiI Charming/ Pretty, Friemfly experienced multi-racial Masseuses Chinese Massage L"

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Health Centres Relaxing Massaqe SERVE BY TRAINED, YOUNG, MALE THERAPISTS Individual Pte. Rm. visit us at #82-19/20 Lucky Chinatown next to cMnatown Station) New Opening Promotionei Off Ml HEALTH MASSAGE V/ 2 Hours given FREE Ear-Candling Fa Be Mi Beauty Care 209 A Upper Thomson Rd For appt.caN 9880-9081 Health

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Health Centres (JS&si Beauty S Aromatherapy Marriage Bureaus I Matchmaking In f J S'pore/Vietnam > j Mandarin 1 Speaking Golden Mile Tower *01-61 1 J* *****50 I i Business Services Through financial institution 1-5 yrs repayment 24 hrs approval 7% per annum WE CAN HELP LOAN THROUGH FINANCIAL INSTITUTE WITH

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Business Services I Business Services I mimumin Ulili i e« s v I rri M "u "IT X ''WBfeMpeMfMUMtaMhM We have helped thousands nationwide! CALL *****077 MOW FON A DEBT FNEE LFEI (CoMMrCradCotnchg Saracos) SYNTHESIS CONSULTANCY SBKALLANG PUOOINO ROAD #06-01 S—OAPOWE *****0 Our Consultant (Genuine Ex-Banker) will assist you

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Business Services Call 9129 0408 Now Future Many packages available Finance company If you have Credit Card, Leqal Summon, Bankruptcy or Seizure Problems (Through bank) Pis call for assistance Slqn up n«w hp tin* Highest cash offered Call Ronaldo: 9636-9560 Juronq West Barber Shop Space > Suits DIY for PC

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Properties Mliß Unit Unit Unit #02-07 #02-09 #05-02 360sqft 290 sqft 800 sqft Carpeted, New paint Split aircons interested party, please call $11,000 to $40,000 CPF Grants 3/ 4/ 5-Rm/ Exec flats units avail at all locations Renovated/ original HOB/ Bank loan avail Fast, clean transaction No commission! *****35^^ MasSg?

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Properties Professionals/ Executives A Local Co requires:- Min 3-syrs experience Basic salary $3000 ***** excluding commission Willing to travel to East Europe South Africa Interested pis call 6898-2775 K~ Emperor Optic u (Parkway Parade #81-072/073) W L urgently requires (1) OPTICIANS (2) SALES ASSTS M Attractive salary Training provided Good

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fev/ p or f as t results, call us on toll-free number: 1800- 289 9988 >l»ltWkll t Marketing/ Communicatkxtt^gj for young individuals for the following posts: 1. EVENT ORGANISER CO-ORDINATOR 2.MARKETING SALES EXECUTIVE Students school leavers are welcome! Call Brands at *****884/*****774 Walk-in at: 865 Mountbatten Road Katong Shopping Contra

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Sales RETAIL SALES ASSTS (Full/Part-Tim*) Good communication customer service Male must complete NS Salary $1100-slBoo++ 'O' level students welcome Call Mr Chua Famous Brand 9066-2139(nam-4pm) #01-01 Capitol Centre k for an appt or walk-in North Bridge Rd i on Mon-Frl 11am-3pm (Opp. City Hall MRT) J TELESALES. Asia's largest and

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Sales LIMITED SALES REPS required Training provided Overseas opportunity ORD/ PR welcome $500 per week for right candidates Walk in at IMM 803-187 C 11am-4pm. 17 18 March PRUDENTIAL fijvj^l Min. 4 0' levels Nt S'poreans/ PR Self-motivated result oriented Training allowance up to. J $3000 tr Pis contact Russell

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Sates Welding Co requires: SALES REPRESENTATIVES Male working environment Possess class 3 lie With industrial/ hardware experience Training provided Handphone trpt provided 5-v* day week Interested call: 6742 2567 Blk 1005 #01-08 Eunos Ave 7 CaN Centres/ Telemarketing FULL/ PART TIME TELEMARKETERS required Non sales Attractive rates Tel: *****365/ 4/

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Hotel/ Restaurant/ Loun«e £SSk The Fun American Neighbourhood Restaurant Come Join Us 6332 1090 For Great Fun Working As •BASIC SALARY $1600 Cll^ excluding other sales incentive I > M I I I i I Malaysian are welcome •Tnumng provided 1 w Mn interview: 12noon 7pm Blk 3D River Valley

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Hotel/ Restaurant/ Louß dSSk —P H. "j* Japanese Restn Requires 1. FULL-TIME WAITRESSES 2. PART-TIME KITCHEN STAFF S'porean/ PR only Work split shift Interested pis walk in: f 5 Koek Road, #03-24 Cuppage Plaza V ,r

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Hotel/ Restaurant/ *35k rVie Bar 1 (Cafe/ Wine Bar) 1 requires Hardworking, young, pleasant friendly personality. Working hours 7pm lam. 914 East Coast Rd. #01-02 The Domain Call for Interview after 4pm Michelle 6245-0010 Jury's 880 Grill 9 277Jaian Kayu. groat food, friendly service, requires: PART-TIME WAITER/ WAITRESS hourly $5.50

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Untnl PnrfTiTTnf notw/ Restaurant/ I *rm BAR RESTAURANT at E Coast Pk requires WAITER WAITRESSES Pert/ full-time Young energetic Training provided (Study Mama welcome if work permit approved) Joyce *****114/ *****822 Walk-In Interview 3-6pm dally East Coast Carpark C 3 0 $0 Bambooze Pub Bistro Blk 5 Changl Village #01-2043

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For fast results, call us on toll-free number: 1800- 23d 3988 2642 Hotel/Restaurant/ Lounge *rm For the following outlets: Bar None in Orchard Road OThe Living Room in Orchard Road Bullfrog Novena Bullfrog Crown Centre Good salary and Great Incentives Iffl WALK-IN INTERVIEWS 111 I today at 3pm MAI Singapore

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Hotel/Restaurant/ Lounge 1 'V Hj Hj Hj n» Hj |l»| Orchard Rd Vietnamese Restn looking for EXPERIENCED FULL-TIME/ PART-TIME WAITER WAITRESSES Ca*****8-9455 Orchard Rd. Restn. requires Full-time/ Part-Time Experienced Cooks Service Staff Good salary Apply via email maestroenterxlsas or fax 6836-2832 Pub <® Pasir Panjang Pleasant Young Looking Up

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Hair/ Beauty dm BODY ORIGINS requires: BEAUTY CONSULTANT Preferably with experience Shift work required PART-TIME MANICURIST Walk in Interview between 12-spm, Nqee Ann City Tower B. *15-04 Tel: 6887-3575 required Far East Plaza or Paragon. Attractive salary incentives. Speak Eng/ Mandarin. Call 9450-2607 High basic and commission New graduates and

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Administrative/ ClerlcaUffli A Precision Machining auto lathe Company In Woodlands Invites applicants for Provide general admin duties With admin experience and must be PC literate Bilingual in English Mandarin Able to start work ASAP Only S'poreans PRs need to apply Interested applicants pis send your resume with expected salary to:

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Administrative/ JTClericaUfffi ADMIN CLERK (Junior) 0' level/ SPM PC literate, typing 30 wpm Chinese speaking M'sians welcome 35 Chin Bee Cres (Boon Lay) Bus: 79, 246 Email: ADMIN EXEC or PA Computer literate 2-3 yrs of work experience 5w -day week Send your resume to 35 Tannery Rd #06-05

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Technical Min. 3 years experience To lead a team of Tools Setters Troubleshooting maintenance of production Dieset 2 Rotating shifts NTC/'Q' Level/Diploma Min. 3 years experience Expenence in High-Speed Stamping preferred 2 Rotating shifts O.T. and teamwork required NTC/'O' Level/Diploma I* Min 3 yrs exp in Connectorsl or' Automotive Parts

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Warehousing/ Inventory LOGISTICS ASSISTANT Urgently required by an air-con company in central Singapore Min NTC level GCE 'N' level At least 12 years of warehousing or related experience Assist store supervisor in prompt delivery of aircon equipment Responsible for housekeeping of warehouse Possess a forklift driving licence Proficient in Microsoft

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ooq QQQQ 'v— v i>««* A» 1., For fast results, call us on toll-free number: 1800- «7Z700 Part-Time/Temporary Posttkms^g Lifestyle/ Photography Survey Project Earn $1000 incentives SURVEYORS 4 days per week Students/ Msians/ ORD Personnel housewives are welcome Walk in interview TODAY I TOMORROW between Hem 69m at 69 Circular

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Other Positions EXEC~~ Min '0' or 'N' level U H* IT experience I* School leavers P welcome TECHNICIAN Min 'N' '0' level/ U Min Iyr IT experience W Class 3 driving O license N School leavers welcome Interested pis call *****777 (after 11am) WANTED Young, tnergetk No experience needed Must

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EXPERIENCED CAR WASHERS Needed at 68 MacPherson Rd. (Caltex Station) 8pm-7am Call kelvin 9735-4576 »II»IIII»WI»»II!I GENERAL WORKERS Must be physically fit strong Male working environment Call 6462-0028 for Interview OUTDOOR PROMOTERS/ SURVEYORS (High pay) Daily Job Able to work on weekends High commission All are welcome Call for interview *****410

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Positions Wanted gtSSk HIRE ME Not Job Vacancy with or without oil MASSAGE by MALE THERAPIST $60 for 90 mins Education Speak A New Language injus^nthal [Cambridge Lin^usoes] ttltattftifrtadF&HfWßa 6896 *****6786 4966 GCE a O* LEVEL GCE 'A* LEVEL (with Science Practical) Commencing Mar'os NS Deferment Student's Pass EZ Link

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Education Education f fVI J I lAMSession Session B^oam I I |P*^«saloi^3opn^^prT^lpj^e«aloiH^3opiT^6pmJ .EVEL LEADING TO CAMBRIDGE EXAMINATIONS »übj<ct| Mon -FH IpS NS dofermont (subj. to MINDEF't approval), studont oZ-Unk pass P »"(«^acti tolCA'iapproval),sponsorship, r Frl 9am-4.30pm accommodation can bo arranged tnrol tarly^^^m||pHpßpß|(pqßi Affordability J Our Own Sctonco Lab 11 .Vls^Ml

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Education Education Nurturing all Geniuses! Kl-K2/ Pri/ Sec/ JC School Teachers/ Grads/ Undergrads/ Dip/ A levels All Areas All subjects Make Sure Of Your Admission With Our lELTS FULL-TIME CLASSES 16 years above English Preparation Course for Basic/ Intermediate Learners REX COMMERCIAL SCHOOL (Near Bugis MRT) Call 6299-1829 •We make


Lord Danelee still very fit [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 44

Lord Danelee still very fit ON THE KRANJI TRACK 1 WITH DANNY KHOO IMPRESSIVE last-start winner Lord Danelee continued to show winning form at Kranji yesterday. Taken straight out for a spin by winning jockey S John, he caught the eye with a smart 36.6 sec hit-out over 600


Page 44

WORKOUTS BY HORSES HANDICAPPED ON FRIDAY OPEN BENCHMARK 97 1,400 m: Always Good (E Wilkinson) sprinted smartly over 600 m in 37.3 after cantering a round. He had stablemate Gamgee (M Kellady), who is handicapped in the Open Benchmark 53 Div 2 race over 1,400 m, for company. Connery (C

Super Roger also ready to score again [ARTICLE]

Page 44

Super Roger also ready to score again GUIDE TO PENflNG TRACKWORK GOING: GOOD NST LAST-START winner Super Roger showed further headway in Penang yesterday and looks ready to score a double when he tackles a Class 3 field over 1,700 m on Sunday. Taken out by jockey Oh Seng Hong,

Groton consistent [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 45

Groton consistent KRANJI NEWCOMER By Tan Thean Loon FRIDAY'S sole newcomer Groton (below, with jockey Mark Zahra astride yesterday morning) has shown consistency but yet to win from five starts in Australia. The four-year-old Australian-bred gelding by Grand Lodge out of The Wrythe found one to beat three times


Page 45

TONIGHT'S HONG KONG (SHA TIN) RACE CARD ♦Going forecast: Good Selections by Hong Kong Jockey Club Tipster Jeremy Greene ♦RACE 1 10 NOBLE VICTORY 8 South China Ninety 1 Supremacy ♦RACE 2 8 KNIGHT TEMPLAR 3 Euphoric Kid 2 Super Sprint ♦RACE 3 6EVEREST 4 Easy Punch 5 Opera Magic



Page 45

CRYSTAL HANGS UP RIDING BOOTS A LOT has been said about the exploits of up-and-coming apprentice Sheryl Cheam. But the same cannot be said about Kranji's other female apprentice, Crystal Ang (left). Well, The Whip has found out that Ang, who has been conspicuously missing from the Kranji action in


Page 45

BLINKERS' TRICK FROM QUARTET IT PAYS pays to take notice of horses sporting blinkers for the first time. The additional gear used to help certain horses to concentrate in racing has quite often reaped in the rewards. Take last weekend for example. Four of the dozen runners donning blinkers for



Monty's mission: World top 50 [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 46

Monty's mission: World top 50 Reuters. FORMER winner Colin Montgomerie goes into this week's TCL Classic at Yalong Bay Golf Club on Hainan Island with the United States PGA Tour uppermost in his mind. The 41-year-old Briton (right) needs to finish no worse than second in China to return to


Page 46

The Tiger chase THE top spot in the Official World Golf Ranking that Tiger Woods (right) regained a scant two weeks ago could be in jeopardy this week at the Bay Hill Invitational which tees off tomorrow. Either Vijay Singh or Ernie Els could take over No. 1 with a

Songs lucky to skip trip [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 46

Songs lucky to skip trip AFP GOLFERS Aree and Naree Song consider themselves fortunate to have escaped the devastation of last December's Asian tsunami, having escaped only by fate. Naree Song, whose mother is Thai, barely w missed out on a Tour exemption at last December's LPGA Qualifying Tournament. Had

Keppel's $100,000 relief aid [ARTICLE]

Page 46

Keppel's $100,000 relief aid THE Keppel Group, which had contributed $200,000 in January to the tsunami relief efforts, added another $100,000 towards the same cause. Through a charity golf event at Ria Bintan over the weekend, the group raised the money and handed it to the Singapore International Foundation which

Samba school coming soon [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 47

Samba school coming soon By Wang Meng Meng sg WANT to shoot like Roberto Carlos, score like Ronaldo or dribble like Ronaldinho? Soon, you will be able to learn the mesmerising skills of these samba masters. That is not all. You will also get to learn how the five-time


Page 48

'Go NEWCASTLE Go' 4th rd, 2nd leg newcastle v olymoiakos FIRST LEG: 3-1 uefa AFP. NEWCASTLE manager Graeme Soilness was cautiously optimistic about today's Uefa Cup match at home to Olympiakos especially as his side have not lost a single match in Europe this season. And midfielder Hugo Viana (right),


Page 48

UEFA CUP FIXTURES (All in European time) TODAY (4th rd 1st leg): Steaua Bucharest v Villarreal TODAY (4th rd 2nd leg): AZ v Shakhtar Donetsk Newcastle v Oiympiakos < i- w I! Sibefl TOMORROW (4th id 2nd leg): CSKA Moscow v P Belgrade Auxerre v Lille Parma vSevil la R


Adriano hat-trick sends [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 49

Adriano hat-trick sends 4th rd, 2nd leg inter-milan Inter win 4-2 on aggregate PA Sport. Brazilian striker Adriano scored a hat-trick as Inter-Milan beat Porto 3-1 to end their reign as European champions. This morning's victory put Inter safely through to the last eight of the Champions League on a


Page 49

PORTO PAIN PA Sport. PORTO coach Jose Couceiro said his team had "only their name" in common with last season's European champions. "There are so many different players that they are totally different teams and you can't make a comparison," said Couceiro. The only thing this side has in common


Page 50

Porto packing li*4ar A led stan tot inxci m misplaced Porto pass goes to the dangerous feet of the predatory Adriano (left). He bursts into the penalty-area before drilling an angled shot that deflects heavily off Pedro Emanuel. Adriano doubles his tally, springing the offside trap to colect Cruz's pass

Wigan, Sunderland march on [ARTICLE]

Page 51

Wigan, Sunderland march on ENGLAND: COCA-COLA CHAMPIONSHIP PA Sport. WIGAN and Sunderland pulled off comfortable victories to maintain their three-point advantage at the top of the Coca-Cola Championship tonight. But third-placed Ipswich remain hot on the heels of the top two after a win in Cardiff kept them three points

Ince effort seals win for Wolves [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 51

Ince effort seals win for Wolves PA Sport. faint hopes b?finishing in the play-offs with an uninspiring win against Burnley at Molineux. Kenny Miller broke the deadlock with a fine finish seven minutes from the break and captain Paul Ince settled Wolves' nerves with a brilliant long-range effort on the



Page 52

SPURS TO BOUNCE BACK CHARLTON v TOTTENHAM LIVE, Ch 24, 3.ssam.tomorrow PA Sport. TIME to move on, Tottenham Hotspur, and look at Europe. Tottenham's players have vowed to shrug off the disappointment of their FA Cup exit against Newcastle with victory over Charlton tonight. Spurs crashed out of the FA


Page 53

THE PEOPLE'S MANAGER LIVERPOOL v BLACKBURN LIVE, Ch 24, 3.ssam,tomorrow LIVERPOOL BOSS RAFAEL BENITEZ: PA Sport. EVERTON may have re-invented themselves as the self-styled "People's Club", but Liverpool have found their new man of the people in manager Rafael Benitez (below). His stroll into Cologne's city centre last week in


Page 54

'GERRARD'S FOCUS ON LIVERPOOL' PA Sport. PA Sport. LIVERPOOL v BLACKBURN LIVERPOOL manager Rafael Benitez retained his dignity as the Chelsea "tapping up" saga threatened to engulf his captain Steven Gerrard. The Reds face two matches in six days which will dictate their season, starting with the visit of FA

Robson: No stopping Chelsea now [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 55

Robson: No stopping Chelsea now CHELSEA 1 WEST BROM 0 Crowd: 41,713 CHELSEA have done enough to steer the Premiership title all the way to Stamford Bridge. So said West Brom manager Bryan Robson after the London side beat his team 1-0 to go 11 points clear of Manchester United.

Mourinho snubs press [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 55

Mourinho snubs press PA Sport. JOSE Mourinho (right) refused to appear at the press conference after the West Brom match and it was his deputy Steve Clarke who was sent to explain Chelsea's feelings at going 11 points clear at the top. But he first had to explain the absence

Chelsea's title, surely [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 56

Chelsea's title, surely TV VIEW WANG MENG MENG NOT only are Chelsea after Arsenal's Ashley Cole. The Blues are also chasing the Gunners' patent for carving out 1-0 wins. For the 12th time this season, this familiar scoreline flashed across the electronic scoreboard as Jose Mourinho's team edged ever


Page 57

ONE is enough 1-0 to (the) Chelsea CHELSEA 1 (DidierDrogba 26th min) WEST BROM 0 Crowd: 41,713 PA Sport. IT USED to be said, once, that George Graham's Arsenal were the masters of the one-goal victory. One nil to the used to ring across England and they took some

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iWmji 1900-912-6111 Calls are charged $1.21/min. Callers must be 18 yrs above. Please be wary when meeting strangers from this service. Please call our helpline if you wish to be denied access to this service. Helpline: 6325-6129 Powercom Interactive Media

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Page 47

a z»~«nel LUCKY obe given away to 10 Most I Fwnftll Frequent callers of the wIL Liverpool St. Bucaresti ac^ m Olymplakos Villareal Calls are charged at $2.99/mln. Callers under 18 years of age must seek parental consent Carters automatically become our exclusive members and wi receive free sms updates.

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WANTED! All NEW/USED HP, (SAME SETS, LAPTOPS, itc. NGAGE-5270. QD-270,3650-250, *****-210, PS2-250, XBOX-220, PSP-350, GBASP-100, TREO 600-420, T3-300, P3-1000, P4-1800 HP *****789 JUST MOBILE f\LOOK HEREf\ initiate tue uobbesb cuab in bam bh sms-ina HELLO to I *****/ J 600/sms sent/received. Service 418 yrs above. Pis b wary when meeting

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CALL INFOLINE: Call 1900 *****13 after 6.30 am tomorrow for the results. Calls cost 30 cents a minute.

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member o~T^ I Asia Trutdnio trust £SQ' nfo ß ■IDI I I ■%M 3 4

Page 51 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 51

SMS FUN' to77WS Charges SO 80 SMS For 18 years and above only. Beware when meetmg strangers from this service Helpline/bar no. -3577. Powered by Sure Win Consulting Pte Ltd.

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CALL INFOUNE: Call 1900-*****13 after 6.30 am tomorrow for the result. Calls cost 30 cents a minute. SCORE Tampines Sun Hei Wed, 16/03/05 7.30pm STRIKE! Happy Valley Home United Wed, 16/03/05 B.oopm Italian Cup Fiorentina Roma Thu, 17/03/*****0 am E Premier Chariton Tottenham Thu, 17/03/05 4.00 am E Premier Liverpool

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CALL INFOUNE: Call 1900-*****13 after 6.30 am tomorrow for the result. Calls cost 30 cents a minute.

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Page 54

Ringtones, Realtones, Java Games! T@[p IP®Byipßo©mill(g l GUARANTFFD NICE *****43 I Believe Fantasia *****78 Breathe Easy Blue *****30 Our Lives The Calling *****40 She will be loved Maroon 5 *****3 3 Accidentally in Love Counting Crows *****41 Pieces of Me Ashley Simpson *****08 Cerita Asmara Fa/ley *****23 Sesuainya Cintamu Anuar

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iSSS M>¥ 50 m BRAD PITT+ANGELINAJOLIE jtx 1 ttsgaswws h|E^: #B4M*iaE FLE5H IMP*T&iiS «f □i ii«M4»nSl □2 «S0N OF THE MASK»3$P ouetmpj mj uomm Brucc WiIIh l Aili St♦Kimiiu Reeves }ht'Rock-Vt!.:>-.■ vrnmsn > Q1 s£-x;:- t v oa &?<; it h W i FLESH ao%<*w»ii .<-# iVA ri/.UA *£3fl5« m&m

Page 58 Miscellaneous

Page 58 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 58

OB UEFA CUP (4th Rd 2nd Leg) NEWCASTLE r OLYMPUKOS Ch 22,3.40 am, tomorrow AUXERREv LILLE Ch 21,3.40 am, Friday EPL CHARLTON v TOTTENHAM Ch 23,3.55 am, tomorrow LIVERPOOL v BLACKBURN Ch 24,3.55am,t0m0rr0w S-LEAGUE SAFFCvs WOODLANDS CNA, 7 pm, Friday GOLF: TCL Classic Day 1 Ch 22,3.30pm, tomorrow Day 2

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Page 59

1 life, live it. A The MiWorld Mobile Great Music Hunt. We give you clues. You complete the puzzle. His band's > > lopc) pTj? TKi jJVfc j jit > Ifs her bum most guys look for. iP^ji w -Mir '"-'Hv. V> •<"'/;■> r vßibulous prizes up for grabs! w..My