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New Paper, 3 July 2004


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL26058


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the new paper SATURDAY, JULY 3, 2004 •8*Singapore Press Holdings g f-VP MITA <"> 70 cents II II 8 *****1 *****1 F

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i:-. JP .«tv v<\ 4 S3 '*"V mmw m U mrnBm MM r*1 Mr rlf SK i. v <- •'i 1 PWw/The Straits fcie Doused with petrol, set on fire by friend', teen talks of future scarred over girlfriend joke SATURDAY, JULY 3, 2004 China moves to censor text messages



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SMS CENSORED China says it is clamping down on SMS to wipe out porn and scams But critics charge it's really to stop its use as a protest tool CHINA has started to crack the whip on short message service (SMS) providers. Xinhua, the country's official news agency, says the

SMS and politics [ARTICLE]

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SMS and politics In the Philippines, nearly a million citizens used SMS to organise street demonstrations that helped topple the Estrada regime in Jan 2001. In South Korea, the cyber-generation, seeing their favoured candidate losing in exit polls in 2002, used SMS to turn the tide in the election's final


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HOW CHECK IS DONE Text messages pass through a gateway to enter the handphone network of another phone. As they pass through, filtering equipment monitors these messages. They monitor key words, phrases or numbers and delete messages which contain them.

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SORRY SattUte dcvice found in Coke can fTJIP, Jul 2): Our secondary headline said: It's a scam, says Coke. It should read: It's a promotion, says Coke. News IQ: P tge 8 Hey!: Pages One-Four/ 40-43 TV: Pages 44 45

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Why did he do this to me? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Why did he do this to me? A IttU Doused with petrol, friend then sets him alight over girlfriend joke By Joycelyn Wong HE was an active boy who had his bicycle modified so he could perform stunts. But he now has another set of wheels a wheelchair. A


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OTHER CRUEL ACTS BY TEENS Jul 29,2003: Three teenagers, aged between 13 and 15, molested a 13-year-old girl at a swimming pool. They held down her legs, simulated a sex act and groped her. All three were charged and put on probation. On Nov 12,2002: Agroup of 10, aged 14

Attacker's sad family life [ARTICLE]

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Attacker's sad family life DURING counselling sessions with a psychologist, Soh Jia Wen was asked to make three wishes. He replied that he had only one wish that his family could have dinner together just once a week. To him, home was just a place where he went to sleep.

Five tonner crashes, no one hurt [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Five tonner crashes, no one hurt It took 2 trucks to set it right By Eugene Wee sg ITS cabin was almost crushed. The impact was so great, it tore a chunk out of the tree it hit. And a tree branch that was broken off due to the

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BLACKOUT? Police: Don't call us S'poreans: Then call who? WHEN a blackout happens, it's a common reaction: Pick up the phone and dial 999 or 995. But the police say do not use these numbers unless it is an emergency. Instead, people can call a 24-hour Singapore PowerGrid Electricity Service

And this is how we spell CROCODILE... [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 7

And this is how we spell CROCODILE... IN A CLASS OF THEIR OWN: A girl looks into a "classroom" with stuffed baby crocodiles at a zoo in Siracha district, 80km east of Bangkok. The zoo, which has live camels, tigers and birds, also breeds crocodiles for sale as food. Picture/

Stock watch [ARTICLE]

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Stock watch S'PORE COMPANIES onnaspaq (Close in US$/Change) Pacific Internet 8.90/-0.13 ?ni 7 V 0 n T nfi hn IOgy 10.17A0.06 Flextronics 15.42/-0.02 Chartered Semiconductor 7.81/-0.18 Stats 7.75/+0.15 Yesterday s Percentage n Close action change Dow Nasdaq S+P 500 STI Down 0.5% (51.33 pts) Down 0.44% (8.89 pts) Down 0.32%

Use of Malay vital [ARTICLE]

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Use of Malay vital THE government is committed to promoting the use of the Malay language, said Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. He said this was important to groom a "bicultural" elite that can be plugged into the region to understand the culture and language of Singapore's two closest

Joint council formed [ARTICLE]

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Joint council formed A SINGAPORE-MALAYSIA Business Council has been formed to increase economic cooperation. It comprises business leaders from both countries. The Malaysia-Singapore Business Development Fund (MSBF) will also be expanded to RM10 million ($4.5 million) to help carry out feasibility studies and organise joint missions to third-country markets. The

S'pore firms cash-rich [ARTICLE]

Page 7

S'pore firms cash-rich THE 50 largest listed firms here are sitting on a total of about $47.3 billion in cash and marketable securities a 24 per cent jump from the $38.2b they had built up a year ago. They enjoyed robust growth in recent years and have paid close attention

Will he win jackpot? [ARTICLE]

Page 7

Will he win jackpot? IF Portugal emerges champions of Euro 2004, a Singaporean punter could win £262,500 ($823,460). He has already pocketed £87,500 by betting £25,000 on Portugal to reach the finals. If Portugal beats Greece in the Monday morning finals, he will get £175,000. The man placed his bets

SPH profits surge [ARTICLE]

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SPH profits surge SINGAPORE Press Holdings (SPH) has posted a jump in net profit to $369.5 million in the third quarter of this year. This is a 483.6 per cent rise from the $63.3 million earned during the same period last year. The profit surge is due to a boost

BMW man in probe [ARTICLE]

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BMW man in probe A SENIOR manager at BMW retailer Performance Motors is under investigation for alleged corruption. He was questioned by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) on Thursday. Sources told The Straits Times he had allegedly asking for kickbacks, including personal loans, cellphones and a Tag Heuer watch,

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How now, Orchard Rd cow? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

How now, Orchard Rd cow? By Mohamed Faliq IMAGINE meeting a cow for the first time. And at Orchard Road too. No wonder the three first-year Raffles Junior College girls seemed absolutely over the moon. No, Letchmi, who turns 5 this year, and Gowri, 8, were not doing any

From high-flyer to do-gooder [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 9

From high-flyer to do-gooder Quits $200k job Puts $15,000 into charity venture Sells bread but takes no salary By Genevieve Jiang geneviev@sph. HE was once a high-flying banker with a pay cheque of more than $200,000 a year. Just last year, he dreamt of buying a new car and


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SOCIAL ENTERPRISE FUND THE Ministry of Community De- t velopment and SportAjMCDS) offered money from a 02 million pool tyhelp non-profit organisations become self-sustaining by running businesses. The aim wastogprt^^^^ another. enterprises. Another $2m will be set aside for the fund this year. The businesses benefit various groups, from the


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IN BUSINESS TO HELP OTHERS Studio You In May this year, Studio You officially launched Tile Story, a range of gifts such as fridge magnets and greeting cards made of tiles hand-painted by the disabled. The company aims to improve the social standing of the disabled in society. Beyond Imagination

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4,-, l ,,,li l fc i Pf\§K j 4-VaJT v- V.£«T; JH i Bl V 11^1 1 The New Paper New Foce 2004, Locked Bag Service 002, MacPherson Road Post Office, *****86. Audition on 24 July 2004 Birth Date: Age (between 15 23 years): Signature You're fresh. You're Postal Code:


I was molested at sales job interview [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 11

I was molested at sales job interview By Tay Shi'an SHE was desperate for a job and waited two hours to be interviewed. But instead of finding work, Ms Fazlina, 21, was allegedly molested by the interviewer at his shop on Thursday. Ms Fazlina (not her real name) is

Happy 80th, President Nathan [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

Happy 80th, President Nathan By Sylvia Toh ONLY the grandchildren were missing. President S R Nathan celebrated his 80th birthday last night in the company of old friends, ministers and leaders of the community, top civil servants, and his family. Smartly dressed guests walked through metal detectors before they


Page 13

DOCTORS TO CHECK EACH OTHER WHEN USING SOME TREATMENTS The MSP introduces a system of peer review (doctors checking each other) to ensure that patients receive the correct treatment. It will apply only to subsidised patients (B2+, B2 and C class) and cover procedures, devices and drugs in three categories.

New subsidy saves heart patient $800 [ARTICLE]

Page 13

New subsidy saves heart patient $800 By Ng Wan Ching THE heart attack hit him like a sledgehammer. At 36 years of age, it was the last thing Mr Sammy Tan expected. After the emergency treatment, angiogram and angioplasty he had a stent put in he found himself about

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UK girl, 15, banned from soccer matches for 6 years [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 16

UK girl, 15, banned from soccer matches for 6 years WORLD FELICITY Thorpe (above), 15, haa won the dubious distinction of becoming the youngest female to be banned from football matches following a riot She was with the 10-year-old boy who was banned from UK football grounds in May for

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Freed man: I want another chance with my wife [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 17

Freed man: I want another chance with my wife THE man acquitted in the Noritta murder trial, Mr Hanif Basree Abdul Rahman, 37, said yesterday that he wanted another chance with his wife, Madam Noraida Mohamed. He said he is aware he will have to carry for a long time

Wife: I'm not going to leave him [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 17

Wife: I'm not going to leave him "I'M standing by my man. I'm not going to leave him." So said Madam Noraidah Mohamed, wife of Mr Hanif Basree, on his having had an intimate relationship with Ms Noritta. "I just thank God this is over and justice has been done,"


'Godfather' plagued by personal woes [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

'Godfather' plagued by personal woes BRANDO DIES OF LUNG FAILURE AT 80 Son tried for murder, daughter committed suicide Friend Sophia Loren says his life had been marked by 'real tragedies and he had possibly let himself go for that reason' AFP. HE had at least 11 children with three


Page 19

Short and sassy Wimbledon tennis stars make Centre Court fashion the hot topic CATWALK or tennis court? You decide. Because volleys and lobbed balls weren't, all tennis spectators were following last week. The women of Wimbledon have turned tennis into an extreme sport at least as far as fashion goes.

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Want to walk more? Wear a pedometer [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 25

Want to walk more? Wear a pedometer YOU can call it the walk-a-meter. Pedometers, which look like stopwatches or pagers, have become popular tools for keeping track of steps and promoting moderate exercise. Now they've been used to get inactive people moving as well in an American campaign which promotes

Blame it on computers [ARTICLE]

Page 25

Blame it on computers „>;, COMPUTERS may be a big reason why undergraduates walk far less than children. Thanks to the Internet, students can do research from their homes or dorm rooms instead of having to make the trek to the campus library. The proliferation of Internet games have also

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Now, they're the Bomb bots [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 28

Now, they're the Bomb bots They used to play football but... IF these robots can talk, they will probably tell you that they aren't very thrilled at their latest assignment. First, they were designed to mimic humans and play soccer. But since they are doing such a good job at

Mastercard to catch phishermen [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 29

Mastercard to catch phishermen Wire services. CALL it revenge of the credit card company. Mastercard International, one of the world's biggest credit providers, has teamed up with fraud detection company Name Protect to stop online scammers before they strike. The partners said they are targeting such things as "phishing" identity

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Digicams: A must-have for China's city slickers [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 31

Digicams: A must-have for China's city slickers TECH Wire services. MOST of China's 1.3 billion people can't afford digital cameras. But there is a pool of some 400 million potential customers living in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other large cities. Not surprisingly, key players in the US$15 billion ($25.80b) worldwide

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Here's playing with you, Spidey [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 35

Here's playing with you, Spidey HEY! By Zhou Junlin CALL yourself a true-blue Spidey fan? Then don't limit yourself to just the standard accessories like Spider-Man mugs and keychains. There's a whole lot of quirky Spider-Man paraphernalia worth your web. GAMES Spider-Man Monopoly: If you find Monopoly boring, try

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above Ex q strangers from chatline. Request to bar number Helpline: *****906. 50 cts/min. Presented by EZCONNECT. Powered by The Voice Company.'


Here's a Slash of brilliance

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"T Lead, a life|befo'rier 9 Eu n gjfExcitirTgff Callswe charged at 50 cents mini 18 years caution prudence when meetingTup with •new friends for the first time. Be COOl? but also be SMART. Customer service/Request to bar numbef^BISeOSS* Servic?bv]OPTech Pte Ltd. MemBerjof ASPA (Singapore)'. h 1 'tSiJBWBIMi i

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So silly you'll surely laugh at these boyz [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 38

So silly you'll surely laugh at these boyz who are Vasantham seven-part comedy is about three men who keep common trouble for as the Tamil of The Three Stooges. The last week, has three guys, Shankar (Ismath JagafTar), Mohan (Puravalan Narayanasamy) and Mathavan (Mohan Vellyayan) who are flatmates. Shankar is

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.Sex farties In S'pore heartland on Cyprus love boat the nevfrpaper

Page 38 Miscellaneous

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Highlights All In Channel U, 11 pm Even though Renhe's lungs are suffering from internal bleeding, he rushes worriedly to Zhengyuan's office to take her away after being threatened byjianguo. Final episode. The Eye Channel 8,11 pm After a blind girl gets a cornea transplant, she starts seeing unfriendly ghosts,

Page 38 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 38

CABLE Secrets Of Psychics Revealed Star World (Ch 18), I Opm Reveals the amazing magic tricks developed by so-called psychics. Scent Of Love E City (Ch 56), 9pm Happiness eludes a couple when the woman is diagnosed with cancer. Stars Jang Jin-young, Park Hae-li. The Greatest: Bruce Lee Celestial Movies

Page 38 Miscellaneous Column 3 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 38

PRIME-TIME TV The Concrete Jungle/ YOU KNOW Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Watterson foh mi, OH MAM,

Page 38 Miscellaneous Column 5 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 38

m 5 I CIO |1 what oo>(cu suppose a cac. A 1 UKE TWS COSTS? TIL BET L i y^gsr

Page 39 Miscellaneous

Page 39 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 39

TV 4.00: New Mission Impossible (Drama) 5.00: Dinotopia (Drama) 4.,00: One Tree Hill (Drama) S.00: John Doe (Drama) Channel U 12.00: Fascinate My Heart (Drama/ Episode 7) 1.00: I'm Still Loving You (Drama/ Debut) 2.00: Artistic Allure 4.30: Back To Kindred Spirit (Drama/Episodes 337 338) Channel 8 12.00: Peach Girl

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venue Sunfec Singapore Leve! 3 Hon Conventional Centre July to 4 July me 1 2noon to 1 Opm r I Exhi I T: t d S! t J" > j -i V i "fV-r .ft. *»S" 9 •-V I i f- i ,.v* k V'. v V N.. m- d

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l|, ,t«|| fjntrni iieaiu ventres TJJTD!*3ondheasHCEN™^^^^T?l 100 Jelnn Sultan #05-21 I Floor Sultan Palza s Tel: 6 2 9 6 2 2 1 1 Free Buffet Karaoke Sauna Steam Bath R r"'jJ Gymnasium Hot/Cold Pool Video Coffee Lounge Business Hour 10am 1 1 pm "S 6pm-11pm a| TRADITIONAL MALAY URUT

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Sales DFD Job Description Liaison with customers to complete sales order Promote new and existing products Carry out operations policies and procedures to enhance efficiency General sales related duties Handle customer enquiries Job Requirements Must be computer literate Minimum 'N' Level with good command of spoken written English Minimum one

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BSeSSZZS 289 9988 /v > A. u For fast results, call us on toll-free number: 1800- d£o%/ %/«/00 Salts dm Ocean PanadiAe /WAAAAA Be part at our growing team! Fdl-TinW Part-Time Customer Oriented Sales Driven Good interpersonal communication skills Proactive team player with Ke attitude ■f commission OT Training provided

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Hotel/ Restaurant/ Low* *tm E chatJub 57 Tanjong Paqar Road requires Experienced 6 p Pleasant Looking $1600 (.above •Transport provided Please call after spm 9237-5596* A wteyo 1 needed in an established Japanese KTV All races are welcome Friendly, outgoing, pleasant looking Without experience are welcome too Full-time/ Part-time Income

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Hotel/Restaurant/ Lounge *rm Joo Chiat Karaoke seeking PART-TIME WAITRESSES "5 Presentable looking "J Female working environment 3 Transport provided "I Preferably staying in the East Interested, please call *****328 FULL/ PART-TIME WAITRESSES required Attractive pay Transport provided Flexible working hrs Walk-in at 20 Eastwood Rd #01-01 Eastwood Ctr after 7pm

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Fitness/Spa Hotel/Restaurant/ 1 Newly Estab Chinese Lounge 9 Shenton Way require: 1. PRO 2. Receptionist 3. Waitresses 4. Experienced Cashier Attractive salary* commission Interested, pb cell between 4-6 pm 6226-2697 Irene NEWLY OPEN! Seafood Grlll-68 seats 85 Upper East Coast Road (Next to Pasta Fresca) Opposite Shell Station Restn/ Asst

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AdminktraHiw/ I fIUVVIIIRdII VUVvf Administrative/ CtericaUflTl v A fast growing international gas trading shipping company in Orchard Road are urgently staking for the following position: Responsibilities: To liaise with Customers and Suppliers Handle cargo nominations Handle Import and Export Shipment documents Declaration permit L/C documents Advise customers on shipment status

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UUM nwIKMIS Required in Industrial area Applicants after NS ere wilcowi te appfy Pitts* call: 9 I 987-111-51 I CAR WASHER/ POLISHER needed @> Shell Tamplnes Ave 2 Interested please walk-in interview from 10am-spm or cell *****589 EXPERIOICED J STATION It GARDENERS required 9 West area j Local/PR/M'sltfWH welcome (&*****93i

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> L. tOUCSitOfI Nail Art $100 Manicure $150 Acrylic/Gel $250 Eyelash Extension $139 with hit SDF Call 9380-7835 PARENTS!! Your children's SUCCESS Is our concern! Call NOW tor EXCELLENT RESULTS!! <> Bast Tutors In Town <> KI-JC2 AH Subjects All Areas Reasonable Rates!!! Results Guaranteed 111 on full set of



Page 47

DANNY KHOO'S GUIDE TO KRANJI TRACKWORK WORKOUTS, on a good track, by horses engaged this afternoon: RACE 1: Slow work: Immingham (B Vorster), looking well, Golden Eros, Purple Strike, Timbertop, Jamaica (A Ng). RACE 2: Slow work: TruNi, fitter, Golden Lakshmi, DuvaU (V Sivan), Sky Luck, Alonso, Ashgrove (E Wilkinson),


Page 47

SAT TOPT^PSRACINGl Racing Editor Marc Tan Danny Khoo Tan Thean Loon Michael Lee I Timber-top5 Love And Peace 8 Tlmbertop far »-s»- 2 Mofcsha 7 Miracle Power 4 Golden Eros I 3lmmingham 8 Tlmbertop 11 Jamaica ff _> 2 Golden Lakshmi 3 Panther Ari 2 Golden Lakshmi 10 Cape High


Page 47

BEST BET Spectra Power (Race 9 No. 1) Looks to have no adversaries to lower his colours this tjme round. It had to take a superb ride by Lenny Beasley aboard Muscle Man to thwart the Patrick Shaw-trained galloper's bid for a four-in-a-row feat three weeks ago. With no speed


Page 48

TODAY'S KRANJI (LONG COURSE, E) RACE CARD GOING FORECAST: GOOD TO YIELDING SH Ope*Bwdwarfc4eOk1 UN HMm Stakes: $38,080 Wo. last 6 rum HORSE Wt Rating Jocfcay Barrier (Aqe/origjwJm. ti+m owmr) 1 0-9-61 KAZAM 61 (44) *M Ke*adyc2.5 3 (6nzg Baertschiger-Aurk) Still in top shape; however, extra 2.5kg may be a


Page 48

TRAINERS' TABLE TOP OF THE HEAP: Kiwi Itmltl ■wwi (ilglil) I—!<■ (fx ll uJUt A 4 -i rratners /oy irran #i wmwfw but booty two ahmmd of JkAatiMA* l^kAkai Australian nanuNn oonn 1«t 2nd 3rd L Laxon 41 41 43 J Meagher 39 35 38 1} Baortschigor 36 31 33


Page 49

JOCKEYS' TABLE TOP OF WE HEAP: SooKhoon Bang (rigM) (t sitting orrttvatoo the Jockmym'tabtowtth 29 winner* ind will toko s lot o/ 1st 2nd 3rd KBSoo 29 18 18 JTaytof 24 32 19 Vorster 23 20 27 C Camvxfy 23 14 20 J Saimee 22 20 17» J Geroudis 17


Page 50

NSF sale postponed THE National Stud Farm (NSF) has postponed its annual National Premier Sale. The change of date, from Nov 26 to April 29 next year, is to facilitate the on-going tests for horses at the farm after one horse died from strangles last month. The casualty of the

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Looking for a job? The best place to find one is here. I tlDlfl ill! Mll Call 1800 *****22

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t The Si rails Til lies Recruit Call 1800 289 8822 to advertise

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j| SMS sent information is charaed at $3.00/sms received *W '3MS info will be aent to vour nubile at appropriate time on each racing day w* *W «T6 unaubactibe. pit SMS *PC<»pace>HT<#pac*>OFF to ***** or cal 1900-913-2341 Registration foe for 1900 callere is 20C/cai, for SMS ia free of charge.

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Today in SHIN MIN Daily News SftttW Sports K I >/•* r ft' ffinwj*

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M Shop at t- participating JP m -7f^VT^JtLL r outlets displaying I.—- %MIM s s I s Ca^' 1 I l 1 and win to your heart's content! Just spend $30 minimum in II fl \a» a >;: From May 28 to July 25, 200/. 9 I m Kp Call

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Men's semis rained out [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 53

Men's semis rained out TENNIS: WIMBLEDON Wire Services. THE most play that anyone got at Wimbledon yesterday was the rain playing havoc, that is, with the programme and leaving the two men's semi-finals unfinished. In a hugely frustrating day for players and fans, the two top seeds, Roger Federer and

Shara who? Russians choose Euro over Maria [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 53

Shara who? Russians choose Euro over Maria Wire Services. SEXY blonde Maria Sharapova may have been in the spotlight at Wimbledon as she became the first Russian woman to reach the finals in 30 years, but she was just a sideshow in Russia's football-infatuated sports press. The 17-year-old Siberian-born teenager,


Page 53

WIMBLEDON: WOMENS' PATH TO THE FINAL -*|L Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova will face net) other in the womens' final on Saturday m r' jpi •arena Williams 1 VS. Age: 22 Seeded:1 Maria Sharapova Russia Age:17 Seeded: 13 f Ametie Mauresmo (4) Franca *7(4/7) 7-5 j6~4 Semi final (5) Lindsay


Page 53 Miscellaneous

Page 53 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 53

RSRRSfM| LADIES' SINGLES, MEN'S MIXED DOUBLES FINAL Mil Ch 24 Chi, 8.30pm, tonight WHAT'S GONE Men: Roger Federer (SWI xl) leads Sebastien Grosjean (FRA xlO) 6-2,6-3,4-3; Andy Roddick (US x2) leads Mario Ancic (CRO) 6-4,4-3 Men's doubles: Julian Knowle/Nenad Zimonjic (AUT/SEM xl6) lead Mark Knowles/Daniel Nestor (BAH/CAN x5) 6-2, 3-6,

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Page 54

KSj S.League Matches played from 29/06/04 to 02/07/04 Albirex vs Young Lions "J-"! Woodlands vs Home United Q-2 SAF FC vs Geylang 2~0 Tanjong Pagar vs Sinehi 2~1 Tampines vs Bal Khalsa 3~1 Division I Prize: $17.718 Division II Prize: $7,870 Information on winning shares for Pool No. 88/*****/2004 Division

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Page 54

TARGET VmmSßKtm so/mm M ySpSS Callers 18 years and above only. Call charge: SO.Sufmin. Provided by Zingmobile Pte Ltd. A friendly reminder: Do exercise caution prudence when meeting up with new friends for the first time. To deny tel. numbers from accessing this cnatline service or for help, pis call

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Page 56

id •> I''■'£?£*■ iV 7/r o flttt SOJ"J'£2lGL9fcaEi£iCil D s#f i? BBSS > r *> r~ w-rntr- iai>i xUOi.iniL II.HIWWPI OF B*rv j**a1CT »s- A V »v -*p fr-J' W <Mff P»* m WIMBLEDON V ..?-s\£. y. THE QUEEN OF TENNIS TOURNAMENTS LIVE ON 9 II A WOMEN'S FINALS SATURDAY



Oh, that cheeky chip [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 57

Oh, that cheeky chip MATCH REPORTS There was much talk when Portugal's Helder Postiga successfully hit his spot-kick past England goalkeeper David lames. But he wasn't the first... Wire Services, PA Sport. "Edison invented the light bulb. I invented this penalty." THATS ex-European Championship winner of the former Czechoslovakia, Antonin

German Merk for the final [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 64

German Merk for the final FINAL: PORTUGAL v GREECE PA Sport. GERMAN referee Markus Merk believes his nomination to handle the Euro 2004 final at Lisbon's Estadio da Luz would help heal the wounds of his country's elimination at the first-round stage. Merk, describing the news as "wonderful", pipped Italy's

A surprise final for Euro 2004 [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 64

A surprise final for Euro 2004 Portugal and Greece meet again in what for both teams is their first appearance in the final


Page 64

Scolari ILisfelMlf© Manager Portugal Appointed December, 2002 Record to date 22 matches: 13 wins, 5 draws, 4 defeats Clubs: CSA Maceio (Bra, 1988) 8 Juventud, Pelotas, Criciuma (Bra, 1991) Al-Qadsia (Kuw,92) Gremio Porto Alegre (1993-96) Jubil Iwata (Japan, 1996) Curitiba, Goias, Palmeiras (Bra, 1998-00) Cruzerio (2000-01) Kuwait (1990) Brazil (2001-02)


Page 64

Rehhagel Otto Manager Greece Appointed I August 2001 Record to date 35 matches: 20 wins, 8 draws, 7 defeats Career as player: 821 Bundesliga matches, 22 goals Clubs (as coach): (All Bundesliga) FC Saarbreck (1972-73) Kickers Offenbach (1974-75) Werder Bremen (1975-76) Borussia Dortmund (1976-78) Arminia Bielefeld (1978) Fortuna Duesseldorf (1978-80)


Page 67

How to break the FINAL: PORTUGAL v GREECE ERNEST LUIS, our man on the run in Lisbon, finds out from fans there how the Portuguese can best break the Greeks in tomorrow's Euro 2004 final THE neutrals suspect the Greeks could pull off a famous win in tomorrow's Euro 2004

Will the Greek machine roll on? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 68

Will the Greek machine roll on? FINAL: PORTUGAL v GREECE By Brian Miller J J OW do you stop a pesky insect? You I swat it. How do you break a stubborn defence? Like the one which the Greeks have put up at Euro 2004. One which simply refuses

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Page 57

Complete the UCFfI €uro 2004"" Official Licensed Product and UIIN Fabulous Prizes!! PANINI STICKCR COUCCTION CONTEST Miss the Early Bird Draw? Do Not Fret!! Keep your entries coming You can still make it for the Grand Draw as long as your entry reaches us by the 31st July 2004 ISftp

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Page 58

ETHE NEW PAPER EA SPORTS EURO 2004 PC CHALLENGE THE FINAL IS HERE and here's the X final Prediction for Euro 2004. EA Sports have come up with the Uefa Euro 2004 Portugal PC Game, which plays the game right on your PC. Bsk Actual players troop down to the

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Page 59

League I Home Team I Away Team a,c l j' 1 1 J a (Singapore date/time) Singapore Cup SAF FC Home United I Sun, 04/7/04 7.30pm I Singapore Cup Woodlands Geylang Sun, 04/7/04 7.30pm Portugal 2004 Portugal Check the current odds at any Singapore Pools branch or retail outlet, or

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Page 59

V t Is 5699 S/WS 'CHAr m *s call *****125 (10-5) SMS 'Help' 10/66y9 for more commands SMS auto < of msg> to set the no sms received Default is 20, IVR by Starlech Interactive

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Page 60

I Double your fun! I 1 \9 A «w I Wacky SMS; twice the fun, twice thejchance to make new friends! I Mlacky-Talky fcj I Charges 60cents/sms sent or received, calls 90 cents/min. Callers must be 18 yrs above. Please be wary when meeting strangers from this service. Please call

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Page 60

11 "liv^One I vgg/ -To-One" k|MMP

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Page 64

yiwiiwiw in nnwi How has Euro 2004 affected you? For ladies only: Have you become a betting freak? Is your man paying you less attention than you feel you deserve? Tell us your story in no more than 200 words. Send your entries to Are you hotter than our

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Page 68 Miscellaneous

Page 68 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 68

QPfw j EURO 2004 PORTUGAL v GREECE 2.35 am, Monday (Repeat, 9pm Ch 21 10.30pm Ch 5) *AU matches LIVE on both Ch 21 &Ch 5 unless specified FRENCH GRAND PRIX Ch 23,6.55pm, tonight rTcfICW Ch 23,7 pm, tomorrow Rmky Ch 23,7.45pm, tomorrow TENNIS (WIMBLEDON) LAMES' saHMES. MENS M UWH»

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Page 69

OLYMPUS' u^iiwui'iiWiriiyi ll i»r in «'i Your Vision, Our Future aßmHliaiißhqßß^Bß^(Hßpß|^ j B*. '> *&S*f aWMH^Hi^H Y^resis*S&33l jßßpffgSSjfc UM :;S IWH^H PBBBBT aB /^^^BfflßH^^Bl -iirwOi^BWl The world's smallest camera 40X total zoom can now record MPEG-4 video XBHIH!HHH[BIBH|iBH|HH^^^^PjBH||Pi with sound for clear TV playback. rf"Tl 91 n».^. m ,.u^b Relive

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DAILY STOP PRESS M MM ■m mm mm M VB K B M J-~~t .jmd^ jfcjta A Eyewitness picture m■ Human octopus destroys deli, kidnaps mLm ogress, leaves no forwarding address M wM Friendly neighbourhood MK|mm M H arachnid nowhere to be seen JMMNIU?

Stop these costumed freaks [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Stop these costumed freaks Our Editor speaks J. Jonny Jimson YET again, our fair cit\ has been assaulted bv supertreaks. How much longer do we have to cower and hide even time Spider-Man or one of his lvera-clad. crazv cronies has a disagreement? The number of times these guvs cause

Downtown hit by tentacles of doom [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Downtown hit by tentacles of doom BY DAWN TODUST DAILY BUNGLE STAFF WRITER Chaos and mayhem swept through a part of the city yesterday afternoon when a man with four mechanical tentacles stomped and destructed a deli, before kidnapping a female diner. The incident happened at about 2pm at Jim's

Lunch date gone wrong [ARTICLE]

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Lunch date gone wrong SHE was just at Jim's Deli to meet an old friend. Little did Mary Jane Watson think that she would be abducted. Her close friends believe the man who snatched her to be a crazed fan. "Mary Jane told me someone's been stalking her," said one

Super catch by students [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Super catch by students Court Report A newspaper reporter was charged in court today with indecent exposure, thanks to a few quickwitted schoolchildren. The kids, on an excursion in the city, were fighting to help a little old lady across a busy intersection when they spotted C Kent rush into

Incredible rage [ARTICLE]

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Incredible rage Prominent physicist B Banner was fined and suspended from driving after he was found guilty of road rage. The doctor was cruising along Interstate 105 when the car behind honked and then swerved in from the left to overtake him. The court heard how Banner gave chase, tailgated

Bad men and run-in [ARTICLE]

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Bad men and run-in Two men appeared before Judge D. Red today accused of loitering with intent. Miss Diana Prince, a secretary with the War Department, was walking through the Park Amazon when she noticed the duo of Wayne and Grayson behaving in a suspicious manner. "At first I thought

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—The Daily ★★V "Definitely a five-star"- STRAIGHT TIME "Would have given 5 stars if we went exciting I ruined thflfe on the movie junket" y/ cinema seats" -TOODAY y Coloi lt*r prodiction Ofl 0 trW Quotes |^|9B| a/El 4V ■»>. JH L B9— iff 35<« fsp»

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Big buildings down in minutes.


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Who's my friend? Dear Aunt May Dear Aunt May, I think my best friend has a split personality. When we're in the middle of a meal or something, he just bolts out of the door for no reason. And usually when a police siren goes off. What can I do

Help, I hate spiders [ARTICLE]

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Help, I hate spiders Aunt May! I have a serious case of arachnophobia. I hate Spider-Man. 1 can't function he's everywhere newspapers, TV, climbing down my block. I'm about to go insane. Scaredy Spidey Dear Scaredy Spidey, I myself used to have a bad reaction to squid. What we must

Itchy rash [ARTICLE]

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Itchy rash Dearest Aunt May, I need your advice on a rather itchy situation. I like wearing spandex costumes but they give me a nasty rash, especially in the crotch area. What can I do? Saito Itchy Dear Saito Itchy, Talcum powder, boxers, and fresh air.

Flying fling [ARTICLE]

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Flying fling Dear May, I recently had a fling with a superhero and unfortunately, he's rubbed off on me. Everytime I'm with him I levitate, for hours, afterwards. Please help. Lois Dear Lois, You're a naughty little one.

Daddy is a baddie [ARTICLE]

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Daddy is a baddie Aunt May, Aunt May! I supect my father is a super-villain. He's taken to laughing demonically every time he gets a question on the TV right. He calls his friends his minions, and he's turned his study into his Chamber Of Darkness. Last Christmas, he asked

Sticky emissions [ARTICLE]

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Sticky emissions Dear Aunt May, This is embarrassing. My boyfriend squirts everytime we hold hands. Will I get pregnant? Chastity Dear Chastity, Two words. Rubber gloves.


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Gobblin' this Recipes Uncle Ben's Mother Rosa's Cousin Grade's Nephew Norman's lime green gobbUng sherbet with caramel bananas (Serves Ingredients 3 oz lime gelatin 1 cup boiling water cups sugar 1 can (6 oz) frozen limeade concentrate, thawed A dash of salt quart milk 1 pint half-and-half 8 drops green

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|jjgWassifieds Swinging male single seeks adventurous, fun, intelligent female looking for a good time. Must eqjoy wallclimbing, hand-gliding and kissing upside down. Box ***** Ladies. Forget GSOH. Get with a man with extra appendages. Recently out of a relationship. Call Otto. Box ***** Bored snper-villain looking for henchman. Interests: World