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New Paper, 23 September 2003


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the new paper TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2003 ttoO*P°n Holdings Hotline: 1800- 7 33 44 55 »t« m nmma mcemts IH 11 l||j| 8 *****1 ***** l" the new paper

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T&ung /V i ,vV r\ **«> in debt More HDB residents under 35 caught in debt trap Picture/ KUA CHEE SIONG Parts THE DAY FERGIE TOLD ME: Beckham a H Bs ©7 Don t walk away /MML a/@

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Burn with hole in stomach. Had 4 operations I where


Do business like they do [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Do business like they do HERE'S HOW YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL AND WELL-LIKED... By Dawn Chia WHAT's the secret to running a good business? It's more than just about making profits. It's also about caring for the people who work for the company and buy its products. Take well-known cosmetic

Singapore's X-factor keeps us on top [ARTICLE]

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Singapore's X-factor keeps us on top By Azhar Ghani Did you know that... There are more than 6,000 multi-national companies here. Sixty per cent of these MNCs including The Body Shop and Hewlett-Packard locate the brains of their regional operations here. Seventy-five per cent of the MNCs use Singapore to

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What's on TV? Pages 42 43 News IQ: Page 31

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Baby Alfian's life is one heartbreak after another [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Baby Alfian's life is one heartbreak after another Born premature, has hole in abdominal wall, now has liver failure. Father visits only on his days off, mum missing By Genevieve Jiang FOR the last three months, little Muhammad Noor Alfian (right) has been fighting for his life, lying on a

This rare disorder... [ARTICLE]

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This rare disorder... TEN to 12 children are born with gastroschisis in Singapore every year, said Dr Sim Chiang Khi, a paediatric surgeon at the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre. There is no known cause, said Dr Sim, who has 25 years experience. Babies with the disorder are born with a

Convincing his dad to run it was tougher [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Convincing his dad to run it was tougher SETTING UP BUSINESS WAS EASY FOR STUDENT ENTREPRENEUR... By Lee Sze Yong IT may be a small step for Mr Jack Tan's entrepreneur ship dreams. But it is a big change in dad Tan Seong Hin's life. Inspired by his experience preparing

We won the contest but not the prize... [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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We won the contest but not the prize... CONTEST WOES IT was a 10-man effort that won the team a trip to Germany. But only six of them may get to go. Ten students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) took part in the Singapore leg of the Students in Free

A meeting of the best young business minds [ARTICLE]

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A meeting of the best young business minds STUDENTS in Free Enterprise or Sife is a global, non-profit organisation that supports student teams on more than 1,400 college and university campuses in 33 countries. It encourages students to come up with creative projects to teach the principles of free enterprise.

Take our organs after death? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

Take our organs after death? say most S'poreans polled by The New Paper By Lee Tee Jong and Lee Sze Yong NOT all Singaporeans have heard of the proposed changes to the Human Organ Transplant Act (Hota), but most of them support it. That is what a street poll of

What has changed [ARTICLE]

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What has changed Under the 1987 Human Organ Transplant Act, kidneys from Singaporeans who die in accidents are automatically harvested unless they have opted out. The amendment, which may take effect by the end of the year, will include organs such as the liver, cornea and heart. Other changes are:


Page 8

THE HEALTH MINISTRY SAYS YOU can give your feedback on the proposed changes to the Human Organ Transplant Act (Hota). Simply log on to to input your comments by Oct 31. The Health Ministry expressed its appreciation for the support shown by respondents in The New Paper's straw poll.

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f OMR a Architecture Awarded by Lincoln University World renowned in landscape studies Program endorsed by Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects Professional recognition in Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, United States UK NTC 2 holders GCE TV level Advanced standing for diploma and degree holders J

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It's now a longer walk to the movies [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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It's now a longer walk to the movies Will it succeed in drumming up more business for shopkeepers? By Tan Mae Lynn IT was never that quick to get to the cinemas at the top of Orchard Cineleisure. It used to take a few minutes to ride the escalators all

Job: Pastry chef Pay: $1,750 a day [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 11

Job: Pastry chef Pay: $1,750 a day BY Lee Tee Jong YES, that's what this roly-poly chef pocketed a day in the five days that he was in Singapore. In addition, he received admiring looks from women while on the job. And he got to stay at the five-star Meritus

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5,000 vie for phone [ARTICLE]

Page 14

5,000 vie for phone ONLY IN THE NEW PAPER Exclusive extracts from Beckham's tell-all book SINGAPORE ABOUT 5,000 readers took part in our Beckham Quiz promotion on Sunday. Stuart is the answer to the first quiz question who was Victoria's boyfriend when she met Beckham? The winner is izza Ishak

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Toda^Page32 Fergie and I (Part II) Tomorrow W\ v Playing for England, fretting about Posh Thurs r f w <* The taunting, the finger, the Germans Frj My move to Madrid Sat The proposal Sun The wedding

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So young, so deep in debt [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 16

So young, so deep in debt WORLD More under-35 HDB dwellers in money trouble The number issued writs for debt up 46 per cent compared to 2000 Worst hit are those in newer estates Experts say they take loans for weddings and renovation, then cannot pay IT seems this air

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How CPF cuts will affect your pay [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

How CPF cuts will affect your pay ASK DR MONEY DR MONEY LARRY HAVERKAMP Ql make $2,000 per month and I figure the CPF changes will cost about one-fourth of my monthly salary. Is that correct? I have good news. The CPF cuts which will kick in on Oct 1

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Her ex-husband gave her part of his liver [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

Her ex-husband gave her part of his liver His new fiancee i asked him to do so WORLD AP. IT would be unthinkable for a newly-engaged woman to consider sharing her man with another woman especially if that woman is the ex-wife. But Ms Rita Weaver did just that. She

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Sex questions 'inappropriate' [ARTICLE]

Page 23

Sex questions 'inappropriate' NEW STUDENT TELLS HK UNIVERSITY ONE University of Hong Kong entry requirement has been described as a breach of personal privacy laws. The health questionnaire in which they have to disclose their HIV status and details of their sex lives an entry prerequisite contravened the Personal Data

Strange man, strange trial [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 24

Strange man, strange trial Heir to one of the biggest fortunes in US admits killing drifter But he's caught only after stealing sandwich—with $900 in his pocket His life as a mute woman exposed when wig catches fire Friends also suspect him in killings of best friend and missing first

Polynesians helped Reagan accept sex [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 25

Polynesians helped Reagan accept sex NEW BOOK OF EX-PESIDENT'S LETTERS BEING RELEASED TODAY Wire services. IN a letter written to a recently-bereaved friend former US President Ronald Reagan said he experienced feelings of guilt about sex, even within marriage. But he was able to get over this thanks to a

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Chained sisters escape home and join gang [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

Chained sisters escape home and join gang MALAYSIA THE two sisters can't go far without the other far behind. That's because the girls from Miri, Malaysia, have their legs chained to each other. Their mother, the girls told Guangming Daily, did it to restrict their movement. But the siblings, who

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UK heart doctors so successful, surgeons running out of work [ARTICLE]

Page 27

UK heart doctors so successful, surgeons running out of work IT USED to be in the UK that the risk of heart patients dying on the waiting list was higher than that dying on the operating table. Patients could wait for up to 18 months for an operation. So the

Man, 90, left lying on floor [ARTICLE]

Page 28

Man, 90, left lying on floor Paramedics 'not allowed' to pick him up FOR two hours, the frail 90-year-old man was left lying on the floor while paramedics stood by and watched. Sir Patrick Dunn, who was a fighter ace during World War 11, had tripped at his Berkshire home

Fries falling out of favour [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 29

Fries falling out of favour French fries, America's favourite side dish, is in serious trouble. Consumers are getting more health conscious and ordering less fries, leading to the largest annual decline in sales in 15 years, reported USA Today. Sales have plummeted 5 per cent at wholesale and at least

US teen dies 'after taking abortion pill' [ARTICLE]

Page 30

US teen dies 'after taking abortion pill' AP. TWO weeks ago, San Francisco resident Holly Marie Patterson went into a Planned Parenthood clinic. A week later, the 18-year-old lay dying on an emergency room table, the victim of complications after she took the abortion pill RU-486. The pill was approved

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Quicker entry for poly students [ARTICLE]

Page 31

Quicker entry for poly students NUS, NTU PLAY CATCH-UP WITH FOREIGN UNIVERSITIES UNIVERSITIES abroad and other tertiary institutions here have been attracting them by the droves. The reason? Quicker entry and no obligatory wait of almost a year to begin their university courses. Several hundred of the best polytechnic graduates

Coming: Entry by finger [ARTICLE]

Page 31

Coming: Entry by finger A NEW security system, developed by Hitachi and which identifies a person by the veins in his fingers, is going to be used in Hitachi Tower at Raffles Place. By year's end, the building's 1,500 employees can enter the office block by placing their index fingers

Can't be tougher [ARTICLE]

Page 31

Can't be tougher THE Court of Appeal has rejected an appeal for a tougher sentence for Norhisham Mohamad Dahlan, 23, over the murder of soccer player Sulaiman Hashim in 2001. It was troubled his sentence of 10 years and 16 strokes of the rotan was lighter than his accomplice who

Stem-cell heart repair [ARTICLE]

Page 31

Stem-cell heart repair EARLY research from a Singapore-based cardiac surgeon suggests that an injection of human stem cells can repair a failing heart so that patients do not have to seek a transplant. Dr Ye Lei, 30, from Shanghai, carried out the preliminary experiments on pigs, using stem cells from

Top OCBC man resigns [ARTICLE]

Page 31

Top OCBC man resigns OCBC Bank's deputy president Ooi Sin Teck, 52, has given notice to quit the bank. His sudden departure on Oct 31, leaves the bank with one deputy president, Mr Tan Ngiap Joo. An OCBC spokesman said there are no plans for any other changes. The bank

That 'Beckham' ad [ARTICLE]

Page 31

That 'Beckham' ad A DAVID Beckham lookalike model has been used in an advertisement by credit card company Compass in Hong Kong, of which the Development Bank of Singapore is a shareholder. But it may have raised the question of intellectual property rights to images. And Beckham's lawyers are mulling

Lawyers appointed [ARTICLE]

Page 31

Lawyers appointed AGGRIEVED AIA policy holders in the dispute over the "critical year" feature sold by the insurance giant have appointed legal counsel for the coming showdown. The first of a number of writs of summons on behalf of policy holders is expected to be filed in the Subordinate Court

Is that 'lost bread' really French? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 31

Is that 'lost bread' really French? OH THE RACK Edited extract from Slate: Extending an olive branch to France, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrat-Texas, wants the House cafeteria to go back to listing "French toast" on the menu; the breakfast staple was rechristened "Freedom toast" in protest over France's opposition

Stock watch [ARTICLE]

Page 31

Stock watch STORE COMPANIES ON NASDAQ (Close In US$/Change) Pacific Internet 8.56/Unch. Creative Technology 10.65/-0.2 Flextronics 15.12/-0.22 Chartered Semiconductor 8.63/-0.16 Stats 14.39/-0.111 Yesterday's action Percentage change Dow Down 1.13% (109.41 pts) 9,535.41 Nasdaq Down 1.63% (31.08 pts) 1,874.62 S+P 500 Down 1.3% (13.48 pts) 1,022.82 ST1 Down 0.2% (3.23 pts)

Page 31 Miscellaneous

Page 31 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 31



'Don't walk away from me' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 32

'Don't walk away from me' FERGUSON TO BECKHAM Third part of our series EXCLUSIVE EXTRACTS FROM DAVID BECKHAM'S BOOK Brought to you by: SANSUNG Because of the speculation about my future, people pointed to the boss leaving me out against Arsenal as proof things weren't right between us... I remember


Page 33

The flying boot EVERYBODY in the dressing room could hear what was going on. Surely, everybody else knew I was right: you could have pointed your finger at half a dozen of the team in the build-up to Arsenal's second goal. But it was all down to me, according to

'My blood ran cold' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 34

'My blood ran cold' Brought to you by: SAMSUNG RONALDO destroyed us... He scored a fantastic hat-trick in the hour he played. I got the call from the coach Mike Phelan to go on a couple of minutes sifter Ronaldo's third goal. I was desperate to be out there. Not


Page 35

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Supermodel boot camp [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 36

Supermodel boot camp Showtime&Lifestyle By Yeoh Wee Teck LEAVE 20 young girls together on an island over a weekend, and what do you get? Competition especially when these girls are the finalists of this year's Ford Model's Supermodel of the World contest. The search is for a supermodel to represent

Now showing but made 2 years ago [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 38

Now showing but made 2 years ago MY BOSS'S DAUGHTER By Jeanmarie Tan YOU may be wondering why "It" dude Ashton Kutcher looks so boyish in his latest movie, My Boss's Daughter. Well, that's because the comedy wrapped up filming two years ago, but was released only recently. Which makes

Zucker takes over Scary Movie [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 38

Zucker takes over Scary Movie HERE'S some pretty frightening news the Scary Movie franchise is back. And David Zucker has taken over the director's seat from the Wayans brothers, who helmed the first two instalments. But instead of spoofing teen slasher flicks like Scream or I Know What You Did

Sticks in the mud? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 39

Sticks in the mud? Yes, S'pore girls don't care to get down and dirty By Jean marie Tan REPORTING FROM BINTAN WHEN push comes to shove it seems that Singapore girls would rather take a mud bath (of the spa variety) than a real one. A much-hyped mud wrestling competition,


'Bribe my son's teacher? Not really...' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 40

'Bribe my son's teacher? Not really...' YOU'D think that a teacher who shamelessly takes bribes from parents to favour their kids is way out of this world. But Korean hunk Cha Seung Won (left) will tell you otherwise. He plays the above-mentioned rogue in the upcoming film, My Teacher, Mr


Page 41

Japanese version FOR every famous Korean teacher, there is a Japanese equivalent: UNORTHODOX TEACHER Korean: Kim Bong Doo (My Teacher, Mr Kim) Real McCoy: Cha Seung Won Famous for: Arriving late for work, demanding money from parents and punishing those whose parents fail to pay up. Japanese: Eikichi Onizuka (Great

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Page 37

raoo-?i||oosiS nf m Disclaimer Cjlh arc cHnr 9 <? d at SC 90 mm Cillers 16 yrs abovr ONLY P-e c)u (ions must be taken a j w, <iw> m rim. m™ God It A Girt *****160*1*7* 36*75 JBtWtt ***** DjfrfcA 11 *68*rti Love *****2 R±# ***** Underneath ur Clothes

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Page 39

0- •re '>h> if I make new friends

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Page 39

|?RiENssl^El I in the Air KMU MMKI I Trial Une For All ft |Sh§ 1 Exercise caution when meeting up with \in m I people from the chat line. m. I Voce Response Technology: Tel *****|

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Page 39

1155 (mandarin) Callers Should be 18yrs and above only. A friendly reminder Do I exercise caution prudence when meeting up with new friends I for the first time. Be cool but also be smart. Tel: 6873 6058 I Service by JP Tech Pte Ltd. Member of ASPA (Singapore) f I

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Page 40

mm Friday Weekly Mock Your Recipe far Examination papers Success Is Morel I --""-x _>c j i PUBLICATION DATES LEVELS SUBJECTS 22 August j Sec 4 Chinese 29 August Sec 4 English The mock examination series are 19 September Sec 1 Chinese Sec 2 English qualified teachers to assist students

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Page 41

e!i5ismis-:i^n?/sauB» Co/?]*?join th 'A t| PfffitW 63tf0050 Calls charged at fl^min. Sj i. fof Ff sSSS^nMH»long tt#o" or *poiy song *•"<> fJ OR Po,y o,nfl T TrP -For MMS a Polyphonic rlngtono, you w« mMU«»'. .|BK. to 9640-1100 to gat Rkigtooe IO (FREE) prom the myjot mooMgo, net mm K.

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CHAT 1900 912 9292 Calers 18 yrs 4 above only A fnendty reminder Do exerase caution prudence when meeting up with new fnends for the first time Can charge to 99/mm for chat. RINGTONES ignnfliPRiPP MONO POLYPHONIC FOR SONGS WITH (J) LOGO. Press l for Nokia polyphonic or Press 2

Page 42 Miscellaneous

Page 42 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 42

L I THE last time I caught a Mr World Pageant, I contemplated giving up my citizenship. That year, viewers were accosted by Mr Singapore massaging a long, cylindrical balloon suggestively during the talent segment. His "talent" making animal-balloons. Go figure. This year's pageant had me contemplating my sense of

Page 42 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 42

rrrr rw i,k < .r TOP 10: Mr Singapore, Mr Julian Lic-Hua Hee, made it to the final 10. treasure and meet various characters while learning where their real fortunes lie. Stars George Clooney, John Turturro. MTV Bash, MTV SEA (Ch 20), 2pm Madonna, Britney Spears, Nelly and Kid Rock

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TNP HOTUNE Help us scan for news! Call us, 1800-*****55

Page 43 Miscellaneous

Page 43 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 43

Channel 10 1.30: Invisible Man (Drama/ Episode 4) 10.00: Tuesday Movies—The Taldng Of IUwaJV Mill* DQTVnjr tlllil Channel 5 6.00: The Price Is Right 7.00: Wheel of Fortune USA 7.30: Ladies First (Educational) 8.00: First Touch II Second Chances (Part 2) 8.30: Spore's Brainiest Kid (Educational/ See highlights) 9.30: News

Page 43 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 43

PRIME-TIME TV ESPN 5.00pm: NFL Football Denver—Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos 8.00: Sportscenter Asia (Live) 8.30: Football Focus (Live) 9.30: EPL 2003/04 Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Chelsea 11.30: Sportscenter Asia 12.00mn: NFL Football Denver Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos 3.00am: Sportscenter Asia

Page 43 Miscellaneous Column 3 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 43

Star Sports 6.00pm: EPL Highlights 7.00: On The Limit—Japan Gt C'ship, Round I 7.30: 2003 Formula One Highlights Monza, Italy Vodafone Italian Grand Prix 8.30: Pga Tour Golf American Express C'ship Preview Show 9.00: Badminton 2003 Indonesia Open 11.00: Champions Tour Golf Jeld-Wen Tradition Highlights 12.00mn: Sportsline 12.30am: Uefa Champions

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ae CMi Sl mcho,as GlrlsSchool war P Know the other 1 IB point of view, too I JeM^X I Mr Geraint I Wong p ji This special series by The New Paper offers handy tips W for the major examinations. On Saturday, we I HM| discussed narrative writing for the

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Page 45

&9gg$Vgi TWO WAYSTO PRESENT COUNTERARGUMENTS There are two ways to Include counterarguments In your essay: The counterargument is not directly related to the points you have already raised (see Structure 1). Example (Topic A2) Argument #1: The school uniform reduces unhealthy peer competition. Argument #2: The school uniform allows outsiders

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Page 46

bwm WBET SMART XT v ttr rnFmmMmwmWWmm |LsiSkjbSbJßl^^^^^^^®^B Iff In the Hollywood blockbuster The Matrix Reloaded, human beings spend their entire Kw jf I fr existence in cocoon-like pods as batteries, plugged into a virtual-reality computer I simulation, "the Matrix", to keep their brains ticking. Although this is an exaggerated

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Professional/Executive Posltlon M Art/Creative Positions^) Estab Interior Design Build firm requires h Profit sharing Interested, applicants pis fax or email resume to: 6382-3536 vlewstars> EXPERIENCED CARPET DESIGNER wanted Creative Independent 2 yrs experience Interested please call 6746-9240/ email: Min 2 yrs working experience Strong in point of purchase FA

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Page 50

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Page 50

Sales Positions dLS3 3 MARKETING EXECUTIVES required urgently for kaaaaAu .1. ■> Property rro)ect. Allowance Sl5OO Commission Must have driving lie 2 yrs Sales experience Female working environment Aggressive positive Car provided Tel: 9835-6224 Fax: 6238-1467 SLP Cedele Depot an established fast moving bakery cafe with 5 outlets invites highly

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Page 50

nn?Ht,.P tffl^€ Hotel Posltton^gj Restaurant/Lounge Uninl finrlKnnr note* rosittofts^ffpj $1300 In October!! Banquet Watar/Waltreaa ***** 2064 2040 Bartenders J 6825 2044 2047 KNdien Helperi/Cooks H 6825 2071 Dishwashers ***** 2274 2271 Set-up Attendants Q6825 2064 2040 We provide: Mcai% Uniforms, Tratvport, Training and Daly Salary Payment l Participate in our

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289 9988 l c t yv^A /I A A. v V For fast results, call us on toll-free number: 1800- «/«/00 ?*{(@${{$}_?@>>{*{(,-<.>>?",`:^ Family Styl« Karaoke Requires WAITERS/ WAITRESSES/ KJ Chinas* spaaklng Interested pis Ntt in #r 25 ShMton Way >01-05 (For mar NTUC Club) Catt 6223-1368 (after Ipm) JAPANESE LOUNGE

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Security Positions jam lljjjj^^^uaM/Quard Assignment In BtJdt Botok. Science Park and town areas. Salary w# depend on Able to read and write age/exp/quaiifications simple Englsh Seconday education •12 hours shift C FuU fcl* 4 ofher Mnpm beneflta Walk-in interview from Mon-Fri (9a.m.-5p.m.) at West Coast Restaurant urgently require Full/ Part-Time

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Page 51

Security Positions BeauOdaa/HairCare required Apply personally: 25, Upper East Coast Rd. Crescendo Bldq. Tel: 6449 1911 EXPERIENCED MANICURISTS WAXING GIRLS rt^olrtd Basic commission Pis call 6469-3580 1) RECEPTIONIST 2) BEAUTICIANS 3) MASSEUES required Walk in interview: 25, Upper East Coast Road. Crescendo Bldg. Pis call: 6449-1911/ 6296-1182 AitaMstrative/ jy f

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Page 51

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Education frtm\ The Turning. fvrinff \ftart3 Business London Chamber of Commerce Qfi and industry Examination Board f| Diploma in Accounting AFSCA THE AUSTRALIAN LOGISTICS ACADEMY Diploma in Logistics Hsnagement Advanced Diploma In Logistics and Operations Management Bnrol Mrty for atutfy grants and other benefits Study with the 'Best Education Programme

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Page 52" fastads THE NEW PAPER/Tuesday, September 23, 2003 I m jt» <4SaP% gaytf IB Participating Rastauranta/Outlats: Long Beach Seafood Restaurant (Main) Long Beach Seafood Restaurant (Marina South) Long Beach Seafood Restaurant (IMM) Long Beach Seafood Restaurant (UOMC) Rama Thai Sharksfin Restaurant Jade Room Restaurant Boon Lay Raja Restaurant I



Page 53

SINGAPORE (LONG SHORT COURSE, B) WEIGHTS AND RATINGS: SATURDAY *****6 Petroselll 58.5 (96) (6kti Meagher-Peter D SavM) -***** Thunderaway 57 (93) (6nzg LaxorvSitvw Fem Racing) •***** TytoM 56 (91) (6q Shaw-ALA Crabbta) *****3 Evenpaalm 55.5 (90) (6nzg Busuttin-Wiketey) *****1 The Unicom 50" (78) (6nzg Gray-The Unicom) *****2 The Dragon 50*


Page 53

SINGAPORE (LONG COURSE, C) WEIGHTS AND RATINGS: SUNDAY *****1 Always An Angel 62 (115) (7ag Baertschtger-DTl *****2 Gunong Mm 59 (109) (5ag Dragon-Gunong Mas) *****2 BonAmle 57.5 (106' ,6nzg leek-Orange) *****1 Lead To Victory 55 (101) (5*g Read-Our) *****4 Always Mine 54.5 (100) (6ag Meagher-Harbour) 07-136 Ayotae 52 (95) (Sag


Page 54

PERAK TURF CLUB STIPENDIARY STEWARDS' REPORT HIGHLIGHTS LAST SATURDAY RACE 1: An inquiry into the running and handling of JERAM FIGHTER was adjourned for a day. A vet exam on JERAM FIGHTER, who was impounded, revealed no abnormality. RACE 2: KING SCORPION reared as the gates opened and lost considerable

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Page 54

i- r\ r\ j. With The Straits Times. Wednesday, September 24,2003 3500 to k ■sss computer times photo-lab w Incorporating cl klrt?



Sun also shines in 5,000m [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 55

Sun also shines in 5,000m MANILA AFP. Xinhua. DISTANCE runner Sun Yingjie struck gold for the second time as China left the rest of the field flailing at the Asian Track and Field (AFF) Championships yesterday. The 24-year-old from Beijing, who is plotting to supplant her friend Wang Junxia as

Watch out for him at the Hanoi SEA Games [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 55

Watch out for him at the Hanoi SEA Games Singapore sprinter HAMKAHAFIKprofiIes Malaysia's fastest man Namizan Mohamad WATCH out for Malaysia's fastest man Namizan Mohamad (left). The 22-year-old will be a gold medal contender at the December SEA Games in Hanoi. Namizan who recorded a personal best of 10.38secs at

Time to stand up for your club [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 56

Time to stand up for your club ROUND 29 HIGHLIGHTS S-LEAGUE 2003 BY Alvin Chua IF you don't want to see the Dolphins, Stallions or Jaguars become extinct, make your voice heard. That's the message from S-League CEO Chan King Fook to fans of Sengkang Marine, Sembawang and Tanjong Pagar.

'Old Lady' Sun Wen is still knocking them in [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 57

'Old Lady' Sun Wen is still knocking them in SOCCER: WOMEN'S WORLD CUP AP. SUN Wen and China are a force again at the Women's World Cup. Beaten by the United States on penalty-kicks four years ago in the final, the Chinese won their opener at this World Cup but

Wolves look for Cup redemption [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 57

Wolves look for Cup redemption CARLING CUP: WOLVERHAMPTON v DARLINGTON PA Sport. PA Sport. THIRD Division outfit Darlington will hope to heap further misery on Wolves as they take on the Barclaycard Premiership strugglers in the Carling Cup tonight. Wolves have found life tough since promotion to the top flight,

His kicks test players' manhood [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 58

His kicks test players' manhood kBv' Wang Meng Meng «Jf OR the ultimate test of manhood, try facing a Iflf Roberto Carlos free-kick. Perhaps his vital statistics HFF will help you understand why this member of the Real Madrid Super 6 is rated as the best left-back in the mr

'I'm not jealous of Becks' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 59

'I'm not jealous of Becks' EXCLUSIVE STAR ALBERT LUQUE DEPORTIVO Are you pleased with Deporthro's Champions League draw? As I said before, there are no easy games in the Champions League. PSV, Athens and Monaco are very strong sides, so we shall not be taking anything for granted. As you


Page 60

KEEGAN KILL KEVIN Keegan has been accused of threatening one of his players. The Manchester City boss will be at the centre of a legal arbitration hearing in London this week over his dealings with midfield player Shaun Wright-Phillips. Keegan is accused of threatening 21-year-old Wright-Phillips to change his agent

Hierro: No 23 on his back... [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 60

Hierro: No 23 on his back... FERNANDO Hierro (left) has put the pain of his abrupt Real Madrid exit behind him. For his first training session recently with his new dub, A 1 Rayyan Sports of Qatar, the former Madrid skipper, ran out grinning broadly with a big surprise. He

No 'B' at Tour guides given strict guidelines [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 60

No 'B' at Tour guides given strict guidelines YOU won't believe it...but Manchester United have banned the "B" word from Old Trafford's guided tours. Fans entering the plush home dressing room at Old Trafford always ask where David Beckham (left) was sitting when he was hit by that famous flying


Page 61

Speak Spanish r J Ji v*,'** I J.J lUVM i.*f' f */<».?. •*^4-'. HARD-LINE Real Madrid coach Carlos Queiroz (extreme right) is still giving David Beckham a hard time. Even though they aregood friends from their Manchester United days together. Beckham might have expected a few favours from Sir Alex

Teddy: Ready for recall [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 61

Teddy: Ready for recall TEDDY Sheringham (left) refuses to rule out playing for England again should he receive an SOS call from (manager) Sven-Goran Eriksson. The Portsmouth skipper, who has been scoring for fun in the Premiership this season, last appeared for England at the World Cup 2002 Finals. But

Gunners deal killer blow to Man U promise [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 62

Gunners deal killer blow to Man U promise WEEKEND BETTING By Brian Miller SO you got bushwhacked at the betting window. Well, you don't have to tell me about it. I know. Because I was there on Sunday and I, too, got walloped as they say, left, right and centre.


Best players, but not best team...yet [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 63

Best players, but not best team...yet |By CLAUDIO RANIERI CHELSEA Do you think Chelsea can win the Champions League this season? Of course it would be marvellous to win the Champions League. But at the moment my objective is to build the team. There are teams in this competition that

'Gambler' Ranieri hurts his men's Golden Boot chances [ARTICLE]

Page 63

'Gambler' Ranieri hurts his men's Golden Boot chances Wire Services. CLAUDIO Ranieri is affectionately known as "Tinkerman" because he changes his team so much. Soon, the Chelsea manager is also likely to be called the "Gambling Man" because he takes many chances with his strikers. That policy has affected the


Page 64

Tottenham Hotspur sacked their manager—former playing legend Glenn Hoddle (right) on Sunday after the 3-1 beating by Southampton, the same club they hired him from in 2001. ERNEST LUIS gets some reactions from local Spurs fans and others on the "Messiah" who failed NO DIFFERENCE EVEN IF SPURS HAD WATTED


Pleat's mate is favourite for Spurs job [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 65

Pleat's mate is favourite for Spurs job Wire Services. FORMER Barcelona coach Raddv Antic has emeregdas the firm favourite to succeed sacked Glenn Hoddle as Tottenham manager. Celtic boss Martin O'Neill has also been tipped as a candidate. Although he has not denied his interest, strtne British bookmakers are refusing

No backbone, Hoddle [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 65

No backbone, Hoddle COMMENT ERNEST LUIS LIKE most football fans here, I supported the first team I saw on television. It was in 1980 and Spurs with the maverick Argentinian pair of Osvaldo Ardiles and Ricky Villa were like a footballing godsend to me. Glenn Hoddle was another favourite, for

No antics, he's a team-builder [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 65

No antics, he's a team-builder By FRANK DE BOER GALATASARAY/EX-BARCELONA THE arrival of Raddy Antic at Barcelona last season had a big impact on all the players. He impressed us even though he did not change much of our daily routine and the way we approached training. He did not

ANOTHER FRACAS ...the time in the players' tunnel [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 66

ANOTHER FRACAS ...the time in the players' tunnel MANCHESTER UNITED 0 ARSENAL 0: THE AFTERMATH While the Football Association said it would be urgently reviewing the match report and video evidence after the ugly scenes among Arsenal and Manchester United players in Sunday's match, news got out that much more

Vieira appeals to ref to overturn red card [ARTICLE]

Page 66

Vieira appeals to ref to overturn red card PA Sport. ARSENAL captain Patrick Vieira has appealed for referee Steve Bennett to overturn his red card for his Old Trafford clash with Ruud van Nistelroov. He has accused the Dutchman of "destroying the game" with his theatrics. Vieira also insisted that


Can't we put all this behind us? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 67

Can't we put all this behind us? ..MORE ON MANCHESTER UNITED 0 ARSENAL 0: THE AFTERMATH By RYAN GIGGS MANCHESTER UNITED I HAVE to admit I feel it's a shame that another match between United and Arsenal has been overshadowed by controversy. I'm not going to start pointing the finger

Why are they so unfair to Vieira? [ARTICLE]

Page 67

Why are they so unfair to Vieira? By GILLES GRIMANDI Ex-ARSENAL MY thoughts at the moment though are with my friend Patrick Vieira. I spoke to him before Arsenal's game at Old Trafford, but I haven't had a chance yet to speak to him afterwards. I can only imagine he

Ex-Gunner Frank McLintock: [ARTICLE]

Page 67

Ex-Gunner Frank McLintock: upset the Arsenal Stayers so much was when Patrick Vieira kicked out, Van Nistelrooy jumped backwards as though somebody had pulled him by a piece of elastic. Van Nistelrooy certainly didn't make life any easier for him, though. There are just so many players in the game

52 red cards his reign at Arsenal [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 68

52 red cards his reign at Arsenal THE AFTERMATH MAN UNITED 0 v ARSENAL 0 PA Sport. THIS is not a record to be proud of. Patrick Vieira became not only the third Arsenal player to be sent off in consecutive games against Man United, he also took the total

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Page 55

t ft it i *****0-9123-321 mi 1900-9120-120 for mandarii^|jjpj^^ '"Callera Should bm 18yrs and above only. A friendly reminder Do exercise caution I fti9nd hr ffr,f tkna B* cool but alaoba amart Tel: 6*73 9058 Service by JP Tech Pte Ltd* Member og*SPA (Singapore)

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Page 55

8 out of 9 Correct lor German League last Weekendll 6688 Highly recommended Plays!! Available aftei bpm on Match Days!! SbsFs~2| English League CU& 6001 Blackpool v Birmingham C 6002 i Cardiff v West Ham C 6003 Leicester v Crewe [6004 Portsmouth v Northampton 6005) Sheff Utd v QPR f6006

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Catch the 0 game between J Woodlands and Tg Pagar live on Channel i on Saturday at 7pm

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Page 56

CHAT HIDEOUT n v Hi M mm m IT'S ALL lIM THE EVES SMS RA followed by a short msg to 77Q77 Nowl| IDsn l«iirn»f O'v, 1 H yr -> and ,»t>ov«: < «»n use this :>orv' Pw .uifions must be taken Ahen meeting strangers from this servir e $0

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8310/6510 $250 hfilCE up C* 8250 $180 JI W etc «^t*7-£Q-AQ •in AIAAArAI JUSt SMS%VVii*Of U W HP'jAoOmOz CallsarechafgedetSScbpermeesagesent CaHersmustb# Uyfsandabove. 1 CAUTION Prtaiuttotit nfwift bt tilwi whin mitdnfl lUmyin fiuui Chii wfvtei. JUSTMOIIIE Htlnßnt: U*****9 Another Quality Product from Powercom Wmm

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CARLING CUP (1) Leicester 1.33 (1)Wigan 2.95 (X)Draw 4.30 (X)Dr*w 3.50 (2) Crewe 6.90 (2) Fulham 1.98 Laicaatar (-11/2) 1.95 Wlgan (+11/2) 1.25 Craw* (+11/2) 1.70 Fulham (-11/2) 3.35 0 12.00 5 6.50 0 9.00 5 7.70 1 6.20 6 11 JO 1 4.90 6 14.00 2 4.00 7 24.00

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H Cost Svc 6536 1607 (Office Hours) PAflTQil I kangtao "secret work technique" |UU I BALL I v< fl a^e H Hil.CharlB.fop.2olh 8.21 st.Sep I I*****1?9458^ kangtao provided by Virtual Sportz Pte Ltd, managed by ZingMoblle.

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Totally Our andMM^ v/ v > unique style looks at pott A V fon<, 'y«" fftiffJJ^ woi *x^ .SilTZj P. MTE GAVE 17 CORRECT ANALYSES FOR LAST WEEKEND IN TOTAL- j IVe Only Give Confident Matches!! Call and enter the Match No to check out our Export Analysis! f Last

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112 Goal* 1/2 Coah IwoiVESvCHELSEA Chelsea✓✓✓✓ Chelsea✓✓✓ Three, four//«* Chelsea//// Chelsea// Two,four/// ■FULHAM v MAN CITY Man City/// Fulham// One, two// Draw// Fulham//// Two, three// ISPURS v SAINTS Spurs// No tip One, two// Spurs//// No tip Two, three/// IuVERPOOLvLEKISTbT Liverpool/// Liverpool/// Two,three// Liverpool Liverpool/// Two.three//^ Ip'MOUTH vBLACKBURN Blackburn/// Blackburn// Three,four//

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U6FACUP Ist Rd (Ist Lea) OUMPUIAv LIVERPOOL LIVE, Super Sports, 2.10 am, Thursday NEWCASTLE vNAC BREDA LIVE, Super Sports Plus, 2.40 am Thursday CARLING CUP Round 2 COVENTRY v TOTTENHAM DELAYED, Super Sports, 4.15 am, PREMIER LEAGUE ARSENAL v NEWCASTLE LIVE, ESPN, 2.55 am, Saturday LEICESTER v MAN UNITED LIVE,