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New Paper, 8 December 2000


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL22086


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the new paper FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2000

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Liverpool's 4 CLEVER' win Email: Tel: 1800-7 33 44 55 Website: I MITA (P) 058/04/2000 60 CENTS 111 8 XXXXX1 XXXXX' > v x v -> Boing. Boing. Boing. www. nike. com/nikeshox


KL airport taxis on strike [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 2

KL airport taxis on strike MORE than 800 taxi drivers at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at Sepang went on strike yesterday. It was the result of a simmering feud between the taxi drivers and the management of Airport Limo (M)Sdnßhd. The taxi drivers are demanding: A change in management, and

Retired teacher's $ 11.8 million thank-you gift to library [ARTICLE]

Page 2

Retired teacher's 11.8 million thank-you gift to library AP. FOR 50 years, he spent almost every weekday in the business section of his local library. And when he died, he left the library his entire fortune of US$6.B million (about $11.8 million). The retired public school teacher and guidance counsellor,


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D-DAY IS HERE... The day of reckoningfor our 20 New Face finalists is finally here! The girls have been practising hard for tonight's finals at the Ngee Ann Civic Plaza. DAWN CHIA sat in on one recent rehearsal ACHING backs and blisters on their feet. The 20 finalists had been


Page 3

THE FINAL THE 20 finalists will be performing to a packed house tonight. AH tickets to The New Paper New Face 2000 Grand Finals have been snapped up. About 1,200 people, including guests and VIPs, are expected to be present. The event will begin at the Ngee Ann City Civic

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Leisure Showtime: Pages 54 to 70 Comics: Page 73 TV: Page 119 Sorry CPF cash toprups now easier (The New Paper yesterday, Page 7): The phone number listed for public enquiries was incorrect. The correct number is XXXXXXXXXX8. Champ Shoes! ®SUNRISE iM

He thinks he can walk off the 10th-storey balcony [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 4

He thinks he can walk off the 10th-storey balcony He's adorable. He's unpredictable. He's active. And... he's also autistic SINGAPORETODAY When the two autistic boys fell to their deaths recently, some fingers pointed towards their parents, blaming them for leaving the children unattended. But as this mother tells AMRITKAUR, autistic


City university [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 6

City university JJ OR y New-look kid on the block IN places with plenty of land, you might have a university town. But where land is much scarcer, a university in the HEART of town is the way to go. And that's just what the Singapore Management University (SMU) proposes

Look who's listening [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 6

Look who's listening yiMKm This X VW A, li 1 VIP AUDIENCE: Cuban leader Fidel Castro (left) was all ears as shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez spoke at a school in Cardenas, Cuba on Wednesday during a party to celebrate his seventh birthday. Picture/ Afp

News Break

Bad pork [ARTICLE]

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Bad pork FOOPALERT SCIENTISTS have found that hundreds of thousands of pigs slaughtered in Britain each year are contaminated. Salmonella of various types has been discovered in 5.3 per cent of carcasses in abattoirs during checks. Many of the strains are resistant to antibiotics. The Food Standards agency has urged

Minor surgery [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Minor surgery PM IN HOSPITAL PRIME Minister Goh Chok Tong had a minor operation yesterday to repair a torn cartilage in his right knee. The operation took an hour and Mr Goh is expected to be discharged from the Singapore General Hospital tomorrow. The tear in the cartilage was from

Doctor sued [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Doctor sued COURTS HIGH-PROFILE surgeon Susan Lim Mey Lee is being sued for allegedly leaving about half of a woman's appendix behind during an operation. The patient, Ms Heidi Bijanki, 35, is a telecommunications engineer with Lucent Technologies. Dr Lim, 45, has denied negligence and said she. would fight the

Withdrawn [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Withdrawn RESIGNATION A POTENTIAL crisis within Umno Youth was averted yesterday. Datuk Aziz Sheikh Fadzir withdrew his resignation letter to Umno president and Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad. The No. 2 leader was upset that the Youth wing was being blamed for Barisan NasionaTs defeat at a recent by-election

world Head liners [ARTICLE]

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world Head liners New Straits Times: Al-Ma'unah men jailed International Herald Tribune: Florida high court hears Gore appeal Asian Wall Street Journal: Defiant Central banker returns after his arrest in Indonesia BBC news: European leaders meet in Nice for their most crucial summit in a decade

Better braces [ARTICLE]

Page 7

Better braces FOC INVISIBLE dental braces: It's the latest word in dental care. Invisalign is a set of very thin, transparent, U-shaped plastic devices called aligners, which fit precisely over each tooth. A computer generates a 3D model of the patient's current tooth positions, and a model of where they

$7b hotel chain [ARTICLE]

Page 7

$7b hotel chain BUSINESS IT'S the biggest foreigninvestment deal ever involving a Singapore party, say analysts. The target: Britain's Granada Compass hotels, worth £3 billion ($7.5 b). And Kwek Leng Beng is bidding hard against several interested parties to clinch the deal. He is said to be teaming up with

Food court [ARTICLE]

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Food court NUISANCE FOR the third time in one month, drunken fighting erupted at a food court on Victoria Street last night. Chairs were thrown out, and bottles smashed. After-hour beer sales were probably the cause. "It will be a real problem if somebody gets killed," said an eye-witness. "People

Honorary PhD [ARTICLE]

Page 7

Honorary PhD smIee SENIOR Minister Lee Kuan Yew received his doctorate from the Chinese University of Hongkong. He told some 4,000 graduating students there that the future of Hongkong is what the people and leaders of Hongkong make of it. Hongkong people have up until 2007 when their Constitution will

Ex-cop jailed [ARTICLE]

Page 7

Ex-cop jailed COURTS FORMER Central Narcotics Bureau officer Magesvari Somasundaram, 26, was jailed yesterday for 24 months. She had fabricated evidence. On May 31, she lost four straws of drugs that were part of the evidence in an investigation. Instead of reporting the loss, she filled four straws with some

local Head liners [ARTICLE]

Page 7

local Head liners The Straits Times: Dramatic start to Estrada trial The Business Times: PSA Corp hiving off massive $3b in property ahead of IPO Lianhe Zaobao: PM Goh: Town councils and CDCs should establish partnership Berita Harian: New challenges ahead for town councils Project Eyeball: Mission DifflcultforPAP Streats: Your


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DOUBLY EMOTIONAL Quote Wworthy tyft&Myer and cuddled her. She was dead—but I was happy that I was holding her. MrMichaelangeloAttard, dad of Siamese twin Mary, whose life saved her twin Jodie


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US STOCKS IP BAD earnings news plagued Wall Street again yesterday. The Dow Jones industrial average tumbled 47.02 or o.4.per cent tp 10,617.36. The Nasdaq composite index closed down 43.85, or 1.6 per cent, at 2,752.65. SINGAPORE COMPANIES ON NASDAQ Close in US$/Change 1. Pacific Internet $3.125/-0.3438 2. Creative Technology

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•J I ft It pat LIFE SCIENCES The Next Wave


'Sally' busts drag pushers in Net alley [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

'Sally' busts drag pushers in Net alley The Central Narcotics Bureau now has a special team to monitor the Internet. Its officers scan websites and chatrooms for drug deals in Singapore. MELVIN SINGH reports on the latest bust SHE was all dressed up, like she was on a hot date.

Ecstasy turns into agony for Internet pedlar, helper [ARTICLE]

Page 8

Ecstasy turns into agony for Internet pedlar, helper ON Sunday, during a chat session, the drug pusher revealed he had a fresh consignment of Ecstasy pills. He offered to sell it to "Sally" for $20 each. Two days later, Sally returned his page and agreed to buy. On Wednesday, CNB

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Mr Swing Safely SINGAPORETODAY BY Arul John HE can make a difference between life and death. Doctor? Not really. And his word is law. A policeman? Not really. Australian Ryan Taplin, 29, is the circus safety man. Only when he gives the OK, can the show go on. He is

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In front of the arc lights [ARTICLE]

Page 12

In front of the arc lights Attitude How about doing something different during your school holidays? Such as being a volunteer with a theatre company? This week, KENNY LOW, 16, one of Attitude's counsellors, shares with us his experiences in theatre I'VE been a volunteer at the Necessary Stage for

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*m iWjggigiMr. ■.■■%wNlf HP.. \-f A CVtMMCSS BOOK Of Ali Bandbaz balanced his brother Massoud on two 141/2 inch daggers with a tip I NTUC j width of only 3/8 inch. The brothers, from Tehran, Iran, placed the daggers in Hougang Mall their mouths, and Massoud, who weighs 150 lb,


Get your free Coke [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 14

Get your free Coke HOW would you like to get a taste of the new Coca-Cola Light? Check out The New Paper tomorrow and see how you k can get this thirst-quenching drink to go with your lunch time read.

He gave up A Maths and won $50,000 [ARTICLE]

Page 14

He gave up A Maths and won $50,000 FRIDAY WEEKLY ADDITIONAL Maths. Give up. Some students have done that because they could not handle the paper. Sun Ming Hui did give up his O-level paper two years ago. But it was to take part in an international web design paper.

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This poisonous fish can help make babies [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 16

This poisonous fish can help make babies By Desmond Ng JUST look at this fish. Nobody here eats it. The stonefish is usually found in tidal pools and, as the name suggests, camouflaged near rocky areas. If you step on it, you will usually experience swelling, extreme pain and slight

They work with poisons [ARTICLE]

Page 16

They work with poisons SPIDERS, SCORPIONS, snakes and other venomous animals. These are the creatures on the hit list of the Venom and Toxin research group. Said Assoc Prof Khoo, a member of the group: "We identify certain venomous creatures and we work on their venom. Our main objectives are

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BATTLE OF THE BOTTLE SINGAPORETODAY By Jason Tan TEN cents. That's what you get for an empty beer bottle. A jail term. That's what he got for quarrelling over one, and smashing it on someone else's head. The empty Tiger beer bottle, which fetches 10 cents if it is returned

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It's not okay, it's bad [ARTICLE]

Page 20

It's not okay, it's bad Judge gives teen a dressing-down on his school results SINGAPORETODAY By Lee Tee Jong I'M doing okay in school. James (not his real name) told Judge Malcolm Tan in the juvenile court on Wednesday. The 15-year-old didn't expect the barrage of questions from the judge.

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'I want to hug everyone!' [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 22

'I want to hug everyone!' SINGAPORETODAY By Yeoh Wee Teck NOW, this was the nicest surprise at the Asian Television Awards last night. After missing out twice already, Vernetta Lopez (above) finally clinched an award for Best Performance by an Actress (Comedy). Big names like Irene Ang, Neo Swee Lin,

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Vets leave me cold [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 25

Vets leave me cold SPEAK UP YOUR FORUM We published a report in The New Paper on Nov 28, about how James Tan Veterinary Hospital cremated dead dogs on an open fire. We have since received almost 20 calls and letters. Most said they were appalled by what was done

Germs that glow in the dark? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

Germs that glow in the dark? muifmui* Carolyn Sebastian, 15, a fecondaiy 3 student who is thinking abouta career in life sciences research: In the past we just saw bacteria and germs; in textbooks, aid they looked disgtisting and shapeless. Now wejgrfi work on them, and we make them glow

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So, will my name be in the papers tomorrow? [ARTICLE]

Page 29

So, will my name be in the papers tomorrow? Diver who went off the deep end receives jail sentence without turning a hair SINGAPORETODAY BY Jason Tan HE faced up to seven years in jail for criminal intimidation. But Willy Heng Jwee Song, 48, was one relaxed man in court

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Condom clues lead to sex tunnel [ARTICLE]

Page 30

Condom clues lead to sex tunnel THERE were condoms and cosmetics strewn all over the floor. Yet, the nightclub was strangely quiet, with just a scattering of local hostesses here and there. Not surprisingly, the officers from the Malaysian Immigration Department were suspicious. So they started probing into every nook

Soon after this shot, the lights went OUT [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

Soon after this shot, the lights went OUT TheHghts glowed on the scate Christmas tree. For five minutes. Then w>l my were turned off. The 17m-high white fir tree was IK byCaßfornian governor Gray Davis during ceremonies la the state capital Sacramsnte yesterday. But It coaUntstaylt as the US state

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OH-OH-OH, Mummy, why isn't Santa laughing? [ARTICLE]

Page 32

OH-OH-OH, Mummy, why isn't Santa laughing? WORLDTODAY THE non-Christmassy scene was enough to make several children burst into tears. The horror of it all for the little ones Santa in handcuffs, being led away by big, tough police officers. The incident happened on Wednesday in the British coastal town of

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Page 33

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It's politics, not [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 35

It's politics, not muifmui* WORLDTODAY The impeachment trial nfi*rriiilriit friifrnjw Estrada of the Philippines got yesterday. The Senate Majority leader Francisco Tatad said: More Filipinos will now cease to see the government as -4 entertainment, and will stop electing popular incompetents.

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HK-based piracy gang busted [ARTICLE]

Page 37

HK-based piracy gang busted THE haul was large by any standards HK$4OO million ($BO million) worth of pirated discs, software and equipment. That was what an anti-corruption Hongkong government agency netted when it smashed an international piracy gang based there. The gang came to the authorities' notice when private investigators

Nude pictures upset famous Thai family [ARTICLE]

Page 38

Nude pictures upset famous Thai family SHE has them fuming. But at the same time, members of the famous Attakor family in Thailand are dying of embarrassment. But it appears, there is no stopping Ms Chutarat Attakor. Formerly, a wife in the Attakor household, the ex-Royal Thai Navy nurse, has

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Pope joins Superman [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 40

Pope joins Superman MEANWHILE IN THE HALL OF FAME... WORLDTODAY AP. POPE John Paul II has joined Superman in the Hall of Fame of comic-book heroes. Hitting newsstands in Italy for the first time this week, the new Vatican-approved serial depicts the real life and true adventures of "Karol Wojtyla:

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II iw mmm I Kim Simmonds I Thomas Xiques Nathaniel Perferson I f XV& xw CQWCtKT I Dec 10th 2000 I 10pm at I 9:3opm h qt°the v I d NO COVER I CHARGE lr>', I Both venue located at Clarke Quay- For enquiries Tel: 337 1990 1

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S|;::, y^JßWsßl^^^^^mßl^^B;-?. Hk. JSP :<>^®^^fe iyT ly iiMMUUHI mk k x,;«BS Bssfe gsglgWy y, :/sr®S 9 B B WM In OSSSBW- MH v>^^»BBWgC^»*^^^^^^^^;X;<:;:yx 3b Also a chance Traditional IrHk Roast Lunch, mma Available at 7-Eteven, Carrefour, Cold Storage, »CwflSs' Giant and NTUC Fair Price. I ■■■iMgiML j£ 1^ (77ie watch-maker

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pSIEMENS 8 M Hr r&dm 9§ mm fIfIHHM Wmmmm«L ,45 i^ I I I :iQHHn O fl|H »|llBm I I M |m 1 I wOl36SBB^&

Deck the plane with alcohol [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 43

Deck the plane with alcohol WORLDTODAY A ROYAL Air Force (RAF) aircraft is flying on a special mission to France to pick up cheap Christmas drinks at taxpayers' expense, a British politician claimed. Mr Alistair Bisset, a councillor from Moray, Scotland, alleged he had a tip-off about a Nimrod flight

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"lIIIif I m I 1 b B| g. B- tt K k Ml H|. W* B«:'; K; B| fc Hft A Yamaha Production Hnd out this weekend Hosted by: Annabelle Francis SheikhHalksl

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Snt99^o!9 I QR| SINGAPORE j IHHHIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIHHHIHIBHH? WITH GIFTS BEING GIVEN AWAY 3X FASTER, BEENZ.COM IS ATTRACTING t EVERYONE. f«aslo voucher from v PERUNS. SILVER IMB if"' At, you can earn beenz for just surfing or shopping. These beenz can in turn be redeemed for attractive free gifts. And this



Page 45

TEEN, 16, FOUND GUILTY OF MURDER Raised to KILL Taught to shoot at six Starts taking drugs at eight Hangs out with Neo-Nazis, watches veiy violent real-life films At 16, shoots a teen point blank has sex near death spot i By Peter Wilson From Sydney HIS childhood stories shocked

Blast rocks Phnom Penh [ARTICLE]

Page 46

Blast rocks Phnom Penh Source: AFP A BOMB blast rocked the centre of Cambodia's capital an hour before midnight, followed by up to 30 rounds of automatic weapons fire. The circumstances surrounding the explosion were unclear, but it comes in the wake of last month's rebel assault on the capital.

Dad has no time [ARTICLE]

Page 46

Dad has no time Go play on the computer, son THE family computer is being used more and more as a "virtual minder" by overstretched parents, a new British report says. Sky News reports more than half the parents in Britain spend four hours a week or less playing with

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XXXXX 912 4561 1 I CALL VOICE LINE FOR VOICE ANALYSISI I B |HB When you say these three little words to our Voice Line, you'll I I 9 et a fascinating voice analysis of your personality, job I I compatibility and which musical instrument matches your I I vioce.

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«lll§iHl At Tay's, we make painstaking efforts to select high quality products which enable you to enjoy excellent party food with minimal preparations. Direct from the freezer, whether you deep fry, pan fry, oven bake or grill, your food will be ready in minutes. So you will spend less time

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flfl l||f |II wf^^ .Spfclg^s^sr llpfe P VNHNll^ppjppjpjs

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—pp w •vwm" BOPS W7 —T v w 4" J ''BPS —A vfw/ WJ TiiiHfflTOT x if'lm -wMr%MBL \mßWriSntm ifllh J f il(ik lllffjLjpllrm «li J „W; I m m W a, 1 A a F A, B NSOw li TI A 1 rJ H B r a F I

Will they drag Erap down? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 48

Will they drag Erap down? They have been given numbers from "002" to "008". No names. No pictures. Seven women who might bring down President Joseph Estrada with what they say at his impeachment trial. Ifs public knowledge the flamboyant Philippines President has been linked to several women. (See report

Estrada's house of woes [ARTICLE]

Page 48

Estrada's house of woes SO much talk about corruption in the impeachment trial. President Estrada is a "thief", a "crook" and "the lord of all gambling lords", prosecutors said yesterday, the first day of the trial in Manila. They homed in on allegations that the President habitually concealed the true

Madonna to wed on Dec 22 [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 50

Madonna to wed on Dec 22 WORLDTODAY Source: BBC, Reuters, AP. WOW! Recognise that famous name? Yup! It's Madonna! The singer, 42, is planning to marry her film director boyfriend, Guy Ritchie, 32, three days before Christmas. The couple's banns of marriage have been posted at the registrar's office in

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I Iffl M IPfll H J F I I I I Mm I 14^|K4 flj W H| B v B I B f y jf B 1 f >y B i B Bl\ J B B1 B 1 I B B 111 B B 111 H| I B JL I

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V|^K^fllfel la mIIVflllll H H W IMb V V K B BK I^B II I 8 8 B 1 bb B WmSiXK Liy&lln" BBBj^B 4 K1 Bv7 1 >: B A-. &l^fc;J"S k 1 I MB B H 888 ■BM W B BftJßpTrß m I* MMes up Ho* w4 frothy*

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Got an old printer or scanner? Or maybe a new printer you want to upgrade (say one that came bundled with your new computer)? Trade up to Canon at SITEX 2000 t is wee en vjjjJP' HHBWk Jm i ajj^ Bring your new Epson Stylus 480 or HP Deskjet 630

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BHM J fe£b» A 2 P for S I Mgj J| gj Ip up. $89.00 up. $89.00 up. $49.00 "4>- $89.00 up. $89.00 u.p. $49.00 AJ I up. $89.00 up. $89.00 up. $48.00 up. $89.00 up. $49.00 u.p. $59.00 CRAZY SALE 2x s £*1 vaßir u.p. $55.00 u.p. $49.00 up.


Page 54

I do, I do, I... Living It Up! How do you get married when your guest list extends around the world? Do what IT girl Shabnam Melwani did —get married more than once! JOANNA HUGHES tells you about Singapore's wedding of the year WHEN Shabnam Melwani first spotted Justin Reis

Together or not? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 56

Together or not? The Pierre Png-Andrea De Cruz puzzle ShowTime Pierre Png and Andrea De Cruz hold hands and hold firm that they're not dating each other. Ohyes?DENISE CHONG checks it out HOLY matrimony! Pierre Png and Andrea De Cruz were spotted trotting together to a church along Thomson Road.

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r. jI^H^ES i Hgjjyj! 1 Autumn In New York The Perfect Storm IFJHHERnHHH^^QIItnEQ '""Jf Panasonic mmnr^^7ljp r K Latest Portable VCD Player rtFSga Get your FREE X'mas V MM SL-VP4B l§ Gift Box with purchase II /|||s| 0f llra| II v% I HH HI if

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%> m.. ....,>..„ ri&gHasgßm iSBR h lu pr vjj <*11 |H||||H »,J A Song Time, It's Time T O CorDe And a Bring home an set of f T weenies tumblers. Flag With The Tweenies, worth more thai |10. when you shop at x&/ i Robertson Valley Point. The first

'Best to be open about it' [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 59

'Best to be open about it' FROM PAGE 56 SHOWTIME If they're going out and don't mind people knowing, they should just say so. If they're uncomfortable, they shouldn't even attend events or have their pictures taken together. Perfect 10 programme director Georgina Chang, who is married to Darryl David.

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goodie giveaway only on December Saturday (starts sharp a ,1 iiififciiH^-rf*»ffiiMi M-iiM* i*.- *••<* &m m -^W^kjL^M^ Firsf. customers a Ufa/c/? and goodie bag customers a corporate pen a bag No purchase "•^P^^^it''#^A y J^l^^|^^i^'^'yy 3 1 F*T M M a g^^^MM M^MMMMM MM^M,MM^M M^"M M a iaggg!!g^g===l iff y

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-a nite of fashion, musiJidk&nJe »m Al i ap*™* 1 Ifettfl B —WM m KaSVVj A 8.. J :Z Uk S The Singapore Dance And special guest artiste, the hot new sensation h tJ K£lH I SHppH^H Vanessa Amorosi jj^^R STAGE PROGRAMME STAGE CREDITS Lin »<» ®«*«»~~»-'*««-»"f: m 805 StngapofeD.nceTh.atre

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COMFORT TRANSPORTATION presents 30 years of bringing people mm 30 jn£f mm% 27 DECEMBER 2000 7.00PM SINGAPORE INDOOR STADIUM jj joßs2®B£sH«N[^jir^Ei^^olo»^Gi^r^3^!^*T3^tC"E€WLtlCPiQqc v EMIL CHAUMfta, ANDY HUltt**, WILLIAM SO«*«, GRASSHOPPER *B, FANN WONGmxa, CHYlff*, MARIA CORDERO, TAY PING HUIS«R TICKET PRICE: $50, $80, $120 $160 Buy your tickets now through SISTIC



Page 62

Highs and Lowe SHOT: Hilary Swank and hubby Chad Lowe IIBS; IN: Beverly Hills, California, Dec 5 TIME ACT: PremiereofCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: BEST Actress Oscar Winner for 1999's Boys Don't Cry, Swank sacrificed big time for her role as cross-dresser Teena Brandon. She cut her hair, took voice lessons


Page 62

FUNNY GUY DEPP Depp and Juliette Binoche IN: New York City, Dec 4 THE ACT: Premiere of the movie Chocolat DEPP seems like a fun co-star. Penelope Cruz and Depp had a deep connection on the set of their upcoming movie Blow they love fart jokes. The pair spent all


Page 62

YEOH HAVE TO GIVE IT TO HER! TOE JICTiThe premiere of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. SHE'S all smiles and baskingtn her moment of glory. But she works hard. Filming had to be halted while she underwent surgery on an injured knee. She said: "If you can't bloody well do it,


Page 62

X-RATED SHOT: Gillian Anderson IN: Beverly Hills, California, Dec 4 THE ACT: The premiere of Proof of Life ANDERSON is at the premiere, alone. And that's the way she likes it. According to her, you will never catch her taking her six-year-old daughter Piper to premieres. She is determined to

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WOU < n>t W>nt 10 zbNOW 85 t**®


Happy to cruise along [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 63

Happy to cruise along By Teo Kuan Yee SO what has Emil Chau, 40, been up to these days? Cruising along on a lower gear and leading a less public life. Sounding relaxed in a phone interview from Taiwan, the singer-songwriter said he has "regained his sou 1" as his

'I am not his girlfriend... but we're close' [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 63

'I am not his girlfriend... but we're close' By Serene Foo SHE gets swamped with questions about Japanese heartthrob Takeshi Kaneshiro at her own interviews. Relax girls, Rene Liu isn't the swoonworthy actor's main squeeze. But their friendship goes back more than six years. Recalled Rene, who was here recently

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It single-handedly places 50,000 electronic components an hour. x/ /V N //x m to i:i J*' t .v y-r;V Who is single-handedly responsible for it? ■■nn

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Page 65

!pmi?K fiVu 9 SINGAPORE XXXXX0 W 4 r^: Sr f -v£*-Vi V;V^<^ >^^»^;Xt*r.^^^^^^^V'V.' >*>' /<77 /^/U<&0~ 4, yfy/t/tf irf A ,/7< 'rm,, Cm**# 1 PACIFIC PLAZA N I j HUUlliiliS^l" '••vivrl -'I^BK 1 Aj r£ ■M m *j&. i Accessories: The Fossil Shop #03-08 Books Music: Tower Records Books Levels


Grinch's stunts don't save X'mas [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 66

Grinch's stunts don't save X'mas By Denise Chong THEGRINCH RATINGS: STARS: Jim Carrey (left, as The Grinch), Taylor Momsen, Christine Baranski, Jeffrey Tambor STORY: Hairier than a gorilla and greener than a leaf, but more sour than spoilt milk, the Grinch (Carrey) is a lonely creature with plans to wreck

It's simply out of this world [ARTICLE]

Page 66

It's simply out of this world By Eugene Anthony LITTLE NICKY RATWG://// Kicks you deep into laughter land STARS: Adam Sandler, Patricia Arquette, Harvey Keitel, Rhys Ifans, Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr STORY: In his 10,000 th year of rule in hell, Satan decides not to give up his throne to

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.r-v.-* r,-cvyvfa«aM^jgMfeai^ffi:>3flffl[aP» II ip*'. m B Snip Braun Oral Care products are available at the following leading pharmacies, supermarkets and electrical outlets. t£ SBpON Camftmr <(t &CM stooge E T roni x r3 FairPrice fy**t (@as») PS J WAffM SB ™H II XXXXX11 l i I fr>^ f*-*\s^Wv^Wi,'^.;^'u'^ *f^~S ~~yV

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Mil HM? WU& MM v iSJISi %i?M %sss■ iM r**M *03$ '-S; :--MA M >•• .< m<& v'%?> #ite :<>• ?:?s .••.■;>•• i- '?-<V V *< *-U- i ••«•>. v s'Sr i fv-jsex: ii>VgS f.K 5 li 5' V >*' V. S* 5352 fßinget giaz Banded! s'i*L v

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J r 11 *^MSSsßSKKtK^SlKSßßßßßSSßß^sl^SSL^J!iS^^^SKblkii^)k^^oS^i^^^SSiJlt!.rf MR®^Bs?f&t&. rf^fe--'* 9HI v ii®Ni~ >^R»-i issM2%^. to from. You msy wsnt to 31l 5 to PARTICIPATING STANDARD PHOTO OUTLETS: Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 XXXXX01 Bedok North St 1 XXXXX84 Causeway Point XXXXX67 'Far East Plaza" XXXXX28 Far East Square XXXXX10 Ginza Plaza" XXXXX37 hmk

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PREVIEW m On I H S fj± m ij CP, ST, SP, WM, EM, TP, JB, SO Stars: Anthony Hopkins, Jessica Lange WHITE OUT Stoiy: Titus Andronicus, the great Roman general, returns Stars: Yuji Oda and Nanako Matsushimo home victorious from a long war with the Goths. All but four

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ALL THAT YOU'VE WANTED! I J I DIGITAL HOME SOLUTIONS I I ;f I I MARKETFC3CE E uD Tel: >65'334-4104 Fax: (65)334-0534 AAA'S COM SOLUTION T e! 338-6613 (Sim Lim Sc *04-73} AMCOSiCS.COM Tsj 336-5938 Sq =05-56; EELL SYSTEMS ELECTRON:CS T e! 339-3925 Sin Lin Sq *05-46. CHALLENGER SUPERSTORE

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Involution Wireless IVlicrODHone ur UHF true lversit y performance systems deliver exceptional sound and value and I r A 1 will enhance your professional performance with no restrictions on mobility and expression. I Systems Specol all karaoke, pubs lounges, discos, public For applications that require maximum movement ij;j([ announcements ondmord

Regression of the 20th century [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 72

Regression of the 20th century CETERA WITH ABHIJIT NAG IT'S a warm, sunny day. But the sunlight flooding in through the windows cannot break the cool of the air-conditioned living room. A shrill cry comes from one of the bedrooms. "Oh, it's time to put Joanna to sleep," says the

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Page 72

|j A ca*6. f I Convert your spare items to fast cash. Call C.A.T.S. at 1800-737-1166. i. v 1 4 f

Page 72 Miscellaneous

Page 72 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 72

coMimmsF The Concrete Jungle/Colin Goh iSMI HOSffTIP'bUKE!! Iww Mb'too name rcomcpft>,w».waJ6?.l low uwatl utu-.ftT 1 pfflß COMB HERE! CONCOCT Wmi~TWr I "THAVx A mAtrPR BASIS' 7 I LEAST In WOfcST MUSICIANS ffj I OF u>E jwUSHT J TERMS OF 7H£sa«»i?rrwfls I thfscmqol coKtoe*x' ai— E^KD* Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Watterson N

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5-36 FOOD/ENTERTAINMENT BOOK ADVERTISEMENTS, AND GET REWARDED with! more: Here's a real plus for C.A.T.S. advertisers of The Straits Times Classified, Sunday Classified and Lianhe Zaobao Classified. Call C.A.T.S. now at 1800-737-1166 and get your special bonus in Food/Entertainment (Classifications 5-36)! 'CONDITIONS: Last booking date is 13 December 2000 3

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Page 74

I jgBR jjjp k9 ar |jr Ml^HI 1 J| Mrk wriyi^S I Contributed fry P/ie I three-storey refurbished shophouse mHEIJ I I serves authentic Northern Indian food. i IjjL I keen the best restaurant for JBBKI I ||J| food and ambience by Wine 6 Dine for four BB|:|I H consecutive

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Page 75

> g vl> flrlr -<P|f I i 1 1

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Page 76

K I I sF jhK 4ft —~---»*«^^^^T^!!ll!!^|^3 I l ?sl S§£j (t 2ndflr. |to J' r •w Cote fe tie I I 1- WrS«J>4Bof 11 Te1:557-0756Fai:299-s"* K/VI I 1= \Sss%T\ The one and only taste of Oriental Pleasures in Boat Quay. I JjfpCiai I I t lPffl i t 4

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Page 78

mac j taste. Savour -^i?S B *^iv_-r-:"'" i:i 1 Some restaurants cater to customers' whims, altering M J* n P' C Qzze ($1 8.50), a dishes as requested. But at Peperoncino, when someone J0 8 °J y es h/ juicy Tasmanian asks for cheese with the Zuppa Di Cozze, or

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til Annual Year End Celebration, >ft.xjg-% (fra ijtk&tt tjj I!' A I 15SSe 11 *lE5$ I P*i 11 %J Celebrati non Gathering Set Menu Prosperity Set Menu Deluxe Buddha Jump Over the Wall Hong Kong Tim Sum Set Menu fiance Booking) SSSmm Five Treasure Hot and Cold Dish Combination Mi^Ri

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m o u h —festmis F o Lagun Sari Indonesia Seafood Pte Ltd IfIHPQPiHHHIHH jMh 76 PeckSeah Street, Singaporeo7933l (nexttoTg. Pagar MRT) Tel: 324 3478/776 2556 Fax: 324 3608 vUjU .M Open Daily: 11.30 am to 3.00pm 6.00pm to 10.00pm fuJiSSANDRO NANNIN^F (with free flow of Lime Juice) AT ONLY

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m I k t)PT |7» I I U fc* R. Kajali ÜBiKesiaurani V IV wT X 64, Uoyd Itoad, Regalis Court I fjHinl 5 boxes above. I Assam Prawn, Plain F I m Authentic Australian Recipe Ot Robinson Tower SETLUNCHFOM-tWOCS NOW $48 I 1 m Made with the freshest ingredients

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A 2001 gW2Od f ftf »M Mgg »M Hgfl *68 ftftt Food/Entertatament Food/Entertainment Food/Entertainment JVA Food/Entertainment Home Needs iflpfl Home Needs ggfl Home Needs BES 5S ASIC R^ s PROMOTION (FBaTOB&B MECHMASTER BHUARD CENTRE U -MISSED! I£ QUEENSTOWN GINZAPIAM® CUPPA6E PLAZA^EASTCOAST PARKWAY 4) FAR EAST SHOPPING CENTRE <friendly services assurance>

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Page 83

fM m an ■iWI I Fact #1 German research shows that 60% of all your kitchen tasks are performed in your sink. Fact #2 All new HDB homes need a kitchen sink. Fact #3 You can own a deep bowl scratch-resistant g condos sink at offer price NO IV/ 1)

Page 83 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 83

l«Si X 29W rl&3 'jPOfli® nNNpmi

Page 83 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 83

fflpi UnUHp." To release muscle tension jtefc I and take away tiredness. USUALjrv »VS Improve blood circulation C?fi using essential oil. NOWI JjO II Aquafacial: |fp Regenerating the cells, USUAL .$430 I&. Whitening effects for tf/Q I all types of skin. NOW! I Aquascrub Seaweed Wrap: 4$ Helps to take

Page 83 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 83

OjW CTiyyiugiM Aromatherapy Spa Aroma facial $65 Spa package: Incl. aroma face, aroma body scrub $100 Body mud wrap for $75 strjctj^^pgt^B739^ Indonesian Traditional Massage at North Point Yishun Ladies Only!!! Ruby HP: 9872 7742 If Traditional Massage Will be done by experienced local Chinese girl Pg: 9260 8272 Lynn

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Page 84

|E| 2M3 Other gBI Products/Services 11 1 •1 1 1 1 II I/\ If you treasure memories I $50 DISCOUNT^ Py 4 ifiiin i i|i Ilia l Mmhmm* M r W CHRISTMAS SPECIAL f° rever ave p e rf ect News is offering you a Individual, Couple, Anniversary Family WB

Page 84 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 84

nci »»o«w AMUIIIAAA /XrjHHUuKJMi iMBI r roflUCtS 3©fVIC6S

Page 84 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 84

UQ 2143 Other otStt Products/Servlcas

Page 84 Advertisements Column 5 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 84

BBC nyj 2i4sot)wr Pfodocts/Swlciß

Page 85 Advertisements

Page 85 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 85

a a* Health Centres Sim Health Centres tMssgr lEMERGEWMORE RELAXED UK IH^SSs^^P hed person! YOURSEDFI LW- to ®nj lexclusive massage! |p||ND FACILITIES.^ BHi New Individual room vWM|^BBB||3 Foot Reflexology Finger press/Oil Movie Restroom Biggest (Traditional) Spa JaWpE-Hl* Cold Hot Pool a n Reflexology i. r Oil Flngerpress ~jP p( Thai

Page 85 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 85

2iot Health Centres B^K^SSSSSSSSH^SSSSS^^ Mi tin IHI IMUUI Gptull HEALTH CENTRE Sauna, Steambath, Massage •MbMMnmvfi iftifhfd bithfotm Cf v adjoitabkAiKMAttatai I, Marine Parade Central m m #05-01 Parkway Centre m V*ssT' (above Mac Donald > v Business I lam I Ipm I Tel: XXXXX88^828^ UUhmmmi M LEXIa^CCXKS I; HEkJ" Movie/TV

Page 85 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 85

nm )i«uk|Mk ftaolMMt nMNnVVHim §i Bin* l Health Centres ••;.:•»WVVVWV9 LEISURE LIFE Health Cental #03-30/32, Orchard Plaza (Rear Block), Orchard Road XXXXXP85H lifk MASSAGE M 45 mins. for $33 ■NtTm-Tel: XXXXX89, XXXXX80 «pr P Relaxation, Wellness Cosy ambience with bathrooms attached. Excellent service by our charming friendly masseuses. DBHUUIUffI We

Page 85 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 85

SvS ms Lecturing/ Teaching Positions Child Care Centres require 1) SUPERVISORS Advance/ Diploma trained •At least 2 years of supervisory experience 2) STUDENT CARE TEACHERS GCE 'o'/ 'A' levels Experience in tutoring PI P6 students 3) TEACHERS Trained/ untrained Basic/ intermediate At least 3 GCE '0' levels Those waiting for

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Page 86

gfflß 2SM it |B Health Centres SKS MERLIN HEALTH CENTRE Business Hours: 10.30 am i ,30pm I 7500-F Beach Road #01-202 207 Plaza Hotel Multi-storey Car Park Basement (Behind UOB Bank) Singapore XXXXX1 Tel: 295 3833 (3 Ihts) Golden Landmark Hotel Level 5 (Beside Swimming Pool) 390 Victoria Street SlBBO6l

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Page 86

Sales Positions I 1 Responsibilities: To assist the Retail Supervisor in the daily operation To service customers' enquiries and attend to their purchases Requirements: Self-motivated possess good communication skill Min. 'N' level Able to read and speak simple English Singaporean Only Ability to start work immediately Successful applicants can look

Page 86 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 86

■MH |ne use n 2696 Sates Positions Handphone shop nquinsm 1 ■XXXXX3311 lEraHHßii We offer Good Remuneration 1 Sales Commission of $2000 1 or more monthly, based on |i performance or experience. 1 l" Location: Jurong I Call XXXXX59 1 i for an interview. imp Int'l Health Product Co. requires

Page 86 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 86

BSS £$42 Hotel/Lounge Restaurant Positions HOTEL SINGAPORE I Interested applicants may Walk-in for an interview j I Personnel Department (Bl) I 14 Balmoral Road, I Singapore XXXXX0 Tel: (65) XXXXX44 ext 1113/1116 1 Bus services; CSS 603 A 60S \SBS/T1BS: 66, 67,105,132J 170,171,190, 700, 960 I New Disco Pub KTV

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Page 87

KS 2642 Hotel/Lounge Restaurant Positions BSS 2642 Hotel/Lounge Restaurant Positions SSatttHoM/Loangt KMaurant positions Disco Pub Ktv I around Joo Chiat Area requires Full time/ Part time staff to fill these positions:1. Cashiers 2.Waitresseses/ Waiters Friendly, Cheerful and Out-going Experience preferred Able to work weekends and public holidays •Attractive Salary Nice

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Page 87

5 2642 Hotel/Lounge Restaurant Positions

Page 87 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 87

KS 2M2 Hotel/Lounge Restaurant Positions I I THE ROYAL PEACOCK HOTEL Requires Please attend a walk-in interview at THE ROYAL PEACOCK HOTEL 55, Keong Saik Road Part or Full Time 1. Clerk 2. Receptionist 3. Chambermaid 4. Cleaner cum Gardener Requirements for positionl: GCE 'N' or 'O' level Walk-in interview,

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Page 87

KS 2642 Hotel/Lounge Restaurant Positions Exclusive Japanese KTV Lounge requires: ASST. MAMASAN HOSTESSES With/ without experience High basic salary commission Transport provided Working hours: Bpm to 2am Walk-in interview after 7pm #05-01/05 Orchard Plaza Tel: 9666-8857/734-5649 FAMILY STYLE KARAOKE Requires WAITERS/ WAITRESSES Interested call <D 354-6575 after 3pm. JAPANESE KARAOKE

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Page 87

KS 2642 Hotel/Lounge Restaurant Positions We are looking for: WAITRESSES/ WAITERS BARMAIDS/ BARTENDERS CASHIERS/ KJ Please contact: 9790-7278 With seaman's book, Passport, Safety training certificate for offshore work required. Interested pis. call XXXXX49 jKS 2846 Administrative /Clerical Positions Salary $1,000-$1,500 I Reqd for various positions in I various cos. I

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Page 88

jRS 2651 Secretary/PersoDai Asst Positions Law firm at Suntec City requires Must have good command of English experience in serious litigation work. Preference for someone with IP experience. Interested candidates, pis. call Jasmine at 434-2301/ 336-7666 for a walk-in interview or fax full resume to 338-5377 or E-mail to

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Page 88

KS MM Technical M Positions Aluminium Fabrication Division H CAD/CAM operation for generation of metal H fabrication drawings H H Material take-off costing and planning H Must have experience with technical aspects H of aluminium fabrication H Able to do AutoCad drawings independently H Experience with aluminium sheet working H

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Page 88

g 2675 Driver/ Transport Positions DRIVER CUM STOREMAN Class 3 licence required Call: 292 8185 Interview: 90 Rangoon Rd Freight forwarder urgently reguires CLASS 4 DRIVER Experienced in clearing cargo at PSA Airport Must be able to drive forklift Walk-in for interview at: 3 Upper Aljunied Link Blk. B #01-04

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Page 88

Other Positions M Food Beverage Company Requires H SALES EXECUTIVES Experience in Beer Wine business preferred Min GCE'O'level Ability to work independently Possess Class 3 driving licence ACCOUNTS CUM ADMIN ASSISTANT Min GCE 'O' level with LCCI Intermediate/ CBS a-1 -2 years working experience l Mature and responsible individual pfl

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Page 88

5555 2689 Other Positions Health Centre In Orchard Area Requires Masseuses Tel: 73W780/ ASST. SUPERVISOR needed at Marsiling Salary $IK-SI.2K Min. GCE *N' level Prefer staying at Marsiling Woodlands area. Tel: 365-4679 (Ipm-4pm) cashTers required urgently at Caltex Upper Serangoon Call Peter 9633-3200 Caltex East Coast Call Derrick 3422-37& Caltex

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Page 89

Other Positions SBB Other Positions CYBER CENTRES/ BILLIARD SALOONS REQUIRE Permanent night shift/ morning shift Young, friendly and outgoing Bilingual (English Chinese) Computer literate preferred Great starting pay Full Time or at least 6 mths. in svc. Interested, Call Doreen: 4755-516/9693-2139 Many areas available! KS 2700 SSS 2700 Education Education

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Page 89

jgg Education mmmi gnS 2199 sags CinlClHJytl M it Bringing Out The Best In You I Singapore General Hospital, the largest acute care and teaching hospital, invites suitably qualified candidates to apply for the: Scholarship for National Certificate in Nursing f The Award You will be paid a monthly allowance

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Page 89

2700 5 2700 fi|| n fwAl a M ilCHivdUvii UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN SYDNEY Why you choose this Recognised by Save time, only 2 1 /2 years Modular study one subject at a time easy payments Call UPGRADEIf,TytweteTO arn "°Y a l Hcert in business stuocs Int'l B.SC. (Hons) Degree COS/CBS

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Page 89

Snß 2700 S PItuAaMAM toucanon 4t>Briehton Training Centre Our Lady ofLourdes Division Helps You Pass Your GCE'O'wa' Levels Easily MOE Approved Experienced Teachers Effective Tutorial System Max 20 students per class 2 mins MRT Bus pass NS Deferment Foreign students eligible 141 Market St #03-00 AEC Centre TEL 225 8030

the new paper RACING

Speedy Dot-Corn sparkles [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 90

Speedy Dot-Corn sparkles DANNY KHOO'S GUIDE TO KRANJI TRACKWORK TRAINER Charles Leek, who has hogged the limelight since racing resumed at Kranji a week ago, looks to have another potential winner in Speedy Dot-Com. Taken out by Leek himself, the three-year-old filly underlined her terrific form with an eye-catching workout

Superb Effect cleared to race in HK Sprint [ARTICLE]

Page 90

Superb Effect cleared to race in HK Sprint By Lionel Lee IT'S all systems go for Singapore's star sprinter Superb Effect. The Hong Kong Sprint aspirant has been given the green light to travel after passing stringent drug tests conducted by the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC). Singaporean trainer Charles


Page 90

SINGAPORE WEIGHTS AND RATINGS: WEDNESDAY XXXXX1 Trillion Win 60 (116) (3amg Thwaites-Lucky) 457-0 El Caballero 56.5 (109) (7nzg Thwaites-Eres Tu No. 2) XXXXX0 Centurion 54 (104) (5ag Brink-Auric) XXXXX5 Danger Man 50 (96) (4ag Thwaites-U-Grace) -7448- Monopoly Star 50* (95) (7ag Baertschiger-Monopoly Star) 1361-1 Defence Of Honour 50* (93) (5nzg


Page 91

TOMORROW'S PERTH (ASCOT) RACE CARD No. Horse Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/origin/sex, trainer) 1 HOLLY BELLE 55.5 (94) Troy Turner 15 (6am Ken Shanks) 2 RINGROAD 55 (100) Paul Harvey 5 (7am John Askevold) 3 ALL WHISKEY 54.5 (93) Tim Stubberfield 11 (6am Toby Roney) 4 CLIMB THE VINE 54

Opposing Force ready to strike once more [ARTICLE]

Page 91

Opposing Force ready to strike once more I GUIDE TO KUALA LUMPUR TRACKWORK NST. OPPOSING FORCE looks ready to go one better in the main staying event for Class 2 horses over 2,000 m in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday. Taken out by a track rider yesterday, the four-year-old New Zealand-bred

Saimee to pit skills against world's best [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 92

Saimee to pit skills against world's best INTERNATIONAL JOCKEYS' CHAMPIONSHIP IN HK By Tan Thean Loon LOCAL champion jockey Saimee Jumaat will be taking on the world again this time in ultra-competitive Hongkong. The 28-year-old has been selected to compete against 13 other world-class riders from around the globe at


Page 93

TOMORROW'S KRANJI (LONG COURSE, B) RACE GUIDE nCRAIC OF THUNDER 57 (53) F iovine (11) (3amc Busuttin-AES) By Thunder Gulch-Tipically Irish; chestnut; landed07.06.00; 1 r O-O-O. 25.10.00 MS O'Heare 57 (53) (2) 2 2 7/10 ($24) 10 Superior Effect KRs1000g 1:00.2(487) Tipped a good tiling at debut but fared only


Page 97

THE NEW PAPER'S RACE CARD LEGEND n STAR GENERAL 57(48) Wilkinson (4) (4nzg Baertschiger-Star General) By Waikiki Star-Maazel; bay; landed 6.1.98; 8r 1-0-0 (KRsl700f1:49.153.5) 12.12.99 C5 Soo 55 (42) (5) 9 9 4/11 ($23) 1 ParisAmour KRb1800g 1:52.1 (415) 05.01.00 C5 Wilkinson 53.5 (40) (1) 5 3 1/8 ($11) Shd


Page 98

TOMORROW'S HONGKONG (HAPPY VALLEY) RACE GUIDE D CHINA RED 129(38) M de Montfort (3) (6ag TW Leung) By Marscay-Trite; bay. 07.11.00 C4 Montfort 121 7/14 9«/ 2 BeMyHeart H1650y 1:44.8 29.11.00 C5 Dye 135 12/12 17V4 Simon's Decision H1650gf 1:41.9 7/11 Led from 1,200m until 200m, then faded; 29/11 Prominent


Page 98

THE NEW PAPER'S HONGKONG RACE CARD LEGEND nNAZAKAT II 130(35) CH Tse (3) (3nzg WL Wong) By Deputy Governor-Kansas City; chestnut. 07.10.00 C5 Dane 135 14/14 13% FortuneSaJlian S1000gf 0:58.1 28.10.00 C4 Lai 113 12/12 ML Jewel Box H1650gf 1:41.4 07/10 Around midfiekl. Dropped out from 400m. 28/10 Well there.

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Enlist the help of fastads for your recruitment needs.

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j iwas "I thought we CAAII were made for each other. Then hemming my life with my 55 O owner was cut 2W2V« short. She placed V an ad in The New I" 1 Paper Fastads. A few days i J later, I was soon hemming away." Buy it, Sell

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the new paper RACING [ARTICLE]

Page 104

the new paper RACING n HANDBAG DRAGON 134 (95) E Saint-Martin (10) (5ag L Ho) By Honor Grades-Cis; chestnut. 14.10.00 C2 Martin 129 1/14 Nk Kimber S1000gy 0:57.5 12.11.00 C1 Martin 127 4/14 Hd Wasabi S1200gy 1:10.3 14/10 Midfield, quickened to challenge from 300m while shifting out at 200m, recovered

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I GET THE ONE THAT FITS! I Tlif Straits Times Multi-skilled worker, aspiring leader, all-rounder, star performer... flWaFSßHfffi® Find the right staff through The Straits Times Recruit. VlaaUHaaiMV 1800-741-1883

Four right, one spot on! [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 105

Four right, one spot on! SPORTSTODAY TOLD you guys that my predictions would get more accurate. Just need a bit of time to settle in, that's all. Four right results this week and one spot on with the score turning out exactly as I predicted. The West Ham vs Middlesbrough

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Spirit Shines V Forever At Alison E International BufiFet Dinner with Roast On The Silver Wagon Price: $45.00 Adult $23.50Chi1d w. (Prices include novelties) Teochew Porridge |gg Price $19.80 Adult $10.80 Child Time 11.00pm 4.00 am Reservations (with full payment and minimum 2 persons) confirmed before 18 and 27 December

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Page 106

811 j t I MBP Jf wn|| I ■hBHHH .<* yf l^^MjsSflßlBßMßjffißßraHla»flßfcraM9HßPww«gs3BM fiffiHUHB 1 1 i i '.mm 1 fl I lUjBili^K???!?^ 1 g& *fS !si"w^^isM^M I I i i l l ~1, WMI pßßfpi HMI BMB |BM^W|I ——............^.■i.-irv. .I i ■■^■■inMMBH^HHBBBqMHBHMaaaaHriaBHHBniIHBBMMiIMMMM^MHMaMMi ~%jf W m .*£st r *<$% A f



Page 107

UEFA CUP 3rd Round, second leg AEK ATHENS 2 Fernando Navas 17th min, Vassilis Tsartas 49 BAYER LEVERKUSEN 0 AEK Athens wins 6-4 on aggregate KAISERSLAUTERN 3 Miroslav Klose 8, Andreas Buck 65, Vratislav Lokvenc 79 RANGERSO Kaiserslautern 3-1 WERDER BREMEN 0 BORDEAUX 0 Bordeaux 4-1 ROSENBORG 1 Bent Skammelsrud


Page 107

BOO, Barca I BARCELONA 1 CLUB BRUGES 1 (Barca wins 3-1 on aggregate) Reuters. BARCELONA was booed off the pitch by its own fans this morning. This came after the Spanish giant struggled to a 1-1 draw with 10-man Club Bruges of Belgium, earning Barca a 3-1 aggregate win and

Wretched Rangers out in the cold again [ARTICLE]

Page 107

Wretched Rangers out in the cold again AFP. Kaiserslautern 3 Rangers 0 (Kaiserslautern wins 3-1) SCOTTISH champion Glasgow Rangers once again bowed out of European competition at an early stage. This time it crashed to German side Kaiserslautern, which swept to a convincing 3-0 win a rain-sodden match. This made

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Pisces Scorpio Sagittarius Virgo %>•• «BsHI IffiT '^>; Choose from Astrologies Fragrances to match your Astrological sign *^#®lk Also available at: \\/0 TtVißßßarft? Shaw Towers, 100 Beach Road Chinatown Point Shopping Centre #01-7/12 Or call 339 8822 Or visit our website at [yCJ Parco Bugis Junction #01-58/59 Centrepoint Shopping Centre



Page 109

HO, YOU SO CLEVER UEFACUP: 3rd round, second leg LIVERPOOL 2 OLYMP1AKOS 0 on Aggregate) REPORT EDWIN YEO YES, you read right. I may not like Liverpool but I have to take my hat off to the Reds for playing such a clever, clever game this morning. Their triumph against

Houllier: Reds a force in Europe again [ARTICLE]

Page 109

Houllier: Reds a force in Europe again SO Liverpool is in the last 16 of the UefaCup. Only four more teams to beat before this once-great club wins another trophy in Europe. Considering the likes of Barcelona, Roma and Inter-Milan are still in it, that's a pretty tall order. Still,

Easy for Roma, Inter leaves it late [ARTICLE]

Page 110

Easy for Roma, Inter leaves it late HOW SERIE A I CLUBS FARED j AS ROMA 3 SV HAMBURG 0 INTER MILAN 2 HERTHA BERLIN 1 AP, Reuters AS Roma's Brazilian defender Aldair inspired the Italian club to a 3-0 win over Hamburg. The 34-year-old scored a superb goal from


Page 111

SINGAPORE OPEN GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP WHERE'S THE BALL?: American Brad Wilson couldn't find his rhythm yesterday as he sends the ball wild into the bushes Picture/ Zaihan Mohd Yusof


Page 111

RUSNAK'S HOT By Brian Miller THE heat got to him, especially over the final three holes. It sapped his energy. It left him parched. It gave him a headache. Still, Gary Rusnak could not be stopped from shooting a fine six-under par 66 during the first round of the Singapore


Page 111

WORLD CUP GOLF LATEST: WOODS AND DUVAL OVERSHADOWED AFP. ARGENTINA and New Zealand grabbed the lead after the first round of the golf World Cup in Buenos Aires, Argentina, early this morning in a birdie blitz which saw them both return 15-under-par 575. In so doing they overshadowed the US

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Page 112

I IT LOOKS LIKE WE FOUND OUR MOUNTAIN ATHLETICS i LUCKY DRAW WINNERS. :g# y ys-£r t 11jP^Jy IpMrJr" jjgßj? y Congratulations to the winners Ist Prize Mohammad Nazri l/C XXXXX15/ C 2nd Prize 3rd 4th Prize Foo Chee Kee Tan Yew Ling l/C XXXXX45/Z l/C XXXXX96/J Tan Mei Lian

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Page 112

I OCBC Bank presents COCO LEE "LIVE" IN CONCERT it 0J&- "^^v 'j-$r'", ■> I Tf SPECIAl GUESTS I V"" TANG QUARTET" Ij'iS? V i A GRAB YOUR VIP SEATS j N0W! I $45 $8olhCKETS I SOLD OUT! I 93 I -AidIup|& party I JBH COCO TIX" I JKT LAUNCHED!


WANTED: Opponent worthy of the Devils [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 113

WANTED: Opponent worthy of the Devils By Suresh Nair THE RED Devils have thrown Singapore a challenge that would make many shudder: Give us tougher opposition. Manchester United chief executive, Peter Kenyon, indicated that he knows the sophistication of Singapore fans. And he took a dig at the quality of


Page 113

FAST FACTS WHAT: Red Devils at Kallang WHEN: July 24,2001 WHERE: National Stadium. TICKETS: $110, $90 $60 Five per cent of tickets for students below 16, at $10. 100 free tickets to the handicapped, plus another 100 for assistants. Members of Man U Supporters Club have first option on tickets.


Page 113

THE UNITED SHOW It will be Man United's first visit to Singapore since May 1986. Only 11,000 fans turned up at the National Stadium to watch Singapore, boasting Fandi Ahmad and V Sundramoorthy, win 2-0. The match is part of a pre-season three-city Asian tour (the others are Kuala Lumpur


Page 113

SOCCER BRIEFS Wire services. LUIS FIGO: The Portuguese midfielder, and the world's most expensive player, has been named World Soccer magazine's Player of the Year. Figo, who moved from Barcelona to Real Madrid for US$53 million (s9om) in June, earned 26 per cent of the votes from readers of the

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Page 113

I I x ""l^ l fl Bh|^E|^P|V O QiV V *J 4 O V~<M r ">'^fwfTT r B

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Page 114

SCOTTSCAFE 1 Where even the Bibis and Babas meet every Saturday Sunday from 12.30pm to 6pm for their traditional Nonya High Tea Favourite High Tea Items: a i\ Laksa, Mee Siam, Chicken J Curry (with French loaves), f J f\ If Hor Pau (Tau Kua Pau), J. \J\J \AuUU) Roti-Ping

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Page 114

:> SB Bp^3|i Jpp 'W' ,v v t■■ H r^^p^ < |i IBL j W stud (A it into the lucky draw boxes JJ>mLm *X* SONY located at Cathay Cineplexes. ESSKI scvchisei ouw x# 1 CA itL AY *Btt~«liß**tfcMm mm i SttttM M 9 (Mttvn **/KENisHii tt*ex 0 jy W»/"#7-f

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Page 115 hi cn o i 8 Wool 9 cnwards -<* Jurong East I OpuDaßjr taintrrtZotw an |.SBS 5 5 Ejfjjfjm^lM Gfeat Winter Wear "ses: 8,62.90.151 |g| MgM| 2 Jurong East Central 1 #02-01 Great Wholesale World Great Winter World Jurong East Entertainment Centre 605 A MacPherson Rd #01-018 3 Simei

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Page 115

Skin Problems? Body Aches? Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hip or Joint Pains? B Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine evolved over 5000 years in India, is recognised by the World health Organisation. Ayurveda is well known for its therapeutic ways because it goes into the root cause of ailment. It is


Final bow for three Aussie greats [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 116

Final bow for three Aussie greats TENNIS: DAVIS CUP FINAL STARTS TODAY BETWEEN AUSTRALIA AND SPAIN THE DRAW TODAY: Albert Costa (spa)vLleyton Hewitt (Aus) Juan Carlos Ferrero(spa)v Patrick Rafter (Aus) TOMORROW: Juan Balcells/Alex Corretja (Spa) v Mark Woodforde/ Sandon Stolle (Aus) SUNDAY: Ferrero v Hewitt Costa v Rafter Reuters. TENNIS

Can Venables help Boro beat Sunderland? [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]

Page 117

Can Venables help Boro beat Sunderland? WIN DARK MOON SWATCH WATCHES TERRY Venables is like the Duracell battery despite all his troubles, he keeps coming back for more. These days, the former England supremo has re-acquainted himself with his former assistant, Bryan Robson, at Middlesbrough. Boro is in almost as

Poulsen's Pick [ARTICLE]

Page 117

Poulsen's Pick IT appears that heads will roll when caretaker Lions coach Jan Poulsen names his 20-player national squad later today. At 4.30 pm, the Goal 2010 Project Director will break the news that a few players who did NOT perform at last month's Tiger Cup tournament in Thailand will


Page 117

RED DEVILS COMING TO KALLANG: BUT WHO WILL THEY PLAY AGAINST? /Page 114 If I'm (wing to bring the Red rfffKm* Singapore, if's the (j<wi$ne Old ir afford showpiece that \s going to plag at Kallang. Not imitations or parallel imports Manchester United chief executive Peter Kenyan (ritflit) Picture/ Mohd


Page 117

UEFA CUP 3rd Rd. 2nd Leg LIVERPOOL 2 OLYMPIAKOSO Liverpool report: Pgs 110-111 Roma, Inter through: Pglll Barca booed off: PgloB Myfirstspelings are a sense of pride because this club has built its on Europe and great European nights. We have achieved this victorg with a great performance. Liverpool boss


Page 1

JB'S sex tunnel Condom clues lead to hidden surprise at Sentosa nightclub. 68 girls arrested. Picture/ HARIAN METRO

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ft <o*^K. 9«ik, <gSM^jp r j r^'w -W** <*«* JM- s'J**" vlfagfr/ldS, -community hub proudly presents Suntec City, Halls 401 402, Booth 4C16 Vote for your www. vij l« st y oHalf the proceeds from the Voting of Miss Popularity shall be donated to the Lions Club of Singapore

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Page 116

RAINFOREST CHRISTMAS 2000 Rainforest Cafe is the ideal place for your company event, birthday party, gathering or any festive celebration. Experience Christmas in the Rainforest with our special Festive Set Menus and mT Traditional Favourites to wet your Wild Appetite. •tk» hjmu mmm* River Va|,e y ßoad Lian 9 c°

Page 118 Miscellaneous

Page 118 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 118

TV TIIWM Earthvisions: From Cradle To Saving Private Ryan Speechless Mill Grave—Dolphins HBO (Ch 60), 10.30pm Channels,lopm 8 Central, 9pm Tom Hanks and Matt Damon headline Michael Keaton and Geena Davis star m Experience one of TVs closest this big budget award winning feature in a romantic comedy about rival

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Page 119

visit ©(M^ )Sy) Son Singapore (A division company of Sony Electronics (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.) 401 Commonwealth Drive #03-03 Haw Par Technocentre Singapore XXXXX8. Customer Information Centre Tel: 473 8500. M Digital Drtam Kids v