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New Paper, 14 December 1999


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL21686


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the new paper |n«»PAY!pross»Tras»^^|

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Gus Dur on Wiranto He has to go if he's found guilty ;lBj RECEIVED V\ H 14 DEC 1999 tl \<o\ HMKIhAL t#W 90W® h 1 \A swiArw J ■HH Mother'sB% ii mSmm HHHHHI We can't find the right word to describe the treatment this Bedok mum got from her

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I suwtcnu y—f 200Q.(1 D«y 1000 iwfc) .Pit


7 hurt in mega-project collapse in KL [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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7 hurt in mega-project collapse in KL Source: Bernama, The Malay Mail. SEVEN foreign workers were injured when the concrete deck they were working on at a mega-project in Kuala Lumpur collapsed last night. One worker remained warded at the hospital in semi-critical but stable condition this morning. The other

Burnt body found in charred car [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 2

Burnt body found in charred car WORKERS in an oil palm estate near Malacca found this burnt car early yesterday. But the real horror was inside a charred body slouched in the backseat of the Proton Wira. "The body has been sent to the Malacca Hospital for an autopsy," said


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PYTHON RAJ By Ian Tan MAYBE it just wanted to get a better view of Queens town. Who knows what was going through the mind of this two-metre-long python. But there it was, up this tree in Queenstown. And whatever it wanted, the reptile created quite a stir after an


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SECOND SNAKE IN A MONTH THIS is the second time in a month that a python has been spotted in the Tanglin Halt area. On Nov 19, Mohammed Iskandar Juanda, nine, was attacked by a 2.5 m python outside Block 27, Tanglin Halt Road. That is just about 1 km

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WHAT CAN I DO? SINGAPORETODAY Her undying love and toil for sons who give her nothing but heartbreak and tears... one even beats her up By Lingam Ponnampalam HOW much nonsense can a woman take from her sons? For this Bedok woman, there seems to be no limit. Madam M


Q: What do you want to be A: Caucasian [ARTICLE]

Page 5

Q: What do you want to be A: Caucasian m STRANGE answer? Well, it's what 12 per cent of young Chinese Singaporeans said in a National University of Singapore study on ethnic identity. A quarter of them did not even want to be Chinese. Young Malays and Indians were also


Page 5

Quote worthy SI home, work. Mr Tom Davenport (left), director of Andersen Consulting's Institute for Strategic Change, on the findings that many Americans do their cyber-shopping while at work Mr Davenport was in town recently for a CEO breakfast talk. He loves busting bureaucracy. Now, he is also fighting to

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Vacancies rise [ARTICLE]

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Vacancies rise JOBS JOB vacancies rose by 30 per cent here in July, August and September. However, lay-offs in the manufacturing sector continued. This led to unemployment rising to 4 per cent. Many of those retrenched in that area will find it hard to get similar work, and need to

Foodies rejoice [ARTICLE]

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Foodies rejoice ENTERTAINMENT FROM tomorrow, about 7,000 establishments here that serve liquor can trade for longer hours. Karaoke lounges, pubs, restaurants, coffeeshops and such have had to close at the time specified in their liquor licence. But from tomorrow, they can remain open beyond that time. They cannot sell liquor

Rewards deal [ARTICLE]

Page 5

Rewards deal PACNET INSTEAD of following its competitors by offering surf-for-free deals, Pacific Internet (PacNet) is launching an awards programme for its users. PacNet users earn "atoms" points which could be used to offset purchases made from merchants on PacNet's website. PacNet believes that e-commerce soon be the main revenue

Have no fear [ARTICLE]

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Have no fear I MACAU POLICE in the Portuguese territory of Macau have assured dignitaries that they have nothing to fear. Foreign VIPs attending the ceremonies for the territory's return to China next Monday are safe, a top police official said. The territory has had an unenviable reputation for decades

Acid attack [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Acid attack CAMBODIA A CAMBODIAN singer, 18, is near death after being doused with nitric acid. Her attacker was said to be the jealous wife of a senior official. The government is under pressure to make an arrest, following allegations of police and government "deals". However, a senior official said

Not for rubbish [ARTICLE]

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Not for rubbish CHARITY RUBBISH is being dumped in Community Chest donation boxes. Four boxes at a Boon Lay supermarket were opened recently. Stuff in them included: french fries, straws, and draw coupons. There were even razor blades which could injure staff sifting through the trash for money. Com Chest

Grads snared [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Grads snared INTERNET MBA grads in the US are leaving their elite schools for dot-com land. For them, the Internet gold rush is now, not later. One example: Ms Mallika Chopra, daughter of New Age luminary Deepak Chopra. She did not return for her final year after investors put more

Another plan [ARTICLE]

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Another plan CLOB CLOB investors have unveiled a four-step proposal for unlocking some $7.06 billion worth of Clob shares to the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE). It calls for a staggered release of the shares over 12 months, at one counter each time, and includes a migration fee.


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DOW JONES The Dow Jones industrial average fell 32.11 points to close at 11,192.59 yesterday. About 977 million shares were traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

world Head liners [ARTICLE]

Page 5

world Head liners International Herald Tribune: Asian nations defy Y2K doomsayers Asian Wall Street Journal: General Motors bids to acquire part of Daewoo New Straits Times: Koh seeking a solution BBC news: Israeli PM wins a narrow parliamentary majority to negotiate with Damascus

The price is not right [ARTICLE]

Page 6

The price is not right in F®lus TAXI companies here are just not doing enough for commuters. They are not catering for peak-hour demand, nor have they been adventurous in pricing rides to attract commuters. Public Transport Council chairman Eric Gwee called the period after fares were deregulated by the


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Hungry hands IP* This i Kosovar refugees fight over a loaf off bread handed o«t by Rad Cross Picture/ Reuters

local Head liners [ARTICLE]

Page 6

local Head liners The Straits Times: Third-quarter jump in job market The Business Times: Tankan survey signals slower Japanese upturn Uanhe Zaobao: Third-quarter unemployment rate up Berita Harlan: 25,100 new jobs created during June-September period RCS morning news: Outlook for jobs in S'pore is improving

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Under this roof used to be a mini-Singapore [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 7

Under this roof used to be a mini-Singapore It's now part of the Waterloo Arts Belt, home to theatre group, Action Theatre. But this bungalow was once like a mini-Singapore as NGHWEEKOON finds out WHAT: The First 42 Theatre Festival WHERE: 42 Waterloo Street WHEN: Last day today, 7.30 pm

It was falling apart [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 7

It was falling apart THE stairs were broken and the building was in danger of collapse. But he fell in love with it Said Mr Ekachai Uekrongtham, 36, artistic director of Action Theatre: "My friends thought it was a crazy idea to restore it, but I felt that with the

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At 77, he's helping others ...some younger than him [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 9

At 77, he's helping others ...some younger than him By Toh Li Lin HE shops for groceries. He cleans the house. He goes to the doctors. He is 77, and he's doing all this for others. Mr Aw Teck Chin has 30 elderly people under his care, some younger than

Awards to honour volunteers [ARTICLE]

Page 9

Awards to honour volunteers THE Life Insurance Association of Singapore is calling for nominations for the LIA Volunteer Awards. The awards aim to recognise the contributions of volunteers in Singapore. There are three categories the Youth Volunteer Award for those aged 15 to 25, and the Individual Volunteer and Group


Page 10

Silicone Valley Aft the MTV VWeo Musk Awards in New York last year, MTV VJ Sarah Sachan fait Hka theie was a sea off silicone around hiR at silicone in their breastgipneir lips. I was watc]flHfem intently to see of them was leakinji^^

Add this to your X'mas stocking [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 10

Add this to your X'mas stocking IS your Christmas stocking looking a little empty? Then here's your chance to fill it with the Palm Ille (above), the digital personal organiser that fits in the palm of your hand. From Dec 8 till today, we're asking 21 questions of topical interests

Theatre contest results [ARTICLE]

Page 10

Theatre contest results IN our Action Theatre contest last week, we asked you where is Action Theatre's new home and what's the name of the restaurant at 42 Waterloo Street (the answers are 42 Waterloo Street and Indochine Alfresco Cafe respectively). The five winners who win a pair of special

I felt guilty. I wanted to back out [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 11

I felt guilty. I wanted to back out MURDER TRIAL OF EX-COP By, Jason Tan THE two accused men leaned forward and stared at him. What he was about to say could give them a date with the hangman. Mr Govindasamy Ravichandran, 28, was in court yesterday, to testify against

Home study: Two schools of thought [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

Home study: Two schools of thought Say that again SHOULD home schooling be allowed? Is it practical, is it advantageous? With all this talk of making education compulsory, home schooling is in focus. The Straits Times and The Sunday Times published articles on families trying it here, and there were


Page 12

WHAT WE SAY THE issue is not whether home schooling is practical. We do not have to think about that as long as there are excellent alternatives in our schools. The issue is whether it is harmful and should be banned (which is what compulsory public education would do). Tan

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GIRL, 8, C RUSHEDT DEATH She arrives on a flight from Dubai with her family. They are going down towards the immigration counter. The strap from a passenger's bag gets stuck. He tries to free it. The flow backs up. A stampede breaks out... Wire services. JYOTSANA Jethani, 8, died


Page 14

HOW IT HAPPENED THE escalator was very crowded. The strap of a passenger's bag got stuck in one of the steps of the escalator. As he tried to pull it out, the step itself came off, leaving a gaping hole. People panicked, resulting in a minor stampede. In the commotion,


Page 14

HORROR DEATH AS the escalator continued to move, the serrated edges of the steps bit into Jyotsana Jethani's torso, completely shredding her body. Only about six inches of one of her legs was left intact, said a passenger who was also injured trying to save her. For over 15 minutes,

Look at those are a python's bite marks [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 15

Look at those are a python's bite marks Snake slides into the tent as the boy sleeps It bites him again and again, then tries to strangle him Dad wakes as boy screams in pain He battles to free his son from the snake's grip Source: Australian newspapers. THE carpet

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Wedding fit for a queen [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 17

Wedding fit for a queen MB Thousands of guests converged on Patna, capital of Bihar, India's poorest and most lawless state, last Friday for the extravagant wedding of former chief minister Laloo Prasad Yadav's eldest daughter. Senior police official S S Bhatia said: Some 6,000 people accompanied the groom and

If you did terrible things, you are OUT [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 17

If you did terrible things, you are OUT GUS DUR TO WIRANTO: HE'S often described as one of the most n powerful men in Indonesia's Cabinet. But General Wiranto will not be spared if he is found guilty of human rights abuses. So said President Abdurrahman Wahid yesterday. Gen Wiranto,

So far on wrong side of road [ARTICLE]

Page 17

So far on wrong side of road IMAGINE driving all the way from Changi Airport to Yishun on the wrong side of the Tampines Expressway. That's the equivalent of what a Japanese man did on Friday in a truck. Shigeyuki Shimizu, 43, was so drunk that he drove his semi-trailer

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Hey, I ordered my TVs a month ago! [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 19

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Page 21

PRETTY FACE With so many pretty faces on the Taiwanese music scene, it's hard to tell one from another. But doe-eyed beauty Jolin Tsai is making waves and stealing hearts of teenage boys with her demure smile and sugary vocals. IRENE KEW reports YOU are tempted, at first glance, to


Page 22

UGLY DUCKLING? CONCERT Fans can catch newcomers Grace Chow and Jolin Tsai In Singapore on Dec 29. They will be performing a joint concert then. She may not have the face of a beauty queen. But Taiwanese singer Grace Chow has a voice which is being compared to diva Faye

PUSHING TIN I Will you pay $80,000 for this tin toy? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 23

PUSHING TIN I Will you pay $80,000 for this tin toy? That was the selling price for a Machine Man Robot at a recent Christie's auction in London. It was first sold for less than in the *****. So why the high price now? Reason: Rarity only three exist. Infographk

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Things she had to do to her hair [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 24

Things she had to do to her hair SHOWT I ME For her debut album, The Beautiful Sincere Women, Taiwanese singer Francesco Gao's crowning glory suffered damage. In her second album, Turn Around, the long-haired beauty had to endure more hair-tormenting pain. IRENE KEW reports FOR hours, Taiwanese crooner Francesca

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Page 26

Married to music By! Seto Nu-wen SHE'S had a 30-year relationship with her record label. But Sharifah Aini's marriages don't seem to have the same lasting power. "It's funny. With my record company, EMI, the long marriage works. In real life, my marriages just don't work," she lamented. The 43-year-old


Page 26

CHARITY CONCERT SHARIFAH Aini will perform here at a charity show In aid of the Taman Warisan Melayu Heritage Centre Fund in February. Other performers include flautist Mohardiman and composer Iskandar Ismail.. WHAT: Legendary Voices In One Unforgettable Night WHERE: Victoria Concert Hall WHEN: Feb 8 at 8pm TICKETS: From

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How to survive being solo at a party [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 28

How to survive being solo at a party ET CETERA WITH HEATHER McKINNON ITS the party season, when single men get hopeful, and shy people tremble. Never fear, I have some tips for those worried about the pitfalls of swinging soirees (ie, party at Mike's flat, BYOB bring your own

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ga» .u Ki&fl **"roMoM Flash N Splash The Surfwear shop requires FULL-TIME SALES ASSISTANTS Trendy energetic Pleasant Positive Sales Attitude BtMngual in Chinese English Attractive Basic Commission Interested, pleases apply personally at: •03-X)/11 mm ATWA established oil dealer require* SALES EXECUTIVE NTC/ ITE In engineering Outgoing personality Work independently Fresh

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Page 33

mm Handmade costume jewellery Importer Is looking (or FUU-TIMC SALES ASSISTANT Mm. GCE 0' level Able to start work immediately Tampmei Orchard area Bask commission interested, pis. walk-in: 02 lartm Ha«a SlnfMn OUTDOOR SALES AGENTS required High income Students housewives are welcome Interested, pis. call Angela at 562-4857 SALES ASST.

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Page 33

/J?}<IENKI SUSHI SINGAPORE Incorporate In 1993 wKh our regional headquater In Singapore, we are the only franchoed chain outside of Japan with 161 outlets worldwide. In preparation for the new mfcontum we are seeking: 1. KITCHEN SUPERVISOR At least Ito 2 yrs. experience in similar position in a Japanese Restaurant

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Page 33

MttHotrt/towp gg autoM/Uu* frger King Thomson Plaza I urgently requires: I CREW MEMBERS I school apply <*)> aim public 1 Walk-in Interview f- 1 14 6l 15 December 1999 J (10am IZiKMMi, 2pm Bpm) I 301 Road 1 #01-01, Thomson Plaza Tel: 458 7531 I BROADWALK CAFE PUB Earn Money

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Page 33

An exclusive pub near Boat Quay requires 1) BARMAID/ BARTENDER 2) WAITRESS/ WAITERS Part/ Full-time High pay Walk In interview after 5.30—i. IS Lor Tetek TEL *****75/ *****746 (Thome*) Carnegie's Restaurant/ Bar requires FULL-TIME BARTENDERS •9 6m woo** Attractive 6omWU Sfol6™fo for interview after 3yo 44-45 Pekln Street •01-01 Far

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Page 33

■ssac. XH Karaoke at Bt. Timah requires: Attractive salary commission All races art welcome htt9f*ftv4 itacn CJ£ 9759-1360 (Mummy Jmm) After 2 p.m. Coffee house requires 1. ASST. F&B MANAGER 2. ASST. COOK 3. 3 WAITERS/ WAITRESSES Walk*in interivew: Ketonq Shpq. Ctr. *07-01 Fiß Establishment Requires experienced candidates for the

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Page 33

Planet Organic Requires Interview on Tues t Wed 2 7 pm at 501 Orchard Rd 902-02 Wheelock Place. Pub requires Full/ part time w S6-SlO per hour No. 1 Duxton Hill *9303-0323 Urgently Required 1. GRO 2. MAMASAN Pis. walk-In after Bpm. 21 Century KTV P/l Ska lha Seaare Nt-N

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Page 34

/Clerical PoaWowe Min. GCE '0' level 1-2 yrs experience sv* day week Expected salary $1K to $1.2K commensurate with experience qualifications F&B outlet in Orchard Road. Good advancement career prospects for the right individual. Interested parties, pis call Denlse/ Maggie at *****50 (Monday to Fridays, 9.30 am to 6pm) Mini

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Page 34

Transport Positions Garment ce. requires at Paya Lobar sto workinq days <t 9.30 am. 6pm. <t Salary $900 11 M'sians. welcome CUSS 4 DRIVER required urgently For PSA internal external work Preferably with own transport I Call: 9630-0661 Sam Part-Time/ Temporary Poeftlona Needs Year 2000 New Ficw > PHOTOGRAPHIC MODELS

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Page 34

an Part-Tim*/ KSfl T«wpo»«y PsaMtn ADMINISTRATOR 4 mttn. camtract htttj Required by International Property Company Minimum 'A' level Those awaiting results may apply Good command of English PC literate Willing to work on Weekends when required CaM: 333-631] EARN FAST MONEY during this festive season. No experience required Income fr.

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Page 34

Temp Students wanted! $10 hourly. 4. Various Divisions Start immediately. Hurry! call: ASHLY *****77 BHi SO9 KltdMMr CoiupUi eOS-172 IllMl I■ I lorfu MRD w Car Grooming Co. requires Experience would be an advantage. Coll 448-7633

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Page 35

gjrr gsr gsr ROWER I GAS I Power Gas Ltd, a subsidiary of Singapore Power, invites suitably qualified candidates to apply for the posts of: H Requirements H Diploma in Electrical, Electronics or Mechanical Engineering from any of the recognised Polytechnics in Singapore. Hj Responsibilities Hj Depending on posting, duties

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Page 35

Other Positions Existing Rtsi Control Co. rtqu/rts VECTOR PEST TECHNICIAN/ WORKER Experienced Preferred workers with driving licence Ring 777-4171 for walk-In Interview. Join A Commodity SpotJ Cash Trading Hoase that Oere te be Different We Offer. Credit Facility (No cash needed to open account) Attractive remuneration package We Need: Proepocthre

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Page 35

jjjjPjljj Other Positions MARKETEER Pleasant, friendly mature look Min. '0' level Min. income $1500 $5000 Bilingual in English Mandarin Interested caR JEFFREY at: 429-0633 MOBIL requires 1. CASHIERS 2. PUMP ATTENDENTS rotatinq shift Training provided interested pis. call 2V9643S or walk-in: 384 Lorong Chuan SBS bus. 73.136, 315, 317 Mobil

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Page 35

252 IB? Production 22 Mff PuimMui j A s. ifiJM ~-n A.-I 111. imfi W KvC9V miTv proaucing ai*h drive parrs. 1) TECHNICIANS a;c*C Responsibilities: j Set-up and operate CMC auto-lathe machines, j CNC Chucker lathe machines, etc. ITC/NTC holders in Mechanical/Metal Machining 2 years' relevant experience in programming J

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Page 35

I TRUSTHOUSE I Mamattonal examination lie c TreMng Idt from Switzerland Jj >9hdynolM from our hcU«* d > TWo examination attempts s > Job Introduction *****330ii>i-i))Mi>i»Orti| I Hirit I mmmn ■outsncsTDN-wnDfio^u I) ymn of taat dfwtmam $200 dbcoim fer Mudm Student pass NS Mm Sdtcknhfs far LP Scd dsmnor

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Page 36

PENANG WEIGHTS AND RATINGS: SATURDAY 4-1209 BlgThtnkac 57 (74) (6nzh W Itaw-Btg Thinkar) 1-4804 TlppadarTy 56.5 (73) (4nzg Rotoart-Ravina) 0-5010 Princaaa dolly 55.5 (71) (4am F Naihan-Enaray) LavkU Loca 54.5 (69) (4ag SwgerH-OwM *****2 Magnificent Fteat 54.5 (69) <5nzg PK Leono-Owna*) Ultimate Soldlar 54.5 69) (4ag J BraukafavWydrocaibon) 0 Wong


Page 36

PENANG WEIGHTS AND RATINGS: SUNDAY Anniversary Cup 11-066 StaffGeneral 57 (114) (5ag Seow-Mytee) ■079" Soul Mate 54 (108) (7nzg Osman-Owner) 00-53 Ambaaaador 53 (106i <5amg W Leong-Spectacular Win) *****5 Confidence V 52 (104) <9ag F Nathan-Assurance) 4-0570 Grand Abjar 52 (104) (7ag Noordm-Smart Abjar) *****1 Precedent 52 (104) (7rug P


Page 37

French toast BY Tan Thean Loon THE French were smiling in Hongkong on Sunday. Champagne flowed freely and they have every reason to rejoice. The racing world converged at Shatin for a racing extravaganza of four international races and the French came up tops in terms of horses, jockeys and

Holland hot stuff [ARTICLE]

Page 37

Holland hot stuff By Lionel Lee IT WASN'T exactly an uneventful weekend at Kranji. English jockey Darryll Holland's double treble had the weekend's feature the $125,000 Stewards' Trophy (2,200 m) on Sunday reduced to a supporting role. Since being granted a four-month visiting permit by the Singapore Turf Club last

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Singapore Turf Club is an ISO 9002 certified organisation that provides high quality, competitive and entertaining horse racing and gaming services to the public. In the new millennium, the Club will play a major role in international racing with the opening of the new racecourse at Kranji. LUCKY DRAW RESULTS


Another Fergy on the rise [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 38

Another Fergy on the rise WREXHAM 2 BORO 1 WREXHAM: Dearden, McGregor, Hardy, Carey, Russell, N Roberts, S Roberts (Ridler 81), Williams, Gibson (Owen 72), Faulconbridge (Connolly 66), Ferguson. Booked: S Roberts, N Roberts. Goals: Gibson 50, Ferguson 68 (Wrexham) Deane 42 (Boro) Crowd: 11,755 Reports/] Ian Brown SIR Alex


Page 38

PLAYER OF THE WEEK HE'S a former Red Devil. Darren Ferguson has been playing at Wrexham in an open-ended deal since September and is a free agent who could leave the club at any time. Prior to this season he had only scored four league goals in 144 games with

Just hard luck, Robson [ARTICLE]

Page 38

Just hard luck, Robson BORO manager Bryan Robson knew that luck was definitely not on his aide. His wife, Denise, cheated death on Thursday when her BMW car went into a ditch. That traffic accident made him see uncomfortable visions, said close friends. And as Wrexham turned the tables for

Sportswomen of the Year! [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 39

Sportswomen of the Year! US women's soccer team (above) wins prestigious Sports Illustrated annual award A RARE CORONATION Reuters. IT COULDNT come any rarer than this... During a year which, in American eyes, produced "many exceptional** female athletes, the United States women's national soccer team turned a traditionally individual award


Page 40

FOURTH-ROUND DRAW Grimsby v Bolton/Cardiff Aston Villa v Southampton Man City v Leeds Reading/Plymouth v Preston Walsall/Gillingham v Bradford Fulham/Luton v Wimbledon M Chelsea v Nott Forest/Oxford Tranmerev Sunderland Arsenal v Hereford/Leicester Spurs/Newcastle v Sheffield United/Rushden Diamonds Wrexham v Cambridge Coventry v Burnley Liverpool v West Brom/Blackbum Sheff Wednesday v


Page 40

CLOSE SHAVE SOUTHAMPTON crept into the fourth round of the English FA Cup early this morning with the narrowest of victories. The Saints (Southampton's nickname) scored their first win in the competition for almost four years by 1-0 over First Division Ipswich Town at Portman Road. Southampton will now move


Page 40

Quarterfinals: TOMORROW (Singapore time): Bolton v Wimbledon Tranmere vBoro THURSDAY: West Ham v Aston Villa Leicester City v Leeds (Round 4) PREMIERSHIP: SATURDAY: Arsenal v Wimbledon Aston Villa vSheff Wed Bradford v Newcastle Leicester v Derby Liverpool v Coventry Borov Tottenham Sunderland v Saints Watford v Everton West Ham v


Page 41

Gunners struggle MORE OFTHIS MORNING'S ENGLISH FA CUP ACTION ARSENAL slipped on a banana skin in the opening period but regained its poise at Highbury early this morning. It was a real struggle as the Gunners (Arsenal's nickname) beat Second Division Blackpool 3-1 in an FA Cup third-round match. The

Please release Kanu [ARTICLE]

Page 41

Please release Kanu AFP. ARSENAL faces a new battle over its star striker Nwankwo Kanu. The Premiership club is trying to stop Nigeria taking him away for seven matches later this month. Nigeria wants him to join its training camp in Spain on Dec 22 for the African Nations' Cup.


Page 42

Asian ALL-Stars ICONTROVERSY OVER THE USE OF STARRY NAME The next Asian All-Stars match is scheduled for mid-January in Teheran, the capital of Iran, to celebrate Iran's national anniversary. It is learnt no player from Asean has been shortlisted. Reports/^ Suresh Nair DONT recklessly use the term Asian All-Stars. It


Page 42

TOUGH SANCTIONS n& Responding to The New Paper query, FAS vice nra Irl n president Ibrahim Oth man said Singapore's tournaments and matches are "always sanctioned by the AFC\ "We've always given adequate notice of our International calendar. We never have prODt€iif» Willi the AFC," he said. THE book will


Page 42

ONLY SINGAPOREAN TO PLAY ASIAN ALL-STAR Itkvizsonc of the proudest moments of my career to be selected for the Asian All-Stars. In the *****, and competition levels were very toufffiMFor a playerfirom Malaysia or Singapore to hit the Asian limelight was close to a miracle. That'B why J felt tremendously

We are not in the red [ARTICLE]

Page 43

We are not in the red RUGBY: WHY SINGAPORE PULLED OUT OT TAIWANT TOUR By; Adam Hashidy THAT is the message that Terence Khoo, general manager of the Singapore Rugby Union (SRU) wants the puSlic to know. *A week ago, we were a little cash strapped. But the money has


Page 43

I wasn't sacked David Lee clears the air S-LEAGUE: TAMPINES ROVERS SHAKE-UP By Peter Siow I WAS not sacked by the club. I left on my own accord. Former Tampines Rovers goalkeeper David Lee (left) wanted to make this point clear yesterday. This statement by the keeper came after reports

NOW * Stan is banned for doing 76kph [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 44

NOW Stan is banned for doing 76kph CAUGHT NEAR CLINIC WHICH TREATS HIS DEPRESSION SPEED KINGS IN ENGLAND YET another English football star has fallen into the traffic police's net. Aston Villa striker Stan Collymore was banned from driving yesterday after he was caught speeding. The footballer was on his

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pr* i K j HQ V V '•"J 1 vW^«.">'Kfc. vfl.s9 AIR SALONPAS. |^H Relieves Ik Your Muscular Pain fr%fl ,-JW Anytime, 11 Anywhere Now available at all leading pharmaceutical outlets '^^§8 M J 41 -=rlisamitsu J

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ASIAN H I WAS UUNlltlwy 1 All ilii iui HF ■■jiM SAINTS ALL-STARS roTHPnnru CIRCUS IP SACKED UU I HKUUUH NaniNasir David Lm F/t cap 42-43 44 45J

Page 45 Miscellaneous

Page 45 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 45

la tV TODAY 3 5 rrZZZZZZ Turn. 12.30 PM Behind the Velvet Ropes (Lifestyle) 1.00 Days of Oar lives (Drama) MOSCS LlHl 2-00 Donny and Marie (Talk Q| tf]g Udder One Roof 340 Hey! Singapore (Local infotainment) Channel 5,8 pm D^»f in,,,poreinWith day < 4.00 Science Court (Children's family spice

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'--Tfrft* -Jj >r N .^•> (r X V ISgnHH Jsßp I JBB£ g i if Hp J|| J K fl V n m"SB' V 18 Bl ■...^aa^-^e?s- g -SMS it, without breaking a sweat. Or e-mail it along Available at Ericsson.Shop (M 1 Shop at Great World City; Safe Superstore