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New Paper, 6 December 1996


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the new paper FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1996 MR* (F) 061/496 60 CENTS the new paper

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Clinton's main man [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Clinton's main man Wire services. A TOUGH-TALKING woman is set to become America's No 1 diplomat. President Bill Clinton yesterday named Ms Madeleine Albright, his ambassador to the United Nations, as his choice for Secretary of State. He also named Republican Senator William Cohen as the new Defence Secretary. (See


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FAST FACTS Ms Madeleine Albright, 59 Divorcee with three daughters Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia (as it was then known) to a diplomat father. Moved to the US when she was 12. Her political views shaped by the US and its Western friends' reluctance to act against German dictator Adolf Hitler

Republican senator to be new defence boss [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 2

Republican senator to be new defence boss Source: Wire services. IF the Senate approves, Mr William Cohen will be the first Republican to hold a post in President Clinton's Cabinet. Mr Cohen, 56, is a senior member of the influential Senate Armed Services Committee with a reputa- tion as a

you are here today because... [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 3

you are here today because... Last night, Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew spoke to about 1,000 undergraduates on The History and Future of Singapore. He later fielded questions front undergraduates and brought them down to earth on what it means and what it takes to govern Singapore, IRENE NG reports

Serious men and purpose Making sure of support [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Serious men and purpose Making sure of support Q: Cm tfcare be a multi-party system? To have an alternative, you must have serious men with a serious purpose, said Mr Lee. But he does not see the opposition parties today offering "serious men of purpose and the intellectual content to

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Clarification Oh, Mama! Surprise, mum buys ad to announce girl's PSLE results (TNP, Dec 6): The report said the Dazhong Primary student will go to Swiss Cottage Secondary School next year. However, the Ministry of Education says posting results have not been released. Pupils do not yet know which school


Hello open market, goodbye Proton [ARTICLE]

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Hello open market, goodbye Proton HOT STORY If they take that one advantage from us, we will have nothing. All the small industries will never grow and will have to shut down. We will all just become customers. Dr Mahathir Mohamad making the point that Malaysia enjoyed only one advantage

Public transport: 3 challenges [ARTICLE]

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Public transport: 3 challenges PRIME Minister Goh Chok Tong said last night that public transport workers face three challenges. They are: Providing a world class service by doing their jobs to the best of their ability, being courteous and providing feedback. Meeting commuters' expectations by offering the human touch which



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Dr Winsemius dies DUTCH economist Dr Albert Winsemius (right), who was once Singapore's economic adviser, has died. He died in the the Netherlands at the age of 86. A statement from the Singapore Government described Dr Winsemius as a "long-time friend". He headed a UN team which prepared an industrialization

Studying cancer [ARTICLE]

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Studying cancer THE deadly disease cancer is hitting Singapore in different ways now. "We are seeing more colorectal cancers, as opposed to the past, when stomach cancer was more common," says Dr Soo Khee Chee, who will head the Singapore Cancer Research Centre. The Centre will focus on research into

Beijing targets WTO [ARTICLE]

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Beijing targets WTO CHINA will send a 10-strong team to the World Trade Organisation meeting here to lobby to join the organisation. The ministerial gathering will start next Monday. "We will be there as an observer," said a Chinese trade official, referring to the Singapore meeting. "That is all we

Biggest in region [ARTICLE]

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Biggest in region SINGAPORE will start building South-east Asia's biggest exhibition centre next year. The mega exhibition centre housed on a 25-hectare site in Changi will help the country maintain its position as the regional exhibition capital. It will have up to 100,000 sq m of covered space and another


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HEADLINERS The Straits Timet: Why S'pore cannot assume it has arrived: SM Lee The Business Times: Taipei threatens to hit back at Simex andCME Uanhe Zaobao: SM Lee reminds university students that the success in the past 31 years does not guarantee success in the future Berita Harlan: SM Lee:


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STI INDEX The Straits Times Industrials Index fell 5.55 points to 2208.62 points at 9.15 this morning from yesterday's close of 2214.17.


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DOW JONES The Dow Jones industrial average rose 14.16 points to close at 6,437.10 yesterday. Volume on the New York Stock Exchange was about 486 million shares.


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BT-SRI INDEX The Business Times Singapore Regional Index rose 0.41 points to 1107.65 points at 9.15 this morning from yesterday's close of 1107.24.

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V "Between Friends" The Friendly Hotel Package From Mandarin Singapore Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and Malaysians will receive very special treatment at the Mandann Singapore from I December 1996 to 31 March 1997. In Mandarin Singapore's "between friends". At Mandarin Singapore, it pays to be friends, package, theyTl be entitled to

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Page 4 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

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Terminal 3 Welcome Terminator 3... 4*/c) .1 welcome to t!5u^ Terminal 3


When we say RED Indian, They see RED [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 5

When we say RED Indian, They see RED It was billed as a dance performance by Canadian ('Red') Indians. But CHUA CHIN HON almost sparked a war dance when he called the dancers that Having grown up watching Westerns about "Cowboys and Indians", I thought it was harmless to ask


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SHOW INFO What: Dance performance oy the Rrsc Nations Cree Tribe Where: Liang Court When: Tue F:i at 1 and 7 pm; Sat and Sun at 1,3 and 7 pm. Until Dec 15.

Who are the two people? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 6

Who are the two people? By Riana Zakir THEY were a young couple who made a last-minute booking. Now, their remains lie unclaimed in body bags at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital mortuary. No one has come forward to identify these two crash victims yet. Their names have been kept

Worry...hope...worry...grief [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 6

Worry...hope...worry...grief By Crispina Robert HIS mother was burnt to death but he only knew of her fate 24 hours later. Madam Lim Ah Bee, 69, was the latest of the 13 dead to be named in Tuesday's horror bus crash. Her name was released by Malaysian authorities on Wednesday. Mr


Page 6

LAST TRIP TOGETHER Madam Lim Ah Bee was not travelling with immediate family members, which might account for her name being released so late. She was travelling with her long-time friend Madam Sim Ah Siok, 80, who also died in the crash. The two became related more than 20 years

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It was as if he knew... [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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It was as if he knew... After 20years, brothers patch up dispute. Two weeks later, one dies in bus tragedy THENEWSTODAY By Yong Siew Fern TWO weeks ago, two brothers patched up after a 20-year dispute only for one to die in Tuesday's bus crash. As if knowing they would

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Fraud team nabs them in 1 hour [ARTICLE]

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Fraud team nabs them in 1 hour Gang dupes 7 shops in hours with fake credit cards... SINGAPORETODAY By. Jill Lim THEY used fake credit cards to dupe seven shops in six hours. But once they became suspects, it took fraud investigators from the United Overseas Bank (UOB) just an

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I "(m tuc ty ofi^ /_J Music Station h X. 25'96 2 2 >91 •Children c n mnpht! nn r! !ip liVfl f\ C Ist Z9: Tasmania Holiday Competition Bagpipers ri y IVI JMIJV for two plus a 28" Panasonic Photo Shoot with Santa V x 9 CAOO wide colour

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Million-$ agent fined for cheating [ARTICLE]

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Million-$ agent fined for cheating She got docs to falsely certify her clients as fit By Alethea Lim SHE was a high flyer, winning insurance awards and earning $262,000 a year, according to her lawyer. Susela Ramayah, 38, an ex-group sales manager of Great Eastern Life Assurance Company, even ran


Page 12

THE CASE Susela Ramayah pleaded guilty to two of seven cheating charges under Section 417 of the penal code. The Singapore Medical Council said it was investigating Dr Mukundan Nair. DrN Ramaswami was suspended for six months in November 1994.


Page 12

PENALTY The penalty for cheating under Section 417 is jail term of up to a year or a fine, or both

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■553 L. 5 EJ 5 r•1 t 1 I a r.T r«f 1' Y Q i ■LH H IH« IH>l J I iVi VA T /*IIH MM I MTVS J i AVI Kl H ,4-1 *ijii AmiLinmkmriTiT* HHHI |A T,p.„ hlhb aitt I a« 1 ft' h hr"" r H

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Making waves with their moves [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 14

Making waves with their moves SINGAPORETODAY BY Vivian Lim THEY have been cutting pirouettes in a pool. But don't think it's easy to dance on water. The grace with which these Russian water ballerinas wowed their poolside audience was the fruit of hours of hard work. Want to try? You

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HO HO HO I Kr r I Kr r '{a A k- Bv/ r r I i -'Tj jHvwIH M L wsy*'" y /k vVtv Vijw IB Tis the season to be jolly. Spread the cheer and get everybody to Jurong Point programmes, carolling and photo contest. As you celebrate,

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A BIG welcome jr World Trade Organisation Ministerial Conference SINGAPORETODAY BY Woon Wui Tek ITS the first of its kind in Singapore, and the biggest in the world. This giant $4 million electronic welcome will greet delegates at next week's WTO Ministerial Conference. The Singapore International Conference and Exhibition Centre's

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'Iron granny' has sentence halved [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 19

'Iron granny' has sentence halved The granny who was convicted of burning her maid with an iron was back in court yesterday. MICHELLE ANG reports HER poor health did not prove that she was innocent of hurting her maid. But it did get granny Phee Ai Ching's sentence halved, even


Page 19

PENALTY On Jan 31 this year, Phee (above) was sentenced to six months'jail and ordered to pay Ms Collado $3,000. She could have been jailed up to five years or fined, or both. Women are not caned.


Page 19

THE CASE Ms Collado started working for Phee's family on Jan 14,1994. Phee's son, Dr Lim Tian Chiar, daughter Ms Rosie Lim, and their two teenage children lived with her. Ms Collado lasted at Phee's Eng Kong Lane home for just one week. On Jan 21, she did not iron

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77 stranded for 7 hours [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 21

77 stranded for 7 hours By Riana Zakir AT first, they thought it was a routine flight delay. But the minutes ticked away into a seven-hour ordeal for 77 Silk Air passengers stuck overnight in a freezing Haadyai airport. Many were Singaporeans returning from their holiday in Thailand. They complained


Page 21

SILK AIR SAYS A TECHNICAL problem was detected after the plane landed at Haadyai, according to a Silk Air statement. While engineers were fixing the plane, the staff served refreshments, The airport doctor treated the passengers "who happened to be ill at that time". The statement said: "Our staff did

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FANDI SCORES! Soccer hero makes his wedding vow with finesse Fandi Ahmad showed off some surprising skills at his marriage solemnisation ceremony yesterday. ERNEST LUIS reports FANDI Ahmad clenched his right fist and punched the air. Yes! Singapore's favourite soccer son was right on target. He had managed to get

'Sarah's very MANJA with me' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 24

'Sarah's very MANJA with me' FANDI'S MUM ON HIS BRIDE By Carol Leong A SOUTH African girl marries a Malay boy. The girl hardly speaks Malay. The boy's mum hardly speaks English. How do they communicate? A little bit of English, a little bit of Malay, lah... Fandi Ahmad's mother

5,000 eggs to be boiled tonight [ARTICLE]

Page 24

5,000 eggs to be boiled tonight ON Sunday, Fandi will be holding his wedding party on the football pitch next to his mother's block in Yishun Street 72. About 8,000 guests are expected, according to Madam Semiah. She said: "Sometimes when Nur Sarah sees me cooking, she says 'Masak, masak

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Never seen Singapore's monuments [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

Never seen Singapore's monuments Their parents are always too busy and textbooks offer only pictures. On Oct 26, these four 10-year-olds from Rosyth School set out to see 20 historical monuments in Singapore as part of the Monuments Trail 1996. CHUA CHIN HON reports UM SHU RONG (top,left) The monuments


Page 26

CONTEST l More than I 1.000 participants in two categories, school and public, covered and answered 1 questions on 20 monuments. There were about 520 i correct entries in the schools' I category. The girls were J picked as second-prize winners in a I lucky draw.

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Free 101 Dalmatians movie tickets [ARTICLE]

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Free 101 Dalmatians movie tickets HERE'S something to bark about: 101 pairs of cinema passes to the Warner Brothers movie, 101 Dalmatians, are up for grabs! All you need to do is collect two mastheads (front page logos) of The New Paper today's and tomorrow's and answer a simple question.

Do you need legal information? [ARTICLE]

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Do you need legal information? CALL 1900-*****14 and enter the six-digit topic code below: When will the Court order division of assets acquired during marriage? (code: *****1) What are the 'assets' involved? (*****2) When can a spouse claim these assets? (*****3) Get an estimate of legal fees in a property


Page 29

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Page 29

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March meeting for Clinton and Yeltsin [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 30

March meeting for Clinton and Yeltsin WORLDTODAY Reuter. PRESIDENT Bill Clinton (right) and Russian President Boris Yeltsin (left) agreed yesterday to meet in March but did not set a date or place, the White House said. The two men spoke by telephone for about 20 minutes yesterday morning. White House

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Bo,Bo,Bo...Santa smells [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 33

Bo,Bo,Bo...Santa smells Source: Reuter. THE truth is out. The average toddler wants to get off Santa Claus' lap after just 45 seconds. The reason: Body Odour. Most Santas-for-hire don't use a reliable deodorant or mouthwash, reports a quarterly US magazine Year Round Christmas. The magazine, based in Illinois, made the

Servant tortured to stay on [ARTICLE]

Page 33

Servant tortured to stay on HORROR ABUSE OF MAID Reuter. THEY burned her hand with an iron, they beat her and they held her head under water. And then they made her continue to work for them. A couple in Florida in the US admitted doing all those things because

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The myth of vampires is explained [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 34

The myth of vampires is explained a J J m--Is it time to strike off the Xfrom the X-Files? TheX, if you remember, stands for"\unexplained"—a// strange cases investigated by FBI agents Mulder and Scully, whose records are hidden away in a basement at the FBI headquarters in Washington to prevent


Page 34

EXAMPLE I: PSYCHIC POWER IN one X-Files episode, Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, psychic Bruckman helps Agents Mulder and Scully hunt a killer who is after fortune tellers. Police have used psychics in real-life cases. The most famous case involved the Yorkshire Ripper, who killed several women, including prostitutes, in Britain.


Page 34

EXAMPLE II: HYPNOTIC POWER CAN someone be hypnotised into doing something against his will? In one X-Files episode called Pusher, Mulder and Sculley meet Robert "Pusher" Modell, a cunning killer-for-hire, who somehow persuades others to carry out the crimes for him. There is evidence that people become highly suggestible under


Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, oh, baby! [ARTICLE]

Page 35

Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, oh, baby! Reuter. DOCTORS delivered six of a Spanish woman's eight babies by caesarian operation yesterday in the 30th week of the pregnancy. Mrs Rosario Maria Clavijo, 31, lost one baby three weeks ago because of malnutrition. When another died on Wednesday, the doctors at

US presence prevents conflict [ARTICLE]

Page 35

US presence prevents conflict AFP. THE US military presence in Asia is in China's interest. And, it is not an attempt to interfere with Beijing's interest in the region, Defense Secretary William Perry said yesterday. "The American military presence in the Asia-Pacific region prevents the seeds of conflict from being

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Mr Hot Dog scoffs 23¼ in 12 minutes [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 37

Mr Hot Dog scoffs 23¼ in 12 minutes RECORD SETTER Reuter. MR Hirofumi Nakajima can scoff down a couple of hot dogs in less than a New York minute. The 22-year-old from Japan munched his way through more than 23 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes on Wednesday to

Round the world run [ARTICLE]

Page 37

Round the world run I Reuter. A MAN from Britain plans to run round the world to set two new records and return at the turn of the century. Mr Robert Garside, nicknamed The Running Man, plans to leave London tomorrow and try to become the first person to run

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t] -> i^^BfelliiA!. I I IPwfe 4 i? fe TtfflWrr: -<«' /'Mwwsaiii- j i mtUi '<t- -4^J^" <; ''>^l^iEg:#.:.'aV>t Ac S:"T> *n,> I 'J '>•'?■•,* > U i J- •'< A .fe -,i> ■<■ Sw 'VT St M T II ll 111 1

You can run but you can't hide [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 39

You can run but you can't hide WORLDTOOAY Sources: AFP, The Guardian. BRITISH children who commit crimes will soon have Big Brother watching over their shoulders. And Big Brother is not human but comes in the form of electronic tags and monitors. Electronic tagging is part of a British government

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I wV >.« If M A e T *1 jfm f^\ R 55T f"g /H* -,J If |F If ]p—i. J '4 I IJp.l f .J*;'. "ft™ jKS m\ w mjg m a Km v&F mw tAlSl^tmi irM friii iww r V 'f ■>-, fw-; 3 Nov'96 2 Mar' 97



Page 42

SECRETARY-GENERAL The Organisation of African Unity has received formal applications from two or three Africans. Possible candidates for the top UN Job include Deputy UN chief Kofi Aanan of Ghana, ivory Coast Foreign Minister Aihara Essy aad Hamid al Gated of Niger, the current head of the Organisation of the

More violent than ever [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 43

More violent than ever VIDEO AND COMPUTER GAMES FpW HBBB ™1$ flßSfflß Reuter. SO much for peace, love and joy. Video and computer games on sale this Christmas are getting more violent, says a US Senator. "Too many games on the market this holiday season are more violent, more anti-social

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Page 47

AIRBUS DROPS 100m INTO AIR POCKET, NINE INJURED WORLDTODA^ By] Peter Wilson REPORTING FROM SYDNEY ELEVEN people were injured when a Singapore Airlines A 340 Airbus plunged 100 metres in severe turbulence over central Australia last night. That is approximately the height of a 37-storey HDB block. Eight passengers and

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If I should drop dead or get disabled [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 50

If I should drop dead or get disabled DATUK Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad has expressed confidence that his deputy has the leadership qualities to lead Malaysia if necessary. He gave his assessment of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to Time magazine in a cover story of its Dec 9 issue, reported

A chance to win a Swatch [ARTICLE]

Page 50

A chance to win a Swatch CALL 1900-*****02 between 4 pm and midnight tonight and answer two questions. The first five callers with the right answers win the Swatch (model: Cristalle, costing $70) featured on Page 1 of The New Paper today, courtesy of Swatch, the Swiss company. Look out

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Page 51

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Relay team shines with bronze [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 53

Relay team shines with bronze ASIAN JUNIOR ATHLETICS: Dec 3-6. New Delhi Singapore's young track stars took to the field yesterday and provided some surprises. Our Delhi correspondent, RAMU SHARMA, wraps up the action SINGAPORE SQUAD Timothy Yeo (200, 400 metres) Jairajkumar Jeyabal (10.000 m walk) S Rajasegar (800 m)

Gold boost for India [ARTICLE]

Page 53

Gold boost for India HOST India yesterday celebrated the success of sprinter Vanaja Somnath and shot putter Mukesh Singh at the Asian Junior Athletics. Both won gold medals to further boost the tally of medals on a day when there are trappings of three silvers and five bronzes, a grand

Qatar takes centrestage. [ARTICLE]

Page 53

Qatar takes centrestage. TODAY THE final day of the Asian Junior Athletics Championships will feature the World Junior Champion in the 400 metres hurdles Faraj Mubarak Sultan of Qatar. The event, the first on the menu, is expected to set the tone for the rest of the afternoon. Faraj acquired

Becker's form back [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 54

Becker's form back Reuter. BORIS BECKER tit JAKOB HLASEK 6-4, 6-1 AUSTRALIAN Open champion Boris Becker completed a routine day's work yesterday and drove home with the guarantee of a U*****,250 ($953,750) Christmas bonus, The three-times Wimbledon champion took just 58 minutes to defeat Swiss Jakob Hlasek 6-4, 6-1 in


Page 54

GRAND SLAM CUP Q-OHAL RESULTS Boris Becker (Ger) bt Jakob Hlasek (Swi) 6-4,6-1 Tim Henman (Bri) bt MaliVai Washington (US) 7-6 (7-3), 6-3 TODAY Yevgeny Kafelnikov (Rus)v Jim Courier (US) Goran Ivanisevic (Cro) v Mark Woodforde (Aus) TOMORROW Boris Becker (Ger) v Tim Henman (Bri) Winners to today's matches

Henman's runaway win [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 54

Henman's runaway win Tie Hew* (Br) bt MaMVai VYiihliliiiw (US) 7-6 (7-3), 6-3 Reuter. BRITAIN'S Tim Henman displayed the nerves of an accomplished gambler to reach the semi-finals of the casino tournament of tennis. He showed a killer instinct and experience beyond his 22 years to defeat American Wimbledon finalist

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Prince's slam dunk king [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 56

Prince's slam dunk king TICERBEER BASKETBALL CHALLENGE TODAY Prince v Wildcats TOMORROW Typhoonv Dragons SUNDAY Wildcats v Tycoon All games start at Bpm at the Geylang Indoor Stadium TICKETS From today, each adult ticket ($8 gallery, $10 grandstand) purchased enables two adults, or one adult and two students, or four

No go for Johnson [ARTICLE]

Page 56

No go for Johnson MEANWHILE, Wildcats confirmed that their import Darryl Johnson will not be playing tonight. Said manager Julian Leah yesterday: "We've sent him to the Sports Council's sports doctor for a check up. He'll be taking a muscle-enzyme test. "But even if he gets the doctor's okay, he

'Keeper blow for Thailand [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 57

'Keeper blow for Thailand SALJDI ARABIA 6 THAILAND 0 ASIAN CUP finals AFP. THE marching orders for goalkeeper Wacharapong Somcit, with the match barely nine minutes, proved to be the downfall of Thailand in Abu Dhabi yesterday. Saudi Arabia capitalised on this early Thai setback to hit top gear and

Clash of foes [ARTICLE]

Page 57

Clash of foes IRAQ 2 IRANI AFP. THE clash between Middle East arch-rivals Iraq and Iran proved to be a bruising encounter. Iraq marked its return to the Asian Cup finals with a closely-fought win. But it was not a match for the faint-hearted with a series of crunching high

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Page 56

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Page 57

VESTEHPWS HESMITS (KkaluiAl Temawi, 10th miu, 29th, Fahad Mahalel 15th, 54th, KhaledAl Mowalad 18th, SamiAlJaber 52nd) IMMt I re* 2 (Husam Naji 37th, Khalid Sabbat 71st) Iran 1 (Ali Daei, 90th) TEAMS SAUDI ARABIA Mohammed C Mohammed Al Jahanl Mohammed Khilalwi Abdullah Zubromawi Khated Al Temawi SamiAlJaber Fahad Mahalel Ibrahim

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Broken bones [ARTICLE]

Page 59

Broken bones A FRACTURED shin and a dislocated knee inflicted on their opponents helped Singapore exponents claim two out of three gold medals from the recent Malaysian National Silat competition. After those accidents, world heavyweight champion Sheik Alauddin and South-east Asia Games silver-medallist (65-70 kg) Abdul Kadir Ibrahim went on


Page 59

WEIGHT WATCH How silat champion Sheikh Alauddin controls his weight TO LOSE I diet for throe Months, ran at least 2.41 m and punch the sand bag for at least half aa hoar ovary day. I catdowa oa oil, afar and salt and aat mors igg-wtiite, TO GAIN I have

Triple gold finale [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 59

Triple gold finale Stories/ Calvin Low WORLD heavyweight silat champion Sheik Alauddin wants to win three golds before calling it quits. His targets? The 1997 World Championships, South-east Asia Games and the Vietnam Open. But the instructor at Club HDB will have to do a tight-rope act with his weight

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Page 59

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Page 60

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Page 60

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Hawaiian Holiday for two [ARTICLE]

Page 61

Hawaiian Holiday for two They score, you win THE GAME I PREMIER LEAGUE CONTEST Guess the number of goals scored in all the English Premiership matches tomorrow. If you get it right, you'll earn the number of points that coincide with the total number of goals. For example, if 12

Schmeichel: It was a lucky save [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 61

Schmeichel: It was a lucky save GORDON Banks, you're still the best, said Peter Schmeichel. The Manchester United goalkeeper earned comparison with the England legend's 1970 gravity-defying save from Pele with his save against Rapid Vienna in the Champions League on Wednesday, reports Carling Internet. It was a priceless moment

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The Neuu Sotoy Street ot r/*. mill I |U v mA IH bPI kJI rml -*t Cm bA <a i%% 1 f kk Kfl jMSJM gggj *r JJF B Jpr ■r I pF Bj m/r f >*fe. B -Ps* jh Bmb^H.^^B w <p3MH Irw^ v—ifo\ Bi jj|B il v "N**!



Page 63

TONY TERROR Tony Cottee is the first English Premiership star to move to these shores. Selangor signed him for £750,000 ($1.65 million), making him the region's costliest player. How does he feel? ERNEST LUIS finds out FACTTILE Haw: Tony Cottee %r3l Date of birth: July 11,1965 Place of birth: West


Page 63

TONY COTTEE ON... Boon problems among English pliyen (Arsenal skipper Tony Adams' recent confession): Well, not every English player is a drunkard or a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. In England, there's a lot of socialising among the players. They'd go out after a game, have a drink, it helps develop

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Page 64

I I mM r9 7 ilv <H I I w I I I j 3jß b DEEP BLUE SOMETHING "breakfast at tiffany's" "Rffl BUSH "glycerine" S^Ue MCA NO DOUBT "just a girl" B I THE WALLFLOWERS "6th avenue heartache" -Iff"! Available whilo supplies last from D«c 6 to 22 1996


Emerson missing... again [ARTICLE]

Page 65

Emerson missing... again Reuter. ENGLISH Premiership club Middlesbrough acknowledged it did not know the whereabouts of midfielder Emerson. "We don't know where Emerson is but we expect him to return any day," Middlesbrough chief executive Keith Lamb said. "We've have had no contact with him and we are not going

Will he stay? Will he go? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 65

Will he stay? Will he go? THE CASE OFTHE MISSING BRAZILIAN Wire services. P>!ecujbsavM MIDDLESBROUGH chairman Steve Gibson warned Emerson that he would not be allowed to leave the club until his contract expires in year 2,000. It is now doubtful that he will back in time to face Leeds


Keane out for five ties [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 65

Keane out for five ties AFP. Wire services. MANCHESTER United's Roy Keane will miss the busy Christmas period. He gashed his shin in Wednesday's 2-0 Champions League win over Rapid Vienna. Keane needed 19 stitches after being carried off towards the end of the match. He will almost certainly miss


Page 65

Cantona is best AFP. ERIC Cantona was named Player of the Year by French football magazine Onze Mondial and viewers of French television station TFI. He takes over from AC Milan's George Weah as the holder of the trophy, presented to the best player at a European club. Cantona gained


Page 66

Ferdinand back MONDAY: FOREST v NEWCASTLE LES Ferdinand may emulate strike partner Alan Shearer by beating the odds and making an early return, reports Carling Internet. When Newcastle's leading scorer fractured his cheekbone against West Ham at St James' Park a fortnight ago, it was feared that he would be


Page 66

REST OF THE ACTION MATCH OF THE DAY: ARSENALv DERBY Live on Premiere 12, 11pm, tomorrow RAMS coach Steve McLaren boasts: "We're resilient. No one looks at us on the fixture list and thinks they have an easy game." It is 17 months since the board told Bald Eagle (Jim)


Page 66

BROKEN CHEEKBONE Source: The Guardian WHAT IT IS: The bones of the face are relatively light and thin, suspended beneath the dense sphere of the skull. The cheekbone, or zygoma, is an integral part of the skull, fusing with the bones that make up the margins of the eye socket,


Page 66

IAN BROWN REPORTS on Patrick Berger and Steve McManaman. MIDOLESBROO LEEDS 2 Manager Bryan Robson, also owner of a nationwide chain of greeting card shops, has to contend with Juninho's iiyury and Andrea Emerson's tidings: "My hubby is joining Barcelona," she say 8. Leeds' spirited and physical win over Chelsea,

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Page 66

I 1-2 Arsenal 12-5 Derby 11-2 The figure on the left is the odds for the home side i to win. So, Arsenal is 1-2 to win. The one in the middle (12-5) is for a draw and on the right (11-2) is for the away team to win. In

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Page 67

t* I h (i ciuU t I .3 h l M I s I u :3 I t I ;3 h r t* I ;3 fi w t < -O c? 1 i c"* v c* ;3 11 I 111 *3 <? I I *3 h t up > t


Phhtttttuuuuuiiiiii [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 68

Phhtttttuuuuuiiiiii That's how Roger Rabbit reacts after watching his toon counterpart Bugs Bunny shoot hoops with NBA star Michael Jordan in Space Jam. Sitting on the sidelines and definitely not impressed—Roger shoots his mouth off to EDWIN YEO EDWIN YEO (EY): Great movie, don't you think? ROGER (RR): You're kidding.

Masked Jet after a baddie [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 69

Masked Jet after a baddie Title: Black Mask Star*: Jet Li, Lau Ching Wan, Karen Mok Scenario: A human-killing machine goes to Hongkong to escape termination, but his past will not let him go Screening: Now showing Rating: 1 By t Yong Siew Fern f WITH a title such as

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Page 69

("HMSTMAS OFFER 30% S t o r e u' (I e I) i s c o u n t Ximvdiiu O/tlii ill's storewiile of ft rs this Christmas an just too »ood to miss. IVilli iUU wiile Mi'.i discount now the best time to rub tlic eyewear you e always

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Page 69

Like love, good food can be found in the unlikeliest places. And here at Streeters, I candlelit dining is a daily affair. But while dates may disappoint, our fine Mediterranean food certainly won't. So fall in love. Even if it's just with our Seafood Paella. 35 KEONG SAIK RD 221

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Page 70

II LOST JUVD FOUND I (PG) a 31 ,Jp R&ftltt KELLY CHEN She hAd Lost aII hope. ih^ShbhSHZ^SM 11 11 81 11 9B H 2b■*aiX7l f AVA] H ffl H ■^■^^^■■^VVvvjV^ivV^HHßHl^^H■ siq JT^Ation 11


Fans, we have been cheated [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 71

Fans, we have been cheated Zoe, Fann, Ann, Michelle and Li-lin. Who's the hottest babe on TV? HAZEL TAN braves the heat to speak to two of the nominees for the prestigious Babe of the Year award in this year's Flame Awards IF Ann Kok is right, we have all


Page 71

NOMINEES FOR FLAME AWARDS '96 BABE OF THE YEAR: SHE'S the hottest babe on TV. The one who celebrates her double X chromosome to the max. 1. Michelle Goh 2. Zoe Tay 3. Fann Wong 4. Ann Kok 5. Wong Li-lin DUDE OF THE YEAR: He's just him. And that's


Page 71

CONTEST DETAILS: Who should win? TELL us who you think should win each of the seven awards. Call The New Paper Infoline on 1900-*****02. A voice will tell you how to vote. The winners of the awards will be determined by the highest number of votes received. If your selection

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Page 71

LOST AND FOUND ———(PG| < -r-- t^^Emmll iiM* MICHAEL WONG He qAVE Ner hops. I\ §MMfet Ifel/hr I In The Heart of Orchard Road ggl ss3o K IDD Voice-mail message system Personal in-room safe LJfl Full amenities Use of hotel's recreation facilities |M Available to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents

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Page 72 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 72

any Little India Arcade. That's all. S A Explore the interesting mix of over 50 shops, jfefmflL I bustling bazaar stalls, and "stick-in-the-wall" kiosks I that line the quaint backlanes. Offering everything Bml nB from traditional and contemporary i ■HHB jSHHPHir®^^' Vnoijt e^ Ujlmty p l They may re can

All ears for babe award [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 73

All ears for babe award FROM PAGE FOUR SHOWTIME By Hazel Tan FANN Wong is happy even though she has only one nomination in this year's Flame Awards. "It's better. I had two nominations last year," the Channel 8 actress said with a laugh, when contacted about the awards. Fann,

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Page 73

Bm (\Mfl))l OFFER TILL DECEMBER 25 WHILE STOCKS LAST. H^H PARTICIPATING JENGA OUTLETS: Takashlmaya C.K. Tang Yaohan Orchard Yaohan Thornton Yaohan Katong Yaohan Marina IME OG People's Park Dalmaru Liang Court Dalmaru Junction 8 Selyu Sogo Raffles City Sogo Tamplnes 'Guardian Jellta Mustafa Centre NTUC Badoh Metro Far East Metro

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Page 74

J Home A I I Win Other Prizes worth I 1 Ipu,uUU worth SSIJr 1 VoMChei gg 1 0 Electrolux Vouchers ww»: SI (WO IDMC Gift Voucher H| I WOOGAVoychaSpauorrdln I 1 J Speuiorti by Sun Sunj Choor FUntoare (S) Pit Ud "S(<r Hw 2S ComoJtum rnzn M| I lIMII

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Page 75

Easyfil Photo Album Appreciated today. jjs-<Q 'I j Cherished tomorrow. f High Qualify Value for Money jferogj j' T j* Wide Selection of Exciting Print Designs 240 x 4R fno 1 Post Bouxl sup<« *> Pocket Atoum Übrary Pocket Atoum wtth Memo Bocnd Pocket Akxm Offer $1020 Offer $8.14 Offer

Page 75 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 75

VEGAL Don t be IGNORANT about the LAW, know your RIGHTS! No need to run around for legal information. Our hotline offers you a one-stop service to gain quick access to topics you've always wanted to know. Simply call the hotline and enter the 6-digit code. You can also get

Untitled [ARTICLE]

Page 76

||1I"I I I I I WW M>¥W •illll jjm

Page 76 Miscellaneous

Page 76 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 76

midnight; Oriental: Fri 1.30pm, 4, ENGLISH Stars: Voices of Burt Reynolds. W W Bah! Stare: Mel Gibson and Rene Anderson and Charles 41 H J± Competition: Nelson Reilly. j* 7a Director Ron Howard, who Cartoon musical about an v® thinks of Space blasted moviegoers off their orphan adopted by an

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Page 77

worn of auliio-visiial products to be won Just purchase any Forward International Singapore (Pte) Ltd's laser disc, video tape or CD-ROM from Oct'96 to Dec' 96, you will have a chance to win the top prize. Please refer to our dealers for more details. Action Video C J Laser D'Laser

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Page 78

FREE 6cman (We Retail Wholesale Bibles, Books, Gifts, Posters, Bill I W llf II jjfl Communion Ware, Wedding Invitation Cards Printing) IvIUVIt I lulu I u 1 II I"i r QAO/ To the year's most stylish actioo thriller. II aII m /l| l Excbaage tkis caopao for two tickets at

Page 78 Miscellaneous

Page 78 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 78

Tampines: Fri 11.30pm. 11.30, Sun 11am, M 4.30pm; TlongBahni: Fri 11.25pm. Sat 5pm, 11.25, Sun Start: Yancy Butler. Suzy Amis and Nick Mancuso. f MM 10.30am, 5pm; Woodlands: Fri ll.45pm. Sat 5.15pm, Capitol: Sat 5.15pm, midnight; Century: Fri 11.45pm, Sat JmHH 11.45; Yangtze: Fri 11.30pm, Sat 5pm, 11.30. Sun 5pm;

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Page 79

1 1 Ecogardett Tour (Weather Permitting) +~%\c Vfl I r ,iCTn 10am (3/12-8/12) I Aromatics 10am Noon (10/12 -15/12) i# <v 2pm-4pm (10/12-13/12) /fl tvT J& Festive Activities vi A 11am (17/12-22/12) TflP WlQ<* IV/f All -5* St\ 3pm (17/12-20/12) *W&** >' VYISC IVlcll Bubbles Festival Jj Will Definitely Recommend

Page 79 Miscellaneous

Page 79 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 79

f33E3innmaii^M TICK OF APPROVAL 3.15. 7.30,9, Sun 2pm,; Fri 1.30pm. 3.30,; Broadway: Fri 1.30pm. 3.30. 5.30. Cantury: Fri lpm. 3. 5.15. 7.15. RepuWk: Fri 1.30pm. 4,6.45,9; 7.30. Sat Sun 9.30pm; Century: Fri i Films with ticks are yL Stars: Jet Li. LauChing 9.15: Changi: Fri 1.30pm. 3.30, Savoy:

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Page 80

H X'mas Eve 1 Year's Eve! Shark's Fin Soup Jill? *Clftok San* Dry Scallop Steamed Live G aroupa with Soya Sauce jITSb Dce P p r<iH»H Bums Vegetable Fried Minced Meat in Golden Cup jJ&l* L ve Seafood for Steamboat Double-Boiled Hasfama Seasonal Cut FmiU at $000 A Free Bottfe

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Page 80

PUB D SCO JAZZ KTV WORLD fM\, 1# £l] An accoustic group from Brooklyn USA, i 1 %> this trio with its live instrumentation "W* generate rich 4 iC 7 harmonies from sweet melodies. kg Hilled as one of *§F R& B 's great new hopes with their hits "If

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Page 81

I LD STORED-VALUE RENTAL COUPON Sign up an account and get one of MOW! the below LD absolutely FREE! For a limited period only. While Stocks Last! |ViV|L IW'rVWI Jr* Hk I iVJIn What's more... Telephone Rental Service is now available for all outlets. ■ilium tm tmmm PT7I LAUR TWO

Page 81 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 81

A TASTE THE GOOD UFE OF n ARNOTT 1 S Congratulations to tin following winners -fIjGHP Superßonl Coif A Country Club Jultt Hong c hill form family Membership *****88H 9 Tdkushimnyn I llness Lau Stew Ming c jfClub Membership *****7?G */<•</ Chelating Farad MoM Arlff Holiday I'arkafie *****66H Alice Lot

Baby boomers' special time [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 82

Baby boomers' special time ET CETERA WITH ABHUIT NAG WHEN is a baby no longer a baby? When he or she is a baby boomer, of course. Aarrgh! Sounds corny, but who is kidding, anyway? One thing yesterday's kids and tomorrow's senior citizens definitely are not today is a baby.

Page 82 Miscellaneous

Page 82 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 82


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Page 83

f* t >s v |HRT^ y'ftL vry r> Am B n kx^^^Mj^bb^ McDonald's Kida'maa forty 15 Dec V> 3pm to 6pm Q HOparky beiow 12 V (PHce include* munch les v X*ma» novelties from McDonald**) •Hot with Ronald at $6 onlyl S2SSSA!Sh Xmm» Eve Happy Pays 24 Dec 6pm to

Page 83 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 83

j TEA Gatoen/ IjJHSjuIJJ J I Eel Rice, Teas, etc. $1 onwards Taiwan Mushroom Beginningfnorn 24 DecL i IUNCHTIHE\^ c en w I °$3 90(17' Pri^\^ d floodle Dian ln every New Franchisee |jBQSESBI3S!E9 Te1:9635 j Home Decor For people who love their homes

Page 83 Miscellaneous

Page 83 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 83

COMICRELIEF The Concrete Jungle/Colin Goh r —T l I-TOP ittfiftATEWL I Art AH. wcan.M cmoo f NOHOW©! 606ET'Ity/ Si 8 rSr d j \T ujoGLbwr VVN ffiffiro EWICTO "7 WING gmwws.' ■^■e: 60 ]m...' 4 £»;a, iJfUtR 7 j* Tian-Pi/Komics Kreations HA HA, THE SDH IS SCAM* Of Mil YM

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Page 84

SmiEiM 0 .'iP^^jpPPPr «\._JEhEBEVAfIVV|H|||h BS&^H|B^j j^(ii^ iflL HBv JH Hft j- A t j| SUPREME RECOUP CENTRE SUPREME RECORD CENTRE SUPREME A 111 Mil I *****11 l (JIJkJ 68 Orchard Road I 03« 168 Orchard Road *02-06 176-184 Orchard Road 39- Orchard Road #82-25:26'27 14ScoflsRo^M*120 >■ ngapura Point #03-28/29 CerKrepoirrt

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Page 85

SHARP mastrrrri Thr KBSSBQQ ■OHHHHBHHHHHHIHHHHHHBIBiIHIHIBBHHBHBHHhHHHHBHIIBDbBHIIHBHHF. v Lr?ferTr .Y P *1.99* H $699" $599 *y»9 $699^|S58HQ BB smil^HiMß HD-SJOX HD-RI DX-VJHx DX-V2oox (D-Vlllx Ultra Compact Mini Disc Player Mini Disc Recorder Video CD 3-Disc System TWin CD Video CD Player Twin CD Video CD Mini Compo jti&kfstE the WSRLD AUDIO VIDEO

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Page 86 Miscellaneous

Page 86 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 86

tvpage^ L o ssaasa Fandi's Wedding Hantaran Kasih (Prime 12, 9 pm) WlM■ This debut episode tells the love story of Singapore's favourite 1 soccer player, Fandi Ahmad and Nur Sarah Abdullah (lea), better m. known as Wendy Jacobs. It ■yJHH features exclusive footage of the Wxmmm u e^m g

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Page 87

iHWAREHOTSEti SALES p M'Wk r psajftis&dsli IJ l 11 Bg/AMaaM I li ###SOON WATT CO. 3 li' If' 482, Changi Road, Singapore *****5 (Opposite Kembangan MRT Station) < 5 Q (J) 111 Tel: *****55,*****95 Fax: *****49,*****33 g® INTRODUCING 1997 BICYCLES AND ACCESSORIES (Distributor for. i{j amPRESEARCH Kestrel cook Bros.Racing VENTANA


Page 88

Festive Bargains 1997 is fast approaching and many of us look forward to starting the new year with a big 'bang' be it getting a new look for the house or rewarding ourselves with a big present after a year of hard work. Zoom in for a closer look at

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Page 88

WAREHOUSE SALES i JOVEN m J 'C N ™j| o7 \rm frJ ti.JB i |l i: slM $IM $ws: CASH A CAMY FjgjNSMUAjjON FBK INSTALLATION FREE INSTALLATION i;• s e k ron BBH l\ \l J' 1 up $368 v EELi9h^ESSHS FACO $138 Now Trade-in econ $148 u. air —wHwm

Page 88 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 88

Jjllffi) SOON FAH COMPANY PTE LTD fl[ CRMI2I |H H RDI2SL(?YR^I25 K ™l2s-250, FZ-FZRISO, RXK, SRI2S. TW2OO, CGI2S, M8X125, NSRI2S, CBR4OORR. I trp-psiz I I DIRECT FACTORY I I "j« jflj Sliding IBj Tel: *****17

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Page 89

l mmmmmm economical combination Spray paint Bedroom Set sft Spring Mattress Sofa Set Dining Set 12 UP. $799 U.P. $220 UP. $599 U.R. $599 $2217 EXQUISITE COMBINATION 4 dr. spray palm Bedroom Set Ha Unit 1/2 Leathef So(a 5,, Solidwood OMng Set 1«6 UP. $1380 UP. $14S0 U.P. $1280 UP.

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Page 89

'Looking Good' is published every last Wednesday of the month in The New Paper Fastads. For advertisements bookings, call Boh Hui Hui at 740-6104 (pager 9202-4889).

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Page 90

WAREHOUSE SALES| tl"* a A Children's Down/ Long John j|.. Polyester Jackets Mjj wards $19 w 1 ♦P— mJt vj« ia* BSamsonite. Detsey, Echolac, 1^ Lojel, Eminent pi ?JBI S S! Jjffjl :^|-,||-£f MWUXano" Won **W Won c *"~jiJl irsi W; 5-* EHBHp9^|V/^L LhUmmmMmM^K^ r tr* *7?/* ny ,n 9

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Page 90

If" Pet lovers, don't miss Pet Ideas, a special focus on pet products and services in The New Paper Fastads tomorrow.

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Page 91

WAREHOUSE SALES| Sfoc^ lon Hin Furniture Potymoc Forniturt Si 43 Molo d 45 Blk 9 Tomp,n#l 41<K}1 86 T i: 7,3 log Seng Huo» 7T?SSdT#O2-01 TW: 2«3 7777 TJ SMOSOO 1 6#o Tel 758 0531 jrfWHHBBjt f3|h -IPy Mikoya Fumitur* Sin lion Seng Blk 164 Bkt Merah Central Blk 119

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Page 92

WAREHOUSE SALES| [M STORE-WIPE |4{l j fR DISCOUNT fn"/ Ul f u p T °lf /9 A wide range of reek, rods* fishing 4 I! Wfr accessories (AT UNBELIEVABLY LOW PRICES!) I mm <JM' > J Rubbermaid New '/2 Gallon f?i ,< JaliMfe 60-Quart "Ice Chest" "Thermal jug" $79.90 $5.50

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Page 92

Christmas is a time of great feasting merrymaking. Entice Christmas revellers to your pub, lounge or restaurant by advertising in Christmas Revelry, a special focus of The New Paper Fastads on Dec 18. For advertisement bookings, call John Tan at 740-6124 (9202-4893).

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Page 93

LYO U R WEEKLY GUI P g ÜBS AND LOUNGES #w4> #«*PV At •<* wmmrt 1 r> 00 tU fef ipm (nmkf i fmMm/mf 1 R <7n»«*M» oke4*t P*t S X7V H& -rn ZZZ*JZJt?'£ TZZZ.££ n«M(u*Y.»«.Mi.r*»«p»»«H llfft n Every rcvri to MTV jJI 9lMlßoom 4PHnfct 4Hfi $40 for everyone, horn

PUB talk Rock on with Hotline [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 94

PUB talk Rock on with Hotline by Adrian Wee NOT one but two. That's two excellent bands you will hear when you go underground for a headbanging good time at the Hotline Fun Pub, located at the basement of Ming Arcade, Cuscaden Road. And if you're wondering who the two


Page 1

BAGUS Fandi Ahmad's mum talks about her daughter-in-law: "She can speak a little Malay and I can understand a little English, so we can talk." Our relationship is bagus, she says /Page 24 I

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Page 94 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 94

V OUR vy E E K L Y Q U I P E T O p B S AND LOUNGES Come down to the Original Honle of Rock Music in Singapore I Y 0m> I A*' A iL i v Vdn ,kr w J- i w ir 3 > j.

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Page 95 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 95

YOUR W L Y G U I T O PUBS AND LOUNGES PJ9 /\|_J Rl mm i Special ro lIA J Mon *rt f r ,Ju nt ♦t Ha PP ens on ever V Tuesdays Fridays HWgB |^^H i u n at $14"° with lots of prizes to be won!

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Page 96 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 96

1 Y0 U R WEEKLY GUID E AN D LOUNGES Latest Attraction on S I loso beach HOW TO GET LOST itlt U\/£ 5/) AID D*/ AMefUCM POOLMie I '4jA<. D.f.y. MR-Z-Q. I "Og I BOARP SENTOSA 3P I BUS A ALIGHT jVf 4 UNDERWATER I j* I l/r'Jk sentosaW

Page 97 Advertisements

Page 97 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 97

BH rßtfijvw'MrftmmftYifunnrmrMrKJMM'v M 891 MUSIC LOUN6E I HBSBOB fIS K*M f( <yrk/s DISCOTHEQUE B SING YOUR H6AIZI OUT Kftß ■B n oC n at thf ist-mianm jsb hh Jf I'he longest Happy Hours 111 Tlie KaM ■Rli ImiHKG J "KAMPONG" Atmosphere Whilst You |f |HH^ g Happy Hours: spm 9pm

Page 98 Advertisements

Page 98 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 98

THE CLASSIFIED SECTION tax: 747 4622 YOUR WEEKLY GUIDETO PUBS To UNQ E S =g 2001 Food 2001 Food Entertainment Entertainment 188 U. I rNAwTicu 1 I com »a*m Janatul Jalan Kayu Rod Praia I it all started in the 60s along Jalan Kayu. I A savoury tradition continued by

Page 98 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 98

2050 Personal Services/ Products Personal life effective treatments assured by professional male aestheticians. Call now Enjoy the services that even other salons talk about. 1 1 1 II" "M Are You Bored? Call 1900-912-4321 It's h novativi Aw Iktiustinc P BEGINNER MODELLING I COURSES available from professional instructor Tml: 298-3688

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Page 99

2050 Personal Services/ 2050 Personal Services/ 2050 Personal Services/ 2050 Personal Services/ 2050 Personal Services/ 2050 Personal Services/ 2050 Personal Services/ Products Products Products Products Products Products Products Update your Wardrobe before the festive seasons and receive a 14" colour TV. ONE DAY INSTALLATION ONLY! WARDROBE DESIGN CENTRE PTE LTD

Page 99 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 99

2200 Business Services/ Products RAD AC ACCREDITED RENOVATOR. MOS licence HB-07-*****. Specialised in residential, commercial private hse». Free quotation. Warranty for ,24 mth*. Easy monthly re-payment. T«l: SS4-SOSS Fax: 443 6SS3

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Page 100 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 100

2050 Personal Sarvic2oso Parsonal Sarvicaa/ Products Products Products Products Products Products Products —■——s sbbebsbbbbbhs "i MON CHERIE'S LADIES' CLUBi!U n B Cat r s To All Wom en's N s A Success Through A More Confidence Healthier You! $250 W pK For FREE Consultation on Facial/Body Rio-Dynamic Analysis REDEEMABLE mjforthßMge

Page 100 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 100

2618 Lecturing/Teaching Positions Boforo Aftmr I Sch. Gere S»rvico I needs a 1 11 'Nil I Working hour 12:30pm 6:3opm I No. 1, Dorset Road (opp. K.K. Hospital). /fltlftlftrf p/nff py. I < 9-*****03 > L. Kindargartan hat vacancisa for HrnnTTH Minimum 3 '0' I avals Intarastad pi mm call

Page 101 Advertisements

Page 101 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 101

2606 Professional/ 2606 Professional Executive Positions Executive Positions A Fast Expanding Company requires: 1. FEMALE EXHIBITION PROMOTERS (For Coming Exhibition) Bilingual (Malay/English) Age 21 25 2. EDITOR Bilingual (Malay/ English) 2 years axperience 3. FEMALE ACCOUNTS/ ADMIN ASST PC literate independent. initiativa 2 years experience 4. GRAPHIC DESIGNER Diploma in

Page 101 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 101

2609 Engineering 2609 Engineering 2609 Engineering Positions Positions Positions Assistant Maintenance Engineers (Shift Work Required) The successful candidates will carry out equipment maintenance to ensure performance consistency according to process specifications. You will carry out high level preventive maintenance programmes and constantly strive for high uptime and reduce repair time.

Page 101 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 101

2630 Solos Positions mSESSESm Q Age 22 and above U Outdoor sales experience Independent motivated Preferably with own vehicle Basic $1200 above Commission A transport allowance provided Interested pis call at: Blk 34 #02-32 C'wealth Lane Tel: 777 14S8 Q Importer/ Wholesaler of Q 0 Consumer Electronics seek A SALESPERSON

Page 101 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 101

2630 Solos Positions Expanding lATA Accredited Travel Agency requires: MALE SALES REPRESENTATIVES R ipon s it) ***** Provide servicing to customers and potential customers and report to Sales Manager about market situation Qualification: Min. 4 GCE '0' level with credit in English Age below 25 Good command of spoken English

Page 101 Advertisements Column 5 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 101

Z 2696 Customer Service 2636 Customer Service Positions Positions s CUSTOMER SERVICE International trading co. require*: to eeeiet the bueineee executive *N" level and above Good computer knowledge, MS Windows and Internet Good communication skills Interested parties please cell: Mr Yap at *****09 L, Expending lATA Accredited Travel Agency requires:

Page 102 Advertisements

Page 102 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 102

2624 Ait/Creative 2624 Ait/Cieative 2624 Art/Creative 2624 Art/Craetiv* NWm Positions Positions Positions i Hercs an opportunity for you to join Singapore Pitss Holdings, a leading publisher of newsI I papers and magazines, if you enjoy the challenge Mk I of creating break-through work in design, layout I and advertising concepts.

Page 102 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 102

2642 Hotel/Restaurant/ 2642 Hotel/ 2642 Hotel/ Restaurant/ Lounge Positions Lounge Positions Lounge Positions mbmomme^MJWMIPW Burger Kinjj.The name that's on everyone's lips when it comes to juicy, delicious burgers. All full of goodness and great value! Just like our careers.Where you'lliind all the rewards and challenges for a fulfilling, rewarding and

Page 103 Advertisements

Page 103 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 103

2642 Hotel/ Restaurant/ 2642 Hotel/ Restaurant/ 2642 Hotel/ Restaurant/ 2642 Hotel/ Restaurant/ Lounge Positions Lounge Positions Lounge Positions Lounge Positions 1 EHM Join our young and talented team! 41) i Waiters Waitresses (PART/FULL-TIME) •No experience necessary as training will be provided ,HB IP* 2. Supervisors >11 Minimum 1 year's experience

Page 103 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 103

2648 Administrative/ 2648 Administrative/ Clerical Positions Clarical Positions 1 I A foreign Ship Management Co in (urong has vacancies for the following positions: ADMIN EXECUTIVE Diploma in Mechanical/Marine Engrg Male preferred Fresh diploma holders may apply Able to handle vessel operations ADMIN ASST Minimum 'O' level MS Words Excel knowledge

Page 103 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 103

2648 Administrative/ I Clerical Position* B Fast growing Indian company daaling in computer products requires for its Macpheraon office a With experience in Salaa and Accounts Knowledge in Ma Word It Excel ia essential writ* yon r Bio-Data with currant M axpoctad talary to: NASAKA INDUSTRIES (SI PTE LTD SO

Page 104 Advertisements

Page 104 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 104

2651 Sacretary/Perional 2651 Socratary/Parsonal Assistant Positions J Assistant Positions A Well-Estab. Aircon. Contractor requires argmrii j d »I Aiuia/IM GCE '07 'N' level Computer literate Min. 1-2 years experience Interested, please write or walk-in. Blk 1012 Eunos Ave 6 #01-09 S'poro *****4 Tel: 748-8993 (Near Eunos MRT) 2654 Technical Positions

Page 104 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 104

I Very established co. has immed. vacancies for: 1. MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR Preferably possess FSM Certificate or CIFE At least 4 5 yrs. experience in building maintenance work 2. M&E TECHNICIAN NTC 3 in Electrical Fittings Installations or equivalent 2 3 yrs. experience in building maintenance work Salaries will commensurate with

Page 104 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 104

2654 Technical Positions MKKOTONMOLOCr PTE LTD lu IMS <04-54 bmlmlk Sua 4OTS3S' Put 10 upauon hon Manats hi |+E*pw#(K^ [+P«rnonemMo^^^^Mr^l Expensnced in Mold ond Dies EDMng II Permanent 2nd Shifts far of wanom. M[(?*3 utimti wilh ixpmtnn con o/u opfty Interested please call minimi Diploma or Technic* Cert. Completed N.S.

Page 104 Advertisements Column 4 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 104

2663 Warehousing/ 2663 Warehousing/ Inventory Poets Inventory Posts J*. 1 A ARTFRIEIXD j J requires J Stock Assistants Duties: Display and arrange retail stock T Check stock level I General retail store duties 4 i Requirements:- Male/ Female (Male must complete NS) J Education sec. 2 above 7 We provide

Page 104 Advertisements Column 5 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 104

2683 Part-Tims/Temp. Positions 2689 Other Positions Fast expending Pina Franchise require: KITCHEN ASSTS. Full/ part-time Muslim preferred Only Singaporeans PR 20 to 40 years old $1000 Other incentives CALL 346-0057 mg\i you are 15 y above, school leavers and ORD personnel. HpHNHM Photographic Models (no fee requires). Earn $3000 1

Page 104 Advertisements Column 6 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 104

2675 Drivar/Transport 2675 Driv«r/Transport Positions PoeitkMis 0 Established Freight Forwarder looking for a Class 3 driving licence 0 No experience required 0 Interested please contact Mr Albert/ Mr Aw 0 for interview 2700 Education PSA POWER BOAT DRIVING LICENCE COURSE Qualified ft Experienced Instructors Theory: Mon, Wed ft Fri evening.

Page 105 Advertisements

Page 105 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 105

2689 Othor Positions 2689 Othsr Positions 2689 Othor Positions 2689 Othor Positions II fantasy island r asia s largest water theme park ft Locat < >n ntOM f Due to expansion, we Invite applications for the following permanent positions: f 1) HUMAN RESOURCE EXECUTIVE 6| MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR uiiuiu BEMuiMr imimiiw

Page 105 Advertisements Column 2 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 105

2800 Announcements ECKANKAR l Religion of the Tight and Sound of God You are warmly invited to an IntroductoiyTalkon "Can We See Past Lives" Date: Saturday 7 December 1996 Time: 2.30pm- spm Place: Clark Room, Westin Hotel Admission Free All are welcome 1 Sponsored by EckankarSatsang Singapore I

Page 105 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

Page 105

Dont miss a 9 Every Friday jj 2800 Announcements ■SSSSSSSiSSS

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———n^—n 2689 Othsr Positions 2689 Othor Positions 2689 Othor Positions SATS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, provides airport ground handling services to more than 55 scheduled airlines operating through Singapore Changi Airport. We are looking for people with energy and enthusiasm to join us in the following positions: OPERATIONS

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