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New Paper, 27 May 1996


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the new Paper 60 CENTS MONDAY, MAY 27, 1996 MITA (P) 061/4/96 the new paper

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Why Moses •m Lim gets A to eat free


Mr Sound Bite or Mr Veteran [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Mr Sound Bite or Mr Veteran Who will the Israelis vote for? Reuter. ISRAELI Prime Minister Shimon Peres and rightwing challenger Bei\jamin Netanyahu went on television last night hoping to sway key voters two days before elections. But watching their tame confrontation, it was hard to say who was on

He gives SM a good fit [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 3

He gives SM a good fit TAILOR-MADE FOR SM Last week, Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew mentioned how he was the "walking model" for his tailor, who is very particular about his handiwork. IRENE NG tracks down this tailor HE hates to see his best customer in ill-fit-ting suits. Any

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Leisure Showtime: Pages 22, 23, 26&27 TV: Page 31 Comics: Pages 29 30


Equal chances for all [ARTICLE]

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Equal chances for all kSTORIESA EVERYONE will be given an equal chance to succeed. Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong said this last night at a dinner organised by the Amalgamated Union of Public Daily-Rated Workers. This system allows Singaporeans to move up and ensures that talent and ability will be


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HEADLINERS The Straits Times: Merit matters most, equal chance for all The Business Times: Minority stake for OCBC in new Pacific Bank Uanhe Zaobao: PM Goh: Equal chance for all and children of workers can also succeed Beiita Harlan: Training: Malay workers are positive RCS morning news: PM: Everyone has


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STI INDEX The Straits Times Industrials Index rose 3.69 points to 2354.71 points at 9.15 this morning from Friday's close of 2351.06


Virtual offices [ARTICLE]

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Virtual offices IF you've something to ask the Central Provident Fund, you'll soon be able to call up an officer through a video-conferencing terminal. CPF will set terminals up in convenient places such as MRT stations and housing estates. The fund's first new virtual office machines have been set up

Come tell the tax man [ARTICLE]

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Come tell the tax man ELECTION candidates may have to come clean about their financial position to the Comptroller of Income Tax. Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng said yesterday the details were still being considered, such as whether assets or income should be disclosed, and whether the report should

Big spenders [ARTICLE]

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Big spenders ABOUT 29 Singaporean firms have invested $280 million in Cambodia, making it one of the largest investors in the country. Some areas the firms are involved in include food processing, textiles, tourism and light industry. Among the big investors are Asia Pacific Breweries, Raffles International, Thakral and Consortium

'I don't want to be king' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 4

'I don't want to be king' PRINCE William (left), the third in line to Britain's throne, has said he does not want to be king, according to a British newspaper report. The Sunday Mirror said Prince Charles was taking the 13-year-old's statement calmly and his estranged wife, Princess Diana, was

Gangs smuggle people [ARTICLE]

Page 4

Gangs smuggle people THAILAND has become a base for smuggling people from the Indian region to new, richer countries. There are now many gangs involved in these activities in Thailand, according to police. The gangs organise fake passports through tour agencies, which act as business fronts for them. It costs

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'cholera OUTBREAK rnncHANGE in i ill<r~%

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??*•>;•« £Pj£PP^^PP£P£^£££PMHiN99NMMMPI9HMMMMfc •i ftBWrtWIWNWW^^i^y^^ "^^^y^SPSSyflrflni^-^L^I^^II^l n H 'Ws? H 1^1 B| I H ,tji«, Ml fltic SstSMiL •< I, HT T^



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Celebrity perks As Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew said last week, sellers want celebrities or well-known and admired people as their customers. Some want TV stars, sportsmen and politicians to "endorse" their products. Others simply offer them perks because of who they are. We talk to two TV celebrities about

...and privileges [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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...and privileges By Lee Yin Luen VETERAN TCS actress Xiang Yun, 34, usually has trouble paying her cab fares. Cabbies simply refuse to accept her money. "They say they like to watch me on TV and would like to give me a free ride," she said. "But I usually insist

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Boys steal from kiddy machine [ARTICLE]

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Boys steal from kiddy machine BY Chan Seet Fun THEY were armed with a spanner, a cutter and screwdrivers in the wee hours. Their target: Two kiddy ride machines by a minimart. Their haul: Two hundred and twenty 20-cent coins, or $44. But the six teens who broke into the

Fined $500 each [ARTICLE]

Page 8

Fined $500 each THREE of the boys Lok Kok Hwee, 16, Lim Tze Huay, 16, and Ng Poh Siong, 17 pleaded guilty and were fined $500 each in the Subordinate Courts on Thursday. Their three accomplices were dealt with in the juvenile courts. Lok and Lim said they regretted doing

Swallowed condom to feed habit [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 9

Swallowed condom to feed habit Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng recently proposed harsher penalties for hard-core drug addicts, saying there was a strong link between drug addiction and crime. In Part One of a seven-part series on hard-core drug addiction, IVY ONG looks at how a small-time addict turned


Page 9

DANGEROUS METHODS SMUGGLERS like the method of smuggling adopted by Tan and his syndicate members because it is difficult to detect. But this method can be dangerous. Some smugglers have died when the condoms burst in their stomachs. Drug smugglers hide the drugs in many other ways: By land: In

Brain hunt nets friends [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 10

Brain hunt nets friends The finals of the Mensa Brain Hunt 1996 was held yesterday at the Liang Court auditorium. CHAN SEETFUN finds out that it wasn't all work and no play WHEN you join the Mensa Brain Hunt, you don't just test your brains. You make lots of friends,


Page 10

CONTEST THE semMlnals and finals of the Mensa Brain iwBIl hHd at Liang Court yesterday. It was to discover the "top brains In Singapore There were two categories one for cMMran andLTondM open category forthooe lSor older, liny Had to solve ptetme and word puzzles. Winners received trophies. The organised

Man found slabbed to death [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 11

Man found slabbed to death By( Chan Seet Fun THIS blood-stained van was parked near the body of a man who was stabbed to death early yesterday morning. The unidentified body was found lying face-down in a pool of blood at the foot of Block 93 Whampoa Drive near the


Page 12

Separated This is an extraordinary story of two disabled sisters, who were separated at birth and reunited 20 years later through the person who gave them away—their mother. CRISPINA ROBERT reports CHRISTINE and Ann have a lot in common. They have the same illness: Spinal muscular distrophy. They are both


Page 12

DISEASE They suffer from a wasting illness called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). It shrivels the limbs. The first warning: If baby is "floppy" and weak has hardly moved in the womb. The second warning: If baby can't crawl after six months. The cause is unknown, but SMA is hereditary. There's

Reunited [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Reunited THE visit was a total surprise. In 1984, their biological mother unexpectedly visited Christine. "Out of the blue, when Ann was away, my biological mother visited me at the home," said Christine, who had never met her before. Ann's foster parents had sent her to Thailand for treatment. The

Siblings fight fat together [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 13

Siblings fight fat together HE was 50 per cent overweight but lost 20 kg in two years, and is now the ideal weight for his size. What's more, Mohd Ismail, a student of Upper Aljunied Secondary School, become a role model for his overweight sister, Hamidah. He inspired her to

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TOUR WIFE WOULD LIKE YOU 10 STOP. Because you're breaking her heart... With worry that you will get one or more of the many With fear since studies have shown that the wife of a J| Help SOIDOOne smoker is up to 30% more likely to have a heart attack

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Major's mad cow stand too silly: MP [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 15

Major's mad cow stand too silly: MP If this member quits, party will lose its one-seat majority Fear stops British youth eating beef Almost half the 430 teenagers surveyed in a British study said they had stopped eating beef because of the scare over mad cow disease. The cattle disease

Students hit out at US role [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 16

Students hit out at US role Reuter SOUTH Korean riot police fired tear gas at students making an anti-American protest in Seoul yesterday. More than 3,000 students demanded an apology from the US for allowing the Kwangju massacre to happen 16 years ago. More than 100 demonstrators were arrested. There

Wedding party in train crash [ARTICLE]

Page 16

Wedding party in train crash Reuter AT least 22 people were killed yesterday when a passenger train crashed into a vehicle carrying a wedding party in north-east India. News agency Press Trust of India (PTI), which was monitored by the British Broadcasting Corporation in London, said 21 were killed on

Warlike words upset Pakistan [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 16

Warlike words upset Pakistan ISLAMABAD HITS OUT AT BJP GOVT Reuter PAKISTAN'S Foreign Minister has accused members of India's 12-day-old Hindu nationalist government of making threatening statements. "We cannot remain unconcerned," Mr AsefT Ahmad Ali told a news conference. "Soon after the formation of the government by (Prime Minister) Atal

r Clipping the wings of sex perverts I [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

r Clipping the wings of sex perverts I Like mother birds spreading their wings to keep their chicks safe from vultures and predators, various countries are waging war against sex perverts and offenders preying on their young. Here is a look at the measures adopted by five countries recently to

Untitled [ARTICLE]

Page 18

THE battle against child prostitution and child sex offenders is a tough one. Police and medical experts say there are a number of reasons for this. Among them: The role of organised crime syndicates in child prostitution. An official at an international conference on child offenders in Bangkok earlier this

Untitled [ARTICLE]

Page 18

IN Singapore, the Children and Young Persons Act is in force to protect the young against such sex perverts. It provides, among other things, for the prosecution of any person who commits any obscene or indecent act with a child or young person. Anyone found guilty can be fined $5,000

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Daily for lunch, Stevens Corner -<*dfl Coffee House will be promoting its spread of Vegetarian favourite. t" (Child), you can start your meal with a bowl of Double Boiled Winfl ter Melon w Snow Fungus or fwf Miso Shiru, thereafter feast on all time favourites such as Sauted Mock Prawns

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c SINGAPORE '—i *-1 *Mr VIDEO KARAOKE JOHN DENVER h N x s J °HN D En Er S sS I fl *h A LIVE CONCERT 5 YANNI AIR SUPPLY X 5 r^ f i WKp H A V •>. 5 4 < m st hts 3 4 Si f


Cockpit voice recorder found [ARTICLE]

Page 19

Cockpit voice recorder found EVERGLADES PLANE CRASH AFP. SEARCHERS have found the cockpit voice recorder from the ValuJet DC-9 that crashed in the Florida Everglades two weeks ago. The recorder had been sought because it had taped conversations in the cockpit between the pilots and crew moments before Flight 592

Celebrity short ribs in Sydney [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 19

Celebrity short ribs in Sydney SllOlt stakes: Actor Sylvester Stallone (right) introducing Hongkong star Jackie Chan (guess who's taller?) to a crowd of about s,ooopeople at the opening of the Planet Hollywood restaurant in Sydney, Australia, yesterday. The Sydney restaurant is the 32nd in the chain, which is backed by


Page 19

BACKGROUND THE ValuJet DC-9 had 104 passengers and five crew on board when it crashed on May 11. It was flying from Miami, Florida, to Atlanta, Georgia. Authorities said the plane experienced problems shortly after take-off. ValuJet is an aggressive, low-fare airline. It has had several safety problems during its

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Maritime job may not suit my daughter [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 21

Maritime job may not suit my daughter QMY daughter got an aggregate of 18 points for her O levels. She applied for the business course at a polytechnic but was not successful. She appealed for a place in Chemical Processing but again was not successful. Can she appeal again for

Banking course appeals to me [ARTICLE]

Page 21

Banking course appeals to me QI HAVE gained entry into the risk and insurance management course at Nanyang Polytechnic but its career prospects do not suit me. I would prefer the banking and financial course but my grades were not that good. Should I take other courses overseas after my


Page 21

CALL US CALL 1900-*****03 and leave your questions for Mr Wijey. You can listen to his earlier advice, too. Calls cost 30 cents a minute (an additional surcharge of 10 cents a minute for cardphone calls). This week's Q& A: Dreams for JC dashed Becoming a lawyer To study or

My English needs work [ARTICLE]

Page 21

My English needs work QI FAILED my English (E8) in my O levels. I scored A 2 for Mathematics, D for Science and Chinese, A 1 for History and C 6 for English Literature. I'm eligible for the three-year pre-university course and ITE courses. I do not wish to try

What's my chance for poly place? [ARTICLE]

Page 21

What's my chance for poly place? QIN my O-level results this year, I got 16 points for my LIR4 and I got into a three-year pre-university course. But I now wish to study at a polytechnic. I have appealed to two polytechnics for a place. Singapore Polytechnic has replied that

How can I get to university? [ARTICLE]

Page 21

How can I get to university? Q I RECENTLY finished my National Service and I plan to study. However, I did badly for my A levels and was unable to make it to NUS or NTU. What options are available for tertiary education besides going overseas? Is it possible to

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Do you have any questions regarding education? Write or fax your questions to Dear Mr Wijey ■T" The New Paper Wf* 390 Kim Seng Road Singapore *****5. Fax: 737-5375 Give us your name, address and telephone number. Call The New Paper Infoline, 1900-*****03. (Calls are charged at 30 cents a


'It means nothing to me' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 22

'It means nothing to me' Jazreel Low on the Best Performer trophy which Eric fVloo (right) gave her By Lee Yin Luen JAZREEL Low is not exactly thrilled that her ex-boyfriend Eric Moo has given her a prestigious trophy. "I don't know what it means. It means nothing to me,"

Best wasn't enough for Beatles [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 23

Best wasn't enough for Beatles By. Jessica Leow IT may be 34 years down the long and winding road, but Pete Best is still sore that he was kicked out of the Beatles. That's only because none of his bandmates took the trouble to break the news to him, he


Page 23

ROWDY LADS MR Allan Williams, who was here with Pete Best, regrets the day he let four rowdy Liverpool lads go. "If I'd known they were going to be so big, I'd have cleaned their shoes every day!" said Mr Williams, 63, who was the Beatles' first manager. He got

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so contrary During the photo shoot for this page, Teri Tan (why do Tans always seem to be named Teri?) Siew Cheng lost her balance on the sampan and fell, like an over-ripe jackfruit, into the sea. One moment she was the demure, dainty beauty, making like a beach resort

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Mission Cruises FOR producer Tom Cruise, Mission: Impossible has been accomplished. His challenge was to update the '60s TV series and draw audiences to the film. The result was hot. The movie grossed US$ll.7 million ($16.4 million) in its first two days of screening in the US, the biggest Tuesday/

What a blast from the past [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

What a blast from the past By. Jessica Leow THE Jackson 5 is back! I kid you not. "They" were the surprise guests that "showed up" at the All-4-One concert yesterday. With the help of outrageous, huge Afro wigs, the American rhythm and blues quartet transformed itself into the legendary

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Make it on your own [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 28

Make it on your own Etcetera WITH BERTHA HENSON THE richer get richer. For a long time, I have believed this. I do not mind the rich getting richer. They must have got there on their own steam in the first place. Singapore does not have a long enough history

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Page 29 Miscellaneous

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the new paper Bthe new paper fastads b Oriental Tl mm S i Restaurant nd ■J 3 No. 1 Maritime Square #02-138 Pi IHI Harbour Promenade World Trade Centre |BJ ■111 (next to Gateway Ave Expo Hall 3) pU ■|j T#l: 272 9158,1 li] Bt«*PepS!rSri!b{Kfl) J>- ti] Bn One wtwUo>t>b

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2050 Personal Services/ 1 Products I Ml I f- ■S/S6 EvJc IPS? aShM WBfigm fcHmfcMc*. "Skinear* that Nl Matt tames. ■*=> works for you" I—— 1 —y hcmpm**a§ uh *4 ttkcO•* MMrtMtfiallilli* urtliMt irliiri.wfwMwli wMiinniiM yaw tuflt* Oearwnfl Program tor oJy ■ttimi taMwci **>pronetodogoedpores IMM praaofet 1* «M tartmanl tor

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s f 2050 Personal Services/ Products s

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2050 Personal Service*/ Products MANDARIN SINGING LESSONS conducted by qualified instructors. Call *****021, Pg *****515. |j|-MATRIMONIAL jjj H COMMERCIAL H Q- PERSONAL H D- FINANCIAL CHECKS H M CHEATING FRAUDS O Original I ROLEX I watch— I 002 22. Highland Ctr I V-o Cho Kang (n**r Upper Strangoon Rd) I

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2090 Personal ServicesJ Products i personalised gym programme S*£& P ?Perf^r^t^iStion oy j"JoyVBE'E Fi«n«»»| Mf InTc^^fn^yenviZment 2200 Business Services/ Products All investigation matters handled with integrity, loyalty and commitment. Contact HARMON SINGH for an appointment. Direct: 7W6MW *****93 Pager *****000/ *****136 Office: 330-0370/ 3306-477 2570 Trovol Special L-iow Fares $299

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g 2090 Personal Services/ Products 2570 Travel An Educational Tour Whoro History Geography com* Fr0m%469 (oMt) $330 (<um). Take your whole family on a meaningful 3Days/2Nights Fly Cruise vacation this coming June holidays. Explore the Indonesian Archipelago and the grandeur of Krakatau, a still-active volcano aboard the Awani Dream, an

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2090 Psrsonal Services/ Products j 2570 Travel 2615 Lecturing Teaching Pooitions FULL/ PART TIME TEACHERS needed in Christian Childcare Centres: Telok Blangah Toa Payoh Serangoon North Tml: *****55 Student Care requires: Full-Time Teach English/ Maths/ Science Bilingual Yio Chu Hang area Tal. 461-6833 2624 Ait/Crootivo Pooitiono A Printing Company Requires:

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2090 Personal Services/ j Products 2570 Trevel A well established professional sound system company > requires: FEMALE SALES CO-ORDINA TOR I O Handles Sales enquiries j Bilingual in Mandarin k English j O Computer literate O 1 year experience O 5-1/2 day week n«M« call JoJo at Tel. *****40 for

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j 2090 Personal Services/ Products 2930 Seles Positions 6c/>art otf tie, tfaet f-ow'ty /wau&trp, CAaCpaa-r-ax€e>e> tfaet a</tnixce*re>/(£. CHALLENGER the largest computer Superstore in Asia and three other outlets in Changi Airport has various positions in SALES and POS. We are looking for FEMALE or MALE (must complete NS), applicants must

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2090 Personel Services/ Qagyli|A4g rroaucis ————i— 2930 Seles Positions

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2050 Personal Swvlom/ Products 2630 Salos Positions Established Pharmaceutical Co. ia seeking for MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVES Responsibilities To promote pharmaceutical product* to medical ctr. (private specialist) ft hospital Requirements: Min. GCE 0' or 'A' level or SRN Hardworking ft aelf motivated Both mala/ female applicants are welcome With or without experience

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2630 Salea Positions I iflLEiiO-ORKHNfITORS 2 Aga below 30/ GCE O/A' level/ Class 3 licence Relevant experience Processing of orders ml a Dealing with customers/ suppliers I SALES CLERKS Working experience preferred 4 A r BENEFITS: M wr Transport reimbursement Bonus m. Alternate Saturday off Staff welfare m W Medical

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2630 Solos Positions J bbsspspb" I Min. 1 yr. outdoor aalaa experience Amtxtious, matured and piaaaant personality Intaraatad. please call B *****85

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2330 Seles Positions **********55 m Our requirements: Age 21 years above Min. 3 GCE 'O' levels Benefits: High earnings Flexible working hours Building up own career Professional training provided Overseas convention opportunities For appointment pis. contact SUSAN or DARREN (pg. *****187) at 536 8286/ 536 829S ate itk A I

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2030 Sslss Positions Ftthion whol0tsl» Co. in Jurong roquirm SENIOR SALES EXECUTIVE Age 18 to 30 yrs. old. GCE '0' Level above Good communication •kills Bilingual in English/ Mandarin Ralavant experience preferred Responsible aggressive Ns offar: ft Medical banafits ft Attractive salary increment Interview: No. 2 Jurong last St. 21

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I ■—TT 2030 Customer Ssrvics Positions j j kutim rem c»n pue V>T\ Wa saak qualified applicants for: \j'\ CUSTOMER ll SERVICE dP\ EXECUTIVE n 1 Raquiramanb: SO Female aged between 18 to 28 years old O Pleasant personality and good command of English I O Friendly, persuasive and have

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2636 Customer SwS D /va >4 /v >> m r m mom 5 2648 Administrative/ i Clerical Positions FEMALE Ii: GENERAL CLERKS i ffsQuifvd ufpMt/y by 4 a SM» Cimdhf < Abt« to typ* I J* SH day «mk DIMM fill <• lwmm 296-8108 <►

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2633 Counter/ Telephone Salw Positions I HERE'S A GOOD LlttE TO BE ini We are the region's leading publisher and a strong player in multimedia. Circulation of our newspapers and magazines is up. So is advertising revenue. For you, all these present a great opportunity to join us in: YOUR

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2633 Counter/ TsUphonc Sales Positions ■I 2648 Administrative/ Clsrical Positions

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2633 Count**/ TiUphoM Saks Positions 1 2648 Administrates/ Clerical Positions International Freight Forwarder hat immediate vacancies tor 1. EXPORT CUSTOMER SERVICE COORDINATOR 3 Female Min. GCE 0' level Min. 1 yr. experience in tea freight export document processing and able to proceea Tradenet 3 Mutt be independent and aggressive in

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2648 AdminlstrativW 2646 Administrative 2648 Adminiatrativa/ Claricai Positions Clarical Positions Clarical Positions If youre Looking for a job here'dgood newj. If you're looking for a job, here's good news. We invite you to join the region's leading publisher of newspapers, magazines and periodicals as: Successful candidate will provide clerical and

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2648 Administrative/ Clerical Positions icßy 0 GCE 'O' or 'N' levels Computer Literate I 1 Knowtedseof I Inventor/ Control I Good Analytical Skill 0 Has a flair for fashion Interested parties, please call CONNIE at 47fi 6888 for an interview appointment We are located at: 1 DIP/CDS/COS GRADS up to

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2648 Administrative Claricai Positions 2048 Administrative Claricai Position* nr n Language Centre I DPI r 30, Orange Grove Road, I IILLU Singapore *****2 I 1 (Next to Shangri-La Hotel) GCE 'OVA' level passes Computer literate I Ability to type ifl Pleasant personality Completed NS for male applicants Starting salary negotiable.

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2648 Clerical Positions A well known large International Trading Company, part of a leading MNC Group urgently require: Will handle all recaption functions including EPABX, routing of correspondence etc. Should be familiar with MS Word. Candidates with '07 'N' level relevant experience may apply. Aae: Around 20. Prefer bright young

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2041 Administrative/ OmM Position# ADMK. AMUTAMT (Pan-Tim*) lukH Pm|*as Minimum GCE '07 'N' lavai To work indapandantty Ipm to 5.30pm 5 day* w—k KtMi Bonus, madical/ annual laava. TM Uppar Bt. Tknaii M 16km. PIMM eaN 7W7411 (S tin**) I Expanding Int'l Saa Fraight I Forwarding Co. raquiraa I 1)

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2648 Administrative Cloricai Positions Japanese import export co. near Tanjong Pagar MRT require*: ft Bilingual Min. GCE -0* level Ability to type Order ft ahipment procaaaing ft banc accounting Min. 1 year experience Intereated, pleaae call Stephanie at: 3232-616 foe interview ADMIN ASST. required Able to type PC literate With/

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2643 Cioricai PosMona Required bv an interna- >f tional freight forwarder £in Changi Cargo Complex. Interacted applicants, pleaee call Van at: 542-6133 A Female Clerics!/ Junior A Secretary A required by W service company. Interested, please cell A 6 293 1568 T 7 for interview m H Law Firm raquiraa:

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2661 ItiHrrfrfond AMiiuni rwnKHii A wall eetabliahed profeeaktnal sound system company require* FEMALE JR. SECRETARY Q Minimum '0' Isvsl with Credit in English Good typing skills Computer literate 3 1 yur sxperience 3 Bilingual in Mandarin ft English 5-1/2 day week Ws«n c*M JoJo at T*l. *****40 fm mpftoimtmant. We

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zoo 1 McrviiiY/rvftOfNii Assistant Positions Due to expansion, we require the following position: Good administration skills independent Chinese female below 35 years old Experience in essential Relevant qualification or certificate i 1 mth AWS variable bonus 516 days week Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to Ipm J

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2661 Assistant Positions' 2654 Technical Positions

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1 2664 Tschnirsl Positions Packaging machinery company requires *H3T3II"jM AiWiuMWMiVI |X| |X| Result oriented attitude hB Preferably with Polytechnic Diploma or NTC in Electrical, Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical Applicants without former qualification but who HI has automation experience will be considered g, Possess driving licence Please call Miss Teo 285-5166 I Construction

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2654 Technical Position* 2657 Production Positions Electronic Company requires Minimum GCE '0' level Experienced in supervisory and semi-conductor Bam Bpm (Day) Bpm-Bam (Night) 12 hours 2 days work. 2 days off GCE 0' level Knowledge of production control 5 days week Knowledge of PC Bilingual in English and Mandarin Salary

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m Dnalfln *000 Mcurny rofuioni J SUPERVISORS/ CASHIERS needed at Pasir Panjang I GUARDS needed at Clamenti, River Valley ft Jurong I Ml Mary/ Rina at *****38/ *****28 2669 Claanar Positions ——in I laafliiUipißH I required in Serangoon I or Potong Pasir I Pl*, pg. *****038 2672 Daspatch/Dalivary Positions J—L,

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2672 D*sp«tch/D«itv«ry PmWoim f W We are the retailer of branded fashion leather goods exclusively from Europe USA, looking for: completed N. S. basic spoken English Possess Class 3 driving licence (for Driver post) BENEFITS alternate Saturday off productivity bonus staff purchase discount medical hospitalisation benefits APPLY PERSONALLY TODAY TO

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2672 Dtipitcli/Dtlivtry rotnioni 2683 Part-TimW Tamp. Positions I WANTED URGENTLY VARIOUS TALENTS ft CHARACTERS Models. New Faces. All Ages, Heights Races H welcome Job Castings available for: ■TV Film, Commercials Photographic work, Corporate Videos. Press ads, Brochures, Catalogues Fashion Showings 348 (2) North Canal Roed For eppointmente cell TEL: 536

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2675 Drivw/Tmnport Positions "»*i.- V V With A Class 3 Licence, Be Our SBS Leisure Pte Ltd, a Benefits: ■■MHMBfIHBfiHNIHHHHHHH subsidiary of Singapore Free travel on all SBS BuS Servi f e 7B) ,d ,s X f* ndl "5 n, leiiure k uses transportation. We are looking for keen and

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2675 Drivwr/Transport Positions 2689 Othar Positions A larga estab lagal firm haa immad. vacancy for RtCCmOMST/TfLVHONi OPIATOH Must be able to converse in Mandarin GCE '0' level Interested applicants, pis. ring Mrs SriSgrt Yap at S3S4SS3 for an appt. or writa in with personal particulars li contact no. to: TMC

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2678 Dvfvw/Tranaport m a ,«at rosmons 2689 Othar Positions I Wall Establishad Marina ft I I Construction co. requires AOMIN GENERAL !> 9 CLERK X I! I. Min GCE 'N* or 'O* level Ij I I. I* Ability to type <, 1 1 1 Knowledge of PC I I Slliry

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2678 Dfffvw/TrMMpoft rotiiiofw 2700 Education S^ows^tsim IAU-OTTAA Mmowato TWA—NO CtMTHI Standard Morning Ctua MM Standard Evening Cla*. 2MIN Foreign students can ipply rsMS^it^pcfSin Intensive courtM or regular leeeons conduct #d in group or individual. Cone— faea $M Mwinh. Enrol now to enjoy 20% discount on purchasing of guitars. Kindly reaitter

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2700 Education (7-month court*) covering Business English, Office Practice end Word Processing. •tarts TOO AY S.SOpw. NO BfTWY QUALIFICATIONS 299-1829 REX COMMERCIAL SCH 1-MTH. HOUDAY PROGRAMME BEGINNERS COURSES: VI Mon.-Fri. 10-12 noon 2VI Frt. 8 10pm ill VI Mon.-Fri. 10am. 12pm. 11/1 Tuee. 8 10pm Noon clwn avail, too HOUQANQ

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LEARN 11| FORM SUCCE4I Providing you wi i an the widest range courses and programmes. Appearing every fi i Hi and third Monday HE the month, in HI The Straits Turn Classified. CATA

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MRUk Unaerie Booklet J Get June's HER WORLD now! AvaHabto it Newsstands STOP PRESS Idtsks Times the Bookshop Kinokumyi MPH NIUC Supiniaiteti 7-Btm CiM Stmgi SMI Em CiKti Mobil SPC BP Singapore Press Holdings


Comeback king crumbles [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 42

Comeback king crumbles FINAL RESULTS Indonesia 5 Denmark 0 Joko Suprianto bt Poul-Erik Hoyer-Larsen 18-14,15-8 Ricky Subagdja/Rexy Mainaky btjon Christensen/Jim Laugesen 15-5, 15-7 Heryanto Arbi bt Thomas Stuer-Lauridsen 158,15-8 Rudy Gunawan/ Bambang Suprianto bt Henrik Svarrer/Michael Sogaard 15-7, 14-18,15-9 Allan Budi Kusuma bt Peter Rasmussen 15-9,15^ Malay Mail and Reuter.

Hockey players revolt [ARTICLE]

Page 42

Hockey players revolt Wire services. PAKISTANI hockey is in crisis after 24 players revolted against the management and refused to appear in trials for the Atlanta Olympics. The players demanded the immediate removal of team manager Mudassar Asghar, coach Mansoorul Hassan and the selection committee. The players said they would

'What a load of rubbish' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 43

'What a load of rubbish' HONGKONG INVITATION 0 ENGLAND 1 (Ferdinand 35th min) Wire services. DISAPPOINTED fans jeered England as it wound up its Euro '96 preparations with a lack-lustre 1-0 victory over a Hongkong Invitation XI. The winner was scored by Newcastle striker Les Ferdinand with a 35th minute

Scots humbled by under-rated US [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 43

Scots humbled by under-rated US AFP. SCOTLAND crashed to a humiliating 2-1 defeat against the United States, a result which could have serious repercussions on team morale coming so close to Euro '96. Steve Sampson's United States team delighted an 8,526 holiday crowd in Connecticut and clinched its historic first-ever


Page 43

SCORELINE Wire services. Results of yesterday's international sports: BASKETBALL NBA Western Conference finals: Seattle 88 Utah 86. GOLF British PGA 3rd rd: 205 Mark McNulty (Zim) 68,68,69, Costantino Rocca (Ita) 69, 67, 69; 206 Paul Lawrie (Gbr) 73, 65,68; 208 Eduardo Romero (Arg) 71,69,68, Paul Curry (Gbr) 68,71,69, Nick Faldo

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f f I Your reward: a limited edition Swatch and a trip to the Olympic Games in Atlanta. JUMr jml' I I v I IFUVBNXOTBHSKILL. jwl BOBBEAMON I jjjj I Organised by: JL Atlanta 19%. [jgjgm suuctch'n official timekeeper uttui&JHi Contest details in your copy of The New Paper on

Marco's moment of magic [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 44

Marco's moment of magic BALESTIERCENTRAL 1 (Marko Kralievic. 53rd min) CEYLANC UNITED FC 0 fm91.3 The New Paper Sportsfile on NTUC Radio Heart 91.3. From Monday to Friday at 8.15 am. Check it out. Stories/] Ernest Luis COACH Robin Chan calls it the goal that saved Balestier's S-League title hopes.

Hamid doing fine [ARTICLE]

Page 44

Hamid doing fine GEYLANG midfielder Iranian Hamid Reza Estili is expected to be discharged from hospital today after two nights under observation. Hamid, 29, was warded at Toa Payoh Hospital after he complained of dizziness and difficulty in breathing during Saturday's 1-0 loss to Balestier Central at the Toa Payoh

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Tiger Beer serie^^^^^ mmmm^mmmm mm—Q n the n^erne j http//webl .asial Catch the S League action close up with PRAKTIGA 1 Compact Lightweight High quality rubycoated lenses Suitable for day and night use JilL Bringing you closer to the home team! Sole Agent: Available at leading photo dept stores


Page 45

Woodlands: All OK WOODLANDS WELLINGTON 2 (Jan lanostak. 46th min. 90th) SEMBAWANC RANGERS 0 //as Woodlands Wellington finally got rid of its internal problems? The Rams' return to the top of the table of the Tiger Beer Series certainly suggests so, says JEFFREYLOW. Adults: $6 Children: $2 On match-days: Tickets

Terminator at last [ARTICLE]

Page 45

Terminator at last FOR a striker who is variously called Robocop, Terminator and a one-man destruction machine, Jan Janostak certainly seems a slow-starter. While all his foreign counterparts were racing ahead in the top-scorers' list, poor Janostak hardly lived up to his reputation as the Malaysian League's second best goalpoacher

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M s>~ Tiger Beer serie^^^^^ ——mmmmm On the Internet: http7/webl asia 1 com sg/sleague

Police: Not so good [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 46

Police: Not so good SAF FC 3 (Velimir Criien. 23rd min: Said Salim. 25th. 68th) POLICE 2 (Samawira Basri. 18th: NaharDaud 19th) At the start of the second round, Police FC was sitting on top of the S-League table. But three straight defeats have seen it drop to fourth place.


Page 46

THE BRAZILIAN CONNECTION ARE the Dragons over-reliant on their foreign stars, the Brazilians? "No, I don't think so," says manager Jita Singh. "Indeed, this is a team game. Everyone has played his role. But the presence of the Brazilians is a tremendous influence on the team. "Look at how Samawira

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p w D L F A Pts I.WOODLANDS 10 6 1 3 17 14 19 2. GEYLANG 10 6 0 4 18 10 18 3. BALESTIER 10 5 2 3 15 11 17 4. POLICE FC 10 4 2 4 17 17 14 5. SAF FC 10 4 1 5

Baggio moves China


Page 47

THE FEVER IS ON IN SHANGHAI Reuter. TICKETS for the match cost 30-100 yuan ($5.60 $16.80) and are expected to fetch several times more on the black market. Many are cashing in on Baggio fever. One firm is selling 3,000 "Mr World Football Roberto Baggio souvenir gold cards" at 200


Page 47

SHENHUA v AC MILAN Reuter. FANS mobbed Italian soccer superstar Roberto Baggio as he arrived with his team, AC Milan, in Shanghai on Saturday. But match organisers want the World Cup hero to keep a low profile. "We will have to restrict his activities in Shanghai," said one of them.

Luck fate or what [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 1

Luck fate or what home Rllll Picture/ CHflfl CHWfcft HlIA

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A LAW OF REAL property Law of Real Property H We will instruct you on the finer points properties 12. Law of Controct and Tort H Australia/China/London/Malaysia New Zealand. 3. Law ot Agency This will be held at our new Permanent Exhibition Centre 4. Law of Landlord and Tenant I