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New Paper, 12 July 1989


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL16870


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the new paper WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 1989 MO (P) 36/4/89 50 CENTS the new paper

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SELAMAT HARI RAYA Wo wish our Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. We will not publish tomorrow because of the public holiday. See you on Friday HOME AND WORK <r*v Quality and upgrading./ Paget 10 and 11 Desperation and hope./ Page 2 Soccer violence erupted at the National Stadium in


Beijing bid to woo tourists back [ARTICLE]

Page 2

Beijing bid to woo tourists back By Lois Ng REPORTING FROM BEIJING A PUBLIC relations drive to woo tourists back to China begins in Beijing today. A meeting for 400 tourist agents the world over has been called. The country's tourism chief Mr Bo Xicheng is to talk to them

They want to come [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 2

They want to come THOUSANDS of people from Hongkong want to come to Singapore. More than 20,000 Hongkongers yesterday besieged a Singapore immigration booth to take advantage of relaxed immigration rules. The new rules, announced on Monday, allow applicants over the next five years the option of becoming permanent residents

Group claims Mecca blasts [ARTICLE]

Page 2

Group claims Mecca blasts A PREVIOUSLY unknown group calling itself the "Angry Arab Generation" has claimed responsibility for two explosions in Mecca that killed one person and injured 16 on Monday night. "We declare responsibility for the explosions in Mecca and Jeddah, and consider that this is merely a warning

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Page 2

Li BUFFET^ JS/ dinner Promotion Period: From Ist 29th July 1989 f JL>?l j\ Business Hoars: From 7pm 10pm S•. /:Jf n/\t j v': Boasted Peking Duck p^flfrm 0 Roasted Spring Chicken vJrN. J7 IKjD Hong Kong Style Dian Xin n! 1 TTiai Style Desserts Jbw J 1 J Over

Page 2 Miscellaneous

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Page 2

THE WEATHER WEATHER outlook from noon: Showers over a few areas. Max temp: 32 deg C. Min: 24 deg C. Sunset: 7.16 pm. Sunrise 7.04 am.


Park and pedal to office [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 3

Park and pedal to office Sales of bikes are rising as some motorists opt for a new way of getting into the CBD without buying an area licence. Fold-up bikes seem to be the current fad. Will park-and-pedal become a way of life? LIM PHAY-LING also talks to an executive

Wheels that save you money [ARTICLE]

Page 3

Wheels that save you money DEPARTMENT store executive Spencer Lau has found a healthy way to beat the high cost of driving to work. He also saves money as he doesn't have to pay for an area licence to get into Orchard Road. Mr Lau, 36, cycles to work. No

Sound of music by computers [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 4

Sound of music by computers TWO computers are going to stage a concert this weekend. For the two-hour Synthecom '89 show, the Singapore Conference Hall will look more like a computer laboratory. There will be 12 speakers and an array of sound and light mixers, video and slide projectors. The

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Page 4

7 How computers will mate tho music at NUS ooncsrt A Zoomtuhniwd gk TH» teund —A BoHSowdWni T)» Sound Mbgrta A AHmrtHiwpond v V W MkMbta wi**d» W rtnUfcwousfy nimlKlto BninltliMadtoUoN SouvJMxar. AmfMm(4)and toSomJMn SpMtoriiC)j j r mmR /gII ©jH»ara j 5// AUD'ENCE >/ $100,000 brains: 7Vo huge PCs with


Fun at 20th birthday party [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 6

Fun at 20th birthday party By Lawrence Low B RING the house down. That was the name of the .unscheduled fun that took 'place at yesterday's National University of Singapore Faculty of Architecture and Building's games day. Eggs, flour and packets of water were thrown about when the games ended

Parade pointers — from sleep to snacks [ARTICLE]

Page 6

Parade pointers from sleep to snacks NATIONAL DAY1 989 HERE comes a National Day alert. Go to bed. If you are a pupil taking part in the Aug 9 parade, the Education Ministry says that you should get at least eight hours of sleep the night before. Your principal is

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Page 7

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NUH discouraging new eye surgery [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

NUH discouraging new eye surgery By Chitra Rajaram YOU are short-sighted. You go for an operation. You come out long-sight-ed. This has happened to one out of every four short-sighted persons who underwent the eye operation known as radial keratotomy, according to a US study. Fearing such a trend in

Churches and art galleries for 16 days [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

Churches and art galleries for 16 days By Griselda Loo THERE is an art in planning visits to ancient churches and art galleries. Especially when you do it in 16 days and the sites are spread all over Italy and London. Twenty-five art teachers found that out recently. "Every morning

Wimbledon at Bukit Turf Club [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

Wimbledon at Bukit Turf Club By Trudy Lim SPORTS fans were cheering away at the Bukit Turf Club on Sunday night. But they were not rooting for their favourite horse, but their favourite tennis player. The Derby Sports Bar and Restaurant had an all-tennis night. About 15 television sets showed


Page 8

GLOSSARY THESE words appear in our stories today. The following notes will help in case you need to check their meanings. aspirations: Ambitions or desires to do something. brood: Think deeply about something, silently and privately and often with strong feelings of bitterness or revenge. griped: Complained about something. hot

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Page 9

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The office of the future [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 10

The office of the future Better homes and better workplaces are in store for Singaporeans. Even better, no one has to move out while improvements are being made. We describe in this page and the next page how it is possible to renovate with almost no dust or disruption to


Page 10

EASY COME, EASY GO IT'S the year 2010. As you sit at your table in the office, there is activity all around. The office is being upgraded. New furniture is brought in and old tables are moved out Extra computer terminals are being plugged in, and more efficient electronic equipment

New look for old HDB flats [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 11

New look for old HDB flats By Loh Tuan Lee IT used to be a fight every morning for the single toilet in Mr Abdul Rahim's fourroom HDB apartment. But the problem will soon be solved. An extra toilet is going to be installed in his home. Mr Rahim is

A new wave in public housing [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 11

A new wave in public housing p A P| I AiifSMT dramatic plan to improve the quality of life for rmUIIIVKII I HDB residents was unexpectedly unveiled in Parliament yesterday. Ministers and MPs also discussed the plight of illegal workers and the future of Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Illegals may get last chance [ARTICLE]

Page 11

Illegals may get last chance Foreign Affaire Minister Wong Kan Seng told Parliament the Government is "considering a once and for all solution that will give all Thai and other offenders a last chance to leave without punishment". Mr Wong was replying to Mr Abdullah Tarmugi (Siglap) who asked about

PM to remain in Cabinet [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 11

PM to remain in Cabinet THE man most likely to succeed Mr Lee Kuan Yew as Prime Minister said Mr Lee would remain a Cabinet minister after stepping down. First Deputy Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong said this in reply to questions from Non-Constituency MP Dr Lee Siew Choh. Mr

Bill on CPF payment for education passed [ARTICLE]

Page 11

Bill on CPF payment for education passed A BILL allowing Central Provident Fund savings to be used to pay for higher education in Singapore was passed by Parliament yesterday. In all, four bills were passed and three new bills introduced. CENTRAL Provident Fund (Amendment No 2) allows CPF savings for


US weapon buying plan to save $58 b [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

US weapon buying plan to save $58 b Wire services. US Defence Secretary Richard Cheney has unveiled plans to streamline Pentagon's system of buying weapons. This is expected to help save about $58 billion over the next five budget years. A key recommendation in the Cheney review, endorsed by President

5 accused of insider trading in $1.6 m US suit [ARTICLE]

Page 12

5 accused of insider trading in $1.6 m US suit Wire services. A FORMER Merrill Lynch stockbroker in New York, his mother and three others have been accused of insider trading by using tips from advance copies of Business Week magazine. The civil suit, filed in a New Haven, Connecticut,

Bush backs reforms in Eastern bloc countries [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

Bush backs reforms in Eastern bloc countries Wire services. PRESIDENT George Bush has arrived in Hungary from Poland and pledged to give full backing for political and economic reform in Eastern bloc countries. "I salute the leaders of Hungary. And I salute the reforms and changes that are taking place

World mourns death of Laurence Olivier [ARTICLE]

Page 12

World mourns death of Laurence Olivier Wire services. THE acting world mourned the death yesterday of Laurence Olivier, and theatres lowered their flags and doused their lights for an hour. Queen Elizabeth sent condolences to the Olivier family, who were at his bedside when he died peacefully at home, aged

14-year-old mum smothers crying baby to death [ARTICLE]

Page 12

14-year-old mum smothers crying baby to death Wire services. A 14-YEAR-OLD mother smothered her month-old son with a diaper because she was "tired of the baby". The unmarried mother, who was not identified, was charged in a Chicago juvenile court yesterday with murder. The girl was visiting the baby's paternal

'Two-system policy will benefit HK, others' [ARTICLE]

Page 13

'Two-system policy will benefit HK, others' Wire services. COMMUNIST Party chief Jiang Zemin said China's one country-two systems policy would benefit Hongkong, Britain and other countries, Xinhua news agency said. Mr Jiang told a visiting group from Hongkong that the principle was in line with the fundamental needs of the

Let-off for Soviet students [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 13

Let-off for Soviet students Wire services. SOVIET students are to be let off part of their military service or allowed to postpone it to allow them to finish their studies, Prime Minis- ter Nikolai Ryzhkov told the Supreme Soviet yesterday. Mr Ryzhkov's announcement in the Supreme Soviet, the inner parliament,

Dog bites off baby's head [ARTICLE]

Page 13

Dog bites off baby's head Wire services. A PET dog bit off the head of a sleeping three-week-old baby, police said yesterday. The dog a giant deerhound was killed after its owners found the body of their son on the living room couch. The parents said they heard no sound

Palms dance to music [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 13

Palms dance to music DiSCO palms: Dancing's a breeze to them, with the right music. Tom Flaherty of Gemmv Industries, Irving, Texas, plays a cassette to show how palm trees sway to music at an exhibition in Chicago. Picture/ Ap

Green algae invades Italy [ARTICLE]

Page 13

Green algae invades Italy Wire services. TONS of slimy, green algae foam have appeared along Italy's northern Adriatic beaches, news reports said. Representatives from eastern coastal regions asked the environment minister yesterday for help in fighting the pollution. "For the present emergency, it is necessary to approve the 53-billion-lire ($7B-mil-lion)

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HERE'S SOMETHING TO GET ALL YOU "SWATCHIES" IN THE CREATIVE FIELD WHIPPING OUT THE SKETCH PADS IN A HURRY: THE DESIGN YOUR SWATCH CONTEST. WATCH OUT. SWATCH'S IN. Open to all companies and institutions interested in design, the contest poses M T the challenge of translating your perception of the


On the waterfront [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 14

On the waterfront Deserted dock: A lone cyclist crosses a bridge in the deserted docklands on the Humberside in Leeds. British dockworkers went on strike yesterday protesting against the scrapping of the old system which assured them jobs for life. Picture/ Afp

Malaysians working in Taiwan 'tricked' [ARTICLE]

Page 14

Malaysians working in Taiwan 'tricked' Wire services. MORE than 12,000 Malaysians are working illegally in Taiwan and they say they had been tricked into going there by attractive job offers. They are working in restaurants, hotels, at construction sites and in small and medium industries, the Malaysian newspaper, The Star,

Row over Britain's biggest takeover battle [ARTICLE]

Page 14

Row over Britain's biggest takeover battle Wire services. A $41 BILLION takeover battle for BAT Industries, the tobacco, insurance, retailing and paper group, has broken out in London. Financier Sir James Goldsmith joined forces with Mr Jacob Rothschild and Mr Kerry Packer, the Australian media tycoon, to launch the offer.



Page 14

London Wire services. LONDON shares shot up to post-October 1987 crash highs yesterday morning as the biggest ever bid for a British company was launched £13 billion for BAT Industries. The Financial Times 30share index rose 30.2 points to close at 1,850.3. The 850 pence per share offer, rejected by


Page 14

Tokyo Reuter. SHARE prices opened firmer on the Tokyo Stock Exchange today. Gains on Wall Street overnight, stable currency rates and clues that US interest rates may be declining prompted investors to continue yesterday's buying. The key 225-share Nikkei index firmed 65.68 points to 33,812.45 in 10 minutes after rising

INDICES/Closing prices [ARTICLE]

Page 14

INDICES/Closing prices FT Industrials Tue 1,850.30 (1,820.10) Dow Jones Average Tue 2,514.61. (2,502.66) ST Industrial Tue 1,346.17 (1,345.40) NST Industrial Tue 2,340.94 (2,337.21) Hongkong Hang Sang Tue 2,485.85 (2,439.20) Australian All Ordinaries Tue 1551.80 (1,536.90) Nikkei Stack Average Tue 33,746.77 (33,676.02) Figure* in brackets refer to thoee of the previous


Page 14

New York Wire services. WALL Street stock prices moved higher yesterday as the market extended its advance for a sixth straight session. The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials rose 11.95 to close at 2,514.61. Advancing issues outnumbered declines by about eight to five on the New York Stock Exchange,

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Page 15

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Page 15 Miscellaneous

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Page 15

nr> t I' television s hf|f' A SPRIGHTIy old lady runs Kk A BRITISH Secret Service Agent ]j SSJJE?* ?f W.' into a hitman and joins him in a tries to take his own life but survives. Wildcats, pine lucrative partnership in crime. He is sent to a retirement home



Page 16

WACKY WIMBLEDON DEATH threats and dress-code dramas. strikes and Sunday double headers. Wacky weather and scalper scandals. Mad Mac and Mac the Nice. It all added up to one ofthe weirdest Wimbledons in years. AP w IMBLEDON, the tournament of tradition, turned out to be very untraditional. When the fortnight

English lament on an international event [ARTICLE]

Page 16

English lament on an international event VIEW FROM THE HOME TURF By Gill Culver and Barbara Pee ONCE a year, global attention is focused on the All England Tennis Club. As the affluent, leafy village of Wimbledon unfolds to reveal its unexpectedly cosmopolitan nature, the Wombles must take a back



Page 17

The Accused HK-style By Vivien Chiong HOT on the heels of The Accused comes the Hongkong film Vengeance is Mine (midnight at Eng Wah cinemas tonight). The second Hongkong rape movie to cash in on the publicity generated by The Accused (the first was Law or Justice which played here

Waltzing to a new tune [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

Waltzing to a new tune By Ting Mei See E I IGHT couples will show off their fancy footwork this Friday in the first locally-choreo-graphed Ballroom Formation performance. Ballroom Formation, which is common at international ballroom dancing competitions, is being introduced here by the Steven and Vivien Dance Studio. It

Angela enjoys challenges [ARTICLE]

Page 18

Angela enjoys challenges ANGELA Woo likes challenges and presenting herself on stage. That is why she takes part in beauty contests. "I enjoy the challenge of going on stage and getting through the contest heats. Everytime I make the finals, I feel a sense of achievement." The Miss Singapore World

3,000 Singaporeans to fast for Africans [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 18

3,000 Singaporeans to fast for Africans By Adeline Woon THREE thousand Singaporeans are going without food on July 29. It is part of a 30-hour fast organised by World Vision. Participants will skip three main meals in an attempt to raise $300,000 for famine relief in Africa. The 30-hour famine

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Page 17

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Page 18

The 16 Finalists of The Miss Singapore World Beauty Pageant will be featured in our pin-up page on alternate weekdays from July 10 to August 14. A mil line-up will appear on August 16. All you need to do is to pick the contestant whom you think will be crowned

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Page 19

'■*jjpr j+J 4*9 UjA 4* |-'T» v ~v *^^vm %■■>*i£!iLti*'•• •w'sHB HHBi^b" 1 -«> iji*\ fjjf jjj < MSK^3^Hm^bi7^9HI


Crowds swing to High Frequency [ARTICLE]

Page 20

Crowds swing to High Frequency By Ng Sook Fun HIGH Frequency, the band playing at Hilton's Loimge, really lives up to its name. On their first night, they were told to tone down their music because it filtered into the reception area and guests could not hear the reception staff.

Popstar Sudirman to go international [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 20

Popstar Sudirman to go international By Vivien Chiong THE things a man will do to win a girl's heart Malaysian popstar Sudirman Haji Arshad tore a ligament while trying to impress Singapore's Anita Sarawak. That happened on a beach in Port Dickson when the two were filming a music video


Page 20

QUICKTAKES FRIGHT NIGHT II (Cathay Marina 1) A HORROR comedy. Regine, played by Julie Carmen, is out to avenge the death of her vampire brother who was killed by Charley (William Ragsdale) and Peter (Roddy McDowell) in Fright Night. Time: Cathay: 11 am, 1.30, 4, 6.30, 9.15 pm Marina 1:

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Page 20

THE BOOK OF INGREDIENTS Everything you need to know about fruits, vegetables, cheeses, sugars, chicken, pasta, 146/12/89 Times The BookshopjP[^^^|


'I'm spoilt, nobody likes me' [ARTICLE]

Page 21

'I'm spoilt, nobody likes me' Dear Aggie, I am a spoilt brat who gets everything I want. I go to a private school and nobody likes me. I sit all alone in class, have no friends and have to fight because I often get teased. Once, I ended up tearing


Page 21

DEAR AGGIE AGGIE will give advice every Wednesday in this paper. Questions Aggie can't answer will be put to other experts such as doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists. Write to Dear Aggie, The New Paper, 390 Kim Seng Road, Singapore 0923. You must give your name and address. But The New

I want to talk to Ambitious Girl [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 21

I want to talk to Ambitious Girl Dear Aggie, I read about the ambition of Ambitious Girl (June 28). I would like to get in touch with her. I find her "crazy idea'* absolutely wonderful. I love the idea though, as you said, the idea isn't very feasible. I would

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Page 22 Miscellaneous

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Page 22

WEDNESDAYRADIO COMICRELIEF EHiMSIM |SBHi Curry-Pllff/Raymond Lee NOON Newt la Brtof (Programmes in Mandarin) Haji /tma utTX 12 05 H *£T Light iMtn w HmJ^CYou time listening pleasure. 12.50 Merket Report J/ 1.00 New* aad Weatker Report „LV J> ty*" /->. L^lK,—/=S |> —■—/OUB 1.15 Laeckdete (continued) (Programmes in English) fj

Page 23 Miscellaneous

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Page 23

COMICREUEF WEDNESDAYRADIO Orchard Road/conn Goh EBUQZIHEMIi NOON Oaad Mask, C««M*y NOON Nawtdatk Noon-time musical entertain- 12 30 Off the Shelf BEOfMUfc TttS WE» id 1 -imiE THIN6S HE Hflb bin imfit "MEI weeeß I..W* ewdcncz comb I f rU 12.45 Caaatry Style ORCMRb ROAh Nrtlß HOtICU) BEFoRE... mvAn drill out



Page 24

YOUR GUIDE TO TODAY'S ACTION ►COTOESttGE I —~X EMMANUEL AT CHAMBER l^~J1 ORCHESTRA The orchestra consists of amateur and professional musicians and students, all of whom have come together to play and promote music. It will present Water Music in F by Handel, A Piano Concerto in Bb Major by


Page 24

DON'T MISS: CENTRESTAGE: Emmanuel Chamber Orchestra NIGHTLIGHTS: Hawaiian Paradise FOOD: Arabic Night COMING UP: San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra


Page 24

TEMASEK CULTURAL SHOW See a Chinese opera, a kavadi carrier and a Malay wedding all in one sitting. Then pose with a python, participate in magic shows and do the ronggeng. You can do all this at the Temasek Cultural Show designed to showcase Singapore's multi-racial society. Complementing this is


Jonsson set to join Forest [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 25

Jonsson set to join Forest TRANSFER TALES Wire services. ICELANDIC international Siggi Jonsson is poised to snub English champion Arsenal and sign for Nottingham Forest for around £400,000 (1.25 million). The 22-year-old Sheffield Wednesday midfielder is reported to be taken by the idea of an automatic first-team place at the

Elektra is electrifying [ARTICLE]

Page 25

Elektra is electrifying RACING... DENNIS CH1A ELEKTRA, a first-up winner last week, should prove too good for his Class Four rivals at Ipoh this week. The Swift Gun mare has improved further judging by her trackwork on a good track at Ipoh this morning when hard held to clock

Patricia fights to get fit [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

Patricia fights to get fit 1987 Sea Games gold medalist Patricia Kim is worried. She is in bad shape, literally. She has become overweight while studying in the United States. She has one month to rediscover her form. Can she do it? ALFONSO CHAN finds out Y OU wouldn't call

Diego for Marseille? [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 26

Diego for Marseille? Reuter. DIEGO Maradona wants to leave Napoli for French champion Marseille, according to a Brazilian newspaper report published yesterday. Maradona told 0 Globo that he wanted to move for f family reasons. "I don't want to deprive my daughter Dalma of a happy life, like living in

Argentina is favourite [ARTICLE]

Page 26

Argentina is favourite South America Cup Reuter, AFP. BRAZIL and Argentina, World Cup winners past and present, meet for the first time since 1984 in Rio de Janeiro today in the South American Championship. The Argentines, captained by Diego Maradona, are slight favourites. They reached the final round unbeaten and


Page 26

SCORELINE Wire Services. RESULTS of yesterday's international sports: CRICKET English County Championship At Kidderminster: Leics 180 and 80 (S McEwan 6-34); Worcs 245 (S Rhodes 73 n.0.) and 16-0. Worcs bt Leics by 10 wkts. At Swansea: Essex 174 end 213-2 dec (B Hardie 101 n.0.); Glamorgan 65 (D Pringle


Page 27

Hamzah blasted KALLANG CHAOS Stories/ S Gulam KELANTAN will make a complaint about the referee Hamzah Sebot to the Football Association of Malaysia and ask for a replay of last night's game. This was stated by its assistant team manager Tengku Makram. "He (the referee) was deadwood," said a furious

'It was a clean goal' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 27

'It was a clean goal' KELANTAN striker Razali Rashid denied that he had handled the ball while scoring the goal that was disal- lowed and led to a fracas last night "It was a clean goal," said the former Singapore player. "I chested the ball from the long cross by


Page 28

CRIMES OF KELANTAN SINGAPORE 1 KELANTAN 0 KALLANG CHAOS Jeffrey Low M I Y, oh, my...The infamous East Coast temper flew off its handle again. And this time, at the height it, the poor men in black became the objects of hatred. For better or for worse, it was unfortunate

Borhan, Mani save linesman from further assault [ARTICLE]

Page 28

Borhan, Mani save linesman from further assault By S Gulam THE linesman who faced the wrath of Kelantan last night was probably saved from further humiliation by some Singapore players. A shaken S Krishnamoorthy said during the interval: "...if not for the Singapore players, I think I would have been

Johor fans on the rampage [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 29

Johor fans on the rampage LARKIN LAMENT Stories/ Abdul Shukor Football hooliganism reared its ugly head again last night, when nearly 500 Johor supporters stormed into the field after its 2-1 loss to Kedah last night at the Larkin Stadium in Johor Bahru. The target of the crowd was Selangor

'We will protest' [ARTICLE]

Page 29

'We will protest' JOHOR manager Datuk Suleiman Mohamed Noor was incensed at what he called "unprofessional" refereeing in yesterday's game. "It is a shame that in this semi-pro league the referee is still not up to standard. I know Johor could be fined for this but I'm making an official

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Page 30

Ref-bashing time Kelantan players, Johor fans assault refs Rtf mm ltd: Referee Hamiah goes down crashing... end then cornea down on Kelan tan's Robby Darwia, sending him off in yeeterdav'a Malaysia Cup game at the National Stadium

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Page 30

Referee-bashing broke out on both sides of the Causeway last night. While Malacca referee Hamzah Sebot was being assaulted by Kelantan players at Kallang, his Selangor counterpart Clement Ambrose was being manhandled by Johor fans at Jalan Larkin. And there to capture the big bash were The New Paper's writers