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New Nation, 6 March 1976


Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL8658


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NewNation SINGAPORE Saturday March 6, 1976 No 1581 Price 20 cents M C. (P) 428/76 SATURDAY, MARCH 6, 1976

A great surprise, says Mahathir [ARTICLE]

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A great surprise, says Mahathir Begamat. Saturday—Dr. Mahathir Mohamed pledged today to do his "level best" In carrying out his new duties as Deputy Prime Minister although they would be "a heavy burden to carry." Speaking to reporters at the Rest House here, he said his appointment came as "a

Lucky to be alive! [ARTICLE]

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Lucky to be alive! By Richard Ho A baby boy is recovering in hospital after he fell from a second floor flat in Bukit Timah Road two days ago. Police are Investigating how he fell. They have Interviewed a man who was seen with the three-year-old child, Cheow Wee Yang,


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MY COMEBACK-BY TUN MUSTAPHA By Ismail Kassim Tun Datu HaJI Mustapha bin Datu Harun's return to the Chief Ministership of Sabah Is on the cards if his party, the United Sabah National Organisation wins the coming state elections. He Indicated this to me In an exclusive Interview in Kuala Lumpur.

Sutowo for Batam [ARTICLE]

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Sutowo for Batam SUNNY WEE Dr. Ibna U ttowo retains kb post u the chief executive of the BtUa Development Authority despite his removal from Pert* miiia. According to sources, he Is still responsible fsr the development of Botan Island Into a modern industrial and trading eontrs. Dr. Batowo. who

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V. Quah Kim Sonf jumps for joy after scoring Singapore's first foal of the 1111 Malaysia Cap season against Kelantan at Kota Barn yesterday. The match ended in a 1-1 draw. More pictures in Pages 17 St. i leffrej Page I Low's report ni» 4 kl r\v v W0 r,«*

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Sludiocraft A" A>, t)U'» lmprbvorT'!OTit ,n. M-fCjiatinq Speakers ATLAS SOUND GO Guns for Marine Folic* Page 3 Hwa Chong Coll«|« l triple first Page 4 Sterling's woea Page 6 IN THE OTHER PAGES: ClnemM 2; Moneyworda, Crowword TV guide 10 and 11; Stan 13; Comics 17. hi »u\i l Vicndlic

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Page 1 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

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Forecast Singapore's weather outlook for 1 p.m. to f p.m. today No rain.

Service with a smile -for 20 years [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Service with a smile -for 20 years Daing is S'pore's No. 1 postman By Joachin Tan It haa been M years of service with a «|fle lor postman Daing Abdnl Hamld bin Hashlm Tawajok. AmA M ffliUMl,! Endk Daini, St, WM awsrde* a cortiScate of IS££iS eftkOent lutiii la lb*

Rare treat at the Vic [ARTICLE]

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Rare treat at the Vic VIOLET OON Chlneee clagglcal mugic loyerg had a real treat last night when two Hong KoDf mutlclang, plpa sololat Lam Fung and er hu aoloist Tgui Wfth Nam gave a Joint recital at the Victoria Theatre. Singapore audiences hesrd the two Instruments played as never

Mailing error delays film [ARTICLE]

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Mailing error delays film Bj Peter Ong The flret locallyproduced full length English feature in, Pull House, has been delayed for public showing because of a mainly error. A spokesman tor Cinema Centre Productions. which produced the film, said tne eotour prints were sent from London to Colombo by mistake.

Day the taps ran dry at wrong time... [ARTICLE]

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Day the taps ran dry at wrong time... By Douglas Chan One hundred families In a block of Housing Board flats in Whampoa Drive, off Balestler Road, should have been pleased when their water supply was cut off yesterday for 34 hours instead of nine as planned. But the dlsconnectlou

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LI U TUB nCIIT: A psychological thriller by JaequM Eric Strause, with Mm-Louli Trintlgnant. Marlene Jobert and Philippe Nolret. Orchard:lJo, 4, 6JO, y $.l9. THE SAND PERRLES: A highly acclaimed film oT how one ship took on China In World War n. Stan Steve McQueen. Richard Attanborough. Richard Crenna end

Guns and speed boats for WPCs... [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Guns and speed boats for WPCs... They're keen, says O.C. By Douglas Chan Women constables in the Marine Poliee have broken new fronnd. They now go on patrols aboard hifh-speed launches together with policcinen. And for the first time the WPCs in armed white en duty la uniform. IMb «f


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25 YEARS UP FOR MANDY By Bharathi Mohan Woman police chief Ant Supt. Mandy Ooh has a proud 25-year service record behlpd her. Today will be another big day for this "bachelor girl" from F\lrfield Methodist Girl*' School who has proved that women can make the grade In the police

Marine Police training plan for SCs [ARTICLE]

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Marine Police training plan for SCs By K.K. Fong The Marine Police I are training some national servicemen in the Bpeclal Constabulary for speedboat patrols. There are now 540 BCs In the Marine Police. It La understood that 80 will be given speedboat training Vo unteers are Invited from the

Dancing [ARTICLE]

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Dancing The Roehore community centre will oonduct rlum on aoclal dance* eUitlnc today from 7JO jun. to 10 30 p.m.

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■AW M CAM tTs been catted the fries* of our age It can paralyze our actions and dtpress our minds But we can shoke it oft by fotowtng «ome basic acMce. mntrattng even the highest echaions of government. communist agents In West Germany wage constant secret war. irrY 1 j

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M. B. Metwani Pte.Ltd. rmounce the opening of another AZA SINGAPURA,Ist FLOOR with a vast selection in |*fexwood,SBm Guy Jeans, .Montaaut and other tops "I

No cigs, claim the shops [ARTICLE]

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No cigs, claim the shops By Rav K. Dhaliwal A number of provision shops and sarabat stalls yesterday claimed they had run out of cigarettes because manufacturers had stopped their supplies pending a revision of prices. Manufacturer*, however, denied this. Several member* of the public complained to New Nation that

Career talk [ARTICLE]

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Career talk Mill Low rook Yow, Guidance Officer, Ministry of Education, will give a talk on choosing a career at the National Library on March 12 at 2JO p.m. The talk to organised by the Central Young People's Section of the library.


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ANGELA PROVES IT-STUDIES AND SWIMMING CAN COMBINE E x a m i nations or not, inter national swimmer, Angela Lecomber, kept up her vigorous training for last year's SEAP Games and managed to score two distinctions and five credits in her OCE "O" level examination results. An overjoyed Angela the

'DES is not sold here' [ARTICLE]

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'DES is not sold here' The drug DES, which has been found to have caused cervical cancer In many women In America. Is not sold In 8ln- a pore According to an AP report, three young women In the UB. who claimed they developed cervical cancer because their mothers were

Hwa Chong's triple first [ARTICLE]

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Hwa Chong's triple first By Teresa Ooi Hwa Chong Junior College scored a triple first in the GCE "A" level examinations. Its first batch of students graduated this year. It came out top among Singapore's pre-universiUes and it wm the only school to produce two of this year's top GCE

Poly students warned against ragging [ARTICLE]

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Poly students warned against ragging Poly technic students have been warned that action will be taken against them If they rag or trouble those seeking for admission to the Polytechnic. This stern warning was Ken by the principal. V.P.W. Ager, In notice early th»* week at the Prince Edward campus.

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W M M Those breezed blond M MA Aj beauties from Sydney WW THJW? Qre bQck? Agoin? wl ;'iJ ,\y»vuv VV.ll It.[MOONLIGHT SERENADE SMOWSSr—" A bewitching bunch of bMutiei from the sunny shores of Sydney, June Daily Watkins and her 5 favourite models are back again. The lovely ladies who

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At the end of the day, you deeerve something hot < EVEBYgtM Expertly prepared end served by our Captain and charming wettreeeee. Or if you feel Ilka being your own chef help youraelf! Every evening from p.m. 11 P MlfiiC OOfTEE HCXfiE OOCtCCML DUNGE 0 C4th Floor) 419, Far Caat

Controversial missile is launched [ARTICLE]

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Controversial missile is launched It can carry N-warhead or high explosive UPI White Sands, Saturday The US Air Force's version of the Cruise Missile, which has become a major complication in the strategic arms limitation talks with the Soviet Union, was successfully launched from an airplane yesterday. The air -launched

Nixon: Why I decided to resign [ARTICLE]

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Nixon: Why I decided to resign AP Washington, Saturday —Former President Nixon says resigned from the presidency because it was clear that a protracted impeachment trial "would deprive America of the leadership it needed." "It was also clear that my own political base in Congress had become too weak to

Tennis star tells of that close brush with death in Nigeria [ARTICLE]

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Tennis star tells of that close brush with death in Nigeria UPI New York, Saturday. A group of American tennis players had a close brush with death during the abortive coup in Nigeria last month, tennis professional Erik Van Dillen said in San Mateo, California. Arthur Ashe was threatened by

Ford's man lashes out at UN race policy [ARTICLE]

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Ford's man lashes out at UN race policy Geneva, Saturday The US yesterday said it would have nothing; to do with the UN "decade to eliminate racism" because It Ignores the enslavement of whites by whites In such countries as the soviet Union. The declaration by Leonard Garment, US chief

Pope's gift [ARTICLE]

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Pope's gift Reuter London, Saturday The Pope has donated £500 ((2500) to the Church of England to help repair Canterbury Cathedral. It was announced yesterday.


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NOW RHODESIA BEEFS UP ITS ARMY Reuter UPI Salisbury, Saturday Rhodeslan Defence Minister Tleter Van Der Byl said yesterday he was increasing army strength because of guerrilla threats but he had no evidence that Cuban troops or Soviet tanks had landed In neighbouring Mozambique. He told a new* conference: "We

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Sneak into our conversation nook So*t enough for snoozing, snuggling tussling, or anything else you mav have in mind Like plain conversation, maytx:< > Whatever it may be, come and do the viewing first You'll notice the fine finish, the extreme comfort and frank attractions. Then you can make up

£ loses its sterling role [ARTICLE]

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loses its sterling role But the currency is still used worldwide Reuter London, Saturday Sterling, now worth only US$2, Iras come down in the world since it took pride of place alongside the dollar as a reserve currency in the post-war international m on etary system. Oone are the days


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RICETEIN New food that rivals meat AP United Nations, Saturday There was some thiqg new In th« buffet •upper at a reception on Tuesday night In the delegates' dining room here a blend of soybean protein and rice made In Texas, to be sold around the world. About 500 UNdelegates.


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TODAY UPI TODAY it Saturday, March 6. the 06th day of 1876 with 300 to follow. THE MOON la moving toward the lint quarter. TBI MORNING STARS are Mercury and Venus. THE EVENING STARS are Mare. Jupiter and Saturn. Those born on this date are under the sign of Pisces.

The Odd Corner [ARTICLE]

Page 6

The Odd Corner DJ Widow Ivy Berllng has Just received a cheque for £400 ($2000) a £150 ($750) damages award with Interest for Injuries suffered In a crash In Britain 48 years ago when she was 11. The money came from the sued motorcyclist who had been made bankrupt at

C'wealth heads to meet in June [ARTICLE]

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C'wealth heads to meet in June Reuter London, Saturday Commonwealth heads ol government will meet nere from June 8 to 16 next year. Mr. Bhridath Remphal, Commonwealth Secretary-Gen-eral, announced yester6MtL The last 35-natlon Commonwealth Summit on major world political, economic and trading laaues was held In Kingston, Jamaica, from April

50 drown [ARTICLE]

Page 6

50 drown UPI Madraa Saturday. Fifty of the 70 people aboaid a bus were feared drowned when the vehicle overturned and plunged Into a canal near here yesterday

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turday EE Cut out ond pin with other coupons. Posting instructions oppeor below Nome (Mr./Mrs./Mi*i) Address FILL IN MISSING LITTERS ACROSS USING CLUES BELOW i Cut olonp dotted lir CLUES FOR IV- 6 1. Aids te vision 2. Any instructions he fives will presumably 3. Put one's clothes en 4.

Page 6 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

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•JHM WEATHER New York—Partly tunny. 15-SC. Headline: Kissinger Advises Cuba to be wary In African moves. Boom Cloudy, lft-IC. Headline The Socialists unanimous In asking for political change. Moscow Overcast, 1-OC. Headline: The programme of creation. Tokyo Sunny, 12-4 C. Headline: Mlkl government Is spilt on Lockheed payoff disclosure conditions.

Page 6 Miscellaneous Column 3 [MISCELLANEOUS]

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L Crossword ACROSS 1 Only 5 Seed of aorta 10 Pallets 14 Verve 15 Laborious mover 16 Novelist of note 17 Snakes 18 to the ground 19 Remarkable exploit 30 Enlarge in a way 33 Those who pooh-pooh 24 Bib preposition 36 Forest Item 37 Certain property charges 31 Certain

Bernhard graft probe: Ministers quizzed [ARTICLE]

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Bernhard graft probe: Ministers quizzed Reuter The Hague, Saturday A three-man commission of inquiry probing allegation* that Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands received large bribes from the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation yesterday said it had already questioned 20 peoole. Socialist Premier Joop Den Uyl set up the commission last month after

Bid to check dirty dealings [ARTICLE]

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Bid to check dirty dealings Graft: US call for world accord UPI Washington, Saturday The US yesterday announced a dramatic proposal for an international agreement for world cooperation to deal with corporate practices by businesses, agents and officials. A second proposal would provide for bilateral cooperation with foreign law enforcement

Boeing paid $153m to boost sales [ARTICLE]

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Boeing paid $153m to boost sales UPI Washington, Saturday The Boeing Co. has paid close to US$7O million ($153-6 million) in commissions abroad to help aell Jet planes, a spokesman for the company said yesterday. The commissions have been paid over the past six years to middlemen as Independent contractors

NATO setting up 'hot line' system [ARTICLE]

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NATO setting up 'hot line' system UPI Brussels, Saturday. NATO Is setting up an autonomous network of "hot lines" to allow Instant contact between decision-makers In Its IS member nations. A NATO official said yesterday the system, including three communications satellites and 14 underground terminal stations In the alliance countries,


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DOWN THE ROAD! Leek what? coming down the road! Traffic comes to a halt along a busy highway near Mexico City when perplexed drivers find a light airplane heading straight for them. Paaeersby poshed the The plane hit the roar of a ear on Wednesday after Its engine failed, bounced

Hanoi hits out at Indonesia [ARTICLE]

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Hanoi hits out at Indonesia Reuter Hong Kong. Saturday. —Norm Vietnam yesterday denounced Indonesia for what It called aggression against But llmor, the New China news agency reported. Quoting the official newspaper Nhan Dan, the agency charged that "the Indonesian authorities have continued to dispatch aggressor troops to Bast Timor

Bomb blasts [ARTICLE]

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Bomb blasts UPI Ban Francisco, Saturday Two bombs exploded yesterday, each causing extensive damage. No erne was Injured. UPI.

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JCZABEL A negligee act for I 9 Department TBL P.O. BR MS Cr*wferd TmX o«ee HlnmMre. 1

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mperia Hi-Lltc It* muse olthe uiay uuHh Singapore's wall-known group s m 4 pm S?it /y r (J X.OBEROI* GTDfDGfcial I HOTEL jAIA* >INGAP< 9 >f i f PMONf .1,"»-**> SALE! 25% 50% Discounts. Vinyl, papor and Aluminium foil wallcoverings Csrpots Carpot tllos Curtains Vinyl floor tllos it Light Flxturss

The making of a deputy PM [ARTICLE]

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The making of a deputy PM The appointment of Dr. Mahathir Mohamed as Malaysia's new Deputy Prime Minister suggests that Datuk Hussein Onn is confident of his leadership of UMNO. He took the decision in the full knowledge that of the three UMNO vicepresidents the other two being Endk Abdul

This IS moving house [ARTICLE]

Page 8

This IS moving house [ij>, p J A senior company executive wu recently promoted to manage the Arm'g branch office. When he mov- Ed to hi* new office, the executive took with him his desk and chair, his telephone and his secretary!

OPEC-We can learn to live with it [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 8

OPEC-We can learn to live with it Washington Post Paris, Saturday The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) did not take over the world In 1975, and alarmist projections that crude oil price rises would bankrupt the world have promptly given way to soothing analyses that the energy crisis and


Page 8

TIME CLOCKS TICK ON UPI New York, Saturday Although some persons may imagine the electronic computer has destroyed the meaning of time in business, it isn't so. Time still 1« of the essence, even when its meaning is largely a legal fiction. Only In factories and in some offices where

Nurturing our young officers [ARTICLE]

Page 8

Nurturing our young officers r r VOICE OF THE PRESS TAMIL MALAR Premier Lee Kuan Tew ha* pointed out that the Government administrative service should nurture enough young officers of high cillbre and administrative capability coupled with a grasp of economic and social problems. This statement Is for the attention

Woodlands needs improving [ARTICLE]

Page 8

Woodlands needs improving As a new resident at Woodlands New Town. I find the place very pleasant and the residents very helpful. But the environment needs improving. The flower beds are covered with weeds and the drains are polluted. There are also small plots of neglected land areas which could

Watches adjusted [ARTICLE]

Page 8

Watches adjusted JEAN LEE LYE We refer to Mr. Rosenberg's letter. Surrender Timet (NN. 13.76) and would like to thank him for hla observations. The watches of the two soldiers have been synchronised. The surrender was signed on Sept. 12. IMS at GMT 0341 hoars.

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The party decides, says Tun Mustapha [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 9

The party decides, says Tun Mustapha Tun Mustapha of Sabah, only four days afo the central figure of a c on t roversial report of an assassination plot against him, gave an exclusive Interview to New Nation's Ismail Kasslm In Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday. bV Ismail Kassim ISMAIL: Many observers

Problem of looking after Pet Rocks... [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 9

Problem of looking after Pet Rocks... Art Buchwald Los Angeles Times "We knew it would happen, but we never dreamed it would be this bad," said Tolstoy Pugh, the director of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Rocks. "What happened?" "Kids are starting to abandon the Pet

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OOLDFiN MJLLION 'JL UPh Jk THSAnie itrfjAUAAW i Mrrs-CLua PENINSULA HOTEL 4th HOOP COLEMAN STRttl SINGAPORE 6 ItLIPHONf L.'S7H? TOKYO J* EROCHICAy W" JAPAN y Ptocw of April Million OcrtMtn IM by Philip \Mono /asr\ TIM SUM LUNCH 11 JO am Jem. REST 7cm.- 10pm. MITE-CU« •Opn 3 am ft

Spoofs on Robin Hood legend [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 10/11

Spoofs on Robin Hood legend o VI Siyht Sound l,v Judith Holmberg The legend of Robin Hood, that hero of the poor in the Middle Ages, is torn apart and made fun of, in two spoofs over TV this week. The first goes out this afternoon over Ch. 5, in


Page 10/11

GETTING YOUR MONEY'S WORTH r Cinema MITCHELL directed by Andrew V. McLaglen, with Joe Don Baiter and Martin Balaam (Jnronc Drive-In). Fortunately this crime thriller comes out Into the open, giving you your money's worth of exciting chases. Action on location Is Its strongest point, thanks to director McLaglen, a

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9 W DAIOUTER I.N OPENING ANNOUNCEMENTS followed by BEBAME STREET. Second HIND renewal of this entertainment Information series for young children 2.M SATURDAY MATITEE: See Sight and Sound 3.4# TELEMATCa. A series of Ingeniously contrived obetacle races that give the viewers more fun than the contestants. The races are held

Page 10/11 Miscellaneous Column 2 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 10/11

SATURDAY 800 Opening announcements followed by At Sunset with Frit* Bchultz Relchel BJO News (E> f1.45 At Sunset (cont'd) 7.00 lhe Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra featuring Its history and achievement. 7 JO Break for Music featuring the contrasting sounds of the lan Wright Quintet and Henry Kreln and his quartet: Witchcraft

Page 10/11 Miscellaneous Column 3 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 10/11

MIDNIGHT MQVIE: April in Paris (Tonight Ch. 5. 11 20 p.m in colour). One of Duili Day's earlier movies her seventh In fact which helped nurture her image as the sweet Innocent never seen In less than her underwear. Bne plays tho frothy little blonde chorus K1 who meet* a

'The West is on verge of collapse' [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

'The West is on verge of collapse' —says SOLZ By Thomas Cheatham UPI London, Saturday After two years In the West, exiled Russian author Alexander I. Solzhenltsyn has seen enough d|o rear its quick demise In the face of the Soviet threat. "I wouldn't be surprised at the sudden and

End-game: This is the way to play it [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

Page 12

End-game: This is the way to play it C h»»ss* i.. Lim Kok Ann Local players who handle the openings and middle-game quite competently are woefully dlfident when it comes to the end-game, mainly because the; lack practice against experts In this department. I am glad, therefore, to give an

Bringing the pirate back to the screen [ARTICLE]

Page 12

Bringing the pirate back to the screen Hollywood, Saturday A Hollywood studio is making a pirate epic after a nearly 25-year break In what used to be one of this film city's most popular standbys. British actor Robert Shaw will step Into the knee-high boots, wield a duelling sword and


Page 12

'DESIRE' IS DYLAN'S BEST ALBUM IN A DECADE POPS »>\ Peter Ong 808 DYLAN: OKSIRE (CBS/SONY): The release of any Bob Dylan LP Is an event in itself. But Dertre is more than an event; it is Dylan's most important album in a decade and possibly his best since John

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Page 12

slstlble and lnfectiouily food. All the Ingredient* that make a lOOC album sparkle are once again substantiated on How Dare You. SINGAPORE This week's charts with last week's pssitlons In brackets: 1 December '23: Pear Seasons. 2 (1) Mama Mia: Abba. 3 Answer Me: Babara Dleksen. 4 (2) I Write

Market weakens after the KL changes [ARTICLE]

Page 13

Market weakens after the KL changes Business News and Views Market round-up by LEE YEW MENG The 81 ng a p ore stock market weakened towards the closing stage yesterday when the new Malaysian Cabinet 11 ne- up was announced In the afternoon. Prices were sought higher at the opening


Page 13

MARCOS SETS UP SHIPPING LINE UPI Manila, Saturday—President Marcos yesterday created a state shipping company, the Philippine National Lines (PNL), which will engage In both domestic and International shipping activity. Mr. Marcos cited statistics showing that In 1974, the Philippine oceangoing fleet carried only a "meagre" T.B per cent of

Big jump in foreign holdings [ARTICLE]

Page 13

Big jump in foreign holdings AP Washington, Saturday. France, Bweden and Switzerland had sharp increases In their foreign exchange holdings last year, according to the international Monetary Fund, while West Germany's dropped by UBSV.2 billion to U5522.4 billion for the year. Prance, it .reported. Increased its holdings from US$3.9 billion


Page 13

HOW MUCH OPEC GAVE Paris, Saturday —Oilexporting nations gave the developing world over U*****9 million ($lS,75* million) in eaah loans last year, or nearly US$l MO million ($2599 million) more than In 1974. according to figures published here yesterday. The 19 aid-giving members of OPEC lent developing countries US$55B9 million

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A BEAUTIFUL COMBINATION OF EXECUTIVE CAR COMFORT WITH MESEL ECONOMY EH* H w m m .V "r W f 4*w > 1» *4 I I n M **4». M .>> i' s ja&A > aw,{SUM V> 1 v: r>; w?. -V i* i \v "-V- rWfaftW ,4 *r. 41 <S*

Page 13 Miscellaneous

Page 13 Miscellaneous Column 1 [MISCELLANEOUS]

Page 13

YOUR LUCKY «ARS IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY BORN today, you possess a highly analytical mind and the complete objectivity of a born critic. You would do well to develop these two (acuities to their fullest, for there Is a need for sensible, f r seeing, direct and comprehensive commentaries on

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Learn to say no to a bad deal [ARTICLE]

Page 15

Learn to say no to a bad deal I he Consumer t.*. Rav Dhaliwal The goods and services sector would Improve considerably If more consumers took the trouble to seek redress Instead of accepting a bad deal. And that applies to all even those who can afford to see their

Stock markets round the world


Page 15

NEW YORK Yesterday*! prtoaa tn OB dollars toll* red b] r difference on the p miIoq'i close AT T 58 Beth auel «S* Caterp Tim n t-4* Cfcryalar It* Cbca-Cola M% ContL Otl to Dow Cham. n»H +1* Drew 70* Du Pont 163 r Kodak 100* Kaon rr* Firestone Ford

Dow Jones [ARTICLE]

Page 15

Dow Jones Dow Jonea elortn* iiwim on the Nn Yortc 8toek ftdual* ywterdey: 10 tndurtrteb I12J1 (up >J«); M tnuuBort Mil (up 0J»); IS uUltttM M.79 (off OJS); M stocks 397JI (UP M4).


Page 15

TOKYO Closing prices on the Tokyo On Stock r«) chang*. AJlntiUOtO 846 i C. It ah Sit 4 Dow* Mining 1M unci) 210 8 Japan Mali St Ml 8 KOmaUu 3«© 4 3 Meljl Selka 8M 8 MHwl-TbaUu lift 1 Otibayas hi -Oiunl 21ft 1 Sharp 383 1 Sony 2ft


Page 15

PARIS PI1T71? 1 Jii 55 fi: jy i»j i J JBJTJI


Page 15

ZURICH Cloatnc prices (In &mtm franca) < on the Zurich Stock «x chant* ywtordar: UBS B. M7» —11 UBS R Ml SBC MO 1 CrMBt Sulaat mo mimir m oil j 0wte> Rdnaur. >000 Wntarthur B 1M0 10 Zurich Inaur. «rn M Jurena B. #01 NmUI B. •MO InUrfood B.


Page 15

HR-INDIA STEEL CONTRACT P J Business Nevis and Views A UPI Hone Kong, Saturday A contract signed reSntly with tome leadK companies In Hong Konf may have opened the door for India to become a major steel exporter In the region. The contract, worth HKtIS million <$6.5 million) calls for

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SHARP You're way ahead., with Sharp's Stereo on Wheels L RG-5200X $199 Singapore only. The RG-5200X/CP-150 combination. It puts together dynamic 7 watts per channel sound.Superb AM/FM reception. And a stereo cassette with Auto Eject. CP-150 Speakers optional mvvr LEG TRONIC A lib COMPANY 201, Cantonment Road. Singapore 2.Te< *****,*****.

New tourney to boost game further [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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New tourney to boost game further BADMINTON by Brian Miller In an attempt to re-vamp the crumbling badminton situation here, the Singapore Badminton Association, In co operation with Fraser and Neave, will be organising a National Age-Group championship, tQ be held sometime in April. This is the first time that

Now Dunn to fight Ali in May [ARTICLE]

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Now Dunn to fight Ali in May International Loudon, Saturday British heavyweight champion Richard Dunn Is lined up to meet Muhammad All for the world title In Munich on May 24. Dunn's manager, George Biddies said yesterday he had provisionally accepted the date with the world champion and Is due

Kian Tiong is 16 behind [ARTICLE]

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Kian Tiong is 16 behind Bangkok, Saturday Singapore's Llm Kian Tlong returned another 77 to flnlah 16 strokes behind the leaders of the Thai Open golf championship yesterday for a two-round total of 151. In a three-way tie for the lead were Taiwan's Hsu Sheng San (69. 67) Filipino Ben

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MAOICIAN P.O. Ill MDA IBM., 8AM., MMC FCM., 132 Cantonment Road S pore 2. Tel *****06. A PHRODIT8 PRO VI 01 8 CHARMING L Sociable lady e* corta. Contact 600 (8th floor) Far East Shopping Centre, Orchard Road Tel. *****07/ *****06. CHAN PUl KM Ancient Art Furniture. New repair*, repollsh*s

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1 LLI T ht\ii\J!S PLAYb RS 1 New Arrival r Of The Latest MDNDESSA Designs .0 > Di.-v H in j- .t i r f, |i,Minuet CMI 1 f DQP G OL F PTE LTD iTrrrrr

Malaysia Cup-tie drama in pictures [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Malaysia Cup-tie drama in pictures LOT: In ease of violence armed soldiers are seen standing by as the Singapore players take the field. Basil Ibrahim Is seen on the left. by JERRY SEH Samad Alapltehay movea mp to tare this U|k shot froos the KeUnUn attack TOP: Trmrltftkf, the FAS

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a 5® -SUPBRI I'LL ANHCX*! maiS* u ft fn Meem*. SHORT RIBS by Frank O'Neal A* fC'S m m V E ic* m w c iwm MS V ■ffISJ NORBERT THIS tS ASR&UAM UNCOLN'S &RTMD6Y by George Fett m m ft m


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Back Right To Reason Grand Ovation likely to provide the main threat RACING with Scrutineer V J Rlfht To Rauon goes over a distance, and must have, a first rate chance of opening winning account In Race 8 at Ipoh today. The American bred five-year-old by Hall To Reason was


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IPOH CARP AND FORM GUIDE FOR TODAY rrrnm 20 class div 2uU ($9,500 $0,950 to 1200m rimm) 1 MM t Mt La 1 31M Mr 4 MM Mi rtuM (law omnui Brtfht a (Victoria) Yap 7 ST (M*l) 1200m ■ft A«aM (Auric) Tdi 1 MH (**•>!*> 1200m W.... ■Nl|(N»UM)AUWIIMH(»lt|) IMtal..


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SELECTIONS >—rrrr MA I I LNK A«MTA Twin Hepptneec APLN Em I Picture HOUM Step AATDA UgMataff Llfktataf IM S Kftttin Hoed Prot—or IN Daxtea Stop Arfde MITTTO IMI Lightning Step AeMe Picture Houee MMklei Ree4 Hey Preeto MH Southerner Southerner Stomebiuui Jeckpot WM Southerner Bugle ma Rommel Mr tai


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LOOK AGAIN CAN GIVE A GOOD START By BLUE PETER Ipoh, Saturday Look A fain should give punters a good start in Race 1 at here today. The well bred three-year-old by Polyfoto has trained on splendidly since his fifth to Te Waharoa over 1400m at Buklt Tlmah in January.

Torquay 2-0 [ARTICLE]

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Torquay 2-0 London, ■•torday—Result* of iMt night'* English Football League Division Pour matches. Newport 0 Torquay 2; Bouthport S Workington 1; Stockport 1 Exeter 1; Swansea 3 Bamsley 1.


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CARP AND FORM FOR TOMORROW 1.15 CLASS 2 DIV. 4 1200m ($10,900 $7,390 to winner) 1 (PCOO) K Breukeian *7 1200m Un 7 I M2S Oragaa Mm4 N a (Auric) Teh 4 MH (42 tJ) lJOuin W Mum* 2 1 07M ImiH Mr N (Supreme) Heddle 7 51W («v. bf)


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SELECTIONS Bim I soMmmn hlun miijrm mox m tr RUI rrm KM* t Iw 8ur«man BMUIJ Reauty B—uty Reauty rUkalkitfM Mi TWMT Male Fair Royal Commleelon Real Romance Royal Ownmlton *«Mk tar Ttack Hero Kootlld it* Twu The IMI MeCey IW MM The TrUeat Beauty Beauty y Royal CommUelon The

Wage pact ends stable lads-trainers row [ARTICLE]

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Wage pact ends stable lads-trainers row Reuter leadaa. Hatariajr TIM lM| Umte katweea Brim rat*him tnlMn ui their stable Mi mi nWri mi Thanday when a wlnhw wage was agreed. The Natteaal Mat Ceaaeil al SUM* Staff. ■irtiM here, aaaeaaeed that a nlaimmm van at £Jt (atout $1M) faraMhear wirt

Race 6 looks set for Sweet Memory [ARTICLE]

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Race 6 looks set for Sweet Memory By SCRUTINEER Sweet Memory II Is a sound each-way bet at I p o h tomorrow. He should prove too nippy for his rivals over 1100m In Race 0. Sweet Memory u a course and distance winner. Last November he broke the Ice

Easy victory for Evert [ARTICLE]

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Easy victory for Evert United Press International Ban Francisco, Saturday Chris Krert, poo. ping shoU all over the court, ran Nancy Ounther to exhanstfcm on Thuiaday night to record an easy 0-1, C-l victory in the U8|75,000 (about $117,000) Virginia Slims of San Frandaoo tennis tournament. If Nancy hag a

Khanisan shines in the attack [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Khanisan shines in the attack reporting from Kot.i Bjdhrii Jeffrey Low KoU Barn. Friday: In one of the beet Malaysia Cup matches erer seen in recent years, Ke)pn»«r> Singapore played their guts out to draw I>l here yesterday. The score certainly Sve justice to mates at never lapeed into non

Skipper Seak at his best in many years [ARTICLE]

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Skipper Seak at his best in many years Be saw en—fag off his line to cover the angle chipped with unexpected awarenees and intelligence. But somehow Ha mid made such a miraculous save that the Singapore players were left with ttttte choice but to applaud the feat. In the amoral

Changi's survival chances slim [ARTICLE]

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Changi's survival chances slim By 1 PHILIP TAN The relegation battle between Cnangl United and Serangoon Garden to stay in the football Association of Singapore's Second Division reaches its climax this weekend. Changl who are second last In the table with 11 points from 17 matches play 4th placed Ferrer

Saints stretch their winning streak [ARTICLE]

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Saints stretch their winning streak St. Andrew's School maintained their unbeaten streak in the National Inter-Secondary Oroup Six soccer toomament when they beat Upper Serangoon Technical 2-1 at Serangoon Garden yesterday. The Saints with an impressive run of eight wins and one draw to their credit so far are favoured

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CASIOTRON V. Thakral emporium r x •'> r fi- s >s, w KB HUAT RADIO CO, BDM BHQ lU. n> M IM-mhi. INK

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ANDYCAPP .-jr Sw* wfi 4 Vy^ -V O* Ml f I K >*


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ALL THE GCE RESULTS A-LEVEL Private Private f Lembaga Montfort, National Junior Collage, Outram, Queenstown Tech., Raffles Institution- Raffles Girls, St. Anthony's Convent, St. Joseph Institution, St. Patrick' Tanjong Katong Tech., Tanjong Katong Girls, Swiss Cottage, Victoria School Ang Poh Kim S, 1; Au Yong Wal Cheng 4; Chan Slew

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STAMFORD COLLEGE Ensures Examination Success Otncral Education BuiinMi StudiM Accountancy Banking Marketing Secretaryship ate. Stamford College home-study courses stand behind 70,000 successful students in this region since 1950. Stamford College,the leading Correspondence College in this region,offers Scientificalfy devised home-study courses, incorporating the most modem techniques of instruction that guarantee systematic

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The secretarial education you get here prepares you to be much better than the others. We mean it. 2 3 n 11 CENTRE (PTE) LTD. Hi#i StrMt Contra (M) Floor) iliwn f Totaphono 33(031 (3 Lmm) Why not con Hi«tr u I discuss With us > For more mfom ution

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'iiiihlt MW to* imt m *> t m a sx te» a MM 6 WriK WgffßS^ Kmn ootid m« mow ctotailt about your futl-timoiporl-tlmo Socrotortot Court** (dotota niMotanr not appHcsbio) 3g EE -M?' U* r

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Tha largsat and moat prograaaive taaourca contra for education in business and tha profaeeJons in South East Asia. FuW-Tlwa and Part-Time eeeraaa Ml for ACA *ftaoogniaad full-tlm* coutm for A.C.A. (Certified Accountant'* Exam) Alto I.C.MA •A.C.AJI.C.MAJA.IA. (Part-tfma avaninga) *tnatituta of Accounting Staff qualification tar 'O' lavai hotdara iaadlng to A.C.A.

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ALL THE GCE RESULTS O-LEVEL j Lembaga Lembaga, Anglo-Chinese, Anderson (Boys) Beatty (Boys) Chai Chee, Changkat Changi, Chestnut Drive, Cedar Girls' Cedar Girls', Crescent Girls 1 Commonwealth Sec. (Boys) Commonwealth Sec. (Girls), CHIJ, Fairfield Methodist, Geylang Methodist' Hwi Yoh Sec. (Boys, Girls), First Toa Payoh, Telok Kurau (Boys, Girls)- Abdul

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Police reported 69 accidents yesterday- Four were serious.


Giving the walls a facelift... [ARTICLE]

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Giving the walls a facelift... A twice weekly advertisement feature IT la a sad fact that -1 the finish of many houses and flats Is tar from satlsfacespecially In the case of public housing flats. However, far too many home owners are paying too much attention to floors when it

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HSC/ GCE'A' levels A normal two-year and a one-year intensive course in Arts and Science Approved treining facilities lit Faculty of Specialists and Graduates Approved laboratory facilities fr Modern training facilities for Commercial subjects Daytime and evening classes -v i,.KI, .1.711 CITY SCHOOL OF COMMERCE STAMFORD EDUCATION Al TOWERS 2tt.

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ST. FRANCIS GIRLS' SCHOOL (I960) 96, ST. FRANCIS ROAD, S'PORE 12. TEL: *****04. ONLY PRIVATE GIRLS SCHOOL IN, SINGAPORE Prepare girts for the S'pore- Cambridge General Certificate of Education *0' A 'A' Level Examinations. PRE-U SUBJECTS:- General Paper, English Literature, Geography, History, Economics, Mathematics Chinese. QUALIFICATION FOR ENTRY: Minimum 3

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SYSTEMATIC BUSINESS TRAINING M CENTRE W TIME YOU JOIN US OUR CENTRE, regutered inttitution, was founded with the prim* obiect of training school lawari lor commercial employment. young man and woman lor |Oto idvancement and tutoring haw ditciplinaiof accountancy, commarca and management practical W€ bagin by advitmg young people of

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HIGH STREET COMMERCIAL TRAINING CENTRE High Street Centre (Bth Floor) Telephone *****1 (2 Lines) 7Tiji=r;>:r Pot more information send this coupon NAME ADDRESS. TEL:

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More '0* level results on Monday