The Business Times, 13 November 1999

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  • 15 1 THE BUSINESS TIMES MITA (P) 046/12/98 85C SINGAPORE Internet: http://business-times.asial SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1999
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  • 59 1 Dsn 218&B2 (+32.15) BT-SRI 828J4 (+10.57) snsa FUTUBES 303J0 (+2.80) STOCK MARKET INDICES Friday Change KLSE COMP 721.52 4,12 NIKKEI *****.55 48.73 HANG SENG 14.189.67 +83.96 SCT INDEX ***** +2.74 JAKARTA COMP __635i3 426 MANILA COMP __1.991.0I 19:10 TAIPB WP1 Closed SE0M.COMP ***** +21.84 CLSAtHlNA B 8US.67 4.57
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  • 84 1 FOREX BATES US$ SS fSS L6C8 £(1'SS/S8 per 1.618 1699 El'ROO SS/SS/E)._ 1.(87 1.730 DM 1.886 am YEN 104.6 1.595* RJi 3.8UU U 439 HKS 7.772 Oil 5 BAHT 38.81 U043 RIP1AH 7.115 0.023* 'St to 100 units PRIME BATES SINGAPORE 5.80 Kl ALA UTHPVR 7.25 JAKARTA 4*100 BANGKOK
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  • 618 1  -  Rnn Ron Shaw hooks up with Ananda Krishnan's satellite capability From Meera Tharmaratnam in Hongkong HONGKONG'S entertainment king Run Run Shaw and Malaysia's reclusive tycoon Ananda Krishnan yesterday sealed a tie-up that will take their respective Chinese programming and satellite capabilities to the
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  • 628 1  -  -Iriexclusive Top talents well versed in stock and futures exchanges are making good money in the US By < Conrad Raj [SINGAPORE] It looks like it's difficult to hire a chief executive officer to run Singapore's new unified stock and financial
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  • 621 1  -  Bat straw polls suggest National Front could win two-thirds majority From Eddie Toh in Kuala Lumpur IF stock market sentiment is a barometer of political mood, then Malaysia's ruling National Front coalition has reason to be concerned about the general elections
    REUTERS  -  621 words
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    • 72 1 INSroE Top stories Republic Hotels to offer 3-for-4 rights. Pg4 Mediaßing is hot because it makes no money. Pg 5 Jurong Island chemical hub 'going dot-com'. Pg 7 Unisem profit surges 68% in first nine months. Pg 8 J Tycoon Lim Por-yen suffers blow his flagship Lai Sun posts HKs6.Bb
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    • 41 1 Mf Creating a larger audience Thai Ken im the National Arts Council. tells The Arts, B What's on the arts B calendar for the week ahead. EL 3 East meets West BfT" on the musical front. '*'***'Ml' EL 5 1 1
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    • 204 1 r^ RAINBOW FLY-BACK Case and bracelet in steel. Equipped with the legendary ZENITH EL PRIMERO movement, the only automatic chronography movement to beat at 36*000 alt ./hour. Chronograph functions coordinated by a column wheel. The FLY-BACK function allows to instantaneously re-start a new timing measurement, pressing on a single push
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    • 412 2  -  Talk of inclusion in major indices; analysts asking if price is now too high By, Jennifer Lien [SINGAPORE] Shares of Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing continued their dizzy rise yesterday, closing $1.10, or 16 per cent, higher at $7.90 with 2.4
      Source: Bloomberg  -  412 words
    • 981 2  -  :1 i exclusive IRAS clarifies stand for units sold within 3 years of purchase Reports by Kalpana Rashiwala [SINGAPORE] The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) has clarified its stand on tax payments in collective property sales, making a distinction between minority dissenting
      FILE PHOTO  -  981 words
    • 336 2 [SINGAPORE] Let us say Mr A buys a private apartment in January this year. Then the entire block is put up for collective sale after securing the minimum approval from owners with 80 or 90 per cent of share values. A
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    • 416 2  -  Avoid being all things to all people, says advisory panel By\ Marissa Chew [SINGAPORE] The Republic shouldn't try to be all things to all people but instead play up its strengths, six members of the Singapore Tourism Board's International Advisory Council for Tourism
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    • ON THE grapevine
      • 54 2 QUAKE or no quake, Taiwan's electronics industry is booming. Latest talk there is that Hewlett-Packard will buy more than US$3 billion (Sss billion) worth of products there this year, more than double the amount last year. And while this figure looks big, apparently IBM's and Dell's purchases there
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      • 64 2 APPLE Computer started the calling-your-computer-after-a-fhiit trend, naming its iMacs by their fruity colour schemes. There's the purple Grape, green Lime, orange Tangerine, pink Strawberry and blue Blueberry. HP has joined the club; the company describes its Jornada 420,680 and 690 hand held PCs as "plum purple".
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      • 76 2 HOW fast is fast? Jack Welch, head of General Electric and the most admired manager in America, said in Tokyo that the ability to make decisions quickly is essential. He went on to say that he has decided on 64 acquisitions in the past 90 days. If one
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      • 66 2 A VISITING Internet executive from the US related how he used to joke about dot-com names like and It turns out that there is actually a company named and somebody has bought the rights to the name It goes to show that no matter how
        66 words
      • 116 2 ACCORDING to the New Scientist magazine, Nasa's loss of the Mars Climate Orbiter was no surprise to many who had read its September 1998 press release just before the launch of the orbiter. The loss was attributed to Nasa confusing the imperial and metric units. But the release
        116 words
      • 80 2 SOLECTRON, the world's biggest electronics subcontractor US$6 billion (Sslo billion) turnover believes in using customer feedback to drive its future direction. Winston Chen, an ex-IBMer who is now a senior official in Solectron, set up a system that provides feedback to the company at least once a week.
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      • 94 2 OUTSPOKEN Hongkong politician and lawyer Martin Lee is famous for crossing swords with the authorities. Those close to him recently disclosed one of his little secrets apparently during his days at Hongkong University, Mr Lee spent some time pursuing a pretty fellow undergraduate. She was
        94 words
      • 104 2 MIKE Rowse has been seen as the man behind Hongkong's bid to bring in Disneyland. Appearing in the Legislative Council on Thursday to explain the deal, the Tourism Commissioner caught a few eyes with his cleanly shaven head, which, according to one reporter, made him look a little
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  • SINGAPORE companies
    • 451 4  -  Hong Leong unit raising funds to help finance purchase of Hilton Seonl Ven Sreenivasan REPUBLIC Hotels Resorts Ltd, the hotel subsidiary of the listed Hong Leong group, will finance part of its Hilton Seoul purchase through a 3-for-4 rights issue. The exercise, at Ssl
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    • 395 4  -  Bat new emission regulations may cloud prospects By Christopher Tan MOTOR trader Tan Chong International has secured some 500 orders worth an estimated $60 million for two new products launched yesterday. "We have a good headstart over the competition," executive director A C
      ARTHUR LEE  -  395 words
    • 345 4 It may also buy its brand name from Kikkoman Corp Bloomberg DEL Monte Pacific Ltd is on an acquisition prowl. The Philippines-based fruit canning company, which owns one of the world's largest pineapple plantations, plans to build on its foothold
      Bloomberg  -  345 words
    • COMPANY Briefs
      • 63 4 THE chairman and MD of Manufacturing Integration Technology is Tony Kwong—not Tong Kwong, as misspelt in yesterday's BT report "MIT gets approval for listing". We are sorry for the error. The company has also clarified that Mr Kwong was not named Rotary-Asme Entrepreneur of the Year last
        63 words
      • 70 4 CREDIT Lyonnais' covered warrants on Singapore Press Holdings are expected to start trading on Nov 19. The warrants have a nine-month life span and expires on Aug 8,2000. The six million, European-style warrants have already been placed out through CL Securities here and
        70 words
      • 40 4 DEUFRANCE Asia, which SembCorp Industries recently sold to Prudential Asset Management Asia, yesterday announced the resignations of Chan Wing Leong, Mark Lam Choon Heiy, Richard W Blossom and Daisy Goh Tai See from its board of directors..
        40 words
      • 46 4 PERT AMA Holdings said director and substantial shareholder Pe Kim Beng Pek Kim Bing has sold 500,000 shares in the open market at an average 51.5 cents each. The disposal leaves him with *****,210 shares or a 19.39 per cent stake.
        46 words
      • 143 4 ULTRO Technologies will wind up its automation and storage subsidiaries to focus on its profitable and growing core businesses of manufacturing and distribution. The company will make a provision of $1.47 million against its profits for 1989 for the winding-up of Ultro Automation and Ultro
        143 words
    • 547 5  -  A Net company starts to die if it makes profits: Mediaßing IPO coordinator By I Siow Li Sen IF an Internet company makes money, it will start to die that is what local investors are asked to ponder when they wonder how they
      CHRIS LOH  -  547 words
    • 338 5  -  Door-maker will use money to repay bank loans, fond expansion plans By' Ven Sreenivasan DOOR-MAKER KLW Holdings is planning to raise $8.4 million, the bulk of which will be used to pay off bank borrowings and to finance expansion plans.
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    • 673 5  -  ismaiocksiew christopher tan NOW that the dust is settling over the abortive match-making of Tibs Holdings and Singapore MRT, perhaps it's time to examine another potential merger in the sector one that may make more sense to investors and commuters. In
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    • 107 4 Mediaß Ltd (Incorporated in the Republic of Singapore with limited liability on 15 July 1993) INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING 150,000,000 Ordinary Shares Issue Price: 550.53 each Offer Share Applications for shares under the public offer may be made by way of printed Application Forms or Electronic Applications as referred to
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  • 4501 5 Mot Mm CPS lind-Jecorberg Sep M I ***** 10.236 7.40 6.50 Bdto TY LV TY LV Lion Aslapec Sep 23 P 1.957 4.7M 0.65 2.08 Ciw—y eon («M) <Sm) lets! (eta) UXIn Sep 13 I 1226 0.786 110 0.31 rh«io S#o 30 P 1-248 9.512 0.32
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  • SINGAPORE markets
    • 566 6  -  hi i comment STOCKS r.sivanithy IT took almost the whole day in coming but when it did, it lifted stocks across-the-board in a rally that ensured the week ended as it began with a bang. A liquidity rush
      566 words
    • 191 6  -  WARRANT WATCH By R Sivanithy IT would be fair to say that the property segment has really lagged the recent rally. It's been mainly banks and electronics lately, with a hefty measure of Internet plays thrown in. But assuming that the
      191 words
    • 238 6  -  HOT STOCK By' Ven Sreenivasan LOCAL electronics stocks seem to be back in play, with many hogging the actives list yesterday. Some dealers reckon that these stocks are playing catch up with New York's Nasdaq, which has broken nine records in the last
      238 words
    • 110 6 Saturday, Deo 13 Sftu^ftporo ♦Ham. Media briefing by National Computer Board on a used PC refurbished by a fourteen-year old scout Oerauy Frankfurt: 10am Bundesbank president Ernst Welteke speaks at a seminar for young Social Democratic Party business executives France lUrMfflM! 0980 GMT. Cite de la Reussite
      110 words
    • 480 6 Bloomberg [NEW YORK] The dollar rose to a twomonth high against the euro as a German report showed retail sales fell in Europe's biggest economy and as the US said productivity rose in the third quarter. "The dollar is stronger primarily on the
      Bloomberg  -  480 words
    • 457 6 Stocks Volume l-One5c 21,355.000 'Genting Irrt 15,044,000 Eastern Asia 13,835,000 Asia Food&Prop US$ 13.317,000 PCI 25c 12,957,000 Gotten Agri US10c 10,639,000 Aztech 5c 10,214,000 OCBC 10.096,000 QES Intl Ltd 20c 9,168,000 Medtecs US5c 8,365,000 Stocks SIA 135.297.229 OCBC 118,814.300 DBSGrp 86,974.720 NatEteclOc 30,776,891 U06 26,289,528 VentureMfg25c 23,571,402 SFH 20,041,450 JITHidgslOc
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    • 278 6 'jam Keppel Telecommunications Transportation Ltd (Incorporated in the Republic of Singapore) Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an Extraordinary General Meeting of Keppel Telecommunications Transportation Ltd (the "Company") will be held at the Conference Room, 32S Telok Blangah Road, Singapore *****1 on 29 November 1999 at
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  • SINGAPORE news
    • 413 7  -  George Yeo unveils IT plan to link billion-dollar industry via Internet By Soh Tiang Keng MINISTER for Trade and Industry George Yeo yesterday unveiled a four-point master plan "to dot-com" Jurong Island by linking the island's billion-dollar petrochemical industry via the Internet. This four-module
      413 words
    • 311 7  -  By. Audrey Tan BUSINESSES here continued to see better liquidity in the third quarter, as fewer employers defaulted on their payments to the Central Provident Fund. The CPF default rate fell to 0.77 per cent in the third quarter.
      311 words
    • 270 7 A NANYANG Technological University spin-off has clinched a multi-million dollar deal from Japanese multinational Shimadzu Corp, which wants to tap its thin diamond film technology. Nanofilm Technologies was incorporated in May 1999 to undertake the design, manufacture and marketing of this new patented technology. After
      270 words
    • 406 7  -  MAXLBAG Chong Wee Lian Vice-president head Public relations Overseas Union Bank WE refer to your Hock Lock Siew article "SFl's IPO price: Even the pros are mighty confused" by Siow Li Sen (BT, Nov 11). Book-building is not new in Singapore. It has been used to
      406 words
    • 328 7  -  Jeremy Lim Singapore via Internet I REFER to your article "SFl's IPO price: Even the pros are mighty confused" (BT. Nov 11). I fully agree with the comments made in the article as I was asked by my broker to apply for the Singapore Food Industries
      328 words
    • 427 7  -  Hotelier cites 65-70% occupancy and low room rates By\ Marissa Chew SINGAPORE is unattractive for hotel developers and investors now, and while occupancies and room rates may improve, it is going to be another three to four years before investors look at the
      427 words
    • 472 7  -  By Andrea Tan MILLENNIUM bug or no, it is business as usual for banks in Singapore. But this is not to say they are resting on their laurels. The banks have made ample preparations to ensure a smooth crossover into the new
      SIEW YAW HOONG  -  472 words
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  • MALAYSIA news
    • 1319 8 KUALA LUMPUR ELECTION IfrEI Ruling Barisan Nasional coalition expected to retain comfortable two-thirds majority: analysts AFX-Asia PRIME Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who will be leading the Barisan Nasional ruling coalition into general elections for the fifth time, is expected to retain a comfortable two-thirds majority at
      AFX-Asia; AFP  -  1,319 words
    • 226 8 KUALA LUMPUR AFP THE quality of life in Malaysia has shown "dramatic improvement" over the past 18 years, a study shows. "Malaysians have moved ahead in terms of personal advancement, adopting a healthier lifestyle, and have greater access and freedom to pursue
      AFP  -  226 words
    • 393 8 KUALA LUMPUR Purchase will give group the regional presence it seeks Bloomberg YTL Power International Bhd, Malaysia's third-biggest power company, wants to buy 20 per cent of a unit of CLP Holdings Ltd, Hongkong's biggest power company, to extend its presence in
      Bloomberg; FILE PHOTO  -  393 words
    • 399 8  -  From Ruth Wong in Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIAN semiconductor maker Unisem (M) Bhd saw profit surge 68 per cent in the first nine months of this year as the company rode on strong global semiconductor demand. Unisem's net profit jumped to 113.7 million
      399 words
    • MARKET moves
      • 106 8 PHARMANIAGA Bhd, a pharmaceuticals-related firm which is 31 per cent owned by construction giant United Engineers (M) Bhd (UEM), made a sterling debut on the KL Stock Exchange mainboard yesterday. The shares rose as high as 2.90 Malaysian ringgit but closed marginally lower at RM2.80, giving
        106 words
      • 84 8 MOTOR firm Tan Chong Holdings Bhd, which is undergoing a revamp exercise to spin-off its non-motor related businesses, saw its shares slump yesterday. This was because from yesterday, investors in Tan Chong shares would no longer be entitled to some goodies a 15 sen per share
        84 words
      • 115 8  -  Compiled by Ruth Wong PENGKALEN Capital shares rose for the second straight day after being requoted on the Kuala Lumpur bourse following a capital restructuring of the company. Pengkalen Capital jumped 20 sen, or 27 per cent, to 93.5 sen, after gaining 30 sen the day
        115 words
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  • SOUTH east asia
    • 444 9 BANGKOK Indicators show economy has bottomed out, say ministers Reuters INCREASINGLY confident Thai officials said yesterday that the country's 1999 gross domestic product (GDP) growth figure was set to be revised upwards again. They declared that the re-cession-hit economy, sustained in recent
      Reuters  -  444 words
    • 56 9 [MANILA] A heavily-tattooed American sailor yesterday scrubbing away rust on a crib as he prepares to repaint it. The sailors, who arrived aboard 'USS Germantownare here on a four-day visit, during which they have lined up several activities, including a working mission to an orphanage in
      AFP  -  56 words
    • 259 9 BANGKOK Bloomberg CREDITORS of Thai Oil Co, Thailand's largest oil refiner, approved a proposal to restructure U552.25 billion (Ss3.B billion) of debt, the central bank said. About 70 per cent of creditors voted to approve the plan, said Sivaporn Dardarananda, an adviser
      Bloomberg  -  259 words
    • 820 9  -  WRITER'SIfTTTTTTTHI Gus Dur amazes as he strikes all the right notes In Ball after his election Karim Raslan Karim Raslan is a Kuala Lumpur based lawyer and writer THE ballroom was quiet as we awaited the arrival of Indonesia's newly-elected President Abdurrahman Wahid. Looking around at
      820 words
    • 410 9 WASHINGTON But no similar leniency for his children friends NYT THE new president of Indonesia said here on Thursday night that he had decided to pardon the nation's former president Suharto, if Mr Suharto is convicted of crimes as a result of an
      NYT  -  410 words
    • 297 9 JAKARTA Bloomberg INDONESIA'S Bank Restructuring Agency (Ibra) trimmed 4.7 per cent off the 4.3 trillion rupiah (Ssl billion) that Standard Chartered Pic estimated as the cost for recapitalising PT Bank Bali, the agency's chairman said. Glenn Yusuf, chairman of
      Bloomberg  -  297 words
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  • EAST asia
    • 618 10  - Lim Por-yen suffers blow Lai Sun posts HK$6.83b loss Tycoon's flagship, which posted HKs3o9m profit a year ago, to meet banks over debt restructuring From' Quak Hiang Whai in Hongkong LIM Por-yen is in trouble again; it emerged last night that his flagship company is now facing serious financial difficulties.
      618 words
    • 595 10  -  It closes first day of trading with 9% premium; brokers say this signals confidence in recovery Frorrn Quak Hiang Whai in Hongkong THE government's Tracker Fund (TraHK) got off to a good start as the index tracking unit trust debuted at a premium of
      AFP  -  595 words
    • 426 10 HONGKONG Reuters THE Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE) is holding talks with various foreign exchanges on forming international alliances, HKFE chief executive Ivers Riley said yesterday. "We are talking to a number of people who are interested in alliances," Mr Riley told
      Reuters  -  426 words
    • 332 10 HONGKONG Bidders keen on its retail, distribution networks Bloomberg THREE fashion companies are pursuing Theme International Holdings Ltd, which has closed most of its local stores and is in big debts. Giordano International Ltd, YGM International Ltd and High Fashion International Ltd have
      Bloomberg  -  332 words
    • 197 10 SHANGHAI AFP CHINA has allowed silver producers and buyers to directly trade at market-set prices for the first time since 1949. The central People's Bank of China issued a notice formally abolishing the state silver monopoly and opening the door to free trade
      AFP  -  197 words
    • 295 10 TAIPEI Reuters TAIWAN'S VIA Technologies Inc has already irked mighty Intel Corp by scoring a coup in chipsets, but now it is mounting an invasion on the chip maker's home turf microprocessors. Taking advantage of two embarrassing Intel product delays, VIA stole a
      Reuters  -  295 words
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    • 217 10 Responsibilities Provide international business and market development assistance to Canadian exporters in the sectors of ICT, biotechnology and investment Plan, organize and execute activities and events to promote and market Canadian products, services, technology and investment opportunities Investigate, assess and report on key economic and commercial developments in Singapore as
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    • 139 10 Unas,. Exhibition 15-19 Nov fttftiSQnfc Indonesian Furniture, 17-21 Nov IT tfnnnfiaf tnitmniia Home, Decor Gift Fair |srrEXl999 18-21 Nov SIA MHlenkim Celebration 9-21 Nov SingapoitAMrtes Woftd Expo for 19-21 Nov CNffftPrtKfciets Complementary Medicine Exhibition Centre Wedding Exhibition 19-21 Nov Fuft-Houae Communication CIA99 30 Nov-3 Dec I Singapore Exhibition Services I
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  • SOUTH asia
    • ASIA Notes
      • 86 11 Reuters [COLOMBO] Sri Lanka expects a 14.2 per cent rise in revenue in 1999 from consolidation of the new goods and services tax and the lapsing of several tax concessions, according to figures presented in Parliament yesterday. "With the consolidation of GST implementation
        Reuters  -  86 words
      • 81 11 Reuters [COLOMBO] The Asian Development Bank has agreed to provide a loan of approximately US$9O million (Sslsl million) to Sri Lanka for the part construction of a 128 km southern express highway, the government information department said yesterday. It said in a statement
        Reuters  -  81 words
      • 33 11 AFP [ISLAMABAD] Witnesses were due to start giving evidence yesterday against former Pakistani premier Nawaz Sharif, who is accused of conspiring to kill the country's military ruler. —AFP
        AFP  -  33 words
      • 34 11 AFP [KATHMANDU] The state-controlled Nepal Electricity Authority has announced a 30 per cent hike in electricity tariffs from Wednesday to meet revenue losses, state radio announced yesterday.—AFP
        AFP  -  34 words
    • 184 11 ISLAMABAD AFP PAKISTAN'S military-led government has ordered a round-the-clock watch at the country's borders and ports to prevent bank loan defaulters from slipping out of the country, officials said on Thursday. A high-level meeting chaired by Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz has reviewed measures
      AFP  -  184 words
    • 292 11 NEW DELHI Fixed-line firm challenging order not to charge cellphone nsers for calls received Reuters THE Cellular Operators Association of India said on Thursday it would intervene in a court case in which a fixed-line phone company is challenging a regulator's order
      Reuters  -  292 words
    • 204 11 NEW DELHI AFX Asia UNIT Trust of India (UTI) chairman PS Subramanyam said it will provide two billion rupees (Ss76 million) worth of venture capital funding to information technology firms. He added the new venture capital fund will be in place within the
      AFX Asia  -  204 words
    • 314 11 ISLAMABAD AFP SIX car bomb explosions rocked Islamabad yesterday targeting US and United Nations buildings and leaving at least one man injured. The blasts come at a time of anti-American sentiment here and just two days before the United Nations imposes
      AFP; REUTERS  -  314 words
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  • WORLD news
    • 499 12 WASHINGTON Labour costs kept in check, so no need seen for Fed to raise rates next Tuesday Reuters THE productivity of US workers rose sharply in the third quarter of this year while the growth in labour costs slowed significantly, the Labour
      Reuters  -  499 words
    • 290 12 PEOPLE Bloomberg [DEARBORN, Michigan] Robert Rubin, the former US treasury secretary, was elected to the board of Ford Motor Co as the world's second-largest automaker tries to improve its credibility with investors. Mr Rubin will join the board on Janl. It
      Bloomberg; nut PHOTO  -  290 words
    • 357 12  -  Minerals giant investing over Assoom in new and existing projects From Brian Gomez in Sydney UK-BASED Billiton pic is pumping over Assoo million (***** million) into minerals operations in Australia, signalling its determination to become a giant in the industry. The
      357 words
    • 518 12 PARIS AFP WITH 49 days to go before the year is counted out, governments around the world have to decide whether the greatest threat of chaos comes from reveUers welcoming the new miUennium or from the computer glitch known as Y2K or millennium
      AFP  -  518 words
    • Article, Illustration
      55 12 [BAVARIA, Germany] German sculptress Angelika Summa (left) showing her "helmetfor the soul of man "at the Franck-Haus in Marktheidenfeld on Thursday. The creations are knitted with different kinds of wires and symbolise the various mental states of man. Ms Summa's creations can be seen within the exhibition "2000 minus
      AFP  -  55 words
    • 342 12 SINGAPORE AFP THE International Monetary Fund (IMF) cautioned yesterday that a big jump in US interest rates before December could dampen financial markets already grappling with the year 2000 (Y2K) transition computer problem. "It may not be advisable to raise interest rates a
      AFP  -  342 words
    • 355 12 VIENNA Reuters TEMPLETON Investment Management's emerging markets chief Mark Mobius said yesterday the recent strength of exotic markets heralded the start of a new bull run and was not a short-lived upswing. "The question in emerging markets is: Is this the start
      Reuters  -  355 words
    • WORLD Watch
      • 97 12 Reuters [NEW YORK] Seagate Technology Inc, the largest independent maker of computer disk drives, may be poised to be a takeover target of not just one but two big companies, according to an article in the Nov 22 issue of Business Week. The magazine said
        Reuters  -  97 words
      • 42 12 Bridge News [NEW YORK] Coca-Cola Enterprises plans to restart the 30 million share buyback programme authorised by its board in April 1996. The company said about 15 million shares remain available for repurchase under this programme.—Bridge News
        Bridge News  -  42 words
      • 71 12 Reuters [NEW YORK] Lockheed Martin Corp is considering selling or shutting down some core satellite and military-aircraft operations as the defence giant expands efforts to reverse flagging financial results, the Wall Street Journal said yesterday. The list of possible moves includes selling or closing
        Reuters  -  71 words
      • 79 12 Bloomberg [MARANELLO, Italy] Ferrari SpA said it acquired the 50 per cent of Maserati that it didn't already own, as Italy's top maker of high-performance sports cars prepares for Maserati's return to the US market in the coming year. Ferrari bought the stake held in
        Bloomberg  -  79 words
    • 454 13 REDMOND, Washington Software maker seeking to remake itself as service provider; will invest in Tandy's online store LATWP, NYT MICROSOFT Corp unveiled a new plan Thursday to sell Internet connections to the masses, not through the traditional means of mailing out millions of disks
      LATWP,; NYT; AFP  -  454 words
    • 397 13 SYDNEY Bloomberg THE last shout of traders at the Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) was at the bar when the trading pit closed yesterday, ending 39 years of open outcry where dealers in colourful coats won and lost huge sums using hand signals. The mood on
      Bloomberg  -  397 words
    • 338 13 NEW YORK Expenses seen hitting USs663b, says media investment bank Bloomberg AMERICANS will spend U*****.3 billion (SSI.I trillion) on media by 2003, or 44 per cent more than last year, making it the sixth-largest industry in the US, surpassing
      Bloomberg  -  338 words
    • 269 13 NEW YORK Bloom berg THE New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex) switched to a new aftej-hours trading system, replacing the one traders have used for 6-1/2 years with a system that the exchange says will be easier to use and more dependable. The Access
      Bloom berg  -  269 words
    • 233 13 TOKYO Bloomberg FOUR Japanese companies, including Softbank and ItoYokado Co, owner of Japan's Seven-Eleven conveniencestore chain, said yesterday that they hope to buy the failed Nippon Credit Bank Ltd and use it to accelerate their push into electronic commerce. The group
      Bloomberg  -  233 words
    • 374 13 AUSTIN, Texas NYT DELL Computer Corp, the fastest growing major PC maker, earned US$4B3 million (*****.3 million) in its fiscal third quarter, matching Wall Street's diminished expectations of 18 US cents per share that resulted from sharp spikes in prices for memory chips
      NYT; Source: Bloomberg  -  374 words

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    • 355 13 Closing Down of Prestigious Oriental Carpet Importers/Wholesalers Following Sudden Death of Company's Founder Sole Owner MAJOR PUBLIC AUCTION Connoisseur Calibre Regional Inventory of Notag Ag Exclusive suppliers to Department Stores and Galleries worldwide consolidated in Singapore and ordered for immediate liquidation as result of decision by heirs/executors to close down
      355 words
      415 words

  • FINANCE & commodities
    • 287 14  -  SEUEK/teport MSCI Singapore Index Daphne Tay Jardine Fleming THE Singapore stock market ended the week with a bang after a slow start yesterday. Electronics issues attracted tremendous interest following Nasdaq's feverish ninth record close in 10 sessions, resulting in a 4.96 per cent jump
      287 words
    • 225 14 ENERGY REPORT Bloomberg [LONDON] Crude oil yesterday fell from near its highest level in almost three years on concern a mild northern hemisphere winter will crimp heating oil demand and prompt refiners to use less crude oil. After two
      Bloomberg  -  225 words
    • 172 14 Reuters [MOSCOW] Russian bureaucracy wUI prevent a resumption of platinum exports before the end of January 2000, an official at Rosbank, which controls Russia's largest platinum group metals (PGMs) producer Norilsk Nickel, said yesterday. "Sales may start at the end of January or the
      Reuters  -  172 words
    • 313 14 Bridge News [CHICAGO] Corn traders were looking for a slightly weaker start yesterday, with the potential to find some fresh support at Thursday's lows. But few are ready to say a major turnaround is ready to develop. "Even if we see a nickel
      Bridge News  -  313 words
    • Article, Illustration
      1248 14 All-ser« M»rt«s>»)ff Short 1- 3 yrs. Lonj > 3 yre UTTER BANK CURKDICT RATES 4pm, Nov 12 Against S$ Against US$ Against S$ Against US$ CurrancJas Bid Offtf Bid Offar Curranclas Bid Offar Bid Offar S&L'SS to one unit of foreign currency: SS/VSS to 100 units of foreign currency: AastriAaa
      1,248 words
    • 1916 14 SICOM FUTURES Nov 12 RUBBER (futures closing as it 5.30pm) RSS t CONTRACTS centsAq) Close Volume Open Month High Low Sett (tonnes) Interest Dec 99 123.25 1200 Jan 00 126.75 600 Feb 00 129.75 100 Mar 00 132.25 100 RSS 3 CONTRACT (US centsAq) Volume Open Month High Low Sett
      1,916 words

  • STOCKS east asia
    • 2845 15 HONGKONG AFP Qj Hang Seng *8196 HONGKONG share prices rose 0.6 per cent yesterday on late selective buying following the listing of the government's Tracker Fund, dealers said. "The gains are made on selective buying of blue-chip stocks, following reports that some of
      AFP  -  2,845 words
    • Article, Illustration
      922 15 Reuters P Shenzhen B Index jjj SHENZHEN'S B shares closed lower yesterday due to fading investor hopes of the government stepping in soon with concrete policies to boost the market. The B share index fell 0.25 point, or 0.3 per cent, to 82.51 on turnover of HK$2O million against
      Reuters; Source: Credit Lyonnsis Securities(Asia) Ltd  -  922 words
    • 2023 15 TOKYO AFP □ffikk«i22s -W. 73 SHARE prices in Tokyo fell 0.4 per cent yesterday as investors sold stocks for a profit but high-technology issues rallied on the back of US Nasdaq strength, brokers said. The key Nikkei average of 225 selected issues lost 68.73 points
      AFP  -  2,023 words
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  • STOCKS klse
    • 8181 16 INDUSTRIALS Consumer products 1999 Last Vol Day Net Cap 1— Cmmm/I Sal* 'OOO Ml)> La« Wl 440 255 A|inomoto 302 unch 5 3K) 302 19.2 122.4 174 46 Angkasa 86.5 -2 2 86 5 86.5 127.5 404 220 Apollo Food Hlg 308 7J 123.2 294 1t5 Berjaya Land 171 -I
      8,181 words
    • 450 16 AFP, AFX Asia C 3 Composite Index -3-32 MALAYSIAN share prices ended 0.5 per cent lower yesterday as investors turned cautious ahead of the weekend and on news that a general election was fixed for Nov 29, dealers said. The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
      AFP,; AFX Asia  -  450 words
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  • SES clob & regional stocks
    • 2882 17 BONDS WARRANTS •n wntt tmn mmft It Vd Day Ullftilll »H to"* CaBt t* C-JI MM* M# Lm Mm f—r M* ««r- COCO) f ftf Ml Prt» l—»> <** 1-1 104 103 r 3160 "Acar W*****1USS 41 U"Ch 14 41 41 41 413 33J 1 J56 #2 2.63 80 14
      2,882 words
    • Article, Illustration
      782 17 AFP W SET Index *2.74 THAI share prices gained 0.6 per cent yesterday but closed off their highs on profit-tak-ing mainly in the banking sector, dealers said. Earlier gains in banks were driven by speculative buying on rumours that Moody's Investor Services may upgrade ratings of local banks, one
      AFP  -  782 words
    • 276 17 AFP Manila -M 3 PHILIPPINE share prices closed 0.05 per cent lower yesterday following several poor company results, analysts said. The Philippine Stock Exchange Composite Index fell 19.3 points to 1,991.01. Volume was 2.12 billion shares worth 2.39 billion pesos. AFP *a»l2 Pih COM) MRCAIIIod 0.82 unch 1720 Abacus
      AFP  -  276 words
    • Article, Illustration
      669 17 AFP PCmpogrtelndgx -Ml INDONESIAN share prices closed 0.5 per cent lower yesterday on profit-taking in selected large caps and second-liners after recent rises, dealers said. A dealer with Merincorp Securindo said the index declined as investors took profits with no developments to push the index up. "Profit-taking was seen
      AFP  -  669 words
    • 275 17 AFP Q Wellington *MJB NEW Zealand's share market firmed yesterday but almost all of the index's gain came via lead share Telecom. The NZSE-40 Capital Index rose 10.18 points or 0.5 per cent to finish the day at 2,079.72 points on turnover totalling NZ596.9 million. mu ooc Adventege KOS
      AFP  -  275 words
    • 573 17 AFP All Primaries +27.4 AUSTRALIAN share prices rose 0.9 per cent yesterday to break through the 3,000-point mark on the back of strong gains in some blue chips, brokers said. The All Ordinaries Index jumped 27.4 points to 3,010.20. The All Industrials Index closed up 33 points at 5,228.00
      AFP  -  573 words
    • 287 17 AFP H Composite Index +2L84 THE Composite Index rose 21.84 points to 969.26 yesterday. Volume was an all-time record of 534.6 million shares worth 7.3 trillion won. —AFP HB *t Anjm Stml W9S0 300 Brotn Ttch 27*0 -20 Control Bank 2870 t40 ChotlComm ***** 2500 Dm GU 4690 40
      AFP  -  287 words
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  • 8556 18 MAIN BOARD Transaction date: Nov 12 Or Or mm 52Wk Last VI Day Last Ouot. Olv 0t» VVt Net Cm Avg Mm. Law «m company m coooi Mf» iw urn* cw w www MULTI-INDUSTRY 182 17.5 m D 1000 Acma 50c 114 -2 426 118 "0 t»4 115
    8,556 words
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    • 472 19 Where to wine, dine and entertain...^@Hss«r Dine on Cafe Plaza's sumptuous authentic Thai buffet for lunch and dinner, along with attractive lucky draw prizes to be won! Buffet Lunch 8C Dinner: #22.50 (Adult), 50% discount (Child) For reservations, please call 290 8218/298 0011. Lunch dotty except Saturday Hatch from 12
      472 words
    • 31 19 Revolving Restaurant )*th floor A Festival ofWine he Cuisine of\b*tn, Italy 2-14 November 1999 trscrvadons: *****58/88 ENETO, LIA! HanJarut Stng*parr 133 Orchard Road. Singapore 2)8667 W: 717 4411 Fa*: 712 21*1
      31 words
  • Page 19 Miscellaneous
    • 962 19 TVF.'i w -1 ii M 4.30 Home Improvement. 5.00 Kotaku: London and 811 m 5.00 Triple Nine Year 4. Mexico. 12.00 NNNews. 10.00 AM Response TV. e.OO Nightman: World Pre- 530 Sakalakala Vallavan. js ik pm Teater Kanak-Kan B 12.00 NN TV Innovations. miereCPf#. (LOO Va Pay Koo Ka Kanak
      962 words
    • 218 19 CRYPTIC CROSSWORD ACROSS 5 Fat boy embraces Regina (4) 1 Ways to circumscribe City fac- 6 Gran first sent for milling (5) tions (5) 7 anaerrt pharaoh or teacher 4 Stairs to the attic? Excellent! 10 O, his mum dearly needs a 8 He has a confessor (5) break! (6,7)
      218 words

  • The Arts
    • Article, Illustration
      1025 20  -  Singapore today is much more engaged in the international art world, gaining recognition and audiences. Where do we stand, and where do we go? The men behind the scene map out their millennial visions. PAKVATHX KAYAR reports PARVATHI NAYAR LIU Thai Ker takes his role as chairman
      SIEW YAW HOONG  -  1,025 words
      • 717 21  -  The thinking man's museum' is taking time to provide for both the connoisseur and the community, says Reason Kwok Kenson Kwok IT'S a quirky juxtaposition: The Dating Game in the "thinking man's museum". Well, the provocatively titled exhibition The Dating Game: Calendars and Time in Asia,
        SIEW YAW HOONG  -  717 words
      • 837 21 SAM director Kwok Kian Chow looks back in wonder at the necessary dualities in visual arts f ITHthis millennium H H coming to a close, and movements W like world music and international art forums it's no longer a case of east is east
        CHRIS LOH  -  837 words
      • 810 21 An arts centre should draw quality programming and inspired audiences, says Benson Puah f f ROM the outset it was clear that the H arts centre needed to be part of people's lives," says Benson IHH Puah, chief operating officer of Esplanade, The Arts Company. "It acts
        CHRIS LOH  -  810 words
    • Article, Illustration
      1478 22 THEATRE Macbeth One of the oft produced plays of William Shakespeare gets a new spin from Hi! Theatre, Singapore's only theatre of the deaf. Their production focuses on the dark world of Macbeth's paranoia, presenting a world that is nightmarishly horrific. •Nov 18-20 (8pm): Nov 20 (3pm) at
      1,478 words
    • Article, Illustration
      174 22 ARE musicians better off making music or painting pictures? Judge for yourself at Musicians As Artists, where big names like John Lennon. Miles Davis and Dire Straits come together not in concert, but in paintings on the wall. Lennon, for example, drew ink sketches as a wedding present for
      174 words
    • 966 23  -  Wood and trees go towards creating a tropical feel at Action Theatre's new home. pasvathx mayah talks to Vincent Lee about material matters PARVATHI NAYAR WITH theatre groups in Singapore moving towards more permanent homes, the playhouse is suddenly occupying centrestage. You might say the task
    • 687 23  -  CONCERT The Malaysian Philharmonic pnt in a performance of a very high standard By P Y Van KEES Bakels, the Dutch conductor of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, waited for the audience in the Victoria Concert Hall and his orchestra to settle before making his
      687 words
    • 645 23  -  FILM By Susan Tsang THE French Film Festival, which has brought local movie buffs cinematic flair, romance, intellectualism, charm and, sometimes, bewilderment, is upon us for the 15th time. This year, the festival moves beyond the Alliance Francaise into local cinemas. All 18
      645 words
    • 948 24  -  Chinese classical instruments aren't that much different from the western version, as stjsam tsako finds out on a visit to the Singapore Chinese Orchestra SUSAN TSANG MOST of us are familiar with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, but the Singapore Chinese Orchestra may not be
      948 words
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    • 58 22 The Average Size and Performance of a PruLink Fund. ISp ml mWM H PruLink Singapore Managed Fund the largest unitised fund in Singapore. PjWlqL An unbeatable record with over $730 million flfe k Lf} invested by 90,000 people since its launch in 1992. tty jEr PRULINK Probably the best managed
      58 words

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    • 42 24 Only DBS Credit Cards give you more choices. Such as the surprises of DBS PERKS Rewards. WW s pi^' m Ki;-' T y sil MM »K All I' <• I)< I S I >(•• V- ;l IR I VI RY r JLf f-> "M\
      42 words