MusicSG Frequently Asked Question

1. What is MusicSG?

MusicSG is a non-profit digital archive set up to digitise, archive and provide access to all forms of published Singapore musical works. It assembles a collection of music composed or published by Singaporeans, music produced or published in Singapore, and music related to Singapore.
By bringing together a suite of content on Singapore music, MusicSG aims to raise the awareness of Singapore music and provide resources for research and discovery. This is also part of the nation-wide initiative to preserve Singapore heritage.

2. What can I find on MusicSG?

MusicSG collects the following materials on Singapore music, in physical and digital formats (when available):

• Recorded music composed or published by Singaporeans, music produced or published in Singapore, and music related to Singapore
• Album inserts
• Lyrics
• Music Scores

3. Can I access all content from home?

The MusicSG website is accessible over the internet. Certain copyrighted contents such as music recordings, are available for a 30 seconds preview online. As such, when you attempt to stream a track remotely, you will receive a message on your screen, indicating ‘preview of music available only’. This means a 30 seconds playback preview is available.

For full playback, please access MusicSG’s website onsite at the multimedia stations at the NLB libraries.

Alternatively, you may bring your own laptop or mobile device and log onto the Wireless@SG network at the library so as to enjoy MusicSG on your own portable electronic devices.

Types of Content

Onsite access at  multimedia stations located at all NLB’ libraries.

Online access from anywhere with an internet connection


The majority of tracks are available for full playback onsite at NLB’s multimedia stations.

Some tracks have restricted access, and hence will only allow listeners to enjoy 30 seconds of playback from anywhere with online access.

Album insert

Available for full viewing

Available for full viewing


Available for full viewing

Available for full viewing


Available for full viewing

Available for full viewing

Research articles

Available for full viewing

Available for full viewing


Available for full viewing

Available for full viewing

4. Do I need to login in order to use MusicSG?

There is no login required to use the MusicSG. All our content is made available to the general public.

5. How do I search for items in MusicSG?

Simply enter your keyword(s) in the search box. The search box will suggest items that contain your search terms as you type. The search engine will then retrieve results containing your search terms. You may also use characters of other languages in the search box to search artists or titles.
There are search filters that can help you refine your results in the search results page or you can also choose to begin a new search by typing in a new search term.

6. Can I contribute my music to MusicSG?

You may click on the “Contribute Your Music” link below the main search bar on the home page or click the “Contribute” link on the top navigation bar. This will bring you to a form where we require some details of yourself as well as the content that you are intending to contribute. There is no need to upload content to the website at this stage. After the successful submission of the form, one of our staff will contact you shortly to follow-up on your query.

Alternatively, you may write in to us at

7. What happened to the old MusicSG site? Is it still accessible?

This site is meant to replace the previous MusicSG site ( Along with the website revamp and new content, the web address to the site has also changed.
During the first 6 months after the launch of this new site, users going to the old MusicSG web address will be re-directed to the new address. Beyond that, (ie provide a date )users will reach an error page.

8. How can I submit feedback or a question?

You may write in to us at

9. Why do I see only a handful of artists/tracks/albums when I use the “Browse” feature?

Our browse feature is meant to bring forward content that is currently the most popular or highlights that we wish to surface to our users. To access all artists/tracks/albums, please click on the “View All” links below each of the content type to view content in an alphabetical listing. Alternatively, if you are looking for a particular piece of content in mind, please use the search function.

10. Why am I unable to stream music/video?

The website is compatible across most browsers. If you are unable to stream or view the content, kindly check your internet settings to ensure that content is not being blocked on your computer.

11. Can I download music or lyrics from the website?

Downloading of music tracks are not allowed due to copyright issues.

12. What if someone wants to use the music listed on MusicSG?

Do they want to download a copy of the music? Do they want to use it in a public event eg: wedding, concert? Please approach the publisher directly to clear copyrights for usage. Information on who the publisher is, is available when you click on the specific track title of interest.