SG:SW I Write The Songs Festival

The Composers & Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS) and Ocean Butterflies Music (OB Music) embarked on a journey in 2017 to uncover and cultivate the next generation of original music talents.  Together, they launched SG:SW I Write The Songs, the nationwide Mandarin Pop songwriting festival.

With the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) joining as co-organisers in 2018, SG:SW has become an annual event with a call for entries that culminates in a finale concert for finalists to showcase their works. While it is in a competition format, the main aim of the festival is not for songwriters to compete with each other, but to build a supportive community and provide a prominent and iconic platform to discover outstanding original songs written by our homegrown talents.

Now in its fourth year, SG:SW 2020 has taken to the online stage, in view of the COVID-19 situation. For more information about SG:SW 2020, please visit

SGSW 2020 white 

新加坡词曲版权协会(COMPASS)与海蝶音乐(OB Music)自2017年开始携手合作发掘和培养本地新一代的音乐创作者。是年,他们也创办了第一届【SG:SW 我写我的歌】全国中文歌曲创作节。

2018年新加坡华族文化中心(SCCC)也加入他们的阵营,联合主办【SG:SW 我写我的歌】这个年度活动。每年都有许多音乐创作者踊跃参与,入围的优秀作品将会在压轴演唱会中由参与者演唱。【SG:SW 我写我的歌】全国中文歌曲创作节虽看似歌曲创作比赛,但其宗旨在于提供一个平台发掘优秀的本地创作,并且建立一个互助的音乐创作社群。

鉴于2019冠状病毒疾病疫情,今年第四届【SG:SW 2020 我写我的歌】将在网上进行。欲知更多详情,请浏览



NLB plays an important role to collect, preserve and make accessible the Singapore’s documentary heritage to promote our multicultural history and heritage.

As one of the festival’s partners, NLB seeks to archive the shortlisted/winning entries as a record of the festival for posterity. Listen to the songs from past years’ festivals.


新加坡国家图书馆管理局(NLB)致力于收集、保存及推广新加坡历史文献资料,以促进民众对于新加坡多元文化的认识。作为【SG:SW 我写我的歌】全国中文歌曲创作节的参与机构之一,NLB将保存创作节最终入围及得奖作品。请通过以下链接聆听历届得奖作品。



1)    《猜不透》[最佳歌曲奖] by Zeeaura洪至慧

2)    《枪靶》[优异作词奖 & 最高人气奖] by 艺兴 & 刘俊祥

3)    《再见, My Love》[优异作曲奖] by 凯证 & 吕佳颖

4)    《世界那么大, 我想去看看》[最佳演奏奖] by Irwin (Win), 梁伯君 & TP天培

5)    《转角的微笑》[最佳演唱奖] by 郭渭棋 & 万摛



1)    《请你记得我》[最佳歌曲奖] by 李泓伸 Elton

2)    《嘿小鬼》[优异歌词奖] by 许凯翔 Jayven

3)    《想爱怕受伤》[最佳演唱奖] by 王佩盈 Pearly

4)    《我们相处的诀窍》[最高人气奖] by 曾湧舜 & 萧永力