Tempo I : transfiguration & attacca to finale

Tan Chan Boon : symphony no.2 "Genese" in F# minor (1989-1995)

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Album: Tan Chan Boon : symphony no.2 "Genese" in F# minor (1989-1995)

Performer(s): Státní filharmonie Brno

Composer(s): Tan, Chan Boon

Conductor(s): Tan, Chan Boon

Lyricist(s): -

Arranger(s): -

Instrument(s): -

Original Publisher(s): -

Sub-Publisher(s): -

Language: English

Duration: 00:02:45

Genre: Western Classical>>Instrumental

Keywords: Symphonies--Singapore

Rights Statement: All rights reserved by the respective intellectual property rights owners

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