Concave Scream (Musical group)

Arranger, Composer, Lyricist, Performer

Concave Scream (Musical group)

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The band was formed in Dec ‘94 by Sean and Pann. At that time, both members were serving NS. The two have known each other since junior college and both have a common interest in music. It was this common interest that bonded them even though both of them have different musical tastes. Pann for one, likes death metal and he was originally from the local death band Silent Sorrow. Sean on the other hand, listens to all sorts of bands, indie-alternative or not. The two found their common ground in U2( before Rattle and Hum) and New Model Army, and it was a constant source of inspiration for both of them. Image retrieved Dec 2014 © All rights reserved, Bio retrieved Dec 2014 © All rights reserved,

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