Unxpectedly live at Wala Wala, 13th Dec '03

Unxpected Band (Musical group)

Album Info

Digitised from the original CD. Selected tracks from this album have been digitised.Produced by Chad Batchelor. Recorded at Wala Wala by Roland/Chad/Vince. Mixed by Roland Choe. Mastered by Chad/Roland.

Year Released :

Recording Company : Liquid Records

Performer(s) : Unxpected Band (Musical group)

Composer(s) : -

Keywords : , Rock music--2001-2010, Rhythm and blues music

Contents : Rollercoaster -- Bitch -- All I wanna do is make love to you -- Fire -- Big yellow taxi -- You -- Hole hearted -- Love me -- Angel -- Unbelievable.

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