The Stylers trumpet Cha Cha 时代乐恰恰音乐

_Organisation: The Stylers (Musical group)

Album Info

All tracks in this album are digitised from original vinyl record. The songs arranged and performed by The Stylers. This album is a collection of instrumental works.

Year Released :

Recording Company : DigitalPublisher:National Library Board Singapore

Performer(s) : _Organisation: The Stylers (Musical group)

Composer(s) : -

Keywords : Popular instrumental music--Singapore

Contents : Side One: 1.我爱恰恰 -- 2.情人的眼泪 -- 3.爱相思 -- 4.叹十声 -- 5.賣餛飩 -- 6.白云 -- 7.上花轿. Side Two: 1.春来人不来 -- 2.叉烧包 -- 3.雪山盟 -- 4.心爱的巴比多 -- 5. 秋水伊人 -- 6.草原之夜 -- 7.牛郎織女.

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