Treasures of the heart

Quek, Matthew , Quek, Dorcas

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Digitised from the original CD. This album contains 5 English songs and 2 Chinese songs. Matthew passed his Grade 8 singing exam (ABRSM) with distinction and obtained the ATCL performance diploma in voice (Trinity College). He was the runner-up in the ESSO Campus Discovery Competition 2000 in NUS. He also won first prizes in the English Solo categories in NTU Impressario 2001 and Rhapsody 2001, both nation-wide talentimes. Dorcas passed her Grade 8 piano exam (ABRSM) and obtained LTCL performance diploma and FTCL (Trinity College).

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Recording Company :

Performer(s) : Quek, Matthew

Composer(s) : Quek, Matthew

Keywords : Songs, English--Singapore, Songs, Chinese--Singapore, Popular music--Singapore--2001-2010

Contents : 1. Treasure -- 2. Just a simple face -- 3. I will be yours -- 4. On eagle's wings -- 5. To be like you -- 6. 伤 Shang -- 7. 这是爱 Zhe shi ai.

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