Lullaby nomad 寻曲人

Dong, Joanna

Album Info

Digitised from the original CD. Recorded by Leonard Fong at Resonance Audio & Boss Studio. Mixed by Leonard Fong & Bryant Hwang at Resonance Audio. Mastered by Doug Sax with Sangwook "Sunny" Nam at The Mastering Lab, Ojai, CA. Song lyrics available.

Year Released :

Recording Company : DigitalPublisher:National Library Board Singapore

Performer(s) : Dong, Joanna

Composer(s) : Chuan, Helen ; Santamaria, Mongo

Keywords : Jazz vocals--Singapore, Songs, English--Singapore

Contents : Two -- Lullaby nomad -- 匪夷所思 (originally "Afro Blue") -- This song will never be finished -- 情人的眼泪.

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