Atman (Musician) , Koh, Jonathan , Chew, Keng How, Wang, Yan , Kong, Zhao Hui, Ding, Xiao Feng, Wang, Xiao Lan, Nantha Kumar, Kitho

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"Manifest" is a 1999 instrumental music album. The album contains 10 tracks composed by Atman, arranged by Atman and Kitho and performed by Kitho (keyboards and piano), Jonathan Koh (guitar), Chew Keng How (erhu), Wang Yan (cello solo), Kong Zhao Hui (violin solo), Ding Xiao Feng (cello), Wang Xiao Lan (cello) and Nantha Kumar (percussion).

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Recording Company : DigitalPublisher:National Library Board Singapore

Performer(s) : Koh, Jonathan ; Chew, Keng How ; Wang, Yan ; Kong, Zhao Hui ; Ding, Xiao Feng ; Wang, Xiao Lan ; Nantha Kumar ; Kitho ; Atman (Musician) ; Chua, Denise ; :Kong, Zhao Hui ; Atienza, Yvette

Composer(s) : Atman (Musician) ; Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS)

Keywords : New Age music--Singapore, Popular instrumental music--Singapore

Contents : Beautiful Light -- Childhood -- Kokyu -- Maya -- Prayer -- Nayat -- Love -- Oceaner -- Farewell -- Your shadow.

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