Zubir Abdullah , Fathin Amira Zubir

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This album contains a foreword in Malay by Zubir Abdullah and an English review by Assistant Professor Larry Francis Hilarian, an ethnomusicologist.

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Recording Company : DigitalPublisher:National Library Board Singapore

Performer(s) : Zubir Abdullah , Fathin Amira Zubir

Composer(s) : -

Keywords : Lute music--Singapore, Tambourine music--Singapore, Songs, Malay--Singapore, Folk songs, Malay--Singapore

Contents : Zapin perpaduan -- Wadah cinta -- Zapin ashiq -- Melodi sejati -- Zapin Kampong Melayu -- Menikmati kesejahteraan -- Dikir WARIS -- Ku pohon keampunan -- Hikayat Musang Berjanggut -- Bersatu.

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