AlterAsians : the original soundtrack

Chan, Mark , Lu, Jie, Guo, Ya Zhi, He, Tao

Album Info

Digitised from the original CD. This album is the original soundtrack for "Alter Asians: Or else, the lightning god", a telemovie presented over Singapore Television Twelve Arts Central channel, starring Debra Teng (Margaret), Yau Chung Chii (Madam Wong) and Gerald Chew (Eng Kiat) with Amy Cheng, Catherine Sng, Jerry Hoh and Ong Siew Lin. Special performances by Jessica, Marko, Sara T. and YZ. Recorded at Hitroom Studios. Mixed by Andrew Lum. Music published by Peermusic Taiwan Limited. Album cover contains biographical information on Marko (Mark Chan), Jessica (Lu Jie), YZ (Guo Ya Zhi) and Sara T. (He Tao).

Year Released :

Recording Company : Expect Music

Performer(s) : De Souza, Boniface ; Sanip Ismail ; Syed Idros

Composer(s) : Lum, Andrew

Keywords : Songs, English--Singapore, Television soundtracks--Singapore, Television music--Singapore

Contents : 1. Alterasians: main title -- 2. Madam Wong's theme -- 3. At the dinner -- 4. Prayer in the night -- 5. Margaret's joy -- 6. Unexpected reaction -- 7. Commotion in the office -- 8. Curse of the lightning god -- 9. Departure in the storm -- 10. Curse revisited -- 11. Gripping fear -- 12. Margaret's nightmare -- 13. After the fall -- 14. Kiat returns -- 15. No way out -- 16. Margaret's tears -- 17. Moment of frenzy -- 18. One full circle.

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