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Singapore Symphony Orchestra

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Digitised from the original CD. Organised by National Arts Council. Sponsored by Composers and Authors Society of Singapore Ltd. Album cover contains biographies of Er Yenn Chwen, Francisco R. Feliciano, Phoon Yew Tien, Tan Chan Boon and Lim Yau. They have been given awards for their various categories. Includes a write-up on SSO. Recorded in Victoria Concert Hall, Singapore by Naxos (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Tone master : Yan Hui-chang, Recording engineer : Kovan Goh, assisted by Jackie Neo & Sha'aban Yahya. Digital mastering/editing : Kovan Goh & Yan Hui-chang.

Year Released :

Recording Company : Naxos (Singapore)

Performer(s) : Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Composer(s) : Feliciano, Francisco F. ; Pan, Yaotian, 1952- ; Er, Yenn Chwen ; Tan, Chan Boon

Keywords : Orchestral music--Singapore, Symphony orchestras--Singapore, Suites (Orchestra)--Singapore

Contents : Autumn -- Ouverture : new wine in an old wine bag overture -- Allemande -- Voices and images -- Kaleidoscope.

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