Be smart, be cool, be careful

Bani Farook , Conde, Babes , Richmond, Mark , Fernando, Robert , Nasri Haron , Farid Ali , Maizurah Hamzah

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Digitised from the original cassette. This is a Traffic Police Project, sponsored by Singapore Pools Pte Ltd. Engineers: Daren, Lee and Terrence. Mixed by Wah. Recorded and mixed at Form Studio. Song lyrics available. Produced by Bani Farook for Haykal and Hidir Productions.

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Performer(s) : Olivero, Douglas ; Maizura Hamzah ; Raffy Aspier ; Fernando, Robert ; Farid Ali ; Traffic Police Choir ; Bani Farook ; Nasri Haron

Composer(s) : Bani Farook ; A Ali ; Farid Ali ; Maizura Hamzah

Keywords : Traffic safety--Singapore--Songs and music, Songs--Singapore

Contents : Side A. Be smart, be cool, be careful -- Safe from the start -- Green for go -- Drive safe (you're in control) -- Better world -- Green for go / tata cara jalan raya (minus one) -- Drive safe / risiko (minus one) -- Better world / contohilah (minus one). Side B. Rap pandu mandu -- Hargai nyawa anda -- Tata cara jalan raya -- Risiko -- Contohilah -- Rap pandu mandu / be smart, be cool, be careful (minus one) -- Hargai nyawa anda / safe from the start (minus one).

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