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The Imaginary Forces (Musical group)

Album Info

This album is a collection of contemporary jazz ensemble compositions. It contains nine tracks (eight instrumental tracks and one Chinese song). The music is composed by Felix Phang and performed by The Imaginary Forces. This album is a collection of instrumental tracks.

Year Released :

Recording Company : DigitalPublisher:National Library Board Singapore

Performer(s) : The Imaginary Forces (Musical group)

Composer(s) : Phang, Felix

Keywords : Jazz--Singapore, Instrumental music, Songs, Chinese

Contents : 1. A thousand li of rivers -- 2. The Milky Way -- 3. The autumn garden -- 4. Who ate it? -- 5. Rain -- 6. Melancholico -- 7. Tree house story -- 8. 唱给阿嬷听 (Sing it to grandma) -- 9. When you come home (bonus track).

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