Boat Quay food festival 1996, 26th July

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Digitised from the original cassette。 Cassette is a recording off the radio broadcast. Tracks 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are untitled.

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Recording Company : DigitalPublisher:National Library Board Singapore

Performer(s) : Gan, Dawn ; Huang, Huizhen ; Wu, Qixian (Singer) ; Dixiatie (Musical group)

Composer(s) : Lee, Peter Shih Shiong ; Wu, Qixian (Singer) ; Xing, Zenghua ; Koh, Billy ; Huang, Huizhen

Keywords : Songs, Chinese--Singapore, Songs, English--Singapore, Songs, Malay--Singapore, Popular music--Singapore--1981-1990, Popular music--Singapore--1991-2000

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